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Review #1, by quixoticCreeper: Creeper

12th March 2014:
Here for the blue and bronze battle!
Well...that was expectedly thrilling. I think this is the perfect story for a Halloween competition. It's really fast paced and horrible (which is a great thing in this situation).

The emotions really stand out in this piece due to the small number of words. It's really easy to picture Teddy's grief and I think that picture is going to haunt me in my nightmares for a while.

I really like the sentences in italics. It was really like being in Teddy's mind. He's just thinking the same thing over and over again that he wasn't the one who killed her. It's almost like he's already losing it in Azkaban, his entire character is unraveling.

The last line I felt really hit home. The creeper is on the loose and there are many of them. Thank the Gods that my birthday isn't on Halloween or I really wouldn't be able to sleep at night. *shudders* this a really well written piece and completely fits with the Halloween mood! Amazing job!

Author's Response: Hi there!! :D

I'm so glad you found this perfect for the competition! Actually the idea was in my head for a long while, and the QTR competition was like a great opportunity to write it out. :) And I liked that you thought this was 'horrible' coz that's what the creepy creepers are meant to be. ;)

Oh... Did I scare you that much?? :O But I'm glad you could understand what Teddy was feeling. :)

The sentences in italics is one of my own favourite ideas. It's great that you agree! :) And yeah, Azkaban is already making him lose his head, I can't even imagine how that poor guy is going to spend the rest of his life there!

So happy you liked the last line! It was like the most important part of the one-shot. YES. There are more creepers out there!! Isn't it lucky that I too was not born on Halloween?? ;)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Your review really made my day! :D


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Review #2, by quixoticGuilt : Guilt

13th February 2014:
Here from the review swap! Sorry for the delay, I was traveling with no wi-fi :P

This is the sort of story that I'm going to relive in my dreams later tonight. I love Edgar Allan Poe but surprisingly, I haven't read this poem. I just went to check it out and I can totally see the connection between the poem and your story.

To be honest, I quite like the idea of there being a curse on the Malfoys. They were bad people during the war and any amount of sympathy for Draco does not erase his actions. A lot of stories sort of forget this fact when they 'remake' Draco into a good person. It's nice to see that you've brought up consequences for the Malfoys. It isn't very easy to forget the past and turn into a new leaf. The past isn't something to be laugh at, it's a ghost or a shadow that is always nearby. Wow, that sounded very depressing.

I like how Scorpius was the only one who could see the ghosts despite the fact that he didn't do anything wrong. As in the case of wars and the Chernobyl and Hiroshima, the innocent people are always the ones who get hurt. This is the price that the Malfoys paid for all their evil deeds. It's terribly sad for Scorpius, but rather fitting for the rest of the family.

The writing is amazing. Yours and Poe's. It feels like you've captured that element of description into your story. Making a story from a poem isn't all about taking the plot and modifying it to fit your context, it's about really analyzing what style the poet uses. In the Haunted Palace, Poe uses a lot of imagery especially to describe the nobles. It's nice that you've done the same as it shows how you really delved into the depths of the poem and did as much as you could to recreate it.

There are so many lines in this story which I love, way too many to paste here. Suffice it is to say that I loved every line that was in italics and several others. There is one line that I really loved: Scorpius is but the latest star in the family constellation, burning very brightly, burning everything it touches.

I think this sort of summarized his entire personality in one sentence. It shows his heritage- a family of stars, it shows how his innocence burns bright in the dark, transforming the very ghosts that taunt him into angels. It's so beautiful, that I'm actually close to tears at this point. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to read -and rant about- this story because it's one of the best I've read in a long time. Really amazing job!

Author's Response: Hi! :) No worries at all! :D

I'm so happy you picked this story to read and that you liked it, I really loved getting your amazing feedback on it. I'm glad you could see the connection: the poem itself doesn't have much of a plot but I had fun incorporating the symbols and creepy ideas of Poe into the story.

I'm glad you liked the curse! I agree, from what we can tell they were just horrible people for generations. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Lucius in which I love hating him and take a lot of joy from locking him up in azkaban. I'm happy to hear you liked the consequences, and how the past does quite literally haunt the descendants. It is sad how Scorpius is the one who is punished for his ancestors' sins.

I agree, the punishment and guilt of the innocent is always the saddest. I sort of got the idea of generational guilt from reading about post-WWII Germany and how the next generation were displaying guilt for their parents' actions, and then googled it and found out it's something contested in the Bible, so everything fit together quite nicely. It's terribly sad for Scorpius, and I do like him as a character here so I felt very sorry for doing this to him.

Aw, thanks so much! :) That's really nice to hear. I'm glad you liked the style here and that it embodied the poem. In hindsight I think I could have cut down on the gruesomeness since Poe is a little more subtle and sublime with his horror - he's good at those moments of sudden shock and disgust :P - but ah well, there's always next time. :) I'm so thrilled you liked it however.

Ah, I'm glad you liked a lot of the lines in italics and the line about the family constellation. It fit quite well since the Blacks were all named after stars, and I love how you've analyzed this. Thank you so much for this truly beautiful review - it means so much and I actually have kept coming back to re-read this since it's so amazing. You are awesome! :D

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Review #3, by quixoticAcanthus: Souks and Surprises

2nd January 2014:
Hey! Here with a review! Congratulations on reaching 1,000 reviews, by the way. This one is my 40th. I feel so unaccomplished :P
Anyway, I must admit that I have been a very bad HPFFer. I've actually read this chapter before and didn't leave a review. Gah, me and my procrastination. Thanks for asking me to leave a review because this story really deserves more!

Rose is such an enthusiastic first timer that it makes me want to laugh. I love the descriptions of the dry ground and the perfumes and...practically everything! It really helped me form a mental picture of the chapter. I've never actually been to Egypt, but this was an awesome substitute. I think that;s the best part about reading. You get to travel the world from the comfort of your own bedroom :)

First timer though she may be, Rose seems to have the knack for reporting. Dalila came across as a rather enigmatic character who seemed to have a lot of secrets within her. It's great that Rose managed to get past her armour and from the way the two of them behaved, it was almost like they were friends.

