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Review #1, by maraudertimesThe process of becoming tamed : An apology

25th September 2016:

I'm not super familiar with HTM (meaning, I've binged read it several times into the early morning hours over the past few years but like the idiot I am, I've never really taken the time to a) review all of it, b) actually read it when I'm very much awake and alert), but I do like how you have these small excerpts of the story. It kind of fills in the gaps and it's super cool to see the different scenarios that might play out.

I really liked the progression of this scene. It was cool to see Sirius' realization of how they treat Laura, especially because I can see him metaphorically kicking himself for not realizing it sooner. Plus, I thought that the whole James referring to Beatrice as 'the older one' was a really good way to cement that in, that they really don't treat her like an individual, but instead like an extension of her sister.

The apology was very nice. I thought that Mary was great, and the fact that you mentioned that Laura kind of softened really emphasized the fact that she took his apology to heart and really thought it was genuine. It was a nice little moment and I really liked seeing this in this way.

Also the little beauty rest quips might be my favourite thing about this entire chapter/one-shot. They are hilarious and absolutely what would happen.

Great job!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hi Lo!

You know, it's really funny getting reviews like this because until I get one, I have NO idea that the person in question has read the story, and half the time I"ve been interacting with them in different ways on forums or twitter or whatever. And you're one of those - I was genuinely surprised (and, I admit, pleased) that you have read my story, even if you were only skimming / dead tired at the time.

Having said that, I'm glad you enjoyed thi8s little scene. I too liked James referrring to "The older one" because that really does, as you say, cement the notion that they're interchangeable, which was how those boys had always seen them.

And,yes, the beauty sleep. Kind of have to throw that sort of thing in, don't you think??

Thanks for the review!!
cheers Mel

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Review #2, by maraudertimesministry memorandums: memo: everyone's lazy and would rather form a new department than deal with a problem

24th September 2016:
Hi there!

At first I thought that the tags before each memorandum would cause a bit of confusion and break the story up in a weird way, but I started to look forward to them because of the little quips that you added about the owls. I thought it was a really nice way to keep those interesting and not break the story up too much.

I also thought that all the messages were really funny, especially how you had the different departments trying to duck out of it, and the state of the messages. It was funny to see exactly how each department would respond, some being very formal and others (*cough cough* Magical Accidents), just kind of use non-formal methods to try and get out of actually doing their work.

Michelle's notes were possibly my favourite parts of the story. The ones to her girlfriend were nice because they showed another part of the world and didn't keep the story focused on the Ministry antics, although it did make me sad that she had to postpone their movie night. The message about her getting promoted was hilarious because it's exactly what anyone else would do in that same situation. I wish that her girlfriend's messages were in this, but beggars can't be choosers and that might've distracted from the story.

The ending was great! I hadn't realized what everything was leading up to and then Arthur! And the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department! I thought that it was great to see how that was formed! The backstory was amazing and it was such an original way to look at the formation of a new department!

Also! The chapter name is arguably my favourite chapter name I've ever seen! And very true to the story, since everyone was too lazy to deal with the problem!

This was great and I really loved this story! You wrote it really well and even without any actual dialogue for the majority of the story, I could still kind of hear how each character spoke and their personalities shone through the messages! Great job!
Lo :)

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Review #3, by maraudertimesHouse of Cards: Two of Spades

20th September 2016:
Hi there!

Well this was certainly interesting! You've got murder, you've got intrigue, you've got Sirius Black! All the makings of a very intriguing and devilish plot!

I thought it was great that you have this event that has transpired - the death, I should say - that you don't actually write. There's something so mysterious about the characters alluding to this scene that the reader is not privy to, making me so confused and interested in what actually happened. You do add some detail, such as having them remember what happened, having Druella mention that there was no blood, but I still am so interested since that's not the full story!

I think that's a cool concept as well, having an Agatha Christie type murder mystery with the Blacks. Out of all the wizarding families we know of, they're probably the most interesting ones to use for this scenario since we know so little about them other's than Sirius' obviously jaded testimonies. They aren't good people by any means, but you write them as a tight knit family, somewhat, at least in terms of most of the family (*cough cough* not Bellatrix *cough cough*).

I'm so confused! Who could it be? I could see it being Bellatrix because she doesn't really react. And I know that most of them are probably thinking it's Sirius because he's not exactly the best *Black*, but perhaps they think it's Barty or Lucius seeing as they aren't part of the family? Personally, my money's on Narcissa. I have no clue why, I just think it might be the least obvious contender.

This is a great start to a story, you've really dragged me in and I'm super intrigued! The family aspect adds a whole other element to the traditional murder mystery and I really commend you on going that route!

