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Review #1, by greenbirdsAccidentally On Purpose : Ouroboros

1st April 2018:
i have SO much AOP to catch up on. what a treat! pls forgive me for being so inactive w this story & the site in general... in the mean time- where can i find this after hpff closes down- desperate to follow the gang to the very end & will prob accompany u w future chapters of fluorescent adolescent whether u end up. lmk xoxoxo

Author's Response: YOU'RE BACK! I just saw you posted a new chapter, I am reading it tonight as a revision break treat and I can't wait!!! I 100% forgive you because i've been atrocious with updates as well ... also i have no idea?! I've been hearing that might be the place to go? I really don't know - what are you thinking? I need to know where FA ends up - it will kill me if i don't know how it ends x

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Review #2, by greenbirdsAccidentally On Purpose : Don't Tear Down My Walls, I Just Decorated Them

18th July 2017:
what moves this story from being great to outstanding is truly your perfect, nuanced grasp on the intricacies and intimacies of teenage relationships. their beef, their banter, their quips and their insecurities- all wonderfully narrated by the ridiculously likeable jenelle- are so well done, so understated, so clever... i feel like i'm rewatching my year 12 friendship group dynamic from afar and i am LOVING it beyond words!

god, could james BE any more nebulous... its beyond frustrating and i feel for poor jenelle! although her newly discovered interest in luke is super exciting and you know, it would serve james right. and dom, actually! even jenelle is starting to grate on me for her ongoing self-pity and her reluctance to actually demand the truth from james- not a criticism of you at all, obviously, just the lack of persepective all teenage girls have, really!

(yeah, freddie is my favourite character. if you haven't guessed.) and tyra mail? SCREAMED.

funny moment no.2 is obviously when luke called dom out on her theatrics. dom is great but girls like her- over dramatic, life of the party, hideously insecure- have never really /clicked/ with boys like luke- chilled, laid back, no nonsense- and that snap was hysterical. what great character dynamics, and especially hurtful to dom, i'd imagine.

"Dom had accidentally knocked over an entire can of paint all over herself (privately, I felt that she did this on purpose for the attention, particularly Luke's, who'd laughed and tried to help her clean up)"

with dom, it's almost as if she's been expected to play this over the top alpha female diva- commanding the boys to move the furniture, storming out of the game, being a nuisance over the party invite- and idk, its interesting, its almost as if the more she feels luke move away from her grasp, the more she increases it? again, what a perfect teenage move.

idk. i just love this beyond words and your almost daily updates give me LIFE. im speechless @ your ability, your wit and your writing talents... update soon, please!

Author's Response: I love your reviews even more with each one, like I cannot believe anyone would think to give as much insight into this story as I do as I pour over literally every word haha. Can't thank you enough honestly, because these reviews make my entire WEEK.

But THANK YOU, I'm so so overjoyed that Jenelle's simultaneously an unlikeable and likeable character, because I almost feel like all the best ones are? No one's perfect and it's better once you see someone's flaws, in a way, because they're even more frustratingly relatable. Which is what I'm going for haha. Honestly a genre for this story should be SEVERE FRUSTRATION.

But yes!! I think it's so easy to forget that 16yrolds are not all quippy, witty and quick-thinking people. Like when I was 16 I was an idiot and barely had a good comeback ready at good occasions let alone when I've had time to think about it lol. And, at 16, especially as a girl, we tend to romanticise EVERYTHING. A glance, a word, a carelessly thoughtful action. Reading into things is a 16 year old girl's MO.

But no, I NEVER take thoughts on characters as a criticism on myself!!! Ever!!! If anything, I'm so happy to read people's take on Jen and everyone!!! Makes them so real??

Honestly, I love that this has been the chapter that's ignited the most explosive reactions regarding James -- in terms of being annoyed and frustrated by him -- because that makes the next two chapters a WHOLE lot more interesting!

HAHAHAHAHA, Freddie is my favourite too, though even HE has his flaws.

oH my god I'm so glad you picked up on that!!! I've known people like Dom, sometimes I AM people like Dom, because despite having guy friends, I have no idea how to act with a guy I like, especially when that guy is nothing like me personality wise. Luke DEFINITELY gets along better with Jenny, who's similarly untheatrical (to a certain degree) and that, along with Luke's comment, is going to for sure grate at Dom for a while. And it's very in her character to remember these things for a long time, kind of like intrusive memories that flash up every now and then. You can kind of them see why Dom might resent Jenny a bit sometimes, despite loving her to death.

"it's almost as if she's expected to play this over the top alpha female diva" YES, YES YES YES, a thousand times YES. At this point, IS this person even who Dom really is? Or is it an act? Another part in a play? She's definitely outspoken and dramatic, but to what end? Might be sheer boredom or classic middle child syndrome or, probably, because she has no idea who else she is otherwise. But again, YES, Dom, much to her detriment, turns up the full wattage of her antics whenever she feels Luke's attention slipping away. Something all girls do, I feel haha.

UGH, honestly for someone who's written something as brilliant, nuanced and amazing as FA, it gives ME life that you genuinely like this story. Just crazy.

Can't wait to see your thoughts on the next couple of chapters!! AND PATIENTLY WAITING FOR CHAPTER 25 FOR FA IS NOT RUINING MY LIFE. NOT AT ALL.

Just kidding lol. I'll wait forever!

Thank you again darling!! xxx

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Review #3, by greenbirdsAccidentally On Purpose : Spinning Empty Bottles

30th June 2017:
wow! so many things to discuss here! i've reread this chapter like three times over and i think i'll just have to sort my ramblings in chronological order to make /any/ sense to either of us.


firstly- and this goes for the previous chapters, as well as, i assume, future ones- the banter between the five is so perfect, so adolescent, so believable- i truly do feel like i'm reading out loud texts between me and /my/ friends, or reading notes of an overheard conversation. it feels so real, there is nothing forced about it and it is truly such a delight to read! even the smaller one-liners- like the banter around jenny's lightweightness, or during the game- is perfect. its so easy to overdue group banter when trying to create a group dynamic and its so hit and miss, you've hit this STRAIGHT out of the park.

secondly, your characterisation? so nuanced, so subtle, so real. the daring naughtiness of dom that so perfectly conceals her inner insecurities, the awkward boyishness of luke, easily the most normal of the group, a total jack the lad with a heart kind of figure. jenelle, especially, is so delightfully layered and complex it is a genuine PLEASURE reading her internal monologue and commentary. the way she feels about james, her reluctant suspicions about dom, her empowerment by luke's "we all faniced you in forth year" quip, and the way she went over and conversed with holly & oliver. even the way she described the group is sooo perfectly secondary school dynamics, like uRGH i MISS those kind of ella sommers holly winter characters !

but yeah- loool this is so not chronological order, soz- the way jenella has the confidence, the popular girl confidence (yet decidedly not arrogance, that dom might have in comparison) to go up and converse with holly and oliver. the way she identifies oliver as a potential figure of- not quite romance- perhaps chirpse? is so well done, so perfect in her character, i LOVE IT. god, i just LOVE HER.

and more on jenella and your perfect reality of secondary school kids- her not having sex with james was SUCH A PERFECT move, i'm almost annoyed i didn't have it feature in /my/ teenage fics and you can BET you'll see it feature in a next one. because like, i went to a nice middle class school, none of the girls had sex unless it was with a boyfriend and even that was all by the age of year 12 and 13- most of the year, boys and girls, went to university without having had sex. i think this is super normal, especially as i've left the school bubble and met others across the country who have experienced similar, so why is the whole "hook up constant sex"-esque culture of hogwarts in next gen so accepted as canon? like, why hasn't it been challenged yet? i am SO sorry for this rant but it's almost empowering read jenelle just reflect the reality for many teenage girls like her and it not only adds to your amazing reality of adolescence but studs her character with such dual empowerment and vulnerability- ahhh, i just LOVE IT!

and the way you described james turning more and more off her, the way she felt desperate towards the end. so real, so heartbreaking. saddest thing ever and i haven't quite found it reflected on this site without being studded with major hyperbole. so yeah, go you P! (p? plums? go you, yeah)

and returning back to dom (sorry my thoughts are sooo all over the place!). pining over a guy she was only ever dating aged fourteen but is still so caught up in- you have to sympathise, don't you? again, i never went to boarding school but my friends who did describe the intense unavailability, the total lack of closure in that kind of environment and dom's got it bad. also, a total blow to her pride- does she fancy him as much as she needs to /conquer/ him to prove her alpha femaleness? like, is it an obsession of her own power and ability tinted with romanticisation of the guy or genuine heartbreak? maybe both?

anyway, i've rambled on faaar too long and you're probably /so/ bored with this review and kinda done with me. super sorry but yeah, yeah, update soon and i'll be updating the next-gen page hourly until you do!

