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Review #1, by magnifique11Mean: The One Where they Return to Classes

23rd July 2014:
bisexual(bi-curious?) character. lesbian character. omgomgomg.

let me hug you. omg. I'm bi and I literally have /never/ seen a bi character (who I didn't write) on this website and tbh I'm about to cry this makes me so happy omg.

Like I was basically just going to write about how much I feel Lucy bc I've literally had someone say "you don't look gay/bi" to me before -__- but now I'm just so pumped about James being bi/bi-curious. This is a really cool moment for me, ya know? I mean, I'm a girl - but still! Someone like me in a fic is so rad.

And you know, the plot and the characterization are super rad as well! I'm just really glad that I decided to read this and I can't really reiterate my thoughts well right now but it's safe to say I will be looking forward to future updates! :)

Author's Response: omgomgomgomg

I'm not bi or gay, just straight (but there are some times where I'm not too sure because GIRLS) and I see so many things online where there are hardly any other non-straight people (I could list every single one but it'd be a pretty long response, then!) and it made me a bit sad because people of other orientations instead of straight, like yourself, and I needed that to reflect in my stories rather than having just one gay character in the whole novel, which I have done before I admit. Just having one gay character doesn't mean ~representation~ and so I wanted to expand it!

And right there, where you said: "Someone like me in a fic is so rad." is why representation is so important and hearing you say that has just made my day!!

Thank you so much for this amazing review!! So sorry for taking a ridiculously long time to respond!

- Kayla :)

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Review #2, by magnifique11Love in Three Acts: Epilogue: After the Curtain Fell

21st July 2014:
-sobs quietly- oh my goddd. I'm seriously in love with your version of wolfstar and this was so good. It was really heart-wrenching, but it was so good. I'm really glad that you wrote the epilogue, I thought it tied in well and brought their relationship back up to speed but now I'm just thinking about what could have been if Sirius hadn't died..

Don't get me wrong - I love, love, LOVE Remus x Tonks, but your story has just given me so many Remus x Sirius feels. I hope you did/do well in the challenge you wrote this for because it was really, really well written.

And now I just feel like I really need to go read everything else you've written because I am sure I'll love it!

Author's Response: HAI!

Oh my, you really know how to make a person's day!! When I started this, I knew it would be gut-wrenching towards the middle. I only decided on the epilogue after feeling so down after act 3. I'm really glad that tied it all together!!

Heck, I wrote two novels about Remus and Tonks :P but, I do think they can exist in the same universe. I did well in one of the challenges but I hadn't finished the whole story for the song one. Oh well, I really enjoyed writing this either way!

You're entirely too sweet!! Thank you very much for the lovely review!

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Review #3, by magnifique11Background Noise: The Curse of Carkett Close

19th July 2014:
There aren't adequate words to describe how much I loved this chapter. Jo and Nora are fantastic and I adore stories that have one or both of the Scamanders in them, and Lizzy sounds just perfect.

Looking forward to the next chapter and hopefully meeting James (who sounds like quite the character) soon!

Author's Response: Hey there!

Aww, thank you for stopping by and reading and taking the time to leave such a lovely review! I'm awfully flattered to hear such a positive response for this story, which I started on a whim. And I'm glad you like the characters! Lorcan may pop up some time in the future.

I hope to get the next chapter up soon! I'm writing it. :) Thanks again, love.


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Review #4, by magnifique11A Phoenix in the Sky.: A Phoenix in the Sky.

7th April 2014:
I really loved this! It felt so accurate and wonderful and true the characters and the books. It was honestly such an enjoyable read and it almost felt like coming home, coming back to the books, you know? Excellent job portraying the characters, especially Hermione. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review.

I write a lot about OCs and minor characters, so I'm not used to having to keep characters "in character" so much, as a lot of the people I write about don't have as much depth to their character in the books. So I'm glad to know she seems in-character, especially since I was trying to balance the fact she's clearly a very strong character in canon with the fact that what happened to her was truly horrific and is bound to have some degree of psychological effects.

Glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by magnifique11Plagued By Ardor: Magical Mistletoe

12th December 2013:
Hey, it's JRose16 from over at the forums. :) Sorry it took me awhile to get to this, finals are killer! But this was not! This was a lovely change of pace, and I loved all the fluff! I think you wrote it really well, and I thought your characterization of the twins was completely on point. :) It just all made me smile and feel all gushy and happy inside. :DDD


Author's Response: Aw! Thanks so much! That was super sweet!

I hope your finals are going alright! :)

Thanks again for the lovely review!

-ReeBee :)

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Review #6, by magnifique11Every Song Must End: Bitter...

