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Review #26, by marauder5Percy's Day Off: Down to Breakfast

13th July 2013:
Hi! I' here for the House Cup!

Oh my Godness. I love the Weasleys from the bottom of my heart, and I was absolutely thrilled to see that you have captured the essence of them so perfectly in this little glimpse into their lives. I loved this!

The little details you have added make things so believable. For example, everyone refusing to eat anything that Fred and George give them, Percy working on the cauldron thickness (I still think it's such a silly thing, it's hilarious!), and, of course, Mrs Weasley worrying. It was really nice to see Percy trying to understand his mother; I think it showed that he really loves his family as well. Of course, he blamed Fred and George for making her HAVE to worry about her children ;)

Also, I must say: Mr Weasley saying that Percy would get a chance to Apparate in order to convince him to agree to help them.. so perfect! Apparation is a lot like driving for us, and I know I was like that after I got my driver's license. If my parents would ask me to give them a ride or pick them up somewhere, I gladly agreed to it just to get a chance to drive! So yes, I could totally relate to Percy in that situation ;)

This was my favourite quote from your story: "Dragons! He might as well have been studying the inside of active volcanoes; it might have worried her less." Pure brilliance! Very well done on this! :)

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed it, and it's nice to see that someone else has a soft spot for the Weasleys.

I think Percy did understand his parents, because like Ron he was the introspective one in the family (they are both a lot like their dad). I think he always wanted to be a good child and a good example, and his later bad choice stemmed from that, but that's just my opinion.

Apparition is most certainly the wizarding world's version of driving. When I was 16 I would have seen to just about any errands if it meant I would get to drive some.

Thanks for the R&R


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Review #27, by marauder5An unexpected journey: An unexpected journey

13th July 2013:
Hello, I'm here for the House Cup review!

I love it when people take a line from the books and create an entire story around it, like the way you have done here. I also really love how you began telling it from the old lady's POV, and how she was happy to live in such a quiet place (throughout that whole section, I was thinking 'Yeah, right. Just wait...')

And then you changed to Charlie's POV. I think he was very smoothly introduced, when you said that "In the front row, a young man with red hair..." That worked really well, I think.

My only suggestion would be to develop the scene where he actually lands upon her. I think it has the potential to be an even funnier moment :) Perhaps she could get more upset? Be a little more cranky? I think it would work, because it would make Fred's comment (some poor old dear doing her shopping) more sarcastic and witty, which seems very in character for him :)

But of course, that is a very minor thing. I really enjoyed this story the way it is, it was really well written, and I was so relieved when Mr Weasley found Charlie!! ;)

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Review #28, by marauder5Life is Good: Life is Good!

13th July 2013:
hi! I'm here for the House Cup review!

I must say, this was really good! The conversation between the girls was very realistic, the plot was good and all in all, it was a very enjoyable read :) Mrs Adams was so funny when she said that their fireplace was only there for.. fires! Haha!

I do have a question about this sentence: "Rachel's best friend and fellow Ravenclaw Alara Ayoni was what was known as a Pure Blood Sympathizer, and had known the fear for much longer." If she was a Pure Blood Symphathizer, how come she's best friends with a Muggleborn? And how come she's so exited about Muggle travelling? Maybe I just misunderstood something, I don't know ;) Perhaps you can clear things up for me!

And then, the girls excitement over William the Wandering Wizard (which sounds like a name that JKR would have used, or someone that Harry and his friends would have come across in History of Magic). I loved how their parents said that they had to behave when they saw him, haha! Young teenage girls meeting their hero.. yeah, they probably needed to hear that ;)

I really liked this! Well done :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!
As I understand it, a pure blood sympathizer is like the Weasleys- of pure blood, but committed to the ideal that blood status doesn't matter correct? So Alara would not mind Rachel's blood status. Maybe "blood traitor" would have been a better word choice.

My thought was that both of them had something to fear from V- Rachel had to fear her blood status, whereas Alara had to fear the ideology she had learned from her parents, that all witches and wizards are equal.

Hopefully I've cleared that up, sorry if my word choice was wrong!

Thanks for reading!

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Review #29, by marauder5A Portrait Existence: Phineas Nigellus Black: A Portrait Existence

26th June 2013:
Hi! I'm here for the review tag.

I must say, I think that you have captured Phineas' character perfectly in this! He's such an interesting and amusing character, and I think you've portrayed that absolutely perfectly! I enjoyed reading how the other portraits were shocked at his disrespect for Dumbledore! Even though I agree with them a little bit, I'm glad that Phineas had at least one friend. :)

Also, you've included something else in this, which is the tragedy of being half-alive. I think that it's something that many ghosts would experience and the reason that most witches and wizards choose to move on after their death instead. While this Phineas isn't the actual Phineas Black, merely a portrait of the living man, it might not be exactly the same, but still. Imagine having to watch people live, day after day, and be stuck in that half-alive state forever. It was an interesting aspect that I really, really liked about this chapter. Also, comparing it to Sirius' situation was perect, and without doubt the perfect ending to a very good one-shot.

The only criticism I have is about the spacing between your paragraphs - sometimes you skip one line, sometimes three. When you skip three lines, I automatically think that you're jumping forwards in time etc., so that was a little confusing. But it's a very minor thing that can be easily fixed. Over all, this was very good! :)

Author's Response: hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

I am glad you liked Phineas' character, along with the other portraits'. Yes, he should have at least one person to turn to, shouldn't he? xP

Indeed, I always wondered what it would feel to be 'half alive' - like the ghosts and portraits and that became my source for much of the writing in this story. I am glad you found it interesting, and also that you liked the ending.

Ah, when I post the chapters sometimes the spacing gets messy for some unknown reason =/ I'll go back to it when I can and edit it though. Thanks for the tip!

Thank you.

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Review #30, by marauder5Haunted: Secrets

26th June 2013:
Hi! This was a really, really good one-shot. I never thought I'd feel sorry for Peter (because I dislike him too much), but for a while there, I did. Obviously, he never wanted any of it, and you made it seem like he had no choice (which was probably what he was thinking). But I think Dumbledore, being a better man than Peter, taught us that there's always a choice: the choice between what is right and what is easy, and Peter chose the easy way. I think he could have survived if he had told Dumbledore or his friends after the first time when he was caught stealing, he could have gone into hiding as well... So yeah, I still dislike him, because he DID choose to betray James and Lily, but at least in this one-shot I can understand him a bit better.

