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Review #1, by greenbirdsGet in Line: Treats and Tricks

19th February 2017:
i really do think the main, primary theme of this novel is a woman's relationship with her body and her sexuality. i've said this before and i'll say it again: this isn't a james/oc, it's jordan's coming of age, it's as feminist a book as the female mystique or sheryl sandberg's lean in and it is such, such a pleasure to read.

i really really like how james isn't perfect. he is, of course, a fundamentally good guy, and we've all said things we don't mean but know it's what will unleash the most pain, the exact right quantity we're feeling. i am so, so sure he'll be apologising the next day, but irregardless: he himself isn't perfectly clued up on female empowerment and sexuality and that's ok, that's really ok, because very few boys are in this generation and whilst that ISN'T ok, your characterisation of james as the anti-cyrus: empowered by jordan's empowerment, not belittled and threatened, and yet still essentially an imperfect, flawed GUY in a patriarchal society- is so spot on, so well written and layered and detailed, i love it, i absolutely love it.

jordan is so great. she is so, so great. you write with such wit and with such fast pace humour my mouth is constantly moving from a grin to a circular formation of shock, but i think that's exactly what you intended, and you're doing a magnificent job.

update soon!

Author's Response: Let me just start off by saying thank you so incredibly much for taking the time to write this. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is probably my favorite review I've ever received and it means so much how thoroughly you've thought about my characters and story.

I definitely see what you mean with saying that this isn't a james/oc and that's it's a Jordan coming of age story. I have been absolutely loving exploring character and really thinking about her actions and motives and why she is the way I've been writing her. I love developing her and making her grow and I'm so happy you are enjoying that process as well. Adding in the feminist themes and topics like slut shaming and female sexuality has been so interesting to write about and I love that I've been hopefully getting people to think about things like that too.

You're right when you say James is not perfect, despite him overall being a good guy. I like writing his character as someone who is kind of newly breaking out of patriarchal and sexist ways because I feel like it's very truthful in the ways that men (and women) do discover their own misogynistic ways and learn to break free of it and what they were taught. To have to go back and write him calling Jordan a wh*ore again hurt me but you're right, he was unleashing what he thought would match his own pain.

Just thank you again for being so great and leaving me something that truly made my entire day. I've got about 3500 words done with the next chapter and I'm on a bit of a roll right now so I'm hoping I can keep the momentum going and get something out for you all soon xx

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Review #2, by greenbirdsUncharted: eleven.

31st January 2017:
hey! i gave this a go after seeing its (well deserved) nomination for multiple dobbys, & i could not be happier i did. for your first fanfic, i'm impressed by your grasp of characterisation- i adore cassie, ocs are notoriously difficult t like but she is ridiculously addictive and your easy humour- both within cassie's narrative and also its presence within the dialogue of other characters. and, of course, cassie & james?! the INTRIGUE! that LOOK he gave her before walking off!

this is typed on my phone so unfortunately won't be that long, but keep it up! i'm super excited to see where it goes! and, oh god- its fanfiction! cliches are inevitable and impossible to avoid. my own james/oc is saturated in them and is so heavily influenced by older works like all that jazz, clash etc its more a mosaic of next-gen fanfic of 2013. this story is too good for you to be bogged down by one pious review!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for your review! I'm a huge fan of your writing so I'm honored (and honestly, feeling slightly unworthy) that you gave this a go. Thanks for the words of encouragement and support. It truly means a lot!

Good luck on your Dobby nominations! I'm sure you'll win some. Very excited to read the next chapter of FA!

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Review #3, by greenbirdsDormitory 2.6A: TEN: Consistency in Change

14th January 2017:
i read this all in one sitting it was so good and twenty four hours on the vibrance of your characters and the quality of your plots still ring in my mind.

gosh. what a /fantastic/ piece of writing. there's so much to say and it annoys me that i won't be able to remember it all, write it all down for this review, but i'll try my hardest!

firstly- i'm sure you've heard this again and again from reviewers, but your characterisation really is fantastic. i especially love nova (and her face claim... mary from reign? what a dream boat, what a girl crush. i went through an intense phase of reign until i found out the actor who plays prince louis is a family friend and it suddenly felt weird. but !! adelaide kane !! so so cool !!) - her weaknesses only serve to strengthen her character, and i was particularly touched by the josh finch-fletchely & the 2.6b mean girls anecdote of her first year; my friends and i joke that you can't /really/ call it year 7 until some 'friend' outs your crush and mortified you in front of everyone, or a similar catastrophic event, but even beneath our jokes those savage twelve year old heartbreaks are particularly scarring. no wonder it turned nova into such a reclusive 'ice queen'! and even then, i feel like i should congratulate you on side stepping that awfully overdone fanfic cliche of ice queen melted by potter boy plotline. because she's not an ice queen, not at all, just a teenage girl that learnt early on it's safer to put her guard up. and, oh my god- i remember being so enthralled, so thrilled by the way in which you described her blossoming crush on albums in the first chapter. you dissected and examined the anatomy of a teenage crush perfectly, and it was a pleasure to read and subsequently reminisce on my own teenage crushs. (and, you know, teenage crushes of mine to come.)

your sensitivity and care for discussing a whole spectrum of the teenage condition- from benign crushes and mean girls to eating disorders and racism- was done so well, so magnificently, so perfectly. whilst i identified with nova throughout the entire story- like, she was my /girl/, i really felt like i could emphasise with her plight- cass's spiral into eating disorders really struck a chord. your author's note mentioned it was personal to you too, and isn't that the beauty of writing? two strangers who could relate to the same awful, awful process, united through writing about it and subsequently reading about it. there are so many hogwarts fanfics on this site that just bulldozes straight through the reality of teenage life to some sort of far fetched fantasy world of partying and hook ups, and i'm so glad you crafted this piece of literature instead. you actually inspired me to go over my own fanfic and question the reality of it all

above all, i just adored your portrayal of sisterhood. i recently had to sort through my bookshelf, deciding what i wanted to keep and what could be given to the kids next door, when i came across my copy of the sisterhood of the travelling pants- and this really does remind me of it! it really conjured such a sense of girlhood and friendship, i felt oddly lonely finishing it. the dormitory scene in which the girls forcibly reunite case and nala especially resonated with me; for such a short fic you managed to bring such humanity into not one, not two, but six OCs and ive said it multiple times before but it is SUCH a delight to read!

