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Review #1, by greenbirdsThe Ninth Life: Fairy Tale

30th July 2015:
im speechless. this is so bittersweet and beautiful. the imagery, first of all, is outstanding- i love the way you described the dusty room of the first chapter and contrasted it to the fairy tale imagery of her imagination- it only served to make each scene read more vividly. the dialogue between louis and cat is perfect, and i loved her conversation with rose- even the "congratulations" just highlights how low cat had tumbled in comparison to her friends. kind of where cat would or could be if she wasn't so addicted? im assuming. again, i love how you dont explicitly say what it is that's ruined her.

the ending scenes are just as beautiful to read. i love how she ended up in paris, with louis' family, and i love the ending paragraph. "dark wings against the summer sky" amazing! the narrative throughout this is so well written- dreamy and almost nonchalant in tone, which almost makes it sound lyrical, poetic. i loved this ♥

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much- you do not know how absolutely lovely this review was. I wrote this one-shot ages ago, and then was quite nervous about posting, it being quite deep 'n' all that, but your review has made it all ok. Bittersweet and beautiful have to be the two best compliments for Cat's story- originally it was going to have a happier ending- with Louis and Cat together (although who knows what happened later...) I used to write far more things like this when I was younger, all dreamy and sad, and kind of grew out of it- so it was quite nostalgic stepping back in.. But anyway, thank you so so much- I now desperately want to write more of Cat and Louis' story, from when they were at Hogwarts, but feel like I would ruin it and regret it. Anyway I have rambled on for ages, but cannot thank you enough, literally.

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Review #2, by greenbirdsThe Rules Of Law: Knightsbridge

28th July 2015:
im so obsessed, and im only a chapter in. the dynamics between james and octavia are brilliant- i love their unsteady banter of all new relationships you've written so well, and also the underlying attraction im feeling between the two. Lennox seems interesting, i already love pax and rei reminds me of the asian student from jack whitehall's bad education. i dont know if you've watched it (im assuming you're british from your knightsbridge reference- which i also loved because london! west london! most expensive postcode in the eu! rock on) but she really does! and she's a great character, so yeah. i love it all.

i think above all the idea of law interns is what excited me the most. there haven't been many post-hogwarts next gen stories up recently, and i miss them! and this is so great. law interns are SUCH a good idea! i admire how you've swerved the easy auror intern or healer interns- law is so interesting and there's so many stories you could craft out of it.

i know im repeating myself, but im so excited. im so excited! you've hit such a great balance between good characters, a good plot and a good narrative- this is going to be great. update soon ♥

Author's Response: Wowowow you have literally made my day I LOVE you and is it bad that I fangirled when I saw you reviewed because I'm honestly so in love with flurorescent adolescence ?? You have no idea

So happy you're liking the characters, James and Octavia already have chemistry obviously but they also have tons of issues and barriers which will be later revealed ;) pax is everything, Lennox is a babe and REI. I love Rei.

I'm not British but to be mistaken as that is so amazing because like I wanted to try and make the setting as real as possible even though I basically have no idea about London/UK geography in general (I'm from Australia)

I almost slipped down the Auror path I must admit but then I realised what I really wanted was a mixed bunch of badass lawyers (inspired by how to get away with murder which you have to watch) and law interns is really diverse and I have so many ideas in my head that actually choosing which ones to use is the real struggle but new chapter should hopefully be up VERY soon

I'm excited that you're excited and thank you so much for the review, I love hearing any feedback!

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Review #3, by greenbirdsYear Five: Cleaner, More Brilliant

15th July 2015:
i cannot believe how entranced i was in this! i usually try not to read stories so quickly, but i sped straight through this, so eager to read more. i finished it in a day and a half. i'm absolutely speechless. i couldn't even leave reviews when i had such strong views and opinions and praise- i was so keen to carry on reading. so sorry about that, but hopefully this review will make up for it? alright, so...

1. i love isobel. i see so much of myself in her, it's almost frightening. thank you so much for creating her. i'm not going to ramble on about my personal life, but yeah, yeah, yeah, isobel is SO GREAT. i've sent several screenshots of her persepective to some friends and they completely agree- i think writing characters that readers can relate too on such a level must be one of the greatest talents a writer could possess. you're absolutely amazing. BUT the quirrell kiss plot line- oh my god! oh my GOD! that was so crazy! when i read his death scene when i was like, eight, i remember thinking he died quite sadly- but now i'm so happy, i really think he got what he deserved, especially as isobel never officially filed the action against him.

2. i love how you've written oliver. i'm personally a fan of the rom-com oliver/oc stories you find on here, but i feel like they 'james potter II' him too much (if that makes sense? sorry i'm exhausted), not giving him his own character. how you wrote him is exactly how the football captain at my school acts, and i like how you embodied the bad traits of gryffindor within him too. it was so great seein the gryffindor/slytherin conflict from the slytherin persepective, like obviously gryffindors aren't going to be complete saints.

