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Review #1, by maraudertimesStrings: Strings

18th January 2015:

So I had absolutely no idea what I would want when asking for a one-shot based on the song, but this is amazing! I love Katie as a character, even if she is a very minor character, and your portrayal of her was amazing! I liked how you explored a side of the series we don't really explore - the true poor.

Oh course, Ron's family is exceptionally poor, but they make ends meet. It's obvious that they are on the higher end of lower-class, but Katie's mother in this is definitely on the other end of lower-class. It made me sad to see her step-father (love the name by the way) act that way towards her mother without her mother standing up for herself. I wish she would have kicked him out. :(

I loved how you really explored Katie and how her family dynamics from both parents work, as well as how she deals with her family's financial, shall I call it stagnation? Not really anything happening... It was sad to see her have to admit to being very good at numbers if only because she's spent her whole life trying to decide if she can afford this or that. *cries softly*

I asked for angst, I got angst, why am I surprised that I am sad?

Anyways, I loved how you set background information to why Katie would want the necklace. It provides more depth to what is otherwise a bit of a coincidental encounter that went extremely well, making it something very believable and relatable. (Even though Draco is a snake, I can see how Katie would trust him when that necklace is involved)

I loved how you tied the song in right at the ending with showing that Katie's finally getting what she wanted but also not. I thought that was a really cool way to do it and I loved how she really had to debate it but finally chose to do so to help out family. It really let her character shine through.

Like I said, this was absolutely not what I had in mind when I requested it, but since I didn't really have anything in mind, you completely blew me away. This is amazing and the song is so pretty with everything and I absolutely adored it! Thank you so much for filling this request for me, I never could have done anything as amazing as this with the song!

Thank you so much, this is stellar!
Lo :)

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Review #2, by maraudertimesDaydreaming: Daydreaming

13th January 2015:
Hi! Very late review swap (sorry!).

Okay so I don't necessarily like Dramione but this looked cute and I'M SO GLAD I CHOSE IT BECAUSE IT'S DARLING!

Okay, a little bit steamy, a little bit "What in the world," but the overall feelings were so cutsey and fun and I really liked this. I loved how you also kept them in character, both in the dream with Hermione being very apprehensive of why he's following her, to out of the dream with Draco calling her a mudblood (he deserves to get punched for that).

I think my favourite part of the entire thing was the whole Draco being woken up because that was hilarious. Of course Hermione would have woken him up if he was defacing a book with his awful drool! She has every right to. :P

I think the premise of this was very nice and I really loved it, despite it being a Dramione. Being a big canon fan, I loved how you used a cliché (the library) and didn't really just throw them together and have them fall all over each other yet you also did (there was a bit of conflict at the start but at the end... not so much), especially in a dream because it speaks to Draco's character (:P), but also because it was in a dream setting and didn't really do anything at all that would've destroyed any part of canon or made Draco seem OOC.

All in all I think you did a marvelous job and thanks for the swap!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hi! It's totally fine, you weren't all that late, lol. It took me a while to get to yours, too.

It's totally okay that you don't necessarily like Dramonie, although you're definitely the first to call this story (and maybe ANY story of mine) darling. I loved it! Probably because I wouldn't necessarily call it that considering it is a bit steamy. I did very much want to keep them in character and that's probably where the idea for the dream came from because I was trying to figure out how to make this work without taking them (especially Hermione, it would not at all be in character for her to just automatically go along with kissing Draco) out of character. I also love the part where she wakes him up, I think it's so her. Merlin forbid anyone deface a book.

I'm so glad you liked the cliche library scene bit, that's exactly what I wanted to write from the beginning, but I had to make it different, because I didn't seem them actually falling all over each other in real life. And the dream of course was supposed to be a surprise. I did not want the readers to know they were even in a dream until he's woken up. Because I like to be sneaky like that, lol.

I'm super glad you loved this! Even if you don't love the pairing, I applaud you for coming out of your comfort zone to read it anyway. Thanks so much for this review and the swap!


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Review #3, by maraudertimesFlawless: Flawless

11th January 2015:
Hiya! Kinda late on the review swap - so sorry! I chose this because I just love Bill/Fleur, so I hope you don't mind!

This was so cute! I loved how it was entirely centered around Fleur in the hospital wing because she wasn't really interacting with everyone which is a twist on a Fleur story. Of course, there was the obligatory "Fleur is gorgeous" parts, but I liked how you handled it with Fleur always reminding the audience that she had brains too. Her mother's looks and her father's brains - it's magnificent!

The word flawless is something that obviously means something to the both of them and it was so cute how you used it, especially how you incorporated the line "The kind of flawless I wish I could be." I thought that showing Fleur, someone who most would consider flawless, wishes that her flawless could be more like Bill's, because it gave her even more complex layers.

I loved the ending because it was so cute! And of course, Bill woke up, so that was a plus, but honestly, I loved how cute they are together and Bill/Fleur is one of my favourites, so their little antics were super cute!

I really liked this and I'm glad I got the chance to read it! Thanks so much for the swap - this was really good!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hello there! And don't apologize... I was even more late for this swap I know! :P

I don't mind of course. :) Anyone who loves Bill/Fleur is basically my fried because I kind of love them! ;)

Haha, thanks! This was probably the cutest and fluffiest thing I have ever written. I'm not comfortable with writing fluff so I was actually stepping out of my comfort zone with this one shot. It makes me really happy to know that you enjoyed reading it. :D

I always think that many aspects of Fleur's character go unnoticed just because she's so beautiful and gorgeous. I wanted this one shot to be more about her inner personality and the goodness of her heart if you know what I mean! She was wise enough to be a champion after all.

When I was given that line, I could think of no one else but Bill and Fleur. Fleur is probably the only character we would say is 'Flawless' due to her beauty with brains reputation. And I wanted to explore the reason she fell in love with Bill so deeply for a long time. The quote was just something that pushed me to do so.

Bill and Fleur equals to cuteness literally! They are one of my favorites too!

Thanks for the wonderful review! It was fun swapping with you. Let me know if you are interested in another one!


