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Review #1, by Gold PheonixScreaming Infidelities: I'll Remember

26th October 2005:
EEK, IT'S NOT OVER???? Saren doll, keep writing, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! You're killing me! Gee, I sound like some kind of addicted pshycotic mad person who runs around with an axe, don't I? Trust me, I'm so NOT! lol, I'll go now, update soon!!

Author's Response: I LIKEEEEE YOU. you`re amazing. don`t even worry, i love me some addicted psychotic mad people who run around with axes, i have no problem with them. lmao. i`m kidding, no, you don`t sound like that. but if you were, i would still love you. IT`S NOTTTT OVER ... yet. and gold pheonix/ihopeyouhavearealname doll, i will keep writing. THANKYOOOU SO MUCH

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Review #2, by Gold PheonixScreaming Infidelities: Prepare Me For The Worst

26th October 2005:
Dude, don't stop writing. Wow, I just used the word dude o___O . BUT YEAH. Don't stop writing, I like your style, but Ithink I may be too late to tell y'all this. Onto zee next, and *wipes away tear* last chapter. May it be the best! =D

Author's Response: dude i still love you. IT`S NOT OVER. STOP YOUR CRYING. lol. i will never stop writing. lmao kay i will someday. you did use the word dude. WOAHMAN SO DID I. lol

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Review #3, by Gold PheonixScreaming Infidelities: Wisdom Always Chooses

26th October 2005:
Well, slightly confuzzling, but kool anyway X)

Author's Response: AND YOU SAID YOU LIKED IT *GASP* liar. LIAR. just kidding, i know what you mean. TOTALLY CONFUSING, I CONCUR,.

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Review #4, by Gold PheonixScreaming Infidelities: Don't Know Who I'm Kidding, Imagining You Care

26th October 2005:
There was something about this chapter that made me laugh - don't ask what, I have no clue lol. *shrugs* Oh well, onto zee next chapter! I go for a few months and huzzah you've updated =D

Author's Response: i want to know what made you laugh. :(

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Review #5, by Gold PheonixTorn Apart: Slytherin and Gryffindor

2nd July 2005:
Yes, lie down on the floor and beg! Hahaha. Yeah, okay. =) That was great, as usual, even if it did take 5 onths! J/k =).... I know who Draco's talking about!! *waves hands enthusiastically (can't spell) in the air* I know I know!!!!! *Realises what's she's doing and hangs head in shame.* I'm gonna go now, yeah, =). UPDATE SOON! Then again I can hardly talk..... Bye hun! xox P.S I did the siggy for you, did u get it?

Author's Response: Like I'd beg for your forgiveness! You'll have to tell me who u think Draco is talking about =) I did get the siggy, thanx it was great! Cya l8r chic xox

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Review #6, by Gold PheonixDeception: My Hands are Stained with Blood

18th June 2005:
lol, you read my mind =). This is amazing so far, I really can't wait for the next update, it's on my favourites! I love how you describe everything, it makes it so much easier to picture for the reader. Keep up the great writing! =) ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it even though it's a bit on the dark side! Please continue to r/r!

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Review #7, by Gold PheonixDeception: Prologue: Deception, Betrayals, and Lies: Welcome to my Life

18th June 2005:
I loved that! I've gotta go read the next chapter, so my next review will be more interesting =)

Author's Response: okee dokee!

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Review #8, by Gold PheonixOne Sweet Day: Filthy Mudblood

13th June 2005:
!!!!!!!! =0 That was so shocking! I was reading the argument and thinking no please don't call her a mudblood! That was antoher great chapter, can't wait for the next! I hope Hermiones okay... And I could never hate you for making such an amazing story lol =) Have fun in France lol =) ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Thanks, I will have a loads of fun and I will write a lot in France :D I will update before I go

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Review #9, by Gold PheonixOne Sweet Day: Honeymoon

12th June 2005:
What can I say, Kim? This story is by far one of the best I've ever read on HPFF, it is just so cute! I love every bit about it! I can't wait to see what happens on the island, and the whole book thing is a great idea! I'll look out for your 25th chapter =). ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Wohoo, thank you :) 25 is in limbo, hope it doesn't take too long for it to get validated :P

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Review #10, by Gold PheonixTorn Apart: Words of wisdom

6th June 2005:
Wow, I love it! I've already sopken to you so I know some of the bits going on, haha! =D But I still don't know what happened on their seventh birthday, it sounds interesting though! I just love all of it. I think you've wrote it really well; I can't wait for the next chapter, hurry! =P ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Thanx, u will find out soon what happened on their seventh b-day!

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Review #11, by Gold PheonixAuror in Training: Sixth Year: Back to Another Life

4th June 2005:
Wow I love it, it's great! The whole thing was amazing, I read it all in 1 hour and a half. I couldn't stop reading it! I love the 52nd chapter, Harry's Dream, it was so imaginative. The ending was soo sweet! Keep up the great writing! =) ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Thank you very very much. ....1 and a half hours?!?! WOW!!! And aye, chapter 52 was fun fun to write.