3. the way you crafted this whole story about eating disorders, addiction and mental health is just awing. i'm sure everyone's mentioned it to you by now, but you handled it with such sensitive neutrality and simplicity it reads like a professional novel. this kind of reminds me of 'girl, interrupted' by susanna kaysen, especially the laurel storyline. so brilliant, so awing, so talented. again, i'm so tired so i'm probably doing a terrible job of expressing how impressed i am- sorry! you just need to know (hopefully you already do) how incredible this is! how incredible you are!

4. tonks and emily's friendship is so great! i loved that! i know it's a smaller detail compared to the other happenings of the story, but i loved it!

5. onto a longer point (sorry if i'm boring you by now)- i really admired how you handled the plot of tristan and his parentage. you could have easily given it a constant presence to keep readers reading, or just for the sake of a good cliffhanger, but you didn't, and it made the story- and the writing- all the more stunning. i read somewhere that a good writer doesn't need to rely on cliffhangers to keep their readers, and it's most certainly true. and on the subject of tristan's parents- i'm so happy (like i was physically beaming at my computer screen) that he got that closure with rabastan senior, and got better. not completely, fully, wholly better- that would be unrealistic, especially for a teenager- but he DID gain a lot, i think, from speaking to his father, and i'm so glad. i'm so glad in general that the four all got better and defeated their problems, but especially tristan.

6. your references to muggle culture of the 1990s is so great! i loved it! i JUST missed the 90s that tristan loved so much, but you know, i still went through my emo year 7 stage, i still spent itunes vouchers on nirvana and my chemical romance whilst talking about how much i hate my parents on myspace, i'm down with that. kind of. anyway- i just loved how you really embellished the details of his passion for muggle music and literature. and speaking of details-

7. your commitment to keeping this completely canon is unbelievable. i've run out of adjectives to describe your talent and adverbs to describe my reaction to it, so i'm starting to sound really repetitive here, but IT'S SO ADMIRABLE. you deserved all the praise you've been getting, and so much more.

above all, you're such a talented writer, and this was an absolute pleasure to read. thank you so so much for writing this. i really hope you carry on writing, i'm so excited to read more of your work! you have such raw talent, and such a way with not only prose, but characters and plot. you're awe me, and i can't praise you enough.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH! This is really something of a dream review, right here, and I'm kind of squeeing and jumping up and down and generally having an explosion of feels :D

I'm SO glad to hear that you read this story all at once, because that's very much how it was intended to be read. I wrote it all out and edited it before uploading, rather than writing and posting chapter by chapter, so it doesn't really have the episodic structure of a lot of other fics. Hence why there's never any cliffhangers :P

But thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to leave such a moving, insightful, thoughtful review. You've really made my day! It's just so encouraging and means so much to see that this story resonated with someone.

My first draft of this review response was WAY over the character limit, so I'm going to have to shorten everything I wanted to say! To try and keep myself from just rambling at you and shouting THANK YOU while I smash my hands on the keyboard, I'll reply number by number.

1. You have no idea how happy I am that you appreciated Isobel's character and arc! I've known a lot of people to suffer from eating disorders, so it was really important to me that I wrote about it as accurately and sensitively as possible. And I also didn't want to reduce her to her illness, and have her be a lot of other things outside of just sick, so it means so much to me that you found her perspective compelling and relatable. As for the Quirrel thing... UGH. That was NOT a fun scene to write :( But I've noticed a trend in teen stories where teacher/student plotlines are kind of shipped, or treated as romance. I wanted to subvert that here, and show that NO THAT IS NEVER OKAY (hence it being an assault, rather than a 'consensual' thing--although I think consent is always dubious when there's such a pointed power imbalance).

2. I'm so glad you liked what I did with Oliver! Yes to everything you said!

3. I'm really stoked that you used the term 'neutrality.' I never wanted to do any grandstanding in this story and I knew that readers are smart enough that they didn't need me to tell them what to think. And yeah i was DEF inspired by 'Girl, Interrupted' when it came to Laurel! Well spotted!

4. When I was planning this fic and realized they would have overlapped with Tonks I JUMPED WITH JOY

5. It's funny, because Tristan's backstory was originally going to all get revealed really early on (like, in Ch1). Then it got pushed off to Ch10, and then LAST MINUTE I decided to hold off the big reveal until the end. And I'm super glad you think I handled well, rather than just as a little hook to get readers interested. I also love what you said about him getting better, but not "completely, fully, wholly better." I wanted the ending to this story to be happy, but still realistic. Things are better, and their memories of the past will eventually take on an almost rosy.

Like, when I originally got this idea, I thought it would be a really light and funny story. I had really fond memories of my crazy teenage years. Then, once I started writing, ALL this stuff started coming back to me, and I remembered how AWFUL being a teenager was. So yeah, the happy ending is that they'll look back on this terrible time, and only see the good. And the past is the past--it's just a story we tell ourselves, so you can change the past by telling a happier story.

6. THE 90S! I was so annoyed that the films were set ambiguously present day, so I had a LOT of fun being like HEY LOOK, THE 90S! I was a baby when this story takes place, so I did a WEIRD amount of research to get it right :)

7. THE CANON! That was also incredibly fun in a kind of nerd way :) I really wanted readers to BELIEVE that this could have been happening in the background.

