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Review #1, by aquabluez17Lethargic: Some Say I'm Fearless

26th August 2014:
Im kinda glad he saved her but Im not sure what he is thinking haha. I can't like put a label on James yet. Is he just uptight? That's what I am leaning towards atm.

I love Harry Porter though. The kid is hilarious

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all of the reviews. First off Albus is in sixth year, so he's a year younger than Carrie. I'm glad that you find the characters likable and the new Carrie is not permanent. She will be constantly changing throughout the story.

Thank you again for the reviews!

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Review #2, by aquabluez17Lethargic: But It Shouldn't Matter

26th August 2014:
The jokes are totally hilarious. I end up laughing out and everyone thinks I'm nuts.

I don't know. I kinda like Brett and James both in there own ways...

Fav character is def Aidan haha.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #3, by aquabluez17Lethargic: I'm a Pureblood

26th August 2014:
I love Aidan! He is soo cute!!
I kinda liked seeing the new and improved Carrie though I hope it's not permanent. Kinda loses the charm after a while :P

I wonder why Brett asked that! Strangee. Maybe he has feelings for Carrie?

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #4, by aquabluez17Lethargic: Because I Forgive and Tolerate

26th August 2014:
Ooo! The family meeting! I really liked how you didn't make it seem that Carrie was just this random girl that no one had heard about at all.

I do like Brett! He is arrogant but I'm pretty sure that's his job haha.

Hufflepuff seems like the best house for Carrie. She is so far away from her roots that she can became a new person if she chooses.

Great update! My fav character at the moment has gotta be Al. He's so cool. What year is he in again?

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #5, by aquabluez17Lethargic: I'm a Hufflepuff

26th August 2014:
I just found this story and Im really glad I did! =)

Okay first off, Carrie doesn't seem like a Mary Sue at all. I like how she is lazy. It makes things interesting in and ironically way.

The triples are cute in their own way! I like Aidan the best at the moment =)

Im just a bit confused. Is her fav class Transfiguration since that is what the next class she goes to but there was something about Herbology as well.. So yeah just a bit confused on that!

Great story! I really think you should have way more reviews! This is some great stuff!!


Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

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Review #6, by aquabluez17Being the Other Woman: Awkward Situations

27th May 2014:
this was sooo good! I can't wait for the gala! I hope Bennet and Vi really do make James jealous haha. It's kinda funny when he is jealous :D

I loved how you introduced Al and Lily. I wonder if they like Veronica or maybe it was that one occasion that they seemed unhappy with her..

I would also love to see more of Adam!

Anyways, keep updating!! I love this story! U r a great writer =)

Author's Response: The gala should definitely be interesting.. I'll give you that much ;). Its funny in a sad way when James gets jealous. He knows he doesn't have a right to be, yet he can't help it.

Al and Lily don't like Veronica. That much I can say. Adam is... Adam.

Thank you so much for the review and compliment! There will be more ;)

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Review #7, by aquabluez17The Other Woman: XIX

28th April 2014:
So Rose's secret is out! Shocker! I wonder what people will do- like Albus and Scorp(though i thnk he kinda already knew that;s what she did)

Well im sure you will take this down the perfect road so i'll get let you do that!

update soon! thank you for the udpate the double update!

Author's Response: Hello again aquabluez17!

The silent reader leaving two reviews! Thank you so much! Haha, it had to come out in the end, even though she's only got a month left of school. The next chapter really covers people's reactions so you'll be able to see there. Although Albus doesn't feature in that one, we'll see him later on again.

Wow, thanks, I will certainly endeavour to do my best! Thanks for another lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #8, by aquabluez17The Other Woman: XVIII

28th April 2014:
hey! sorry i hav always been a silent reader. i know how awful, truly sorry!!
wow! this was a great chapter! i really liked what you did there in the end. I wonder why Lily was dating Montague and I wonder why the Slytherin girl set Rose up! That's a bit strange. Maybe she's just being Slytherin lol
I liked the ScoRose moment you had in there. Obviously he's like jealous and protective about Rose and she just doesn't see it haha
The Dommie thing was very cute since I kinda wanted to see a happy Dommie and she is getting there now so whoot!

overall great update! keep it up!

Author's Response: Hello aquabluez17,

That's perfectly fine, you can read my story any which way you like! I'm just happy you felt like reviewing this time, so thank you!