other things i want to mention, all in one breath- alice's sweet relationship with her dad & that scene cleaning up the great hall, cass's relationship with scorp, the slight miss you gave to scorpius's relationship with rose, the fact you actually included lessons, rather than some zooey 101 utopia of non stop partying. the normalness of the girls, which made them even more remarkable and lovely and exciting than had they been mary sue types. the fact that nova leaned into albus. nova and albus! the references to the multiculturalism within the wizarding world- the asian culture dahlia brought, that nala was black, even that the acclaimed playwright nova loved had an arabic name.

love, love, love it. feel like i could go on for ages but i'd only bore you. thank you so so much for such a beautiful read!

Author's Response: Hey!

Thiis was such a huge review that I've had to cut my response down as it exceeded the limit lol.

It's so great to hear that you liked this! Considering how big Fluorescent Adolescence is - seriously, I hear about it everywhere - so to think that this little ol' fic caught your eye means a lot :P I'm glad you like Nova too! One of my biggest fears when I was putting this up was that she'd seem a little vanilla compared to Dahlia & too martyr-like but yano, everyone seems to like her well enough so whew, reassurance is great.

Was gonna say I never had an incident like the Josh Finch-Fletchley thing but I realised I totally did (my friend's brother found out I had a massive crush on him, twas v. embarrassing) so you're so right on the Year 7 thing. It's basically a rite of passage to have your crush outed in public, isn't it?

(Gosh, the memory still stings.)

Something on Nova's level is *definitely* a reason to withdraw yourself - teenagers have a nasty habit of holding onto such humiliating memories so is it any wonder she decided to stick to what was safe? Her whole Ice Queen persona was influenced by myself since I tend to put up walls around most people & am actually a lot nicer than I seem.

...Wow that sounds bigheaded. :P

Point is that in peace-time Britain true ice queens are few & far in between. Nova's 16, was once hurt by people she trusted and just doesn't want to put herself at risk again. Even though she likes Al, there's that part of her that refuses to put herself out there since it's so easy to get hurt & it seems simpler to stay out of the mess, you know?

Tbh, I loved writing about her crush on Al. Took me back to when I had one - three whole years ago, what has my heart become - & it's so innocent, isn't it? Like, she doesn't even expect anything of it. I think that's what's nice about a crush: being able to appreciate someone without doing anything about it.

But yes, this fic does have its heavier themes & I really did want to bring them to life, especially from the POV of Nova whose central storyline surrounds the fact that she's developing feelings for a boy - & then realises that there's a lot more happening to other people in her life.

When people think about teens, it's usually about the partying+romances & I was so frustrated that the other issues were forgotten or even existed in the first place. So I wrote this to show that this is what it's like: negative self-image etc. can exist among happy times. You can be surrounded by people you love & suffer. My friends+I went through so much &, like the D 2.6A girls, held onto each other throughout it. That's what I wanted to bring to the page, show that it's possible to fall & then get back up. So many have gone through something similar & I felt that there was a real gap in showing that in fanfics without going all doom+gloom

I mean, ones that focus on the light parts aren't *bad* or anything bc loads are great e.g. yours is addicting - but it's great to hear that I made you think. #Writer goals.

I love sisterhood. I'm all for romance but there's nothing like a strong friendship & I loved writing about 6. Tbh, it's why I wrote the fic. There's a reason it's Dormitory 2.6A, after all :P

You've mentioned so much I want to comment on but all I can do is laugh at "some zooey 101 utopia" XD

To put it quickly: I believe that Neville would be a great dad & his daughter would be the apple of his eye. Love Scorpius Malfoy bc he is unapologetically uncaring to 99% of the universe+fiercely protective of his own. Also, Scorose is the Way. Also, made it a point to include more culture in the fic bc England is so multicultural anyway so there's gotta be some in it.

Also, NOVA LEANING INTO AL WAS SOMETHING I PLANNED FROM THE BEGINNING bc she was so *shy* & always blushing so the fact that she's the one who went for for it made me secretly proud bc I was like my baby's growing up!

Plums xo

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Review #4, by greenbirdsThe Making of The Map : Lily

13th January 2017:
oh my god. this is fantastic. i love it, i adore it, i just know it's going to be my new favourite fanfic for the year. there's so much to say about it- and we're only one chapter in!

firstly and perhaps most importantly; your characterisation of lily is magnificent. this is one of the first times i've seen her portrayed as an actual teenage girl, someone who- as another teenage girl- i can relate to and emphasise with. i love the decision to have her secretly harbour a crush on james, it makes perfect sense, and to be honest i never did buy the notion that lily was totally and wholly immune to his charms for seven years. i mean- come on, she's a teenage girl- not some clumsily crafted mary sue type that is perfectly in control of her hormones and her daydreams, not some character who's logic has such perfect reign over her feelings she can say right! well. james bullies sev so i DO NOT FANCY HIM! there! oh god, i hate this head canon accepted characterisation of lily, and i'm so thrilled you decided to go against it- whilst still retaining such canon characteristics of hers!

because, only a chapter in, it's evident she's intelligent but not immune to the charm and allure of the slug club; got friends, such as marlene and remus and quentin, but not some
over the top 'it girl' she was never really going to be, realistically; she cares for sev, but not blindingly, and is, above all, vulnerable enough to be so clearly affected by what she perceives to be a prank on james and sirius's behalf.

