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Review #1, by greenbirdswildest dreams: fireworks

22nd April 2015:
okay. so like. number 1. suki ♥ ♥ it is not what attracted me to this story, but it is what at first attracted me to arizona. i am a big time fan. her genetics are magical. omg.
anywhay. i am really really liking this. arizona is cool and shay reminds me of that daria cartoon all over tumblr i haven't ever really gotten around to watching but i probably should. maybe after a levels. maybe after uni. idk. your narrative- arizona's narrative- is really smooth, funny without being clumsy and descriptive without making her sound too much like a wallflower, which is admirable because the struggle is reaalll! so many regrets not going 3rd person regarding descriptive scenes.
james and elle sound nasty, but i'm excited to see how you're going to turn this around to a james/oc, i'm already predicting scenes on scenes of steamy sexual tension and the whole shebang of love/hate relationships. i am soo pumped for this! you have GOT to update soon. pot calling kettle black i am aware, but this is too good to let drift into an abandoned plot idea. you're SO fab.
so in love with thiss!! see u next chaptah x

Author's Response: ohmygod. ohmygod. ohmygod (!) im /freaking/ OUT because you reviewed. I love you ok. And I know!! suki is just (heart eyes). omg thank you, I'm SO glad you like Arizona, she's my love, my heart, my soul. and ehh I know descriptive scenes are so hard to write when in 1st POV, I understand.
james, my favourite although yes, he is a jerk. ohmygod I love u I love u I love u; because, like, im excited too and picture the scenes so well and it leaves me grinning like a numpty.
I am so happy that you reviewed and you're so lovely and nice and I just- thank you so much! I'll definitely not abondon this because for the first time, I'm actually satisfied with something I've written aha.
YOU are so fab and just ahh (!) inspiration, honestly. a BIG fan of fluorescent adolescent, it's just: my life support.

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Review #2, by greenbirdsetc. etc. (and life goes on): A Kingdom For My Name

21st April 2015:
i'm buuuzzing. the messiah of hpff has come down. it's a new dawn. i am seriously so excited i had to re-read this three times over because i could not stop skimming with excitement. oh my!! clem!! albus!! rita!! happy endings!! sarcastic self-loathing humour!! where do i begin?
you are amazing. i am always looking at your work for inspiration and help both in and outside hpff. i littterally recommend etc, etc to all my friends, even those who stopped being into harry potter aged, like, 9.
so cool. so great. sorry this review is all gushing. i am BEAMING. you ROCK ♥ ♥

Author's Response: YOU FLATTER ME. Crossing my fingers that I don't end up like the last messiah.

Thank you so much for reading!! It means the world that this fic can inspire; more anti-heroines for the world, yes please!

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Review #3, by greenbirdsSocial Darwinism: One Flash-Forward + The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began

19th April 2015:
so this is really cool, i really like it. im a bit confused with all the names but i admire the fast, swift pace in which mccartney's narrative flies through things and people- she seems really cool. and great name! i suppose harrison sounded a bit too hillbilly and starr quite tacky? love it. update soon, im excited!

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I know, I know the names can get very confusing which is why right now I'm working with a new beta to revise the first chapter! I understand that it's loads of people to remember and can get stressful, but these same people are going to consistently reappear so it'll get easy to remember!

Thank you again! I try to always keep the audience engaged and the action moving at least when I'm setting the scene!

I really love the idea of there being Luck brothers, but I'm open to it so I guess we'll just see! I will update ASAP, I promise!

Thank you again for your lovely review!


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Review #4, by greenbirdsCrossing the Borderline: Albus: The Decision

17th April 2015:
i'm really liking it so far! you have such a way with characters- i'm always so impressed when people can change the tone of thought for each person when switching narrative, and you really pull it off. aaliyah sounds cool and i like how you've portrayed her in a way that she isn't the typical lily potter prototype of being feisty and brave and loud and stuff (you know?)- she's her own person, i really like that. and i love the difference in albus's attitude he gives to aaliyah, all cool and nonchalant, compared to how he really is haha- and i'm really liking scorpius too!
looking foward to reading the rest xx

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Review #5, by greenbirdsI Will Follow: Til Today

12th April 2015:
i always come back to this as a perfect example of writing teenage sexual tension. such great characters, i LOVED the unsinkable molly prewett (i recommend it to all my friends an who are fans of harry potter, regardless of their stance on fanfic)- and this is truly just the best way to top it all off. still thrills me as much as it did when i first read it years ago! you're such a great writer!