Finally, Scorpius makes an appearance. Wearing converse and carrying a cell phone. I'm curious to know how Draco is taking his son's transformation. Curse breaking in Egypt sounds like such a cool profession, the tombs are said to be crawling with them!

I spotted the nervousness between the two of them. Ah, the two lovebirds. Can't wait until you realize your romantic feelings several chapters later. See, this is what happens when I read too much fan fiction. I start talking to the characters :)

One thing that got me thinking was the second last line of the chapter. You wrote about how Scorpius' went against his family's expectations while she could not. Is Rose unhappy with how her life is turning out? Does she have other things that she wants to pursue?

I was also suddenly reminded of the fact that the Weasleys had already been to Egypt before when Ron was twelve. Perhaps they gave some helpful advice to Rose as well? It's just a thought :)

Anyway, this was another wonderful chapter and I shall be reading the rest of this wonderful story. Unless my horrid procrastination gets in the way ;) Congratulations once again!

Author's Response: Thanks, and don't feel unaccomplished, I have nothing better to do in my life other than hang out on HPFF :P Don't worry about the lack of reviews either, it's just nice to know that you like the story so much :P

I'm so glad that you liked Rose's enthusiasm, I suppose it's rather like mine whenever I experience something new which I really like. :P Yes, and with HPFF we get to experience magical worlds abroad which makes armchair travelling even more fun!

Rose has definitely had time to hone her reporting skills after all those years of dreaming so it was fun being able to give her a real task and a fun interviewee. I'm glad that you liked how Rose and Dalila bounced off one another as they do feature a lot more throughout.

Bahaha, I don't really explore his and Draco's relationship in this story but I wish I did now purely for that reaction. He's just so cool Scorpius, I almost wish I could be a girl version of him.

Aw, I know, seeing them like this makes me aw over them all day as it's so cute with the way they don't know what to do. It's cool, I once I had a dream I stared in a fan fiction story which was strange to say the least :P

Yes, she is rather unhappy because she feels so unsuccessful and rather downcast by the fact that the rest of her family are all doing so well and there's her only scraping a living as a reporter. She wants to be a star one, who gets all the covers I suppose but sadly lurks around the back pages.

Gah, how could I have forgotten that? Thank you so much for pointing out their trip there, I will definitely reference it later on :D

Thanks for such a wonderful review, and I understand procrastination so it's ok :P


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Review #4, by quixoticFit: Rendezvous

2nd January 2014:
Hey! Here with the review. Sorry for the slight delay!

I've never really read any Hermione/Snape stories and I'm a mega canon nazi. Still, this was a really nice story. The way you described the relationship, it could have been about any ordinary couple. I quite like that in the beginning, you don't introduce the characters immediately. Not only does it want to make me read on, but it also generalizes the situation, if only for a short while.

I spot two distinct personalities in this story. You have Snape, the old and beaten down professor who struggles to accept himself for what he's worth. Then you have Hermione, the bright young heroine with a whole life ahead of her. Yet she chooses to spend it with a broken man. It just goes to show that love has no rules and no boundaries. Snape has the air of an experienced lover, someone who has already sold his heart once and is unwilling to sell it again. He sounds so restrained until Hermione manages to make him shed that armour. Something that Lily, I felt, never managed to do.

Hermione seems to evolve in this story, from a nervous and scared ex-student to someone who is determined to let her love really shine and convince Snape that it is okay to express what he feels. In a sense, she made Snape evolve as well by making him let go of his insecurities.

Your writing style has a wonderful rhythmic sense to it, as if it were a ballad woven around the lives of two lovers whom society would be unwilling to accept. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope that my appreciation did not get muddled up in all my rambling. This story really made me see a pairing I would normally scoff at in a very different light.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review. Also, I am so so sorry that it took me eons to get a reply back to you. I am a horrid person. SORRY. But, really, I appreciate the review.

And, I'm sorry! I never realized you were major Canon-nazi... I am actually the exact opposite. I respect canon but never found much enjoyment reading/writing it because I just like breaking the rules. ;) Thanks for still laboring through reading this, though. I truly appreciate the review even more now.

I'm glad you pointed out that love has no rules and no boundaries because that's one of the things I am passionate about. I just tried to show how it feels to fall in love with someone, who society has ruled you aren't supposed to fall in love with.

I had a ton of fun characterizing Snape and Hermione here. I think that they're influenced by the person they're with so I tried to get that point across. And, yes, I had planned to have Hermione really evolve in the story because I believe she's the catalyst. She's the push that Severus needs to open up more. Not just to her but to the world in general.

I'm glad I've made you see Snamione in a different light. I'm trying to convert people to not hating it, one reader at a time.

Thanks again!


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Review #5, by quixoticOne Blaze of Glory: Feel the Heat of the Future's Glow

2nd January 2014:
Hey! Here with the review!
Werewolves are creatures that I always wanted to know more about. Somehow the nooks never quite covered it, to me. To say that I was excited to read your story is a bit of an understatement.
The idea of linking lycanthropy to AIDS is genius. I really hadn't thought of that before. What I am worried about is that Romulus is going to die at some point during the story and I think that I've grown far too attached to allow that to happen.

Romulus is a very interesting character, I like how you shown his love for music. It shows that a werewolf is still part human. A werewolf has the heart and aptitude to do what society considers more cultural things. Nothing is really different about Romulus when it isn't full moon. I think that you explained that really well in the lines: ' They feel the same as the rest of us, and they are filled with the same amount of hatred towards their kind as most of the Wizarding Population. They have got hairy snouts, but their hearts are overwhelmingly, heartbreakingly, human.'