and omg! don't get me started on james, sev and marlene. what full fleshed out characters despite only have a scene each to themselves. i adore marlene; spunky and independent (but again, not in a manner that isn't unusual for teenagers- the line about her thinking she's the only one clued up about death eater fascism reminds me of /me/ when i was in sixth form, banging on about feminism and the labour party), and the allusion to an upcoming plotline between her and william mckinnon is so exciting. we don't see enough of political activism amongst the characters of fanfic, which is totally weird and not ok, teenagers really are getting more and more political and come ON now- the marauders & co joined the order of phoenix straight out of school! of course they'd be clued up, knowledgeable and concerned about the threat of pureblood fascism! even the way marlene presents it, USING terms such as terrorism and fascism is so clever. well done you.

the vulnerability and dependency upon lily of snape, especially his worries and anxiety over slytherin common room death eater recruitment was fantastic to read and very convincing. i loved seeing a different side to him, a side often ignored in marauder fanfic. and as for james? super excited to see what you make of him and lily and sev in future chapters.

sorry for babbling on so much! i really am so, so excited by this. please please please update soon! all my love xx

Author's Response: "i just know it's going to be my new favourite fanfic for the year" !!! This is the sweetest thing in the entire world! Thank you for your review, this was so lovely and I'm so happy that you like it and have so much to say! This was so sweet! Can't get over it!! And a new update is coming very soon! Thanks a million times! xx

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Review #5, by greenbirdsShadowplay: Twenty-Four: The Two Doors

9th January 2017:
oh my GOD!

actually, totally, genuinely speechless. oh god. where do i begin?!

firstly- because ill forget to mention this otherwise- it struck me as slightly odd, maybe even off, your characterisation of marlene- who is, of course, known in canon for being killed by death eaters (voldemort himself?). she's such a normal, mostly pleasant character, so i assumed you had either decided to experiment with some classic marauder fanfic cliche of her being the go-to girlfriend/love interest of sirius- in most fanfic, of course, aislin would be marlene- but it makes sense! staying with her parents... this is how she dies! god... how heartbreaking! and i had assumed her to be a gryffindor friend of lily's, an order member all along.

for that's the best thing about shadowplay, a story that is saturated, spilling over at the seams with good things and attributes and qualities- the story works so perfectly, so fluidly with canon i almost forget it isn't canon. it's certainly become my head canon, any how. the characterisation of the marauders is where so many fics go wrong, and quite frankly not only do you get it right- like, SO right- you probably do the best job of characterisation of this time genre on the whole site. even just little things, like humanising peter into a real, likeable character, or the easy banter between lily and james... obviously, my favourite characterisation is of sirius, but i'm so biased towards him anyway, it wasn't fair.

and then there's remus. this is so remus's story as much as it is aislin's. you've created such a three dimensional character within him, stuck so true to canon but also wielded comfort in changing and tweaking it ever so slightly to accommodate a young man, not the shattered, world weary professor we are introduced to him as initially. his friendship and potential love with aislin- and, of course, that awful, confusing fry area in between- has been so delicately treated i must applaud you. it would be so easy to turn shadowplay into a who will she pic? stay tuned!!! drama, but you shy away from that i the same grace and fashion aislin does, to focus on tbe bigger picture at hand.

and hello?! WHAT a plot! a plot that does not stop giving- always one step ahead of you, even when you think you've caught up there's another twist... so exciting, so thrilling, i've found myself over the past day excusing myself from brunch and my friend's birthday dinner to read it in the toilets. god, you're talented. like- awe inspiringly so.

even small details, like references to robes rather than clothing we take for granted in the muggle world, or feeling limbless after losing her hand... you are in a league of your own.

i'm desperate to know how this concludes. i know more than anybody what it is to lose momentum, lose track, lack inspiration, fall out of plot. i am BEGGING you to resume. excuse the hyperbole but i'm dying to read more! i am obsessed! you've got me hook, line and sinker.

and - i've totally nominated shadowplay for a dobby. am i allowed to tell you that? perhaps aislin's recklessness has rebounded on me. it deserves a dobby and beyond and it's borderline heartbreaking shadowplay doesn't have the reviews and acclaim it deserves. truly a league of its own.

Author's Response: Hi again! You've made my day again with this lovely review. Thank you so much for taking the time, and for your Dobby nomination! :')

Marlene is meant to have been in the Order, but yeah, I think in most Marauders' Era stories the whole world revolves around the Marauders + Lily, so I wanted Aislin's world to be a little more independent of theirs.

I'm laughing at the idea of you sneaking away to read Shadowplay -- fanfiction is such a guilty pleasure for me, I always feel like I've got to sneak away somewhere to write it!

Thank you so, so much for all this loveliness. I'll get writing. :)

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Review #6, by greenbirdsShadowplay: One: The Beginning

8th January 2017:
i was in the middle of /such/ a long review when google chrome totally failed on me! i will never laugh at an internet explorer meme again. and i apologise for the review this could have been.

i remember reading this for the first time ages ago- i even remember leaving a review in 2014 (oh my GOD, does that seem long ago- a simpler time, haha). i was so excited by this marauders thriller, especially as it is my favourite time period and also the most challenging; finding fics that balance good characterisation of canon characters and original characters whilst handling an original plot (i think i might cry if i read another bffl-of-lily-hooks-up-with-sirius) is super hard, and i am so, so excited to return back to shadowplay!

i remember enough of it to keep me enthused; some details especially, ridiculously small, for they inspired various sub-plots and scenes in my own fanfic. (sirius & aislin, especially. there is this ONE reference to the two of them bunking quidditch and lying in bed that i still adore) but i don't remember enough to lack any thrill of the plot, or even have a sense of predicability when reading. god, i'm excited to keep on reading- and aren't i lucky to have twenty five chapters left!

so yeah. super exciting stuff. you rock. all my love xox

Author's Response: Hi! :) It's been forever since I had a review on this story and it made me smile! A few months ago I decided to redo the ending, but never really got around to it. Maybe one day! :') Happy reading and happy 2017!

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Review #7, by greenbirdsThe Sacred Twenty-Eight Club: The Truth Comes Out

3rd January 2017:
what's not to love about the sacred twenty-eight club? even the small details - like the song verses of the chapter description and the way in which you detail carina's ambivalent, but increasingly obvious, feelings towards james. even the way you write their kissing moments is so magical. please please puh-lease update soon !!