Great story, great writing, great job in general!
Lo :)

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Review #4, by maraudertimesSeeing Double: Prologue

19th September 2016:
Hel-Lo! (Get it? lol, I crack myself up!)

Okay, so this was... Crazy? Intriguing? Absolutely mind-blowing? Check, check, and check! Oh my goodness! I didn't understand the whole 'she' thing until right up until the very end and had to reread several instances to actually fully understand everything and it blew my mind! Holy cow, someone is living inside Molly's head? I'm super intrigued!

This scene is kind of painting itself not unlike the one with Ginny and Tom Riddle, and I'm not sure if that was your plan, but even if it wasn't, the parallelism is amazing! I like how you never really said what the book's title was, and it's never really mentioned in canon whether or not you could live in the diary world, so I choose to believe that until proven otherwise! :P

I thought that the fact that her cousins were watching her was kind of sweet in the 'family love' type of way, and if the book is some sort of diary thing, probably in Molly's best interest, but it hurts that she realizes they don't really want to hang out with her, they've just been tasked with watching over her. But it also seems like Molly isn't the type to have really close friends, apart from books, even if they are her cousins.

The ending was terrifying. No clue how Potions had anything to do with it until the mention of 'her', and that's freaky! She's so cold and calculating, and no! Molly needs to stay Molly! I really hope Molly's able to fight this mystery girl. Although it's obvious that people have noticed, so perhaps she'll be able to fight her off with some help?

Anyways, this chapter was amazing, it was so creepy and dark and cool! You've introduced Molly, this mysterious person in her head, and some sort of plot involving the fight in one's mind! I loved this and I'm super excited to continue!
Lo :)

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Review #5, by maraudertimesEidolon: Pink Silk

19th September 2016:
Hi there! I am back, back again!

Okay, so this was a bit weird at first because it's so vastly different from the last chapter, but I really like it! I was a bit thrown off at first with the word 'they' because I thought perhaps there was another party watching the scene, but then I realized what was happening and everything came together beautifully. I reread the first few lines just to understand them a bit better and I kind of love that you don't really explain the word 'they', it's just there.

I kind of understood that Cato was hurt from what you'd written already, but to know the exact injury is really heartbreaking. I am a football/soccer fan, and I know several people who've torn their ACL and/or worse, so it's really disheartening to read about such a traumatic injury, since an injury that ends a career is something I'm too aware of.

Scorpius seems like a very good and patient healer, but I can definitely see where his overbearingness could get annoying. But he seems like he's just trying to do his job and keep Cato safe and on track to heal.

And Cato, oh I feel so bad for Cato. The Golden Quaffle (I did enjoy that nod to the Ballon d'Or by the way), totally was in their grasp and they kind of blew it. I'd love to figure out what exactly happened in that accident, although it would probably break my heart. And the fact that Cato has to do all the interviews and Oliver is telling them to say that they don't know what they're going to do, also breaks my heart.

It hurts to see an amazing athlete reminisce about their lost career because of an injury, but you do it magnificently. I can only hope that something can be done to give Cato something else to do, to live for, because at the moment it hurts to see them in this amount of pain, both physically and mentally.

But this was really well written and hopefully a new chapter will be soon? Thanks!
Lo :)

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Review #6, by maraudertimesKillian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs Lucy Weasley

19th September 2016:
Hi hi! I am back!

So, this was hilarious! I still love the whole comic book/Harry Potter aspect and I love the whole battle against the Weasleys for Molly's hand so much!

And ah! It's against Lucy. I can understand Molly's frustration with her family, but to stare daggers at her sister? I would do that too, to be honest. Haha, I'm sure Lucy was laughing on the inside with every glare she got from her sister. I think it's hilarious that she decided to do a hot dog eating competition, especially since you mentioned that she's so small.

Also, Hugo is such a sweetie, protecting Lucy like he did against the Slytherin. I can just imagine him 'accidentally' knocking into someone to prove a point! And the fact that all the Weasleys stood behind Lucy cheering for her - there's something to be said about the Weasley blood and their support of one another.

I don't understand how more people don't back Lucy though. I mean, even if Killian is so much bigger than her, if all of her family members backed her, shouldn't they have figured it out? I guess if her sister wasn't, I can kind of understand that... But even so, she was just supporting her boyfriend.

And EW! I can't believe that they fed her slugs! That's disgusting! Molly is definitely playing dirty, and rightly so! But poor Lucy, realizing what happened. That can't be good, for her or her stomach. But with that many hot dogs already wow! If Molly hadn't intervened, she totally would've won (is it bad if I was cheering for her instead of Killian :P).