It must be really hard for Romulus to have his parents leaving him all because of his werewolf connection. His entire world practically fell apart and if it weren't for his brother, who knows what he would be doing or whether he would survive in the first place. Marcellus is Romulus' link to the human world.

The bond shared between the brothers is so beautiful. From simple things like washing dishes to major things like sticking up for each other while things get rough, it's amazing to witness the love Marcellus and Romulus have for each other. That is really intriguing because I would imagine siblings from pureblood families to be very competitive between one another, especially if they are male. Jealous of each other, vying for more power and the works. Marcellus and Romulus seem to be very down to earth for purebloods.

I like how you set this during Voldemort's rise to power. It really makes the plot thicken. Also the bit about Rome. Will Romulus ever get the opportunity to meet the werewolves there? I'm really curious to see how that plays a part in the story. I also liked the bit about a school for werewolf children. That was a really great idea. The poor kids never get the opportunity to learn for a reason that isn't really their fault.

Bennett sure is nasty. I guess you can't really blame him, Voldemort is a really scary investor. Still, you don't have to freeze werewolves for that :P

Anyway, this is a really great story and I'm itching to know more. You have to update soon!

Author's Response: I'm usually really bad about responding to reviews, but this really put a smile on my face!! I'm so happy that I managed to make you that curious and eager to read more!
Chapter 2 is written and beta'd and I'll be putting it up shortly after the queue reopens.
Thank you so much for this lovely review! And congratulations!

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Review #6, by quixoticToo Good To Be True: Couldn't Possibly Be

2nd January 2014:
Hello, here with the review. Once I can wipe my tears away, that is.

Oh my, this was simply heart-wrenching. I really wasn't expecting that. It started off so nicely with the really romantic proposal at the restaurant. Then it took a turn for the worse. Sirius and Marlene couldn't even get married. *breaks down into fresh sobbing*

Okay, forcing myself to look at the story from a technical point of view. Your characterization was very interesting. Sirius is known to be more of a ladies man, knowing exactly what it takes to woo a girl. I was surprised when you declared him very unromantic, forgetting the menu and the ring. I had always imagined him as this smooth and polished guy, so I really liked this new perspective.

Now, I don't know much about Marlene from the books, other than she was part of the Order. I do like the nickname you've given her. She comes across as a really caring and cautious person. I like how you keep describing her as 'she was one of those girls.' Ir's interesting because most writers want to make their protagonist as different and unique as possible. Marlene wasn't afraid to be labelled and I feel that in itself makes her different.

Sirius and Marlene sure were a quirky couple. It looked like they had their special moments. That vanilla bit really broke my heart. You have the knack for making people cry, in the best way possible. It's rare that a writer really invokes the emotions of the reader. It isn't the same thing as getting caught up in a story. It's feeling what the characters feel. I really loved the story and am definitely going to read more of your work from now on! Once I arm myself with a box of tissues, that is. ;)

Author's Response: Aw, in sorry for the tears! But I'm glad u found it heart wrenching :) thank u! :D

Oh! I guess u didn't make that clear! He is a ladies man, but, he doesn't know how to act when he actually likes someone (as cheesy as it sounds!) in glad u liked it instead of it being weird!

Hehe thank u! I personally think that the tom boy character is becoming a cliche. I kind if put my own personality into her. And the 'that kind if girl' is my favourite type of character!

Thank u so much! Oh god. Oh god. That's so sweet! And your reviews obviously have the effect of havering authors year up! :D thank u so much!! That's so sweet! And that was the only sad, horror, dark story I've written, in glad u think I pulled it off well!

Thank u for the amazing review!! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #7, by quixoticFor the Better Part of the Afternoon: One.

16th November 2013:
Here's my final review! What fun this has been :)

Wow, this was one intense chapter. You introduce Draco, someone who hasn't been on the better side of the war and has taken a brave decision in going back to school. I really admire that. If I were him, I'd probably want to curl up under my blankets and never face humanity again. I felt a pang of pity for how he seems to fit it nowhere. His old friends call him a traitor and the rest cannot stand him. All he has is Pansy. I don't know whether that's a good thing or not ;)

Astoria seems, er, rather unimpressive. There is nothing about her that truly stands out and I quite like that about a character. She's just a normal, slightly introverted girl who doesn't talk much. It makes me even more curious to know what's going on in her mind. She's very mysterious.

Draco has obviously changed since the war and I can feel his weariness oozing through the words. The story flows really well, weaving through Draco's thoughts, his past and the present. I'm quite curious to know what is going to happen next!

Author's Response: Hello again! I'm so happy to hear you had fun reading my bizarre variations in stories :)
This story is ... very different for me. It's more of a character exploration than a story - a spin-off from the characters and their relationships in my other recent story, 'Kamikaze'. It is a lot of fun to write and work with, and I'm happy to hear it reads okay :)
"All he has is Pansy". Hmm, yes, this is definitely not a good thing, and will be addressed in the coming chapters. Poor Drakie. Shouldn't have followed in his father's footsteps ;)
And Astoria unimpressive! Funnily enough, this was exactly what I was going for. I wanted to have a normal, realistic character to work with, as I feel like there are never enough. Astoria is plain enough now, but in coming chapters she will evolve and adapt to be her own person. That is why I love her character so much in this story :)
Thank you so much for this review, and all your others! This one in particular is just lovely :)

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Review #8, by quixoticLavender Brown and the Gryffindor Tie: Draco Malfoy

16th November 2013:
And here's another one!

Aah, now we see a more ahem manly side to Seamus. I was initially wondering how on earth you were going to fit Draco into the story but you did. And I love it! He's portrayed as such a slime ball here.

I love the humor in this chapter. I've gotten quite used to Seamus' antics by now, but they never fail to make me laugh. I like how he punches Malfoy even thought us readers know perfectly well how capable Hermione is of doing so. Still I'm glad that he decided to be the one to do it, instead of running away.

I'm pretty devastated that there aren't any more chapters to read :( This has been so much fun to read! You must update soon!!

