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Review #1, by greenbirdsPureblood: Fear

23rd May 2015:
omfg. that was just so, so tense. you wrote the initiation scene brilliantly, and it genuinely warms my heart how little alex cortez is finally doing the right thing, even if it is just leaving that horrible room!
i am so madly in love with this. no bad blood, just mad love. i am SO HAPPY there's 13 chapters left ♥♥♥

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Review #2, by greenbirdsPureblood: Deceive

23rd May 2015:
THIS WAS SO HOT. OMG OMG OMG. okay, wow. so sirius and alex just got real personal- like it's not even about the usual gryffindor slytherin rivalry anymore. love love love it.

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Review #3, by greenbirdsPureblood: Hostile

23rd May 2015:
urgh, alex is so gross! i really admire how you write her as just as nasty as bella and the boys- none of this "hey guys, you're going a bit too far..." stuff that you find in similar stories. she's stubborn and arrogant and a really great oc, which is even more admirable in a crowd of massive characters like the marauders and the future death eaters. i LOVE it. it just makes me all the more excited to see how this evolves into a sirius/oc! they clearly despise- hate- each other, and it's obviously deeper than again, the usual cliches of hate/love romance fics. i am so obsessed with this. your narrative is perfect for a girl like alex's, and i love how her family situation is so strikingly similar to sirius's! they mirror each other! so excited to read more chapters ♥

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Review #4, by greenbirdsMurphy's Law: Chapter Two

17th May 2015:
hahahaha. that asking out story was really funny and creative, especially how it was pippa and not james. im not too sure how i feel about dom but connie is really cool! i love her and pippa's banter, you're very good at writing it.
update soon! this has so much potential to be unbelievable ly amazing superb etc etc- and the whole bad luck aspect is a refreshing new take on the old cliche james/oc rom com, yeah im really liking it!

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Review #5, by greenbirdsEfflorescence : Change

15th May 2015:
ok so like nooo. not only is this over (until you next update and i know my track record of updating isn't much to write home about but puh-LEASE this is so so so good) but ah. james and ellie! i don't know whether to be upset or impressed you didn't plunge them into a night of fantastic love(making) what?
this is so so so great. you know when something's so great you have to try really hard not to replicate scenes of it within your own writing. like this is SO SO SO GOOD. dom ♥ ellie ♥ james ♥ james and ellie ♥
also your harry potter scene was so good. felt really authentic, which is always impressive because it can be so difficult writing one of the main characters in fic, but as an adult, you know?
so much more to say but i'm drained. PLEASE UPDATE SOON?! like when do you think c10 is going to pop out? i need to know when to get excited. ok cool.

Author's Response: Thank you soso much for another review! Seriously, you're too kind ahaha!
I'm so happy adult Harry seemed authentic, I was hoping that bit had worked out alright.
I'm going to update really soon, hopefully! I'm about halfway (?) through ch10, so it should be up in not too long :)
Thanks again for the review! Xx

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Review #6, by greenbirdsEfflorescence : Owls and NEWTs

15th May 2015:
cannot believe its taken me this long to read, its been on my to read list for EVER. okay so there are so many things to discuss idek where to begin. and i'm only on the second chapter!
1 (because its the most recent). i LOVE how dom and ellie are friends with hagrid on their own terms, that like, two-line story was so cute and believable and not another 'she's a wotter and i'm a friend of a wotter' usual shebang- really enjoyed that!
2. okaaay so james potter is really really cool, and attractive, and funny, and smirky (why is smirking such default for all james potters ever idek its just SO attractive) and cocky and clever and yeah. 11/10 characterisation.
3. HAHAH THE HARRY POTTER OWL STORY! one of the few times i've actually laughed out loud whilst read fanfiction! so well written, so well pulled off. amazing.
4. ellie herself is just a really cool character and i cannot wait to see where this ellie/james chirpse goes. thank GOD i still have chapters left to read! so excited to read more!

Author's Response: First of all, wow, I can't believe you're reviewing my story, I am the biggest fan of Fluorescent Adolescent hahah!!
It's awesome you liked Ellie and Dom's lil Hagrid friendship, and that it's a bit different to what you've read before :)
Also smirking is just such a James Potter kind of thing?! Idek why but ♥
I love that the owl part made you laugh!! So good to hear haha.
Thank you so much for leaving such an awesome review!