I too am finding myself at a loss for words with which to thank you! This might be my favorite review I've ever gotten, and you have no idea how much it means to me!


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Review #4, by greenbirdsDebonair: One To Another

12th July 2015:
so i actually laughed out loud at "saucy salazer, racy rowena" and i practically never do that from reading. so funny!
i can't believe this is your first fanfiction! it's so good! i already love the story between lucy and asher, and gavin seems cool. we don't know a lot about the sienna (fab name) but i'm excited to learn more about her- i already really like her narrative. and her relationship (or lack of) with james is exciting- but when did they sleep together? new years or over the summer?
anyway, yeah. brilliant opening chapter, i'm excited for more! update sooon ♥

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I'm glad there's some form of comedic value - I was worried it would just be a bit drab! Also, with Sienna, she's a bit reserved, so we don't find out a lot about her outright. I'm glad you like my other characters though! :)
Sienna and James happen over New Year's - I'm assuming I've slipped up somewhere in the chapter and said summer which I will be fixing ASAP.
Thank you so much for the review!! Next chapter is up soon!

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Review #5, by greenbirdsWildest Dreams: Ombré

7th July 2015:
i am the worst i thought i had reviewed the second i read it but it turns out i didnt and it's been up weeks now without a review :(
so i love love love this. your james is so great and attracting, kind of an enigma- you really dont know what games he's playing. arizona is, by contrast, really dreamy and stubborn- just be careful she doesn't stray into OC land of too much of the two, are they're quite common characteristics especially among potter love interests! i wrote the rule book for unknowingly following cliches and i really regret it - but already by chapter 2 arizona has such a developed personality - im just warning you in case it WAS to happen. does that make sense? idk?
yeah. i love this and i think it has such raw potential. you're so talented at writing and at capturing that perfect teenage heat of sexuality and naïveté, i love it. update soon!! and i LOVE alex.

Author's Response: aw ure not the worst, it's fine, really! (sometimes i do that too, mostly due to laziness or server error but ;o)
i love love love /you/
i'm sooo glad you like james, and yes, he /is/ sort of an enigma ;p
omg thanks for pointing out the typical OC thing, i'll try not to stray into OC land lol. i hope im not doing it .-.
i love alex too, isnt she just a little cutie? c:
thank you sooo much for such an amazing review, youre sooo lovely and nice! i love u ok. thank you, again! xx
(next update is just about to go up in the queue yay)

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Review #6, by greenbirdsSocial Darwinism: The Other Happening That Happened on the Hogwarts Express + The Woes of a Queen

3rd July 2015:
i actually read this the second you uploaded the chapter, there's really no excuse other than laziness for my belated review. i just love what you've got going here- i think the characters are great if not kind of confusingly numerous, but obv that'll clear up in later chapters (as in we'll know the characters better and not be so confused).

your writing is amazing, love how you shift so effortlessly from persepective and each character's individual tone. this is so unique from the usual next gen cliches (including my own. guilty); im surprised that this doesn't have as many reviews as it deserves. i know ive said it before but ill say it again- you're such a talented writer! and im so excited to see what you'll come up with next.

great, great stuff. i particularly like mccartney and im SO excited to see where lily & scorpius go. please update soon!

Author's Response: I forgive you completely! I'm also guilty of giving belated reviews to authors, because of a combination of procrastination and laziness! Haha!

I know there really are so many characters! But each girl is individually different and they each have their own group of friends and people they interact with, so you've got to have at least three different friend groups for each girl! That adds up very quickly! So that's kind of my excuse as to why there's so many characters, but don't worry I'll try to help the reader out as much as I can!

*squealing and blushing* Thank you so much! You don't know what it means to me that you love this story so much! This review just made me so happy! :)

Thank you, I love Carty and her narrative is the next chapter so as soon as I get it back from my Beta it'll be in the queue!

Lily and Scorpius will have their stage time as well and their relationship is so much fun to write! Some of the best humor I've got in the story comes from LP and Scorpius so I love them!

I'll update ASAP, I promise! Thank you so much for your kind review, it made my day!


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Review #7, by greenbirdsThe Wild Youth: Blue, Gin, Phil and Jem Part I

16th June 2015:
it's so incredible comparing where jenelle and james are now to where they were in the opening chapters. their muggle studies trip seems like a century ago, as does jenelle's intimate friendship with dom and luke. so much has changed but i'm just so excited to see where it's all headed!

i love the realness of twy- i know i've said it before but i'm saying it again, the raw teenage language and interactions and thought process of jenelle's mind is so well written and authentic, which makes twy not only that bit more unique but also that bit more exciting. you're such an incredible writer. and the way you celebrate each characters' flaws, like you don't try to hide them or excuse them- i mean, just the fact that you've included them in the first place as opposed to pretending harry potter next gen characters are either BAD CHEATERS or GOOD VICTIMS ala almost everyone else in the rom/com genre is so so SO great.

