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Review #1, by marauder5The Girl from Slytherin : The Future

19th January 2015:
It's what - ten years later? - and I'm back to reviewing! Finally! And let me start off by just expressing my pure love for the beginning scene in the hospital wing, where Terry and Tor just feel so NORMAL and carefree and it makes my heart burst with love for them. With everything else going on, those little moments just mean so much, and I love that you included them spying on Ron and Hermione and giggling to themselves like normal teenagers.

Terry bringing up Bentley and the terrible fate of that poor family was also such an intriguing read. I know how torn Tor must be, because as I reader, I feel so torn myself! I mean, her father is obviously not a good person and by my moral standards, she should just cut ties with all those people and run away with Terry (I may have read ahead before reviewing, hehe...) But at the same time, just as she states, those people are all the people she ever cared for before she met Terry. The people who raised her and grew up alongside her. So it's not as black and white or as simple as that...

And can I just say how much I adore Terry's friends? THey whole library bit just makes me so happy, with them teasing Michael about Ginny and Cho, the way they discuss equal rights in the Wizarding vs. Muggle world... It's so spot on and funny enough makes for a really light, enjoyable read, which I assume is because Tor, dspite of everything else, feels really happy and relaxed around them.

PYXIS! I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would start suspecting something. I can't help but feel like he would be the only one out of Tor's friend who might keep it a secret though, to protect her. At least I hope he will...

The Death Eater scene was so brilliantly written. It had a completely different tone than the scenes from Tor's perspective - which it, of course, should. You really do get inside Yaxley's head and it's so faniscating. If JKR had written something from the POV of the other side, I'm sure it would have been exactly like this. I loved it, and yes, I can see why this is one of your favourite chapters. It was absolutely perfect, and once again, I'm in awe at your writing skills. You REALLY should write a book one day.


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Review #2, by marauder5The Girl from Slytherin : The Greenhouse

19th May 2014:
So... I haven't died or forgotten about this AMAZING story or anything. I did move across the world though. And wi-fi is unreliable in my new home. I have managed to read your new chapters but I haven't reviewed them and it makes me feel terrible, but I fully intend to make up for it! I'm going to try to focus on this chapter for now (even though I really want to tell you how I read ahead and how it is so amazing I don't know how to describe it, just when I thought this story couldn't get any better...)

While I love any Tor/Terry interaction I can get, I kept yelling at them in my head during that library scene for not being careful enough. I swear, one of these days Draco Malfoy or Theo or Tor's dad will walk in on them... although I guess Terry covered up for them. For now.

I love how you always manage to tie in the canon events with this. It helps so much with knowing the time and place of the story - I'm talking about Ginny bursting in to find Hermione (I love the way you write Ginny, by the way, but I think I've told you that before!)

Haha, and I couldn't help but laugh at way Tor spoke to Lancelot. She may be all strong and cold on the outside, but I think she's secretly a softie. "Would you like a new Daddy?" Priceless :D

I kind of like how you painted a picture of there being two Tors - or rather, there's Tor, Terry's girlfriend, the strong and independent and kind and perceptive one, and there's Astoria, the Death Eater's daughter, the one who tried to wipe the memory of her from his mind. It's so true. I'm also strangely happy about Terry betraying her and going to Dumbledore, because I really think Dumbledore will sympathize with Tor and possibly change the outcome of her story. That is, if he has time to do that before he dies, and if Tor will let him.

I'm very glad it was Tonks who found them! I wish I could just walk up to Tor and whisper in her ear that this is the daughter of the woman who's helping her. Maybe she'll find out at one point.

Anyway, I am thrilled that Terry and Tor are back on track for now. Expect me to come back and review the rest of the chapters (though I can't tell you exactly when that will be). And thanks again for writing this - i'm enjoying it so much it's ridiculous. You're such an incredible writer.

Author's Response: You! ♥

Ahh, do not worry at all. I was so excited to get this review and hear you're still loving the story - it means so much to me that you're reading it, whether you have the time to review or not! And I definitely understand about being busy with traveling - that's been my life for the past month which is part of why I'm so shamefully late with this review response!

I know! They are so not careful at times, which is quite dumb especially considering their dangerous circumstances. The whole relationship is just a ticking time bomb in some ways.

Thank you! I do love including the canon events, it's actually one of the best parts of writing Hogwarts era for me! And I'm so happy you like Ginny still - she's so much fun to write with how silly and lively she is.

Hehe, Tor is a big softie when it comes to animals though she tries to act cool otherwise. And who could resist Lancelot, I mean he's a pygmy puff! :P

I really like your analysis of Tor here and her two sides, and I completely agree. That's part of why I gave her this nickname in the first place, to show how she has a whole secret, different side to her. And yes, though Terry felt bad he did the right thing, and Dumbledore is one of the few people with the power to actually help her.

She might find out! :) I really wanted to write Tonks and so when she showed up at the greenhouse it fit perfectly. We definitely haven't seen the last of Andromeda and her family.

So am I! :) And don't worry at all about reviewing - like I said, even knowing you're still out there reading the chapters makes me so happy. :) Thank you so, so much for this incredible, wonderful review, my dear! ♥

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Review #3, by marauder5Keeping Secrets: The Other Secret-Keeper

18th November 2013:
A shocker within a shocker within a shocker sums it up pretty well, I think ;) It was certainly a twist, and it pulled me even further into this story. I'm quite sad that there are no chapters for me to read, but it will make it even more exciting when you finish writing the next one :)

As Liz started telling her mother, the thought hit me that Liz's dad might be a wizard. But I didn't think her Mum would be too! AND Liz. It is believable, though - it seems like Amelia did exactly what Charlie did and sort of fled into the Muggle world. The only thing that I was a little confused about was that Liz had no memory of doing magic as a child. It seems like she should have had some experiences like the ones Harry had before he found out he was a wizard. Of course, maybe she just lived in denial and came up with explanations, with the help of Amelia, or maybe she repressed it from her mind.

I just keep thinking about the next step from here; is Liz going to want to learn magic now? (I definitely would!) Are they all going to return to England and the Wizarding World now? Is that going to make Charlie have to tell her about his family too? And what is she (and Charlie) going to think when they find out that her father was actually a Death Eater? And the Death Eaters killed Fred, which is what caused all of this to start with... And I thought that things were getting messy in the last chapter, haha ;) It is SO good though. I can't wait to get some answers to all of my questions. You are a very talented writer to get me this engaged into the story. This was probably my favourite chapter so far! :) Good luck with writing the continuation (I won't nag you about doing it quickly, because I'm sure you'll do it as quickly as you can anyway).

Author's Response: Haha! Yes, this is quite a shocking chapter! The selfish writer in me is really glad that it's pulled you further into the story! :P

You're right - Amelia really did do exactly what Charlie did... let's just hope that when the two of them discover that, they can bond over it! As for your question about Liz not remembering doing magic as a child, that will be answered in the next chapter, which I am hopefully finishing today!! :)

Hm... I guess we'll have to see what happens with regards to your questions! :P And your questions about what will happen when Charlie finds out who Liz's father is are very good ones! And yes, at some point, Charlie is going to HAVE to tell Liz about his family... let's just hope that's sooner than later!! :)

I'm so excited to hear that this is your favorite chapter so far, and that you think the story is good! :) Thank you SO much for the amazing compliments, and for your amazing reviews! I'm hoping to have a new chapter finished today! *Crosses fingers*

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Review #4, by marauder5Keeping Secrets: Secret Number 1

18th November 2013:
Wow, what a mess Charlie has created here! But that's what you get for being stupid enough to lie to your wife like that, I suppose... I can definitely see why Liz would start to think that he's crazy, haha! Although I do have to ask - aren't you allowed to do magic in front of a muggle once you've married them? That's what I thought, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I hope he'll get permission to tell her so that he can prove to her that this isn't some mental illness thing, but actually true!

