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Review #1, by jamesandlily_foreverThe Invisible Thief : Slow and Steady

15th July 2014:
hey, are you ok because you haven't posted a new chapter in a while and I'm slightly worried, but I love this story!

Author's Response: I'm all good - thank you for your concern! A chapter is waiting to be validated rn, I just took a small break. xx

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Review #2, by jamesandlily_foreverBoy Hunt: five

17th February 2014:
please do an epilogue!! I absolutely lovee this story!

Author's Response: i do have ideas for an epilogue but lets see! thanks for the review xx

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Review #3, by jamesandlily_foreverLoyal, Just, and Really Shy: Meet The Family!

19th December 2013:
I love this story. That's all continue! PLEASE!

Author's Response: Thanks! Don't worry, I think I'll have the next chapter up soon...

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Review #4, by jamesandlily_foreverMarauders Stories - Sirius Black 5th Year : The Marauders Map

18th December 2013:
sorry about never writing you a review but I love your story, and how fast you update! It's awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks! More to come!

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Review #5, by jamesandlily_foreverThe Invisible Thief : Sideline Kisses

5th September 2013:

Just thought you ought to know...

Author's Response: Thank you SO much for alerting me on this. Sadly, she is actually one of my readers but I have just reached out to her to try to get her to take it down. If she doesn't take it down I will be asking all my readers to report the story because it generally really upsets me about what is going on.

Thank you though so much!

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Review #6, by jamesandlily_foreverLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: The Beginning Of Christmas Break

7th July 2013:
Did you update this one? or post something else? Because it just popped up and it didn't make any sense


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Review #7, by jamesandlily_foreverBeauty Queen: I'm Sorry

14th June 2013:
No offense I hated this chapter. I mean you did a great job with it, an I knew that there was nothing Tash could do, because she wasn't strong enough yet to go off on her own, but I just wished she had. Yes, it was really sad seeing James watch her go. SHE NEEDS TO COME BACK FOR HIM!

Author's Response: Aw I'm sorry you hated the chapter! It's actually a chapter I've had planned since the beginning of the story. But yeah, it's definitely sad that she just let James watch her go. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do that. We'll see if Tash is able to come back for him though... ;)

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #8, by jamesandlily_foreverInnocent: Friends Lost And Found

26th May 2013:
Oh my golly! I love you so much! I couldn't believe that Sirius was going to die you had me waiting in suspense all week! AGHH! Well this is so exciting! You really did a great job with Sirius's character. He is the kind of person that I could see twisting the tables of his own interrogation. Will they catch Peter? Will Narcissa turn him in because all of the work with Draco has gotten her to stand up for herself? Because Sirius needs Peter to have a case at all. I wish you were still on the sunday-wednesday schedule! :(

Author's Response: Haha, aww. :) Yes, Sirius is safe (for now, anyway), and I'm sorry about the suspense. :P Thank you. I adored Sirius in this chapter and he was so much fun to write. He's probably the most unorthodox prisoner they've ever had. :P I won't say whether Peter will be caught or not - that, as you can imagine - could be a rather significant plot development... :P
So do I, but unfortunately, my job and my study have other ideas about how my time should be spent. :S
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #9, by jamesandlily_foreverInnocent: Marlene's Revenge

19th May 2013:
NOOO!! Please tell me he doesn't die! NO!!! He's innocent! What about harry?! The suspense I want to know now! You can't kill him off! He's a main character! ;.(

Author's Response: I can't tell you anything. :S I know he's innocent - that's what makes this whole situation so terrible. :( Harry's safe enough at the moment. :S The suspense is cruel of me isn't it? Sorry about that. :S
I won't make any promises where Sirius is concerned. :/
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #10, by jamesandlily_foreverInnocent: Nowhere To Run

13th May 2013:
NO What happens?!?! AGH I wanna know now!!! THE SUSPENSE!!

Author's Response: I can't say - you'll have to wait, unfortunately. :S Haha, suspense is what I was going for... :P
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #11, by jamesandlily_foreverInnocent: Merry Mayhem

10th April 2013:
I love how Harry took right too the broom, and beat Sirius. I also loved how Sirius said that he would still want to be his godfather, and take care of him if he wasn't in Gryffindor.