As for the language, it was mostly beautifully written. I loved the part where you described the clouds in the sky, and my favourite paragraph was the one that begins with: "Gone were the days when four schoolboys..." It was so brilliant, and so touching. I do have a small suggestion when it comes to your language, though. Sometimes I thought you were a bit repetitive. At some point in the beginning, you wrote 'Peter' many times, and speaking of that favourite paragraph of mine - the last sentence goes:
"The days of sharing secrets were long past; now they had to keep secrets in silence." I don't think that you have to use the word secrets both times. It could be something like: "The days of sharing secrets were long past; now they had to keep them in silence." Using the same words too many time can disrupt the flow just a little bit.

Other than that, I really loved this one-shot! I think you can work on the ending a little bit, too, because it didn't feel like a real conclusion, if that makes sense. But it's fine the way it is too. You are definitely a talented writer, this was really touching and I really, really enjoyed reading it :)

Author's Response: Eee thank you! I'm so thrilled to see a review on this story, and one as nice as this!

I'm glad you felt sorry for Peter (one of my goals when I wrote it was to see if it was possible to feel sorry for such a repulsive character!) And you're right - while he never would have made the move to switch sides on his own, and he didn't have much of a choice, he did have one, and he chose Voldemort.

And thank you for the sweet compliments about my writing style :) I'll go back and fix some of the repetition you mentioned - I do have a tendency to do that.

As for the ending, I meant for it to end on a kind of unfinished note, actually. As it is, he has just given in to Voldemort, feeling guilty and is wondering if there's a way out of what he's done. You already know what happens next, but I didn't include it because I didn't think it would add anything new to Peter's soup of angsty feelings.

Thank you SO much for your review!! :)

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Review #31, by marauder5Fred and George: Spies Like Us: To Become a Spy

23rd June 2013:
Hello! I'm here for the review tag.

Okay, so I just had to read this story, because Fred and George are simply awesome! I love the image you created of their shop in the beginning. For some reason, I especially enjoyed George entering, his arms full of boxes with fake wand. I don't know why, but it stood out to me and made the whole scene seem so real!

As for characterisation, I had expected the twins to act a little bit more... Fred and George-y. You know, crack a few jokes to each other before the girls enter, and then treating the girls in a more joking way, if that makes any sense. To be honest, I felt like they just were a bit too serious the whole way through (although it makes sense that they were after the Death Eater attack).

As for the plot, it might be AU, but it was brilliant! Having them call for the Death Eaters was really unexpected, and such a twist! I did not see it coming, and it is the best part about this story! I really thought it was perfect, and I agree with you that it makes sense for them to do anything to get in the order. It's a bit strange that they can't join already, now that they are of age. Perhaps Molly is begging Dumbledore not to let them in.

Speaking of Dumbledore, I'm really glad that they turned to him, and as always, he gave them the most perfect advice and solved the situation with his wisdom. I'm sure Molly woud have been thrilled to hear that they were going back to school too ;)

All in all, this was really good. As I said, the only thing you could work in is the characterisation of Fred and George. Other than that, I really enjoyed this!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

I've added a note to work on Fred and George's characterization a little more at the beginning.

It seems like Molly didn't want any of her children to be in the Order, even though Bill and Charlie had joined.

With the Extendable Ears and how they kept trying to get information all throughout the book, I wondered how they would be as spies. :)

If I remember right, I think that having them call the Death Eaters instead of the Order was a "what if" question. :I

Dumbledore always seems to know just the right answer. And yes, Molly would have been thrilled when she heard they wanted to finish school.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #32, by marauder5The Girl from Slytherin : The Boy from Ravenclaw

23rd June 2013:
Okay, so I feel like if this story had been called The Boy from Ravenclaw instead, I still would have loved it! Terry's POV was absolutely great: please tell me you might try it out again??

I think that if I would have known Terry in real life, I would have been a little bit in love with him too. He's just so amazing and kind and GOOD! Okay, don't worry, I won't waste this review on obsessing over how wonderful of a character he is - let's talk about the actual chapter too.

As for Bentley Wickham, I'm sure something happened to his family. It must be something like that. When Terry thought about Anthoney's secret, I figured he must be the Muggleborn that Taurus goes out with, but then Demetria called him a 'blood traitor' rather than a 'mudblood', so I guess he's not a Muggleborn after all. And then it hit me that maybe Wickham is Taurus' secret boyfriend, and so they targeted his family? Well, it's sort of farfetched. But I do think that Wickham's family has been attacked, because it reminds a bit of how they take Hannah Abbot from class to tell her that her mother has died.

I do have something to point out about the Charms class. Aren't the students divided, so that for example Ravenclaw might have their class with Gryffindor, and then Hufflepuff with Slytherin? Would they really be together, all of them? I don't think so, but I might be wrong.

I loved the little detail of Terry thinking that both he and Hermione chose Muggle Studies because it's a reminder of their childhood and their families back home. It was so sweet, and definitely believable :)

And then Terry was just being wonderful again and visited Professor Burbage and offered her support. It's horrible tings like Burbage's friend dying that reminds both Terry and me as a reader that there are still such horrible things going on out there. With Margaret Macauley's death, I wonder who will take care of the subsription of her magazines. Will Tor's subscription be revealed to the wrong people? I hope not.

What happened with the first years was so terrible! I really thought that the little boy was dead, and I was preparing to feel sad and (even more) angry with the Slytherins, but then Madame Pomfrey was able to save him. Thank God. and Thank God for Anthony and Terry being so amazing in that moment.

I feel so bad for Tor, though. I'm glad that the professors seem to believe her, but I wonder what her housemates will do to her now. After all, she tried to stop them, and she betrayed Demetria. I'm not sure if covering for the others will make up for it. :( And then Demetria had to go and reveal that Tor's father is a Death Eater! Poor Terry! My guess is that now he'll take Padma's offer and go out with what's-her-name again, and Tor will be ALL alone (at least, she will be if her friends don't forgive her).

And now Anthony knows about them, doesn't he? But he won't tell anyone. At least it was Terry's friends who found out and not Tor's - imagine if they'd find out about that after what she did to them... Well, things are not looking good. Which is not very surprising - I think that their relationship was doomed from the beginning. But I still keep my fingers crossed for them.

I'm also wondering why Terry still needs Polyjuice Potion. He's done with his prank now, isn't he?

Oh man, this story is just too good to be true! It has grown to become my absolute favourite fan fiction ever!! :D I'll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hola! :)

I'll admit I was so excited to hear what you thought of this chapter and of Terry's POV! You always have such thoughtful observations and reactions to the story, and knowing you loved it is high praise indeed! :)

I definitely think I'll be trying out Terry's POV again, I loved writing him! He's so witty, but also such a good guy, and I think I'd love him too were he real! I liked getting to know him and his understanding of Hogwarts beyond Tor in this chapter, and have lots of other ideas for what he gets up to!