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Review #4, by maraudertimesMortality: Mortality

10th January 2015:
Reebee, I'm so sorry for being so late on the swap! I fell asleep and then I had to work! Also, I chose this story because the first story on your page is for my challenge and I'm reviewing it anyways during my challenge reviewing binge in like two weeks when I get a break from everything for a few days.

This was like this sad, cute, awfully emotionally hurtful things to read, although I suppose you deserve to do this to me after what my story did to you... Oops... :P Okay, so it was really cool how I didn't really know who the woman was until near the end, although that might just be my incompetency... Anywho!

Yeah, so I liked how you kept it rather ambiguous because it really made me look harder at the woman you were describing. If you will, I was 'listening' more intently to what she was saying/thinking/doing, to try and understand more about her.

The fact that it was Arthur that died though? *cries profusely* Ugh, thank you for completely destroying my happiness! The only happy part was the fact that Ron finally convinced Molly that she could be vulnerable in front of her kids instead of bottling it up and letting it out in private settings at specific times. It was nice to see that cute little Mother/Son interaction/dynamic.

I thought this story was totally cute, albeit, super sad, and I definitely am super glad we swapped! I'll get to your newer story soon, but that might not be for a week or so or maybe two! Thanks Curie! This was a great little story!

Lo :)

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Review #5, by maraudertimesTo the Very End: To the Very End

6th January 2015:
Hi there! Thanks for the review swap!

First things first so I don't forget, George married Angelina not Angela.

Okay, so this was super cute! I really loved how Lee and George managed to become really close over the decades Fred was gone, almost as if the twins were back. It was hard, of course, to see that both of them were getting on in their age, especially Lee since it seems as if George will outlive another one of his best friends, but it does correspond well with the story.

The mischief they're up to is perfect for their characters and you really pulled it off well! Lee and George disliking someone like Mrs. Rencraw and using that dislike to prank her? Very true to character. And the shoes? Priceless!

This was a really cute story and I'm glad for the swap! Thanks so much!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Oh my, how did I not catch that!? ARG! I feel like such a fake now. haha

I'm glad that you enjoyed it, I thought it was sweet with the right amount of bitter.

Thank you so much for the swap!

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Review #6, by maraudertimesAll or Nothing: there is a light that never goes out

6th January 2015:
Hi Kristin! Thanks for the swap!

Wow, this was amazing! I love the intricacies of Bellatrix so much, and you surely did not disappoint! I've never thought of Bellatrix as having a lesbian lover, although I suppose that's what resetting the default is all about!

I loved how you started this off with Bellatrix reminiscing about her sisters and how she perceives them as weak because it sets up her character so well so early on. And then when you introduced her lover, you did it so well that I really wanted them to get together and be happy even though I knew they wouldn't. Still sad about that BTW. *pouts*

The end was very powerful and kind of lends itself to how Bellatrix ends up in the books - manic and crazy, utterly devoted to the Dark Lord. The loss of her lover obviously drove her over the edge, but it was kind of sad to see her go through that since the way you depicted her in this was both amazing but frightening. For some reason I find myself drawn to this version of her, almost as if I'm sad for her.

Anyways, you did amazing with this! It's so poignant and powerful and I utterly adored it! Your descriptions were amazing, the dialogue was amazing, the overall thing was absolutely stellar! Great job and thanks for the swap!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Hey Lo! Ahh, wow thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked how I wrote Bellatrix.

I was surprised how much I liked writing that first scene with her sisters. I love Andromeda and Narcissa as characters, and to write them from such a perspective as Bellatrix's was really interesting, pointing out the different things she would have found weak about each of them.

And ahaha wow! I'm so glad that you actually wanted Bellatrix and her lover to be happy together - especially with a character such as Bellatrix, I'm glad that this story actually put you on her side for a second! :)

Thank you, that's so wonderful to hear about the end, that it kind of explains how she became who she was in the books. 'Amazing but frightening' - wow thank you, that's a huge compliment! It's so great to hear that you were kind of drawn to her in this as well, that's definitely what I was hoping for despite her being evil haha

Thank you so much for this amazing review! I'm thrilled that you liked the story and found it poignant and powerful - wow! ♥ Thanks for the swap!

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Review #7, by maraudertimesUntil the End: Together

6th January 2015:
Hiya Rose! Thanks so much for the review swap!

OMG this was amazing! I don't read many Prewett brother fics, but this was amazing even so! Gideon and Fabian are so much like an older version of Fred and George, so I loved that you called the younger twins their proteges. It really worked with how you set everything else up.

I loved the little quips about being in it together until the end, even if it meant going up against their mother, the Slytherins, the Weasley bunch, or the Death Eaters. It really gave their brethrenship (not actually a word but ignore that) a new dimension and really helped developed their characters.

With such a sad but canon ending, I can neither be mad nor glad with you because you did what I loved - sticking to canon - but also you kind of killed them off (alluded to it anyways) - which makes me sad. :( You did amazing on this story Rose. I'm just so sad that they were together in their very early end because they should've lived longer. Excuse me while I cry...

No, but honestly, this was amazing and I'm so glad I got the chance to read this! Thanks for the swap!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Thank *you* for doing a review swap.

I haven't read a lot about them either so it was fun to jump into rather uncharted territory. I didn't want them to be exactly like Fred and George but just enough so that they were protoge-ish.

Having the phrase mean something different each time felt important to get the overarching changes in their lives. I'm so glad it built a deeper connection for you too.

I definitely blame the ending on JKR. I didn't want to write about them actually dying because :( I couldn't do it.

ah! I'm so happy you liked this. thank you for this awesome review!


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Review #8, by maraudertimesfall.: fall.

6th January 2015:
I am so sorry this is so late for the review swap!!! :S

MRghghhrrehgm what?! Okay, two things to help you understand what is happening: 1. I am a diehard Teddy/Victoire shipper. 2. I am a diehard ScoRose shipper.

Those two things said, I have only ever read one or two Teddy/Rose stories that have actually made me ship the ship but your ship makes me ship the ship because the ship is beautiful and heartbreaking and Rose how could you blow holes in the ship I was shipping?