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Review #6, by greenbirdsThe Ages of Love : The Ages of Love

11th April 2015:
ahhh!! i really liked this! you write so beautifully, and katie and oliver felt so real. i like how you didnt villianise them for cheating, nor did you try to defend it- read this twice, so in love with your writing!

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Review #7, by greenbirdsFortune Favours: It All Starts Here

3rd January 2015:
i've already dropped you a line by your tumblr, this that was during the reading of this. now i've finished, it's easy to say i'm hooked, and i am buzzzingg for the next update. riya and james' friendship dynamics are so great, and i'm looking forward to learning more about her as a person, rather than just a auror. sweets and tobias are funny and their team banter is really well written, and i liked the touch of sentimentality that riya expressed towards the other three when she learned they were being split up. so yeah, great chapter! rly rly rllly excited for the next one xoxo

Author's Response: thank you so much! riya is a bit of character and i really enjoy writing her. thank you darling and i will definitely be posting chapter two soon! xoxox

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Review #8, by greenbirdsStagger: Let Us Go

6th December 2014:
omg! i'm sooo happy i found this- simply awing. reminds me of a more grown-up and sophisticated version of the jacqueline wilson books i used to read when i was younger. i love how you've portrayed estate london, it's honestly so realised- grimy and gritty, but a better sense of community than any of that chelsea reality tv show b/s. obv anybody growing up in the greatest city evaa will have SOME basic experience of council life, and in my opinion, you've hit the nail on the head. (west side represennt.) but only one thing- aylesbury isn't in london? obv it's just a small thing, was just wondering if you were going to make up a place or if you meant acton or something. no biggie! i'm enjoying this so much, if piper is coronation street rose is honestly the 21st century downton abbey you know? i love stories with themes of the british class system and this is so it (in my opinion)- piper is great, rose is great, her mum isn't as much but what can you do. i also really like roxanne, you've perfectly captured the teen queen without making her this 2 dimensional evil & borderline sociopathic monster that is so easy to create, you know? she's real, everyone is. love this sooo much (did i mention?)

Author's Response: i think i love you. coronation street to downton is the PERFECT comparison, wow i love it! aylesbury's actually an estate in walworth, it's pretty small but i used to pass it all the time so i just plucked out that one. thought i'd go for a lesser known one so less chance of people picking holes in my probably terrible descriptions. it's going through a massive regeneration at the moment though which is exciting. at least it was the last thing i heard! i could be very wrong thoughhh. roxanne! roxanne! i love her. THANK YOU SO MUCH AH! absolutely love youuu

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Review #9, by greenbirdsKill Your Darlings: Breakdown

1st December 2014:
omg wow! wow wow wow! speechless! yay andromeda! yay my top gal minnie! yay ted and yay lilith! omg wow i dont know what to say ahahaha- brilliant as always!!

Author's Response: Hahaha. Speechless! YAY. That is just what I was going for. :D Thanks so much for reading & reviewing! Updates should be coming a bit quicker during the holiday season. :)

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Review #10, by greenbirdsComplicated: Complication #8

23rd November 2014:
woo! love it! great chapter, i look forward to the next one. you're perfect at capturing abigail's thoughts and feelings without going too overboard with it all, i'm jealous. update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you - I'm so glad you like it! And I'm thrilled you think I'm doing a good job of capturing Abigail! Chapter 9 should be up soon - it's already in the works!
-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #11, by greenbirdsRush: leap

16th November 2014:
wooow! i am obSESSED with this! so sick, easily the best first chapter i've read in absolute ages. as a london teenager i see more of myself in josie than any other character in fanfiction really- she's so real and intelligent, and you pull off her gentle philosophical musings and thoughts without the slightest bit of pretence. you haven't described her physique yet so im basing the 3 boys' admiration of her on her character and charisma, which is great- a truly attractive character regardless of her physicality, again a thing you dont see often here. oh you make me want to completely rewrite my own next gen aha! great, great chapter. im expecting big things from this. puhLEAse update soon!

Author's Response: I am obSESSED with this review! Ugh, you've nailed everything I was hoping to get across, and I could not be more thrilled about it! You've totally got Josie down, and you've said such lovely things, I'm sending a thousand thank-yous your way!

