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Review #1, by GredSaving My Life: Epilogue

7th March 2014:
Hello! I said, a long time ago, that I would come back and leave a longer review. So here I (finally) am!

First off, I loved this. I really like the Marauder era, and I feel like it's hard to write a good Sirius (or Remus) love interest story, because they are so many of them about. I thought this was really great, and just what I love in this kind of story.

I really like the character of Fiona - I think she was very well-developed, and with more to say than a average love interest. I like the way she started off with a boyfriend (who wasn't Sirius), rather than starting off being in love with Sirius (well, kind of hating him). The prologue, though, I did think that was good - that they had some history.

I felt like Fiona's death was slightly rushed, but I like to drag my emotional scenes out, so that's not saying much! It was really sad (but clever) that Bellatrix killed both Fiona and Sirius. I liked your epilogue a lot - the funeral was brilliantly done and very touching. (James' speech was great!) I've never been very sure about afterlife scenes, but your's was very good, and rounded everything off nicely.

Overall, I thought this was really lovely - sad in places, funny in others and well written. I really liked it!

- Lily (Gred)

Author's Response: I have to admit I have been waiting for this review... Haha! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #2, by Gredetc. etc. (and life goes on): Marginally Better Than a Broom Closet

6th March 2014:
Hello! I said in my last review sorry for the long gap, and this gap was so much longer than the last! I'm really sorry - I just haven't had any time - and was this a great chapter to stop reading at!

I'd forgotten how much I love your writing style! And how it's utterly crazy that Clemence and Albus are being chased by hordes of girls, but you manage to make it completely believable.

I love Clemence's idea of pretending to be using the changing room - it never even occurred to me. Shows how good I'd be in a crisis (although, touch wood, this type of crisis will never happen to me!).

I absolutely love Clemence and Albus' banter. And it was an excellent buildup (and setting) to a first kiss. I thought it was very nicely done, and fitted in really well with the story. (I love a good classically-cliched broom closet kiss!)

The ending was great, too. I feel kind of sorry for Dom, walking in on that! And Clemence's excuse, investigative journalism, really made me giggle.

Also, swivel chairs as footstools are probably the most nerve-racking things in my life! I look forward to more Appy - I just really like her name - and QGA can indoctrinate me if you like, but my comments will become nothing but Albus fangirling, most probably.

- Lily, not forgetting to mention Scorpius! (Gred)

Author's Response: Hullo again Gred! Hee, I've been waiting for your reaction to this chapter; when I wrote it, it caused a huge splash for being 'that fic that has a Dramatic Kiss Scene six chapter in.'

At the time, it did not register to me that I was writing a very ridiculous scene with a mob that becomes a reoccuring trope over the course of this fic. This fic originally never featured any mobs; after 21 chapters, there are enough mobs to give one to every member of your family. (sadly lacking in mafia-mobs, however)

Swivel chairs are tricksy things. If you believe in them, they will believe in you. And QGA has recruited many of my readers, so you won't be alone :'D


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Review #3, by GredI Missed You: I Missed You

16th December 2013:
And this is me returning your review! This is very good - a great pretty-much-canon couple, Sirius and Marlene, I always think (Sorry, assuming this was the build up to a relationship... it usually is?). It's a good job I didn't do prompt four; I'd be worried about the competition!

Author's Response: Fingers crossed that JK actually announces it as canon! Yes, it's the build up, Christmas of sixth year.

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Review #4, by Gredetc. etc. (and life goes on): Certifiably Quirky

16th November 2013:
Gosh - I have not had time to R&R (Read and Review) for aggges. Sorry.

First off, I love the newsroom scene. Pickett makes a great baron and pirate. And the swivel chair. Could you make me love him more?

So... Scorpius breaking up with Rose... For Dom? (No! It's because he's gay! Somehow I just don't see him and Albus together... How about Hugo? Oh, no, wait, he and Rose are siblings - that would be awkward. I'll get back to you.)

I have never seen Lily (II) written as a famous person's child before, but it completely makes sense! I love this characterisation, even if it's just mentioned in passing. (And James (II) as well, but he has always seemed a Quidditchy bloke to me anyway.)

Appy seems... interesting. But her club: decidedly creepy. Sorry. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of them. Like at the end of this chapter - they're scaring me already!

Just give her the shirt, Al! You'll get it back, freshly laundered, by Monday. We promise! (Oh dear... I think your club's indoctrinating me...) Seriously though, shirt and sweat fangirl is hilarious.

Poor Al...

