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Review #1, by elprincipino9A Rollercoaster Called Life: Chapter Fifteen

30th January 2013:
This was an enjoyable chapter... not much to think about but kind of relaxing to read.
After your A/N I'm quite excited and a little apprehensive about the next chapter.
Thank you for a fast update and good luck with the next one!

Author's Response: haha we definitely needed a fluffy break from what's been happening so far. im glad that you're pumped up for the next chapter! it'll be QUITE interesting (;
no problem! Thank you for reviewing!!!

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Review #2, by elprincipino9A Rollercoaster Called Life: Chapter Fourteen

27th January 2013:
Glad to finally read the update... Ethan's reaction seemed ott but its not that big a deal.

I would have thought James would be more upset for Lucy.

The last bit was great, James & Bella's relationship is coming along nicely.

Thank you for another good chapter (even if it is short lol) Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Ahhh Ethan is overreacting a bit, but he's a guy. they're prone to that sometimes.
being upset for Lucy would be something that James would think about but the fact that his best friend hates him sort of overlooks that a bit. and, James knows that Lucy is a big girl; she can take care of her love life.

thank you so much!! the next chapter is in the queue lol

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Review #3, by elprincipino9Against the Odds: Little Talks

25th January 2013:
ah... first of all, I still enjoyed it... but then you left a cliffhanger, that's going to be painful because your update time is so long.

Second thoughts... whatever happens I don't think you would harm the baby, so I will guess James knows everything next chapter and he will be furious with Chastity first and foremost.

There's not much in terms of criticism, this was probably the most dramatic way James could find out about his baby.

Maybe though, Rose's apology was quite mild, also she didn't ask a single question about the father (I would have guessed that be the first question after they made up) not that I would expect for her to be told or anything.

Overall, thank you for another good chapter and please try and update sooner (before your reader's go crazy with predictions and worry for Violet and the baby as I'm sure some will)

Author's Response: School has really been piling it on a bit recently, but I honestly try and update as regularly as I can! Thanks for the review anyway :)

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Review #4, by elprincipino9Against the Odds: Heroes or Ghosts

20th January 2013:
This story is great! I really like that your James is a good person, everything you want your reader's to feel, I am positive they are feeling it. Especially hate towards a certain Slytherin ahem. I can't wait for thee next post and when James finds out! Please update on when the next chapter will be out at the least. Please, please, please, please!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliment :D The next chapter is already submitted for validation, so if all goes to plan, it should be out by this weekend at the very latest! Thank you for reviewing (:

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Review #5, by elprincipino9A Rollercoaster Called Life: Chapter Thirteen

20th January 2013:
So when can we see the next chapter for this... I am dying to know, please don't let it stop here, I beg of you!

Author's Response: it definitely won't stop here. sorry the updates are taking forever! school is remarkably busy. thank you for reviewing though!

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Review #6, by elprincipino9Harry Potter and the Winters After the War: Medical Leave and the Coming of Spring

24th December 2012:
Dear Mrs Granger,

Where do I start! There is so much to say I've decided to just skip to the praise of you and sadness in me.

This was so brilliant I couldn't put it down until I read both novel's. I've read the other reviews and know you don't have time for any more. (kind of broken hearted to know there's no more of this track) I hope something happens to allow you to continue with the next, wish you a vial of felix felicis for the new year for the so you can write more and I can read them to mend the hole in my heart left by this final chapter!

Author's Response: Dear elprincipino9,

Thank you for reading my story and for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Unfortunately it's unlikely I will have another story for you to read any time soon.

Best regards,


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