Whaaat, I love your story as is, don't change a thing! Your writing style gives me the shivers sometimes, you completely rock, so, yeah, stay amazing.

Next chapter should be up soon, thanks again for your lovely review!

Nora xx

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Review #12, by greenbirdsComplicated: In Which Slughorn Makes A Choice

4th September 2014:
i love love love this! this is so sick! definitely one of the best next gens i've read in a long time. i like how albus is a gryffindor, i love how scor seems to have continued a bit of his father's rivalry with the potters, i love how olivia is a strong enough character to be able to tell her best friend to stop tormenting albus- and most of all i love your characters, their dynamics, how everything is so realistic and all characters have their flaws. please update soon, i'm so hooked!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Next chapter's in the queue so should be validated in the next few days. Thanks for taking the time to review :)

Emma x

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Review #13, by greenbirdsAnd Just Like That: Chapter 1

2nd September 2014:
hey! i am so so so excited by this story! i think this is the first AU i've actually properly enjoyed- you're such a talented writer! it's sad about wonderland but honestly this story is so cool, the kind of story you wish you had thought of yourself. it's going to be in my head all day! also, sik banner- who's the artist?
sorry this hasn't been all that long and quite vague, i'm really tired. but please update soon! so good. bea xxx

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much! That's so sweet of you to say!! And I made the banner myself - I'm glad that you like it!!! Sorry about Wonderland - I really am, but I just don't have the inspiration to write it at the moment :/ But maybe I will someday, and I hope there will still be people around to read it!

I'm hoping to update soon so look out for chapter 2!

~Jess :)

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Review #14, by greenbirdsHow to Become Minister of Magic: A Guide: Let's Make a Deal

28th June 2014:
hey! so im a politics student, and this automatically interested me- i've been meaning to read it for ages. it's a fantastic idea, and you're shaping up the plot nicely, especially regarding laney (which autocorrects to kanye on my phone) and
louis's relationship's dynamics.
however, a point of criticsm (sorry, how annoying am i?)- you've introduced 4 characters in the opening chapter, and honestly speaking, they prove quite flat and two dimensional. there's the hideous girl with the braces and acne and bad clothes who cant *possibly* compete with the protagonist's physical qualities; the perverted boss, who is, like the nerd girl mentioned, physically unattractive and so has no positive qualities to note (a dangerous correlation, especially when laney and louis are clearly beautiful and so are automatically allied together). this being said, it is the first chapter, and hopefully you'll defeat these stereotypes and cliches.
the narrative runs smoothly, if not slightly choppy, but that's just me being overly critical. looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Yeah, the first chapter is a little... bad to say the least. It is more just there to get introductions under the way. The other chapters are (hopefully) better. I should probably show it better, but Laney is kind of an unreliable narrator. We see this world in her eyes where she is the best and no one else measures up to her. I think she would overstate some physical attributes just because her mind works that way. And she is going to seem pretty perfect to herself because that's how she views herself... But maybe I haven't really shown that enough *off to try some rewritting* Thanks for the CC though, I didn't really realize because as I am the author my mind fills in the wholes that the readers can't see. Hope you keep reading and like the other chapters more!

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Review #15, by greenbirdsKill Your Darlings: Aftermath

17th June 2014:
This was so aggravatingly short!! Argh!! What can I say? Obsessed with this as always- gutted that chapter uploads will be slower in pace over the summer. I couldn't be happier that Andromeda's pulling herself together, and I love love LOVE Nelson. Now she's out in the open about Ted and her disloyalty towards her family, I'm really quite scared about her future. If she's of age, surely she owns money now? So her and Ted can just happily skip off into the sunset with George and Lilith bickering/holding fingers?
Love love love this, you're amazing! So excited for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Haha, oops. I didn't meant for it to be too short! Though I hope to make up for that fact by putting a new chapter in the queue today. :)

I'm glad that you like Nelson. I'm rather fond of him myself, though I have a clear and overwhelming bias. Andromeda's future is, well, very precarious at this point. The financial matters and nitty gritty awfuls of it will be coming out of the woodwork soon, but suffice to say that it won't be an easy road for her. :( Not that this road doesn't EVENTUALLY lead off into a happy sunset. Heh.

Thank you so much for your review and the sweet encouragement. New chapter SOON.