Ah, I love your predictions! Poor Bentley, of course something bad has happened and it is a very good guess that it has something to do with Voldy!

That's a good point about Charms class, I'll have to double-check! I thought in NEWTs all the sixth years were in one class, since I thought in the Potions class all four Houses were together, but could be wrong! :)

I'm glad you liked the Muggle Studies part, and Terry's connection with Hermione. Harry and his friends don't make appearances very often in this story, but I loved giving Hermione some time in the spotlight, I feel like she and Terry would get along. I know, poor Macauley and poor Burbage! :( It's just the horrible events coming in to infiltrate Hogwarts and Terry and Tor's lives, and is so sad.

I considered having him die, but figured it wouldn't fit with canon since a student death would have been widely known. It was very awful of the Slytherins, though most of them will get off thanks to Tor's silence and the idea that it was an "accident" gone terribly wrong.

Yes, things are starting to look bleak for Tor, and for her and Terry! :( This whole post-holidays section is so dramatic and I feel terrible for putting these characters through these things! I have my fingers crossed too! :)

Thank you for your amazing review! :) You're the best! Aw, your favourite fan fiction, that makes me SO happy! Thank you thank you thank you! :D

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Review #33, by marauder5In a Family Way: Epilogue

23rd June 2013:
This was the perfect ending to a really sweet story! I've always imagined Harry being a bit insecure about becoming a father, since he's never really had a stable father figure in his own life. It's nice how James can give Harry a bit of advice, though.

And then you reminded me in the sweetest way that Harry did have a father figure all along, someone to look up to. Arthur. That was just perfect. The last paragraph was absolutely wonderful, and I think it was the perfect conclusion to the end the story.

I've really loved this story! I'm a bit sad that it's over, but it's perfect the way it is, so I guess it shouldn't be longer. Good luck in writing other stories, and I hope to see you again when you post a new one :)

Author's Response: Arthur is a lot of things that make him seem kind of odd and out of step with the rest of the world. But when it comes to being a father, he is unbelievably good. He and Molly took Harry into their hearts from the moment Ron began writing home about him. Harry was always going to find help there.
I'm so glad you believe the story to be wrapped up well. I haven't ever contemplated continuing it for that reason. People ask what happens next, and I have to tell them, "A lot of late nights and diapers, that's what. Nothing exciting to anyone but the new parents. This story is over." And I'm glad you agree. Thanks for sticking with it. ~GW

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Review #34, by marauder5Magpie: Knockturn Alley

23rd June 2013:
Okay, so this was the perfect way to continue to the story for many reasons. Since we didn't really learn much about Veirty's background in Chapter 1, I think that was my favourite part about this chapter. I really like the fact that her father married a Muggle, and that he wasn't evil just because he had a shop in Knockturn Alley! Also, Borgin doesn't seem bad either - he's like a nice old uncle to Verity, isn't he? I think I like him (at least so far). The story of her parents was very good, and the fact that Mrs Burke stayed out of Knockturn Alley after her husband's death was believable, and also made the story of Verity claiming her share of the shop much more interesting, because we got to see it through her eyes for the first time. The small details of it all really brings it to life - like the fact that Borgin stops her from touching the necklace that Malfoy will give Katie Bell later on. How very JKRish of you (yes, I'll pretend that is an adjective), because one of the brilliant things about her writing is how she includes little details about what will turn out to become a really important object further on in the story (like how Harry notices the lost diadem in the Room of Requirements in HPB, but doesn't really reflect over it until he's trying to find it in DH). I love that sort of things ;)

And then George popped into the shop and just made me fall in love with this chapter! Next to Ron and Ginny, he is one of my favourite characters, and you, my dear, have portrayed him perfectly. I might has well have been reading the original HP books when I read the conversation between the two of them. So yes, you're going to do just fine in writing a story about him ;) Well, actually, you'll do it brilliantly, as always.

It was quite a nice detail that she didn't recognize him at first, which I think says a lot about her. After all, most people, older or younger than them, would know the Weasley twins' faces, as they definitely attract attention wherever they go at Hogwarts. But I guess Verity wasn't interested in their pranks when she went to Hogwarts, which makes her friendship with Percy's girlfriend much more believable. Also, she's the girl who'll work at their shop later on, right? That means that she'll probably change a bit after hanging out with the twins, and that she'll stop working at Borgin & Burkes? I wonder what will happen - maybe it will be too risky for her, because her mum is a Muggle? I don't know..

One detail that really stood out to me was Fred not being able to come, because he'd been testing their product - and George saying that he'd only been making bullfrog sounds for the last couple of days. Haha, the idea of it was so funny, and so typical for their inventions that we see them testing out while still at Hogwarts. I loved it! :D

And oh, I wonder who else died... my first thought was Sebastian. Maybe someone is out to get Verity? But that would just be so cruel to the poor girl! Of course, cruelty is becoming ordinary at those times in Wizarding UK, isn't it? Whoever the victim is, I can't wait to find out in the next chapter. I also really want to know who's behind it. And of course, I look forward to more interaction between George and Verity!

This chapter was absolutely amazing, and I have a feeling that I'm going to love this story as much as I love The Girl From Slytherin soon :D

Author's Response: You are just so wonderful for leaving this brilliant review! It made my day, I just keep re-reading it! :)

I'm so glad you like how the story is progressing, and enjoyed the backstory into Verity. I loved imagining her background and parents' history: her father is such an interesting character to me, and I loved the idea of him marrying a Muggle, even just to show how he wasn't prejudiced and give Verity a diverse background. Haha, I'm so pleased you liked the foreshadowing and little details, like the necklace! Also, I really like Borgin too, at least so far. He shows a very different side to Verity than to prestigious customers like the Malfoys.

I'm so glad you liked George! I love writing him, he's just so funny and quirky and had such a fun vibe with Verity. Thank you for your amazing compliments on his portrayal, that makes me so thrilled! :D

Yes, I thought that since she was older his face wouldn't immediately ring a bell, plus it gives them a little more of a clean slate. I think Verity would have recognized the twins together, just George as an individual is still a little mysterious. I'm glad you're making guesses about the future, there's certainly a lot which will happen and affect Verity and everyone around her.