Thanks, Rose really did not see that one coming. Lily's reasons for dating Montague are mentioned in Chapter Twenty (which is in the queue at the moment) and as for Jada Chang, her reasons aren't really relevant to the story, I might mention them at some point but basically Montague was her ex and she really hates the Potters.

Oh poor Scorpius, he was coming over to talk to her only for her to leave with one of his team mates. It was pretty funny to write, just imagining his face. Rose doesn't see much when it comes to that particular Malfoy.

I want to see happy Dominique too. She's had a string of bad relationships but tries not to let them get to her. And Alec Nott is just one of my favourites. I'll definitely throw a bit more of him in at some point.

Thank you! Like I said, the next chapter is in the queue so I hope you like it!

Irish Myth.

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Review #9, by aquabluez17Stagger: Promised a New Start

30th May 2013:
Wow this is rele good! I actually love the fact tht Piper hates Hogwarts! It makes everything so interesting! She just detests it! I rele love the way you defined the common room. Tht just rele stuck out to me and it rele drive home how Piper hates hogwarts

Great work!!! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, she doesn't like the magical people. Who I love. Life sucks eh ;) Thank you so much! x

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Review #10, by aquabluez17The Bodyguard: 2 - Carriage Conundrum

27th May 2013:
OMG!! Wow!! So good!!

Okay okay so I really do love Edward. He's hilarious n he's not the typical guy who's in control and all. I really like how he has such a high post but still is SOO chill. I bet he can totally take care of himself but just doesn't lol

Roxy was in Azkaban?? Danggg! The girl is really hardcore!

Oh yay we get to see Al!! WHOOT :)

Can't wait to see your next update! Great job!!


Author's Response: *hugs you* thank you c: tbh i was not worried about plot or any of the other characters I JUST WANTED ROXANNE TO BE HARDCORE. so you just made my day, clearly. i will update son ;)

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Review #11, by aquabluez17The Bodyguard: 1 - Assignment

27th May 2013:
Hey! This was really great! I loved Roxy and Edward. Even Sebastian was awesome :)

I was a bit confused though when Roxy got her assignment w George. It kept seeming like George is the Minister? Maybe it's just me but maybe you could look that part over? Since it seemed really confusing w what George was doing there, why it kept saying minister George etc.

This is a great start!! I can't wait to see where you are going a this :) awesome job!

Author's Response: First review meeep :3 Thank you very much! I'm glad the characters turned out okay. I didn't include too much about Edward because the chapter was getting hideously long. But we have the rest of the story to figure out more about him, so please do keep reading xx

George is the Minister for National Security, not the Minister for Magic. I'm sorry if that was a bit confusing, I'll see if I can fix that up. They keep calling him "Minister" because, well, he IS a Minister. Just not THE Minister. /likestoconfusepeople

Thanks so much for leaving a review and I'll try and update as soon as possible xx

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Review #12, by aquabluez17Twist of Fate: Black

8th April 2013:
yayay! you updated!!

im really glad to see tht Al/Vivi finally talked =) That was rele good.

I also loved the bonding you had between Lily/ Vivi. That was very cute and nicely done as well! Great work =)

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hello,

I'm so sorry it took so long!

That was totally unexpected, I wasn't intending for them to talk for quite some time yet but then this suddenly popped into my head a it fit much better than my original plan. I'm glad you liked it :)

Oh Lily, sometimes I worry she is feeling forgotten, which she kind of is with all the trouble James and Al are bring to the family. I thought it would be a good idea for Viv to get to know the third Potter kid, especially as Lily will be her baby's aunt.

Thank you for the lovely review and I hope to update again fairly soon :)

GirlOnTheSidelines x

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Review #13, by aquabluez17The Worst: Dreading The Worst

7th April 2013:
Hey Aditi!

Sorry Im sooo late!! School is really getting to me and my time reading and reviewing :(

Anyway, I really liked how you started this! One thing I really loved was the fact that there was no Teddy/Victorie/Dommie triangle thing going on here, or at least as mentioned in this chapter.

Although I don't mind the triangle, sometimes I feel that people rely on too much when writing about Teddy in general so great work there!

I like the way you characterized Dommie! She's strong and a journalist which is quite different from other Dominique characters I have read.

I enjoyed reading the way you differentiated between Dommie being scared of werewovles and not actually hating them. This was a very strong and powerful way to portray her as a character!