Author's Response: Thank you soo much! Next chapter is on its way!


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Review #8, by greenbirdsCrucio: Every Beginning Starts With an End

2nd January 2017:
ive already left a review, but wanted to come back to the first chapter and leave a review here too, because this is such a fantastic chapter- like, one of the best opening chapters i've read in ages- and also because i got ridiculously bored and read a few other reviews left on your story, including one that questioned the character quantity in this chapter and the use of the nickname scorp for scorpius. in my very humble opinion - you have a perfectly good number of characters for an opening chapter, you balance the binary perfectly between important main characters (isla scorpius and albus) and lesser
characters serving to set a scene, further the relationships between the three above, highlight the environment in which isla and scorpius so desperately wanted to escape from. and i hope scorp isn't a lazy nickname, because my scorpius in my next gen is referred to as scorp too!

just my opinion though ;) xoxo

Author's Response: TYSM!! I think that review was extremely helpful, but this is the same amount of help as well! I'm glad that you like the character numbers and all that, thank you so much for the review again!!

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Review #9, by greenbirdsCrucio: And We All Fall Down

1st January 2017:
ahh! i really, really like this! it's been ages since i've been this thrilled by a story on this site; it's a testament to your writing skills and knack for character that i'm just as excited by the budding, yet definitely growing chemistry between albus & isla, the demise of the latter's friendship with the slytherin girls and the growth of her friendship with the gryffindor girls, namely audrey & rose, who i'm already warming too- as i am by the mystery and intrigue of the plot in general. update soon!

Author's Response: oh my gOSH i love your writing so much this really means a lot to me :))) and thank you so much for this review!! all 3 of the things you mentioned will be developed in part 1 of this story, i'm so excited!

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Review #10, by greenbirdsAnd All That Jazz: Acting, Lying, And All That Jazz

9th September 2016:
ahhh! no waaay! all that jazz is back! super super SUPER stoked!

(and by the way- very /very/ much with you on getting sucked in with hpff. i can happily spend a half year, a whole year, not thinking about it in the slightest, but the second i login out of curiosity i simply /cannot/ leave)

what can i say? i've been a fan of all that jazz since you launched it, way before i even had an account. i can even remember your first banner! and i could not be more excited that you're back, that atj is back, and that- most importantly- aria and james are back. i'm still excited that you liked fluorescent adolescent, and i'd be lying if i didn't refer back to aria and james for much needed inspiration for my own james/oc angst. i really, really do see aria and james as the original james/oc, and it is so, so great that they're back together again!

although... and i really cannot explain this- i'm still kind of harbouring love for jett and aria? like, i know- they just don't work out, james is better for aria, all that jazz (haha) (sorry i'll stop)- but that quidditch jacket scene in one of the first chapters between the two still resonates with me so intensely i can't shake the duo off!

its all such a mess. james and jett are such an exciting friendship- which, by the way, total kudos to you over that, i've read many fanfics proclaim best friendship between characters but not many really /prove/ it as well as you do between james and jett- but james and aria are such a lovable, adorable duo... is it naive of me to hope for an epilogue of sorts with jett as the best man at their wedding, very much over aria but still best friends with james?

ahhh. idk. all i do know is is you've /got/ to update soon! so thrilled, so excited. love love looove it ♥

Author's Response: yes! it's back! it's really back! i'm not dead! I'M NOT DEAD!

(hpff is a riptide that sucks you in and never lets you go until you have too much real life stress that your brain explodes and you leave and come back again two years later. or is that just me? okay. cool.)

oh em geee i can't even remember my first banner - i think it was animated? maybe? i've tried to block that time period from my memory because rereading the early chapters just makes me cringe so badly... hence why i am now rewriting all of them (one chapter down, 23 to go!). ANYWAY. thankyouthankyouthankyou i definitely do /not/ think my writing is super special like idk what i'm even doing i just blather on about nothing so it blows my mind that people look to this for inspiration.

i know. i love jett. i do. (even though i constantly put him through needless torture.) he's a sweetie. and he and aria should just be bffs 4 lyfe imo.

...but he's already bffs 4 lyfe with james, so like, i guess he'll just have to have two. yeah. two works. we'll see. even i don't know what's going to happen. like i said, i just blather on.

thanks so much for the review!! ♥

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Review #11, by greenbirdsRush: bolt

6th September 2016:
wooow. wow! oh my god ... honestly, nora. you've somehow managed to outdo yourself /yet again/. which is quite impressive, as i was pretty overwhelmed by your last chapter.

i think there are two ways of measuring how good the quality of a fanfic is. firstly, obviously, love of the fiction itself- one of the best things about rush is how detailed and dedicated the novel is to canon, and not only canon, but to the universe that rowling created. you've truly succeeded in resurrecting the magic of hogwarts and the magic of the wizarding world within these past two chapters, something very few fics ive read have accomplished. and even more excitedly- you capture the magic of being a teenager, the magic of an impending school year, the magic of late-summer-early-autumn and the /magic/ of a crush... it's raw. it's real, it's exciting and i cannot wait to see where this goes.

which leads me onto the second way of measuring how good a fic is; the plot, the characters, the writing. you're stellar, you're incredible, you're almost unbelievable in your talent. i adore josie's narrative and reading her thoughts and her interactions is such a thrill; moreover, the characters, from dom to jude to albus to davis could not excite me more. they're so vivid and real and yet somehow all have that /magic/ edge to them that you've woven into this whole fic, an ethereal quality i cannot get enough of!

you know how much i adore rush. please don't make us wait another half year or so to find out what's next! do you have a fic tumblr or something for more? im obsessed. obsessed! super super exciting stuff. all my love xoxo

Author's Response: I LOVE U OMG

like, srsly your review has had my head spinning and my cheeks grinning for days, I can't thank you enough for how thoughtful and wonderful your words were! It's honestly such a great review I was speechless until now, and even in this moment I'm hardly more than a jumble of gushing, blushing sentiments that will never encompass how much I love this review!