Great chapter, by the way! I'm quite amazed at how you can make it work even with these leaps forwards in time, but you really pull it off perfectly :) I'm going to go ahead and read the next chapter straight away. Great job as always :D I just love this story so much.

Author's Response: Yes, Charlie certainly has made a mess for himself! And you're right, it really IS all his fault! Hm... I'm not sure about whether wizards can use magic in front of their muggle spouses... that certainly is a good question! It would make sense if they could! But for the purposes of this story, we'll just say Charlie doesn't know that... haha! :P

I'm really glad you liked the chapter, and that the leaps forward in time don't mess it up for you! I really don't like doing these big jumps, but in all honesty, the story is more about what happens AFTER Charlie and Liz get married, instead of before. But, I still felt the need to include some details from before, so I sort of HAVE to have the time jumps.

Thank you so much for this amazing review! I'm so glad you love the story!

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Review #5, by marauder5Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story: Interruptions

12th November 2013:
Yay, I'm so excited!!! She's pregnant!! :D

You did fool me a little bit with your response to my review on the last chapter, so I was a little surprised, which was great! But throughout their fight, I just kept thinking: she must be pregnant, there's no other explanation... and she was! Kudos to you for keeping it a surprise, though!

I love the way you write Harry and Ginny's relationship - it's so in character, and exactly how I imagine they would be this far into the future. I love how Ginny's still quite sassy, and that last comment she says to him before falling asleep is just perfect. Just the interactions between the two of them made this one of, if not my favourite chapter so far in this story!

Good luck with your school work, and don't worry about losing me as a reader! I'll patiently wait, I definitely understand that life can get busy and as much as we'd all love to, we can't put HPFF before everything else in life. Take your time - I'll look forward to the next one in the meantime :) Great job on this chapter!

Author's Response: Oh my god I'm so sorry I haven't responded, I thought I did!
I was hoping I would fool you a bit, but I knew once the seed was planted in your mind, it wouldn't leave. So I thought I could just divert your attention a little bit ;) I wanted to keep it a surprise because, it is a big thing happening in their lives.

Awww thank you for saying that about my writing, I've always hoped to keep Harry and Ginny in character. I know I'll never be as fantastic a writer as JK Rowling but I hope to preserve her characters in the way they were in the books.

I've lost a lot of readers because of almost killing Ron, and it disappoints me, knowing that some of my readers didn't trust me with the characters. Ron is one of my favorite characters, of course I wouldn't kill him off. It hurt me to have him in pain like that, but still. I had to do it.

So thank you for being loyal, it really means a lot to me. Thank you so much for the review ands support!

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Review #6, by marauder5The Girl from Slytherin : The Knowledge

12th November 2013:
First of all, I have to say that is a beautiful chapter image! :)

Now, on to this chapter, which was as brilliant as your chapters always are. Tor's solitude is so well described - I find that with most of your characters, actually, but it's amazing how easily I can relate to her, despite all of the million things that she goes through that I don't (I mean, luckily for me, my dad isn't a Death Eeter..) ;) I really felt for her in this chapter. I'm so glad that the Nott brothers still seem to care about her, but it seems to me like they're the only ones she has left right now...

Unless you count Malfoy, of course ;) I love the interaction between the two of them, and while we never see Malfoy from this angle in the books, I think you have portrayed him carefully. I also really enjoyed her encounter with Terry's friends. They really do seem like good guys and if the world have been perfect, Tor would have been able to be part of their group. I feel like they'd get along quite well.

I can't quite figure Terry out, though. In the last chapter, he seemed to determined to do the right thing... it just made it seem like he wouldn't be able to forgive her. And now he wants to? It's not that I'm not thrilled about it, because i want him to, but I don't see how it would happen. Maybe he really loves her, I don't know. I just have a feeling that he'll take her back, and then he won't have truly forgiven her, and it will cause problems in the future. Oh well... I am so intrigued by this story, as you already now, and I get so excited whenever you post a new one. I can't wait to see how things end, and yet I want it to go on forever. You've really managed to get me invested into all of these characters and I worry about all of them and what's going to happen to them, haha... As always, I also want to praise your amazing writing style and the way you unfold this story - it really is beautiful.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I know right? I think my jaw dropped when I saw it. Those TDA artists are amazingly talented. :)

Aw, I really appreciate your thoughts on Tor and how you're still finding her relatable in her time of solitude and loneliness. (I sure hope your Dad isn't a Death Eater! :P Mine definitely isn't... I mean, he dressed up as Hagrid for Halloween. Okay sidebar...) Anyway, yes, being old family friends the Notts are still there for her, but they still could be doing a little better in my opinion.

I'm glad you liked Malfoy, and he seemed portrayed decently! I really don't want to make him too nice but it's tricky since he has no real reason to hate Tor and it makes sense he'd be at least civil to her. I love writing Anthony and Mike, they actually crept their way into this chapter and I wasn't expecting it at all. I agree, they would get along well, and it's too bad she didn't get the chance to get to know them properly.

I like your speculations about Terry! You're right, his possible forgiveness does seem a little irrational, but give him a chance to explain himself. He's not as black and white, good and evil as he seems to be, and just as being with him has turned Tor into a less convicted person being with her has helped Terry to see there are two sides to every story. But the drama is far from over, of course. :)

Thanks so much for this amazing review, they really keep me going especially from you, since you've been such a lovely supporter of this story since its fledgeling WIP days. :) I really, really appreciate all these wonderful comments and thoughts.

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Review #7, by marauder5Magpie: Londoners

15th October 2013:
Well, I've never not been an excited to see an update from you, so I suppose you're not surprised to hear that I was very happy when I found there was a new chapter of this story :) I also think you know by now how much I admire your writing style and the way in which you set up your stories - something about it just pulls me in as soon as I start to read, and I finish these chapters so quickly (to be completely honest, I took a couple of pauses in this one because I didn't want it to be over!)

If you read through this again, you might find a few small typo's, and a noticed somewhere that a few of your sentences seems to have been cut off (yes, I CAN give a little CC in my reviews too, and not just go on and on about how wonderful you are) ;) But as always, you've provided your readers with a very high quality work. I never feel like I'm reading fan fiction when I read your stories - it seems like published material to me. What stood out to me in this chapter, and what made me fall even more in love with this story, was some very minor things that made it so easy to relate to Verity. As I read, I swear I thought of two things, but now I can only think of one.. oh well, I'll let you know if I ever remember the second one. But as for the first, it was the way you described her resenting Sebastian, and how something as trivial as a teacup left unwashed turned into him looking down at her, like his time is too important to waste on washing it while hers isn't. I think everyone has been in that situation sometimes, when you're upset with someone and somehow manage to turn such small, insignificant things into insults in your mind. That was perfect, and it just made me feel for Verity in a way I hadn't done before.