yeah i mean i LOVE this! i love james, i love freddie, i love jenelle's family we've only now been introduced to really- katie reminds me of a girl i sit next to in history so i suppose i like her in the sentimental but also pitying way, she's sweet- but above all i love jenelle! this is so jenelle's story. from the way she describes the hate she's getting at hogwarts for being the James Potter Heartbreaker to her interactions with her siblings and her friends- also the way she's presented in the opinions of other characters, such as katie, and ESPECIALLY the way she's so refreshingly unconcerned about this finn/james love triangle... i mean, you know? so done with all this teenage angst over two boys fancying a character and the said character collapsing over the pressure of it all. i just love love love jenelle. (finn seems a bit boring but obv we haven't actually met him yet so ye very excited for him in upcoming chaptahzzz)

i don't really know what else to say apart from you have GOT to update soon. and your russia thing was SO SO COOL i am so happy fluorescent adolescent inspired you does this make us friends?? i hope so??

update sooon ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: YOU'RE REVIEWS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST AND MAKE ME SO HAPPY. This is so sweet and amazing and literally everything you're saying is how I feel about Fluorescent Adolescent so ... cool. Very cool. And yesss ... Finn is quite dull right now, I actually still have no clue what kind of a person he's going to be!

I'll try to update as soon as I can! And of course we're friends! :) Thanks for this lovely, lovely review!

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Review #8, by greenbirdsSo Close To The Flame: Chapter 1 - Party Hardy

14th June 2015:
this is so great. i really love this. lainey's (great name) narrative reminds me of the meg cabot books which is my biggest guilty pleasure, and i really like the americanisation of hogwarts. i usually don't in fanfic, but you really make it work! lainey is amazing- feisty and independent, confident and sassy- and her two best friends are great, as is tristan. in fact all the characters so far are fantastic, and i LOVE your take on the james potter bad boy cliche. i know i've said it before in this review but i really love this! update soon, i'm so excited ♥

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Review #9, by greenbirdsInto the Lion's Den: Transformations

13th June 2015:
hey! so im a little bit in love with shemar moore so naturally i was attracts to your banner, and when i read the description i was so excited! i haven't ever read any really like this before! and i wasn't disappointed!
you're a very talented writer, and a lesser person would narrate leo with a cluster of Oh. My. God. This /cannot/ be happening. Oh. My GOD's etc but i really enjoyed the rawness of your narration and how understated his excitement and transformation was. i also really liked the cliff hanger! i want to read more! im so happy this is part of a wider fic universe; im buzzing to read more of your work. great great great writing!!

Author's Response: Hi greenbirds!

I absolutely love Shemar Moore too! And you're not the first to stop by because of him. He's kind of awesome.

You are so kind, and I'm SO glad you enjoyed this story!!

Yes, if you keep reading some of my other stories, you will definitely see a reference to this story as well as Leo in quite a few places. Once I finish my novel, I'm considering turning this into a short story, so look out, you may get a bit more!!

Thanks so much for R&R'ing!!

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Review #10, by greenbirdsKeep Calm and Carry On: Happy New Year?

31st May 2015:
“Lovely girl. Deported, I’m afraid."
i'm not exaggerating, i spat out my green tea at that. hilarious, and also, green tea is gross, i don't know why i'm still upholding my new year's resolution to replace coffee with it.
i've been following this story for ages, and i'm so embarrassed and ashamed it's taken me this long to review. there's truly no excuse, but as i'm re-reading it like it's a proper, paperback novel with a quote of recommendation from the times on the blurb i've decided that i simple HAVE to review, and to make up for a year of reading and not reviewing, i'm going to make sure it's extra extra long. you'll properly stop reading halfway through the waffle and jabber.
okaaay so no.1- edie. i know this is a romance flick but it's so edie's story. she is the greatest OC on this site, hands down. i am SO obsessed with her, especially when she used to be portrayed by kate nash who i ♥ (but karen gilliam's still fab fab fab). edie is the site's bridget jones, a perfect city girl fusion of taylor swift feminism, independence, intellect, morals and that whole "anything you can i do i can do wearing broken heels" mentality i so LOVE in her and is just so representative of the modern day woman. you don't try to make her out to be some perfect, high-flying sex and the city extra; she's her own person, perfectly 3d with flaws and qualities but also so, so relatable. edie is me, edie is my best friend, edie is amazing and empowered and omg, you could so have easily made an OC more along the typical mary-sues found in fanfiction because let's be real they're easy to write and easy to slip into plots but you HAVEN'T AND I LOVE YOU FOR THAT. I ♥ EDIE.
moreover, i love love love seamus and dean and lisa and most of all i love ROSE! because again, you could have easily gone down the route of the two girls continuously fighting over oliver- you could have blamed it on rose over the corporation, but you didn't and them spending new year's eve together is so girl power, so bad blood music video so GREAT!! YESSS!! EX-GIRLFRIENDS COMING TOGETHER OVER A DRINK TO COMFORT ONE ANOTHER!!! THAT IS WHAT IM /TALKING/ ABOUT!!
okay sorry. i've calmed down a bit now.
seamus is hysterical. i love the way you've written him and i'm super critical over how people portray j.k rowling's characters in fanfiction but you've done it perfectly, brilliantly, YES ♥ idk what else to say but YES YES YES. i'm really upset that dean and edie have drifted apart over dean being- how was it phrased by seamus? "besotted?"- with edie, but i have confidence that they'll patch it up. maybe dean will find a new girl and they'll cry together and kiss and make up. to be honest, i'm more concerned over dean and edie making up than oliver which i can't really explain? idk.
so yeah- oliver. i can't describe how much i love oliver & edie and the way you've written the relationship between press and celebrity, work and personal life is admirable to put it /mildly/. argh! i am so upset at how they broke up because i honestly have NO idea how edie'll get him back! because this fic is so real, i truly have no idea if they'll even ever get back together, you know? like with some stories its like 'oh wow i wonder how they'll get back together after THAT' but with this i'm not even so sure if the upcoming chapters will even be an oliver/oc! like dude!
there's so much more to write and say, and i'm sure i'll get to it in upcoming reviews over the next few chapters.
you are so so talented, SO TALENTED. have you ever considered writing professionally? i've already compared this to bridget jones- and by default, you to helen fielding- and i honestly truly totally absolutely stand by that! you have so much potential outside hpff, and i would LOVE to read what you have to say outside the harry potter universe.