Author's Response: Ah, yes, my first ever go at portraying Draco as a true Slytherin. It was actually a lot of fun (but we won't tell Draco that hehe). I'm so, so happy you liked it! There was actually a two year gap between the last chapter and this one, so it was very, very strange to start writing it again.
Ha, I was actually going to have Hermione punch Malfoy herself, but once I wrote the scene, Seamus was standing around feeling a bit useless. And we can't have that :P
I really, really should get to updating this. I'm so happy you liked it so far :) I have the next chapter 50% done, so once NaNo is over, it will be my next project to complete.
Thank you so much for the lovely reviews on this story! They've been a lot of fun to read and respond to :)

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Review #9, by quixoticLavender Brown and the Gryffindor Tie: The Inquisitorial Squad of Hermione Granger

16th November 2013:
Hi again!

Wow, Seamus isn't really a morning person is he? I have a friend just like him, only she's never punched me in the face before. Still, there is a first time for everything, isn't there? Poor Dean, I hope his nose gets better ;)

Woah, Hermione and Seamus! I really did not see that one coming. I take it Hermione didn't either. Oh, Seamus and his lack of tact. He has a sneaky side, I never noticed though.

Awesome writing style! I like the way you've kept it rather light, making it an easy and enjoyable read. On to chapter 3!

Author's Response: Bahaha, I actually based Seamus's morning woes off my own father. My mum and I have to poke him with a broom if we need to wake him up, because he actually does wake up swinging. I hope that your friend never does this to you!
I don't think Seamus has a sneaky bone in his body, but this is my first non-Slytherin fic. I think I just got so used to writing about sneaky and cunning characters, it's hard to break away from that :P
Im glad you're liking the tone, though! This was all an experiment for me, in regards to POV, genre and characters. It's a big boost in confidence to hear that it reads well :) Thank you again for another lovely review!

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Review #10, by quixoticLavender Brown and the Gryffindor Tie: All Under Control

16th November 2013:
Hey! I'm not sure if you remember, but aeons ago you won my Death Eater Challenge, so I'm here to present to you four stunning (not) reviews!

Aw, this was a cute beginning. You've really gone into the mind of a normal, if immature, fifteen year old boy. He has a major crush on Lavender and a knack for horrible description. Seriously Seamus, describing eyes as round isn't the most romantic way to do it ;)

Dean really is the worst wingman. I never considered the possibility of Seamus having Godric Gryffindor as an ancestor and I must say it's rather interesting. How on earth did he manage to get Godrics tie?! Did they even wear ties during those times? Plus, if Godric was a founder and not a student, wouldn't wearing a school tie be a bit awkward? Unless of course it was part of the teachers' dress code, which would be cool :)

It's a classic case of unrequited love, of high hopes coming crashing down and I can't wait to see where this story goes!

Author's Response: Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you! I think NaNo has successfully sucked my soul *sigh*
Ha! Yes, Seamus isn't exactly the smooth, romantic type. I wrote this in my own teenage years, so I naturally based Seamus off all the boys I went to school with. They were ... shockingly similar, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed the 'horrible description' though. I honestly could not think of a better word for it! It is just truly horrible :)
Hehe, and no, Godric did not have a tie! It is merely the placebo effect working on dear Seamus. Once he eventually finds out, he'll realise that a 'tie' does not make a boy out of the man ;)
Thanks for your lovely review! Off to respond to the next ones :)

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Review #11, by quixoticSoaring.: Dear Mary.

5th November 2013:
Here from the Ravenclaw Review Battle! Wow. this is such an emotional story. It almost drove me to tears. Almost.

Regulus Black is one of the few Death Eaters that I actually pity, seeing that he died so young, but now that perhaps he had a friend up there (or wherever) it does not seem so bad.

Mary is a very interesting character. She comes across initially as a rebel, with her dyed hair and cigarettes. She seemed so strong. She loved to be the centre of attention, like you mentioned, and seemed to dream of a bright future. So why she would commit suicide initially puzzled me.

However, after rereading the story, I found the chinks in her armor. She wanted a more exotic name, she wanted to be unique which meant that she was never comfortable with being herself. She wanted everyone to love her because she couldn't bring herself to do so. It's not wrong, it's just who she is. Now her suicide seems more plausible. She was a very unhappy person, she just didn't show it too often.

And poor Regulus, my heart just goes out to him. He doesn't know whether he should be in denial or try to move on. At least now we know his true reasons behind destroying the horcrux.

This was a wonderfully detailed piece of writing that I could not resist breaking down. The characters are so well developed.

Amazing job :)

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad you liked it!

You really picked up on exactly how I was trying to portray Mary. She was powerful and chaotic and vibrant, but she wasn't perfect, in any way, and she really struggled with that. She didn't really know how to be happy with herself without an audience, which is actually why her relationship with Reg was especially sacred, as it was the only thing she felt comfortable enough with to not need other people's attention on it. The fact that she could keep it a secret really showed how much she loved him. However, unfortunately her love for him couldn't solve the issues she had with herself.

Regulus definitely has very complicated emotions about the whole thing, just as he's conflicted about the death eaters and what to do when he finds out about the horcruxes etc.

I'm so glad you liked it, and liked the characters! Thanks for the great review :)


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Review #12, by quixoticAllergic to Fun: Invitations and Unwanted Interventions

4th November 2013:
Hi! Here from the Ravenclaw Review Battle!

First off, let me say who awesome your characterization on Lily Evans is. Truthfully, I've gotten sick of stories where she's the perfect little queen bee with the looks, brains and popularity. It's nice to see a more realistic version once in a while. I like the fact that she's struggling in Transfiguration and James Potter is the smarter one for a change.
Lily's friends are also quite interesting characters and quite different from each other. I'm quite curious to know their full stories, like why Alison is so snarky all the time. Is she jealous or is that just who she is?
Overall, it's an awesome start and I can't wait to see where this story goes :)

Author's Response: Hello again quixotic :) Thank you for another great review!