This is arguably one of the more unique pieces I've read and every time I come back to it, I remember why I like it so much! This is great!

Lo :)

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Review #7, by maraudertimesTake Two: Act I - Epiphany

19th September 2016:
Hi there!

Okay, so this was a hurtful little chapter and I totally blame you for my heartbreak! It's one thing to read about a breakup, it's another to read about one where someone screwed up and wishes they could take it back immediately, especially when I just went through this kind of thing. But, no matter how I lament about Molly and the unnamed character's break up, you really did write it well!

From the moment those first words were uttered to the end, you wrote Molly as a scorned woman (hell hath no fury, right?) in all the right ways, and even though you didn't mention it, I'm sure it was evident on her face that although she was livid, she was devastated as well. I actually enjoyed that there was hardly any dialogue as it lent itself more to the scene that you described everything that was happening and everything the main character was feeling instead of using dialogue. You showed, you didn't tell.

Jasmine is an amazing friend! I would do the same thing, try and keep my friend's mind off of the breakup. I think it's a nice thing that she did eventually ask if the MC wanted to talk but didn't press when she didn't. She seems like a really good person to have around after a breakup.

This was a really great first chapter and I'm so curious to see what happens next! Great job!
Lo :)

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Review #8, by maraudertimesChild of the Hunt: The Journey Begins: In a New York Minute (Prologue)

19th September 2016:
Hi there!

This is a really cool concept! I love how you've incorporated an American school into this story as well (even though it's been destroyed). Although Ilvermorny has been established in my timeline, it seems totally legitimate that there's another school that was destroyed!

Also, Alex seems like a great protagonist. I feel awful for her! Did she just say that she witnessed what happened to her mother? Also, I would like to point out that this is super intriguing. Who is her mother? Why do the Death Eaters want Alex? What do they want from her? Agh, so many questions!

I thought the thing with the trace was brilliant! Of course they would have placed something like that on her, but the fact that she figured it out and realized that a) letting it stay on her was a bad idea but that b) leaving it in the washroom would be suspicious. I didn't quite think of that and as soon as it was mentioned, of course that's the right idea!

Putting on the dog was probably the best idea, but ohmigoodness! And again, Alex thinks more than I do! I hadn't thought about what would happen when the Death Eaters found the woman. Also, Alex calls Muggles by the word Mundanes. I'm wondering if that's from another series or just a word that you've picked up, but I like the difference between the words considering she's from a different country.

This was a great prologue! It really set the scene for the story and I'm super intrigued! Great job!
Lo :)

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Review #9, by maraudertimesThe Ghosts of the Past: The Ghosts of the Past

19th September 2016:

This was really sweet, albeit heartbreaking, and I think you write Sirius incredibly well! The first flashback was kind of cute, and I like how Marlene was the disdainful one. It makes sense, him being a Black and her only knowing one good member of the family - Andromeda - but considering Sirius probably doesn't normally get that type of treatment, I wonder if that's what first sparked his interest?

I loved the progression of their romance, with her viewing him as the liability what with his hot-headedness! It was a cute little development and I loved how he pursued her, since in so many Sirius Black stories he's usually the one being pursued. And also I love (well, the writing aspect of) the fact that you didn't have Sirius cheat or anything to end the relationship, and kept to canon by having Marlene die in that way. It made me sad, but it gives the relationship an out without compromising the characters of either Marlene or Sirius.

I also loved that you added in the Order and James, and that Neville's parents had just gotten married. It added a bit of extra oompf to the story given some canon information. Plus, the fighting scenes were really cool. I'm not sure if I've ever read a fight scene quite like that, and I really loved it! You have a knack for the action part of the story!

I really liked this one-shot, it was cute, had romance, had action, was intriguing, and then by the end had me almost crying. Especially with the ring at the end - that was super disheartening. And the fact that Remus told Sirius that he would find someone new, knowing what I know, was devastating! How could you do this to me??

Needless to say, I really liked this one-shot! Good job!
Lo :)

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Review #10, by maraudertimesUnexpected Attraction: Unexpected Attraction

19th September 2016:
Hi hi!

This was really cool! I don't typically see Blaise stories where he's... well not necessarily the good guy but I guess the protagonist? And when I do, he's usually with Draco and the other Slytherins, but I liked how you had him somewhat on his own, a lone wolf who doesn't really care about what his housemates think. Even though he's a bit pretentious and rude, his attraction to Susan kind of softened him and I really liked that character development!