And I am sorry for how long it's taken for me to get back to Rush, but you can thank the beginning of autumn and the start of school for the (lol incoming pun) rush of inspiration! I currently have a very strong direction that I'm so excited for this fic to go, so you can expect more regular updates!

Also I've never thought about putting together a tumblr for rush, but I have so many photos linked to this story just sitting in a folder on my desktop, so, it's definitely (super likely) possible I'lll make one? We'll see!


Nora xx

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Review #12, by greenbirdsCacophony : puerile.

26th January 2016:
the idea of a magical post-hogwarts education is incredibly exciting, and def initely not au! i mean like- perhaps au in terms of previous generations, but that is, like, the whole attraction about next/gen; it is totally up to anyone's call what is au and what isn't. and this is so, so cool, i don't know why there haven't been more university like settings in this tab before!

and like, not only the idea of university, but these 21st century characteristics you've slipped in, so removed from the hogwarts presented to us but so essential to the teenage life we know right now, yeah, i think it's a really exciting prospect, this fusion of the wizarding world and 21st century teenage britain.

what's more- isla is a really, really cool character, somebody to root for, and quinn is hilarious. i love the rivalry between victoria and dominique and mika's roommate? so obvious but i am SO excited to see what's yet to come!

update soon ♥

Author's Response: bea!! hi hello
im so happy you like the magical uni idea, i was honestly so nervous about it aha but your review made my anxiousness about the whole thing a lot better aha thank u thank u. also: yesss, i love the fact that you like isla and right; quinn is hilarious. and ooo their rivalry, i love it too because it's quite cute and :0 is it really obvious? im guessing you think it's Scorpius...Well, we'll see aha.

thank you sooo much for this kind and lovely review and o now im going to go review ur recent FA chapter ahh im excited. thank you, love xx

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Review #13, by greenbirdsBurn: two

26th January 2016:
oh my god! i love this so far. astrid is so, so cool. she has a really sick, don't care, nonchalant attitude and it's as admirable as it is- well, exciting, really, astrid /is/ an exciting character, and we're only two chapters in. update soon!

Author's Response: thank you!! the more i write ast the more i absolutely fall in love with her, and so i am so so so happy that you like her as well!! updating soon pinky swear?

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Review #14, by greenbirdsTurning the Tables: Epilogue: This is the Story of Us All

26th January 2016:
oh my god. it's been, like, three years. how am i STILL finding myself reading and crying and laughing and smiling at this? you are insane. i think i'll be kind of obsessed with this story forever (or, at least, another three good years).

i still use the relationship between dom and coco as inspiration for female friendships in my own hpff writings. isn't it funny that this story is meant to be james/oc when it is, arguably, so the dom and coco show? totally no complaints- coco will always be one of my favourite ocs ever ever ever. i love her. and wyatt, and dom, and chaise, and tyson...

i get so nostalgic reading this again, i remember reading it for the first time aged like 13 (???) and genuinely expecting teenage life to be like this hhahahaha- oh my gosh, i don't know if you even come on hpff anymore. but yes. THANK YOU REBECCA for an insane, sublime, incredible- just brilliant piece of literature. please tell me you're writing full time because you so so have the talent for it! and i'd read anything you produce. all my luv ♥

Author's Response: I'm insane? I think you're the insane one for still reading this story. I have shoved it into the back of my mind and all but ignored it because I find the first ten chapters absolutely horrendous, but thank you for liking it anyway!

Dom and Coco are really important to me. They're based off of the friendship me and my best friend had in high school. Lots of their conversations were ripped straight out of conversations I have had with my best friend, so I'm so pleased people liked their friendship so much!

But yes, I still come on here. I don't post on here anymore (I post under a different penname on another site) but I still read the reviews I get so I really do appreciate your connection with this story. It's amazing that this story I wrote so long ago, can still make people feel things.

Thanks for a lovely lovely review!

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Review #15, by greenbirdsBecause In Reality: am i more than you bargained for yet?

22nd January 2016:
(also btw i love love love fall out boy- like the ab/as album was my most played album on spotify 2015. and probably 2016. i LOVE it.)

i'm so, so excited by this! i've seen this story floating around before on the archives, and i've always wanted to read it- i'm so glad i did! you've got me totally hooked.

firstly, your characterisation is amazing. ronnie is fantastic, and i bet i'm not the first to comment on her. she's like the archetype fit for dominique in next/gen, except kudos for you for avoiding the whole 'best friend of dom/roxy/rose' cliche and actually, instead, creating a character that thrives on her own merit, rather than on what she can serve to the plot as a relative to the romantic wotter lead.

and bea! she is so, so great! my name's bea- beatrice, really- so i automatically felt comradeship with her. again, you've created such a three dimensional character, and her interactions with ronnie, louis and the davies boys really bring home just how layered a character she is, which makes it all the more exciting to read. you've encapsulated the teenage girl next door perfectly- i think we all see a little of ourselves in bea.

of course, albus is such an enigma, but i'm more excited to discover more about this davies character and his back story with bea. i also really enjoyed his twin's interaction with bea a chapter or two earlier; you're really setting up this story to be something really exciting, really thrilling.

i'm so excited to read more! please update soon ♥

Author's Response: Oh, fall out boy! I couldn't resist not using them for chapter titles and the lyrics fit in so much and I was like 'yes, yes I'm going to do it.' And trust me, I listened to that album a few too many times myself (especially twin skeletons).

I'm so glad you tried reading it as well! I love new readers and I do understand what you mean by seeing a story a couple times and then finally clicking on it.

Ronnie does get commented on a lot. I think there is a love/hate relationship between her and the readers haha. The whole story is centered around Bea and Ronnie (for some reason I always see their names mathching and as a pair, kind of like Bonnie and Clyde) so much that I never thought of Bea and some Wotter being the central besties. And though I love the cliche (especially if Dom/Roxy/Rose is amazing), I think it's more fun to write OCs from scratch. You have more freedom with them. And the romantic Wotter lead won't have to view them as whichever cousin's friend and instead sees them as his/her own person. Thank you so much for pointing that out! I never really thought about it in depth!