I am so glad you thought my characterisation of Lily was awesome :D I totally agree about the 'perfect Lily' thing, no-one's perfect! It's good to hear you thought my Lily was a more realistic version :)

I'm glad you thought Lily's friends were quite interesting characters :) They are very different from each-other, but are a close group of friends (er.. well, most of the time ;)) Hehe, Alison is particularly snarky here for a reason... which will be revealed later on - I'm saying no more here! I'm glad you are curious about this though :)

It's great to hear you think it's an awesome start, and I hope you enjoy the rest if you read on :)

Thanks again for the lovely review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #13, by quixoticA Werewolf's Revenge: A Werewolf's Revenge

4th November 2013:
Hello! Thanks once again for the awesome review on my story :)

This was a thriller, that's for sure. With a story so short, the suspense builds up extremely fast and sort of wallops me in the face. At the end, my heart was racing.

You've managed to portray so much about Hope's character in so few words. She's obviously not a magical person and believes in God, which is quite rare in the Wizarding World. She's a kind of mother who always puts her son first and whose thoughts forever revolve around him.

I'm quite curious to know how Greyback managed to sneak in with Hope being so vigilant. Also, seeing how nervous she was, I am quite intrigued to know how Hope could have left Remus all alone in his room. I would have thought that she would be keeping him under her constant watch. Perhaps she thought that Remus' room was the safest place he could be.

The ending is actually quite bittersweet. You have Hope hoping(for lack of a better word) that Remus would survive. The readers know that Remus will survive, but they also know that he would be cursed as a werewolf for the rest of his life. I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad.

Overall, it's a beautifully written piece that is so concise yet descriptive. I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it :)

Author's Response: Hi quixotic :) you're welcome, I really enjoyed reading it (and I am still wearing the dunce hat ;))

It's really good to hear that you thought this was a thriller - I really wasn't sure I'd done scary too well! Sorry for walloping you in the face with this story!

I'm glad you felt I portrayed a lot about Hope's character in such a short space. I found it quite hard to write this in 500 words (I usually tend to ramble a bit, oops) I always saw her as a very doting mother, so I'm glad I managed to portray that here :)

Greyback climbed in through Remus's window (as i found out from Pottermore when researching canon facts for this fic) and Hope had not thought of this possibility. She was very vigilant, on the alert for any activity on the ground floor, expecting that if anything happened Greyback would have to get past her downstairs first ;) She did think Remus would be safe in his room and checked on him regularly ;) Just not regularly enough :(

At the end Hope prays for Remus to survive as she is not thinking about what the consequences would be for poor Remus if he did survive, she just wanted to keep her little boy! It is quite bittersweet.

Thank you so much for the fantastic review :) I am so glad you enjoyed it and found it to be beautifully written!

Haronione ♥

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Review #14, by quixoticA Selection of Yellow Things, Including Streelers and Mortimer's Socks: Loony

4th October 2013:
Hey, I'm here with my second review for you!

Wonderful job on the story. I love how you use simple sentences and meandering thoughts to portray Luna's character. It's like we're taking a look into Luna's brain and all the crazy thoughts that goes on in there.
Luna sounds so sweet and innocent. When she said 'I want to find a Crumple-Horned Snorkack, but no one will fund any more expeditions to find them' I felt like yelling "I'll fund your expedition! Even if I'm a minor who doesn't earn money!" I loved how she describes the world around her, relating it to some random memory from ages ago.

Mortimer is equally crazy and a character I wouldn't mind seeing more of. I was really surprised when he walked into the shop and delighted when you revealed that he was a squib. As I've always said, squibs are underrated these days. I love how he's so anal retentive and allergic to weird but wears bright yellow socks and randomly talks about opera and cheese. I like how he's trying his best not to be weird when all his efforts just make him weirder.

This is a great story and I really really hope that you decide to make a sequel to it. I want to know what happens to the two of them, whether they will meet again, or...yeah I'm way too involved in this, aren't I?

Author's Response: Thank you!!

It's nice to hear that you liked the way Luna described the world around her. She's such a difficult character to write, and I hoped I did her justice! I figured she's very perceptive about the world around her, even though she makes odd comments about it.

I'm really glad you liked Mortimer as well! You're right, squibs are underrated - there certainly aren't many stories about them. Yeah, he definitely tries not to be weird, but I think everyone's a little strange, just as Luna says in the story! :p

Haha, I love that you feel involved in it, that means I must have done my job as a writer. :) Thanks so much for your reviews today!! ♥

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Review #15, by quixoticDeath Eater's Kitchen: once more, with quiche.

4th October 2013:
I'm here with a review, at last!

How do you do it? The humor never fails to make me fall off my chair! I should have given you Barty Crouch Jr. as the Death Eater for you to write about!

I was scrolling down your stories and stopped when I saw a your cover for this one. I knew just by looking at it that I had to click it. This one made my day.

It's hilarious. Really, there is nothing else better to say. You just made one of the serious moments of GoF into a comedy. I cried tears of laughter imagining Colin Creevey making a fettucine. In fact, some of these dishes were so exotic that I had to look them up.

Just when I think the fun is over, you throw in those subtle jabs about Hogwarts', ahem, inadequate security and dangerous things it organizes for fun. I loved the bit about time turners as well :)

The icing on the cake (for need of a food related phrase) was your ending. Barty staring into the depths of the Dementor and seeing...a math problem. I empathize with you Barty, you should really consider yourself lucky that Hogwarts does not make quadratics mandatory, let alone calculus. Think of all the poor muggles who struggle with it on a regular basis.

Author's Response: Hi there! Omg I had totally forgotten about the challenge reviews so this was like the greatest surprise to wake up to this morning.

Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Haha, I don't know if I could legitimately have submitted something like this to the Death Eater challenge, it's a little out there! Yeah, I had a little too much fun making that banner. That picture of Barty Crouch Jr was just too good to ignore, especially with a story about food!