And Susan! What a beautiful girl! I love how she has several dimensions to her. One being that she is a sweet girl, who assumes that Blaise is trying to help her, even though I'm sure it was a very snarky comment. The other, that she's smart and hardworking, like when she writes in runes for fun(?!?!). And then the last, that she's very fierce, like when Blaise was 'messing' with her. I thought it was really cool to see the different sides of a Hufflepuff, to have her exemplify traits from three of the four houses.

Their little budding relationship is really cute and when he finally kissed her, agh! I'm so happy! It was a really cute/snarky moment and that's totally representative of the both of them! And the fact that it was perfect!! I'm so happy!

This was such a cute story and I'm so glad I read it! You're a great writer and the amount of character development you were able to cram in to such a small piece is extraordinary! Thanks!
Lo :)

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Review #11, by maraudertimesIntroducing...: Introducing... Meghan Abrams

18th September 2016:
Hello! (hehe, get it? because I'm Lo?... I'll stop now...)

This is great! I kind of like the whole 'moody, I'm too good for this, I hate the universe' type character you have going on for Meghan. Possibly because that's almost exactly like me, possibly because that kind of character just intrigues me! And I like how she's very critical of herself (hey, look! it's me!), while reveling in her small victories, such as having a talent for making plants die. I'm not sure why, but I find that type of self-deprecating humor hilarious!

I love how for each little fact about Meghan you also have a quote from her, kind of proof of her sarcastic wit or her inability to keep in contact with people from her primary school. It really emphasizes her personality in little tidbits, which, although leaves me wanting more, is a really simple way to establish her character early on!

Oh, what a beautiful young soul, enjoying the torment of others! And I have to add, that Professor Blackburn seems like a handful! Someone should spit in his direction! But alas, not everything is perfect in Meghan's little 'I hate everything' world because who else but JAMES POTTER (the second)! It's really cool how you've kind of given the reader just a bit to go off on in this first chapter while also giving them a hook - the entrance of a mysterious boy with a mysterious problem!

I'm excited for when I have time to come back and continue because this promises to be a drama filled and exceptionally interesting story and I am nothing if not a sucker for those! Thanks!
Lo :)

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Review #12, by maraudertimesThief: Scones And Jam

18th September 2016:
Hi there!

This was really cool! Romilda is never really mentioned, other than the whole love potion type thing, so it's nice to see her in a better light. She really does exemplify Gryffindor in her act here. I'm not sure if the rationing food ever happened in canon, but it seems legitimate (and awful by the way), and the fact that a Gryffindor, Romilda Vane at that, is willing to go out and get food is very true to form to the house.

I also love how you added in the house elves, and Winky! I love Winky, I'm so glad you've given her a sort of redemption type thing here. It's amazing to see that even in the midst of a war, they're still beautiful creatures willing to help their students. And they didn't even see what Romilda was planning on doing, sacrificing herself, those poor creatures. I could see it coming a mile away, but they're so innocent!

And oh goodness, it paused my heart when she did that, she's so selfless and, well, brave. And oh my, when she came face to face with Amycus, I was cheering for her (even though I knew what was about to happen). Her words were cutting and if only she could've said them and not been punished! Poor Romilda. :(

This was an amazing story Kaitlin! It's beautiful and striking in all the right places! I'm so in awe of, not only your ability to write so many stories, but to do so and make them all so amazing! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!! :P
Lo :)

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Review #13, by maraudertimesEidolon: Yellow Cotton

18th September 2016:
Hi hi!

I love this interpretation of the NextGen! I'm somewhat of a sucker for it, so I've read a lot of it, and this is honestly one of the most intriguing adaptations of it I've ever seen. It's cool to see a NextGen character that is mostly removed from the family of their own accord. I've read quite a few where they don't enjoy the fame, but to leave and cut contact for six years? You've really intrigued me! I wonder what happened!

James and Anatole seem to have a very happy relationship. Very close, yet they seem separate in all the ways that matter. I feel like their each others support system but not each other's worlds, which is pretty important in a relationship. I wonder if the rest of James's family knows about Anatole, if perhaps that's why he's stayed away, some sort of prejudice, but I'm not too sure as it seems like Anatole is just for James.

The letter that Albus sent to Teddy was cutting and beautifully written. It shows in detail how James's distance has hurt the family without actually showing it. I thought that was a really cool way to do it, and I applaud you for that! It was also really heart-wrenching that Ginny had written the invitation and Harry had thrown it out, as it shows that even James's parents have given up on him coming home.