Needless to say, I do enjoy Teddy/Rose from time to time and I love yours. I've never thought of Rose's hair like autumn leaves, although I guess that's because I'm not the master of colour. :P
It was a great comparison and, like Rose, I'm glad you didn't compare her to her namesake as that's been done too often.

I understand that Teddy loves Rose and Rose loves Teddy and Victoire loves Teddy but Teddy doesn't love Victoire (in that way), but I would've liked everything to word out in the end. Now I have to suffer with the knowledge that Rose and Teddy are not together and she is crying, and Victoire and Teddy are not together, and *she* is crying, and Teddy is alone. :( *pouts*

Thanks so much for the swap. IT was a lot of fun to read this story even if I'm sad. I loved your characters and the way you used the word fall. like that was really powerful. I really liked this story, you did an amazing job!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Hey, Lo!:) Sorry it took me so long to reply. I am an awful awful person. *hangs head in shame*

OMG, I did not know that you were a diehard Teddy/Vic and ScoRose shipper. And you read this story. I want to apologize. I do apologize a lot! Thank you for reading this though. Really, many thanks and a lot of hugs.

Oh. I'm glad you enjoyed the fact that I compared Rose's hair to autumn leaves. :) But, haha, I don't like comparing her to her namesake. It seems to be so overdone and obvious, hehe.

Yes, Teddy loves Rose, Rose loves Teddy but actually in my headcanon, Vic doesn't love Teddy as much anymore. ;) But, the ending is happier in my head because I actually know where it wanted to go if I had a chance to have a happier ending.

Thanks for the swap, hunny. Much loves. :)


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Review #9, by maraudertimesClementine: Clementine

6th January 2015:
OMG! So sorry for how long this tool me to finish this review swap!

OMG again! I love this! This was so cute and I love Teddy/Victoire, so it was doubly cute! I loved how Victoire was doubting herself all because of Teddy - super relatable! And the fact that she hinges on wardrobe choices to dictate how her life goes doesn't stray too far from what I think of when I imagine Fleur's oldest child.

The fact that Teddy kind of ignores her until the very end, presumably because he doesn't want to give anything away is probably for the best since Victoire is used to boys falling all over her. But then the orange rose! *Squee* Oh j'adore, and j'adored that he used French even if his accent was terrible, because that just sounds so cute!

This was such a sweet story and I wish it was longer, I really want to know what would happen on their dinner date (unless there is a continuation and I just missed it...) Absolutely stellar story, I'm so glad to have read it! Thanks for the review swap!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Hey, no worries - it's so easy to get caught up in things! (I'm so easily distracted, so I totally understand!)

Thank you so much! It's actually Bill/Fleur, though the mistake is easy enough to make ;) I loved making Fleur insecure - it's a different interpretation of her, I think, than normal, but I liked the idea of it when it came up. And yeah, clothes are so very important to her! :)

Yeah, he 'doesn't notice' her, haha. Really, he does, but it takes time to go out and buy a rose to match the colour of a girl's dress ;) And yeah, Fleur's used to getting what she wants, so it's a strange situation for her to be in. I couldn't resist doing the orange rose and the French question because it was so terribly cliche, you know? :P But it suited them somehow.

No, there's no continuation, unfortunately! I don't think I'm going to be doing a second one - fluff/romance isn't something I'm particularly good at or I'm very fond of, sorry!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, though - it was a story I was so nervous about, so it means a lot! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by, and for the swap! :)

Aph xx

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Review #10, by maraudertimesDull Ache: Oblivion

4th January 2015:
Hey Rose, I was just here to check all of this out because of your status, and I know I wasn't much comfort when the original occurrence happened, but I am terribly sorry and if you need anything, I'm here.

This story is very sad and not at all relatable personally for me because: I have never been pregnant; ergo I've never lost a baby; I've never even been kissed so that's a long way to go for me. But the emotions you've made through Andromeda, the descriptive powers your words had , everything felt so real and raw that: I couldn't stop reading; I couldn't shake the feeling that it was me.

I do know many people who have experienced miscarriages, but all of them happened long ago, so I've never experienced the aftermath of someone losing a baby either. But it is shattering and heart-breaking and absolutely gut-wrenching. I can't imagine what you've been through Rose, but I want to tell you that I'm here for you and that I'm so proud of you for posting this. You say that it's not particularly well-written and that it is likely full of typos, but I can't comment on that because the aura of the story and the emotions you've put me through had me glued to the story, not the exact words, but the actions and the characters and what was happening. So it might not be well-written, it might have a few typos, but I wanted to tell you that it is powerful and beautiful in the saddest way possible.

Andromeda seems to be quite suspicious and wary of the pregnancy, telling me that something has obviously happened before. I love how you pulled experiences from your own life to really make this story something amazing, even if it pains me to know that you drew on your own personal experiences.

I don't know what else to say Rose. Everything is just kind of a blur because as I said, but I want you to know that: I really enjoyed this because of the fact that the emotions were so vivid; I didn't like this because it meant you had to go through this; I'm just kind of sitting here staring at my screen. I wish I could say great job, but I wish it could have come under different circumstances. I hope you understand.


P.S. I'm always here for you Rose. I hope you know that.

Author's Response: Lo!

Your review means a lot to me. I felt like I needed to write this but wasn't sure about sharing it. I'm glad the story was relatable even though you haven't gone through the same.

Andromeda's suspicion definitely reflects my own tentative joy at being pregnant. It's more of 'can't believe it finally happened' doubt.

I'm not doing a very good job responding but believe me that your review means so much to me.


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Review #11, by maraudertimesDon't Mean a Thing: Not the One to Stay Around

2nd January 2015:
Ergh sorry for the lateness Rose... I seem to be doing this later and later each time...

OMG, okay first: Lily/James is OTP. Sirius/OC is OTP. I am heavily interested in solely canon pieces. So... why did I love this so much?

Ugh, j'adore! Okay, there's always been these kinds of Sirius/Lily romantic tryst fics and there are some that I have liked, there are some that I haven't. Typically the whole cheating thing puts the fics off for me so that is reason one I loved this.