You'll find out in the next chapter, which should hopefully be posted soon! :) Thank you for your brilliant words, I really appreciate all your encouragement and support and I'm so excited that you're enjoying both stories! Thank you for being awesome! :D

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Review #35, by marauder5Save Him: Save Him

22nd June 2013:
I think it's amazing what you managed to convey in such few words. The Malfoys are so interesting and I think that what you have portrayed here is the most human side of them, and the side that makes me sympathize with them in a strange way: their love for their son. I do think that they wanted out long before the end, and it's very believable that it was the birth of Draco that started those thoughts. However, in my mind, they probably wouldn't be this convinced about it. Here, they seem to be absolutely sure that they want out. I'd find it more believable if they were having doubts, if they wanted to stay in a way, but also wanted out to keep Draco safe. I hope that makes sense, haha! Well, this is only my opinion, and I guess you disagree since you wrote it this way ;)

All in al, this was very good, and I'm impressed with the fact that you managed to portray all of those feelings in only 500 words!!

Author's Response: Haha I was surprised when you chose this story. I've been debating whether to delete it or not for months now. You know those ones you write a long time ago and don't really like anymore, but because they were one of your first you sort of don't want to get rid of them? That's my feeling for this one :P.

Honestly, I don't think I really have an opinion of how they would have actually felt. haha. My main purpose with this was to try and make it so it could go either way - the Potters or the Malfoys. So I tried to keep more neutral emotions. I don't write the Malfoys much and sort of just use them when I want to do a writing exercise and can't fit any other characters into the slot, haha! Poor Malfoys.

I'm so happy you enjoyed this though, even if I half want to hide under a rock when people read it ;P.


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Review #36, by marauder5Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story: Sacrifice

20th June 2013:
I understand that you're happy with this chapter - it was really good and really well written. I also really liked the fact that you began at the end (or opened at the close, haha!). The suspense and action was perfectly described, which can be quite tricky, but you really pulled it off.

I have really enjoyed this story so far. However, I REALLY hope that Ron is not dead. If he is, I might now like it so much anymore.. :(

Author's Response: Aw thank you, this made me blush :)
And Ron's not dead, but I don't think you'll like what happened to him though...

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Review #37, by marauder5Ice to Ashes : Ice to Ashes

19th June 2013:
Where do I start? I don't know. This was just so touching and sad and beautiful and overwhelming, to be honest. It really touched my heart. Maybe it was the whole second person thing that made it seem so much closer, in a way, that this really was Narcissa's thoughts, directed towards Tonks (which was very original, by the way. I've never come across something like that before).

I should tell you this: I'm not really a 'cryer' when it comes to reading or watching films etc. I can be touched, but I rarely cry (I've cried in three films in my life, I think - and yes, one of them was Harry Potter, when Dobby died..) But I cried when I read this. It was so beautiful, so heartbreakingly sad that I just couldn't help it. It was in the paragraph in which she wondered if it had been Lucius' friends who had killed Ted. The tragedy of it all, of this ruined family, of Andromeda's loss... it was just one of the saddest things I've ever read.

Narcissa is so much more human and compassionate than a first glance reveals, which you've captured perfectly here. I absolutely LOVE the idea of her sneaking into Andromeda's room after Nymphadora was born, to see her baby niece, and healing Tonks' wound in the playground. I can definitely imagine it. Also, Lucius shooting her a look when she claps hard at the graduation - that's such a believable detail that just reinforces the tragedy of it all, because maybe, had it not been for his influence, she would have dared to do more than he did. And now, she thinks it's too late, that she's done too much. Maybe she has.

"Andromeda's stare would turn me to a column of fire, leaving a pile of ashes beside the grave which contains your own. I do not deserve your mother, Nymphadora. So, she will continue see me in the frozen glass of the lake, a fleeting reflection. And I will see her in the sun, as it burns against my opened eyes." That might have been the most beautiful thing I've ever read. Thank you so much for writing this! I think I'll come back and re-read it, again and again, because it was one of the best things I've ever read.

Author's Response: Oh my god. How do I start? This review was just so, so lovely and incredible to receive, and really gave me the reassurance and confidence about this story. Thank you! :D

I really wrote this on a whim and got quite emotional in the process, so it's very good to hear that comes through. I'm glad you thought it was original, as their relationship (or lack thereof) never really gets addressed. I'm glad the second person thing made the story stronger, and not more confusing, and that it touched your heart- that's really such high praise!

Aw, you cried?! I'm so pleased (not that you cried, but that the story could affect in that way!). Yes, that part was very sad to imagine as well. Their lives coincided in so many tragic ways, and this is often all Narcissa has to go on to connect them.

I'm so happy that you liked the portrayal of Narcissa and that this brought her humanity. Honestly I never liked her much as a character but this story just felt right. She does come across as a bit... creepy, with all the sneaking around, but I believe it was out of love and a desire to be part of Andromeda's family. I do think Narcissa thinks it's too late for her: I originally considered having her wait in the graveyard until Andromeda approached, but decided that Narcissa isn't brave enough when it comes to her sister. In her mind, it is too late.

I'm so honoured that you loved that line, which was certainly one of my favourites. Poor Andy, poor Narcissa, poor Tonks! :( Thank you so much for this really beautiful review, it honestly meant so much to me! You are wonderful! :)

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Review #38, by marauder5The Girl from Slytherin : The Secret on the Staircase

17th June 2013:
I'm loving this short queue!! :D I can't believe I get to read the next chapter so soon!

I think that what I enjoyed the most about this chapter was the change in environment - the mood is more similar to that of the first couple of chapters; she's in school, with her friends, and she's more of a normal teenager than anything else. While I have absolutely loved the last couple of chapters as well, I thought it was a great change to keep the story from getting repetitive. It's just perfect! After the horror and darkness over Christmas and New Years, it was nice to get to laugh a little again (although, of course, there's still a lot of drama, which I love!). This was the first comment that made me laugh, that I just loved:
' "What made you decide to mutilate your body?" Taurus comments drily. Pyxis gives him a dirty look, as if defending the belly button ring's honour.'

Got to love Pyxis!!

As for Taurus' secret, I hadn't suspected anything before. But now I feel so bad for him - why, Peeves, why?? Tor might have considered opening up to him, as well, but I doubt that she'll do it now that she's seen where it got him. I'm glad she stood up for him, but I was so angry with Pyxis and Phin! Well, there goes my hope that Pyxis will be supportive (at least a little bit) about Tor and Terry.

Speaking of Tor and Terry, their reunion was adorable! To be honest, I felt a bit like I was the one who was going to meet my boyfriend after some time apart when I read it, that's how exited I was for them. And he was just so sweet. I love that he didn't get mad with her when she snapped at him. He's just such a great guy, isn't he?