The end was really nerve-wracking. I thought someone was going to recognize him and then they didn't (well not at first - also can I say how much I loved your use of parentheses?). It was like I was there with James, hoping with all my heart that no one would recognize him, which truly speaks to your ability as a writer to truly draw the reader in! And then when his uncle saw him! I thought it was over, but alas! He jumped up the stairs and away from awkwardness (to be fair, I would've done the exact same).

This is such a cool concept for a story and I'm super looking forward to reading on later! Thanks so much!
Lo :)

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Review #14, by maraudertimesSeek and Chase: Arithmancy (Jacob)

18th September 2016:

Okay, I really like this chapter because it kind of gives more backstory to Jacob than anything else. It doesn't really further the plot, more so just capitalizes on him as a character. The fact that he keeps reassuring the reader that he's not a nerd, or that he only does assignments to get them out of the way, and his grades, really emphasizes that although he likes Quidditch, he really is a smart guy. Sort of a undercover-nerd trying to reassure everyone he really is a jock!

Also, his little quips with Lily - even though he told his parents they aren't dating or anything - kind of gives me the impression that oooh, someone likes their co-prefect! I think that their interactions are going to get a lot cuter, but for now I think they're tiny little babies, super cute friends who may or may not be developing slight crushes, and that's still adorable!

I think the one thing to watch out for is that Jacob's only fault is that he's a bit lazy, and even then he just really doesn't like to wake up early. He seems exceptionally smart and great at Quidditch, but there's nothing really 'wrong' about him. Oh, and when Lily went up to drop off her book, there's no mention of her coming back.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this chapter and I'm super excited to keep reading! I just love Quidditch stories, and you write it beautifully!
Lo :)

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Review #15, by maraudertimesThe Fortunate Ones: Chapter 4

18th September 2016:
Hel-Lo! Get it? Haha, I amuse myself sometimes! I am back to review away! :P

I'm very glad that Mary has Remus. It's very sad to read about how she's dealing with everything, retreating in on herself. But at least she has Remus to kind of knock some sense into her and not to take no for an answer! It's also really cute how they acknowledge that while they were dating they both had feelings for a same-gender friend that they ended up being with at the same time also. It kinda makes the whole 'figuring out who you are' quite realistic! And I love how they're technically each others support system.

Also, I feel so bad for Mary. Hindsight is 20/20 and I've totally been in that exact situation. It's always horrible to look back on something and pinpoint exactly what went wrong, even if you didn't realize it in the moment. The fact that it's about someone she loves just makes it even more heartbreaking. :(

And the scene with Lily! I absolutely can't. I just cannot. That's totally and absolutely heartbreaking. I understand wanting closure, but it physically pained me to read that scene. And the fact that Lily has fallen for James (even though she denies it) makes it even more devastating. Honestly, I think the holding hands might make it harder for Mary to let go, but I understand she needed comfort.

This chapter is so heartbreaking, I can't believe it! It brings me back to times like these, and although I love this story, and I love your writing, darn I wish I hadn't read this because *emotions*. But I'm also glad I read it because it's an amazing chapter. I loved the little quip about not wishing the feeling even on Snape - it shows just how devastated Mary is and also places light on just how much of a wonderful person she truly is.

I really loved this chapter and I'm so excited for the next one! Hopefully it doesn't breka my heart like this one :P
Lo :)

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Review #16, by maraudertimesHero: Wake Me Up

18th September 2016:
Hi hi! No real greeting because

OHMYGOODNESS, NOAH WAS ONE OF THE BOYS THAT TOM TOOK TO THAT CAVE NO WAY!!! AND THAT BIRD AND THE FACT THAT THE DOORS WOULDN'T OPEN, EVEN FOR THE POLICE? I used to ship Tom and Hero (even though it's Tom Riddle) and now I think perhaps that Tom is actually stalking her? This is really creepy, and I actually haven't even finished the chapter yet, I just had to get that out, okay going right back up to read the rest :P

Okay, I'm back!

I really love how Hero's owl is named Villain. I briefly forgot Hero's name and got really confused as to why her owl would be named Villain, but as soon as I remembered, I thought it was the funniest thing. And the fact that Tom was also at the owlery (did I spell that right?) almost basically proves that he's stalking Hero. Ugh, he's so creepy!

I would just like to point out that I love how I seem to be living the same emotions that Hero is. At first, I think Tom might be a decent-ish person (even knowing that he is, in fact, Lord Voldemort), but now he's so creepy! Ugh! I think that this really speaks to your abilities as a writer to truly bring your readers into the story and into the mindset of your main character.

Also, I don't think Hero quite realizes Morgan's true feelings for her. I think they both might be in for a rude awakening. Hers would be that he likes her and his that she had no clue. Perhaps he thinks they're going on a date? Whatever it is, it's bound to be awkward and I am so ready for when that happens!