- Lily, debating whether or not she should read (as it is midnight)... (Gred)

Author's Response: Hey again! c:

A pirate baron who's out to /steal/ your heart, hurr hurr hurr. ...sorry. I grew up on swivel chairs! I can't imagine my life without them. They're spinny, of course, but also padded and make a thrilling footstool in times I needed to get something from a tall shelf.

You're doing good on mentioning Scorpius every chapter :D Oh man, Scorpius and Hugo; I've never thought about that ship -- and I think of a lot of ships. Hugo does show up in Al's room a lot, and Al and Scorp are roommates... but no. Hugo's got himself a little lady. They are adorable and it makes people sick.

I think Lily II would totally own her celebrity status. As the youngest and only daughter, she's spoiled like last week's milk, but at the same time, I can see her trying to make something of it. The real ambitious one in her family.

Ohohoho, you'll be seeing lots of Appy :'D And nooo, laundering the shirt ruins the purpose! It'll wash his scent off! How will you pretend to hug him to sleep? It's okay; I'm sure the QGA has a handbook on this sort of thing :'D we'll get you indoctrinated yet.


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Review #5, by Gredetc. etc. (and life goes on): A Vivid Imagination

10th November 2013:
So we hear more about Dom... It's really hard to believe how all your characters are so brilliant, complicated and unique. I love all of them, seriously. And more newsroom antics - I love those scenes! (Pickett, Pickett, Pickett, I love you. So many quotable lines.) I had to look up Sam Claflin, having never seen the Hunger Games, and that has definitely not influenced my judgment on Pickett AT ALL.

Yes, your comic relief is genius. Say no more. (My favourite parts.)

Rose and Dom's feud... I have a feeling this is going to involve Scorpius, and I'm not happy. You gave me hope (Gay Scorpius) in the first chapter, and now there's nothing! (I'm going to keep mentioning this in every review.) Oh, and he could definitely be both sassy and pathetic - it's the best combination.

And what's going on with the Girlfriend? Are you telling me the main storyline is nothing? Hmm... and if this is an Albus/OC, who will be the OC? I can only think of one person... (save Janey, or this Caroline Escot.)

I'm liking Albus taking risks and wanting thrills; it makes the banter between him and Clemence so much more fun! I think Clemence winning the chess match makes up for the duel. She didn't use dirty tactics. Well done Clemence. The Speakeasy is the most awesome thing I have ever heard of. I want one in my school! And my house. (We're doing that era of America in History at the moment, which is a coincidence. Can't stop thinking Bugsey Malone...)

Ah well... You'll have to give me back that Sherlock Holmes hat and the magnifying glass, Hugo. I guess you don't get a fic of your own... (I'm completely joking. Don't feel bad.) I understand; I have a pile of ideas that I haven't even finished a chapter of, and I really hope writing on here will improve my original writing. (When I get around to it.)

Just so you know, I'm already pairing off all of your characters in my head, and I'm going to see if I'm right when I read on. I'm assuming Albus/Clemence is a given now, and I think Dom/Pickett would be sweet. "he cares a lot more about Dom than she realizes." Huh.

- Lily, writer of far too long reviews (with too many brackets). (Gred)

Author's Response: I'M DRAGGING EVERYONE INTO MY SAM CLAFLIN SPIRAL C: I am spiralling like the top from Inception for that puppy face. Really hot puppy face, welp.

Rose and Dom's feud might just be the most unsubtle interpretation of a shipping war ever, if that's any clue. I love your eternal torch for Gay!Scorpius, teehee. I've never had a reader who wanted that from the beginning (as he's usually shipped with Albus and this is an Al/OC fic); it'll be interesting to see what you think of poor Scorpius caught in the feud.

I haven't had to play this guessing game in a long time :'D I can say that you won't be in the dark about the girlfriend for too long.

The Speakeasy was the most random thing I inserted into the story xD I just thought 'let's put a super-classy noir bar into Hogwarts.' So I did.

Hehe, sometimes you just have to make yourself write. I hope you find an idea you like enough to write until completion. It's hard, but so so worth it!

I like to think that you can ship almost anyone in this fic with anyone. I've crackshipped a lot of pairings in my head!

♥ thanks again, Lily! c:

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Review #6, by Gredetc. etc. (and life goes on): May I Have This Duel?

9th November 2013:
I love reading stories where the writers reply to my reviews as I read. It makes it so much funner!

Wow. That was an awesomely written duel. So Much Tension. Love it. But Albus won! Arrghh! Who is the Girlfriend? Will we ever find out? (And I still don't understand what Albus likes... Am I missing something?)