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Review #12, by Gold PheonixAdara Means Virgin: My Life Sucks

3rd June 2005:
Her life really sucks, doesn't it? lol, great start, I'm gonna go read more! ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Yeah I guess so! Thanks for reviewing Harley!

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Review #13, by Gold PheonixTomorrow: Tomorrow

3rd June 2005:
Oh, sorry, Its just the banner... I've posted the new code on the Dark Arts! Sorry for wating space on your reviews pages =) It's really good though, I love how the song fits perfectly! ~Harley xx

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Review #14, by Gold PheonixTomorrow: Tomorrow

3rd June 2005:
Hey, that was really good. =) I just wanted to tell you, I gave you the wrong code on The DA, but this is the right one: Image hosted by I don't know how that will come out on the reviews page, cus I can't tell, so sorry if it's just the actual banner.... Erm, okay, I'm just gonna try this and hope it comes out okay.... =/

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Review #15, by Gold PheonixThe love triangle: Back to school

29th May 2005:
Harry's kinda acting very un-Harryish... I mean, sure, slash fics, whatever, are different, but I mean firstly this isn't a slash fic, and Harrys acting extremely like a girl, as if he is a girl wanting to get with Hermione... and the way you've started doesn't really interest H/Hr shippers, well, not me anyway. I'll read on though, cus its your fic, but I'm not sure at the moment... ~Harley xx

Author's Response: k lol ill try and make harry more un-girlyish next chapter. thanks for reviewin.

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Review #16, by Gold PheonixGone: Memoirs and Memories

27th May 2005:
Hey. I love this story, I think its really good and definately, like you said, has great uses of words and places =). I understand what you're saying with the story, and I'd love to see how you end it. Update soon, I'll be looking out for it =) ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your words of kindness .^_^. They mean a lot. I'll try to update quickly as well!

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Review #17, by Gold PheonixTorn Apart: Prologue

26th May 2005:
You spelt Cristiano wrong, hun. >=I How could you?! =P Beautiful Cristiano. =).... =D.... Anywho. Great chapter, again. Update soon =) ~Harley xxx

Author's Response: Typo! He's fit isn't he?

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Review #18, by Gold PheonixTorn Apart: Prologue

25th May 2005:
Heya. Cool prologue =). The only thing which I thought was a bit strange was the poster bit lol, I mean, the HP series was set a few yrs ago, when Ronaldo didn't do anything.... =) Anywho, love it! Update soon =) ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Christano's cute all the same! Thanx for the review =)

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Review #19, by Gold PheonixDon't Speak: Don't Speak

24th May 2005:
Aw, that was so sweet... =) Write a sequel, write a sequel! ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Glad u liked it! dunno whether i'll do a sequel to this. even if i do, it wont be any time soon cos ive got about a million and one things to do in the near future, sorry!

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Review #20, by Gold PheonixOne Sweet Day: The Wedding Party (part one)

24th May 2005:
Oh gosh! Die Cho, die! She's so evil... And Harry? How could he do that? That was really good! I didn't realise this chapter was up for ages and aI was scrolling through my fave list and saw chapter 21 and thought, hey I haven't read that... lol. =) I'm really glad I finally read it, though, it was really good, can't wait for the next part! ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Be nice now Harley, we're not going to kill anyone! lol! I will update soon :)

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Review #21, by Gold PheonixThe Green Rose: The Green Rose

24th May 2005:
Huh. I absoloutely loved that story, but didn't really get it, but I still adored it, it was beautifully written! All of the duels were really good and how you showed different peoples views was really good. The only bit that I found slightly confusing was the middle bit where it was just Draco & Hermione, I kind of lost what was happening... But other than that this was one of the best stories I have read so far, great job! ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm sorry it was confusing, but I just felt like writing an extremely strange story. I'm glad you appreciated it though. ^_^

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Review #22, by Gold PheonixSisters Separated: The Prologue: Sisters Separated

23rd May 2005:
Okay, just came to read this so that I understand the other bit =) It sounds really good so far, and now I'm gonna go to your other account and read it =) ~Harley xx

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Review #23, by Gold PheonixConfessions of a seeker: Strings of my thoughts

22nd May 2005:
>=( And I will be the first in the queue! =P Stop it with the clifys!! Damn they are so annoying! lols... I guess it makes u wanna read more though, don't it...! I really like the storyline, can't wait to see how stupid Harry explains himself, it better be good! =) Update soon! ~Harley xx

Author's Response: Oh, but i won't stop with the cliffys! cause you all want to strangle me and i like that. plus i get many reviews... :P. i didn't think about the excuse yet so the next chapter will take a while to come up

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Review #24, by Gold PheonixThe Song That Started It All...: The Song

21st May 2005:
Its good for a first try at songfics, although I've never really read them much =). Its slightly cliche but then most songfics are! I like it, it's great writing, keep up the good work! ~Harley xx

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Review #25, by Gold PheonixSaying Goodbye: Saying Goodbye

20th May 2005:
Awm I had to read it again cus it's so cute! Great story, I just love it =)

Author's Response: *smiles* Thank you so much!

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