And for your last question (or first one, technically, but you know what I mean), my first thought about the dead snake was that it had to be the work of Griz Goyle. But then I thought about the symbolism of it all. A dead snake. Snake, the Slytherin symbol. I am now convinced that someone knows her secret, and that they think that she's a disgrace for Slytherin because of it. I suppose it could also be Taurus, blaming her in a way for what he's going through now. Or maybe HE found out about her and Terry, and he's furious because he confided in her but she didn't do the same thing? Well, I don't know. My other guess is Daphne, because she found out, and she thinks that her sister is a disgrace for the family and and the Slytherin house. Or something like that. Well, as ever, I look forward to reading the next installment. Thank you for this wonderful story - I just adore it so much! It has so many dimensions to it - it's beautifully written, dark, scary at times, and also humorous and romantic and a whole bunch of other things that I can't think of right now. I hope you know how good it is, and that you're really proud of it! :)

Author's Response: Hello again! :D I know, the short queue is awesome, and I'm always excited to update for you people who like this story!

I'm glad you liked the shift in the mood and that it brought back the teenage mood of the story! The realms of DEs and Hogwarts are very separate for Tor, and it felt right that the tone of the story would change as well.

I'm glad you liked the line about the belly button, I love Pyxis too! He's just such a... boy. I'm happy there was some humour here as well! :)

I know, poor Taurus! :( These kids really can't catch a break eh? You're right, I think Tor will think twice about sharing her secret, no matter how hard it weighs on her. I know, the boys really didn't handle it well, but then again they still have time and they were acting tough in front of each other. Don't lose faith in Pyxis yet! :)

Aw! I'm so glad you liked the reunion, I really enjoyed writing it! They're just so sweet together, though of course Tor had to go ahead and ruin it. Terry is very practical and level-headed, and good at keeping his temper when others are upset... unlike Tor, who just gets angrier. They do complement each other quite well in that way.

I love all your speculations about the symbolism! :) Of course I can't say anything, but those are all excellent guesses and thoughts, and I really enjoy reading your thoughts! :D

I'm so very happy that you're loving the story, it makes me really happy to read all your incredible reviews, and really keeps me going with this! :D You're so encouraging and wonderful, and it makes me so thrilled every time I see another lovely review! :)

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Review #39, by marauder5The Joker and Her: Sorting

17th June 2013:
Review tag!

Firstly, it was great to read Brienne's comparisons of Hogwarts and Beauxbatons, as we only see Fleur's in the books, and she's a bit more negative. Very clever, I really enjoyed that :)

One thing I was wondering about was the sorting hat's 'speech'. Isn't it usually a song? Why is he talking instead of singing?

Other than that, I really enjoyed this chapter. I think that you portrayed Brienne's humiliation so well, both when she had to ride in the boats with the first years, and when she had to stand up in front of everybody to get sorted. I think I said this about the first chapter as well, but I really liked seeing familiar students through Brienne's eyes - people that she doesn't know, but that we do. It's something that I haven't read very often.

Hm, I guess she'll be sharing dormitories with Angelina Johnson, then? And Alicia Spinnet, if she's the same age as them (I don't know if she is). That should be interesting, to see more of those two. Also, I can't wait for her to be introduced to Fred and George!! ;) I really like what I've read so far, keep it up!!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for reviewing :)

I really want to know more about Beauxbatons, so it was nice to add a little headcanon there :)

I meant to say 'song' xD Thank you for that, I will amend that in the chapter :)

She will be sharing a dormitory with Angelina and Co, yes :) She is in their year, two years above Harry and his friends.

Thank you very much for your review and I'm glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #40, by marauder5In a Family Way: And Baby Makes Three

16th June 2013:
Wow! Well you're right about one thing, I'm sure neither Ron nor Ginny ever imagined it happening LIKE THAT - neither did I! It was quite a strange situation, and I felt so bad for all four of them, but maybe especially Ron and Ginny. However, Ron lightened up the mood with his funny comments - you write him so well, best out of all them, I think - for example, when he told Ginny that only she could get them into such a mess, and how it's against every law of nature for him to see what he has to see in order to catch the baby when it comes out. Well, thank God he manned up and did it, and I'm also glad that both he and Hermione completely forgot about the horror before when the baby finally arrived, and decided that they wanted to have one of their own. I would have loved to see more of Harry and Ginny's reactions to finally meeting their son, but maybe we'll get more of their love for him in the next chapter (the epilogue, right?) Once again, this was very good. The flow is perfect and it's so easily read. I can't wait for the next one, even though it's the last one! ;)

Author's Response: Ron is my favorite. I'm glad you think I write him well, because I try really hard to keep him in character. I do with all of them, but him especially because I think he's so mistreated in most fan fiction. There is an epilogue to come, and I hope it satisfies your need to see the little Potter family. Thank you so much!~GW

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Review #41, by marauder5The Girl from Slytherin : The Fragments

16th June 2013:
Yes, you tricked me! But it's twists like this one that makes stories intriguing, so you have nothing to apologize for ;)

Wow, it's amazing what a story from the bad guys' POV does to you as a reader, because while you're rooting for the good side, you also start to feel sympathy for the bad ones. For example, I was so worried about the Weasleys, and relieved when the Death Eaters failed, but still worried about Yaxley and Voldemort's reaction to it... That's one of the great things about this story, that you take these people, whom I have hated throughout the HP series, and given them real identities, making me realize that they too are human. So, yes, well done on that part!! ;)

As for Theo, I just feel so bad for him. I worry that this whole thing will change him, that he'll become colder and more evil under the influence of the Death Eaters, and that Tor will lose the Theo she knows and loves. Also, I'm worried for his life - maybe his involvement will get him killed, somehow? Maybe he will fail to do what Voldemort asks of him? Or something like that. Well, that's a plot line that I'm interested to read more of! It's wonderful how you can keep me so engaged in not only Tor and Terry's fates, but that of other people in her life as well!

Speaking of Terry: I think reading from his perspective was my favourite part of this chapter. You portrayed his family so wonderfully! His cousins were so great, and him imagining Tor there was beautiful. It was also really sad in a way, because it can't happen (unless Tor runs away to be with them, becuase I'm sure HIS family will accept it, even if Tor's won't.)

And it seems that Pyxis is getting closer to catching Tor and Terry. For some reason, I'm not too worried, because I think he would be the most accepting one out of Tor's circle of friends and family. But maybe I'm a bit too optimistic - he is a Nott, after all. I can't wait to see more of that either.