The story of Burke and Hare was creepy, yes, but also very good! it had me intrigued from the very start. I know I've told you this in my previous reviews for this story but Verity being a collector of stories is just SO brilliant of you. Those small side stories are one of my favourite things about this whole story. and maybe this one has more meaning than shows at first glance? I'm thinking that maybe Aaron Holden sold Penelope out, and then Aaron died, and Christian is the money behind it.. maybe they did some sort of work for him? Oh well, I don't know. I might be reading too much into this just because Verity made the connection. Either way, I can't wait for when she finally seeks Christian out and see if he does have some answers. And I also look forward to seeing more of your flawless portrayal of the twins. Keep up the wonderful work and thank you so much for writing this!

Author's Response: Hi! You actually spoil me with reviews, and I'm so lucky to have your support on HPFF! Thank you so much for this awesome review, as all of your reviews are! :) I've neglected this story for a while and I was so excited to update and to receive your feedback.

Ah I will definitely go back and fix those up! I'm awful with proof-reading my own work, mostly out of laziness and excitement to get it into the queue hehe. Aw, thank you for saying it feels like published material! :D That is so lovely. I'm glad you can relate to Verity, and that her relationship with Sebastian seems relatable. I think their relationship is one of the most down-to-earth and least idealized ones I've written so far, and it's both challenging and fun to write.

I'm glad you liked the Burke and Hare story! :) I've had it in mind for this story, and that creepy song has been stuck in my head since I heard it in Edinburgh. Ooh interesting predictions! More about Christian and the twins is definitely coming up in the coming chapters. :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, it was really lovely to receive and you are so amazing for continuing to follow and support this story. :D

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Review #8, by marauder5Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story: The One with Mixed Emotions

15th October 2013:
Yay, another chapter! :) And what a great one! I was happy to see everyone's life go back to normal, despite the nightmares and everything. I must say, your story has kept getting better ever since the first chapter and I'm so glad that you have stuck with it for this long :) This was probably one of my favourite chapters so far. I absolutely loved the little boy sitting behind Harry at the Quidditch game, and Harry turning around to make that comment to him afterwards - that was absolutely brilliant. And Ron and Hermione bantering over clapping styles was SO in character, and it made me laugh! I loved it :)

The one thing that I found quite weird was how you said this was the Quidditch World Cup, but the Holyhead Harpies played in it? If anything, I think it would be the National team. Maybe Ginny could play for England? I don't think that a team from the British-Irish Quidditch leage could play in the World Cup - that would be like for example Manchester United playing in the Football World Cup. I can definitely see Ginny being good enough to play for England, though! ;) also, and this is a very minor thing, I don't think substitutions are allowed in Quidditch, even if one player gets injured. But that's just me being picky - it's absolutely fine this way!! :)

I loved the chapter, and I am convinced that Ginny is pregnant!!! Why else would she resign at the peak of her career? Besides, nightmares IS one of the side effects of pregnancy, so maybe it's not just her abduction that is making it hard for her to sleep? I really hope I'm not wrong, but you know, bearing in mind that you've been waiting for the next chapter yourself for so long, I feel like it has to be Ginny announcing to Harry that he's going to be a father! :D I am definitely ready for it ;) I'm so excited, so I'm thrilled to hear that you've got some of it written already - I'll be waiting eagerly for it! :)

Author's Response: So, since you're one of my favorite readers/reviewers, I'm gonna tell you a little story. It was a day or so after I entered this in the queue, and I thought about the Quidditch scene I wrote. And I realized I had been so stupid and not had it been a national team, but I figured I would wait until it was published to fix it. So, I'm going to fix that soon :) As for the substitution, I agree, but if they don't have a seeker, the only way for the Bulgarians to win would have been outscore the Harpies by 150+ points, so I'm assuming that they would make the minor exception :)

I quite liked writing the little boy that sat behind Harry. I was actually at a football game and there was a little boy behind me that was so excited about the game, rambling about how he would be the quarterback someday. So I guess I took inspiration from that :)

I'm not sure if I'm going to have Ginny be pregnant with James just yet, but I do think it's in the near future :)

Hopefully I get a bigger response for this chapter because I worked so hard on it, but if not, I'll just write the next chapter and have it up as soon as possible :)

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Review #9, by marauder5Keeping Secrets: Secrets and Surprises

10th October 2013:
Oh, my God! This chapter had me going all over the place - if I wasn't in love with this story before, I certainly am now. I absolutely love your writing style - it's so simple and it flows so perfectly, and I read very quickly and then when I get to the end I just go.. what? Already? And I love it! I love love love it! :D

I still haven't lost that feeling of wanting to shake Charlie and make him realize that he's just running from everything. Yes, I see where he's coming from, but I feel like he's losing himself, a little bit, pretending to be all those things that he's not (although I must confess, if Charlie has to get any job in the Muggle world, I can't think of a better one than construction. I don't know why, I just think it fits him perfectly!) If he doesn't go home for George and Angelina's wedding I'll be REALLY upset with him! And don't let him miss the birth of little Victoire :( Haha, I feel like I might be a little too invested in this story, but you should take that as a compliment, because it shows how great it is! :)

And then Charlie reaches the bar and slips something in his drink. I wish you could have had a look inside my brain as I read that part. At first, when you described it as 'small and round' I thought: Oh God, he's going to propose! Yay! And then he put it in his own drink and I got convinced that it was some sort of drug and went: NO! What are you doing? What would Mrs Weasley say? Hahah and then when he asked Liz to check his drink I was SO relieved, because he was just proposing ;)

I'm so happy that they're engaged! For a minute, I wasn't sure if Liz would say yes, but I'm glad she did. However, I hope that Charlie realizes that this means that he HAS to come clean about all those things he is hiding from her, and hopefully she will encourage him to face his family again. And hopefully that will be just in time for George's wedding or Victoire's birth - whatever comes first ;)

GREAT job on this chapter! It was flawless :D

Author's Response: Aww! Yay for being in love with the story!! ♥ And thank you so much for your sweet comments about my writing style... that makes me feel really good and happy!!

I completely understand what you mean about wanting to shake Charlie; I want to shake him myself, sometimes, and I'm writing him! :P Haha! I'm glad you think Charlie being in construction fits him! It was the best job I could think of for him, too!

Haha! I'm glad that the first thing that came to your mind was the ring, I was a bit worried that the readers wouldn't understand what was going on there. In fact, your second idea is EXACTLY what I was worried about, but I'm glad it cleared itself up fairly quickly! :)

You're absolutely right, Charlie is going to HAVE to come clean soon, as you will see VEEERY soon! *winks*

Thank you so much for this amazing review! ♥ I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!

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Review #10, by marauder5The Worst: A Ray of Light

28th September 2013:
Okay, it's official. Delilah Jones is mental!! God, just when I thought I couldn't hate her more, she blurts out that she did this because Dominique was stealing her spotlight? Yep, definitely mental.

I'm glad Teddy had thought things through, and that they got her to confess! Seems I was wrong about Wilson too - he really did come through, which was a good thing.