Yes, Bea has found a name twin! I always thought that Beatrice was such a cool name. It has this old mystery around it and it's so fun to say! It's always great to hear that people can relate to her. I feel like a lot of us are sort of like her in high school whether it's being shy, unsure of boys, keeping track of our glasses (me), or getting dragged along by our friends.

James is a mystery, more so because he's quiet than anything. And the Davies will definitely keep appearing throughout the story and whatever happened in the past will eventually come out.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and reviewing! I loved reading your thoughts and opinions on everything! And thank you for all the compliments; I'm really undeserving of them but they definitely made me smile!


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Review #16, by greenbirdsGet in Line: Duels and Don'ts

17th January 2016:
you must know by now how crazy i am about this story (btw- duels and don'ts is a GREAT chapter title). you continue to set the bar for rom/com next gen lit. this chapter was heavily heavily anticipated, and totally lived up to it's hype, if not more so.

jordan continues to be such a twenty first century queen. james, was as usual, a total total babe; freddie is still a total cutie; mitch and cyrus- especially cyrus- epitomise the middle finger emoji, and i am so, SO excited to see what's next!

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Review #17, by greenbirdsMoon and Tide: Track 1: the Black Cat

2nd November 2015:
oh my gosh! i cannot believe this is your first fan fiction attempt- it's brilliant! you're brilliant! i couldn't be happier you've decided to start writing, you're so talented- i cannot wait for the next chapter, im already hooked.

astrid is so cool, i love her narrative, and you've written her with such wit and character she doesn't need to introduce herself like other first person ocs sometimes do. her friends are big characters, you can tell already, but they don't flush her out- rather they compliment her and her persepective of things. that's such an interesting introduction plot line, between isabel and james, ive never come across anything like it! im so excited to see how that impacts james' relationship with astrid.

im just so excited for all the potential of this story. and i am so thrilled that fluorescent adolescent was one of the stories that pushed you to write! please do update soon!! and have you thought about getting a banner?

amazing amazing amazing. ive said this before but update sooon!! ♥

Author's Response: hi! I really can't say how much it means to me that you took the time to review, because youre really such a brilliant writer and Im so so in love with your stories... so thanks a million! And I'm so glad you liked Astrid, as well as the intro plot line- I'm hoping it isn't too confusing aha! Anyway, I will definitely update as soon as possible and yes haha, I've finally put a request up :) again thank you so much for being so lovely xoxo

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Review #18, by greenbirdsThe Middle: The Kids All Dream of Making It

15th October 2015:
ohhhkaay! i haven't stopped reading this for an hour, and now it's over, i'm a bit like ? please update soon! i totally understand about prioritising real life (want to underline the totally because i really really do) but ahh! i'm so into this!

nooo. i can't believe the bet is over. it all kind of makes sense now- the bet, nat and freddie's ulterior motive, and dare's actions towards minnie as of late. (also, can i just express my admiration of the nickname minnie rather than dom? love it)- also, i'm kind of feeling james and nat together? she's SO high strung and demanding, and he's so protective and in comparison, relatively easy going... idk! it was just seeing them running trials together, i suppose. but who knows.

and oh WOW. i forgot to comment on it in my earlier review, but poor poor brain! that is so unfair of rose weasley; i really do hope she gets her come-uppance. like literally. poor brain! that is awful. it's so good of the group to take her under her wing, but minnie is right, it isn't quite enough. also a testament to how minnie is actually such a softie under all that hard, tough bravado- you can see she genuinely does care for brain. why haven't rose's older cousins intervened? or al and scorpius befriended her?

or am i reading too much into it? hahaha.

also also also let me comment on how BRILLIANT the thestral scene was between the boys, mathilda ramsey and greengrass. i loved it! it actually inspired me to start another next-gen story- obviously won't be copying, but yeah, you've definitely inspired me.

and finally- oh! /that/ what the quidditch incident! i can see why minnie disliked dare for so long, that would really get under my skin too, especially how it went so against his reputation everyone dismissed her claims. that would so annoy me!

Author's Response: Muahahah, totally got you hooked. >:)
But really, it does make me super happy inside to see that you enjoyed this chapter! I just made a goal to try and write at least a page each day, and so far so good. I'm crossing my fingers to have another chappie up within the next month but if I can get it up before the year ends, I'll consider it an improvement.

Anyway, yep the bet is officially over. It's been running for like, five chapters now? But alas, all good things must come to an end. Don't worry, there are still plenty of other shenanigans on the way. As for Nat and James... we're just going to have to wait and see on that. I don't really intend on pairing everyone off, but they might have a short-lived fling pop up. No promises, though. But they do make for an interesting match.

Yeah, poor Brain. It kinda sucks having your only friends be two years above you. She gets left all alone to face the wrath of Rose Weasley. As for why no one's intervened - it's gonna be revealed more in depth later on. The short answer however, is that we are seeing Rose from Minnie's point of view. This doesn't mean that the rest of the Weasley clan perceives her the same way. It makes for some interesting family tension. Al and Scorp haven't befriended her because they're kinda too caught up in their own Slytherin clique drama to pay much attention to any thing else. Though I do intend for that to change, so you'll just have to wait for all of the fun to unfold.