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Review #16, by greenbirdsSurvival Instinct: How to be a jerk

9th June 2014:
love love love this story! it's amazing! cannot WAIT for marley & james to get their act together. i love the new side of james that's coming out, and i also want to say how perfectly you capture the "new girl syndrome" (although i suppose marley suffers from it more than others. including cady harren.)
your characters are realistic and touching, whilst also being aggravating and hysterical.i love fitz (and i hate the absence of him in this chapter). urgh, allow the cliffhanger! when do you think you'll update again?
so excited to see what happens, and i loved this chapter!

Author's Response: You have no idea how excited I get when people leave reviews! Thanks a bunch for all the praise. I'm so so glad you like it!
I love that everyone loves Fitz. He's so fun to write, and it's great to see such a positive response to him!
I'll be updating soon, I promise. I just have to put a few finishing touches on the next chapter and it'll be good to go.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review. They really do make my day! :)

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Review #17, by greenbirdsKill Your Darlings: Hurt

26th May 2014:
I realised in the last review I left, I called you Kate, not Kat- ahh, sorry! Probably autocorrect, as I wrote it on my phone.
OH MY GOD! Ted! Andromeda! "Dromeda" feels! George! Lilith! Rabastan! Where do I begin? I could NOT be happier that Ted's alright (but of course he is) and I could not be more proud of Andromeda for standing up to Rabastan and defying him like that. It's so annoying what Ted said, about not being able to accuse Rabastan of performing Unforgivables when Andromeda, herself, did so too. I actually liked how she did it, it showed a ruthless, brazen streak within her personality that I really admire, knowing that she did something like that to a man who tried to kill Ted.
And then... Ted and Andromeda feels! WHEN do they end up together? As in, together together? Can this please be the catalyst for Andromeda to leave her pureblood society and join Ted? I'm so excited for the next chapter, oh my god, when will it be uploaded do you think? Ahh, sorry for being so annoying *iphone emoji monkey hiding face* - I'm just obsessed with this! You're SUCH a talented writer!
Obviously, her parents are going to be livid, and I can't even begin to imagine the reaction Walburga Black will have. I doubt they'll send a Howler- like, what would you say? "How dare you use the Cruciatus curse against your fiancee whom we're forcing you to marry even though this is like, the 60s, for attempting to kill your mudblood crush? We're so ashamed, Andromeda, and we didn't raise you to be like this-" ?? Ahh! I'm so excited to read what you have coming up! You're honestly one of the most talented writers on here, you have suuuch a gift. Do you write professionally?
George and Lilith are sooo jokes, they reflect each other in their sarcastic, dramatic personas and their flair for doing the write thing in a really comical fashion. I don't really see them together though, even though I feel they will? I have an image of the two of them arguing at Ted and Andromeda's wedding, George being the Best Man and Lilith being a bridesmaid. Would Narcissa be a bridesmaid, let alone turn up? Are you going to cover the wedding? Can you please?
Please, please, PLEASE more Ted & Andromeda (Tedromeda???) scenes! They're honestly one of the only reasons I'm on this site so much. They are my HPFF romance muse- I look towards them when I've been hit with writer's block- but I suppose it's difficult to compare Ted and Andromeda to a flimsy James/OC shipping.
What can I say? I'm obsessed with this, with a capital O. I imagine Rabastan and his friends to get off lightly, but I can also imagine Dumbledore knowing JUST how evil Rabastan and his group are. Would Dumbledore hold a meeting with Andromeda? Would she go to him for advice when her family disown her? Why am I rambling on, when you probably have the perfect plot in your head?
This is incredible. I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again. PLEASE update soon! PLEASE update as soon as possible! When do you think the next update will be? Sorry for being so annoying about this, hahahaha ahh wow so excited for the next chapter! Tedromeda 4 lyfffizzle!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, no worries about the name thing! I've been called every variant of Katherine out there, and I like them all equally. :)

Anyway, review! WHOO! Haha, yes, but of course Ted is all right. There is a certain amount of suspense that you just can't create in a Marauders Era fic because everyone knows who dies and who lives. I think I've brought poor Ted to the brink of death enough times, though.