I think that Delilah Jones really did a lot of sucking up to the Auror before her anger got the best of her and she spilled the truth. However, this one sentence that she said stood out to me: "Officer, this is all bullsh*t." Would she really use the word 'bullsh*t' when speaking to the Auror after being so formal all along? I don't know, but I do feel like it would flow better if she said that same thing, but in a 'nicer' way, if that makes sense ;)

I'm glad that Dominique has Teddy and Julia too! Now, I do look forward to this family gathering, and to the full moon... Can't she just take wolfsbane potion though, like the one Lupin took when he worked at Hogwarts? Then she wouldn't have to go through the full transformation. I also wonder if she's done dealing with the whole can't-have-children-situation.. it feels like something that would take a while to get over. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending! We have seen one werewolf cope with it and end up with a family (Lupin) even though he was killed before he had time to really enjoy it. But hopefully, Dominique will find it too. I'm a little sad that there are only 2-3 chapter left and I don't want this to end, but at the same time, I want you to post them all right now! Haha :) Take your time, though. I know that you can't rush it. But I will be waiting eagerly for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing. Apologies for the late response, I've been so busy!

Delilah is crazy, isn't she? People will do anything for power, really.

Yeah Wilson is a weakling, he came through after all =)

Ah I see what you mean about that word. I'll change it to something more polite xP

As for the wolfsbane potion, she will have to transform completely, since the potion just makes the wolf sleep. But we'll see what happens ;) I can't say much! As for the can't-have-child situation, well she has been keeping herself strong so far, focused on the whole Delilah Jones situation, but now that's out of the way we might see her dealing with it again... or not. I can't say haha :P

It will take me a while to update the next chapter since I am busy with Uni, but yeah this will end soon. As for a happy ending or not, you'll have to wait and see.

Thank you!

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Review #11, by marauder5The Worst: Meetings and more.

28th September 2013:
Finally, I'm here, and I have read the chapter! i'm sorry that it took me so long, but I'm sure you know how life can get. I have intended to take a moment to read this so many times, but something has always come up.. well, anyway; that's not what's interesting here, it is this chapter! :)

I must say that I really liked it. Your Teddy is such a lovely character . he has his flaws, and I think he might need to work on those outbursts he has, but I love him for it! I think it shows how much he really cares about Dominique, so his anger towards Wilson was actually very sweet. Speaking of Wilson, I'm really glad that he he was so cooperative, but like Dominique, I was also a bit surprised. I hope he's not up to something, but I do suspect that he is.. it all seemed a little bit too easy. But maybe one thing in life should go Dom's way!

What I do love about Dominique as a character is the fact that even though she's going through something this terrible, she stays strong! She doesn't break down - no, she fights back, and she's so determined. I'm sure it's her way of dealing with it all, but I also find it impressive. Maybe the breaking down part will come after all is set straight, when she has nothing left but the sad truth that she is now a werewolf... :(

Julia seems like such a good friend!! She didn't care at all about Dominique being turned, and I really loved her for it. It's great that there are people like her too, especially after seeing how most of Dom's colleagues treated her.

And now Delilah Jones has it coming! I can't wait to see what Dominique and Teddy will do to her, and most of all, I can't WAIT to see WHY the woman did this. That's something I've been thinking about ever since that note that ended your last chapter - why in the world would she want to turn her employee into a werewolf? It's so cruel, and she must have some reason for doing it! Well, maybe it will be revealed in the next chapter. I'll go and find out :)

Good job on this chapter! The one thing that I personally think could make it even better is a little more description. Of course, every one has their own writing style and I love that fact that yours is quite simple and spot on, but I do find that it can help give the scenes a little more depth. That's just a suggestion, though - feel free to ignore it if you disagree ;) Again, I really enjoyed this chapter and it only left me wanting more!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. No worries, I totally understand how real life can be hectic.

I am pleased you liked the chapter. Teddy is one of my favourite characters and I love playing around with his personality. I am happy to hear you like him with his flaws and all since I've tried to make him human. He loves Dominique very much and I am glad that came across. I think Dom has faced a lot of troubles already so maybe it's time for things to go a little smoother than usual. Also, Wilson is a very weak person, he is easily swayed and persuaded (thus why he took Delilah's offer) so it wasn't so much of a problem for Teddy/Dom to convince him.

Dominique did break down initially but since then she's been fighting hard to stay strong and so far she's succeeding - though we'll see how long that holds up ;) She is determined to get through it though and she's not giving up any time soon.

I wanted to show that there are all kinds of people - the ones who shun you when something bad happens to you (like the rest of Dom's colleagues) and the ones who stick by you like Teddy, Dom's family, and her best friend Julia. After all that's what friends and family are for!

Delilah Jones is a twisted character with regard only for her own self, and you'll see her motives in the next chapter. Teddy and Dom will make sure she gets what she deserves xD

I felt like too much description in this chapter would take away from the actual event of it all, unlike Chapter 1 where description was needed, but I'll look into your suggestion and see if it can be edited to include a bit more of it. I am happy you liked the chapter and that you continued reading.

Thank you!

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Review #12, by marauder5The Girl from Slytherin : The Slytherins Unleashed

12th September 2013:
I was so excited to see that you had updated this story! I've missed it, but I definitely don't blame you for not being able to write in a while. Life is like that sometimes. Either way, it's really nice to see you back. I also have to ask: if this is a chapter you're not pleased with, how good can it get? Because in my opinion, you just keep getting better. I know I've said it before but I can't stress it enough; your writing style is just flawless and beautiful and poetic, it's like reading an old classic, and that you've handpicked each word with delicate care to make every sentence the best it can be. It's so beautiful, and so inspiring.

I feel so bad for Tor right now, especially in the beginning, when she tried to figure out who she was and all that. And on top of all, McGonnagall is bugging her about her grades. I like that you added that little scene to give the story more depth and make it more believable.

The scene in the common room was so great. I could really feel Tor's desperation, and I was so upset with Phin when he refused to do anything about it! But Tor is so smart for coming up with that solution: kissing him. And finally, her friends stepped in. Yay!

I'm still quite suspicious about Demetria. Is she really going to keep the secret, or is she holding it in until the right time? I have a feeling that she'll come sweeping in and dropping the bomb as soon as things start to get too good again.

Oh, poor Tor! And poor Terry! I can totally see where he's coming from, wanting to tell on her father despite everything. I was so sad when Tor erased his memory. I wonder if she erased his memory of her completely, or just the fact that her father is a Death Eater? I think it's the first, sadly :( I can just imagine the two of them passing each other in the corridor, Tor's heart aching for him and Terry not even knowing that she knows him...

This story is just too good. Honestly, it is. It deserves all the recognition in the world, and honestly, if it was an original fiction, I'd definitely buy a copy. I love it so much. I can't wait for the next chapter. Do you know yet how many chapters there will be?

Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it on this site!! :)

Author's Response: Hi! Ah, I've been so awful about updating, but I haven't forgotten about this story and I have the next chapter planned out! I definitely missed updating! :(

You are honestly just too good to me, so please know that I really, really appreciate your positive feedback. I suppose because this chapter took me a while to write, it just felt a little awkward to me, but I'm really glad you liked it! :) We are our own worst critics I suppose.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my writing style! That is just too sweet, and means so much, especially coming from an amazing writer like you!