It's perfect that you had this happen before James because although Sirius is kind of not being a great friend, it does kind of match up with the playboy type Sirius many people like to read and write (guilty) and to be honest James at that time wasn't really a catch, so even if they were best friends, to me the betrayal isn't that big.

I can see why the romance would happen, since both of them seem like fire crackers in your story, and obviously James would have tried to run off any of Lily's potential suitors. Although, it did make me sad to see it end. Then again, the sneaking around thing didn't seem very fun, but everything apart from that was very cute and romantic and also hot and heavy so it did seem to me that it was a good thing going.

I was sad that it ended because of course they were cute, but I'm happy you stuck to canon! Sirius was kinda a jerk about it though, although that part went amazingly well with the quote. I'd never heard the song so I did and I really liked it and I think you made the song and this story very similar and they work together seamlessly!

I really enjoyed this, Rose. Really, I did. In the spectrum of Sirius/Lily fics there are two ends to it and nothing in between and yours definitely lies on the I love this end of the spectrum. Great job and thank you so much for the review swap! I loved reading this!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Lo!!

I'm sorry for my own lateness in responding!

I'm in the same boat with you - I love Sirius/OC and accept Lily/James but I just had to write this.

When I was compelled to write this I needed it to fit within my own idea of canon and didn't like the idea of cheating either - not that I wouldn't write about it as a topic but it didn't fit in with my idea of Sirius and how he'd treat his best friend. So, they had to happen before James and Lily started.

Sirius is a bit complicated in this story. He's a lady's man but I wanted there to be something darker behind it. James was still not ready for a relationship though he would have been upset if he learned what Sirius did.

I kind of felt like she could be fire and him gasoline and they just went off. I didn't have to end it so cruelly but it had to be a definitive break. The sneaking around wouldn't have been possible after the summer anyway. If Sirius weren't so broken, he and Lily could have made a nice couple.

Sticking to canon was essential for me here. Even with Sirius breaking Lily's heart - I had to make it line up with what we know happens.

I love that you love it! xoxoxo

thank you for a wonderful review!

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Review #12, by maraudertimesPrecipitate: Solution

30th December 2014:
Hi Kevin! Ooh, very creepy, but I'll get into that later.

Okay, so at first I really liked Blake and Elizabeth, although I did think something was slightly off at first. It starts almost as if they aren't happy (this coming from someone who, a) is not married, b) has never had a significant other, so please don't take that very seriously), so I was slightly skeptical about what this creepiness would take place as.

The thing on the street was weird and at first I thought perhaps he was trying to find a mistress, but holy cow was it ever so much worse. The exsanguination part was creepy but you wrote it well (should I be nervous Kevin, :P), and at first I thought it was because he was a vampire, so thank you for the explanation at the bottom.

I can honestly say that I would never do that if someone close to me died, but I can certainly see the appeal. Hopefully this guy was not born mentally deranged but had a mental break after his wife died, because otherwise I might just believe he was the one who went off the deep end at some point and offed her (morbid, I know, but so is this story).

This was really cool, albeit, very creepy, but it worked really well and I really liked it! Great job Kevin!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hello again! I will say - AGAIN - that you are SO KIND for leaving me reviews on three stories and it is SO appreciated!

This story has been another one that hasn't gotten loads of feedback so it's really good to hear your thoughts on it because what I was aiming for was to be mysterious at the beginning and then have the reader react like - "oh geez, this guy is messed up" - and have exactly the disquieted feeling that came across in your review by the end where you're not quite sure if he's just straight-up imbalanced or suffered a psychotic break.

For the record, he absolutely DID suffer a psychotic break. He does what he does because he can't let go of his wife and feels that he can't live without her so he has to replace her - something it is potentially easier to do with magic if you're willing to do whatever it takes - like essentially making an innocent victim into an Inferi-like being.

You are right though the vibe you got at the beginning too, because that was ALSO what I was going for - the idea that nothing's necessarily amiss, it's just maybe things are in a rut or the pair aren't happy together anymore. That was supposed to keep people guessing long enough to reach the "switch-flip" of the story with the murder and it sounds like it did the trick (I think?)!

Thanks so much again, Lo!

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Review #13, by maraudertimesStarving Artists: New Horizon

30th December 2014:
Hi Kevin! Back again! (Also again - so sorry for being so late!!! :S)

Ooh, I liked this! I'm not too familiar with Rionach O'Neal, but I am with Dean Thomas :P

I thought this was really cute and you used second person POV really well. I liked how Rionach was kind of in the background of everything and kept to herself and you wrote about her slowly coming out of her shell and I enjoyed that she joined a Quidditch team (omg if this isn't right though please correct me!) because she slowly became more outgoing and it was really nice to see.

The cuteness between Dean and Rionach was just amazing! I liked how there wasn't really any dialogue and all the little moments were purely described in a physical manner, which really brought out your marvelous descriptions. Of course, the *one* time you really had dialogue was my favourite part (who doesn't like a good old fashioned proposal - again, if I just assumed that and it's wrong please tell me). It was so cute and a picnic? *squee*

I just let my inner girl out there, but honestly, it was really cute! You did really well with this and I really enjoyed it! Great job Kevin!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Hooray!

Yes, mostly nobody knows Rionach. She's just from the films for certain (originally identified in the credits as "Girl from Gryffindor" in one of the early ones and later given a name), but I wrote about her in the House Cup collab and wanted to give her more of a story, which meshed well as a gift for Sian and her love of minor characters.

It's really encouraging that you thought the descriptions came off so well as they're honestly usually one of my weaknesses (in my personal opinion anyway), especially in happier pieces like this one, which is probably the only "pure fluff" piece I've ever written.

You were absolutely right about the Quidditch bit though. That actually hearkens back to my foundation for her in collab, where she mentions having been okay with flying under the radar for a long time and not really embracing her inner Gryffindor (in fact being spooked off of trying out by the prospect of being up against a go-getter like Ginny even though she'd practiced flying for a long time to prepare). At the end of the collab piece though, she decides she shouldn't stick to the shadows (like how she was portrayed in the films) and this picks up with her still being a tad shy and insecure in some areas, but "coming out of her shell" for sure as you said and living the dream so to speak by finally playing Quidditch! I've actually been really psyched about the response to Rionach as a character. Admittedly it's a small sample size, but it makes me want to possibly explore her more down the line.