Ted's reasoning about the unforgivable matter is infuriatingly annoying to Andromeda, too, but he really does see it as the best way to protect her. And also I had to keep Rabastan out of Azkaban for canon's sake, since he later goes on to torture the Longbottoms. D: But yes, Andromeda most definitely tapped into the Bellatrix side of her blood, and that kind of passion isn't always bad! Just maybe when it's, you know, sadistic.

Gawrrh, you're making me blush! You're too sweet, and I promise that the next chapter is in the works, though vacation season is officially upon me, so it may be an eensy bit longer wait between this chapter and the next. And to answer your question, yes, I do write professionally! My first novel is going to be published a year from now! It's a novel for the 12/13-yr-old age range. :)

Hahahaha, exactly. There is no howler apt for the situation. But Andromeda is most definitely in some deep *bleep* with the relatives for her actions. How dare she save a boy's life!

George & Lilith have a--complicated storyline ahead of them. Which of course I can't give away, but I think I CAN safely say that they will both be at the wedding. :) At this point, I haven't decided if I'll include the wedding in KYD or in the sequel of short stories I have planned... But I would really love to write it; after all the drama, I want to write some happiness for Tedromeda--even if that happiness is a little bittersweet.

Awww, I'm so glad that Tedromeda in general are your muse. I just love their story to pieces, in all its myriad tellings. Tedromeda fics are my favorite, hands down, even over Scorose (!!!). OTP forevz & always.

Haha, I like your rambles! I do have a plan for sure, but I always like hearing theories. :) The next chapter MIGHT be another week or two in the making...but it is on its way, have no fear!

Thank you for yet another epic and lovely review!

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Review #18, by greenbirdsShadowplay: Sixteen: The Emperor

20th May 2014:
this is brilliant! i wish i had read it before- im in love. you write thrillers amazingly, what a talent. aislin is perfect, especially her narrative, and i love the plot. i had goosebumps all over. im a massive fan of the characters, aislin, sirius, the cards, the mystique of it all- amazing! please update soon, how many more chapters until the end?

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! I'm completely undecided as to how long the story will continue, but it'll probably be somewhere between 5-10 more chapters.

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Review #19, by greenbirdsKill Your Darlings: Hogsmeade

14th May 2014:
Oh my GOD! Kate! No! No way! You did not just do that! I'm in shock! Nooo, nooo that's not okay- not surprising, however- I didn't believe that Rabastan would miss out a thing like that. It's not like "Ted" and "Rabastan" even sound remotely similar.
This was SO good. I really like Lilith, and I like how she's not as liberal in her views as Andromeda- like when she found it odd that Andie didn't want Ted to be referred to as a mudblood- but she's still a good person, with her friend's best interests at heart. It's nice to see a remotely sane Slytherin, I suppose.
I really like George, he's like the King of Sass. Which is ironic how he refers to Andromeda as princess, but whatever. Also! I wanted to say how I noticed how cute it is how Remus has a crush on Andromeda because he ends up marrying Nymphadora, haha that was a good one!
I am just so obsessed with this! When do you think the next update will be? Literally when is Ted and Andromeda going to finally get their acts together?
Can I also just say what an amazing job you've done with Rabastan. He's obviously horrible and what he did to Ted broke my heart but I do genuinely think that's how he was raised, and it must be SO humiliating for him to know that the girl he loves and is married too is thinking of a Muggleborn whilst they're having sex? Ahhh! I'm SO excited for the next chapter :') This was amazing and PLEASE NEVER EVER MAKE ANOTHER CHAPTER SHORT FOR THE SAKE OF CHAPTER LENGTH PLS THAT IS NOT OKAY! I'm sorry I'm just so obsessed hahaha. Are you planning any sequels after you've finished with KYD, do you think?

Author's Response: Oops.

-runs and hides-

I'M SORRY. It's high stakes now! I had to go all cliffhangery again. I just haddta. But I can promise that I'm nearly done with the next installment, and it will soon be in the queue!

Lilith's been quite fun to write. Like you say, she's still exceptionally pureblooded in many ways, but not so insane that she can't realize when one of her closest friends is unhappy. But also, Lilith just likes drama, and the potential of Andromeda running off with Ted is drama at its finest. Lol.

The King of Sass. I think George would be quite pleased to hear you say that. Though secretly pleased, of course.

Haha, yesss. I'm glad you caught the Remus crush. I was thinking through plot ideas one day, and I ended up amusing myself with just how additionally awkward Remus' blossoming romance with Dora would be if he'd once had a crush on her mother. It was cruel of me, but I couldn't resist!