This was not the best chapter for Tor at all, and I feel quite sorry for her too. And as if what she needs on top of everything is to do poorly in school and have the teachers after her, but yes, I thought that would be quite realistic and remind readers (and me!) that when Tor isn't sneaking around with secret boyfriends or scheming with the Slytherins, she is a student and has to deal with her education.

I know, I felt so awful writing the bullying scene but felt it had to be done: the Slytherins wouldn't let Taurus get away with his betrayal, after all! I think this story has reached the point where Tor needs to start making difficult choices, and not always the safest decision. And I know I'd have been very disappointed in Theo and Pyxis if they chose not to help- if not for Taurus' sake, then for Tor's!

Demetria is... definitely not gone forever. :)

The idea of Tor wiping Terry's memory is something I struggled with, but it felt like something she would do in a moment of fear and desperation. I imagined all the stress coming to a boiling point and not thinking before she acted. It's such a sad, tragic situation, and more will be explained in the next chapter!

I'm glad you like this story so much, I look forward each chapter to getting your feedback and knowing there's someone out there who has been with this story since the beginning and thoughtful and invested in it! :D You're awesome!

I'm thinking to aim for about 40 chapters for this novel, although I always seem to add more and more ideas as each chapter comes along. The story will go right up to the events of the prologue, and I'm already tentatively planning the sequel, which will be very different but so much fun to write! :D So really, this story has no end in sight, at least at the moment. :)

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Review #13, by marauder5Keeping Secrets: New Development

28th August 2013:
I'm back! (I told you I would be, didn't I?) It's funny; I was a bit hesitant to go ahead and read this, because I knew I only had three chapters left to read once I was finished. But I couldn't stay away! I suppose that's a good thing :D

I was exited to see that Charlie wanted to see Liz again. And, I mean, this sentence right here: "She was everything he needed all rolled up into one beautiful British-American" - that was brilliant! And I totally agree with it too ;) I love how he's scheming to see when she works and when she doesn't, and how he simply leaves after his first drink if she hasn't shown up by then!

You definitely had me laughing at Liz's comment: "Oh, are you TRYING to get a girlfriend?" Poor Charlie!

Oh, and Liz and her un-filtered mouth! Not that asking about Charlie's family was a strange question, really. She couldn't have known. I felt so bad for Charlie, though! I really hope she can get him to open up about it soon and help him deal with his problem. In my head, I picture the two of them falling in love, he'll take her with him back to England and they'll all live happily ever after. I'm not so sure things will go that smoothly, though ;)

Anyway, great work on tis chapter as well! Every time I come back here to read, I fall more in love with this story. Even though I might be guilty of dragging this whole reading process out until you've posted, say, 10 more chapters.. (that might be a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean), I'll probably be back before you know it!! :)

Author's Response: (Well, now that I've finally got a bit of a break from school, I can finally answer your review!! I'm sorry it's taken me SOOO long!!)

Take all the time you need in reading/reviewing! The fact that you even read and review it at all is amazing and makes me want to squee!!

*Sigh* I know, Charlie's just so ashamed... it really makes me want to scream at him sometimes. And I definitely agree, the longer he waits to go back to his family, it's just going to get harder and harder... and his poor family! They've got to be SO worried! Haha! I know what you mean about wanting to shake him! :P

Yay! I'm glad you loved the whole "Muggle transportation" bit! I wanted it to be as realistic as possible. I know it's only a small detail, but I really felt it was needed!

I'm really glad you liked the description of Liz! And you're absolutely right... now that you mention it, that is how Harry/Lily's eyes are. The OC in my Draco/OC has blue eyes, so I guess I was just trying to make Liz different from her physically, which is why i went with green eyes. But perhaps I should give her hazel or brown eyes! Thanks for the tip! :D

Hehe! I had to go re-read the last paragraph to see what you were talking about! I'm glad you liked it! I think at this point we all really want Charlie to go home, but he's not quite done complicating things for himself yet... *winks* :P

And YAY for liking Liz! I really, really wanted her to be likeable, and so far I think it's worked out really well! Yay for this being the exception - I'm so glad to hear you're happy about their possible pairing!! :D

Thank you SO SO MUCH for this AMAZING review!! ♥

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Review #14, by marauder5I Saw Him Once : I Saw Him Once

26th August 2013:
I saw your update about this on the forum, and I'm here to check it out.. I'm always so impressed with people who manage to pull of Luna, since I find it so difficult. I think your portrayal was really, really good! :)

I loved your description of the forest in the beginning; it could almost feel the humid atmosphere and the stifling heat! I also really liked how she and Ned were so much alike - they seemed like the perfect match! (I do have to ask, though: I know that according to JKR, she marries Rolf Scamander, who, I imagine, is also a lot like Luna - and Ned here. How come you decided to have Ned as the other character instead?) :)

The only suggestion I have is that you might want to add something more to the transition between the memory of meeting Ned and their wedding day. I think it felt just a little bit rushed, so maybe you could have some more description there or make it more distinct, somehow. Apart from that, I absolutely loved this one-shot, the characterization and description, and I wish you the best of luck in the challenge!!! :)

Author's Response: Hello :) I'm a little overwhelmed that you're reviewing one of MY stories, 19 Years is my absolute favourite story on the archives!

I'm really glad you liked my portrayal of Luna, she's definitely not an easy character to write and I've avoided her so far because she's my favourite character in the entire series and I wanted to do her justice :) I think often people write her as this slightly stupid girl who only ever talks about nargles but personally I think she's very intelligent and just eccentric!

Description is definitely my weakest aspect of writing, I get far too lost in the plot usually so it's wonderful to know you liked it :)

As for the Rolf/Ned thing, this was for 2 challenges, the les Mis one and a Luna/original character one so I couldn't use Rolf.

Your advice makes perfect sense-thank you for that. I have a little time before the challenges close so will see if I can iron out the transition.

Thank you for the very lovely and very helpful review!

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Review #15, by marauder5Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story: Ron's Alive

26th August 2013:
I'm really happy to see an update! :D and it was a very good one, as well!! I loved your description of everyone waiting in St. Mungo's to hear news about Ron and Ginny. Somehow, I found it so sweet that Hermione and Harry were holding hands, because in a way I feel like they're the closest to him (even if family ties may be stronger than friendship/romance, I just loved that image).

The only "complaint" I have is that you could have.. well, you said yourself that it felt a little rushed, and I don't necessarily agree, but I feel like the theme of the chapter was waiting, and how awful it is, and how time moves slowly.. and I do think you could have emphasized that a little bit, because it felt like they were waiting and then they immediately got the news that both Ron and Ginny were going to be fine. So maybe you could have stretched out the part in the middle where all of the others must have been feeling so helpless and frustrated and impatient. But that is the only thing in this chapter that could have been proved. All the rest was so good! I feel like you have developed so much since I first started reading this story, and it just keeps getting better. I loved how you wrote that Harry couldn't bring himself to look at Ron. That just shows how much he really loves him, I think. There's nothing worse than seeing your loved ones sick or injured, and you showed that in such a simple, perfect way with only that small sentence.