Author's Response: I seriously love long reviews. That make my WHOLE day.

First, the banter, I am so pleased you think that because I feel like I'm just spewing information and forgetting to inject with life? So I'm genuinely chuffed by that.

UGH. You are way too kind. And I'm so happy you feel that way about Ella and Holly!!! Personally, Ella is slowly becoming a favourite because she's this amalgamation of some of my best high school girl friends.

I love that you you feel that way about Jenelle!!! When I write her I can't help but inject some of myself into her, but she's, at the same time, nothing like me at all, and yeah, just that you're able to see her so clearly and LOVE her just makes me so happy.

HAHAHA "i'm almost annoyed." No seriously don't be, FA is literal goals for a teen fic and now i'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to seeing that in a chapter soon!! (hopefully?? praying). But yeah, in my mind Hogwarts is a highly exclusive and selective Wizarding school that only has a certain number of places available, but anyway, so I just feel like while people definitely have sex (they're trapped and horny teens), choices are limited and people know each other VERY well. Like especially everyone in their year (which I numbered to be only 40), and idk what this ramble even means in reference to Jenelle's decision not to have sex with James yet because she doesn't feel ready, but I think the school environment adds to it, but also I wanted to make her a very normal 16yr old. She knows she wants it to be James, but it still terrifies her and she's not overly bothered by peer pressure, mostly because Dom's actually never made her feel bad about it -- in fact, I imagine Dom's told her to wait and make sure because SHE lost her virginity at a young age. But I'm so blown that you feel that way? I didn't quite think about what Jen's choice might mean in a grander context but this has really hit me!! I'm so happy!! And might I add that she isn't the only virgin in her friend group ...? *hint* *wink*

It makes me feel so conflicted when people like Jenny's heart break lol, because I'm like god she's such an unhappy girl, I want to write her happy!!! And one day it WILL happen hahaha

Dom is one of the most deeply flawed and complicated characters I've written besides Severus Snape, which says a lot. She's both someone you can sympathise with, someone who you wish actually was your best friend, and someone you could easily hate. And yeah, I had friends in boarding school too and they found it so suffocating and they were SO close to each other it was like family, so try to shove all those dynamics in.

"does she fancy him as much as she needs to /conquer/ him to prove her alpha femaleness? like, is it an obsession of her own power and ability tinted with romanticisation of the guy or genuine heartbreak? maybe both?"

I think you've just asked two of the most important questions when it comes to Dom. And, if I was going to give an honest answer, it would be that Dom is proud, confident and a jealous person. She loves to be adored. Where her sister was admired, Dom is respected. Where Vic is adored, Dom is revered.

First of all, DO NOT BE SORRY AT ALL. I will never get bored of your reviews, they make me think so much about my own characters and fall in love and hate them all over again. Also you're hpff royalty so I literally gasp whenever I see you've dropped a review and fan girl it's a little embarrassing ...

THANK YOU FOR THIS LOVELY REVIEW. I hope they never stop coming!!!

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Review #4, by greenbirdsAccidentally On Purpose : Unlock Your Fears

24th June 2017:
"Still light-headed from kisses I never had"

god, that is heavy and a half. easily the best line i've seen on this website- almost ts eliot-esque in its subtle, bittersweet beauty. would i be reducing its greatness and its gravity to compare it to all to well by taylor swift? maybe? that's what this whole james & jenelle stitch reminds me of!

beautiful, witty and gripping as usual. i remember TWY was obviously well-written, but you're really broadcasting your natural gift for writing in this re-write, and i am so thrilled to read it again. your writing belongs in the real world of fictional publishing!

loved the references to james' style without any explicit detail- his bomber jacket last chapter, his yeezys this time. it creates a picture of this stylish, trend following teenage boy which only furthers his character- obviously wealthy, invested in the muggle world, clearly and unapologetically up to date with contemporary fashion. little details like that just so perfectly accentuate his relationship with jenelle- the way he still calls her jenny, his biggest fear, the way his guard goes up at any wrong word uttered by her. what a wonderful, complex, multi-dimensional character.

and jenelle herself is wonderful. it's always difficult letting on to what the protagonist is like when the story is told in their narrative, but she's already coming across just as layered as james- she is witty and shrewd, vulnerable yet tough, and i loved that one of her biggest fears is claustrophobia. a foreshadow to her termination of the relationship with james?

or is dom still the culprit behind it?

god, i am so, SO excited to read more. this update was fanTASTICALLY quick and i hope they all are! its so exciting re-reading this and i cannot rave enough about the characters' dynamics and your writing style. you've inspired me to start re-writing (as opposed to finishing off FA as quickly as possible, as has been my purpose on hpff for the past half year).

you're beyond words! youre the BESSTTT.

Author's Response: You are insane for comparing that line to Eliot ... like I am in actual pure and unadulterated shock. That is the most complimentary, crazy thing I've ever heard I'm just ... you're crazy. But I LOVE you. And no!! You wouldn't be reducing it to Taylor Swift. It's actually quite accurate and I'm not going to lie I've been listening to Lorde's new album on repeat and it fuels my writing about JJ (Jamelle?).

THANK YOU!!! I was re-reading some of the stuff I wrote and I just found I hated the present tense and I wanted to refurbish some of the language so that honestly thrills me. AND SSTOP don't tell me that, that just -- that's too overwhelming hahaha. I keep re-reading it and just ... AHHH. I've always thought about it but god, no one's ever read my stuff and told me to write in the real world!!!

I honestly love love LOVE reading your insights into the characters and the small, almost insignificant things that you pick up and zero in on. Like YES to everything you just said. He is unavoidably immersed in Muggle culture and fashion and yet he's so invested in the magical world that he almost sees himself as being better, or just separate. But he's also just a boy who's been raised by two kind and lovely people, and I always imagined his home life to be pampered, adoring and loving that he just can't help but act in the same way--he hates to hurt people, values his friendships and loves and loves intensely. He has no idea how to act when someone doesn't seem to reciprocate those values.

Writing is Jenelle is one of the easiest and most difficult things in the world. She is so like me and yet NOTHING like me at all and the fact that you can get that from two chapters is such a relief and just brilliant. And o, her claustrophobia I think is just a tiny fear and more like dislike of the idea of not being able to go outside and make that choice ... so without giving too much away ... it's not the reason why she and James break up.

YAY. Updates will be coming quickly -- I've written up to chapter 7 so it should be getting out faster than a bullet leaves a gun. I'm so happy that it's exciting, that was my biggest fear like is it so boring ... your writing so funny and witty I just die and I'm like HOW does she write like this, you are so talented. I am so bad at writing humour omg so everything you're saying just BOWLS me over.

AND WHAT. INSPIRED YOU TO START RE WRITING INSTEAD OF FINISHING FA. That is insane. You KNOW I'm going to be the first one to be on top of that and dying and crying over it.