Dom and Scorpius now? Still rooting for Gay Scorpius, but that would be a pretty cool couple. (I think Scorpius should be a sassy, single, completely hilarious and a bit pathetic gay guy. It's always fun when the really cute, rich guy is pathetic. (Especially if he is gay.))

Pickett just gets better and better, doesn't he? I will say no more, expect that he is quickly becoming a favourite...

Oh my gosh a Detective Inspector Hugo story would be brilliant! You already have one reader for that, if you write it!

- Lily, jumping up and down in her seat. (Gred)

Author's Response: It is! :D It's not something I get the chance to do often. I try to keep up with readers as best as I can while they speed through, but some don't check for responses until a week after.

Baha, I guess I mean that Albus is more reckless than he previously let on, so he fancies a bit of risk and thrill. Clemence initially saw him as a bit of a recluse.

SNORT can one be both sassy and pathetic? I have a soft spot for the downtrodden characters 8D especially downtrodden Scorpius, so you might be getting exactly what you want.

Pickett's my own fav too c: (totally not influenced by Sam Claflin being his faceclaim). My other soft spot is for the comic relief, especially when they get to be more than that.

Aaah, sadly I probably won't start any new fics; I can't bear to start fics I don't think I'll finish and I'm switching focus to original writing. etc. will last well into next year, so there's still plenty of fic left. If I can somehow make a mystery one-shot, Detective Inspector Hugo is what I'd go for! c:


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Review #7, by Gredetc. etc. (and life goes on): Chess for Three

8th November 2013:
Hello, again, from a (now very devoted and weirdly besotted) new reader.

"You have your attention wh*res. Here are the strutting Quidditch blokes," - I can't stop thinking 'Quidditch wh*res'... (?)

Gay Scorpius? Yes yes yes, I love it. Draco would throw a fit, one can't help imagining. But Rose... could be faked to get Clemence off his back? Tell me yes...

I love Hugo in this, he's just brilliant. Definitely agree with the "'aw shucks' shtick" (didn't know that was a word, had to look it up. You learn something new every day...)

And I wonder who the girlfriend is. I want to suggest someone, but I can't think of anyone cannon (canon?). I will hopefully find out soon... (when I read the next chapter.)

- Lily, abuser of ellipses... (Gred)

P.S. Thanks (about the username), I was really surprised no one had taken it, and my account name on TDA is Forge, so it matches!

Author's Response: Woohoo! c: I love following readers who review chapter by chapter; I get to revisit all my old writing through them 8D

Bahaha you got on a fake relationship train for Scorpius QUICK. I will say that this story has a lot of fake-outs in that vein, so you won't be disappointed.

Hugo is a cutie pie. He's not in this story too much, but I've always wanted to write a Detective Inspector Hugo story featuring this Hugo.

Canon! Like Canon Cameras. There hasn't been a lot of girls introduced yet, but I think you'll get a much better idea of what Albus likes next chapter. Nothing's ever straightforward upon first introduction in this fic 8D

♥ fellow ellipses abuser here!

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Review #8, by Gredetc. etc. (and life goes on): Manic Panic Mondays

6th November 2013:
I just found this story, and I already love it! First off, I am amazed by your writing style - it's descriptive but not dull, short and quippy. It feels like it's almost satirical? Anyway, I also really like Clemence (great name, by the way), she seems like one of those cynical, on-top-of-it-all girls whom I wish I could write (if not be!). And I love that she's related to Rita, that's genius. I like Pickett and Janey, and the whole feel of the newspaper business, and I can't wait to see more of the three of them. ("And how many times do I have to tell you, 'ironic' doesn't mean what you think it means." Hahahahaha) On the whole, I haven't seen Dom as a main cousin in a story before, so I'm looking forward to seeing her as well. She seems like she could be great fun to write - a bit of Bill's common sense with Fleur's beauty and charm... just brainstorming, here. Also liking seeing the cousin relationships from an outsider's view, so that will be fun.
Sum up: really liked it, wish I could write like this, going to read next chapter now, comfort the semi-colons for me!

- Lily (Gred)

Author's Response: Ahh! A new reader! :D Love your username. This story is a bit of a satire in its subject matters, but it doesn't detract from the storyline or characters, so you're correct! Clemence is too fun to write; you should definitely try writing someone like her. Someone who just tells it like it is. She is my mind with twice the negativity and without a filter.