Your proposal feedback is also great - being a guy we're not always so "in touch" with what would be a good idea in these situations, but I thought Dean and Rionach were a unique pair and I wanted way more for them than just Dean making grand declarations on bended-knee and it's great to hear you thought it came off!

Thanks for another splendid review!

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Review #14, by maraudertimesStronger: Tooth and Nail

30th December 2014:
Hi Kevin, so sorry I'm late!!! Like really late... I'm kinda awful... :S

This was really cool. I've read stories about Fenrir Greyback, but mostly it dealt with Lupin and how he infected him or Greyback doing deeds for the Death Eaters and Voldemort, so I really liked your take on things. Of course, your take on things is really sad and slightly, well, grim, but I liked it nonetheless. It showed the descent of a good man into hell and treachery and although the outcome isn't so good, I liked how you explored the sort of macabreness (is that a word?) of society - especially with the doctor.

The start was really sweet and I really liked Farrell. The fact that everything that happened to him was because he was trying to save a child is truly sad, and although it manifested thereafter into his targeting children, it was nice to see at that point. Of course, that leads to the whole targeting children thing, and of course the methods he had to endure is awful and I can see why he kind of broke - but it is really sad.

I really liked this and the way you started with Farrell Grimley (I like the last name pun even if it is macabre) and ended with Fenrir - it was a very chilling read, but all in all I really enjoyed reading! Thanks Kevin! (and I'm on to the next ASAP)

Lo :)

Author's Response: Pssh! No need to apologize. Especially when you reviewed THREE stories instead of just one - that was AMAZING of you to do!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I definitely knew going in it was going to be heavy and actually originally had a different idea about why he'd shift from being so kind and good with kids to targeting them that was even heavier actually, but I couldn't resist the lure of the idea that the Ministry's own barbarism created a monster that would haunt them for decades to come.

I'm particularly glad you liked Farrell at the beginning as it's exactly what I was aiming for. I really wanted people to identify with him and understand his courage and good intentions before he devolved (even if the author in me really did it to make his fall even more brutal).

Thanks for the great feedback!

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Review #15, by maraudertimesTogether Again: Together Again

28th December 2014:
Hi! Sorry for the delay on the review swap! I chose this one since your link led to your author page and this had no reviews so I hope that's okay!

This was so cute! I loved how you started off with all of the Christmases from the marauders days at Hogwarts and then transitioned into what obviously was their last. All of them were super cute and I loved how you included the presents in the first and then you also incorporated them becoming animagi - I really loved the little quip about James antlers being too big for the dormitory and also the story about Sirius and Peter playing hide and seek!

I think Lily's attitude towards them not all being together for Christmas was really spot on, although her constant repetition of the whole "next year, we'll all be together" when I know they won't be is really sad. If only they could've been together this year! :(

And Sirius's suicide mission or something? What's that all about? You've literally taken such a wonderful time and made it sad. :( But! It's sad in the best way possible! Kind of like looking on the past and realizing that you're watching someone's last moment (obviously this is the last Christmas), and you're sad about it but it's such a happy moment that you kind of want to smile while you cry. It was really beautifully written and I loved it! (even if it did rip my heart out)

Needless to say, this was an amazing story. Thsnk so much for the (heart-breaking) swap!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Sorry about how long it takes me to respond to reviews... I'm hoping to get the number down by a lot today.

I'm so glad that you liked it!

Hehe, I just love taking something nice (like Christmas) and making it all sad and depressing.

Uhh I honestly don't have any details about what Sirius is doing other than what's in the story. I thought that it was believable that he might be going on a mission to the Lestrange mansion.

I'm so glad that you liked it, and this review was so sweet!



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Review #16, by maraudertimesComplicated: In Which Draco Malfoy Makes A Joke

27th December 2014:
Hiya Emma! Review swap!

OMG I understand why so many people have favourite this and why so many people have reviewed and why it won a Dobby (I never wondered why, it was always just like, okay I guess it's good), BECAUSE THIS WAS AWESOME!

Okay, first chapter was kinda hilarious in the "thank God that didn't happen to me way." Although tbh, I do not like Pansy, even now. She is so hung up on Draco it's awful, and she's an awful mother. Andrew or whatever his name is, well he's awful at the whole parenting thing too. Thank goodness Ollie has Scor and Cass and the Malfoys!

Okay, now more on this chapter...

Scor and Cass are amazing! I don't really have friends like that, nor do I have friends like Ollie, but I do wish I was one of them. They seem cool, laid back, basically everything I wish I could be. *hides head in shame* But honestly, they are so cute and their banter is exceptionally hilarious. No doubt in my mind why you won the Dobby because your dialogue is perfection!

I really liked how you introduced more things about Olivia in this chapter - namely her tendency to draw and that she's not particularly interested in studying for NEWTS. It's really cool how you're able to seamlessly thread that into the story without coming out and directly yelling it to the reader - I really liked that!

And then the morning scene? Perfection! I liked how you portrayed Draco as a nice guy, also willing to admit when he's done something stupid such as feed stories to Rita Skeeter. And, I adored the fact that Scor and Cass were trying to keep Scor's parents from finding out that they spend nights together by having Cass wake up early and go sleep in the same bed as Ollie, but really they aren't doing a stellar job of covering anything else up. :P But I find that a good thing since it kinda seems like something teenagers would do!

I really loved this and hopefully I can come back to it soon because this is an awesome story!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for reviewing this chapter rather than the first - I really appreciate your taking the extra time to give some feedback on a chapter with less reviews :)

Pansy is awful. I hope it'll make a little more sense later on, but she's definitely not a good mother. Ollie very much focusses on her friends rather than her family.

Thank you for liking Scor and Cass! I had so much fun writing their dialogue in this chapter, and all your comments are exactly what I wanted to come across from them.