Author's Response: I loved letting Harry fly again - I've been wanting to write this scene for ages but I needed to find the right place to include it. :P Of course he would - Sirius' parents hated him because he was a Gryffindor - and while he didn't particularly like his family - he would never put that sort of pressure on Harry. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by jamesandlily_foreverLike a House on Fire: Asphodel, Powdered Root of

8th April 2013:
I really liked this chapter, and how much Sirius is trying to talk to her, because that is what I see him doing..
..and I'm glad your writing again! :)

Author's Response: Yes, I am glad I am writing again, too! It made me very happy to get this chapter posted! And it's nice to hear that you enjoyed the chapter, and where Sirius is going, as a character!

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Review #13, by jamesandlily_foreverInnocent: Taking Risks

4th April 2013:
This is great! I love how Narcissa is finally standing up for herself. I always felt that she and Reg were similar, because it seemed as though they didn't really agree with what was happening, but couldn't really do anything about it, and didn't really want to!

Author's Response: Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D Yes - I imagine she's quite a stubborn woman, and I'm having a lot of fun trying to show that. :)
Exactly - she and Reg were both victims of circumstance, which is why I imagine she's seized the opportunity to chance Draco's upbringing. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #14, by jamesandlily_foreverBlack Hart: Deadlines

31st March 2013:
Just an FYI do you know that Eyebrow is in a lot of words I'm not sure peyebrowsion is a word maybe you meant passion etc...

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Review #15, by jamesandlily_foreverA Game of Truth or Dare: Aftermath

24th March 2013:
Please continue with this story it has been great to read so far!

Author's Response: Ah wow, thank you very much! =D I shall do so =) Thanks so much for your kind review! ^^

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Review #16, by jamesandlily_foreverAsk Lily: Stuck With Each Other

24th February 2013:
is Mystrium101 James?

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Review #17, by jamesandlily_foreverJust Say Yes: The Room of Requirements

11th February 2013:
When are Quinn and Sirius going to get together? But really though...

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Review #18, by jamesandlily_foreverThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Surprises Around Every Corner

1st February 2013:
Are you doing the "Thrice defied lord voldemort" thing? I loved how he knew Lily was pregnant before she did.

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Review #19, by jamesandlily_foreverReality: Reality

25th January 2013:
I love the idea about James enjoying Lily's faults, and when you said that you didn't own harry potter because if you didn't you wouldn't be writing a fan fiction about it

Author's Response: Thanks! One of my biggest pet peeves in James and Lily stories is when James constantly drools over Lily and thinks she's the most perfect being in the world with absolutely no faults. That's no conducive to a healthy relationship.

And thanks, haha. That's actually a lie, though. If I were to ever become a famous author, I would anonymously write fanfiction that is secretly cannon, just to see what people thought. I'm still not J.K. Rowling, though.

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Review #20, by jamesandlily_foreverRemus & Lily - A Loyal Friendship: A Remus & Lily Story ~ Written By MarauderFelicis41

23rd January 2013:
haha you have to stop using the prefects bathroom...I think this is a great idea showing how Lily and Remus are friends

Author's Response: I remembered they were prefects together. So it would make sense that the other boys were abusing the prefects bathroom. :)

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Review #21, by jamesandlily_foreverThe Dating Game: Creating the Game

22nd January 2013:
I like it..Its funny having them do a dating game and all I had never thought of that before!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you like the idea.

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Review #22, by jamesandlily_foreverThe Scientific Method: Part One

19th January 2013:
Haha I love that the numbers go on forever, and how they aren't going to tell her because it is hilarious! Brilliant idea!

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Review #23, by jamesandlily_foreverEvolution: The Winner Takes it All?

16th January 2013:
I actually enjoyed this! I was really afraid that she would fall for Malfoy, but now that she hasn't and has given her the bat-bogey hex it was brilliant!

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Review #24, by jamesandlily_foreverGoodbye James, Hello Derek: 23: All Good Things Must Come to an End

13th January 2013:
I love this chapter! Haha that is brilliant that Lily knew the whole time!

Author's Response: Glad to hear! I always wrote Lily with this ending in mind! :)

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Review #25, by jamesandlily_foreverGoodbye James, Hello Derek: 22: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

4th January 2013:
So sad, I can't believe he is reading, but I thought maybe Peter told Lily what was going on she she took off right after Sirius checked the map and meets James in the Great Hall right before he leaves... That would be a very interesting chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, I don't think anyone could have guessed that James would leave. Your predictions about what will happen next are pretty good. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Thanks for reviewing and sharing!

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