It was also great to see Yaxley being a typical dad for once (when he talked to Tor about her alcohol consumption, I mean!). I felt so bad for Tor when she wanted to open up to him, to talk about Terry and I guess the fact that she's in love for the first time, but knew that she just couldn't. That's just the tragedy of being brought up in such a prejudiced family.

Glad to see that Andromeda is still keeping in touch. I wonder if Tor will take her advice and plan an escape, or if she'll remain faithful to her family. Well, as you can tell, I have so many questions and I'm so concerned for all of the characters, which has to mean that you have succeeded as an author ;)

So thank you for another brilliant chapter, and also, for updating so quickly! It's absolutely great for someone as impatient as me, haha ;)

Author's Response: Ah, well I'm glad! :) I knew I couldn't hurt Terry, at least not yet, I just love him too much!

I'm very glad you root for the bad guys as well as the good guys, as this confusion is exactly what I want to get across! :) I actually quite like and sympathize with Yaxley as a character personally, so I'm glad he's coming across as human, if a rather corrupt human. I liked giving him that typical fatherly scene as well and contrasting it with his role as a DE.

I know, poor Theo! :( He's really in quite deep, similarly to Draco, and things aren't looking great. I'm very happy you're involved in all these other characters as well, I am too and it makes me so glad to see this coming across in the story and getting your response! :D

I'm so glad you liked Terry's perspective! I loved writing that part. So far we've only really seen him from Tor's point of view, but I want to change that in the second half of the story and give him some more depth. They are so sweet together, aren't they?

Interesting thoughts about Pyxis! He's a lot like Tor, but hasn't had the revelations that she's experienced by being with Terry, so his reactions would be interesting indeed...

You are so wonderful for leaving another amazing review, thank you so much! :) Your reviews really encourage and inspire me to keep writing (and keep updates fast), and I promise they are coming very soon! :D

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Review #42, by marauder5In a Family Way: Getting There is Half the Fun?

14th June 2013:
Yay! Another chapter! And a great one too - I always long for the next one, but I guess that James will be born in the next, and that it will be the final one? If so, I'll be a little sad, but I still can't wait for it. This story has been one of the greatest ones about Harry and Ginny becoming parents that I have read. I hope you'll write more longer stories after this one, because you are very talented.

Anyway, let's talk about this chapter:

Firstly, I thought that Ginny's humiliation was very believable and in character for her. I really think that this would have been her reaction: even though both Mrs Weasley and Harry tried to convince her that it was okay, she still made up her mind to not go back unless she really KNEW that the baby was coming.

The letter from Malfoy was really funny! I think that he was genuinely annoyed, but I also think it was quite sweet of him - almost as if he was reaching out to Harry, finally. It was great.

And giving Ron and Hermione the cottage - that really was a brilliant idea on Ginny's part, since she loved it so much. But argh, I was so frustrated that she refused to tell Harry what was going on. At least she finally got it out of her (even though Harry didn't seem to appreciate the timing...). I look forward to reading Ron and Hermione's reaction to that, how Harry will handle the birth, and to seeing little James, of course!

Author's Response: One chapter and an epilogue (Hey, if JKR did it, it must be the thing to do!) left. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I had a great time writing it. I've been working on the story of Draco and Astoria for a while now, so hopefully that will be my next longer story. There's still a bit of excitement left to come. I hope you like it as much as I do! Thanks so much!~GW

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Review #43, by marauder5Voldemort and the Epic Recession: Voldy's New Job

14th June 2013:
Review tag!!

Okay, so the very first image you give us made me laugh out loud! Voldemort, working as a cashier... that's priceless! I'm so glad that I got a chance to come back and read another one of your hilarious stories (I'm sure the rest of this one-shot will be just as funny, given the awesome start you've got here.)

I don't even know where to start, haha! Well, I'll just tell you that these things are absolutely amazing and I loved these details: Voldemort's book being declined. Harry getting the movie deal. Cedric reappearing as a vampire. Voldemort dreaming of a holiday home in Spain.

Also, the theme of Harry's face haunting him worked really well! I loved imagining little kids buying Harry Potter stuff, and how it would annoy Voldemort, how his face was on the bus, and then how you beautifully tied it together with that ending: what movie is playing at the cinema? Harry Potter. What else, right?

Anyway, you certainly got this humor thing down. If someone would have asked me before if I'd like to read a story in which Voldemort survives and end up working at Tesco and then struggling with unemployment, I probably would have said no. But man, would I have been wrong! I normally don't read AU, but I really, really enjoy reading yours, so I hope you know how good you are! Hopefully, I'll find time soon to come back and read your other Voldy one-shots, as I'm sure they're just as funny as this one! :D Good job, and keep it up!!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review!

Voldemort is such a uniquely evil character that I get a real kick out of imagining him in mundane situations. Like think about it, what does he eat? does he ever shower? does he shop for clothes?

I also amusing myself picturing the characters being self-aware of the fame they have in our world, and those two things kind of combine to make this series. Thanks again!

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Review #44, by marauder5Arthur's Treasure: 2. Charles Barnabas Weasley

11th June 2013:
This was absolutely wonderful! Alice and Frank were great, and I love how you continued to include the situation in the outside world, and not just the sweet family moments! I've rarely read any stories about the Weasleys in this state of their lifes, for example Bill and Charlie as little kids! They're always grown up in the stories I've read, so it was really nice to see them like this!! Bill is being such a typical big brother, stealing the candy out of Charlie's hands, haha! Well, while his grown-up self would never do it, he was a little kid once too!

I felt a little bad for Arthur for having to deal with they boys on his own, and Molly being so tired and so very pregnant. It must have been tough, and they're just expecting child number 3... it will get worse...

You write kids very well! Many authors struggle with it, but I think yours are very believable, and I can easily see children in Bill's and Charlie's ages act and talk the way they do, so good job on that! And Charlie breathing fire - what a perfect first sign of magic!!

I'm absolutely loving this story, and I'll move on to the next one soon... :)

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Review #45, by marauder5Arthur's Treasure: 1. William Arthur Weasley

10th June 2013:
I'm so glad I found this story!

This was absolutely wonderful. The way you described the few hours after the birth of Bill was absolutely perfect, and I loved reading from Arthur's POV, as it's something that you don't see very often. I think his feelings seemed very realistic, and I was great to imagine young Molly and Arthur - I can actually see Molly as being mischief-making, even if it's far from her role in the books. It's just the way that she's always lecturing her children, especially Fred and George, that makes me think that she's speaking from experience ;) Also, I'm sure that the mischief is a heritage from the Prewett side (especially Molly's brothers, for some reason), and that the calmer side, like the one Bill has, comes from Arthur. Anyway, your portrayal of it was absolutely perfect.