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Review #7, by greenbirdsA Spoonful of Sugar: Eighteen

15th May 2015:
so SO cute. can't believe it's taken me so long to get around to reading this, been on my list for ages. perfect fluff story, and i'm so excited to read your one-shot about darcy and louis grown up! also yay for lucy and lysander hahaha, been rooting for them since chapter 1. fab stuff. also i LOVED darcy and seamus !! i so imagine seamus being like that as a dad!

Author's Response: Hello there!
I'm so happy you're enjoying this story! And I hope you like the one-shot, too! Yay Lucy and Lysander! It took them long enough! I'm glad you liked the way I wrote Seamus, too. I think he'd be quite protective of his little girl.
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! I hope to see you again soon!
Cassie :)

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Review #8, by greenbirdsSocial Darwinism: The Happening that Happened on the Hogwarts Express + One Malfoy-Sized Secret

13th May 2015:
hi ireland!
so it's no secret that i really like this. i really think you're onto something great: i love the themes of girlhood even though right now it's quite divided, the split narrative and the brilliant dialogue. i like 'lp' as lily's nickname! it makes her sound like her own character, which is important because clearly this lily is nothing like the original lily potter/evans. or maybe she is? im excited to see.
would perhaps suggest slowing down a bit; your dialogue is brilliant but with all the characters and names, it can get a bit confusing? this is something i struggle with x100 so perhaps im just being overly nit-picky, like because im so cautious of doing it in my own work hahaha.
i love seeing mccartney from another persepective- i've liked her from the beginning. also that detail about harry was so cute! love that!
really excited for the upcoming chapters. update soon! xxx

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much omg. I'm so happy that it's obvious that LP is truly her own person, because trust me she is fierce. I'm excited that you're excited!

I know! I feel so terrible about heaping all these characters on the reader, but with three different narrators who each have their own circle of friends and classmates it's definitely hard to avoid! Thank you for the compliment on my dialogue though!

The first bit with McCartney and LP has always been one of my favorites. I love seeing McCartney from different perspectives, because her actual persona is so different from the McCartney we see/hear in her head!

Aw, I know! I love Harry like please adopt me! Ha ha!

Yay! I'm excited too! I'm actually putting the next chapter in the queue tomorrow! So see ya then! Ha ha!


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Review #9, by greenbirdsComplicated: Complication #9

12th May 2015:
omg! reading over this made me realise how much i truly like it and how it's been forever since you've updated. i miss this! when are you next updating? need to know what's happening with abigail and james. like asap.

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Review #10, by greenbirdsMean: The One Where Lucy Eavesdrops

11th May 2015:
cara! omg! so not cool. that is 100% not the reason why her and eleanor are being mean to her. you don't be so vile to someone just over family time and accusations of self-interest? i'm really intrigued as to why they're being so malicious, and i'm sure you'll tackle that in later chapters. declan is a bit of a sleeze, not standing up for lucy especially as she was so helpful to him earlier, but i suppose that's just him being flaky? rather than cara and eleanor being so ew ew ew?
(sorry for my ridiculous typing, i'm on my phone and i know i sound appalling. i can write better than this! i know more adjectives than ew and mean!)
the drinking game sounded really fun, and it was so sweet seeing how al, james and lily interact with each other. it was so flawless, so well written- you have nailed sibing interaction just like you NAIL everything else! i'm also really interested in james and parker- kudos to you for not being like yep he's gay, whilst obviously loads of teenagers are sure in their sexuality at that age (such as lucy) others really are just branching out and finding out what they like, and i haven't seen much of that - experimentation? - in nextgen fics. i'm inspired to add some into my own, because it's such a teenager thing. or maybe it just is with MY friends, but yeah. sorry i'm rambling.
ben's sweetness regarding james was touching, as was james helping poor lucy at the end. (another teenager thing!!! woo!!! go teens!!!)
looking forward to your next few chapters! bea xx

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Review #11, by greenbirdsMean: The First One