CANNOT WAIT. and YOU are the best!!!

(this is has officially been the longest response to any review ever ...)

Love always, P x

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Review #5, by greenbirdsAccidentally On Purpose : Pity The Houses Are White

21st June 2017:
i am SPEECHLESS! i COULDN'T be happier you've brought this back- was genuinely one of my favourite fics EVER on hpff !

i distinctly remember, after months of no update, suddenly seeing a new chapter on this the morning after a huuuge post-as levels party. i remember reading it at someone's house where i slept for afters & the guy beside me (still v v drunk) reading it over my shoulder, and me SCREAMING that someone realised i was reading fanfiction so feverishly like that.

like thats an irrelevant story but like ? this story's been such a part of my life like - i genuinely find myself thinking about the characters throughout the day - like i have real life memories associated with it?

so naturally i am THRILLED- simply over the /moon/- that it's back. i'm ecstatic. i know the whole freddie-dom-james-james love interest-other male character is a classic next-gen troupe but you inject the characters with such three dimensional characteristics and mannerisms it feels beyond natural- even obvious? like, they're SO layered, so complex, SO real... it's not a matter of "oh this is dom, she's really hot and sassy", its "this is dom, my problematic best friend, who cares a lot for me but just not as much as for herself even though thats just her letting her insecurities overcloud her usually fiercely loyal disposition..." you know?

god. i just love this beyond WORDS. i am SO ready to return back to this world of jenelle & james sexual tension, the woods environment and the great, great romcom situation of a school trip- again, a cliche, but your writing almost acknowledges it with such irony, such a wry roll of the eye you can't help but grin along. and cry, a little. a lot?

love love love. BEYOND words. goes without saying that i'll be checking the next-gen recently updated page HOURLY until chapter two is up. ahhh!

Author's Response: I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS SO MUCH. I literally look forward to them so much, you have so much insight on these characters and honestly sometimes I feel you understand them better than I do?? I find myself nodding at what your saying like hell yeah that IS Jenny!!

It genuinely kills/makes my life that you memories associated with this story, like I'm pretty sure that's why I brought it back. I'm so happy to be back writing it and sneaking in a few edits and rewrites while I'm at it, I'm honestly so at home writing Jenny. And I live for these next-gen/fanfic tropes and cliches and making it like, yeah, this is what it's REALLY like.

I am so happy you're ready to return to Jenelle & James sexual tension!!! I need to amp it UPP.

Thank you for this, as usual, wonderful review. They always me grin from ear to ear like a lunatic, they're my absolute favourite to read. PLEASE WRITE MORE.

P.S. Your story is the funniest thing I have EVER heard. I've been in that situation so many times oh my god ... like just the other day my friend was using my laptop and he typed in a website that begin with an H and hpff came up--I nearly had an aneurysm.

P.P.S. I just read the latest chapter of FA and i LOVED it. Can't wait for the next one.

Love, as always, P xxx

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Review #6, by greenbirdsMasquerade: It's a Long Story

17th June 2017:
wait omg i'm obsessed with this story??

like- thank you so much for bringing it into my life?

i love everything about it. firstly, issy's JOKES. i never believe it when people say they "literally laugh out loud" at things online because unless its some ed miliband video / the new channel 4 & itv anchorman spoof / louis theroux rapping / nothing is THAT funny... having said that, i snorted, like did a total gutteral laugh at her fanTASTIC narrative. she could literally be one of the girls in my whatsapp group and i am sooo HERE FOR HER! i LOVE her already. also isadora is a sick name.

also like i'm also a big fan of british references and just british things in general in harry potter fanfiction, like i KNOW jk rowling attempted british references like ONCE with a mars bar comment in the first book but i've just always totally believed in the total entwinement of muggle british & wizarding british culture in next-gen life and its HERE. like that waitrose & aldi begging line... you know when you're in a starbucks and a ridiculously good looking guy walks in and you're like wtf be in my life AS LONG AS possible also i'm not worthy of this level of quality? that's how i feel about that one liner?

does that even make sense?

also i love penzance. good choice. big fan. my mum's been obsessed with it since david cameron decided to holiday there & now i totally have a head canon of him and percy weasley walking their dogs on the beach together.

god i am just suuuch a fan of this work and i am SO excited there's three chapters to go, you're the best, yayayay, all my love xoxox

Author's Response: OH MY GOSH I CANNOT believe this! Before I get into this response let me just tell you that FA is one of my favourite stories of all time so having this INCREDBIBLE review from you is literally a dream come true! I honestly jumped up and down while brushing my teeth when I was reading this ❤
I completely agree- I don't think anything will make me laugh more than a classic Ed Miliband video- the man just has a funny face. But oh my god thank you thank you! I don't consider myself to be a particularly funny person so that's so lovely to hear! Also yes Isadora is one of my favourite names!!
Agh hahahaha that line is one of my favourites too. I feel like even wizards wouldn't be able to resist Aldi. I literally just snorted at the idea of Dave Cam and Percy Weasley being friends- I feel like they could definitely be best friends hahahah
THANK YOU!! I can't even express how much i loved reading your review and I'd love to hear what you think/thought of the rest!
Alice x

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Review #7, by greenbirdsStrictly Quidditch: The Platform

17th June 2017:

so i love- like /looove/ a good quidditch rivalry romance, and was instantly attracted to this story. i wasn't disappointed! it's very impressive for your first attempt & a pleasure to read- no noticeable grammar slips, interesting dynamics, and you've managed to introduce all the main players of the fic within the opening scenes, which is very well done.

i also LOVED the slight anti-muggleborn bias of james. sooo interesting. easily the most exciting part of the story so far for me.

a few pointers, though, just because it /is/ your first fic and feel free to disregard them! i just remember how much i appreciated pointers given to me when i was starting out haha-

1. your chapter summary should be related to your chapter, ideally! what you have right now is more appropriate for an author's note, inside the chapter, either at the beginning or the end of the writing. your chapter summary should be a summary of the chapter itself.

2. your pacing is very good- quick, light but not too fast- but maybe take a second to pause and describe things? you described violet's smile as infectious but maybe dedicate a sentence to what colour her eyes were, or what colour her hair, or even what her voice sounded like. give us something to distinguish her from the other characters, and likewise with all characters, especially james!

3. albus calls james 'brother' twice in the scene. is that a natural dynamic between brothers? i have two and i can't imagine them using such formal, archaic terms: is that, perhaps, reflective of their relationship? if so, tell us!

an average chapter should be about 4000-6000 words long. find luxury in descriptions and giving bella's narrative a distinctive voice! but most of all- this is JUST my opinion on what is already such a good chapter (especially as its your first): and i was only so critical because it is so good & has so much potential!

please update soon, i'm totally hooked! xoxox

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this! I appreciate the tips so much and I'm definitely working on improving my writing!

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Review #8, by greenbirdsAnd All That Jazz: Weasleys, Potters, And All That Jazz

13th June 2017:
(REAL quick before i forget: in my last review i discussed rewriting early chapters. i referred to re-editing FA, and said "obviously they [the early chapters] are great". totally a reference to YOUR early chapters in all that jazz, not my early chapters! small slip up but really annoyed me when i noticed it afterwards.)

yay i'm back! i forgot how much i loved this introduction. you do internal monologue so well.

i have a question though- why did you get the three weasley girls to sit together in the carriage, rather than with friends? i suppose dom doesn't have that many friends in slytherin, when looking at it in retrospect- why do you think that is? especially as james has jett. yay! JETT!

so, so clever the way you introduce almost everyone in this chapter- not all at once, but not slowly. you've done it in a very back to school, slightly rushed, excitable way but it's realistic and easy to follow. loved it.

Author's Response: (no worries, i gotchu. even if the early chapters are not actually great. they make me cringe.)