Well done! I look forward to seeing Ron recover. I'm glad Ginny's okay. Also, I'm hoping it won't be too long now before Harry and Ginny have James.. :) I really like this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! You made me smile for the first time in a few hours, as I sit here at 2 am studying for a calculus test, and I can't stress how helpful that is, so thank you :)

As for the complaint, I completely agree. I wanted to stretch it out, but I just needed to get SOMETHING out, I was close to getting death threats (; I'm not a fabulous writer when it comes to slow moving things and dragging the moment on, but sometimes I have to do it, and I think I might go back and do that with this chapter.

I am extremely excited for the following chapters, since I've had this idea for the next two chapters in my head for over a year, it'll be out soon! I actually have 1,500 words of the next chapter written, so hopefully it'll be up in a less than a month!

And thank you for reviewing on this chapter, quite a few people have read it and not reviewed, so I was actually considering taking it down. So thank you so much!

Wow, I guess I like to type out long responses... :) I hope you see you soon!

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Review #16, by marauder5Keeping Secrets: Six Months Later

26th August 2013:
Hi! I'm back! Finally... it only took me forever, but I finally found some time to come back and continue this story, and I'm so glad I did! Okay, here we go:

Oh, Charlie. Why do you have to be so PROUD?? I guess I can understand why he's too ashamed to go home, but the longer he waits, the harder it's going to be. I feel so bad for him. In the last chapter, I just wanted to hug him and tell him that it wasn't his fault. Now, I kind of want to shake him and tell him to get his head straight! Haha ;)

I love how he was shocked at how much work and time it gets to travel the Muggle way!

I love your introduction of the new bartender in the beginning of the chapter; you described it so well! I could really picture her stopping to tie her apron, looking around to see who might need a refill, as if she's eager to perform as well as possible her first day at work! I absolutely loved that part! The only thing I'd like to point out is how "almond shaped eyes in a brilliant green shade" is exactly the description of Harry's eyes... so maybe hers could be blue? Or not almond shaped? I don't know, it was just something that stood out to me as quite unlikely. Unless she's related to Lily.. well, I don't know, it was just a thought ;)

That last paragraph; it's pure gold! Seriously, it had me smiling SO widely, because even though I was happy to have him go back to his family, I really want him to run into Liz again. So far, I absolutely love her as a character. Normally, I'm not this happy about a prospect pairing so early on in the story, but I guess yours is an exception! Good job, my friend! :) I can't wait to read the next one (hopefully it won't take me so long!)

Author's Response: Oh wow... really, Jayde... really?? I posted the wrong response with the wrong review!!

What happened was, I was trying to respond to THIS review this morning, but then there was a notice on the forums that said the "review response" feature was down... so I copied and pasted my response in a word document and decided I'd give it a try when I got home from work. (Well, apparently it works now!! But I accidentally copied and pasted the response for this chapter into the next chapter's review... so I guess the only way to fix it now is to leave my response to your review on Chapter "New Development" here. I'm sorry for the confusion, and for the long-winded explanation!!)

Okay, so... the response!

I'm really glad you felt the need to come back and read more! I'm really sorry there's not more of the story for you to read now; I'm hoping to fix that soon! *Crosses fingers*

Teehee; I get kind of fangirly when I re-read the part about Charlie wanting to see Liz again, as well; I can't help it! And I'm so happy that you agree that Liz is just what Charlie needs!! ♥

You're right; it's not so abnormal of a question for Liz to want to know about Charlie's family... it certainly did create an awkward moment though, didn't it?? Hehe! Awww, yay for them going back to England and living happily ever after, that sounds like a good ending! :) I won't tell you whether or not it will end that way, though, you'll just have to keep reading to find out! XD (I know, I'm evil!)

Haha; I don't blame you for waiting to come back. I know how it feels to get SO into a story, only to have to wait for more chapters to be posted. So just take your time, dear, the fact that you've read and reviewed this at all means the world to me!! ♥ Thank you SO SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to see what you think about future chapters, and I'm so happy that you're falling in love with the story! *hugs*

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Review #17, by marauder5Sleepless: Chapter One

11th August 2013:
I have a feeling I'm going to fall head over heals in love with this story... This was so cute! SO CUTE! Ron and Hermione is one of my absolute favourite pairings, and I love the idea of this story! I think that your portrayal of them was perfect; this is exactly the Hermione we know from the first book, and almost exactly the Ron we know to (perhaps even a better version of him, that he just didn't show in front of Harry when it came to Hermione). It was really sweet to see them have this moment together, even before they were friends. You said it was your head canon, and now you've made it mine too! :) I loved it. I'll definitely add this story to my favourites and come back to read more as soon as possible. Great job on the characterization in this one!

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Review #18, by marauder5corporeal.: happy

5th August 2013:
What a sweet one-shot! I've actually thought about this before, how they'd find out that they're Patronuses match. It really confirms the fact that they're soul mates, doesn't it? I always imagined that finding that out would be what convinced Lily that she really did love James back, but your version of it is perhaps even better. It was beautifully written, and, like I said, so incredibly sweet :) Well done!

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Review #19, by marauder5Keeping Secrets: Enough

3rd August 2013:
I'm back for chapter two! :)

I really like how you put in the trouble that they have with the reporters. It's just another thing that makes it even harder for them to move on, but of course, the reporters are going to care more about a good story than people's feelings. It's something I hadn't thought about, and it was so sad to think of them being showered with all those questions when all they want to do, really, is mourn the loss of Fred.

And Rita Skeeter! Man, she is just so heartless! And your portrayal of her was absolutely flawless. I felt so bad for Charlie, and I really liked his companion for sticking up for him, but I suppose the guilt was too much to bear. And now I just want to hug Charlie because even though he doesn't want to hear it right now, it's NOT his fault! I just want someone to go after him and tell him that (maybe it should be George? just because, well, he was the closest to Fred). In just two chapters, you've managed to suck me into this story and make me want more, more, MORE! So yes, I think I'll add this to my favourites now. And I'll definitely come back to read more as soon as I've got time. You are just so incredibly talented, and I'm already convinced that this is going to be an amazing story!

Author's Response: ♥ ♥

Speaking of spoiling people with reviews... :P

Thank you for coming back and reading and reviewing the second chapter!! It makes me want to squee!!! :D

You're absolutely right - I imagine after the battle that those reporters would be like vultures... especially Rita Skeeter. The poor Weasleys! You're right, all they want to do is mourn Fred and you've got people like this horrid woman here who are only interested in the number of readers they're getting... *Glares at Rita evilly*

Yes, she is quite heartless! Teehee! Thank you for saying that I portrayed her flawlessly! For some reason, I seem to write evil/bad/unliked characters pretty well... o.O

Yes, poor Charlie's guilt was just a little too much for him right then. We should totally just give Charlie a hug-attack!! :P As for someone going after him and telling him it's not his fault... you'll have to see in the next chapter! Muahahaha! *Grins evilly* :P

Awww, yay for sucking you into the story!! ♥ AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING IT TO YOUR FAVORITES!!! ♥ Thank you so much for the compliments, and for this amazing review!! I can't tell you how happy it's made me!! *Squishes*

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Review #20, by marauder5The Blossoming: Memories Amongst Mourners

3rd August 2013:
I really don't know another way of putting it, so I'm just going to go with the first thought that hit me as I thought of what I'd include in this review:

This. Chapter. Pure perfection.