I'm so glad you liked the threstral scene! Hahaha, yeah, it was totally random. My sister actually gave me the idea - she's my beta, though she's currently on a hiatus - and I decided to stick it in there. And if you're inspired, go for it! That's super flattering to know I was actually able to inspire someone. :)

Anyway, thanks again for your great review! :)

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Review #19, by greenbirdsThe Middle: Karma's A Witch

14th October 2015:
oh my god, oh my god, oh my gooddd... whaatt!! minnie so has a thing for dare!! and he so, so fancies her back. omfg. WHAT. that was genuinely, genuinely unexpected from the beginning of the story, when the two of them are introduced. you know how some 'sexual tension' stories are so so blatantly obvious in their outcome? well this wasn't, not at all, and i loved it. i'm so glad you're back and you're updating again. i'm almost nervous to read the next chapter, as it'll be the last i'll read of 'the middle' for a while, i'd imagine, until your next update. when will that be, btw? do you know? i'm so, so hooked on this.

i love everybody. dare and minnie, obviously; nat, i adore, as i do james and eli; the relationship between scorpius and al (so well written, the best canon writing of the duo based off how rowling presented them). even matilda ramsey, who is awful, i do love, because you've written her so well and so excitedly ahhh i'm just so overwhelmed by this! amazing amazing amazing, love luv luurrvvee ♥

Author's Response: Hahaha, I'm so glad you've enjoyed the story so far! Your review totally made my day. Especially the part about Minnie and Dare being unexpected (though it still hasn't been stated that Min likes him... yet). Like, I was kinda worried that it was pretty obvious. So for you to say that it was genuinely unexpected, yeah totes made my day.
I'm glad to be back also. My hiatus was much needed, but I plan on being much more active with my writing now. Still don't promise super quick updates, but I do promise this isn't the last one. I'm not gonna say when the next chapter will be up but I will tell you it won't take two years again, haha. So no fear, proceed with reading the next chapter. ;)

And thank you for your review! It really does make me super happy seeing that you love my characters so much. Actually, everything bout your review made me super happy. Thanks again!
Love, Camila :)

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Review #20, by greenbirdsThe Sacred Twenty-Eight Club: The Benstrument

13th October 2015:
you already know how excited i am by this story! i read your other story and whilst it was still great, obviously, i love seeing how your writing's progressed over time. it's the same with me, i just wish i haven't deleted all my old stories hahah! but honestly, this is so, so good- especially by not only the relationship between james potter and carina, but carina herself. what a great character! i like how well you've written her traits, without coming out and saying it, which is always admirable. you can see through her dialogue and interactions how much of a ravenclaw she is- intelligent, academic and special in her own right, drifting away from her family and society upbringing. yet she still has that sophistication, that elegant composure in how she holds herself- really nicely contrasted against be, who i LOVE, she's great. again, i'm so excited.

and james! that sounds really interesting. i always imagined him to be more intrigued- even attracted- to girls he doesn't quite /get/ rather than girls more like susan wilde, who, as carina and zoe said, is quite 'easy'. i like how you refrained from slut shaming, but still kept the dialogue as how normal teenagers would gossip about their class mates, it's refreshing. and levi & lily! v v v intriguing! you have got to update soon!

aaand- from somebody who is incredibly sensitive to the relationship between reviews and motivation to write, i totally get that. i love your idea of reviewing everything you read, it's a really nice idea, like we all know the excitement of seeing unanswered reviews (0) go to (1) right? i think i may join you on that one hahahah.

please update soon! i love luv luuurve this!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, my other story - especially the beginning- is a little cringe worthy! It was my first, and kind of like my baby, so I could never hate it or not finish it, but I can definitely see improvement in my writing.

I'm so happy you like Carina! I've always tried to 'show' not 'tell' like my English teachers always said, so I'm glad that's coming across!

James is into girls like Susan Wilde as more of a short term thing, which is all anyone his age is looking for. As far as long term, he's definitely into a girl who's going to challenge him!

And slut shaming is such a big deal it's getting its own paragraph! Just in recent months, I've realized what a big deal it is! Girls are treated so differently and it's not fair! We should be able to do whatever we want without being judged! Feminism for life! ! ! !

(Sorry about the side rant, I've got a bit of a feminist problem...)

No! Don't be worried about the amount of reviews you get! Girl, your story is fabulous! I will come and review every chapter if you need me too!

And you should totally join me! Until I started writing I did know how wonderful it was to get a review! It's so easy to say a couple of things after I read something. I mean where else am I going to put my thoughts on the chapter?

The next chapter is (sort of) in the works!


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Review #21, by greenbirdsYear Five: After

5th October 2015:
i keep coming back to this story- not as a whole, but fragmented into my favourite chapters and scenes, and it thrills me every. single. time. i'm still so flattered that you said my review was one of the nicest you've ever gotten, and i want to be (one of) the first to congratulate you on your dobby! i couldn't vote, but i was rooting for you- tristram, really- all the same. i couldn't be more pleased, you most definitely deserve it! this story is such a classic, and it's exciting that the rest of hpff seems to agree! massive, massive congrats ♥

Author's Response: SQUEE! Thank you so much! Man, that means a whole lot to me :)

I'm still sort of in a state of shock about Dobby. Like... REALLY?!?!?!?! I really never thought many people would like this story, and I kind of keep refusing to believe that they do.

And you were rooting for me/him?!?! AH! Thank you!


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Review #22, by greenbirdsTraitorous Hearts: The Writing On the Wall

5th October 2015:
I DO NOT bat my eyelashes.

I was talking about Potter.

i literally laughed out loud at that! there are many witty, humorous writers at hpff, but you've managed to encompass such a rowling-esque type of humour- british (fitting for the characters), quite dry, and you know, i can imagine ginny having that conversation. which is such a testament to your talent as a writer- same goes for draco, especially his "brawn over brains" line. absolutely amazing- i ADORE traitorous hearts! it's amazing, it's brilliant, it's perfect. i'm so glad i decided to give it a read- usually i stay within the realm of next/gen rom-coms (which clearly this isn't) but there's such an essence of jk rowling's tone within your writing, i'm in love.

and astoria! what a GREAT character! i WISH i could write a character like how you've portrayed her! i love love LOVE how you've set up the dynamics between her and draco- the two teenagers caught up in this very adult war, it's spellbinding. i just couldn't be happier i have a few more chapters to read.

also- love astoria's scenes with ginny. there's a real sense of girl power (although the term 'girl power' seems perhaps a bit too adolescent, almost spice girls-esque for these two) between these contrasting, but ultimately very similar characters. and i love how you've portrayed ginny- again, so faithful to her portrayal in the books, especially how you've written her persepective on /that/ chamber of secrets scene. scenes? i'm exhausted, sorry. just brilliant.