And oh no. I think Emory may have just gone through a breakup. UGH SO MUCH DRAMA. I love this! But also ugh, she does not deserve it. :(

Needless to say, this is a great chapter! I'm still so hooked, OMG I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH EVERYTHING! Great job Bianca! This is awesome!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Looo!

Ahh so many capitals! I love how you had to come down here and comment on that first :P

Yeeeah Tom's getting a little weird(er) now, but I've sucked you in so I regret nothing muahaha.

It's been so amazing hearing from you Lo, thank you for taking the time to review! ♥

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Review #17, by maraudertimesLong Live The Queen: I

17th September 2016:
Hi hi! Sorry this took so long, I'm horribly busy and I regret agreeing to this at the moment because I feel so awful for making you wait so long, but ohmygoodness are you ever a patient, beautiful person! *heart*

This is amazing, and I loved this concept of a Slytherin Lily who is kind of edgy and does potentially illegal things along with Hugo (who honestly does not get enough attention in NextGen fics!). It's cool to see this bad girl vibe from her and her friends, and also I really love that she's going back to Hogwarts without her older brothers around, because I always see Lily being protected, so it's cool that she won't be.

Hugo. Oh Hugo. I don't know what's happening between him and Rose, but something's up. I also like him as somewhat of a bad boy, and I can just imagine him looking off into the distance forlornly in his leather jacket and cigarette. It seems like he and Lily are super close and I'm excited to see where their friendship goes.

I hope to Merlin that Lily has some other reason for not playing Quidditch because I cannot stand when girls stop doing things because they have a boyfriend. So I hope that wasn't your reason. Because I would... well I wouldn't necessarily stop reading because I really like this story... but I would be disappointed. I could see that perhaps she stops because she has a(n illegal) problem that she has to deal with or something, but I hope it's not just because of Lysander.

Ooh, so many things happening, I can't keep my head straight! This sounds like there's going to be so much drama, and if there's one thing to know about me, I love drama! I'm super excited to continue R&R'ing this, it's amazing, and again, I'm so sorry for taking so long. My life is hectic and I shouldn't have promised something I couldn't deliver on right away, but I'm hoping to read the rest of the chapters tomorrow because I love this and *heart*

Lo :)

P.S. I realized I can't do my regular hearts and I'm too lazy to find the ones that actually work so *heart* it is :P

Author's Response: Lo! Don't apologise at all! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely review.

I'm glad you enjoyed Slytherin Lily. I'm not sure it's how I originally pictured her but now I can't imagine her any other way. And lots more of Hugo later :)

Thanks for reviewing! Emma xx

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Review #18, by maraudertimesThe Fortunate Ones: Chapter 3

1st September 2016:
I'm backkk! :)

This is a really cool thing to think of. I've never thought of a Mary/Lily scenario, but I really liked how you wrote it. It's almost as if they're friends, just exploring their sexuality with each other as they grow up. I know that to Mary that's not what it is, but to me, it seems like that's what it is for Lily. However, this does happen in a different time, so perhaps she did just want to keep things quiet because of the way people would treat her. Either way, this spells disaster for Mary's heart. :(

Oh goodness, the Slytherin boys are up to no good. It's absolutely awful what happened to her! No one should be so discriminated against! And Severus was also part of it because of what he saw? That's what I was talking about when I mentioned how people would treat them. But honestly, if he truly loved Lily he would want her to be happy! He wouldn't attack the girl that Lily is currently kissing goodnight!

Oh goodness. Here it is. The beginning of the end of Lily and Mary. 'James'. That one word and I already know what's about to happen. Mary is about to have her heart broken and Lily is about to realize her feelings for James.

This is such a good story and I'm so hooked. I'll come back and finishing reviewing soon (currently quite late where I am), but honestly, this is one of the best marauders fics I've seen that doesn't immediately start with Jily. And I love Jily. And even I love this Mary/Lily. So this is a big deal!

Again, great job Meg!
Lo :)

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Review #19, by maraudertimesThe Fortunate Ones: Chapter 2

1st September 2016:
Hello! Here for the gift tag!

OMG!!! Okay, I loved how you introduced the concept of puberty and everyone changing, as it really help cement the fact that they are no longer children and have in fact grown up. Also, the little quip about Mary and Remus having a thing was a really smart way to introduce the fact that Remus has feelings for Sirius, so really good job weaving that into the story seamlessly.