ICING ON THE CAKE. You win for that! I laughed when I read that. I'm so happy that you liked the story - as you can imagine, I had a blast writing it. Thank you so much for your lovely review!!

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Review #16, by quixoticAcanthus: Spectrum

4th October 2013:
I'm here with a review (my last for the challenge, you're probably sick of my by now)

Believe it or not, I've never liked the Rose I've read in a lot of fanfics- the brainy, studious girl who somehow manages to turn into a gorgeous girl and get Scorpius. Or worse, and already gorgeous girl initially denies her love for Scorpius yet marries him 25 chapters later.

Hence you can imagine my hesitation to click on your story, but boy am I glad I did. I love your Rose, the forgettable unimpressive girl who really doesn't have anything to her name. I like how Hugo gets to be the brainy one for a change. What I like most of all, is that Rose is close friends with a squib. Squibs are so underrated these days.

The opening was interesting with the way you described how chaotic the Daily prophet was just before the latest issue was to be released. It was the perfect way to jump into a story.

Rose is so desperate to live up to what she thinks everyone thinks she should be (wow, that's one confusing sentence). She appears to like being alone, focused one what she's doing. She's very ambitious a tiny resemblance of her mother I suppose. You also given her the habit of making lists and being organized, I think.

You introduced Rose's friend Loran Scamander an said that he was different from the rest of his family. How so? Were they all crazy magizoologists like I pictured Luna would be? Just a thought I hoped you could elaborate on :)

Rose's shock and happiness over the her sudden assignment is quite comical. And realistic. I could so imagine myself saying the exact same things.

Just when I thought that you had decided to reveal Scorpius only in the next chapter, you write that last sentence! Now, I'm left to wonder how exactly Rose knows Scorpius what what in the name of Merlin is he going in Egypt. I shall break off from here to read the rest of this story before my brain goes haywire with anticipation!

Author's Response: I could never be sick of this amazing reviews! I know what you mean about that portrayal of Rose though because that's why I chose to write this story in attempt to freshen Scorose up a bit!

I'm so glad that I've made you love my Rose though. I wanted to make her the person people think they are at times because I rarely ever see that in fanfiction. I have soft spot for squibs so course they're in there!

I have given her that habit because even though she distances herself from her family she still feels this pull towards them at times. It's sort of progressive thing if you carry on reading and hopefully she manages to sort out her and her mother's relationship by the end.

Thanks for pointing that out! I have a habit of throwing things without continuing them on, I'll sort it out now.

If you did carry on reading you would have found out in chapter two, if you didn't maybe this will tempt you into reading on. Thanks for these fab reviews, they've been so much fun to get :D


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Review #17, by quixoticAngular Cuts: Angular Cuts

4th October 2013:
And here's another review!

You really have a talent in writing one-shots. That's one talent which I have grown to envy you of ;)

Pansy is one of those characters JK hasn't really expanded upon. She comes across in the books as a typical, shallow rich kid who has no clue what the world is really all about. The war was like a wake up call when everything she knew and related to was dead or holed up in Azkaban.

Although Pansy is already an antagonist, you seem to have given her a dark side which she didn't seem to possess earlier. For some strange reason, I pictured the entire story in black and white, except for the lipstick part. Everything about the story was... angular (for lack of a better word). It portrays Pansy in an angle we haven't seen before. She's no longer the oblivious school girl we once knew. She's dry, sharp and has no good expectations of anything.

Yet she craves for the attention she once had. She's like an actress with a desperate need for a role to play. Her current one, as you put it, is the rebel and just like that she creates a whole new image. It's like a game of pretend, trying to find out what mould she wants to fit today. Wow.

Sorry for making you read through all this rant. This story is such an amazingly written piece. It's hard to believe that one idea can evolve into something as great as this.

Author's Response: Hey again! Thanks again for such lovely compliments!

I know what you mean about her and for that reason she's always caught my interest due to her being relatively unknown, so when I saw the challenge I knew this would be a great excuse to delve into her mind!

Hahahahaha, that made me laugh so much because I imagine it in black and white too hence me making the banner like that! I'm so glad that you found that the angular theme continued throughout the story as it was much fun to include.

You really analysed her perfectly! Well, analysed her in the way I wanted her to be portrayed which made me insanely happy as I had received conflicting bits on advice on her characterisation.

Thank you for this truly brilliant review - it made my day! ♥


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Review #18, by quixoticInto Oblivion: Into Oblivion

4th October 2013:
Hi! I'm here with a review! (Finally!)

I'm really not one to deviate from cannon, but that was one beautifully written piece.

Remus is my favourite Marauder, perhaps because he's the one I can most relate to. The quiet thinker whose thoughts are often overlooked by others. You've revealed an innocent side to him, the fact that he thinks everything will fall into place, his thoughts on love. You've also shown how insecure he is around James. James was a star in whose shadow stood Remus. Tears threatened to come when I reached Lily and Remus' last conversation. The poor bloke. On a happier note, I love the way you've made Remus into such a multi faceted, complex character and all in a one-shot. Great job :)

Lily seems more carefree, less cautious than Remus. Sirius calls her a docile "bookish" type at the beginning of the story but to me she's coming across as anything but that, in my opinion. She's a little bit secretive both on her relationship with Remus and the one with James. She doesn't seem afraid to jump into things, either. Yet you've given her a conscience that even though she doesn't tell Remus about James at first, she can't bear to lead him on. She doesn't have a lot of self worth either, which I found was slightly surprising. The bubbly, bright girl who thinks she's replaceable? Interesting.

Overall, I loved reading this story, although it did cause my heart to break a little. I wonder if Remus would still be as fatherly and kind to Harry had he really had feelings for Lily. Who knows? Maybe he did. Another reason why I feel JK should have written a series about the Marauders. Anyway, congratulations again and continue to write you wonderful stories!

Author's Response: Hello there!