Author's Response: Yaaay I am a fan of Edie too! Hehe. It's nice that so many readers can relate to her. I wanted to create a realistic character, not only for the sake of her not being a Mary-Sue or what have you, but so that readers could relate to her and feel like they weren't alone in their awkward, impulsive, unsuccessful, broke, lost selves. Oh gosh, Karen Gillan. In my mind, Edie looks like if Kate Nash, Karen Gillan and Anna Friel all had a baby.

Edie is me, Edie is my best friend, Edie is amazing and empowered. OH MY GOSH STOP IT you're so sweet. That's such a great pull-quote, too, as you were mentioning a rave review from the "Times." If I ever become delusional enough to design a book cover, this is going on there ;)

I'm glad that peoples' opinions of Rose are changing, too! One problem that I had with writing this is that it all supposedly took place over 3-4 months--because of the way the interviews/WW issues were set up. Everyone has aged years and years, in such a short amount of time, and Rose is no exception. One thing to remember is that she's younger than Edie. She doesn't have a clear idea of who she is, and she's deeply insecure, hence her obsession with appearance and the limelight and putting others down. Edie may be wildly wrong in many of her actions and beliefs, but she's stubbornly herself. She has a pretty clear idea of who she is, even though she is deeply flawed. Rose doesn't. But quitting her job and sticking up for Edie in front of her boss was a HUGE development in her personality, and I am totally team Rose all the way! I've always loved to hate her but now I just love to love her.

(Sidenote, I am impressed with all of your Taylor Swift references! Hehehe ♥)

Ohhh gosh, writing all of the canon characters' personalities was really hard--I keep thinking "Oliver isn't like this in the books," and then I'm like, "Yeah, but the last we saw of him in the books, he was 17--13 years before this story takes place." So of *course* he's changed. He's still obsessive with things, and persistent--I mean can you think of any other reason why he didn't just give up on Edie after she was such a jerk for so long? Anyway, Seamus was another I was concerned with, because in several of the books he's so stubbornly, well, a jerk to Harry, and he's so happy-go-lucky here. I dunno, writing him this way just felt right. And did I mention extremely fun and satisfying?

Moving on to Ediver...

Their relationship is so easy for me to write, and I think that's a really good thing. I've written stories before and struggled to create dialogue, or really just any scene that didn't directly move the plot along, between two characters. But they just mesh and flow very well, to the point that all of my chapters that feature their interactions end up having to be split into two, because I just writewritewritewrite and suddenly there's just SO much fluff.

Thank you so so much for your feedback. I have indeed considered writing professionally; since I was a tot, actually, I wanted to be a writer. I majored in it in college (which is why I currently work in food services... ha.) I would love to turn KC&CO into original fiction, but I'm terrified of being recognized as a fic writer even though I've been doing it for 12+ years (I know, pretty dumb, eh?) Anyway, I would love to publish someday, and I'm trying to be more serious about it just in the last few weeks. As much as I have ideas for a KC&CO sequel in mind, it may be wisest to focus on some OF for a bit.

Then again, I really just want to write fanfic all day so we'll see.

Thank you so incredibly much for this review! I would love to hear your thoughts on the next two chapters (particularly the next one; it's lacking in the feedback department) but I'm just grateful that you've stuck around with this story.

Thank you again!

