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Review #1, by ChazzieAlligator Sky: {O N E}

5th March 2016:
Ahhh that was so lovely! I adore how geeky Lily and David are. I've not read any fanfiction in so long, so to read this was a really brilliant way to remind me just why I love your stories! Your descriptions made my heart melt I swear. Especially the little bit where David internally comments on Lily's nose being a touch too long. I love it when characters see each other honestly. Your first section especially was a delight to read. You entrapped my senses, and I was caught up in a Lily-shaped bubble. She is adorable. Your writing is amazing *wub*

I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yay for geeky people! There need to be more openly geeky people on the archives I think. I am SO SO HAPPY that you liked the descriptions. They were a lot of fun to write. Thanks so much for reviewing, Lottie :)

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Review #2, by ChazzieCreperum: Chapter Three: Hope

20th June 2015:
Oh. I feel stupid now. She's a vampire. Duh Lottie. She did run halfway across England in a very short space of time. May I say that I think it's amazing that the Potters have vampires in the family? And Harry too, that is a game changer. Argh it's so exciting!

The bit about Lily and James never mentioning the Dursleys was rather sad actually. I thought it was really well worded, and nonetheless very sad.

Rebecca found Harry, and for that I am so glad. I did smile at the part where you mentioned her waiting in a tree. I mean, her in a tree, Minerva on a wall, neither of them could have been very comfortable and yet they stayed there because they both wanted to make sure Harry was alright. It was so very sweet.

I need to know what happens next. This isn't funny anymore, I have to know.

House Cup 2015

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Review #3, by ChazzieCreperum: Chapter Two: The Child

20th June 2015:
Whaaat no Amadeus D: he left Harry. He left him there. Poor little baby Harry.

I said the last chapter was heart breaking? Well this was worse. Merlin Selene. I can't even think correctly, you've broken me. How am I supposed to review your amazing story now?

*breathes* right, story. The description, particularly in the top few paragraphs, was simply astounding. I don't know how you manage to write like this, it is too good for me to even try to describe. (Still I will try nevertheless. It might just be slightly random.) I liked the sound words used - crunching was one that stood out to me and made me shiver. It's the whole immersion thing, it makes the reader feel that they are really there. And it hurts, terribly. Poor James and Lily and Harry.

Um, immortal heart? I may have missed something in my excitement, but just how old are Rebecca and Amadeus? This story has just gotten even more wonderful and interesting. Looking forward to reading the next chapter!

House Cup 2015

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Review #4, by ChazzieCreperum: Chapter One: Anguish

20th June 2015:

Okay, first off, this looks very intriguing. I loved your use of description here because it dragged me immediately into the action. From the very first line in fact you had me there with Rebecca. Second thing that I wanted to say was: Selene, what in the name of Merlin are you doing to my poor tiny heart? That was heart shattering.

Rebecca and Amedeus (lovely names by the way) have been characterised so much already. Subtle things such as Rebecca narrowing her eyes, as well as the more blatant mentions of her being 'caring and docile', worked together to really complement each other in your writing.

You really had me on edge, desperate to know what was happening. And then that last bit, she heard Harry. She was devastated, but now there is a chance that things aren't just so bad. Harry is still alive. They still have him.

The only typos I could see were in the lines 'Surely not even to Gods' with a to instead of a the, and 'She could sense Amadeus...' with a her at the end rather than a him. Minuscule things. Honestly this was amazing Selene. Ahh I can't wait to read more!

House Cup 2015

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Review #5, by ChazzieElsewhere: Elsewhere

20th June 2015:
This was really amazing. James and Remus have very recently become my OTP and so I can't believe I haven't read this yet.

The entire story was amazing, but I especially loved the sweet moments between Remus and James. The kisses, what can I even say about them? They were really cute, and very well written (AMAZING *cough*). The way you included the little Quiddich reference with James' thoughts too, really showed off the way his mind works.

Your characterisation was brilliant. Remus was exactly as I tend to imagine him, and I adored James here too. It was lovely to see him portrayed in such a manner, and seeing the way he was so confused both about his feelings for Remus as more than a friend and for Sirius because his friend could have put another friend in Azkaban. He was so conflicted and I loved it.

The ending made me want to cry, it was so adorable. They are going to give it a shot. Ahhh Sarah you are so fantastic at writing, I can't even begin to tell you. Thank you so much for writing this.