~woohoo~ thank you!

good question! i suppose (and don't take this as gospel bc i never really thought about it that much) that i always feel like their family would stick together a lot, you know? and i also imagine that they would generally travel to the platform together before heading off to school - like have a back to school gathering or party or what have you the night before.

re-editing this, i am fully convinced that Dom is 100% Slytherin, as she strongly values self-preservation and has an ambitious drive to reach the top of the social hierarchy. but at the same time she's not /stereotypical/ Slytherin. she's very girly and outgoing and excitable, so i think she just relates more on a superficial friendship level to girls in other houses.

(i will say, though, that i have made an effort to include more minor characters during this re-edit. not necessarily Dom's friends, but sprinkling in more of the other Ravenclaws, Grace, etc.)

thanks for rereading! hope you enjoy the now not-atrocious edited chappies xx

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Review #9, by greenbirdsAnd All That Jazz: Distractions, Scones, And All That Jazz

13th June 2017:
omg. so.

firstly: my adoration and mild obsession with all that jazz is truly no secret and i couldn't be more excited you're back & still updating. also- urgh, going over earlier chapters? i do NOT envy you -- whilst i obviously think they're great, i've just finished re-editing the early 2013 chapters of fluorescent adolescent and it is so weird, so cringy, so URGH going back on old work... but also a bit sentimental, perhaps?

like, i'm so very fond of the earlier chapters of ATJ, just because of what they were to me as a young teenager. i'm sure you have even more nostalgic value attached to them. yeah. i do NOT envy you going through the process.

but ! you're back ! you once said that hpff is a bit like a random vortex, sucking you in and demanding your attention at the weirdest of times- and i so agree, but i could not be more excited it's brought you back in.

because this was a GREAT chapter. a short one, sure, and perhaps a bit of a filler, but i loved it nonetheless, and whilst i can't quite remember the intimacies of everyone's relationships (when did sophie date james?!) it's just encouraged me to go back & re-read everything. including the updated earlier chapters!

it seems to me as if jett is suffering from mild ron weasley syndrome. with a sprinkle of 21st century teenage angst and a huge dollop of male entitlement. the poor guy's strengths are met by james: looks, popularity, intellect, humour; but it seems like he just can't one up james. ever. not only with aria, but with quidditch now, too. i am so desperate for them to reconcile, though, they're truly my favourite hpff bromance and i totally based ruddy & louis in FA off them in the earliest chapters.

and it's great to see how much aria and james have grown up in the process. and a mild return of aidan! yayayayay!

thanks for everything- ATJ is the BEST and i'm so excited to re-read it. you're the best. xoxox

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Review #10, by greenbirdsThunder: I hate my job.

20th May 2017:

omg omg omg.

why has it taken me so LONG to read this?

like- i am a huge, colossal, whopping, perhaps one of the biggest ever fans of all that jazz. started reading it when i was 12, expecting my first relationship aged 14 to mirror that of james & aria, expected my /life/ at the age of 16 to be like aria's... well, obviously, it wasn't. but still.

i'm beating myself up over here! why did it take me so long to read your other works- especially as they're clearly as popular! with pretty face casts! (which shouldn't be a factor, but i'm awful, so for me- a little bit).

i loved this. what a sensational opening chapter. i like the way louis is different from how he's usually presented- not a dumb jock (ahh, sorry, kind of guilty of that) not bffl dom's little brother, not the third member of some albus/rose trio... but his own character, snarky and creepy and exciting, and i cannot wait to see how his character progresses throughout the novel.

but who i'm most excited about? ava. obv. you've established the perfect foundations here; a mysterious, enigmatic relationship with her past (and her magical abilities- let alone community), a likeable and badass narrative (funny, but not too- oh look! rabbits! i love rabbits. sorry what? i'm so random! way that next-gen often falls victim to, if you know what i mean?), great chemistry with both gina and matt. i like that she can stand up for herself. i like, most of all, how this is all taking place in a burger joint.

i remember you alluding to various american pop culture, or even school culture references in ATJ, so i'm assuming you're from the states? well you couldn't even tell here- ironic to its diner setting, it feels so british, so natural, from louis' "elite private school" line to the reference to the football season; obviously highly relevant, because of all of manchester's football clubs.

URGH. i just LOVED it. onwards to the next chapter. xox

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Review #11, by greenbirdsKeep Calm and Carry On: Morning

30th March 2017:
i love this story, i /love/ this story and i really, truly don't know where to begin in this (long overdue) review of it. like- i've been floating about hpff since i was fourteen and whilst it's position within my favourites on the site hasn't changed, the meaning behind it's sentimental attachment does. you know, like when you're fourteen, and all you care about is the smashing one liners and the exciting romance? but now i'm eighteen and i am- god, i really, really am- appreciating edie as such a great, sensational, layered heroine: the kind of character i would applaud and gush over in regular fiction, let alone online fanfiction?

because this isn't a romance, or a oliver/oc. like, okay yeah, it is, but it's so much more than that: it's edie's story, it's a story of gradual growing up and reluctant acceptance of responsibility and adult life, and the way you present it is so funny and relatable and- god, how cliche- magical, once i've started re-reading it, i can't let go. i keep and keep on finding new things within it i just adore.

because, first of all: edie. edie is SO GREAT. i just love her. she's me, she's my best friends, she's the girls in the year above and the girls in the year below; she's flattered by thirteen year old boy attention and she is undeniably vain and stubborn and occasionally selfish but she is possibly the best reflection on young woman-hood i've read on hpff; and to extend it to real fiction, she ranks in with bridget jones in her unapologetic, first person confessional glory. i don't want to be like, "oh she's so much better than other HPFF female protagonists, so much more realistic"- because as an author myself i kind of don't like being pitted up against other writers like competition- but... something along those lines? that sentiment? she's just the girl the hpff universe needs and deserves.

and outside edie and her brilliant nature that /so/ has twenty-first century feminism entwined with the clumsiness and the wit; oliver, too, is so fabulously layered and exciting and flawed i'd almost argue it's as much his story as it is hers. like you know how in movies they'd have the main character in the forefront of the poster, and the supporting actors behind? i'd almost argue they'd both share the poster space. if that makes sense. not really?

i really do not know what to say. i feel like i've reviewed this before- i definitely have- but i know how much reviews mean to an author and it felt almost immoral to continue enjoying and loving this piece of work without any sort of acknowledgement towards its writer. i could go on for ages- seamus, dean, ada, rose, even that it's KATE NASH portraying edie, like come on! KATE NASH!! so perfect! god on you for picking the writer behind foundations- which i now listen to as the musical embodiment of edie- as edie! even jsut the fact that she's so nice looking, not some victoria's secret model nor a-list celebrity, but just a pretty girl with a lot more spunk behind the eyes. so edie. so clever. i JUST LOVE IT.

so yeah- sorry for that rambling, and sorry for not going into any specific detail. it's 3am and i was hit with a sudden urge to review KC&CO as i was reflecting on how much i liked it, and i'm too tired to go into any productive detail. i'm the worst. you're the best. thank you ENDLESSLY. GOD, i LOVE this story!

Author's Response: I don't even know how to give this the proper response. I am so so so appreciative and humbled by this! (And I sent you a much less eloquent tumblr message months ago, but am not sure if you saw it in all of its caps-locked glory.)


It means so much to see that not only did you stick with the story from the beginning--and it took me FOREVER to finish--but that you returned to it! And that you relate to Edie in different ways as you've aged! I cannot say enough that I wanted to write this story so that young people wouldn't feel lost or like disappointments. I was frustrated with my dead-end relationship, my unpaid art museum internship, my awful and WAY below living wage restaurant job, and I diverted my anger into this story! Way back in 2011 the Struggling Adult thing wasn't quite as prevalent in film, TV shows, etc. as it is now. At least not for women.