Overall I think you have a great story here. It has a very effective beginning with a cliff hanger in the end, just begging for me to read more :D

I'll be back for more soon and again sorry for the delay! =)


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing, apologies for the delay in responding.

I am pleased you liked the way I started this. Yes, there's no Teddy/Vic/Dom triangle. Triangles are cliche xP

I am glad you like Dom's character, and that you found this an effective beginning.

Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing once again, and I look forward to your comments on future chapters!

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Review #14, by aquabluez17Against All Odds: The First Meeting

30th March 2013:
HEYYY Kiana!! This was the Remus/Tonks story you were talking bout!!!

Well I really loved the beginning! I loved the way you described Tonks and how you had them meet as well. In typical Tonks fashion, meaning for her to just fall all over him ahah.

I was sad to know that Andy didn't know if Sirius was innocent. It's always so sad when Everyone thinks Sirius is a murder :(

Anyway, I would love to see some more Remus / Tonks interaction!! But the character development is amazing really lol

Great work :)

Author's Response: Hey Mya!

I'm so glad that you loved the beginning and thought it suited her! I mean I couldn't have her meet him normally, of course she would have to fall!

Yes that is always so sad, but hopefully Tonks will get round to telling her mum that Sirius really is innocent.

You get to see them together in the next chapter, well Bill's there too, but they're together!

Thanks for the great review,

-Kiana :D

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Review #15, by aquabluez17A Series of Unfortunate Pranks: April Fools

26th March 2013:
Aww! This is so unique! Bahah poor Jamesie :P

I wonder how she got his cloak lol. James had no clue what hit him hahah!!

Great work!! I really enjoyed reading this. Couldn't see any errors :P

Author's Response: I'll take a wild case and just say that you enjoyed it lol. James faced the consequences of messing with Lily Evans (one does not simply mess with Lily Evans and get away with it).

I'm so happy that you enjoyed it and skglsegslegksg my first piece of writing with no errors in it!

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Review #16, by aquabluez17My Pride and Joy : Orion's Reflections

25th March 2013:
Heyy Claire!

This is really interesting. From Sirius' POV it always seems tht both his parents didn't love him. I liked seeing how you showed that Orion still felt Somethjng for his first born.

Poor Reggie, always getting overshadowed, however I'm glad Orion still tried to help Sirius. Obviously if his wife knew he would be off of the family list but he still took the risk.

I loved the idea of this and I think you developed the characters well.

Great job!

-- Mya

Author's Response: heyyy!! :D
thanks for reviewing. I'll get on yours tonight.

I always felt that because we don't know much about Orion, there may be more to him than the crazy hatred that Walburga and Bellatrix has. Just like Narcissa, I think that the hatred developed over time rather than having it be innate.

Thanks love!
You're amazing (:

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Review #17, by aquabluez17Until the Very End: James and Lily

25th March 2013:
Okay this is amazing! I love the way you portrayed everyone ! I literally always imagine them like this, completely in sync with each other and caring for each other.

You know how I feel bout Marauders fics so I'm super super glad I read this since it totally goes w my head cannon :)

Snapes so harsh, Avery just hates, poor Jamsie!! Aww Sirius! Babyy :( LILY!! Respect woman! Good for you, standing up for your man ;)

This was really good Claire. So good I literally couldn't see any errors since I got too caught up in the story haha.

Great work!


Author's Response: yay! I really glad that I portrayed Lily right. I always thought that Lily is a very complex person deep down inside, and I think an that finally loving James is central to the key in her personality because let's face it, how can someone like Lily love the person that James was? It's an interesting development that I think says a lot about Lily (:

I always love to hear that because I always want to strive to write canon lol

thanks love!
You're amazing!

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Review #18, by aquabluez17Pride and Prejudice : Hugo and Keira

25th March 2013:
Hey Claire!! Here w a review :)

I really liked this!! Keira and Hugo are really well developed here and I do love how you didn't drag it out too much since we all knew what would happen.

That said, I felt that the flow of the story could have been made better with a few more descriptive factors since it felt like Keira changed her opinion almost too quickly.

However, I still really loved this! ESP Hugo!! So cute. No one ever writes bout him so I'm glad you gave him a chance :P

Great work!!