House Cup 2015

Author's Response: I've very much become a James/Remus shipper as well, although just them dating/experimenting at Hogwarts and then James going on to be with Lily. Because I love James/Lily.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it that much! I was so worried about the kisses because this was my first foray into slash, but then I realized there isn't much difference in writing slash kisses than writing kisses between a male and a female.

Haha, yes, I had to include Quidditch references!

I love writing about Remus. He's one of my favorites to write about, so writing him was easy. James was hard because this was the first time I'd ever done anything from his point of view. But I'm glad I tried it.

Aww, yes they are! I imagine they'd date for a few months and then break it off amicably once James realizes he needs to be with Lily. And Remus would be okay with that because he just wants James to be happy. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by ChazzieBeloved Son: Beloved Son

11th May 2015:
Hey Vicki!

I'm here with a slightly late hot seat review! I'm sorry for it not being on time, but it is rather hectic round here at the moment because of exams.

I love this story. It is so well written, and your characterisation of Edward and Eileen was brilliant. I thought the fact that Edward was magic made the story even more bittersweet. My mind is running wild with how differently things could have turned out now.

The entire connection between Eileen and Edward was really lovely to read. Eileen is so tough and hardened by so many years living with her husband, from having to survive on her own and try to help her son to succeed. Edward was a 'classic gentleman' and I loved that he still weeds his parents graves. He doesn't try to make things any more difficult than they have to be, and instead tries to help out with whatever is in his power. You really fleshed them out, and it was so sweet to read.

I really adored your descriptions. I felt so involved in the story, and you did a really good job of painting in little bits of it at a time rather than in one big chunk. The revelation at the end was built up to superbly. I'm so full of feelings right now, it was just amazing.

Thank you for writing this

Author's Response: Hi Lottie,

Thank you for writing a review for my story, even in this busiest of times. I'm so glad you liked it. It was my first attempt at writing a love story, but I wanted to steer clear of the teenagers, so I chose people closer to my own age, and love of sweethearts gets all tangled up with love of children and of family in general.

From time to time I see stories about Mr. and Mrs. Evans, usually in connection with their teenage daughters Lily and Petunia, but never about just them, much less the preceding generation. And I don't think we see much about Snape's parents at all. So it was gratifying to venture into little-explored territory. I understand that JKR said in an interview that all these people died before Harry was born, that in fact Eileen died shortly after Snape started school, but that always sounded like a convenient method of just getting them out of the way (they weren't that old), so I preferred to think they continued to live although it makes this story AU.

I have often wondered what happened to magical children, such as Muggleborns, whose parents chose not to send them to Hogwarts. Did the children learn to suppress the magic, or did it break forth occasionally, or did it just wither away from disuse? I chose to have Edward learn to suppress it, not ever really understanding what it was until Lily got her letter.

For the descriptions of the old houses, I used a wonderful website that had extensive information, including floor plans and descriptions, of the old millworker housing in the northern English cities. I could see that the information about Snape's house in Spinners End matched that website exactly, so the rest was easy.

Thank you so much for reviewing.


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Review #7, by ChazzieBlessing in Disguise: Unconcious

17th April 2015:

Oh my gosh why haven't I read this before? It is amazing. I loved the way you introduced the characters, and the fact that Bill and Arthur are so close. It was really sweet to read. I'm warning you now that this review may be more gushing than actual reviewing. Because it was fabulous and I don't cope well with fabulous things as I never know how to compliment them without gushing. ;)

Your version of Audrey is hilarious. Hiding behind the counter, thinking that Percy was a hallucination, things like that really made the story for me. Her manager is rather mean :P I had to laugh when she mentioned the secret stash of alcohol she has hidden at her workplace. Somehow it didn't surprise me.

Duncan actually sounds great. I loved the way he tried to cover up the fact that he'd for about Audrey. He was, for lack of a better word, just fabulous. I am looking forward to Duncan and Percy meeting, because I really wonder what Percy is going to make of him. I get the feeling Duncan just walk in on them, laugh, and walk back out.

I loved your descriptions. And Audrey's general sass when faced with customers. Basically, I loved the story. I'm very glad to have read it, and I'm looking forward to what comes next!


Author's Response: LOTTIE!!!