I also really liked that you included Arthur's worry about the situation in England. It's very realistic, both that he would think about that after his son was born, and that the suspicion would start to rise among them, that they wouldn't know for sure what it was or what it would come to be. I really enjoyed that.

I loved what Arthur wrote to his family, especially the part about not letting Bilius get big-headed about Bill's name! And I wonder what he wrote to Dumbledore... I'm sure it has something to do with either the war or the Order of the Pheonix, but who knows, maybe I've got it all wrong.

Either way, I really, really enjoyed this, and I look forward to reading more of it!! :)

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Review #46, by marauder5The Girl from Slytherin : The Ball at Malfoy Manor

8th June 2013:
If only you could have been here to see my excitement when I realised you had posted a new chapter. Yay! I was thrilled, and your brilliant writing never lets me down. I absolutely loved basically everything about this chapter. This story is so insanely good that I wish you could publish it and earn lots and lots of money on it, but I know you can't. Even so, I hope you see how good it is!!

You've said before that there was going to be some drama happening at the Ball, so I knew that something was about to happen as soon as I read the chapter title.

Your descriptions are beautiful! I also loved Mrs Yaxley's cold, stern attitude towards the children, and the image of Daphne doing the House Elf Hustle and being carried away on her dad's shoulder was priceless! It was funny how her mother told her not to repeat that mistake, haha! I noticed one typo when you described the snow: "but it’s memory lingers" should probably be: "but its memory lingers".

Also, you add little details about these characters that just make them seem so REAL, which is brilliant. One example is Pyxis telling Theo that he's going to make him take him everywhere once he's got his apparation license - God knows I said those exact same words to my brother when he got his driver's license, and I'm sure every younger sibling has done the same thing as me! ;)

This Christian character was interesting! I knew straight away that it had something to do with Theo being recruited, just like Pyxis had worried about. The way you wrote it was so suspenseful, and I've got so many questions about it! Was Terry the one being tortured? And if so, was it because they know about his and Tor's relationship? Because Theo did think that he deserved it... Well, let's just say I'm really worried about Terry and Tor now, and I MUST know what happens next, haha ;) I do hope that you'll find time to update soon, now that your exams are over! Either way, I'll be on the edge of my seat until then.

The way you describe Tor's feelings for Terry is just so beautiful. This was my favourite quote: "Perhaps we have bled into each other, embodied each other in absence, waiting to emerge when least expected." What a beautiful way of putting it.

What are they going to do now? I hope Tor's reaction doesn't give anything away - Pyxis probably understands what's going on, though. I just hope he can calm her down before anyone else does.

I don't really know what adjective to use to describe this chapter, so I'll give you 3: Great, brilliant, and perfect! I look forward to the next one.

Author's Response: Hello! :D Well if only you knew how excited I get when I see I have a new review from you! This is so long and thoughtful, just can't handle the awesome! :)

Ah, I'm glad you liked Mrs. Yaxley, I really need to include her more as she's so dry and entertaining to write! Daphne's little wild moment created an amusing mental image, as well, so I'm glad you appreciated those things! And yes, in many ways the siblings are just like any typical family, minus the dark murdering DE bits! :P The chapter definitely needed some humour before the depressing drama set in!

I am working on the next chapter now, and everything... well, some things will be explained! :) I'm so happy (cue evil author laugh) that you're feeling the suspense and nervous about the characters, it means my attempt at mystery is working! :D

I'm glad you liked those bits as well, and the little mentions of Terry and Tor's relationship. :)

Thank you so much for this amazing review, as always! It really makes me so, so happy and encourages me to get going with the following chapters, words cannot describe how much I appreciate it! :D

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Review #47, by marauder5Circumstance: Circumstance

6th June 2013:
Wow, this was really good! So you said that this was rather biased and yes, I agree. I like Lily and I can tell that your view on her is a lot different from mine. But nonetheless, this was so beautifully written, I love the style of it and the story itself is great.

"When we take our last breath, we do not pray for forgiveness or count regrets. Instead, we beg for one last chance; the one in a million chance to haunt the dreams of a mind feverish enough to turn us into something beautiful." - Wow. That is just absolutely amazing writing!! I love how you tied it all together in the end when Lily thought that only in Snape's twisted mind, she could be truly beautiful. I think that was my favourite part of the entire story!!

I do have a little CC for you. The first one is Lily's characterization when she's talking to Snape about getting revenge on the marauders. I just can't see that happening. She's so against any dark arts, I just don't believe that she would want to physically hurt them. I'm sure she'd detest a spell like Sectumpsempra, and that she'd only agree to maybe humiliating them or hurting them verbally. Especially since we see in Snape's memory of her how she's basically disgusted with the actions of his future Death Eater friends, because she hates violence. Well, this is my personal opinion of course, and you ARE allowed to disagree ;) haha!

The other thing is the tense you write in. I felt like it changed a lot, and in some places you could make it easier on the reader by keeping the same tense. For example, in this paragraph: "And Snape? He is skulking in the shadows, clenching his diploma and massaging his stinging left forearm. By then, he had already sold his soul. And, to him, Lily Evans was already dead."

Here's how I would write it: "And Snape? He is skulking in the shadows, clenching his diploma and massaging his stinging left forearm. By now, he has already sold his soul. And, to him, Lily Evans is already dead."

I hope you understand what I mean :) And these are very minor things. All in all, I think that this was REALLY good, I'm glad I came across it and you wrote it beautifully!!

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Review #48, by marauder5Falling into Darkness: Gellert Grindelwald

4th June 2013:
Okay, so I really liked most parts of this. Gellert's feelings were portrayed really well, and your descriptions of the setting in the very beginning instantly pulled me in. I like how Ariana was sort of a fraction of his conscience, and how she demanded that he'd tell her the truth in order to be free.

The Dumbledore family have such a tragic story. It was kind of a relief for me, in a strange way, to see that Grindewald was the one who killed Ariana, because I'd feel too horrible for them had it been Albus or Aberforth. So maybe I'll choose to believe your version, that Grindewald did it intentionally! It makes sense, because as you wrote, he wanted to git rid of her. She was in his way. It reminds me so much of the many people Voldemort killed, just because they were in his ways (James, Lily, Cedric, etc.) and that made it really powerful.