10th May 2015:
"it was hard being away from (my mum) for a year. she was one of my best friends" title of my autobiography?!
okay, so james and lucy's relationship is great. i like how they're close because it's usually him and dominique or him and fred- in fact i love how you've chosen to explore lucy out of all next gen characters because she is so overlooked! also, your characterisation of ginny and percy is fantastic, and i love the detail of harry running after the train. classic haz.
cara and eleanor are urgh so far but you've really nailed the teenage girl friendship dynamics of exclusion and inside jokes- i hate it when writers act like hogwarts is magically (haha) different from all other secondary schools because teenagers and teenagers and most of all, teenage girls are teenage girls! they weren't horrible enough to be bullies, but mean enough to look out for the duo in later chapters. all i can say is poor lucy, but at least she has james.
lucy seems like a really strong character, really assured of herself- enough to be able to shake off her friends' weird behaviour. i love how james looked out for her! looking forward to reading on! xx

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Review #12, by greenbirdsSweet Tooth: sweet as candy

10th May 2015:
this is really really great! you are such a good writer and im so excited to read more of your stories. you write roxanne and ryan's exchange with such ease and confidence, it's a pleasure reading- and i love how ryan is the daughter of another diagon alley store owner hahaha, so cute! please update soon, im so excited to see where you're going with this xx

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Review #13, by greenbirdsThe Wild Youth: Blaze of Quidditch

9th May 2015:
i am so freaakking ecstatic you're back. blaze is honestly my own 14 year old brother (isn't it weird how cocky young teenage boys are all basically the same? obsessed with middle fingers, fight threats and the lad bible?)
urgh. you write so well. I MISSED THIS SO MUCH. sorryyy that's not okay how people are taking dom's side. why is jenelle getting a bad rep for being the only recent (if slightly over-reactive regarding james and luke but DEF not dom what an absolute idiot!! cannot stand her) person in that mess? apart from fred, ofc, but i suppose he wasn't really in that 'mess' to begin with. your quidditch scene was 11/10, amazing, top notch, fab fab fab and it's going to be difficult writing another quidditch spat after that one! which is annoying because they are so much fun to write. you are the queen of that.
please please update soon again ♥ ♥ i want to know everything !!! woo jenelle !!!

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Review #14, by greenbirdsPuberty and her Seven Dorks: Running, training, classes, homework and new friends

5th May 2015:
ahhh! can't wait for the next chapter. you're brill!
i have just one query though- if mary detests being led by james so much and the compulsory laps, why doesn't she threat to quit? you could have a potential cute scene there between her and james with his arrogant walls slightly crumbling, or a narrative admittance that she likes flying too much- some excuse to explain it, you know? but i'm sure you have it all covered. i have total faith :')
okay, so many i like dom and debby a little (quite a bit now). fifth and sixth years are totally normal years to branch out and redefine your friends and your friendship groups, and the ease and slowness you're applying to mary's transition is realistic and sweet! she's growing up! it's something i really struggle with in my own fanfic, so i'm taking quite a few tips from you aha!
fab fab fab chapter. really looking forward to the rest xxx

Author's Response: Greenbirds! you-are-back!!! YEYYY!!

Next chapter is already on its way, I'm too much of a maniac writer to stay too long without a new chapter, so probably in the beginning of next week? Well considering the huge backlog that is...

Ok, so I know that I had exactly the scene that I'm picturing in this chapter four, it goes like:

Annoying prat.

"I wanna quit the team." I stated.

"No." He said simply.

"What do you mean 'no'? You don't own me." I said crossing my arms annoyed.

"Course I do." He said shrugging.

"Silence!" Prof. Powel said from the front of the class. (...)


"What if I really quite the team if you don't drop it?" I threatened.

"You won't." He said confident.

"What makes you so sure?" I asked curiously now, looking directly into his hazel eyes.

I wonder how one eye can have so many colors in them, I swear to you that there must be at least twenty different tones of brown in his own...

"Because you like it too much." He said simply.

Wait, what? Merlin Mary, concentrate on the discussion here instead of 'the color of his eyes' how lame!

"Oh, so now I like it? You're much less perspective than I thought." I said crossing my arms.

"No, I'm not, you may tell yourself that you still don't like being on the team, but you do love flying White, and you know it, few people take that much pleasure into spinning around the pitch, I saw it on your tryout, and I'll see it again on our practice." He said calmly.

I decided to ignore him after that little speech, mainly because he was right, and that annoyed the crap out of me. I didn't enjoyed running every morning, but the pleasure I felt while flying on tryouts was immense, and somehow that made me want to punch him on his stupid, perfect, 'know it all' face.