Thank you for the kind words about Rabastan! I've been trying very hard to make him an understandable villain. You don't have to agree or empathize with him, but I wanted him to stand apart, not as some purely evil dude, but as a guy who's just been raised in the system and who, like most guys, would not take kindly to realizing that there fiancee has the hots for someone else. Of course, most guys might not react so--violently as Rabastan. o.o

SO. Next chapter soon! Scouts honor! As for potential sequels, I've been thinking about that recently. Once KYD is through, I hope to devote some significant more time to my other WIP, a Next Gen fic. But I've been considering doing a collection of short stories or maybe even a novella of Tedromeda's married years. Now that I can see the end of KYD in sight, it's just so hard to think about letting them go entirely! And I do think there's lots of potential stories to be told post-wedding. So I dunno. Maybe? Maybe!

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #20, by greenbirdsKill Your Darlings: Touch

6th May 2014:
Leaving an additional review on my account- please don't let Ted be hurt, or a victim. Oh my god, if he is a victim of the Death Eaters I PROMISE YOU I WILL KILL YOU. Well no, I won't- but please, let Adromeda cover it up, or the marriage be called off. All I want is Ted and Adromeda together. I have a feeling that Lilith could be quite supportive? I cannot remember her sprouting any blood supremists views. I'm Bea, by the way. A MASSIVE fan- obsessed with you! Obsessed with this!

Author's Response: Response #2 for Review #2! :)

Uh oh. Hahaha. Omg, please don't kill me. TED MIGHT GET HURT. I MAKE NO PROMISES. Well. Actually, I can promise you that this story is canon, so Ted can't possibly die yet. So--so yeah! There's that!

Oooh, Lilith. I have plans for Lilith, though of course I can't quite say what they are. But she does still have a part to play in the story, for sure!

So nice to meet you, Bea! I'm Kat. :) And I just realized that you're the author of Fluorescent Adolescent, yes? It's been on my To Read list for months now!

Thanks again for the positively lovely reviews. Mayhaps I'll see you in the next chapter? And I will try to make that chapter appear as soon as possible!

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Review #21, by greenbirdsGet in Line: The Morning After

16th April 2014:
omfg omfg omfg CAROLYN! THIS WAS SO SO GOOD WHAAT AHH YOU ARE A GODDESS AMONGST PEASANTS this was amazing. i LOVE jordan and mitch & cyrus as a duo- they remind me of zac efron and dave franco omfg wow okay that scene was just hysterical, i was laughing out loud on the train today but because, you know, i'm british it had to be turned into an awkward cough- the other passengers weren't pleased.

“Scorpius! Help me!” I pleaded and tried to swing my body his way to no avail.
“We’re trying to torture her for information on who f*ed her last night.” Cyrus explained to him as if it was a completely normal thing to be occurring.

and then there's FREDDIE who i love love love (i've gushed more in this review than i think the niagara falls does on a weekly basis tbh) do i detect james getting jealous over jordan and freddie's new found friendship? classic james sirius potter oh wow
what more can i say? i loved it. massive round of applause and a shiny medal! this was just SO GOOD ILYSM SORRY BYE

Author's Response: WADDUPP. You are honestly too kind, THANK YOU FOR YOUR GLOWING REVIEW YOU ARE FANTASTIC.

And dude, don't even get me started on jordan, mitch, and cyrus together. I literally live and breathe for that combo. They are too much fun to write.

I totally didn't know you were british and now i'm like in love with you cause i just like british people oKAY.

AND I KNOW RIGHT WITH CYRUS LIKE I LOVE HIM MORE THAN I SHOULD. and fred is my love like i don't know what to do with my life when i think about this story's version of fred weasley cause i adore him. no i actually more than adore him idek.


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Review #22, by greenbirdsGet in Line: Drunk and Disorderly

10th April 2014:
i am O B S E S S E D with this! the sexual tension between jordan and james is just UNREAL. you're so good at writing that, is it from experience or what? urgh, you're amazing! i'm kind of starting to ship jordan and cyrus together though- that scene in the slytherin dormitory with james was SO hot. jordan is sick, she's a refreshing alternative to the usual ocs that clutter the next gen tag, and JAMES IS SO HOT ASDFGHJKL; ahhh! i HATED this cliffhanger but i kind of love it at the same time because james and jordan! yes!! finALLY!
i already left you a note by your tumblr- these really inspired my james/oc and yeah you're unreal thank you so much sorry for sounded kind of psychotic! its all love x x x

Author's Response: Oh my god you are the sweetest person in the entire world. THANK YOU first of all. This review like seriously made my day and put the biggest smile on my face.