I used to be in newspaper, so I love a bit of newspaper snark c: Pickett's a darling and Dom's a bit of a sassy diva with insurable hair, someone who likes to make her own entertainment if she can't find it, heh.

comforting the semicolons as I type;;; I hope you like the rest of the story! ♥

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Review #9, by GredFree Fall: Free Fall

23rd September 2013:
Hello. I left a review on on of your other stories (Say it For the Bones) and you were incredibly nice (Perfect review? Really?), so thank you. I would like to stand by my original thought; you should be an author! I love this, although not as much as 'Say it For the Bones' (I love Remus/Sirius), and it's not so much of a shock, as it's not my first time reading on of your fanfics. It was a very nice shock, don't worry. I don't want to be repetitive, but I really want to tell you what I liked, so...

This is what I especially loved:

i) 'His eyes are the colour of your toy, Emmet the Elephant, which means you'll love him forever.'

ii) 'He's too young know-it-all with bright-eyed ideals and an unconquered cockiness-tilt to his head, youth blaring out from every tilt and turn.'

iii) 'Wisdom comes in reverse, and it tastes like metal between your teeth.'

iv) 'It won't be the last time Sirius Black will come to stand between the two of you.'

v) '"I'm a Tonks."'

vi) 'You learn to asociate* tilted heads with beaming smiles and nods with hugs.'

vii) 'You won't discuss the harsh lies you tell him underneath the stars, and you won't discuss Sirius, not ever.'

viii) 'You will lose this battle.'

ix) 'It's like horror, your mind screaming stop!, suddenly terrified of that sadness inside his eyes.'

x) '"Losing them is free falling. Free falling into nothingness."'

xi) 'Not even wintry days can chill you.'

xii) 'Blacks never led boring lives.'

xiii) 'Dreaming up happy endings that you'll never have. Picket-fences and 1.5 kids.'

xiv) 'His voice is bottomless.'

xv) 'It's almost as if you can hear the sobs from families, cries rising.'

xvi) 'His eyes are the colour of your Emmet, the Elephant, so you'll let him take it all.'

xvii) 'It's a kaleidoscope parade of memories, of his smile and laughter. And then it's free fall. Free fall into nothingness.'

xviii) 'You nearly saw the end of this, too.'

xix) 'There is only one way people like this burn.


Gosh, I'm sorry this is so long. I did go and read a lot of your other stories. I really liked 'All Our Yesterdays', and I'm looking forward to an ending to 'Before : After' (hopefully)!

P.S. The new style is great. I can kinda see how it happened (as in, the similarities and differences), and I like it. And I love second-person too!

* It wouldn't let me submit this word spelt right, as it was disallowed at a 12+ rating! Sorry.

Author's Response: Yay! I love love, love your reviews!


'Wisdom comes in reverse, and it tastes like metal between your teeth.'

That's my favourite in this piece ;)

And don't feel bad about being repetitive, I LOVE being told which parts were great - I use it myself when giving reviews.

Thank you so much for reviewing. It really means a lot.

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Review #10, by GredSaving My Life: Kiss In The Rain

12th September 2013:
This is very good. I will be writing a longer review soon.

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Review #11, by GredSay it For the Bones : Say it For the Bones

23rd February 2013:
Wow. This is the most poetic fan-fiction I have ever read. (And quite possibly the best.) It was like reading a chunk of emotion. (I know, I'm sorry, cheesy.) I don't often read fan-fictions and think that the writer should be a published author, but in your case, I do. I think this would have been a brilliant piece even without the Remus/Sirius relationship, but I really like it and you do it really well.

Hang on, I'm going to have to read it again.

Okay, I'm back. This is going to be really hard because I love it all, but I especially love:

i) 'One last Marauder, one last joker left in the game'

ii) 'You don't like smiles anymore.'

iii) 'It's unhealthy, and jackoff get lost in the smile.'

iv) 'James is honourable, too honourable.'

v) 'Harry looks at you with Lily's eyes'

vi) ' - ahem - You have my blessing'

vii) 'You are the sole survivors.'

viii) 'It is the most magnificent thing you have ever seen.'

ix) 'her mouth forming the smallest "O".'

x) 'The love lies thick in your mouth.'

xi) 'You are bathing in green.'

xii) 'fin.'

xiii) The entire last bit - The Battle of Hogwarts.

xiv) The whole thing.

It's actually really inspiring, it makes me want to put much more feeling into my stories. I'm now going to go and read all of your other stories.

P.S. (I hope this was a good review, it's my first ever. (!))

Author's Response: This was perfect.

I LOVE when people write which parts they liked. So yeah. I'm a fan of your review. That is such a huge compliment to tell me to become a published author, I don't even - Yeah. Thank you? Thank you, thank you. This really means a lot. So, yeah. Perfect review?


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