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Review #11, by greenbirdsEmpty Chairs At Empty Tables: There's A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

29th May 2015:
ok so i am like the biggest les mis fan ever and you have done both the french revolutionaries and the marauders unlimited justice in this beauty, poetically bittersweet one-shot. i am genuinely speechless; i'm not crying, but i know if i try to speak i'll burst into tears.
so, so well written. it was so raw, so sad, yet so stunningly phrased- and the way you interweaved the deaths of france's barricaders of the les mis universe (but also those who died for freedom in france in real life) and the marauders was oddly, the closest i've ever truly gotten to closure over both groups' deaths. by intwining empty chairs and remus' pain (i interpreted the dead heroes at the end as part of his death and entry into the afterworld but i could be wrong- i probably am) you've put the marauders on such historical and fictional context of revolutionaries fighting for liberty, young ideological and tragically naive men dying for a greater good. i love it. i am so in love with this.
i loved the reference to james and sirius recruiting more fighters for the order- it was my favourite part. so enjorlas and marius, but totally believable, definite head canon now. it's so, SO refreshing reading that after story upon story of the two being nothing but womanising arrogant teenagers; you've highlighted a whole new side to them that just isn't explored or written about enough, which in itself is a kind of tragedy.
moreover, the way you captured remus's survivor's guilt is absolutely perfect. of course he would, being remus, harbour guilt and regret for the rest of his life, and it isn't explored that much in the books, so i love how you've written about it here. there are so many layers to remus as a character and you've pulled it off so, so handsomely well.
i am so in love with this, and sorry for rambling ♥ absolutely perfect.

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Review #12, by greenbirdsKryptonite: 2 May

28th May 2015:
"It was a strange sort of crossroads we were at: wanting so desperately to move on, yet terrified to leave the past behind."

this is perfect. it's a stunning coming of age, young adult story, almost poetic in the way you interweave victoire's thoughts and memories and just the character of teddy in general. and then with the backdrop of the sinking sun by the black lake they sat by, and just your talent of writing and describing and telling a story. honestly breath-taking.
i'm quite speechless, but i feel obliged to leave a review half worthy of this one-shot. i loved how victoire's birthday was on the anniversary of remus and tonks' death; bittersweet, but like they said, a paradox. it just made total sense. i also loved molly, who i know is a secondary character in this- and is definitely pushed to the side by teddy and victoire's vivid and electric dialogue- but yeah, she's great. everything in this is great. i kind of want more, but you ended it so well! you are just infinitely talented, and what was meant to be a re-read of all that jazz has become a massive binge read of your fics. i'm so excited to carry on ♥

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Review #13, by greenbirdsAnd All That Jazz: Meetings, Memories, And All That Jazz

28th May 2015:
hello. so ive hit a rut with my next gen story and (you're probably not interested sorry) I've been reading a lot of other stories for inspo and ideas, and as usual, i came to this. it's the story that got me into writing on this site- it's truly my no.1. my bae of hpff. my one truu ♥
will you be updating soon? no pressure, i would just love to know. i need james and aria and jett and dom and tbe whole crowd in my life again. i haven't read this for years now but as i come back, i slip straight into the storyline like i was reading it for the first time.
i know it's all very cliche and probably quite tiresome. i just love love this so much- it's such a classic- and you are endlessly talented. do you think you'll update soon? i know there are other fics you're working on, but oh mAaan... all that jazz! my absolute LOVE. i cant even.
ryan is so so hideous- he's like an american alex, but at least he has an undeniable charisma. ryan's almost welcoming compared to alex, i hate him! he's so vile, but in such a believable way, and again- reading this for the first time in ages has just brought back all the emotions and angst and anger of alexander harrison's schemes. EW.
jett? jett james and aria are nothing but the ultimate love triangle, and im so undecided. i do truly love jett, ever since the lake scene (SO ICONIC I ALWAYS THINK OF IT) and it's so tragic that ryan ruined it. but i suppose their relationship just wasn't meant to be, especially with james around the corner. in a dream world, james and jett will still be best friends and aria would be happily dating one and happily friends with the other- please tell me this isn't just dream world thinking and it could happen??
jett seriously reminds me of taylor swift's back to december song. oh my my. and i suppose ryan is dear john? hah. sorry if you're not a taylor fan and you dont really get my gist.
james ♥ he reminds me of a boy i once knew on summer camp, who i obviously had a major crush on. so of COURSE i have sentimental and nostalgic attachments to him as a character. and i couldn't be happier that he makes aria happy. like seriously that girl has been through EVERYTHING!
all my love ♥♥

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Review #14, by greenbirdsIn turns: Stealing Bicycles

27th May 2015:
hi! i really really really really like this so far! sorry for sounding like my gal carly rae jepsen but its super cute and summery and is it bad that i like kennedy more than james at this point? he reminds me of the receptionist from 30 rock. or at least that's how i imagine him, all cashmere cardigans flung over his shoulders, the arms tied over his chest in a knot. you know? sorry for rambling. hah.
sooo if she's an intern, are the duo out of school? but she spoke of hers and lily's relationship as if she was still attending hogwarts... idk. you have a lot of explaining to do in upcoming chapters, and i could not be more excited.
i love reading first chapters, there's just such a blank canvas of possibilities and potential and just unfiltered excitement! and this is the perfect first chapter. so hooked.
please please update soon! xxx

