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Review #1, by insomniac30 Days of You and Me: Letter

18th May 2013:
I'm absolutely in love with this story... I usually don't read Rose and Scorpius fics for some odd reason, but you just have me HOOKED!

I love Rose and her artsyness, and I also love Scorpius and his... Scorpiusness... Look at all these words I'm making up :P

It's okay for me to hate Danielle right? Even though she's pretty oblivious about Rose, I just feel so bad for her... But I guess it really is Scorpius's fault, as much as I so love him :(


Overall... I love your story :)


Author's Response: You and me both ... I don't really write or read them, really. Except a couple every so often. But I wanted to give it a shot.

I love made-up words. And in this case, they work!

You can hate Danielle if you want :) But it's not Danielle's fault. She doesn't know about any of this. It would be Scorpius that can accept the blame, unfortuntely.


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Review #2, by insomniacLiving In London: Chapter 13, Part 2 - Albus

18th May 2013:
I just started reading this today, and I have to say it's absolutely BRILLIANT! I love Belinda and I absolutely adore how screwed up Albus is in this one. It makes him beautifully tragic. I also love Scorpius and Rose, though Rose is quite forward!

Overall, I absolutely love your story SO PLEASE KEEP WRITING! :)


Author's Response: Aw thank you, you're so lovely! I'm so happy you like these characters, I really like writing about Albus, I really want him to turn out right. Thank you so much for your support, it really means so much to me. Please keep reading and reviewing.

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Review #3, by insomniacTotally NOT my type: Al's confession

30th January 2013:
I liked this chapter quite a bit too, but I think that its lacking some detail towards the end.

Where Albus talks about his family is great, fantastic even, but the whole kissing part seemed a bit rushed if you know what I mean. Take your time and adds tons of detail to important scenes like this. That's the best way to write a great story :)

Off to read the next,


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I agree, I should have slowed things down a bit. I will keep this in mind when I write the upcoming chapters. Thanks again!

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Review #4, by insomniacTotally NOT my type: Hogwarts

30th January 2013:
Oooo. I like this story. It's seems fresh and funny.

I really like the way the next gen characters are portrayed in this, like Dom for example. A bit rude at first, but very easy to get along with in the end.I also love Scorp, Rose and Maddie. Also Al but i don't know too much about how he is in your story. I'm just a bit biased since he's my favourite next gen character :P

Also, I loved the ending. "Yeah, if you asked me then, no. No, I didn't have any idea that Albus Potter would change my life."

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked the characters so far. I guess I trying to make Al seem a little mysterious in this chapter. Thanks again :)

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