So the sexual tension is absolutely NOT from experience (although I wish it was). Idk where I even come up with it. Probs just all my fantasies that I have of James Potter II because lets get real, who doesn't have fantasies about James Potter?

And is it bad that I ship Cyrus and Jordan too? I feel like that's bad. BUT HE'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. Then again, so is James. AH, IT'S TOUGH LIVING IN MY HEAD IN CHOOSING BETWEEN ATTRACTIVE MEN.

And yeah, I adore writing Jordan cause she's just so much infinitely cooler than me with out even trying. I wish I could be her. Plus she's super hot which adds to it.

And you don't sound psychotic at all, I love this review so much and I love you for writing it. I'm gonna go check out my tumblr now, thanks for checking it out! OKAY BYE FOR NOW LOVE YOU

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Review #23, by greenbirdsThe Wild Youth: The Discovery

2nd April 2014:
lovelovelovelove this! my favourite thing about it is the characters- they're so realistically written, you know? you don't smooth over their flaws but you bring them out and embrace them, and that's what makes them so vivid and exciting. jenelle's internal monologue has a fantastic range from witty and sharp to sensitive and it's all very relative; the james/alex/jenelle triangle is SO well done, i'm just so excited to read more! an d the plot, too- so original and it could be a bit risque but you've pulled it off magnificently. please update soon! bea x

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Review #24, by greenbirdsThe Girl from Slytherin : The Fall of the Ministry

30th March 2014:
omfg omfg omfg omfg what do i do? what can i DO, everytime i read this story i fall just a little bit more in love with it all! your scenes grip me until i can't take my eyes off the screen; my heartbeat is DEFinitely not regular. this is unREAL.please update soon, i think i'm going to cry? your obsessive and undying biggest fan, bea xxx

Author's Response: YOU ARE SO SWEET! :) Don't cry, but I'm so very glad you like this, Bea. I can't wait to post the next chapter, hopefully soon! Thank you for the review! ♥

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Review #25, by greenbirdsThe Lucky Girl: The Lucky Girl

4th March 2014:
Hey! I'm Bea, and here from the Ravenclaw Review Battle.
So I LOVE Tonks and this automatically attracted me. I was really excited to see how you'd portray Tonks, I personally think she's quite a difficult canon to write especially in narrative but you did her justice. In fact, I'd say you did her more than justice, you spun a whole new dimension of Tonks who wasn't that explored in the books (not enough for me, anyway).
I loved her conversation with Arielle, and I loved how you added in that snippet about Charlie Weasley. It just struck me how young she was! Additionally, I'd like to say how much I appreciated a stand-alone Tonks story; almost all the ones I read are linked in with Remus.

"It was when her father began talking this way that her mothers face lost its hint of a smile. As a child, she had wondered why they didnt talk often. Now she understood it better."

Noo, I love Ted Tonks and Andromeda (perhaps my affection for this ship has been emphasised by the frequent romanticism of it in fanfiction, though)- could you potentially explain that? Why don't they talk often?? My heart welted ever so slightly at that sentence.
This was a really great one-shot; I have no criticisms, and I think you're a fantastic writer! I look forward to reading more of your work.
Bea xx

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, I'm so glad you liked my characterization! I agree that it seems like she's usually written alongside Remus or Charlie and I liked being able to just explore her on her own. She's really a fascinating powerhouse of a character.

I also love Ted and Andromeda, and I don't think that line should be interpreted to mean that they aren't close or in love. They definitely are. But their relationship grew in trial and turmoil and they knew they'd be putting their daughter in harm's way by defying social convention to even have her. It pains Andromeda, especially, to think about Tonks growing up and facing all the complications of the wizarding world, particularly in such a dangerous, direct way. So it's not that Ted and Andromeda aren't close, it's more that they don't like talking about things that could remind them of the past. They have other ways of expressing their affection for one another. I hope that makes sense!

Thank you so much for your kind review :)


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