But I'm sure you read that, so now I'm really curious, do you think I should have one similar scene when Mary/ Snow actually admits it out loud to James that she actually enjoys flying too much to actually quit?

And in James defense (and I know, there's not much going on in his favor just yet) the way that he acts as captain is sort of the way that captains should act, right? The problem is that Mary/ Snow, in her own process of growing up (like you beautifully putted it) can't seem to separate his behavior on the quidditch pitch from the prejudice that she has for him, formed all those years ago...

I'm extremely flattered that you're taking writing tips from me, by all means: do it! I love it! I completely agree with you, in a way they're all growing up, not just Mary, but Dom and Debby as well (for example). I don't think that they were actually rude before to Mary - except for Debby's incident on the train ride, but she did apologize... they simply didn't talk to each other, and to be truthful with you, I don't think that Dom and Debby are the only ones to blame for this, Mary/ Snow has her share of blame for not talking to them as well, you know? She's just stuck in a different perspective...

Wow, again I'm giving you a huge reply, sorry, I really get carried away in my replies, and even though this is only your second review, there's just something about the way you see and put things that I instantly connect to.

I really hope that you stay with me until the end of this story (or at least for a little longer), it would be one of the most amazing things ever.

All my love,

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Review #15, by greenbirdsThe Other Weasley: Idle Rumors

5th May 2015:
urgh! rose is sooo horrible! it's so refreshing reading a mean girl version of rose, compared to how she's usually portrayed on this site. it's original and very well pulled off, i'm so excited to see what else you've got! hopefully we'll see another dimension of her soon.
molly is also a really interesting character, and it's such a delight reading from her 3rd person narrative. you are so talented at writing.
urghhh, rose makes my skin crawl, and meghan is the worse. i am so excited to see how this owen wood story is going to play out! and see more characters that aren't split between 'good' and 'bad' as the girls of the gryffindor dormitory are so strikingly divided. update soon! xx

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Review #16, by greenbirdsPuberty and her Seven Dorks: No longer invisible

5th May 2015:
hey! so i really like this, as an avid fan of movies like she's all that and she's the man (guilty pleasure much?) this transformation story really interested me. and you're pulling it off!
obviously i have yet to read the next few chapters but dom, debby, james and co- and even neville- all really annoy me. how can they only just notice her based on her physique?! like how shallow! dom and debby seem nice at heart and their apology sounded sincere enough but there's going to have to be a lot of explaining and a LOT of character development for me to warm to them! and ditto james. he truly seems to have no redeemable qualities. he is actually harassing her!
kudos to you for writing a strong and exciting character with decent morals but without appearing preachy nor goody-two-shoes; mary-jane archetype, you know? i really like mary, and i like her 'freaks', even if i can't tell the difference between them hahaha.
lookin forward to reading more! xxx

Author's Response: Hey greenbirds!

Wow, I actually came running to my computer as soon as I saw this amazing review just so that I could reply to you, why? Besides the fact that you're amazing and just made my day with your review, come on, 'She's all that' has got to be one of the best movies ever!!

And to make everything even better I haven't actually seen 'She's the man' which also means that you've just putted an probably amazing movie on my list (because let's face it, if it's half as good as 'She's all that' I'll probably watch it at least ten times :)

That being said: thank you! Honestly, this is one of the best reviews I've ever received, this is only my second story, and although I feel like I'm really improving my writing, reviewers are the ones that actually have a say on the matter, so it means the world to me that you think I'm pulling it off!

Yeap, I agree that it's really strange that Wotters and Debby are suddenly being all friendly with Mary and her friends, but don't worry, this is really a topic that I'll explore until the end of the story. Just so you know (and I really hope that I'm not ruining anything) but it has nothing to do with bets or 'evil' things like that, but we'll understand it better later. Bottom line is: Dom and Debby's apology was actually genuine.

Ahahahah I loved your comment on James, amazing, really, I can't stop laughing! He's really acting like someone who has absolutely no redeemable qualities, but then again, why would he want to get in the Department of Mysteries instead of just going pro at quidditch if he's just that shallow?

As you probably noticed this story has many characters, and I promise to develop at least the most important ones a whole lot, so don't worry, you will - am afraid to say - warm up to them, scratch that, you'll probably fall for half of them, but all in due course ;)

Again, I'm so happy and truthfully moved by your review, I can't even start explaining what's like to receive such an amazing comment on my (still developing) writing skills. And yes, I totally get the Mary-Jane stereotype, Merlin no, Mary/ Snow is not like that, and you know what I love the most about her? She won't take crap from people, no matter who they are!