I understand that the enormous stuffed penguin was part of the challenge, but it did make it difficult to take it seriously at times. However, given the circumstances, I think you handled it extremely well. If I had tried to pull off something like that, it would have been ridiculous, I'm sure! So I have to congratulate you on that part, anyway, because it's such tricky conditions, and while it seems a bit out of place, it sort of works, in a way. It represents his guilt. I certainly think you have made the best of those circumstances you were given, so you should be content with it!!

I really enjoyed it. I rarely read any stories from Grindewald's POV, so it was very interesting, not to mention very well written!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

I agree, the Dumbledore family had such a tragic story. I know Albus delayed going after Gellert because he feared that Gellert would say that Albus had killed his sister. I find it hard to believe that since there were 3 of them dueling, that they would not be able to tell which spell hit Ariana.

It was sometimes difficult to keep a straight face as I was writing. Once in awhile, an enormous stuffed panda appeared instead of the penguin.

This is a very different story than I typically write. Especially with the protagonist being the villain. That was a first for me.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #49, by marauder5Magpie: One for Sorrow

2nd June 2013:
Well, I'm certainly not sorry to hear that you've started writing another story (I was beginning to feel the withdrawal when you hadn't update the Girl From Slytherin in a while, but that's all better now). Needless to say, this was outstanding. I've never read another author's work on this site that pulls me in the way yours does - you write so beautifully, you don't just put words together. Instead, you create beautiful sentences and stories, and I could read your stories for that reason alone. But then there's the fact that the stories themselves are brilliant as well! This is a bit like the Girl From Slytherin in a way, because it takes place during the books, only from another perspective. I love it.

I found it a bit confusing in the beginning, though. I have to ask about it: at first, you said it was 1996. Then she remembered the spring of 1997? And then she went back to 1996. Maybe you could make that part a bit clearer :)

Verity seems very interesting, indeed. I love how she liked to collect stories - and those she heard were just horrible. The part with Old Wendy was so tragic! How fate just had no mercy on her, and how she ended up in Azkaban, and how it drove her mad... so sad.

Sebastian is quite interesting as well. However, since you said that this is a George/OC story, I assume that he won't be around for very long. I could almost feel in the air between them that they were about to break up sometime soon - after all, Verity misses who he used to be.

There were little details that just made me sure that I'm going to love this story, so I thought I'd point out my favourite parts:

- Her parents being co-owners of Borgin and Burkes. I can't wait to see what they're like! Maybe it will be a bit like Tor/Yaxley, only I don't think Verity's parents will be nearly as bad as Yaxley is.

- How you had Ernie Macmillan's brother shake their hands and say "terrible, terrible." How very much alike they must be. It's so interesting to think about the life at Hogwarts from the POV of someone a few years older than Harry. It must be completely different.

- Giving Penelope an identity besides being Percy's girlfriend. I hope to get to know more about her story.

- Sebastian, Percy and Penelope competing against each other to be the best student in their year.

- And lastly, these words: "her song trapped within the walls close to my heartbeat, its steady rhythm just out of tune. Her story forever stored within me" Are you sure you're not a reincarnation of some old, famous poet?? I do hope you'll write a book one day. I know I'd buy it.

I noticed one typo: "the three faces to alike and so unlike" I think 'to' should be 'so'.

So to sum things up: I absolutely loved it, and I'm adding it to my favourites. I can't wait to see where it will lead. (I hope you're not sick of me showering you with praise, which is basically all I do when I review your stories, haha!). I look forward to reading more. I also hope you'll update the Girl From Slytherin soon! (yes, that was a hint.) ;)

Author's Response: Hello! :D Please know how much I loved receiving this review, and how excited I am that you enjoyed this new story! :) It really made me so, so happy!

You are seriously just too nice to me. All your kind words are so thoughtful and encouraging for me, and I'm very flattered that you enjoy my writing! :) I just can't handle the wonderful!

I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter and Verity, and I'll clear up the confusion about the dates! Basically, it takes place near the end of OoP. :) I'm glad you like Verity, and Old Wendy, who I really enjoyed adding in there. Knockturn Alley is really fun to imagine, and I enjoyed populating it with interesting characters!

Yes, Sebastian doesn't come across in the best light, does he? He's not a bad guy, they've just grown apart a lot and Verity does see him with sometimes red-tinted glasses, which isn't very healthy in a relationship! And as for George, well he'll be coming along soon! :P

Thank you for pointing out those enjoyable details, it's very helpful and reassuring to find out what you noticed and enjoyed! :) I had so much fun coming up with these minor characters and placing people in Verity's year. Even though the story doesn't place at Hogwarts, there will be a lot of references and probably flashbacks.

Thank you so much for this review, really I can't express how lovely it was! :D (And updates are coming... soon! I was on hiatus because of exams but have the next chapter of GfS written, minus one scene which I can't quite get right! :P) Thank you again! :)

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Review #50, by marauder5A Nearly-Headless Account: A Nearly-Headless Account

2nd June 2013:
Review tag!

Okay, so this was NOT what I expected when I clicked on this story, but man, was it a good surprise! I was practically laughing at every other sentence - you, my friend, are hilarious! Thank you for such a great humour addition to the archives :D I'm surprised that you managed to turn the tragic events of the Battle of Hogwarts into something so thoroughly funny! :)

So you started out with having us imagine a boxing match between Nick and Professor Binns! Just that little thing is enough for loving this story, i think! ;) Here are some of my favourite snippets:

"Old William did not see fit to include me in his plays, but since he’s a second rate actor rather than a true historian we can give him a pass for now." - I love how casually he talks about Shakespeare!

"It must be said that young Tom Riddle, while already scheming and evil, was studious and exceedingly charming, in addition to actually having a nose.Most Hogwarts professors, especially a certain Potions master who‘s name I will not mention here, (but it rhymes with Lughorn) were completely fooled by Riddle’s charms and could not see him for what he truly was." - the nose part! It cracked me up! :) And also, it rhymes with Lughorn - brilliance. It kind of makes me wish I knew you. I bet you're a fun person to be around, haha!

I also love the whole idea of the story - Nick promoting his book. It's so original, and yet, not completely AU. It might be because I loved this story so much, but I can almost imagine him doing something like this, haha! :) Well, I loved this, thank you so much for writing it and making me laugh so much! :D

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for such a great review!

I was trying to capture some of the pompous attitude I picture Nick having, but do it in a light-hearted way. Mostly because the guy from Monty Python played him in the movies, I picture Nick being kind of hilarious.

And I can't imagine that Nick would be too happy about being left out of the final movie, so he would probably want to get his side of the story across.

Thanks again!

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