The morning scene wasn't initially in my plan, but it somehow came out and I enjoyed it. I always think Draco would have mellowed out somewhat after the war, especially once he married, although I'm not sure he was admitting to his feeding Rita stories being stupid. I think he finds it quite funny :)

Thank you so much for such a lovely review!

Emma xx

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Review #17, by maraudertimesSweet Talk: Welcome to Honeydukes

25th December 2014:
Hi Leigh! Review swap!

Okay so I was really excited to read this ever since I saw your novel nest and this has not disappointed! I love Sweets, and also the fact that you were able to seamlessly work this story into your other novel? Amazing!

Okay, so I really like Sweets. She seems like a regular teenage girl not wanting to be tied down by her parents (her mother is adorable by the way - French woman always are :P) and wanting to travel the world instead. Very relatable. Her friends seem to help her reach her dreams. Kind of like they are her balloons because she's so grounded. But she does seem to have a good head on her shoulders and here's to hoping she gets something out of school and gets out of the Sweet Shop!

Vienna is awesome and I loved the little quip about leaving her alone with children not going well - I am basically her. I love how she's kinda Sweets wings as I mentioned before. :P

Ooh, Ryan? I seem to remember this name. Not a good person, is he? She? I think it's a he, isn't it? So obviously this is part of the conflict, which is obviously coming up soon. I hope its not anything too serious, although with NaNo, plots tend to run rampant and crazy and characters take over, so you never know. :P

For an introductory chapter, this was really awesome! So far you've introduced your characters, you've set the scene, you've provided some of the conflict. The only thing you missed? THE SECOND CHAPTER! Please have it up soon? Seriously, this was really good! Great job and please get the next chapter up soon after the queue opens up again!

Lo :)

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Review #18, by maraudertimesFairy Lights and Mistletoe: Fairy Lights and Mistletoe

25th December 2014:
Hiya Madi! I don't really do Dramione, but I really wanted to see how you write Draco before the collab (okay, I'm running late... please don't wait for me I'll have it done ASAP yes?). Also, review swap! Thought I should just say that... I don't know why... Well Happy Christmas!

This was cute! As I said, I don't really do Dramione, but it was super cute and I liked the little things you added like them staying out of the public's eye because they didn't know how they would deal with the rumours and gossip and awful things people say, and when the reporters asked whether it was just a ploy - all seemed very realistic considering the relationship at hand.

The decorating seems super Hermione - decorating by hand is the only way to go! And fairy lights? So cute! I call them Christmas lights but I think fairy lights might find it's way into my vocabulary real soon. ;)

The mistletoe was ingenious. I've never been kissed under the mistletoe (*sigh*) but when I am I want it to be just like that - a total surprise but a really good one with a partner who obviously truly loves me. The way you wrote those passages were so passionate and it was very clear that they had deep feelings for each other.

The cute little double engagement was the cherry on top and I adored it! It was so cute that they both decided to do it on midnight and the way Draco needed everything to be perfect was awesome!

This was really cute and I'm glad I read this! Thanks so much for the swap Madi, and again, this was awesome!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hiya Laura!

I'll try and get you my bit of chapter 2(?) in the next two weeks! :P

Even though they are my OTP, I do enjoy putting them through struggle quite a bit, which is why I had that little tidbit in there with the press and public eye. They are a rather unconventional couple, but they're my unconventional couple ♥

I'm glad you liked the decorating and mistletoe thing! Even though I've been dating my boyfriend for over two years now, we still have never kissed under the mistletoe??? so this was probably my own wish as well :P The double engagement was actually originally a triple, but I forgot to put Ron in earlier, so I just left him proposing out of it entirely. *oops* So yay I'm glad you liked the fluffy and Draco!

I will say that for the collab, my portrayal of Draco will be much closer to his character in my novel, which means non-trusting and slightly at his wits end, and he just wants to save himself adn shis family, etc.

Thanks for reviewing this and for the swap! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #19, by maraudertimesPride and Scorpius: Well met on the Hogwarts Express

24th December 2014:
Hi! Review swap!

Okay so I wrote this review and then the website crashed on me so lets try and finish this...

This was a good start. There were a few spots where you had typos, and when "a character talks," like this, "This word should not be capitalized." I liked how you incorporated Pride and Prejudice into the NextGen, but maybe try and tone down Rose's dislike? You said in your author's note that Lizzie is quite neutral about Darcy at first, and especially at eleven years old after only hearing about him once from her father, maybe give actual examples as to why she disliked him?

Also, your Scorpius tends to talk to formally. I can totally see a 14 year old Scorpius (or older) talking in such formal ways, but even at 11, it seems strange to not have any contractions in his speech.

I really liked the premise of the story though and you've characterized your MCs quite well so far. The whole seeker thing will probably turn out to be a problem - as will the sorting - so I wish you luck on writing those intense scenes!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and the review swap (I shall certainly be patiently awaiting the continuation of your own excellent The Diagon Alley Gentlemen's Club).

Yes, as I wrote yours I accidentally erased all of my review so had to type it all again - I guess we were both doomed to frustration and re-typing.

Thank you, typos do creep in no matter how hard you try, I'll try to fix them in an edit. I do know what you say about the capitalisation and the speech inverted commas, but I thought it changed when you intended the second part to be the start of a new sentence? I'll have to check what I have written and what I intended.

Has she only heard about Scorpius once? Probably, but she has heard lots about his father. I have probably made the dislike a bit too much (or so a lot of the reviewers are saying), but there are reasons for it.
She initially passes by his carriage purely due to what she has heard about 'Malfoy' from her father, but when she goes back she decides to give him the benefit of the doubt and she doesn't poison his name to Albus. She does get angry for some specific things - she gets angry after his deceleration of his Quidditch position and how chummy Albus has been with him. Before the journey, Albus has been her best friend and one of the few she has. To see him so chummy with Scorpius so quickly is striking at her emotionally - her world is changing and not all for the better as she thought it would. Perhaps an edit would also clear this up, hmm ...

As I have stated before, there is something about that Malfoy boy that just gets under her skin and she is too naive/inexperienced to know that it is attraction.

Yes he does speak formally, almost too formally, but you should see him when he is actually trying to speak formally. There is a reason for this; some of it will be seen in up-coming chapters and a fuller explanation will come in chapter sixteen or seventeen.