I wish Mary could've told Remus as well. If only so that she has someone to talk to about her feelings and he has someone to relate to. But alas! I also would like to point out how strange but also how real it was that Mary seemed to just accept Remus's feelings and not her own. It resonated as a bit of internalized bi-phobia and, although that makes me sad, it's also a very real thing that many people deal with.

Oh goodness! Not the changing scene! Of course this would happen :P But I've done almost that exact same thing with friends, just not that last part. It really isn't an issue to girls who aren't necessarily super attracted to their friends, so I can understand why Lily wouldn't have a problem with it at first but Mary would.

Oh that kiss! I'm not sure if I'm happy for this or not because Mary did say she was fortunate to have been loved by Lily at some point, I just know that it won't be forever and I don't want Mary to get hurt. Oh Mary, Mary, Mary... :(

This is amazing and I'm definitely going to keep reading at some point (I have so much work these next few weeks but I'll be back soon!).
Lo :)

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Review #20, by maraudertimesHero: Mystery

1st September 2016:
Ah!!! I'm bacck!!!

This is awesome, I can't tell if I ship them or not because it seems like Hero and Tom would be really good together (lol at the fact that Hero has a thing for orphan boys), but it's Tom Riddle for heavens sake! What are you doing to me??? I've never shipped Tom with anyone ever and now you're corrupting me by wanting them to get together and be happy forever AND THAT'S NOT PLAUSIBLE BECAUSE HE'S CRAZY!!!

Her brother is awful and so are his friends. I can't believe they would do that with the roosters. I know they're Slytherins, but come on! That's just insensitive. And he hit her! I know they're siblings but that's just insane! I would never put up with that, although then again, Hero and I are in very different positions with our families.

RUBEUS HAGRID!!! Oh, this is making me sad because I know what's going to happen, and he's just a young boy and it's obvious he's not well liked and it seems like he's suspicious but because I know what actually happens this makes me so sad!!! Poor Hagrid! I just want to yell at him to go on vacation or something to keep him safe!

And oh, the final scene. Can I just say that I WANT TO SHIP THEM AND I'M HAVING SUCH A DILEMMA HOW CAN YOU DO THIS FOR ME.

This is amazing and I'm excited to get back to it again! I'll be back later I can promise! Great job B!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, Lo! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #21, by maraudertimesToo Good for You: Wizarding Harmony - #1 Trusted Dating Service for Single Wizard and Witches

1st September 2016:
Hi hi hi! Here for the Gift Tag Thread!

I just want to say that this is hilariously amazing and really got me laughing. I can't believe that Narcissa and Lucius had dating profiles! I'm assuming this is a bit joking in matter (I hope at least) because it's hilarious as a parody of the characters.

Okay, okay. I loved Narcissa's profile, first off! It was great how she mentioned Draco so many times - really emphasized that part of her. It was especially funny to see her attempt to describe herself. She really does live up to her name! (get it - Narcissa - narcissistic? lol, I thought it was funny!)

I think the only thing better than Narcissa's profile may have been Lucius's! He might be even more narcissistic than Narcissa (haha). It's very funny to see how he might describe himself (even if it is kind of a parody).

I thought the ending was really cute. No matter how funny this story was, I was rooting for them to get back together and I thought the way they did was really cute and really well written. I also really loved the little poetry you had in there, it was really funny and also really cute!

I'm so glad I could read this and I'll be by tomorrow with some questions, because OMG I need to know more about how/why/what you wrote this?

Lo :)

Author's Response: Heya Lo!

I'm glad you found this silly little one-shot. Yes, it was a parody, thus all the OOCness of Narcissa and Lucius. Of course Narcissa would be narcissistic, as would her husband. They are oh so very confident in themselves.

The story here mixes the idea of a wizarding type of eHarmony dating site with the old song, 'Escape (The Pina Colada Song)', in which the singer and his 'old lady' take out separate personal ads yet end up together. A friend re-worked the lyrics completely so that it matched our Slytherin lovebirds here.

Anyways, this was the first time I ever co-wrote a story and boy did I have a blast doing it.

Thanks for the lovely review!



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Review #22, by maraudertimesHero: Riddles in the Dark

31st August 2016:
Ooh! I'm back!

Okay, one thing I'm confused on - the roosters. It sounds like in this chapter that it's something new but obviously it happened before, since it was referenced in last chapter. I'm just wondering if I missed some time lapse or something.

Other than that, everything was great! I really don't like Theo. He seems slimy. If he's so in love with Hero, why doesn't he break it off with Emory? It's unfair to both girls, since Emory is with someone who doesn't feel the same towards her, and who feels that way for her best friend. Meanwhile, Hero has an attraction to him but can't do anything because he's dating her best friend and that's a no-no. Ugh, he's so annoying!