Author's Response: Hi!

So, your review absolutely made my day. I'm sorry that it took me so long to respond to it--things have been a bit crazy around her of late, but thank you SO much!

I'm glad that you like the humor, and I'm SO excited that you think it fits in with JK's style. That's just such an incredible compliment and I'm so honored. With Astoria, I knew the humor couldn't exactly be slapstick--it just wouldn't fit her character or her circumstances. But I didn't just want it to be grim and gloomy without some jokes, even if they were drier than the Sahara desert.

Heehee, and that's one of my favorite lines :D

Honestly, I'm just so overwhelmed. Like, I don't even know HOW to give this a proper response other than to say "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!" over and over again. But I shall make an attempt!

Ack! i'm so happy that you love my baby. She's so fun to write, though definitely a challenge. I originally had her as a total anti-heroine, but as time went on I realized how much better a person she is than she *thinks* she is. Astoria has been told all her life that she fills a certain stereotype--she's a Slytherin: ruthless, cunning, intent on saving her own neck. She's been told that she can't be a hero, and has been taught to look at "heroic" people with disdain, as idealists and hopeless romantics. But obviously a lot has happened to make her question her upbringing. She's still got a long way to go, but so far it's been a really fun journey for me, and I'm glad to see that you've enjoyed it as well!

Writing her and Draco has been fun, too, because it's definitely been a bit of a slow burn romance. They're separated by necessity and by distrust, but they are also pulled together by those things. I love getting to explore how these two kids, who have been forced to grow up very suddenly, face war in different ways.

Astoria's scenes with Ginny are some of my favorites. I knew as soon as I first wrote them into a room together that, oh, this was going to be fun. They kind of surprised me with how well they played off of each other, and it's made a huge difference in the trajectory of the story. And haha, I think girl power, works, though I see your point about the Spice Girls ;)

Ginny is another delight to write. I loved her character, but the movies never did do her justice, and even in the books we only ever got glimpses of her. So taking her character and getting to kind of flesh it out has been an absolute delight! This chapter was so important to me--it's one of my absolute favorites--because so much happens in it. I wanted to explore exactly what heading Dumbledore's Army meant to Ginny, why she was willing to put herself in so much danger, and what was driving her. Because the truth is that it wasn't just "bravery". Ginny has as much a vendetta against Voldemort as anyone, save perhaps Harry. He tried to destroy her, and she came out stronger. Getting to really show that was so important to me. And then, of course, Ginny's strength gives Astoria a reason to question what she's always thought about what it means to be "good". Ginny isn't weak. She has a reason--not so different than Astoria's own reason, when Astoria first thrown into all this--to be fighting the Death Eaters. Astoria has always thought that Slytherins were kind of on their own, the only sensible people, but she can respect Ginny. And really, that kind of changes everything.

I'm just still absolutely giddy to hear that you liked the story so much. There's a new chapter in the queue, so that should be up soon if you're interested. Thank you so much for writing this lovely review. I can't even tell you how encouraging it is. You've made me smile so much.


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Review #23, by greenbirdsThe Human Factor : The One Where It All Begins

5th October 2015:
re-reading this again because it truly is one of my favourite fics on the archives. i loved it so much before i got an account and re-reading it, i realise i adore it even more now. how crazy is it to compare her narrative in this chapter to the most recent update?? just highlights how good and versatile of a writer you are!

this review isn't very long im afraid- i have nothing else to add apart from how much i love pippa, scorpius, damien... even albus too, i suppose, in his nebulous enigmatic way. so so excited to read more! especially as ive forgotten most of the plot by now (another testament to you as a writer- im enjoying this just as much in 2015 as i did in 2011)

Author's Response: Wow. That is such a huge compliment, I'm honoured. Thank you such and welcome to the archives :) Thank you, that's so kind of you to say. I had to read the story before writing chapter 22 and I too, was like woah, Pippa has changed. Though originally this was meant to be a fluffy, comedy fic so I'm used to things changing haha. Thank you for that huge compliment.

It's fine, I'm just happy you decided to leave a review at all. haha, true, he can be a difficult one to like at times. And wow. Thanks for coming back to this story. It means a lot that I still have readers despite the big break I had to take. Thanks so much for the review, it has been lovely to read. I hope you have an amazing day. xxx

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Review #24, by greenbirdsBeat It: Beat It

5th October 2015:
i love, luv, luurrvvee this so far. ive been meaning to read it for ages, as i adore quidditch fics, and it's exciting to find one taking place post-hogwarts- especially with a woman in the lead, rather than a potter boy as it is usually! and roxanne is really, really great. fiesty, exciting and such clear sexual tension already with jason turner.

looking forward to reading the rest!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I love, luv, luuurve you for leaving such a wonderful review! I always wanted to write a Quidditch story with Roxanne in it, so I'm happy that you enjoy it :D Oh yes, Jason and Roxanne are a lot of fun to write together! :D Thank you so much!

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Review #25, by greenbirdsThe Sacred Twenty-Eight Club: A (not so) Scandalous Train Ride

2nd September 2015:
i'm really enjoying this. i think it's an incredible idea, and so very canon, which makes it all the more exciting! it's the kind of story i wish i thought of, you know? but whatever. so clever and well-written. looking forward to the next chapter!

also, i LOVE lana del rey AND taylor swift, and reading your a/n made me smile. i'm always finding myself stealing gossip girl storylines for my own stories, so i can very much relate to this hahaha ♥

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you think it's canon. I looked into every little thing about the pureblood families to keep it as canon as possible!
I feel that way about some stories too, and I was shocked that no one had actually thought of this idea first!
Omg Lana del Rey and Taylor Swift are my life. Especially Taylor Swift! Instead of writing the next chapter for this, I've just been watching her 'Wildest Dreams' music video!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! GG partially inspired this story, and I always find myself subconsciously putting things from there into my story!
Thank you for reviewing! You're so sweet!!

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