9th December 2013:
I haven't really seen anything written in this way on HPFF before but I really enjoyed it! I think this was a great challenge to set for yourself, I know personally I would find it difficult too lol. But you pulled it off beautifully and I think the sort of raw/choppy way of writing this was really good for the story you were trying to tell. I also really liked how you didn't use names because I think that makes the characters so much more relatable, as weird as that is haha. Overall I just really liked this one-shot and I think it was very well written. :)

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you so much! This isn't like my usual style AT ALL, but it was fun writing something like this for a change! I could never do it for very long or on a regular basis, but it was definitely a great exercise!

I completely understand about the no names thing - I did that deliberately because I felt the same way. It felt like it could be almost anyone's story that way!

Thank you so much for this lovely review!

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Review #7, by magnifique11We are the Broken Ones: Absence and Ghosts

8th December 2013:
I can't believe you haven't written this pairing together! I loved the way you wrote them, it was perfect and the characterization was flawless. This was so poignant and touching; I almost started crying! I also think you really did well with the quote you were given, I definitely see the connection. Good luck! I hope you do well in the challenge. :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I wasn't sure if I'd done it particularly well. :) I should probably practice writing pairings I'm not used to...

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Review #8, by magnifique11Like Never Before: Prologue

6th December 2013:
I'm really not kidding, reading this gave me chills. I only wish there was more! But this is a really great start. You've done everything right, in my opinion. I think you've got a great hook, and the way you've woven the words together it's like a spell that continued to draw me in as I kept on reading. I only wish there was more! Are you planning on continuing with this story? I really think that you should. I think you've got an excellent back story and base here for a really great story if you still have the muse for it.

The third brother's defining quality is going to bother me if you don't haha. Just the way you've written this is so excellent, I really can't stop praising it! It makes me want to go check out some of the other stuff you've written, so I may have to go just do that soon. :)

But really, great prologue, and I hope you continue this.


Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I still do have ideas for this piece, but I've definitely neglected it since I posted the prologue :/ But still, I'm very happy you enjoyed it! I love writing in this style, and I'm just thrilled to hear that you liked it. And if you do end up checking out some of my other stuff, let me know what you think :) A lot of it is from this era, so hopefully you enjoy that. Thanks so much for this sweet review, it made my day!


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Review #9, by magnifique11Deception: Snitched

4th December 2013:
I absolutely adore your Rose & Scorpius. You've put such a great twist on a ScoRose and your writing is just so interesting and well-done! It draws me in and I just want to keep reading more and more. :D Fabulous job and I look forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: I cannot for the life of me write typical scorose stories where they start as enemies and become lovers...hence, this. I'm glad you think so highly of my effort to be different :D.
Btw, next chapter should get into the queue sometime later today.

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Review #10, by magnifique11Lifeless: Overwhelmed

2nd December 2013:
The development! I just can't. It's so lovely and wonderful and Tom and Jocelyn are perfect. I can't wait to find out more about them, and Jocelyn's ability. :D

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Review #11, by magnifique11Lifeless: Change

2nd December 2013:
Ugh I just can't get over your Tom. He is SO well-written. It's like I'm reading the parts with him in The Chamber of Secrets or The Half-Blood Prince, he's exactly the same person. Your characterization is flawless and I love how you've given him a twist thanks to Jocelyn. Ahh, I just can't get over it! :D

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Review #12, by magnifique11Lifeless: Half-Dead

2nd December 2013:
I absolutely adore your story so far. I didn't want to stop reading to write this, but you deserve it and more! This is so well-written so far, and your characters are so alive and refreshing. I can't wait to see what happens between Josie and Tom. :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking a second to review!! Really appreciate it, and glad you're liking it :o)

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Review #13, by magnifique11Lux: Prologue

1st December 2013:
Since you left such a lovely compliment on my Seamus/OC fic, I would check out yours! :) I really like it so far, you've got an interesting premise and I'm excited to see where you go with it. :D Can't wait for the next chapter! (:

Author's Response: Thank you! And I just adore your story so it means a lot! I'll have the next chapter up soon! I've just got to edit it and then put in the queue! Thank you again so much! :)

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Review #14, by magnifique11A Twist of Time: Unexpected Encounters

23rd November 2013:
Oh my God, this was completely unexpected! I love where you're taking this so far, but whoa! Poor Hermione, I can't even imagine what I would be feeling in her situation. It's so weird to see Ginny as the bad guy vs. Draco as the good guy haha. But I really like it! I'm excited to see where else you take this because I think it's really awesome so far. :)

I'm normally not a big AU fan - but you might change that because I'm really loving this, if you can't already tell haha. :)


Author's Response: Your comments just made my day :) I'm so happy that you're liking my story! It's definitely fun to write the characters that we know so well in a completely different way. I'm planning on having a few other appearances over the next couple of chapters, so I'm excited to work on that. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #15, by magnifique11A Twist of Time: A Lavender Breeze

23rd November 2013:
This is a really interesting start, and I love your premise! Your Hermione is so sweet, and I really liked her interaction with Harry and Ron. :)

I'll write a better review on the last chapter you have up when I'm done reading it, I just wanted to stop by quickly and say that first! :)

Author's Response: Hi Magnifigue11! Thanks so much for your comments. I'm glad that you enjoying my story so far :)

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Review #16, by magnifique11Finders Keepers: No More Mr Nice Guy

23rd November 2013:
I love how she's in choir. And how that's her reasoning at the end! I just love her, actually! :) this is such a cute story so far and I love how all your characters are developing.