I'm glad you mentioned Bridget Jones! Truthfully I only just saw that movie, like, last year, so going into this story I didn't realize that there were certain similarities. But even with Bridget Jones, her character was often reduced to her "dumb blonde" moments, or the "Oh gosh does this make me a tart?" moments, or the punchline that she was just a "little bit fat," and it didn't feel like it was truly speaking to the actual, real problems of twenty-somethings. It didn't feel like other comedic or dramatic characters today who just happen to be women and are facing the same life situations, trials and tribulations as men. I was frustrated that nobody was talking about this. So Edie was born!

And I'm so glad you mentioned her being "flattered by 13 year-old boy attention," because I honestly couldn't think of a better last line for her in this story. ;)

Oh god, I don't know if it's a mark of being really ingrained in my character writing or what, but I feel like I genuinely have, like, THE BIGGEST crush on Oliver Wood as he is in this fic. I love that you said it's as much his story as hers. His pitfalls and character flaws were so important (like leaving young and mourning Ada home alone to go off drinking) but they don't make him unredeemable. And I know exactly what you mean about the poster space--because I spent the majority of the last four years daydreaming and doodling what these posters would look like ;)

You are so right about the importance of reviews, and this is one of the stand-outs amid hundreds, and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read this, let alone return to leave such a thoughtful review. Especially that Foundations makes you think of Edie now?! There are real people in the world, going on about their days, who casually remember this story because of a song? You have no idea what this means to me!

And please don't apologize about anything from this review! You are not the worst, you are a rock star.

♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH, you have no idea ♥

Oh, PS: KC&CO has almost 90k reads right now, and I've got a little something in the works for when it hits 100k (which could very well be a year and, with my writing pace, would work better tbh.)

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Review #12, by greenbirdsGet in Line: Treats and Tricks

19th February 2017:
i really do think the main, primary theme of this novel is a woman's relationship with her body and her sexuality. i've said this before and i'll say it again: this isn't a james/oc, it's jordan's coming of age, it's as feminist a book as the female mystique or sheryl sandberg's lean in and it is such, such a pleasure to read.

i really really like how james isn't perfect. he is, of course, a fundamentally good guy, and we've all said things we don't mean but know it's what will unleash the most pain, the exact right quantity we're feeling. i am so, so sure he'll be apologising the next day, but irregardless: he himself isn't perfectly clued up on female empowerment and sexuality and that's ok, that's really ok, because very few boys are in this generation and whilst that ISN'T ok, your characterisation of james as the anti-cyrus: empowered by jordan's empowerment, not belittled and threatened, and yet still essentially an imperfect, flawed GUY in a patriarchal society- is so spot on, so well written and layered and detailed, i love it, i absolutely love it.

jordan is so great. she is so, so great. you write with such wit and with such fast pace humour my mouth is constantly moving from a grin to a circular formation of shock, but i think that's exactly what you intended, and you're doing a magnificent job.

update soon!

Author's Response: Let me just start off by saying thank you so incredibly much for taking the time to write this. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is probably my favorite review I've ever received and it means so much how thoroughly you've thought about my characters and story.

I definitely see what you mean with saying that this isn't a james/oc and that's it's a Jordan coming of age story. I have been absolutely loving exploring character and really thinking about her actions and motives and why she is the way I've been writing her. I love developing her and making her grow and I'm so happy you are enjoying that process as well. Adding in the feminist themes and topics like slut shaming and female sexuality has been so interesting to write about and I love that I've been hopefully getting people to think about things like that too.

You're right when you say James is not perfect, despite him overall being a good guy. I like writing his character as someone who is kind of newly breaking out of patriarchal and sexist ways because I feel like it's very truthful in the ways that men (and women) do discover their own misogynistic ways and learn to break free of it and what they were taught. To have to go back and write him calling Jordan a wh*ore again hurt me but you're right, he was unleashing what he thought would match his own pain.

Just thank you again for being so great and leaving me something that truly made my entire day. I've got about 3500 words done with the next chapter and I'm on a bit of a roll right now so I'm hoping I can keep the momentum going and get something out for you all soon xx

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Review #13, by greenbirdsuncharted.: eleven.

31st January 2017:
hey! i gave this a go after seeing its (well deserved) nomination for multiple dobbys, & i could not be happier i did. for your first fanfic, i'm impressed by your grasp of characterisation- i adore cassie, ocs are notoriously difficult t like but she is ridiculously addictive and your easy humour- both within cassie's narrative and also its presence within the dialogue of other characters. and, of course, cassie & james?! the INTRIGUE! that LOOK he gave her before walking off!

this is typed on my phone so unfortunately won't be that long, but keep it up! i'm super excited to see where it goes! and, oh god- its fanfiction! cliches are inevitable and impossible to avoid. my own james/oc is saturated in them and is so heavily influenced by older works like all that jazz, clash etc its more a mosaic of next-gen fanfic of 2013. this story is too good for you to be bogged down by one pious review!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for your review! I'm a huge fan of your writing so I'm honored (and honestly, feeling slightly unworthy) that you gave this a go. Thanks for the words of encouragement and support. It truly means a lot!

Good luck on your Dobby nominations! I'm sure you'll win some. Very excited to read the next chapter of FA!

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Review #14, by greenbirdsDormitory 2.6A: TEN: Consistency in Change

14th January 2017:
i read this all in one sitting it was so good and twenty four hours on the vibrance of your characters and the quality of your plots still ring in my mind.

gosh. what a /fantastic/ piece of writing. there's so much to say and it annoys me that i won't be able to remember it all, write it all down for this review, but i'll try my hardest!

firstly- i'm sure you've heard this again and again from reviewers, but your characterisation really is fantastic. i especially love nova (and her face claim... mary from reign? what a dream boat, what a girl crush. i went through an intense phase of reign until i found out the actor who plays prince louis is a family friend and it suddenly felt weird. but !! adelaide kane !! so so cool !!) - her weaknesses only serve to strengthen her character, and i was particularly touched by the josh finch-fletchely & the 2.6b mean girls anecdote of her first year; my friends and i joke that you can't /really/ call it year 7 until some 'friend' outs your crush and mortified you in front of everyone, or a similar catastrophic event, but even beneath our jokes those savage twelve year old heartbreaks are particularly scarring. no wonder it turned nova into such a reclusive 'ice queen'! and even then, i feel like i should congratulate you on side stepping that awfully overdone fanfic cliche of ice queen melted by potter boy plotline. because she's not an ice queen, not at all, just a teenage girl that learnt early on it's safer to put her guard up. and, oh my god- i remember being so enthralled, so thrilled by the way in which you described her blossoming crush on albums in the first chapter. you dissected and examined the anatomy of a teenage crush perfectly, and it was a pleasure to read and subsequently reminisce on my own teenage crushs. (and, you know, teenage crushes of mine to come.)

your sensitivity and care for discussing a whole spectrum of the teenage condition- from benign crushes and mean girls to eating disorders and racism- was done so well, so magnificently, so perfectly. whilst i identified with nova throughout the entire story- like, she was my /girl/, i really felt like i could emphasise with her plight- cass's spiral into eating disorders really struck a chord. your author's note mentioned it was personal to you too, and isn't that the beauty of writing? two strangers who could relate to the same awful, awful process, united through writing about it and subsequently reading about it. there are so many hogwarts fanfics on this site that just bulldozes straight through the reality of teenage life to some sort of far fetched fantasy world of partying and hook ups, and i'm so glad you crafted this piece of literature instead. you actually inspired me to go over my own fanfic and question the reality of it all

above all, i just adored your portrayal of sisterhood. i recently had to sort through my bookshelf, deciding what i wanted to keep and what could be given to the kids next door, when i came across my copy of the sisterhood of the travelling pants- and this really does remind me of it! it really conjured such a sense of girlhood and friendship, i felt oddly lonely finishing it. the dormitory scene in which the girls forcibly reunite case and nala especially resonated with me; for such a short fic you managed to bring such humanity into not one, not two, but six OCs and ive said it multiple times before but it is SUCH a delight to read!

other things i want to mention, all in one breath- alice's sweet relationship with her dad & that scene cleaning up the great hall, cass's relationship with scorp, the slight miss you gave to scorpius's relationship with rose, the fact you actually included lessons, rather than some zooey 101 utopia of non stop partying. the normalness of the girls, which made them even more remarkable and lovely and exciting than had they been mary sue types. the fact that nova leaned into albus. nova and albus! the references to the multiculturalism within the wizarding world- the asian culture dahlia brought, that nala was black, even that the acclaimed playwright nova loved had an arabic name.

love, love, love it. feel like i could go on for ages but i'd only bore you. thank you so so much for such a beautiful read!