Really, you are such a wonderful writer! I think it's the little things that really do it for me, like how prisoners should be allowed to vote is what sent Vernon over the edge. Or Harry telling Hermes that he thought she (he? I don't know) had retired. Arthur using a tickling charm on Audrey's great-aunt (that's probably my favourite!) James' collection of Chocolate Frog Cards. Dudley trying to hide his smoking from Petunia. And well... the list is quite long already, but I think you see the point. All of those small things are, in my opinion, what makes this chapter so brilliant and the reason that it reminds me so much of JKR's own work. Thank you so much for writing this.

Also, I'm really glad that Harry didn't help carry the coffin after all, at least not physically. "He wouldn't carry Vernon's body, for the man had done nothing to deserve such respect from him, but he could try and ease his cousin's pain slightly." Yes, that right there, was absolutely perfect!

I can't wait to see where else you're taking this story. Have you figured out already how many chapters there will be?

Keep up the wonderful work! I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to the next chapter and more of your lovely writing.

Author's Response: You're so lovely! Thank you so very much for the sweet comments.

That prisoner/vote thing was a real thing in the news on the date that I'd decided Vernon died! Talk about serendipity - it was perfect for my needs.

The little details are my favourite thing in writing this story, so I'm glad you love reading them. I kind of feel like Arthur and the tickling charm deserves it's own one-shot!

My heart goes all happy whenever people say my writing reminds them of JKR's... SUCH a huge compliment. Thank you.

The next chapter is on the way! Ron's got a big decision to make... Woo! Thank you for your encouragement.

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Review #21, by marauder5Keeping Secrets: After the Battle

31st July 2013:
Okay, so I figured it was about time I read something of yours, especially since you've been spoiling me with amazing reviews on my stories, and it's definitely time I return the favour :) Besides, I've never read a story about Charlie before, and I really look forward to seeing where this is going.

This chapter was so sad! For some reason I found it especially touching because it was from Charlie's POV - after all, having seen him only through Ron and perhaps Ginny's admiring eyes, he always seems like such a tough, strong person, and it's so sad to see someone like that break down. Of course, there would be something wrong with him if he didn't! I loved the relationship between him and Bill (I can definitely imagine the two of them being the closest). Hopefully, Charlie will open up to him soon, so that Bill can convince him that it wasn't his fault! It's so sad that he thinks it was!

I don't know if this was a typo or not, because I'm not a native English speaker, but it just sounded a bit off: "He was very nearly crying himself", the 'very nearly crying' part. I think I would have written 'very near crying', but if I'm mistaken, just ignore that. You're probably a lot better at English grammar than I am ;)

I also have another suggestion. When I read this paragraph, I felt like you used the word 'Charlie' a few too many times:

"Bill had always known how to comfort Charlie, and Charlie knew that Bill would be able to comfort him now… but Charlie didn’t want to be comforted. A part of Charlie somewhere deep inside wanted to keep suffering in silence, to continue punishing himself with seclusion and guilt." I think you could write: "... but he didn't want to be comforted. A part of him somewhere deep inside..." I hope that makes sense!

Other than those very small things, I really enjoyed this chapter! I think that this was my favourite part of it:

"It was a name he’d heard his mother yell thousands of times in anger or frustration, a name that was almost synonymous with mischief and foolery. Now, however, the name was accompanied by grief and heartache."

That it just so beautifully written, and so moving, just like the chapter as a whole. I'm definitely going to come back soon and read the next one. Good job on this one, you should be very happy with it!!

Author's Response:

Hey there lovely!! Thank you SO, SO much for stopping by to read and review this! I can't tell you how much it means to me! It was an amazing surprise and it really made my day! And I'm so, so terribly sorry that it has taken me so long to respond!

Yes, this is quite a sad first chapter! :( I was actually afraid that would keep people from wanting to read more, but it doesn't seem to have! :) And I thought it was quite fitting, for someone as seemingly tough as Charlie to inwardly be very sensitive at a time like this.

I agree, it's very sad that Charlie thinks it's his fault, and I'm glad you like the relationship between him and Bill. That just sort of came out of nowhere when I was writing this chapter, but I'm so very glad it did because it fits perfectly! :)

I agree, that sentence does sound a bit off... something about the syntax is a bit wonky! Thank you SO much for pointing that out! ♥ I'll be sure to take care of that when I edit!

Aah. The never-ending "Charlie". I tend to do this a LOT in my stories. I think I've improved a little bit in later chapters, though, I hope you'll agree! Again, thank you SO much for pointing that out! That's something else I should take care of when I edit!

Haha! I'm not sure why, but I really loved that line, too! :P

Aww! Thank you for the compliments! I'm glad you felt the chapter was moving. Again, thank you SO VERY MUCH! ♥

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Review #22, by marauder5Not Normal: {Chapter the First}

27th July 2013:
hi! I'm here for the review tag.

I must say, this was an interesting start to a story. I was really pulled in by the way you explained how Ellie discovered her gift, and I'm definitely interested to learn more about that. I remember JKR saying something about Voldemort ending up like that, with his soul trapped, because he couldn't choose to become a ghost and he also couldn't relax in death... so that got me wondering if Ellie will ever see HIM? Hm... And then, when you announced that their mother had died, that memory from her fifth birthday became moving in another way, because it showed a time when they're family were still complete, sort of the innocent, happy childhood that was taken from them when the mother died. It was really sad. I also found it really touching how Ellie now worried about losing Chris and her dad too - the fear of losing your loved ones... Maybe it just hits close too home for me because I had this HORRIBLE nightmare about my brother dying the other night. Well, either way, I found it really touching, a nice detail to show that she really loves her family, and that she's really close to her brother.

And then Albus walked in. To be honest, while I really liked his character and found their bickering quite amusing, I would say that it's a LITTLE bit cliché... I don't know, I'm just convinced that Ellie is going to fall for him eventually and it's going to be another one of those "Oh, Al is so annoying" that turns into "But he's also rather cute..." I hope you find a way to make it happen without it being cliché, but it's quite a risky path you've taken already in the first chapter. Also, it's the whole "my brother's best mate" thing.. That's not to say I didn't like it, I just think it will be quite challenging to keep it original and fresh, as the first part of this chapter really was. I keep my fingers crossed that you'll find a way, though, and given that I really liked your writing, I'm sure you'll surprise me :)

I think it was nice how Rose is a little rebel in the sense that she likes and believes in Divination. I'm sure that's driving Hermione crazy! I wonder if this Seer will return later on.. what she said now was all very mysterious. Of course, having read the story summary, I have a few guesses as to what she was talking about.

All in all, I thought that this was a really good chapter, and I hope to find the time to read the next one sometime soon as well! It's well written, I didn't spot any major typos or anything like that, and Ellie definitely feels like an interesting character :) Good job!!!

Author's Response: Hello!

:D You're too kind! I reworked the two posted chapters, and I think the first chapter alone grew in size by about 1500 words, so this means a lot!

The first scene was easy and difficult to write at the same time, so if you really liked it... well, I'm incredibly flattered! And the feeling of Ellie losing her brother is semi-inspired by a similar nightmare I had about my sister, so the Ellie's fears felt very real when I was writing that part.

A little cliche? The Ellie/Albus dynamic is so cliche it sometimes makes me cringe when I think about it. But, alas, I do love a good cliche - and I'm a little undecided on if Ellie will fall for Al... she was going to for sure, but then... Al became more annoying to write, so we'll see!