Author's Response: The song is actually on the playlist for this story! And no, it's not that bad. I mean Kennedy could be difficult heh. Idk, really.
To answer your question, no. They aren't. It's just like summer camp, the Daily Prophet internship program. It's not like it's a real thing. They're just actually canvassing people who wanted to become a part of the whole journalism thing. It's okay if the interns don't want to pursue the career but the program would be a great background if they do. :)
Sorry I had to explain that there. This story would just take 3-5 chapters (just 3 really) so it's kind of vague and I just focused everything on thef fluff.
Chapter two is up! And I hope I don't disappoint. :)

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Review #15, by greenbirdsPureblood: Fear

23rd May 2015:
omfg. that was just so, so tense. you wrote the initiation scene brilliantly, and it genuinely warms my heart how little alex cortez is finally doing the right thing, even if it is just leaving that horrible room!
i am so madly in love with this. no bad blood, just mad love. i am SO HAPPY there's 13 chapters left ♥♥♥

Author's Response: I'm so glad it actually came across as tense as I meant for it to be haha and do I sense you might be starting to warm up to Alex hmmm? Hope you enjoy the next 13 chapters!

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Review #16, by greenbirdsPureblood: Deceive

23rd May 2015:
THIS WAS SO HOT. OMG OMG OMG. okay, wow. so sirius and alex just got real personal- like it's not even about the usual gryffindor slytherin rivalry anymore. love love love it.

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you like the development between them :)

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Review #17, by greenbirdsPureblood: Hostile

23rd May 2015:
urgh, alex is so gross! i really admire how you write her as just as nasty as bella and the boys- none of this "hey guys, you're going a bit too far..." stuff that you find in similar stories. she's stubborn and arrogant and a really great oc, which is even more admirable in a crowd of massive characters like the marauders and the future death eaters. i LOVE it. it just makes me all the more excited to see how this evolves into a sirius/oc! they clearly despise- hate- each other, and it's obviously deeper than again, the usual cliches of hate/love romance fics. i am so obsessed with this. your narrative is perfect for a girl like alex's, and i love how her family situation is so strikingly similar to sirius's! they mirror each other! so excited to read more chapters ♥

Author's Response: Ahh so glad you reviewed! I must get to reading and reviewing Fluorescent Adolescent asap as I think it's brilliant!
I love it when people pick up on Alex being so unlikable at the start of this, as I was really trying to make her a character with so many different layers. I hope you like how the story develops later on!
Thank you so much for the wonderful review :)

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Review #18, by greenbirdsMurphy's Law: Chapter Two

17th May 2015:
hahahaha. that asking out story was really funny and creative, especially how it was pippa and not james. im not too sure how i feel about dom but connie is really cool! i love her and pippa's banter, you're very good at writing it.
update soon! this has so much potential to be unbelievable ly amazing superb etc etc- and the whole bad luck aspect is a refreshing new take on the old cliche james/oc rom com, yeah im really liking it!

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Review #19, by greenbirdsEfflorescence : Change

15th May 2015:
ok so like nooo. not only is this over (until you next update and i know my track record of updating isn't much to write home about but puh-LEASE this is so so so good) but ah. james and ellie! i don't know whether to be upset or impressed you didn't plunge them into a night of fantastic love(making) what?
this is so so so great. you know when something's so great you have to try really hard not to replicate scenes of it within your own writing. like this is SO SO SO GOOD. dom ♥ ellie ♥ james ♥ james and ellie ♥
also your harry potter scene was so good. felt really authentic, which is always impressive because it can be so difficult writing one of the main characters in fic, but as an adult, you know?
so much more to say but i'm drained. PLEASE UPDATE SOON?! like when do you think c10 is going to pop out? i need to know when to get excited. ok cool.

Author's Response: Thank you soso much for another review! Seriously, you're too kind ahaha!
I'm so happy adult Harry seemed authentic, I was hoping that bit had worked out alright.
I'm going to update really soon, hopefully! I'm about halfway (?) through ch10, so it should be up in not too long :)
Thanks again for the review! Xx

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Review #20, by greenbirdsEfflorescence : Owls and NEWTs

15th May 2015:
cannot believe its taken me this long to read, its been on my to read list for EVER. okay so there are so many things to discuss idek where to begin. and i'm only on the second chapter!
1 (because its the most recent). i LOVE how dom and ellie are friends with hagrid on their own terms, that like, two-line story was so cute and believable and not another 'she's a wotter and i'm a friend of a wotter' usual shebang- really enjoyed that!
2. okaaay so james potter is really really cool, and attractive, and funny, and smirky (why is smirking such default for all james potters ever idek its just SO attractive) and cocky and clever and yeah. 11/10 characterisation.
3. HAHAH THE HARRY POTTER OWL STORY! one of the few times i've actually laughed out loud whilst read fanfiction! so well written, so well pulled off. amazing.
4. ellie herself is just a really cool character and i cannot wait to see where this ellie/james chirpse goes. thank GOD i still have chapters left to read! so excited to read more!

Author's Response: First of all, wow, I can't believe you're reviewing my story, I am the biggest fan of Fluorescent Adolescent hahah!!
It's awesome you liked Ellie and Dom's lil Hagrid friendship, and that it's a bit different to what you've read before :)
Also smirking is just such a James Potter kind of thing?! Idek why but ♥
I love that the owl part made you laugh!! So good to hear haha.
Thank you so much for leaving such an awesome review!