I don't know why you haven't, but I'm glad that you have! :D It upsets me that there's not much Bill and Arthur father/son bonding out there, so I wanted to include them having lunch together one day a week. :D

Awww gushing reviews are my favourite things ever! :D

Thank you! I wanted to have my Audrey as something very different to what I've read before. She's a drunk, crude, mouthy person in my head canon (think Karen from Will and Grace, but nicer) Haha she drinks a lot, so she thinks many things are hallucinations. :P

Her manager is so mean! I agree, it's why she needs her secret stash of alcohol. :D

I love Duncan so much, he's a lot of fun, not the greatest best friend and he does love to laugh at Audrey's misfortune. But she's the same with him, so they're even. :D Your feeling is right! Duncan would just laugh and walk back out. He's the polar opposite of Percy... but so is Audrey. :D

Thank you so so much! I am going to have to get writing the next chapter so that I can put it up soon.

Thank you once again! *squishes*

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Review #8, by ChazzieChicks Before Broomsticks: End Game

11th April 2015:
I was scrolling through some of the things I reviewed before and realised that I hadn't come back to this yet. Well, it was amazing. Your characters were really well written and I loved the way Roxanne admitted her true feelings for Hollie. It was adorable, and you made it so much funnier by the coach shouting in the background. There were so many moments that I loved - especially the ones that included Fred, or blanket forts, or Dean and Seamus. I'm shipping them so much right now. If JKR ever says they are not canon I will no longer listen to anything she says. Pft, what does she know about her own characters?

Brilliant story though, thank you for writing it! You did an excellent job with everything.


Author's Response: Hi!

Hehe, Dean and Seamus are totally canon. IDC what canon says. hahaha.

Thank you so much for reading and letting me know what you thought! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the ending. I had a lot of fun (and stress and tears and writers block) writing Roxanne finally sharing her feelings, and writing Coach yelling in the background just felt like the perfect balance to all of that.

(Blanket forts FTW)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so happy to hear you liked it!


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Review #9, by ChazzieTetraphobia: Chapter Two

11th April 2015:

How am I supposed to review this when you write that at the end? You're too nice to me. *hugs* You're a fabulous friend to me too.

So, story. First of all a warning to anyone who is reading the reviews before you read Avi's brilliant story - it it is dark outside and you are alone, under no circumstances read this until daybreak. It is utterly terrifying. Avi, your word choice and descriptions were amazing. I found it so difficult to sleep the night that I first read Tetraphobia. No kidding.

Second of all, I can't wait to read the next chapter. There are so many questions left unanswered here, and I am very intruiged to find out what's going on.

You managed to write Hermione and Ron so canon, an impressive feat considering the darkness of the story. Seriously, you go so deep. If I had to describe this so far in a single word, it would be 'chilling'. I could not stop reading, and there were so many time I realied that I was holding my breath.

I loved the little italicised sections. They make me wonder though, is Hermione dreaming? Is she at St Mungos? Is this infact taking place just after the battle and she has been knocked out? So many questions Avi!

I am so excited to read more.

Lottie x

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Review #10, by ChazzieHalcyon Days: Chapter Three

11th April 2015:
You are determined to break my heart, aren't you Avi?

This was one of the most beautiful love stories I've read in a while. Blaise and Ginny were so sweet together, and then Harry came back and threw a spanner in the works. It sad because they complemented each other really well. Blaise gave Ginny hope, while Ginny stopped Blaise from sinking any further into the dark.

Right from the start they had very developed personalities which you maintained throughout the story. There was a lot in Blaise's past, which really helped build up my picture of him from a reader's perspective. He saw his mother kill one of her husbands? That must have been a terrible realisation for a nine year old to come to terms with.

I liked Ginny's mood swings. Her justification - war - seemed all too true. It was really saddening. We don't see what happens to everyone who stays at Hogwarts in the books, and this was the perfect "missing moment" in my opinion.

The end of this chapter, poor Blaise :( In a way his situation makes me think of Snape still pining after Lily all those years later. Not exactly the same, I know, but similar. The worst part is that Ginny seems to have forgotten him, and he is stuck in a deepening abyss that he can't escape from because she's not there to help him.

A brilliant story, I'm so glad I read it.


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Review #11, by ChazzieTiny Animals: Tiny Animals

10th April 2015:
Hey Vicki!

First of all, what a brilliant name for this. I loved how it tied in to the Christmas tree, and then Harry playing with them at the end. Oh the feels.

I'm so glad you suggested this story. You took me through so many emotions in this one piece. Your characterisation was absolutely perfect, especially with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. You had them right from the start, and maintained their personalities throughout the chapter.