About my seven 'dorks' I get that it takes a while to actually know who's who, especially since I had to change their names because of copyrights... but at least the ones that appear the most you'll get to know pretty soon, and the rest, well, don't worry, I'm always posting a list with their names and nicknames in the beginning of every chapter, that should be enough, right?

Just so you know, I am trying (and so far succeeding) to post one new chapter every week, so don't worry about updates, I won't torture you guys for long :)

greenbirds, you are amazing!! Please, please, please keep reviewing! I'm really looking forward for more of your comments!

All my love,

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Review #17, by greenbirds a goodbye in three parts: Today

5th May 2015:
you are the queen of one-shots! i had high expectations when i read this from my continuing adoration and awe for puncture and blurring whites, and you haven't disappointed. you are SO so SO so talented. your writing reminds me of paintings, your fragmented sentences like brush strokes. i love the dean & seamus ship because it makes sense and i wonder why i've never come across it before, and i love the way you've portrayed his relationship with luna. simply perfect. you rock ♥ ♥ ♥
"It makes Dean realize how lucky he is to have her as a friend." what i love above all is the stripped-down rawness of your words. no fancy language, no heightened adjectives; it really, really works! please tell me you're considering a career in creative writing?
(ps. still crying over blurred whites. i typed blurred lines by accident which i suppose isn't that far off, because in a sense i'm still crying over that song too... but blurred whites !! i recommend it to all my harry potter fan friends)

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Review #18, by greenbirdsWildest Dreams: fireworks

22nd April 2015:
okay. so like. number 1. suki ♥ ♥ it is not what attracted me to this story, but it is what at first attracted me to arizona. i am a big time fan. her genetics are magical. omg.
anywhay. i am really really liking this. arizona is cool and shay reminds me of that daria cartoon all over tumblr i haven't ever really gotten around to watching but i probably should. maybe after a levels. maybe after uni. idk. your narrative- arizona's narrative- is really smooth, funny without being clumsy and descriptive without making her sound too much like a wallflower, which is admirable because the struggle is reaalll! so many regrets not going 3rd person regarding descriptive scenes.
james and elle sound nasty, but i'm excited to see how you're going to turn this around to a james/oc, i'm already predicting scenes on scenes of steamy sexual tension and the whole shebang of love/hate relationships. i am soo pumped for this! you have GOT to update soon. pot calling kettle black i am aware, but this is too good to let drift into an abandoned plot idea. you're SO fab.
so in love with thiss!! see u next chaptah x

Author's Response: ohmygod. ohmygod. ohmygod (!) im /freaking/ OUT because you reviewed. I love you ok. And I know!! suki is just (heart eyes). omg thank you, I'm SO glad you like Arizona, she's my love, my heart, my soul. and ehh I know descriptive scenes are so hard to write when in 1st POV, I understand.
james, my favourite although yes, he is a jerk. ohmygod I love u I love u I love u; because, like, im excited too and picture the scenes so well and it leaves me grinning like a numpty.
I am so happy that you reviewed and you're so lovely and nice and I just- thank you so much! I'll definitely not abondon this because for the first time, I'm actually satisfied with something I've written aha.
YOU are so fab and just ahh (!) inspiration, honestly. a BIG fan of fluorescent adolescent, it's just: my life support.

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Review #19, by greenbirdsetc. etc. (and life goes on): A Kingdom For My Name

21st April 2015:
i'm buuuzzing. the messiah of hpff has come down. it's a new dawn. i am seriously so excited i had to re-read this three times over because i could not stop skimming with excitement. oh my!! clem!! albus!! rita!! happy endings!! sarcastic self-loathing humour!! where do i begin?
you are amazing. i am always looking at your work for inspiration and help both in and outside hpff. i littterally recommend etc, etc to all my friends, even those who stopped being into harry potter aged, like, 9.
so cool. so great. sorry this review is all gushing. i am BEAMING. you ROCK ♥ ♥

Author's Response: YOU FLATTER ME. Crossing my fingers that I don't end up like the last messiah.

Thank you so much for reading!! It means the world that this fic can inspire; more anti-heroines for the world, yes please!

