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Review #1, by QueenOfNargleString Theory: entropy.

18th January 2014:
Why are there not a thousand reviews on this already? Why oh why?
So basically I love reading James/OC fiction, and this one has not failed to disappoint. I live the first chapter and already I'm hooked, Clar is just such a relatable teenager because let's be honest who hasn't got unbelievably drunk and had a hot boy say that's bad for your liver but still proceed to not care. I love the fact that you've brought in modern things, it's just much more cool and "swaggy" that way.
So yeah. This could be the start of a very fun and interesting story friend,and I am expecting a heck of a lot of fun.

KT x

Author's Response: eee i'm so glad you like it! i can't say i've ever had clar's experience myself but it's great that you find her relatable! haha, all the modern things were so fun to add. thank you so much for this lovely review!! ♥

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Review #2, by QueenOfNarglePsychos and Psychologists : Problem Number Seven

18th September 2013:
God I bloody love this! This is definitely one of my favourite stories on here right now. I really love the way you portray the characters and I can't wait to get to know them better! Loved this chapter, especially the pillow fight scene x

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! :D You made my day! :) You'll definitely get to know them better as the story progresses :) The pillow fight scene was one of my favourites too!

Thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #3, by QueenOfNargleCuriosity: Compromise.

18th May 2013:
I freaking love this story! Its like my favourite thing to read EVER.
I need you to update soon because I just have so many damn questions that need answering, like what happened to Cassie's mam? What's really going on with James? Why is Cassie's dad a complete idiot and why does he keep secrets? And why the heck is she in mortal danger?
Please update soon!~Q.O.N

Author's Response: QueenofNargles,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your lovely words you re lovely lovely lovely. ALL those questions and more will have answers and I'm very excited about getting to the point where these questions will be answered. Hopefully, the update shall be soon!

Thank you for reviewing,


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Review #4, by QueenOfNargleTypical Clueless Guy: The Epilogue

11th May 2013:
Right, so here's the deal...I FREAKING LOVE YOUR STORIES! You know how most people read a chapter and then review, well I read the whole thing then review! I think I reviewed something of yours before as well...sorry for stalking!
This story is just perfect, this was my second time reading it and I still loved it! Vanessa reminds me of myself in some ways with her cluelessness and lack of tact but she's awesome:) I love Lily, she's like my favourite person ever, I like how you portrayed her and when she was letting rip and practically screaming the facts at the both of them, I was not at all shocked! I would do the same, it would infuriate me. Oh and btw nearly wee'd at "will you marry my wife?"
But yeah I'm a huge fan of your writing, I hope another story is updated soon! Well done x

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Review #5, by QueenOfNargleMistletoe: Mistletoe

8th May 2013:
I really liked this one-shot, I think its just 'her' spunky attitude and the fact she has innocence but still seems pretty badass!
I also love how you've made Hugo into a hotty, not many people do!
As for names I've got a few suggestions, they're not very good but anythings better than nothing right?
It could be Annalise Flint(daughter of Marcus Flint)
Lana Nott(of course we all know the nott family)
Amelia Thomas (I kind of like the idea of her being the daughter of someone who was in Gryffindor...makes it more exciting)
But they're just a few suggestions! Good luck!~Q.O.N

Author's Response: I'm super duper happy that you like it! :D I always thought Hugo would be hawt, he has Hermione and Ron as parents okay? Not to mention he's a Weasley, what did you expect? :P The name suggestions are really awesome, BUT I kinda already started the story, it's called Extraordinary, and I only put up the first chapter, and some of the content might be confusing, and I'm mainly focused on Daughter of Earth, my other story anyway so.. yeah. Thanks for reading and reviewing, and maybe you could check out my other stories? Tell me what you think! xx

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Review #6, by QueenOfNargleprincess.: she was not a princess.

7th May 2013:
Hi! So I've been reading on this site for a while and I've never really read a one-shot, I don't know if its because they're really short and I prefer long books or something else but anyway...I decided to read this because I loved your other stuff (especially Being Summer and Typical Clueless Guy)!
And I love love love stuff like this, I love the drama and the mystery! The way you describe her and how he feels about her was INCREDIBLE. I'm a big fan of this story!
I noticed on the reviews that people seem to think its dominique and teddy but honestly I felt that it was Dominique and Lorcan. I feel that Dominique would be naturally like that and that Lorcan would do anything for her but still have the guts to stand up to her as he does in the end! So yeah, I pretty much loved it!

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Review #7, by QueenOfNargleLiving In London: Chapter 13, Part 1 - Albus

6th May 2013:
So I've been looking for a new story and I'd came across this one a few times but I didn't think that it would be something I enjoy, but last night I decided to give it a go. And wow. I'm glad I did. I love love love this!
I love Belinda and how she's so lovely and kind but you can tell she has her secrets? And how Albus is so messed up and no-one knows what to do with him yet Belinda always cheers him up! Please update soon x

Author's Response: Aw, yeah I know the feeling when there's not many good stories about, but I'm so happy you think this one is worth it!
I love Belinda too, she's so nice to write, and Albus, oh dear what are we going to do with him, he's just so messed up even I'm getting worried about how to fix him. Anyway thank you so much for the supportive review, it means the world to me. I'll update as soon as possible! x

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