Laura was a very interesting addition to the Christmas scene. If Harry wasn't so used to the Dursleys treatment of him then that would have been heartbreaking for him to be offered the gifts and then not allowed them. To me, that makes his situation even sadder because he is resigned to being treated like that.

I was almost disappointed when Laura said that she couldn't do anything more. I would have thought that she would at least try to bring social services into the picture, considering that she realised how the Dursley were treating Harry. Vernon practically admitted it to her.

That last paragraph broke me, Vicki. I am not crying but I'm very close to it. Poor little Harry :(

All in all, an absolutely brilliant story. Really well done, and thank you for the opportunity to read this!


Author's Response: Hi, Lottie. Thank you so much for reviewing, and I'm so glad you liked this story. It came from a story prompt (an unexpected visitor at a Christmas meal) for a challenge a couple of years ago. Story prompts are really useful for me, in getting an idea going.

Many years ago, when my children were 1 and 4 years old, Santa Claus came to our house, but he did get to leave gifts and everyone was happy.

And about ten years ago, when I was visiting in a small town in New Zealand in December, we went to an afternoon music event at the church, where Christmas crackers were handed out. My New Zealand friends asked me why I didn't open mine, and I said that I was saving it to take back to America and show my family. They thought that was very funny, and gave me all the leftover crackers to take back also. As I recall, my cracker contained a tiny dog.

As for Laura and whether anyone will do anything when she reports why she didn't deliver the gifts, it will remain unanswered. We know that nothing had changed by the time Harry received his first letter, and I have always wondered why the staff of his school didn't notice the great disparity between his clothing and Dudley's, or why they didn't put two and two together. It strains one's brain a little bit, trying to make that bit of canon credible. But I don't know the British laws in that regard.

At first I was going to write Vernon as being upset that Laura had discovered how he was treating Harry, but my daughter, who lived for many years in various African countries, says that Vernon's attitude ("...he practically admitted it...") is common in families there that take in orphaned relatives--they give the orphans the bare minimum and freely admit it; it is the common standard. So I went ahead and wrote Vernon like that also.

Thank you so much for that great review.


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Review #12, by ChazzieThe Orphan's Carol: The Orphan's Carol

9th April 2015:
Well because I came here specifically to wish you well, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELI!!! Bon Anniversaire!!! *cue streamers and party poppers* Hope that your day was brilliant, and that you're doing well.

Second of all, how could you do that to me? I want to cry for poor Tom :( he didn't even even want a present for himself, just for his dog. I love that he called his dog Merlin before he knew that he was magic. You've made me wonder now, do you think he wanted to be in Slytherin because he found out that Merlin (the original one) was a Slytherin too?

The other kids were so cruel. You have made me really hate them and want to hug little Tom and tell him that it will be okay. Kids can be cruel, and these ones were awful. Especially the fact that the adults were being horrible to him too. No wonder he grew up to be Voldemort! And he had to pay for his own present, which makes the fact that he got a peice of coal even more terrible.

Gah, I love your writing. You are simply too fabulous for my words to describe.

Hope you're doing well!

Lottie x

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I did indeed have a good day! It might not sound like much, but actually being well rather than ill and in hospital for the first time in three years was actually a big achievement for me!

I found this really difficult to write, because Tom Riddle and Christmas? How do you put them together without it being incredibly OOC? Hence the idea of Christmas at the Orphanage, heavily inspired by Dickens. The idea that Tom wanted to be in Slytherin because of Merlin is a really good one! That's going into my head canon immediately!

Kids can be very, very cruel. I was watching the 2003 Peter Pan film the other day and when all of them are shouting 'old, alone, done for' at Hook, gah! That's cruel! Yes, the concept of how does one become so evil, so unhinged? Aside from the idea that because he was conceived by love potion, he cannot feel love, something more had to happen. Because being incapable of love simply makes you cold, not evil. Yes, paying for your own present - the final twist of the sword, indeed!

Thank you Lottie!!! For such a brilliant review, and being such an incredibly nice, caring person!

Celi xxx

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Review #13, by ChazzieThe Wizarding World War: Changing Tides

5th April 2015:
Oh poor Dom :( that's so sad. I hate the fact that this happens so often to people in their everyday lives. It affects so many people to, not just the victims but their family and friends, and I'm glad you showed this.

I'm looking forward to finding out about what is going on with the relationships between the countries. Will this have a knock-on effect to the muggle world too?

Your dialogue was brilliant here, as was your characterisation. Ron in particular was very cannon, I thought that you captured him really well. Great job Emma!