-- Mya :)

Author's Response: Hehe I don't think that Hugo's character would let him drag this out for very long because that just doesn't seem like the type of person he'd be, ya know? xD

I love and appreciate your honesty! I'm glad that I now know that the flow and description of Keira's changes of feeling coudl be better because it wasn't something I had thought about at first.

Yes, Hugo certainly is one of those forgotten characters and I loved that I can give him a chance at the spotlight.

Thanks, love! (:
You're amazing.

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Review #19, by aquabluez17Childhood Dreams: 13 Years

24th March 2013:
Awww! That was soo cute.

I loved the way you showed the parallels with what Ginny said at the end (obviously that was on purpose).

Some CC's I noticed were I love you, Mum[.]

It should be a [,] not a [.] since you are continuing the sentence and not ending it right there.

Great work though! I really enjoyed reading this =)

Author's Response: Gah, grammar... I love it, but I still seem to make mistakes all the time. I'll go back and fix that up ASAP! Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #20, by aquabluez17The Gift: The End

20th March 2013:
This is really interesting! I love how you have Louis as the BFF. Its really unique!! Now I can't wait to see an update =)

Hope it comes soon!

Author's Response: Yes! Don't ever stop loving Louis as the best friend. He's the best! ;) Thanks for the review.

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Review #21, by aquabluez17It's Not Love: A Father Who Cares And A Long Drive Into The Rain

10th March 2013:
Heyy!! Here I'm w the late review swap :P

Ahh! We finally get to know Mikaela a little better! Yayy!! One thing I noticed about her is that she really understands her parents' past. I love that you included Draco's past as a Death Eater as a part of her character since he can't completely get rid of that part of his life. Its not going to just disappear.

One CC I have is that the writing can be a little inconsistent at times. For example, right after she runs out of gas, and she's looking for money, she keeps changing her mind and by introducing so many ideas at the same time, the reader feels kinda overwhelmed.

Maybe add some detail and move some of the ideas to somewhere else to space it out?

This is a great chapter! Im glad I read it =) Thank you for the review swap!

Author's Response: Heyy, yes I will bear that in mind. Thankyou once again!

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Review #22, by aquabluez17The Dragonfly Effect: Prologue

9th March 2013:
This was really good too! I loved it :p I wonder what Scott was talking about?

Aww James haha. Maybe adding abit more description to him would have helped :P

Billie? Thts an unusual name :P Some physical details about her could really let the reader get engaged to the story =)

Do continue soon!

Author's Response: You will one day find out what Scott was taling about. He was harsh, but I think he had a valid point.

Billie is an unusual name but I think it suits her character very well.

I know that there is a lack of detail in this, but it's only the prologue and I wanted it to be a little vague and just set up the premise of the story. There will be more details in future chapters!

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #23, by aquabluez17Twelve Across, Four Down: Prologue

9th March 2013:
omg!! tht was soo cute haha.

she really loves her bed :P it just made me want to go roll in mine :P

aww I really can't wait to see how this story turns out! do update soon!!

ONE CC I would offer is that maybe adding a bit more detail could help?

Besides tht great start!

Author's Response: Beds are amazing things, aren't they?

This was just a prologue and I deliberately made it pretty vague. Not to worry, you will get plenty more detail in future chapters.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by aquabluez17Infatuation: RIA: LIKE HE LIKES IT

6th March 2013:
Does the potion have a side effect or something? That she wants to be near him and look at him because of that? Or is it just cuz she didn't realize how much she looked at him before?

Well I'll see when you update again =)

This was really nice! I liked the way you mentioned Bella and overall I think this topic is really new so its cool to think about where you will go with this :P

update soon! I would love to know more about Jamesie haha

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Review #25, by aquabluez17Denouement: Prologue

6th March 2013:
Wow!! this is amazing!! I really want to know what will happen next.

In this it seemed like Al didn't really like Julie. I wonder why? I wished we had seen more of James but it was a prologue so thats all good.

Maybe if you add a bit of description about Julie/James. Just a bit, nothing too much, we could get a good view on their relationship and feel more pulled in.

I really think this idea is unique! Can't wait for you to update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. It's always really hard to get an immediate heart to heart in prologues. In particular in this one because I really wanted to focus on the situation surrounding Julie. However, I'm planning on adding more descriptions about Julie and James.

Thank you for your review, I'm glad you liked it :)

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