He's may favourite too, and I think it's due to the same reason too. I hated making him so innocent because it made him even more pitiful but it seemed to have overworked. With being a werewolf I think it's almost natural to feel that about James and to almost cry because he finally got something good and then it was gone.

With that I was making a small joke with how people usually refer to her as that but she could have been much more for we all we know. I'm glad that you picked up on all the different aspects of her because it means I actually managed to work them in.

Hmm, that's really interesting to ponder. Given how similar they were I think it is likely there may have been some affection but I guess we'll never know.

Thanks for this fabulous review! ♡


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Review #19, by quixoticPeriphery: Periphery

27th August 2013:
Hi! I'm here to review your entry for the Death Eater Challenge. Gosh, sorry for the long wait!

Barty Crouch Jr. is my favourite Death Eater of the lot (the fact that David Tenant plays him in the movies could have have been a motivating factor).

In your story, Barty is shown growing up as a boy who craved for his father's love and a little of his father's time. It's heart breaking to see how his father failed to give him this every time. Yet Barty keeps giving his father just another chance. Getting sent to Azkaban was the final straw, I suppose, and then he finally gives up. I can imagine what a brilliant wizard Barty could have been had he had a better childhood.

My favourite part of the story is the beginning just because the hope and innocence in Barty's voice is so evident. He seems like a completely different Barty as opposed to the one in the Goblet of Fire. He's a bright ambitious boy who seems to love the job his father occupies. Perhaps Barty would have made a great Minister of Magic. You've shown how Winky was his sole friend, confident and caretaker. All of this in the first 18 lines. Woah.

To conclude, it was a great story to read and review! Thank you so much for participating in my challenge.

Author's Response: Hello, don't worry about the wait, you're here now and that's what counts!

Haha, that probably plays a big part in why I like him too, so don't worry about that at all!

I'm really glad that you got the gist of what I was trying to do in this story because it's the first time I ever tried something like this so I didn't really know whether it would work or not. I know, I can imagine too, and that's what made it even sadder.

I'm glad you liked that part because that's what I worked hardest at to weave into the story. Haha, sorry I bombarded you with so much in a short space I just wanted to show how much people can change due to circumstances.

Thank you for a wonderful review and choosing me to come second, it meant a lot!!


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Review #20, by quixoticSeverus Snape: The Mind is not a Book

22nd August 2013:
Hi! I'm here to review your entry for the Death Eater Challenge!
Snape is an interesting Death Eater (who wasn't really a Death Eater). When I gave you the topic, I was dreading some long drawn and sappy memoir of Snape describing Lily's beauty and whatnot.I breathed a sigh of relief after your first paragraph.

The plot is great, explaining how thoughts are such complicated things. The most complicated are thoughts of love, I suppose. Snape loved Lily enough to join the Death Eaters to protect her is a nice thing to think about but as you mentioned in your story, a part of Snape wanted him to become famous. He was sick of being the potions geek and angry at being pushed around by the Marauders. He wanted them to fear him, for everyone to fear him and yet he expected Lily to love him. You can't make the cake and eat it too, Snape.

I like the way you've described the characters using their style of speaking. Snape has a serious and eloquent way of speaking giving off the feeling that he is a sixteen year old with a lot going on in his head. Lily speaks a little more child-like and innocent, unaware of how dangerous her best friend is becoming. James comes across as a pompous pillow, as usual.

Then the story shifts to the present where Snape is teaching Harry Legilimency and how his thought are as jumbled as they were all those years ago. The comparison was great, it gave the story another dimension, I think.

There were tiny things here and there that you could correct. You've misspelt Phoenix in your Author's Note (not that I'm a stickler for spelling, I get hit by those errors all the time :P). The line 'She said confusion hitting her green eyes.' doesn't flow very well. Does confusion hit or fill? I'm not too sure myself.

Anyway, it was a great story to read and review! I loved how you used one of Snape's quotes to define his complicated personality. Thank you for participating in my challenge :)

Author's Response: First let me say holy-review! At first it seemed a tad overwhelming but I think I covered it all...

I know what you mean; everyone likes a Sappy-Snape (even I can be guilty of this sometimes). I asked my friend what I should do about this when I first started and she was going more towards Romance. I really just wanted to do the whole scene just with Harry but I started and it just seemed stiff- so I mashed the two.

I am glad you enjoyed the plot as when I started I didn't have a clue that's where I'd end up. I think Snape thought Lily should have loved him because she was truly one of the few souls that was kind to him. And let's be honest. The Marauders were just as nasty to Snape as he was to everyone else. I think it is the chicken or egg scenario...

I try to show characters by how they speak and act and I am so very pleased someone else picked up on that. I think when one writes though Snape's eyes James is always a "pompous pillow".

I knew the comparison was necessary based on Snape's actions through the books; in a way he is a very complex character that seems at a loss of what to do. Loving Harry's mother and hating his father must have been a lose-lose situation. You help the spawn of your enemy or let the "love of you life" down. Again.

I have found there are things I always need to fix in everything I write (I have learned to just roll with it...)

As for hit or fill; I used hit because it was a rather instant reaction. I do not think Lily is slow to the draw by any means, which is normally when I use terms like fill. The quote I used was by far my favorite line Snape has ever said in the whole series. Your challenge was an amazing one that opened my eyes. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate!


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Review #21, by quixoticthe futurist.: the futurist.

22nd August 2013:
Hi! I'm here to review your entry for the Death Eater Challenge!

First of all, apologies for the long delay, real life tends to get in the way of everything :(

Lucius is a complicated character. While he is one of Voldemort's most loyal followers, he is also one of the only family men among the Death Eaters. He has to often play a dual role- one as a murderer and the other as a role model for Draco. Reading the Harry Potter books, I realized that it was easy to mix these two roles up a bit, which is exactly what Lucius did.