Author's Response: Hey!

Thiis was such a huge review that I've had to cut my response down as it exceeded the limit lol.

It's so great to hear that you liked this! Considering how big Fluorescent Adolescence is - seriously, I hear about it everywhere - so to think that this little ol' fic caught your eye means a lot :P I'm glad you like Nova too! One of my biggest fears when I was putting this up was that she'd seem a little vanilla compared to Dahlia & too martyr-like but yano, everyone seems to like her well enough so whew, reassurance is great.

Was gonna say I never had an incident like the Josh Finch-Fletchley thing but I realised I totally did (my friend's brother found out I had a massive crush on him, twas v. embarrassing) so you're so right on the Year 7 thing. It's basically a rite of passage to have your crush outed in public, isn't it?

(Gosh, the memory still stings.)

Something on Nova's level is *definitely* a reason to withdraw yourself - teenagers have a nasty habit of holding onto such humiliating memories so is it any wonder she decided to stick to what was safe? Her whole Ice Queen persona was influenced by myself since I tend to put up walls around most people & am actually a lot nicer than I seem.

...Wow that sounds bigheaded. :P

Point is that in peace-time Britain true ice queens are few & far in between. Nova's 16, was once hurt by people she trusted and just doesn't want to put herself at risk again. Even though she likes Al, there's that part of her that refuses to put herself out there since it's so easy to get hurt & it seems simpler to stay out of the mess, you know?

Tbh, I loved writing about her crush on Al. Took me back to when I had one - three whole years ago, what has my heart become - & it's so innocent, isn't it? Like, she doesn't even expect anything of it. I think that's what's nice about a crush: being able to appreciate someone without doing anything about it.

But yes, this fic does have its heavier themes & I really did want to bring them to life, especially from the POV of Nova whose central storyline surrounds the fact that she's developing feelings for a boy - & then realises that there's a lot more happening to other people in her life.

When people think about teens, it's usually about the partying+romances & I was so frustrated that the other issues were forgotten or even existed in the first place. So I wrote this to show that this is what it's like: negative self-image etc. can exist among happy times. You can be surrounded by people you love & suffer. My friends+I went through so much &, like the D 2.6A girls, held onto each other throughout it. That's what I wanted to bring to the page, show that it's possible to fall & then get back up. So many have gone through something similar & I felt that there was a real gap in showing that in fanfics without going all doom+gloom

I mean, ones that focus on the light parts aren't *bad* or anything bc loads are great e.g. yours is addicting - but it's great to hear that I made you think. #Writer goals.

I love sisterhood. I'm all for romance but there's nothing like a strong friendship & I loved writing about 6. Tbh, it's why I wrote the fic. There's a reason it's Dormitory 2.6A, after all :P

You've mentioned so much I want to comment on but all I can do is laugh at "some zooey 101 utopia" XD

To put it quickly: I believe that Neville would be a great dad & his daughter would be the apple of his eye. Love Scorpius Malfoy bc he is unapologetically uncaring to 99% of the universe+fiercely protective of his own. Also, Scorose is the Way. Also, made it a point to include more culture in the fic bc England is so multicultural anyway so there's gotta be some in it.

Also, NOVA LEANING INTO AL WAS SOMETHING I PLANNED FROM THE BEGINNING bc she was so *shy* & always blushing so the fact that she's the one who went for for it made me secretly proud bc I was like my baby's growing up!

Plums xo

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Review #15, by greenbirdsThe Making of The Map : Lily

13th January 2017:
oh my god. this is fantastic. i love it, i adore it, i just know it's going to be my new favourite fanfic for the year. there's so much to say about it- and we're only one chapter in!

firstly and perhaps most importantly; your characterisation of lily is magnificent. this is one of the first times i've seen her portrayed as an actual teenage girl, someone who- as another teenage girl- i can relate to and emphasise with. i love the decision to have her secretly harbour a crush on james, it makes perfect sense, and to be honest i never did buy the notion that lily was totally and wholly immune to his charms for seven years. i mean- come on, she's a teenage girl- not some clumsily crafted mary sue type that is perfectly in control of her hormones and her daydreams, not some character who's logic has such perfect reign over her feelings she can say right! well. james bullies sev so i DO NOT FANCY HIM! there! oh god, i hate this head canon accepted characterisation of lily, and i'm so thrilled you decided to go against it- whilst still retaining such canon characteristics of hers!

because, only a chapter in, it's evident she's intelligent but not immune to the charm and allure of the slug club; got friends, such as marlene and remus and quentin, but not some
over the top 'it girl' she was never really going to be, realistically; she cares for sev, but not blindingly, and is, above all, vulnerable enough to be so clearly affected by what she perceives to be a prank on james and sirius's behalf.

and omg! don't get me started on james, sev and marlene. what full fleshed out characters despite only have a scene each to themselves. i adore marlene; spunky and independent (but again, not in a manner that isn't unusual for teenagers- the line about her thinking she's the only one clued up about death eater fascism reminds me of /me/ when i was in sixth form, banging on about feminism and the labour party), and the allusion to an upcoming plotline between her and william mckinnon is so exciting. we don't see enough of political activism amongst the characters of fanfic, which is totally weird and not ok, teenagers really are getting more and more political and come ON now- the marauders & co joined the order of phoenix straight out of school! of course they'd be clued up, knowledgeable and concerned about the threat of pureblood fascism! even the way marlene presents it, USING terms such as terrorism and fascism is so clever. well done you.

the vulnerability and dependency upon lily of snape, especially his worries and anxiety over slytherin common room death eater recruitment was fantastic to read and very convincing. i loved seeing a different side to him, a side often ignored in marauder fanfic. and as for james? super excited to see what you make of him and lily and sev in future chapters.

sorry for babbling on so much! i really am so, so excited by this. please please please update soon! all my love xx

Author's Response: "i just know it's going to be my new favourite fanfic for the year" !!! This is the sweetest thing in the entire world! Thank you for your review, this was so lovely and I'm so happy that you like it and have so much to say! This was so sweet! Can't get over it!! And a new update is coming very soon! Thanks a million times! xx

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Review #16, by greenbirdsShadowplay: Twenty-Four: The Two Doors

9th January 2017:
oh my GOD!

actually, totally, genuinely speechless. oh god. where do i begin?!

firstly- because ill forget to mention this otherwise- it struck me as slightly odd, maybe even off, your characterisation of marlene- who is, of course, known in canon for being killed by death eaters (voldemort himself?). she's such a normal, mostly pleasant character, so i assumed you had either decided to experiment with some classic marauder fanfic cliche of her being the go-to girlfriend/love interest of sirius- in most fanfic, of course, aislin would be marlene- but it makes sense! staying with her parents... this is how she dies! god... how heartbreaking! and i had assumed her to be a gryffindor friend of lily's, an order member all along.