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Review #14, by ChazzieThe Wizarding World War: Blue Lagoon

5th April 2015:

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Review #15, by ChazzieThe Bucket List: Grow a Garden

4th April 2015:
This is a super story so far luvinpadfoot :D

I love that Lucy has decided to do this, complete a bucket list of things that her mother had wanted to do. I'm really excited to see what else is on the list. Her family, despite being a little bit unorthodox, is really sweet and they do love each other. I'm so glad that they have each other. Lucy being a healer suited her personality a lot, because she seems to be so caring and empathetic. I have to say, I did wince when you mentioned the fire brigade though. I'll bet Hugo was real happy with her for that.

Great job so far!


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Review #16, by ChazzieZIG: ONE

3rd April 2015:
Tis sounds like it is going to be hilarious, Sathya!

I like the way you have introduced everyone. You have made clear a couple of the main differences between the twins, which is great. And Rose, she is very different to how she is usually portrayed. Personally, I think that's a great thing, as I enjoy reading how different people picture the same character. There are quite a few things that I'm pretty sure could end up going wrong with this beauty potion, but I am interested to see how it turns out. Your dialogue was really well done, although I would maybe prefer a little more commentary between some bits of the dialogue. That last line though, it was brilliant.

Great job so far!


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Review #17, by ChazzieYour Voice Like Warm Thunder : Childhood

3rd April 2015:
Hey! Chazzie here to give you your (slightly late) Hot-Seat reveiws :)

First things first - why have I never read this before? It was honestly so amazing. I loved finding out about the Hagrids and their interesting family dynamic. Rubeus was so adorable to begin with, and we could see his love for animals starting from a very young age. His father was very caring and it was lovely to see how he interacted with different characters. I felt really sorry for Rubeus when the other children laughed at him, and quite hurt too. Your second person was amazingly done, making the reader connect and feel these emotions.

I really enjoyed the way you had Rubeus meet Tom, too. You really set it up for that final section without making anything feel forced. I loved the way Rubeus, just like his father, cares so unconditionally for things that others may feel are 'monsters'. Oh, and Anne. I haven't talked about her yet, but I thought she was a brilliant character. My heart broke when she was talking about being different to her brother and sister. It was also a nice continuation of the religious theme from earlier, but a different side of it.

I loved this chapter, and I really hope you do continue it at some point!


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Review #18, by ChazzieThe Wandering One : Canada

30th December 2014:
You've finished it! Congratulations :)

It was such a sweet ending, and it was really nice that everyone did get along. It was all just fabulous, and the description really made me want to visit. Sam was as lovely as ever, and the cute moment between him and Victoire was adorably awkward.

One tiny typo that I noticed - 'including the when she was two' should probably be 'including the one when she was two'. I'm guessing that was just an accident though!

Fleur's accent was really well done, and didn't make her dialogue difficult to read. The Canadian Wizarding history at the start was brilliant. That is one thing I really loved about this story - you took so much history and tales and put a spin on it without losing any of the original story.

Absolutely amazing job, thank you for the chance to read it!


Author's Response: Hi Lottie!! :D

You are so sweet!! :D Thank you so much for reading this story, it means a lot to me! :)

I wanted there to be a happy ending with a sort of looking towards the future. This story had its darker moments but was always supposed to be about fun, so other than a bit of Teddy being jealous I wanted it to be a happy chapter.

I'll fix that typo now!! :)

I'm glad you liked Fleur's dialogue. The speech diversity in HP is so neat but hard to replicate so I'm so glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun thinking up the wizarding history in Canada - someday I want to read a story about wizards in Canada, it's so interesting to think about.

Thank you so much for the amazing review! ♥

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Review #19, by ChazzieSymphony: Chapter Seven

29th November 2014:
Oh my gosh, Celi.
That was the perfect ending to a perfect story. Voldemort being so arrogant that he can't see how he is just like this boy he is trying to kill. He is overconfident, and that appears to be his major downfall. I know that I know the story of how Harry was orphaned, but you put such a unique twist on it by showing Voldemort's thoughts and reactions to it all. Wow.
You were really clever with your narrator! I am very impressed. It was such a unique way of writing that was lovely to read, and you even recommend an amazing book that I may never have otherwise read. Thank you for that.
I'm glad I encouraged you a little with these reviews! I am just so pleased that you wrote it because it is truly a work of art, mon amie. Your descriptions were beautiful and your writing a pleasure to read.