I like Tom though, which is making me so uncomfortable!!! He is the one doing all these horrible things! But he seems to care somewhat about Hero (maybe I'm totally just reading into something that's not there). He's better than Theo in any case.

Also, that scene with the spider is so something I would do, I completely related to Hero in that moment. I thought it was hilarious that she thought it was a venomous spider! I don't think like that, I'm just irrationally afraid of them! But it was nice to see some humanity in her (not that she needs it, but it was cute!).

This is so good, and I can't wait to keep reading! This is amazing and I'm excited to find out more about Noah!
Lo :)

Author's Response: The chapters ended up being mixed up! Sorry about that! Thanks for reviewing, Lo! ♥

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Review #23, by maraudertimesHero: Something Wicked This Way Comes

31st August 2016:
Hi! Here for the gift tag, although I'll be back after work for another! (Currently on lunch break and thought that this might get me through the rest of the day :P)

OMG I still love this story! Hero is an amazing protagonist. She seems very well put together, but then there's her history - she's killed a boy and it seems she may have stolen her best friend's boyfriend? She's quite flawed and I love that about her, because it makes her more real. It's almost ironic that her name is Hero, because by Emory's standpoint, the stuff she's done could make her a villain. But I'm glad Hero is the protagonist because she's great.

I love the further introduction of Tom, it really cements him in as this almost hero (lol) when he jumps in with Theo, but then they find the petrified girl, and obviously it's him and his basilisk. It's a nice contrast between a boy who seems to be looking out for Hero and the conniving mastermind and psychopath he really is. I keep having to remind myself that this is *Tom Riddle*, otherwise I would totally ship them.

Aw, I wish I had more backstory on Noah and Hero. I guess I'll just have to keep reading! :P

This is a great chapter and I'm excited to continue reading! I hope everything goes okay for Hero!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Thanks for being so wonderful, Lo!

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Review #24, by maraudertimesCase Study of Lily Evans & James Potter: An Exploration and Analysis of the Development and Root Cause of Attraction Between Two Teenage Subjects

30th August 2016:
Hi! Here for the gift tag! (sorry it took so long!)

OMG this is hilarious! I love how scientific this is, and how in depth everything is! The fact that you annotated everything just makes the whole Case Study seem that much more realistic (I mean, it is a Case Study for all intents and purposes, it's just a fic here right now :P).

I also loved how you examined every aspect of their relationship, from the fact that they essentially grew up together to the fact that they would present the same values and personality traits. It lent itself to the scientific view and also was really cool to think about!

The references! OMG they are amazing! I loved how you had those little misspellings of Potter, especially since you had those asterisks saying that the Sirius had probably gotten his hand on the Case Study. It was really cute to see! And the fact that is acknowledges James's ego! They're probably my favourite part of the entire Case Study!

This was really cool and absolutely completely different than anything I've ever seen! I'm so glad I read this, because it's awesome!

Lo :)

Author's Response: Lo,

As you may know, there are consequences to improper--or lack of--annotating and citing. The Absolutely Completely Legitimate and Ethical and Undoubtedly Trustworthy Journal of Psychology are feverent about acknowledging the work of other researchers. Citing also, I believe, gives my work more credibility. You know, to show that I've actually done the research. . . ;)

James ego--well, yes, I have to account for potential biases. All part of being a responsible researcher.

Thank you for your feedback.

Kindest regards,
Best regards,
P. Proclamations
Freelance Researcher of Teenage Hormones and Their Social Manifestations and the Like

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Review #25, by maraudertimesFracture: Shattered

30th August 2016:
Okay, I said I was on the verge of tears but gosh darn Kaitlin! I should be in bed right now, not crying over a Teddy/Victoire fic!

This was beautiful in the sense that I can't get certain phrases out of my head, that I can't seem to stop picturing everything you've written about. Your way with words is amazing and you've transformed 25 pieces of 100 words into a story of new love/old love, of heartbreak, of betrayal. You've basically 'Shattered' me.

The fact that it ends the way it does is awful, especially because it seems like Victoire was trying her best to make everything work. She went to counselling, she stuck by Teddy through thick and thin. I think cheating is one of the absolute worst thing you can do to a spouse emotionally, and the fact that he seems to have ended up with Cara hurts.

This is an amazing story and I understand 'His Footsteps' that much better now, except I don't know if I wanted to because this is so sad and I am so heartbroken!!

This was an experience and I loved reading it, your work is stellar Kaitlin!
Lo (imagine a heart here)

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