Thank you. The whole seeker thing is resolved (well sort of) in chapter eight and either nine or ten. As to the sorting, that was handled in chapter four which came out just before Chrissy.

As I do at the end of each response, the Story stands at 274 reads and this chapter has 118 - thank you all.


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Review #20, by maraudertimesWhen It Matters: When It Matters

24th December 2014:
Hiya review swap! Sorry, I was reading the other story and had just left a review when the crash happened so I had to rewrite it but I'm here now!

OMG j'adore ScoRose so much and this is so cute!!! I love the little quips of Albus about being caught under the mistletoe and not enjoying it - I totally understand why James would though. It was nice to see that Albus and Scorpius were good friends and from Slytherin, albeit slightly sad when Albus's cousins and brother didn't invite him for the snowball fight :(

Rose! OMG she is so cute! And I love how she likes looking at the lake all frozen because she seems so introverted and cute, and I love how she enjoys the mistletoe :P

And then together? Aw they're so cute! And of course the ending was super cute when Scorpius finally told her that he liked her and everything was happy, and needless to say, I super enjoyed this!

You write really well and I loved the little love story going on on both sides, which was absolutely perfect. Rose was cute, Scorp was cute, the entire thing was just really sweet and I loved it - especially because it's almost Christmas my time!

Absolutely amazing job!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hey Lo! :) Whenever I swap with you, I feel so happy. Mhmm. Thank you. :)

Yes, I really adore ScoRose as well. :) Whenever I write them, I have to make it really really cute because there's nothing else I can possibly do. Mhmm, yes, I had so much fun putting Albus under all that teasing. SO CUTE. Mhmm. I actually didn't have them Albus because they didn't know where he was. Those who saw him in the hall didn't really want to risk the mistletoe. lols

Mhmmm. I would love to go to a frozen lake. It's sad that I don't get winter but I have such an idealized view of it. hehe

I just love you thinking it's CUTE CUTE CUTE. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I always love your reviews.


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Review #21, by maraudertimesLying Josephine: Eye of the Storm

24th December 2014:
UGH I've been uber sick and I couldn't get to this but as soon as I was feeling better here I am, but ugh this isn't helping because my immune system is shot and now so is my heart, oh my goodness, why oh why would you do all of this to me?

The start, with Fred, oh god it's nice to read about him again! And his thing with Angelina, I'm so glad that you wrote about it and OMG, he and Angelina are so cute, if strange. Of course, he definitely is related to Ron if he doesn't see that some jokes can cross the line - that clown one, though hilarious, definitely did! Of course, what would you expect from Fred? :P

The line about friends and the frivolity of knocking - I'm thinking that somehow that will relate to Fred walking in on Jo in an awkward situation? Hmm...

OMG George! Okay so Jo's coworker is amazing and such a lovely woman! And even though it's obvious she wanted to go home, she offered to stay? And then Jo told her to go home? OMG these people in your story are all so nice!!!

Lol forever at the Quick Quotes Quill attempt at writing down the products. All of them are hilarious AND THEN BAM GEORGE! Although yes, they probably do have too many poo related products... Although if they didn't it wouldn't be Fred and George. OH WAIT, I COMPLETELY FORGOT THIS ENTIRE STORY WAS DEDICATED TO RIPPING MY HEART OUT. SORRY! But yes, I did like that inclusion because it was super cute and it lent to the store and the products in a way that was kind of funny given the somber atmosphere.

And then the end? Holy cow, I can't believe Jo saved George's life? And, of course, I loved how you added the detail of the Battle from George's perspective. But OMG Fred made her follow George? So their roles could have been reversed? And George wishes they were? Oh goodness, be still my broken heart! Why must you do this to me? Of course, that ending was just super sad, especially because I can totally see why George would be upset, and then Jo! DEAR SWEET JO STOOD UP AND YELLED AT HIM OMG THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Very happy about this development, not so much about the things that it took to get there though...

Okay, so this is me, telling you, you have to get the next chapter up really soon, okay? Because this is amazing and you are toying with my emotions!!! Stop this insanity, won't you, and get the next chapter up quickly!!! Thank you so much for this review swap, even though my end was super delayed, because this was amazing and I loved every second of it and you must continue and fast, yes? YES!

Great job, j'adore'd everything, it was all spectacular, amazing job, you write spectacularly!
Lo :)

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Review #22, by maraudertimesLying Josephine: Breakable Girls and Boys

22nd December 2014:
Ugh I'm so late. :( So sorry!

OMG this chapter was a heart break wrapped in a blanket of sorrow accompanied by a triple chocolate sundae of utter sadness and depression. Although TBH, I would like the sundae right about now... Nothing like chocolate to soothe the aching soul that you have made me because of your impeccable writing and sad plot. Darn you!

Okay, so it was so sad, this entire thing, and I'm going to try and keep my cool, calm collected self about while I - HOW COULD YOU? Why would people deliberately steal merchandise after the war and everything George has been through. Out of everything in this chapter that's the thing I hated the most. To steal from a man who's mourning the loss of his twin brother? I'm not saying, I'm just saying, Death Eater practices would be totally cool on them, me thinks!

The fact that word got out didn't surprise me because Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was really popular before the war and after everything, people need a laugh. The only thing is, I wish people hadn't stormed the store. :( Obviously the employees were having a hard time. Couldn't they wait?

And of course at closing time, the whole George not wanting to stay late made me so sad considering that he would always keep it open. But it makes sense, as does the he not caring about the mess (also super rude! how can people do that? do they not have consciouses? or is it consciouseese? I don't know...). When he went to his office and Fred's voice was in Jo's head? Oops I'm bawling. And then she went to go see him!!! Darn you!

Okay, the whole sadness, mourning thing - right on the nose. It's spectacular how you write your characters and the grief and other emotions they deal with. Everything is spot on and simply amazing. The fact that George reacted that way to Fred's snow globe (amazing gift by the way - I loved the jokes! :P), while it made me sad, it did scream realistic. And then Jo stayed and cleaned his wounds - literally and figuratively - and that whole exchange just made my heart hurt and OMG WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME???