for that's the best thing about shadowplay, a story that is saturated, spilling over at the seams with good things and attributes and qualities- the story works so perfectly, so fluidly with canon i almost forget it isn't canon. it's certainly become my head canon, any how. the characterisation of the marauders is where so many fics go wrong, and quite frankly not only do you get it right- like, SO right- you probably do the best job of characterisation of this time genre on the whole site. even just little things, like humanising peter into a real, likeable character, or the easy banter between lily and james... obviously, my favourite characterisation is of sirius, but i'm so biased towards him anyway, it wasn't fair.

and then there's remus. this is so remus's story as much as it is aislin's. you've created such a three dimensional character within him, stuck so true to canon but also wielded comfort in changing and tweaking it ever so slightly to accommodate a young man, not the shattered, world weary professor we are introduced to him as initially. his friendship and potential love with aislin- and, of course, that awful, confusing fry area in between- has been so delicately treated i must applaud you. it would be so easy to turn shadowplay into a who will she pic? stay tuned!!! drama, but you shy away from that i the same grace and fashion aislin does, to focus on tbe bigger picture at hand.

and hello?! WHAT a plot! a plot that does not stop giving- always one step ahead of you, even when you think you've caught up there's another twist... so exciting, so thrilling, i've found myself over the past day excusing myself from brunch and my friend's birthday dinner to read it in the toilets. god, you're talented. like- awe inspiringly so.

even small details, like references to robes rather than clothing we take for granted in the muggle world, or feeling limbless after losing her hand... you are in a league of your own.

i'm desperate to know how this concludes. i know more than anybody what it is to lose momentum, lose track, lack inspiration, fall out of plot. i am BEGGING you to resume. excuse the hyperbole but i'm dying to read more! i am obsessed! you've got me hook, line and sinker.

and - i've totally nominated shadowplay for a dobby. am i allowed to tell you that? perhaps aislin's recklessness has rebounded on me. it deserves a dobby and beyond and it's borderline heartbreaking shadowplay doesn't have the reviews and acclaim it deserves. truly a league of its own.

Author's Response: Hi again! You've made my day again with this lovely review. Thank you so much for taking the time, and for your Dobby nomination! :')

Marlene is meant to have been in the Order, but yeah, I think in most Marauders' Era stories the whole world revolves around the Marauders + Lily, so I wanted Aislin's world to be a little more independent of theirs.

I'm laughing at the idea of you sneaking away to read Shadowplay -- fanfiction is such a guilty pleasure for me, I always feel like I've got to sneak away somewhere to write it!

Thank you so, so much for all this loveliness. I'll get writing. :)

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Review #17, by greenbirdsShadowplay: One: The Beginning

8th January 2017:
i was in the middle of /such/ a long review when google chrome totally failed on me! i will never laugh at an internet explorer meme again. and i apologise for the review this could have been.

i remember reading this for the first time ages ago- i even remember leaving a review in 2014 (oh my GOD, does that seem long ago- a simpler time, haha). i was so excited by this marauders thriller, especially as it is my favourite time period and also the most challenging; finding fics that balance good characterisation of canon characters and original characters whilst handling an original plot (i think i might cry if i read another bffl-of-lily-hooks-up-with-sirius) is super hard, and i am so, so excited to return back to shadowplay!

i remember enough of it to keep me enthused; some details especially, ridiculously small, for they inspired various sub-plots and scenes in my own fanfic. (sirius & aislin, especially. there is this ONE reference to the two of them bunking quidditch and lying in bed that i still adore) but i don't remember enough to lack any thrill of the plot, or even have a sense of predicability when reading. god, i'm excited to keep on reading- and aren't i lucky to have twenty five chapters left!

so yeah. super exciting stuff. you rock. all my love xox

Author's Response: Hi! :) It's been forever since I had a review on this story and it made me smile! A few months ago I decided to redo the ending, but never really got around to it. Maybe one day! :') Happy reading and happy 2017!

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Review #18, by greenbirdsThe Sacred Twenty-Eight Club: The Truth Comes Out

3rd January 2017:
what's not to love about the sacred twenty-eight club? even the small details - like the song verses of the chapter description and the way in which you detail carina's ambivalent, but increasingly obvious, feelings towards james. even the way you write their kissing moments is so magical. please please puh-lease update soon !!

Author's Response: Thank you soo much! Next chapter is on its way!


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Review #19, by greenbirdsAnd All That Jazz: Acting, Lying, And All That Jazz

9th September 2016:
ahhh! no waaay! all that jazz is back! super super SUPER stoked!

(and by the way- very /very/ much with you on getting sucked in with hpff. i can happily spend a half year, a whole year, not thinking about it in the slightest, but the second i login out of curiosity i simply /cannot/ leave)

what can i say? i've been a fan of all that jazz since you launched it, way before i even had an account. i can even remember your first banner! and i could not be more excited that you're back, that atj is back, and that- most importantly- aria and james are back. i'm still excited that you liked fluorescent adolescent, and i'd be lying if i didn't refer back to aria and james for much needed inspiration for my own james/oc angst. i really, really do see aria and james as the original james/oc, and it is so, so great that they're back together again!

although... and i really cannot explain this- i'm still kind of harbouring love for jett and aria? like, i know- they just don't work out, james is better for aria, all that jazz (haha) (sorry i'll stop)- but that quidditch jacket scene in one of the first chapters between the two still resonates with me so intensely i can't shake the duo off!

its all such a mess. james and jett are such an exciting friendship- which, by the way, total kudos to you over that, i've read many fanfics proclaim best friendship between characters but not many really /prove/ it as well as you do between james and jett- but james and aria are such a lovable, adorable duo... is it naive of me to hope for an epilogue of sorts with jett as the best man at their wedding, very much over aria but still best friends with james?

ahhh. idk. all i do know is is you've /got/ to update soon! so thrilled, so excited. love love looove it ♥

Author's Response: yes! it's back! it's really back! i'm not dead! I'M NOT DEAD!

(hpff is a riptide that sucks you in and never lets you go until you have too much real life stress that your brain explodes and you leave and come back again two years later. or is that just me? okay. cool.)

oh em geee i can't even remember my first banner - i think it was animated? maybe? i've tried to block that time period from my memory because rereading the early chapters just makes me cringe so badly... hence why i am now rewriting all of them (one chapter down, 23 to go!). ANYWAY. thankyouthankyouthankyou i definitely do /not/ think my writing is super special like idk what i'm even doing i just blather on about nothing so it blows my mind that people look to this for inspiration.

i know. i love jett. i do. (even though i constantly put him through needless torture.) he's a sweetie. and he and aria should just be bffs 4 lyfe imo.

...but he's already bffs 4 lyfe with james, so like, i guess he'll just have to have two. yeah. two works. we'll see. even i don't know what's going to happen. like i said, i just blather on.

thanks so much for the review!! ♥

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Review #20, by greenbirdsRush: bolt

6th September 2016:
wooow. wow! oh my god ... honestly, nora. you've somehow managed to outdo yourself /yet again/. which is quite impressive, as i was pretty overwhelmed by your last chapter.

i think there are two ways of measuring how good the quality of a fanfic is. firstly, obviously, love of the fiction itself- one of the best things about rush is how detailed and dedicated the novel is to canon, and not only canon, but to the universe that rowling created. you've truly succeeded in resurrecting the magic of hogwarts and the magic of the wizarding world within these past two chapters, something very few fics ive read have accomplished. and even more excitedly- you capture the magic of being a teenager, the magic of an impending school year, the magic of late-summer-early-autumn and the /magic/ of a crush... it's raw. it's real, it's exciting and i cannot wait to see where this goes.

which leads me onto the second way of measuring how good a fic is; the plot, the characters, the writing. you're stellar, you're incredible, you're almost unbelievable in your talent. i adore josie's narrative and reading her thoughts and her interactions is such a thrill; moreover, the characters, from dom to jude to albus to davis could not excite me more. they're so vivid and real and yet somehow all have that /magic/ edge to them that you've woven into this whole fic, an ethereal quality i cannot get enough of!

you know how much i adore rush. please don't make us wait another half year or so to find out what's next! do you have a fic tumblr or something for more? im obsessed. obsessed! super super exciting stuff. all my love xoxo

Author's Response: I LOVE U OMG

like, srsly your review has had my head spinning and my cheeks grinning for days, I can't thank you enough for how thoughtful and wonderful your words were! It's honestly such a great review I was speechless until now, and even in this moment I'm hardly more than a jumble of gushing, blushing sentiments that will never encompass how much I love this review!