Author's Response: Hi Lottie :)

The idea for Voldemort being in this final chapter actually came from the idea that although the king is central to the endgame in chess, he actually has many vulnerabilities, and I thought that it would be interesting to see if I could make my narrator more unfeeling than Voldemort! I think they make a good pair - which I think makes sense thematically, now that I think about it!

And I'm happy that you thought the 'grand reveal' lived up to expectation - thank you! I find replying to your reviews so hard, because they're just so fantastically wonderful and encouraging. Thank you just seems such a banal way of expressing it :)

Celi xxx

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Review #20, by ChazzieSymphony: Chapter Six

29th November 2014:
Me again :)

Okay, not Merlin or his soul. That seemed too dark for such a wizard. Gah, I don't have a clue. My appologies, Celi.
I have to say, I love anything written about Bellatrix and you have not disappointed me here. You have got her just how I imagine her, angry and confused because her sister ran away and now she has to be forced into a cage lest she do the same. It was easy to see how she would end up losing herself to insanity in Azkaban.
All of your story has been amazing but I really love this part 'Bright star, you have fallen as Lucifer fell from Heaven - a dazzling example to mortals all in the fire and terror of your fall.' It really is my favourite quote hence far.
Your description of her eyes was beautiful too. It is so haunting, and paints such a vivid picture. Undoubtedly my favourite chapter so far.


Author's Response: Hi Lottie!

Thanks so much for reviewing :) - and I'm sorry I've not been able to reply before - I've had a tough few weeks. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I have to say, Merlin or his soul was a very good guess indeed - definitely getting closer and closer every time :)

You like Bellatrix too? In canon, at first she terrified me, and then I began to not understand her at all - I mean, how can anyone become that unhinged? So this was my attempt at understanding her, and the way I see it is that for someone to become that mad - to have that extreme of emotion, something equally extreme must have caused it.

I'm glad you liked the descriptions :) Thank you, it's really nice of you to say that. Compared to the other chapters, this was actually the most experimental, in that I suddenly decided I wanted to write the thing in verse, rather than prose - and those 'bright star' lines are the result of that little tangent :)

Celi xxx

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Review #21, by ChazzieSymphony: Chapter Five

29th November 2014:
Hello Celi!

What do I think? I think that was absolutely amazing. I have now read 'Suite Francaise' and I have to say thank you for recommending it. I was stunned by how flowwy the narrative was, and I can certainly see how it has inspired you to write this. I do also now understand your reason behind naming this 'Symphony'. It is a very well deserved title.
I'm afraid I haven't a clue who is narrating, still. This will sound ridiculous, but is it Merlin? (or perhaps his soul?)
Oh Tess. It is impossible not to feel sorry for her, and at the same time felt really conflicted because I also felt like she aught to know better. It seems like such a horrible thing to say, but I guess war really does create desperation and bring stark reality to the table.
I think you could very well be the next Nemirovsky, with fabulous writing such as this. Loved it!


Author's Response: Hello Lottie!

First off, I am so terribly sorry about such a late response! You've been the best reviewer :) Suite Francaise is good, isn't it? It's rapidly become one of my favourite books, and so your compliment means a lot. If I can make my writing as good as a shadow of Nemirovsky's, then I'll be very happy indeed.

Merlin - interesting idea, and really, now that I think about it, not far off at all!

I had so much fun writing Tess, I think it bordered on the ridiculous. I think, in some ways that Tess is the character most inspired by Suite Francaise. Characters like Mundungus get such a bad rap in the books, and I wanted to redress the balance, because, let's face it, Tess and Mundungus are probably the characters most of us would have emulated had we been in the same situation, rather than the Golden Trio, because that is what war does to people.

Thank you so much for your review!

Celi xxx

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Review #22, by ChazzieChicks Before Broomsticks: Home Time

13th November 2014:
Wow, what a fantastic piece of writing so far! Can't wait to see what happens next, I love the characters and that you have a Dean/Seamus pairing there too. Hollie is a little bit hopeless in her love for Roxanne, it's adorable.
Loved it!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much, Lottie!

Dean/Seamus is such a huge headcanon of mine. They were bffs in ALL of the books, and you can't even /tell/ me that that reunion hug in Deathly Hallows was a JUST FRIENDS thing. haha.

Hollie's so hopeless. I love her.

Thank you so much for reading and letting me know what you thought! More is on the way soon!