I really wanted to show Rose being a little more normal. Ellie's quite... driven, as you'll see later on, so I wanted something to balance that out a little!

Thanks so much for this lovely review! This really means a lot to me!

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Review #23, by marauder5How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart: Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire

18th July 2013:
Okay, so I found myself laughing from the very first sentence ("I was always marvelous")! That first paragraph is actually absolutely brilliant. Even now, as I went back and read it again, I was cracking up for the second time. To be honest, this is probably the funniest story I have read on this site! I absolutely LOVE the fact that you wrote about Lockman (I've never read any other fan fiction about him), and even better, teenage Lockman. How could it be anything but brilliance?

I also must say that you've added this little hints of adult Lockman in the most perfect way! Like how he accidentally turned James' feet into flippers. That's exactly like when he decided to "fix" Harry's arm!

Lines that made me laugh out loud (litterally!!):

"Gladys has always seemed like a sensible person, and what is more sensible than fancying me?"

"Something hits the side of my cauldron and I jump in my seat, startled. Then I realise it’s only the note from Gladys. I had forgotten about that in all the excitement of how the lilac hat looked on me."

"I must have been distracted by the sensational face smiling back at me from the side of my cauldron."

"And then I understand: he was just too surprised that I would be giving away such a valuable potion for free. So it’s all for the best – I’ll start charging for them from now on."

Yeah. I think I have to say it again. I loved loved LOVED it :) I'll definitely add it to my favourites and go back to read it again whenever I'm bored. I can't remember the last time I laughed this much when I was sitting all alone in my room. Thank you so much for this story :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I'm flattered that you think it's that funny. Your review definitely made me smile! :D

The scene when he turned James' feet to flippers was in fact partially inspired by that part in CoS when he "fixed" Harry's arm :P Lockhart never seemed to me like someone who would learn from his mistakes!

Thanks for reading and for your wonderful review!

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Review #24, by marauder5Magpie: The Clearwater Remains

14th July 2013:
I feel bad that it took me this long to read and review this chapter, but here I am, finally! And I'm so glad to see that your brilliance continues, haha :) Really, you have such a talent for story-telling, it's incredible. Honestly, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will become a published author in the future, so that I can buy all your books and read them over and over and again!

Okay, let's move on from my obsession over your writing skills to the chapter. I think you describe Verity's grief very realistically, like in the beginning when she's talking to her mother and almost see Penelope in the corner of her eye. I can't quite explain why, but it was so touching. Perhaps it was because I think of it as Verity's way of trying to comfort herself - pretending that she's still there.

I also really enjoyed the scene with Gemma. She sounds like a lovely character that I can't wait to see more of, and I really liked the waitress as well. The live music night at the bar seems interesting. I can't wait for it, as I have a really strong feeling that George will be there :D

And getting a glimpse of Penelope and Percy's relationship was absolutely wonderful. I'd love to see more it; for example, will you include why they broke up? From that little fragment we got to see, they seemed to be so happy together!

The idea of Verity being a collector of stories is just so clever. The story about Bess the ghost was so good, so tragic and horrible, and probably my favourite part of this chapter. It was perfectly written, not too long but detailed enough for it to really make an impression.

I was also absolutely thrilled when she ran into George again! I know I said it in the last chapter, but it's worth repeating: you write him so, so well! I just love him as a character. Reading this, I've realized how little we really see of him in the books. He's always around with his funny comments, but I look forward to reading this story, in which I assume you'll explore his character more deeply. I can't wait for it. It was also really nice to see how he relaxed when Fred was around (and it made me sad too because Fred only has two years to live...) :(

And Geoge will convince her that Voldemort is back! Then, I'm sure they'll be able to solve Penelope's murder, and Aaron Holden's murder.. I just realized now that is why the Aurors haven't really done anything, because they, like Fudge, claim that it's not true. It's great that you include those details to make it compatible with canon and what's going on in Harry's world at the same time.

I loved this chapter, and as always, I look forward to the next one. Keep up the wonderful work! :)

Author's Response: Hi! Ah, I don't even know where to start, this review was just so incredible and lovely and awesome! This story is quickly becoming my baby so getting this positive feedback is really encouraging and makes me happy. So thank you! :D

How sweet are you?! Really, I'm so flattered you like my writing and story-telling, that is such amazing praise. :)

Ah, well I'm glad you're still liking Verity and finding her grief believable and interesting. I feel so sorry for her experiencing all of these feelings, but the grieving process is a really important part of the story and I think she would still be seeing and having trouble believing Penelope is entirely gone.

I'm also so pleased you like Gemma, her character and her appearance in the story was one of the first things I came up with and wrote while planning the story. As for your suspicion about George making an apperance, well that is definitely a good guess! :P

I'm definitely going to include a lot more about Percy and his relationship with Penny, since the fact that they dated is one of the only real canon facts about her and because Percy is such an intruiging character to me. We definitely haven't see the last of him, or of the flashbacks to Verity's Hogwarts years- they're so fun to come up with! :D

I'm so glad you liked the Bess anecdote because the little minor characters and side stories are so interesting and exciting for me to come up with. Hopefully it wasn't too creepy, and was interesting and symbolic instead! :P

I'm so pleased you like the way I've been writing George, I'm always concerned about doing him properly. I agree, he's not really particularly deep in the books and I want to go into depth with his character and give him more emotion and diverse qualities. I'm glad you liked the little detail about Fred, and yes, it's just so upsetting to think about Fred's death while I'm writing this! :(

Haha I love your predictions! It's great to hear you like the connections to canon, and the useless-ness of the Aurors at the moment. There's definitely a lot more to come. :)

Thank you thank you thank you for your amazing support and feedback on this story, it's so lovely of you and I really enjoy reading your words! Hopefully I'll be able to update this story soon! :D

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Review #25, by marauder5Somewhere Only We Know: Somewhere Only We Know

13th July 2013:
Oh dear, how could you? *wipes tears away*

This was such a beautiful one-shot. Throughout the piece, I was thinking: "Oh, what a cute idea, having Hermione look back at her memories of travelling!" And then there were your little details that made it even better, like Ron's skin going as red as his hair (obviously!!) and his hand-writing being as bad as Rose's. It was also lovely to see their holidays changing as their lives changed - when they had children, when the kids were older, and then with grandchildren. I really liked that.

I think that this might be a typo: "had survived the stress of raising two children, and ultimately had murdered one another in their sleep." It should be "ultimately hadn't murdered one another in their sleep," shouldn't it?

Oh, and when I read that last line, my heart broke! It was such a twist that I certainly didn't expect, but it made the rest of the story even more beautiful. It's just so sad to think about those who lose their husband/wife after having spent so many years together, and now they have to live alone.. :( But it's the harsh reality of so many lives, and your portrayal of it was absolutely impeccable.

Author's Response: Ha, I'm sorry! :P

Thank you, I'm so pleased you liked it! I really enjoyed thinking up all the little details that I wrote, it was so fun. And yes, stupid typo haha, I've fixed it now! :P

I meant the ending to be bittersweet in that she was sad Ron was gone but happy about all the memories they had. I know, it's really sad :( thank you for such a huge compliment though! :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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