And I am sorry for how long it's taken for me to get back to Rush, but you can thank the beginning of autumn and the start of school for the (lol incoming pun) rush of inspiration! I currently have a very strong direction that I'm so excited for this fic to go, so you can expect more regular updates!

Also I've never thought about putting together a tumblr for rush, but I have so many photos linked to this story just sitting in a folder on my desktop, so, it's definitely (super likely) possible I'lll make one? We'll see!


Nora xx

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Review #21, by greenbirdsBurn: two

26th January 2016:
oh my god! i love this so far. astrid is so, so cool. she has a really sick, don't care, nonchalant attitude and it's as admirable as it is- well, exciting, really, astrid /is/ an exciting character, and we're only two chapters in. update soon!

Author's Response: thank you!! the more i write ast the more i absolutely fall in love with her, and so i am so so so happy that you like her as well!! updating soon pinky swear?

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Review #22, by greenbirdsTurning the Tables: Epilogue: This is the Story of Us All

26th January 2016:
oh my god. it's been, like, three years. how am i STILL finding myself reading and crying and laughing and smiling at this? you are insane. i think i'll be kind of obsessed with this story forever (or, at least, another three good years).

i still use the relationship between dom and coco as inspiration for female friendships in my own hpff writings. isn't it funny that this story is meant to be james/oc when it is, arguably, so the dom and coco show? totally no complaints- coco will always be one of my favourite ocs ever ever ever. i love her. and wyatt, and dom, and chaise, and tyson...

i get so nostalgic reading this again, i remember reading it for the first time aged like 13 (???) and genuinely expecting teenage life to be like this hhahahaha- oh my gosh, i don't know if you even come on hpff anymore. but yes. THANK YOU REBECCA for an insane, sublime, incredible- just brilliant piece of literature. please tell me you're writing full time because you so so have the talent for it! and i'd read anything you produce. all my luv ♥

Author's Response: I'm insane? I think you're the insane one for still reading this story. I have shoved it into the back of my mind and all but ignored it because I find the first ten chapters absolutely horrendous, but thank you for liking it anyway!

Dom and Coco are really important to me. They're based off of the friendship me and my best friend had in high school. Lots of their conversations were ripped straight out of conversations I have had with my best friend, so I'm so pleased people liked their friendship so much!

But yes, I still come on here. I don't post on here anymore (I post under a different penname on another site) but I still read the reviews I get so I really do appreciate your connection with this story. It's amazing that this story I wrote so long ago, can still make people feel things.

Thanks for a lovely lovely review!

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Review #23, by greenbirdsBecause In Reality: am i more than you bargained for yet?

22nd January 2016:
(also btw i love love love fall out boy- like the ab/as album was my most played album on spotify 2015. and probably 2016. i LOVE it.)

i'm so, so excited by this! i've seen this story floating around before on the archives, and i've always wanted to read it- i'm so glad i did! you've got me totally hooked.

firstly, your characterisation is amazing. ronnie is fantastic, and i bet i'm not the first to comment on her. she's like the archetype fit for dominique in next/gen, except kudos for you for avoiding the whole 'best friend of dom/roxy/rose' cliche and actually, instead, creating a character that thrives on her own merit, rather than on what she can serve to the plot as a relative to the romantic wotter lead.

and bea! she is so, so great! my name's bea- beatrice, really- so i automatically felt comradeship with her. again, you've created such a three dimensional character, and her interactions with ronnie, louis and the davies boys really bring home just how layered a character she is, which makes it all the more exciting to read. you've encapsulated the teenage girl next door perfectly- i think we all see a little of ourselves in bea.

of course, albus is such an enigma, but i'm more excited to discover more about this davies character and his back story with bea. i also really enjoyed his twin's interaction with bea a chapter or two earlier; you're really setting up this story to be something really exciting, really thrilling.

i'm so excited to read more! please update soon ♥

Author's Response: Oh, fall out boy! I couldn't resist not using them for chapter titles and the lyrics fit in so much and I was like 'yes, yes I'm going to do it.' And trust me, I listened to that album a few too many times myself (especially twin skeletons).

I'm so glad you tried reading it as well! I love new readers and I do understand what you mean by seeing a story a couple times and then finally clicking on it.

Ronnie does get commented on a lot. I think there is a love/hate relationship between her and the readers haha. The whole story is centered around Bea and Ronnie (for some reason I always see their names mathching and as a pair, kind of like Bonnie and Clyde) so much that I never thought of Bea and some Wotter being the central besties. And though I love the cliche (especially if Dom/Roxy/Rose is amazing), I think it's more fun to write OCs from scratch. You have more freedom with them. And the romantic Wotter lead won't have to view them as whichever cousin's friend and instead sees them as his/her own person. Thank you so much for pointing that out! I never really thought about it in depth!

Yes, Bea has found a name twin! I always thought that Beatrice was such a cool name. It has this old mystery around it and it's so fun to say! It's always great to hear that people can relate to her. I feel like a lot of us are sort of like her in high school whether it's being shy, unsure of boys, keeping track of our glasses (me), or getting dragged along by our friends.

James is a mystery, more so because he's quiet than anything. And the Davies will definitely keep appearing throughout the story and whatever happened in the past will eventually come out.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and reviewing! I loved reading your thoughts and opinions on everything! And thank you for all the compliments; I'm really undeserving of them but they definitely made me smile!


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Review #24, by greenbirdsGet in Line: Duels and Don'ts

17th January 2016:
you must know by now how crazy i am about this story (btw- duels and don'ts is a GREAT chapter title). you continue to set the bar for rom/com next gen lit. this chapter was heavily heavily anticipated, and totally lived up to it's hype, if not more so.

jordan continues to be such a twenty first century queen. james, was as usual, a total total babe; freddie is still a total cutie; mitch and cyrus- especially cyrus- epitomise the middle finger emoji, and i am so, SO excited to see what's next!

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Review #25, by greenbirdsMoon and Tide: Track 1: the Black Cat

2nd November 2015:
oh my gosh! i cannot believe this is your first fan fiction attempt- it's brilliant! you're brilliant! i couldn't be happier you've decided to start writing, you're so talented- i cannot wait for the next chapter, im already hooked.

astrid is so cool, i love her narrative, and you've written her with such wit and character she doesn't need to introduce herself like other first person ocs sometimes do. her friends are big characters, you can tell already, but they don't flush her out- rather they compliment her and her persepective of things. that's such an interesting introduction plot line, between isabel and james, ive never come across anything like it! im so excited to see how that impacts james' relationship with astrid.

im just so excited for all the potential of this story. and i am so thrilled that fluorescent adolescent was one of the stories that pushed you to write! please do update soon!! and have you thought about getting a banner?

amazing amazing amazing. ive said this before but update sooon!! ♥

Author's Response: hi! I really can't say how much it means to me that you took the time to review, because youre really such a brilliant writer and Im so so in love with your stories... so thanks a million! And I'm so glad you liked Astrid, as well as the intro plot line- I'm hoping it isn't too confusing aha! Anyway, I will definitely update as soon as possible and yes haha, I've finally put a request up :) again thank you so much for being so lovely xoxo

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