All in all, amazing chapter! I'm so sorry I was late, I got really crazy sick this weekend and I'm better now so hopefully next review up soon but work and I'm so sorry, but I do love this story and I'm so excited to read the next chapter - YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GOOD THIS IS I LOVE IT.

You are an amazing writer and this story is stunning. After the next chapter I might have to favourite it. :P But truly - this was absolutely incredible!
Lo :)

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Review #23, by maraudertimesThe Thing With Feathers: It sings the tune without the words

17th December 2014:
Hi! Gifting thread in the Gryffie CR here at your service!

This was really cool! I like the idea of microfiction and I think you pulled it off magnificently. The entire time I was on the edge of my metaphorical seat (currently lying on a couch :P), trying to figure out who this unnamed narrator might be. Your writing style in this was so cool, and at one point I thought Death was actually Voldemort, and that Hope might have been Lily, the way each kind of started off at either end of the spectrum, so it was amazing to see a complete turn-around in just 500 words!

The villain, Hope, was amazingly well-written. I loved how I thought it was good, that it might have been Lily's spirit protecting Harry. Never would I have thought of Hope, especially as a villain, but it really worked in this context! The fact that Hope kind of melds Harry's mind and pushes him to do things he might not have done had Hope not been there is a bit frightening but I can see it so realistically because that's what Hope does.

This was really amazing and I really enjoyed it! Kudos to you on this amazingly powerful and spectacular piece, especially considering how small it actually is!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hey Lo and thanks for this fantastic review!

I really love the idea of the gifting thread; it's such a wonderful way to show some Christmas spirit! I'm so happy you liked this kind of style and the plot. This is my first time venturing into Microfiction and it's loads of fun to write!

I was hoping to keep that element of suspense and reveal everything in the end, so I'm glad it got you thinking about who the villain could be. I think your interpretation of Hope and Lily is a really interesting thing to think about. I never really thought about it that way, but it does make a lot of sense, had I wanted Hope to be the hero in this.

I'm so glad that the idea of Hope being the villain really clicked, because it was a concept I was a little nervous about writing. I mean, Hope is always the last good thing that mankind possesses, so trying to put a negative twist on that was really daunting. I'm incredibly happy that it seemed realistic, though!

Thanks once again for this brilliant review that really brightened my afternoon!

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Review #24, by maraudertimesLying Josephine: Nice to Meet You

15th December 2014:
Well, I'm here for the first proper review. The other two were slightly erratic in nature and definitely not what I meant by reviews!

Okay, so, first things first, OMG why have I not read this before? Second things second, OMG I totally understand why people have been hounding you to keep writing because, third things third, OMG this is amazing. I'm in love with Jo, I'm in love with Fred, I'm in love with George, I'm in love with everything!

Jo is so cute and although the first two chapters captured her in a rather melancholic light, this one highlighted her awkwardness, her absolute head-over-heels "obsession" with George, and completely endeared her to me. I noticed before that Jo is quite a quiet girl, but this chapter really emphasized that. I loved how she does most of her talking in her head, only really spitting out words when absolutely necessary.

That was coupled with Fred's extreme gift for reading faces, unless Jo is just horrid at keeping her heart off her sleeve. Fred was absolutely stunning and exactly the type of prankster/people-person that was written in the books. I adored him and his childish antics! The farting chair was genius and of course the fact that Jo's love for George made him hysterical (okay, that might have been because Jo had hid behind a desk, but still) was spot on.

(This might be a slightly longer review than I'm used to because it's a slightly longer chapter.)

George was amazing. Of course, I saw him through Josephine's biased eyes, but I thought you captured him magnificently, just like with Fred. The little quip about knowing that he was going to hire the two In-Store Demonstrators but still pitting them against each other? 1. I want to see this battle go down. 2. Giving them products that don't work and smell awful if used incorrectly - genius and totally Fred/George thinking and also I want to see (although not smell) that go down. 3. I honestly want to cry over how perfect you've made the twins. He was absolutely spot on and I loved how you also incorporated the little add and how they really should have put a few more requirements. It was a really seamless was to tie the start and middle of the chapter together with someone other than the main character (although let's be real, if you can't do simple addition, maybe don't do checkout?).

The ending part where Fred, a) realizes Jo loves George, b) gets her to work for them because he wants to be entertained by this train wreck (let's be real, I totally would too), c) let's not forget thinking that the farting chair was the absolute best thing in the world, and finally d) being that absolutely sweet guy and promising not to tell George but also not to lie to him about it - absolutely genius! I loved every minute of it!

The absolute ending, when Jo kind of detailed how they continued the operation through the war, was heartbreaking. The twins livelihood, their hopes and dreams, everything was in that store, but I'm glad you wrote it like that because they *did* have to go on the run! And then the whole not starting up again because Fred died and George stopped? OMG I'm crying again *violent and grotesque sobs*. Why must you break my heart so?

I think that's the end to this exceptionally long-winded review. I thought that wouldn't take as long, but because it did I'm going to have to finish the other two reviews tomorrow. I hope the length of this one can make up for it!

Oh, and last note - thank goodness you wrote this for NaNo! Here's to hoping there's more chapters because it is amazing and you write so beautifully! If you can get this finished, or at least a few more chapters or maybe consistent updates, it wouldn't surprise me if this skyrocketed to one of the Top 10 spots!

Absolutely stellar job! Can't wait for tomorrow so I can keep reading and reviewing!
Lo :)

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Review #25, by maraudertimesLying Josephine: Promises, Promises

14th December 2014:
I know, I know - NO REVIEWS, but again, I needed to say something!

Oh be still my breaking heart, because you write so eloquently and amazing and brb, gotta go cry for a second. Be back soon to continue reading, I just need to take a moment because you make me feel all the feels.

Lo :)

Author's Response: MORE BLASPHEMY! :-p

Gah! You're obviously far too kind, you know that, right? ♥ I'm so glad these first chapters are hitting you in the feels! That's what I like to hear. ;) But really, thank you so much for taking a moment to leave this. I sincerely appreciate it. *hugs*

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