Getting to your story, I liked how you used a range of time periods to describe Lucius. It portrayed Lucius from all angles. His selfishness, cowardliness as well as his quick thinking skills, loyalty and his love for the ones he held close. Everything flowed really well. Great Job :)

Your description is beautiful, especially during the battle between the Death Eaters and the Aurors. It made the situation come alive :)

Overall, this story was a pleasure to read and review. Thank you so much for participating in my challenge!

Author's Response: Hey there! It's really okay about the late review - I'm so sorry about the late response! Time just slips away sometimes, so I completely understand :)
I'm glad you recognised that Lucius is different from the other Death Eaters - being a family member, plus feeling love. I think it makes him a pretty special character, however I found that I had to take a fair bit into consideration when writing him - I wanted to make sure that all aspects of his personality were included, so we could see that he wasn't completely bad, but he wasn't at all good. I'm so glad it came across for you as a reader, and read well to boot! It means a lot to hear that, especially from the challenge creator! It was a lot of fun to do, so thank you for getting my brain working and leaving such a lovely review - it means a lot :) Thank you so much!

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Review #22, by quixoticFenrir's Tale: Fenrir's Tale

16th August 2013:
Hi! I'm here to review your entry for the Death Eater Challenge!

Fenrir is a strange sort of a Death Eater, being a werewolf. You've made his story very different from the other Death eaters, which I appreciate a lot. He's sort of a one-man army isn't he?

I like the way he struggles to accept his fate of being a werewolf. He wants everyone else to feel the same way he does- always an outcast. That's why he bit so many innocent people. You've done a great job in trying to justify his actions.

Great title too, I must say. Probably the best one yet :)

One CC I could give you is that you have the tendency to switch from first person to third, especially in the first part of your story. Either make it all 'I' or all 'Fenrir'. Other than that, well done and thanks for participating in my challenge!

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you so much for coming back to review! Really sorry for the delay in replying - work tied me up for weeks on end.

And I'm so glad you thought so! Wanted to keep it slightly different from common Death Eater plotlines, so thrilled you thought so!

Definitely shall take the critique on board and amend that once I get a change :D

But more than all of that, thank you SO much for setting the challenge and taking the time to review! Really appreciate it - thanks! :)

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Review #23, by quixoticMonster: Monster

11th August 2013:
Hi! I'm here to review your entry for the Death Eater Challenge.

Once again the amount of imagination and creativity on this website has astounded me. That was one great story. Your pauses and breaks give such a dramatic edge to an already hair raising tale. I was at a loss for words once I finished it. It's very rare that a story can hold my attention for its full length, something which you have managed to do pretty well.

Your plot was definitely a unique one. I never would have imagined such a close friendship between Rabastan and Regulus. After reading your story, I feel stupid not to have thought of it in the first place. They were both teenagers desperate for that five minutes of glory. Both had no idea what they were really getting into.

The pain felt by Rabastan over Regulus' death was very well written. I really felt those emotions at that moment, you know? Great job.

Overall, I liked the story a lot. Thanks for participating in my challenge!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for enjoying reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I put a lot of time and effort into this, and I appreciate your admiration! This review made me smile. Thanks!


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Review #24, by quixoticSins of the Father: Sins of the Father

11th August 2013:
Hi, I'm here to review your entry for the Death Eater Challenge!

This one-shot really sent the chills down my spine. I think your backstory about Avery's life at Hogwarts really brings to light an interesting concept- that a person's behavior is often influenced by other external factors. Avery thought his actions were justified, even courageous, because that's exactly what his father would had done in the situation. Avery's father was obviously his role model who skewed his sense of right and wrong. Avery seemed to picture himself in his father's shoes. It kind of makes me feel bad about what a brilliant wizard Avery could have been had he had a different father.

Then again, it does show that Avery is quite a weak-willed, insecure character who has no mind of his own...

Sorry about the rant, I just can't help tearing down a story to its fundamentals. You've written the one-shot very beautifully, a pleasure to read. When I reached the ending, I really felt like that frog, tense and frightened, waiting to see what this big ugly boy was going to do to me. It was that realistic.

One thing I wish you had included was a bit more about Avery's father. Some short memory of Avery's about facing such a scary father. Something to really show that Avery wasn't always such an evil creature, it was the horrific things he experienced at home which really moulded his character. Anyway, it was a great story and thank you for participating in my challenge!

Author's Response: Thankyou so much for your review! And for your challenge, Ive never written dark before, so this challenge (for me) was a bit of a step out of that comfort zone!

Ive come to dread the phrase "more about Avery's father" though! Nooo! It means I have to write more dark stuff! lol. I had deliberately left it vague to enhance the creepiness factor, but you are not the first reviewer to have made that comment ( I think you are the third in fact) so I'm getting the picture, slowly, that I will actually have to do something about it. *sigh*.

I feel really awful that my writing made you feel like a toad, by the way! :)
Although thats a real compliment, because it was kinda the point in writing dark stuff in the first place, so merci du compliment! :D

thankyou once again for the lovely review and for the feedback! Ive loved this challenge :)

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Review #25, by quixoticHaunted: Secrets

9th August 2013:
Hi! I'm here for the Death Eater Challenge.

It's interesting to read a story written from Peter's perspective and experience his conflicting emotions. You've made him so human. So insecure and scared. I'm not sure whether I want to pity him or slap him.

I love your description. It allowed the story to flow comfortably between different memories and the present. If I had to pick a favourite line, it would be, "Eyes were the windows to the soul, someone had said once. Peter blinked."

Overall, this story had me glued to the computer until the very last line. Awesome job :)

Author's Response: Ooh thank you! I'm so glad Peter came across as very human - I think he was exhibiting the worst traits of humanity in this :p And I know what you mean about not knowing whether to pity him or slap him... he was in a terrible situation which wasn't his fault, but then he made a right mess of it and made all the wrong choices.

I'm quite proud of that line as well :p I'm glad you liked it! And thanks for the compliments on the description - I worked a lot on the imagery in this so that is wonderful to hear.

Thanks so much for your review!

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