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Review #23, by ChazzieDivided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter VI

10th November 2014:
Hi there!
This is pretty amazing so far. I love the way you have characterised everyone, and made them seem perfectly cannon. Rowena was rather regal in her mannerisms, and I like the idea of her being the one to suggest the moving staircases. Her daughter knowing that Rowena isn't truly happy and not wanting to grow up like her was a perfect touch of foreshadowing. Godric is loud and funny, noble and righteous. He always seems to strive to do what he feels has the best possible outcome, or is the right thing to do. Helga was sweet as pie, I loved the way she mothers everyone. I know she must feel horrible whenever someone is upset and she feels she could have prevented it. She really is the peacemaker here. Salazar, oh poor Salazar. You gave a brilliant reason for his mistrust of muggles and muggle borns, and I'm so sad he had to go through that. Yet at the same time he is still strong and brilliant, although it would be nice to see him with a little more ambition.
Your word choice was lovely, and brought a older feel to the story. Very excellent. I like your authors note to, as I happen to live in Scotland so it made me grin upon realising that people wouldn't know that. Alba is the Gaelic word for Scotland, and so is used even nowadays, although mostly in the Highlands and Islands :)
Great story, can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Hi Lottie! Thank you so much - I am really glad to hear that the portrayal of the founders matches canon! I wanted to have the values of their house match the most visible components of their personalities - the strengths as well as faults. Poor Salazar indeed. I think his ambition shows up a lot more in the next chapter as we are about to delve into his POV again.
Thanks for your comments on the word choice as well, I am thrilled that it gave the story an older feel. Glad you appreciated that authors note ;)
I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the story! Thanks so much for your wonderful review!!

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Review #24, by ChazzieThis is Chemistry: SN1

10th November 2014:
Oh my gosh Em.

I can not believe you wrote a house elf love story using scientific terms :') well, I can believe it because you're you, and you are awesome, but you know. Funnily enough, I actually have Chemistry homework about this very topic, so I will probably be thinking back to this story whilst completing it.

This is quite literally my favourite story ever now.

You haven't even mentioned names or anything and yet I feel like I know everything about these house elves. Your descriptions were excellent, and I'm pretty certain that even if you didn't know much Chemistry as a reader, it would still mostly make sense.


Author's Response: Bahaha! Lottie!

Chemistry is chemistry. ;) Do you really? Aren't reaction mechanics fun? I offer whatever help I can provide (if I can at all) about this topic, should you need it at all (you may not considering how brilliant I know you to be, nevertheless I just really want to talk to someone about reaction mechanics).

Aww, Lottie! You're too, too kind. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D [mauls Lottie with hugs]

I didn't and you've noticed what I intended to do with that. :D And thank you for all your compliments that leave my face marginally redder than it was before. Life is a series of chemical reactions on so many scales.


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Review #25, by ChazzieThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Developmental Revelations

10th November 2014:
Em! I love this. Really I do.

Annett is really quite funny and the figures of speech that she doesn't understand just make the story even better. Al was really cute. and the bits with him and FuFu were so adorable I cant even start to explain! I'm really glad they have become friends again. I didn't like it when they were arguing. The ring that Annett made for Teddy was really sweet. I loved the reason behind the lupine flowers.

I am still laughing because Scorpius knows that FuFu and Annett are one and the same and that she shared Al's bed and yeah. I'm odd.
Gah I have to go and read the other stories you have written now. Except not right now as I have class, but soon.

Much hugs,

Author's Response: Lottie!

Gahh! Much, much thanks for reading and reviewing. You're too lovely. I am delighted to hear that you find humour in her. I figured she read science textbooks rather than too many fantasy books during her childhood and, as a result, wouldn't really understand such figures of speech. :)

I am also thrilled to hear that you like the bits with him and Fufu. They are fun to write, so I'm glad they are fun to read as well. :D

I know right? They were mad at each other for 10 whole chapters now that I think about it.

That's wonderful to hear given that it's as far as the romance goes in this one. ;) Or is it? It's all up to you to decide.

WHAT?! Scorpius knows about Fufu and Annett? Where?

I suppose I should clarify with this one, Annett, the poor girl was left on the dog bed Al left her in from last chapter. Quite sad. Bahaha! If you're odd, I guess I'm odder considering I kind of wrote it. ;)

Hope you had fun in class! And thank you, so, so much for reading and reviewing, Lottie!

Much reciprocated hugs,

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