And now I'm off to go read more if it. :D

Author's Response: Hehe yay! Thank you! I'm so happy that you like Sophie and the other characters! Please keep on reading! :D x

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Review #17, by magnifique11Feel my Fury: Prologue

21st November 2013:
Ooh, I don't normally read Sirius/Hermione fics but I saw that banner and your title was so intriguing I couldn't resist! This is a very, very interesting start and I can't wait to see how this changes the future and how Hermione will deal with everything. :D I also really like your Sirius and so far he seems very IC. :D

Can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, I'm hoping to weave that title within the fic more-so. And I hope to keep both Hermione and Sirius IC. Sirius especially, because I feel he's the most misrepresented in fics.

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Review #18, by magnifique11CRUSH: 7

21st November 2013:
Oh my gosh, this is such a great story! I just read the whole thing haha. :) And I don't think her reaction was too harsh at all! I loved how realistic it was with her realization that her whole life revolved around him and that wasn't okay. And how it wasn't okay that he just do that.

I'm super excited for the next chapter whenever you put it up! :)


Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, lovely! :) Really glad you liked her realisation-thing; it's really one of the key points of the story.

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Review #19, by magnifique11The Scientific Method: Part One

17th February 2013:
I adore this story. It's so cute, and funny, and a brand new take on the old story. Seriously, 10 out of 10 stars, it's fabulous and I can't wait to read more. :D

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Review #20, by magnifique11Lionheart: Snitch Weekly

6th January 2013:
Oh, this is so cute! I loved it, and I could not stop laughing! Lottie is such a fun character, and the team already makes me want to know more about them. I really cannot wait to read more, it's fabulous so far. :)

Author's Response: It's... THE MOTHER OF MY BANNER! Thank you so much for the review, I hope you enjoy seeing your work adorning the summary from now on :D

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Review #21, by magnifique11The Anatomy of Genius: The Anatomy of Genius

30th December 2012:
Your imagery, word choice, and characterization are perfection. I don't think I've ever read Lily as such an angsty, tortured soul and James as so, innocent and naive. It was really beautiful though, and almost like reading a dream. There just aren't enough words to describe how wonderful I thought this was!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm always on the lookout for new ways to portray Lily - because she appears so rarely in the books, and in such a limited capacity, I think that she has a lot of potential in fanfiction. It's interesting to place Lily in the angstier role that's usually reserved for the male Marauders - she existed in a difficult position, both with the First War and her Muggle upbringing, so her life could not have been an easy one.

It's great to hear that you enjoyed this story! I love how you describe it as reading a dream - it's such a cool way of seeing this story. I hadn't thought of it that way before. Thank you again! ^_^

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Review #22, by magnifique11The Scientific Method: Prologe: A Bet

29th December 2012:
Oh my gosh, I love it already! I love the idea of Lily being sort of like a little mad scientist, and all her friends being completely skeptical. It's such a fresh spin on a Jily. :D I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Awe, thank you! I'm glad you like it XD I hate predictable Jily fics, so I'm really happy it didn't come across that way. Thank you love! xx

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Review #23, by magnifique11Journey to the River Sea: III. Six Feet Under

24th December 2012:
Oh my gosh! This is getting really good! I love the way you're incorporating all these different story lines and characters with a bit of humor and mystery. It's really great and so captivating. I just want to read more! I hope you update soon. :)

Author's Response: Is it really? I'm never good at planning out stuff, especially stories, so most things are usually flukes but I'm glad you're enjoying this! :D

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Review #24, by magnifique11Journey to the River Sea: I. Worlds Apart

24th December 2012:
This is so adorable! I don't normally read stories about when they were all young, mostly because I kind of feel like a lot of the time it's just retelling the originals, but this is really different and good, and I love it already! I just had to say that before I continued reading. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's really sweet, and usually I don't either but I couldn't resist the idea of trying it out :P

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Review #25, by magnifique11To Snog a Prefect: Break

24th December 2012:
Oh my gosh, I love them all! Percy, Oliver, Luce! They're so adorable, and the boys are the cutest. I never saw those two being friends before, but you've really made me feel like it's possible. I love this, I want a new chapter - now? Hahah, just kidding - but seriously, this is great and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I'm glad you love my characters, and I'm especially glad you love Oliver and Percy's friendship! I'll try to update soon; I'm currently going through all the chapters and editing a few things here and there just for flow and grammar and such. Thanks for the review, and I hope you keep reading!

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