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Review #21, by greenbirdsA Spoonful of Sugar: Eighteen

15th May 2015:
so SO cute. can't believe it's taken me so long to get around to reading this, been on my list for ages. perfect fluff story, and i'm so excited to read your one-shot about darcy and louis grown up! also yay for lucy and lysander hahaha, been rooting for them since chapter 1. fab stuff. also i LOVED darcy and seamus !! i so imagine seamus being like that as a dad!

Author's Response: Hello there!
I'm so happy you're enjoying this story! And I hope you like the one-shot, too! Yay Lucy and Lysander! It took them long enough! I'm glad you liked the way I wrote Seamus, too. I think he'd be quite protective of his little girl.
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! I hope to see you again soon!
Cassie :)

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Review #22, by greenbirdsSocial Darwinism: The Happening that Happened on the Hogwarts Express + One Malfoy-Sized Secret

13th May 2015:
hi ireland!
so it's no secret that i really like this. i really think you're onto something great: i love the themes of girlhood even though right now it's quite divided, the split narrative and the brilliant dialogue. i like 'lp' as lily's nickname! it makes her sound like her own character, which is important because clearly this lily is nothing like the original lily potter/evans. or maybe she is? im excited to see.
would perhaps suggest slowing down a bit; your dialogue is brilliant but with all the characters and names, it can get a bit confusing? this is something i struggle with x100 so perhaps im just being overly nit-picky, like because im so cautious of doing it in my own work hahaha.
i love seeing mccartney from another persepective- i've liked her from the beginning. also that detail about harry was so cute! love that!
really excited for the upcoming chapters. update soon! xxx

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much omg. I'm so happy that it's obvious that LP is truly her own person, because trust me she is fierce. I'm excited that you're excited!

I know! I feel so terrible about heaping all these characters on the reader, but with three different narrators who each have their own circle of friends and classmates it's definitely hard to avoid! Thank you for the compliment on my dialogue though!

The first bit with McCartney and LP has always been one of my favorites. I love seeing McCartney from different perspectives, because her actual persona is so different from the McCartney we see/hear in her head!

Aw, I know! I love Harry like please adopt me! Ha ha!

Yay! I'm excited too! I'm actually putting the next chapter in the queue tomorrow! So see ya then! Ha ha!


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Review #23, by greenbirdsComplicated: Complication #9

12th May 2015:
omg! reading over this made me realise how much i truly like it and how it's been forever since you've updated. i miss this! when are you next updating? need to know what's happening with abigail and james. like asap.

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Review #24, by greenbirdsMean: The One Where Lucy Eavesdrops

11th May 2015:
cara! omg! so not cool. that is 100% not the reason why her and eleanor are being mean to her. you don't be so vile to someone just over family time and accusations of self-interest? i'm really intrigued as to why they're being so malicious, and i'm sure you'll tackle that in later chapters. declan is a bit of a sleeze, not standing up for lucy especially as she was so helpful to him earlier, but i suppose that's just him being flaky? rather than cara and eleanor being so ew ew ew?
(sorry for my ridiculous typing, i'm on my phone and i know i sound appalling. i can write better than this! i know more adjectives than ew and mean!)
the drinking game sounded really fun, and it was so sweet seeing how al, james and lily interact with each other. it was so flawless, so well written- you have nailed sibing interaction just like you NAIL everything else! i'm also really interested in james and parker- kudos to you for not being like yep he's gay, whilst obviously loads of teenagers are sure in their sexuality at that age (such as lucy) others really are just branching out and finding out what they like, and i haven't seen much of that - experimentation? - in nextgen fics. i'm inspired to add some into my own, because it's such a teenager thing. or maybe it just is with MY friends, but yeah. sorry i'm rambling.
ben's sweetness regarding james was touching, as was james helping poor lucy at the end. (another teenager thing!!! woo!!! go teens!!!)
looking forward to your next few chapters! bea xx

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Review #25, by greenbirdsMean: The First One

10th May 2015:
"it was hard being away from (my mum) for a year. she was one of my best friends" title of my autobiography?!
okay, so james and lucy's relationship is great. i like how they're close because it's usually him and dominique or him and fred- in fact i love how you've chosen to explore lucy out of all next gen characters because she is so overlooked! also, your characterisation of ginny and percy is fantastic, and i love the detail of harry running after the train. classic haz.
cara and eleanor are urgh so far but you've really nailed the teenage girl friendship dynamics of exclusion and inside jokes- i hate it when writers act like hogwarts is magically (haha) different from all other secondary schools because teenagers and teenagers and most of all, teenage girls are teenage girls! they weren't horrible enough to be bullies, but mean enough to look out for the duo in later chapters. all i can say is poor lucy, but at least she has james.
lucy seems like a really strong character, really assured of herself- enough to be able to shake off her friends' weird behaviour. i love how james looked out for her! looking forward to reading on! xx

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