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Review #20, by greenbirdsSocial Darwinism: One Flash-Forward + The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began

19th April 2015:
so this is really cool, i really like it. im a bit confused with all the names but i admire the fast, swift pace in which mccartney's narrative flies through things and people- she seems really cool. and great name! i suppose harrison sounded a bit too hillbilly and starr quite tacky? love it. update soon, im excited!

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I know, I know the names can get very confusing which is why right now I'm working with a new beta to revise the first chapter! I understand that it's loads of people to remember and can get stressful, but these same people are going to consistently reappear so it'll get easy to remember!

Thank you again! I try to always keep the audience engaged and the action moving at least when I'm setting the scene!

I really love the idea of there being Luck brothers, but I'm open to it so I guess we'll just see! I will update ASAP, I promise!

Thank you again for your lovely review!


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Review #21, by greenbirdsCrossing the Borderline: Albus: The Decision

17th April 2015:
i'm really liking it so far! you have such a way with characters- i'm always so impressed when people can change the tone of thought for each person when switching narrative, and you really pull it off. aaliyah sounds cool and i like how you've portrayed her in a way that she isn't the typical lily potter prototype of being feisty and brave and loud and stuff (you know?)- she's her own person, i really like that. and i love the difference in albus's attitude he gives to aaliyah, all cool and nonchalant, compared to how he really is haha- and i'm really liking scorpius too!
looking foward to reading the rest xx

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Review #22, by greenbirdsI Will Follow: Til Today

12th April 2015:
i always come back to this as a perfect example of writing teenage sexual tension. such great characters, i LOVED the unsinkable molly prewett (i recommend it to all my friends an who are fans of harry potter, regardless of their stance on fanfic)- and this is truly just the best way to top it all off. still thrills me as much as it did when i first read it years ago! you're such a great writer!

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Review #23, by greenbirdsThe Ages of Love : The Ages of Love

11th April 2015:
ahhh!! i really liked this! you write so beautifully, and katie and oliver felt so real. i like how you didnt villianise them for cheating, nor did you try to defend it- read this twice, so in love with your writing!

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Review #24, by greenbirdsFortune Favours: It All Starts Here

3rd January 2015:
i've already dropped you a line by your tumblr, this that was during the reading of this. now i've finished, it's easy to say i'm hooked, and i am buzzzingg for the next update. riya and james' friendship dynamics are so great, and i'm looking forward to learning more about her as a person, rather than just a auror. sweets and tobias are funny and their team banter is really well written, and i liked the touch of sentimentality that riya expressed towards the other three when she learned they were being split up. so yeah, great chapter! rly rly rllly excited for the next one xoxo

Author's Response: thank you so much! riya is a bit of character and i really enjoy writing her. thank you darling and i will definitely be posting chapter two soon! xoxox

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Review #25, by greenbirdsStagger: Let Us Go

6th December 2014:
omg! i'm sooo happy i found this- simply awing. reminds me of a more grown-up and sophisticated version of the jacqueline wilson books i used to read when i was younger. i love how you've portrayed estate london, it's honestly so realised- grimy and gritty, but a better sense of community than any of that chelsea reality tv show b/s. obv anybody growing up in the greatest city evaa will have SOME basic experience of council life, and in my opinion, you've hit the nail on the head. (west side represennt.) but only one thing- aylesbury isn't in london? obv it's just a small thing, was just wondering if you were going to make up a place or if you meant acton or something. no biggie! i'm enjoying this so much, if piper is coronation street rose is honestly the 21st century downton abbey you know? i love stories with themes of the british class system and this is so it (in my opinion)- piper is great, rose is great, her mum isn't as much but what can you do. i also really like roxanne, you've perfectly captured the teen queen without making her this 2 dimensional evil & borderline sociopathic monster that is so easy to create, you know? she's real, everyone is. love this sooo much (did i mention?)

Author's Response: i think i love you. coronation street to downton is the PERFECT comparison, wow i love it! aylesbury's actually an estate in walworth, it's pretty small but i used to pass it all the time so i just plucked out that one. thought i'd go for a lesser known one so less chance of people picking holes in my probably terrible descriptions. it's going through a massive regeneration at the moment though which is exciting. at least it was the last thing i heard! i could be very wrong thoughhh. roxanne! roxanne! i love her. THANK YOU SO MUCH AH! absolutely love youuu

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