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Review #1, by free elf 25An Illusion of Sanity: Of Nightmares and Bathtubs

16th January 2016:
I do love this story and where it's hinting at going. Hoping for an update soon :)

Author's Response: Hopefully will be updated soon! I am returning after a very long hiatus. Thank you for your lovely review!!!

xx Rachel

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Review #2, by free elf 25Tug Of War: The Truth Part II

17th June 2014:

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Review #3, by free elf 25The Invisible Thief : Not Okay

25th April 2014:
Adorable :) Can't wait for the migration to start, as well as the longer chapters ;)

Author's Response: I will be updating in the start of this week :) Thank you so much for reviewing the chapters are going to be much longer now! xx

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Review #4, by free elf 25Just Fly With It : Problem #3

9th April 2014:
I love Wendy and Tara; the three of them together are the most insane trio ever. Can't wait for the next update. :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you! :) xx

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Review #5, by free elf 25The Invisible Thief : Trusted You

7th April 2014:
Holy moly. When you said it was going down, you meant it was going DOWN!!! The amount of drama and horror and omfg's in this chapter- I genuinely felt all constricted and sad at the end. Please tell me we'll be getting a rainbow soon? Super super soon? Actually any sort of weather would be find, as long as it's speedy, because OMFG-WHAT-HOW-COULD-I-JUST-DON'T-BELIEVE-WHAT-WHY-UH-OW-ARGH-WHAT?!?!?

Author's Response: It's going down - Bri is yelling Timber!
Har har, sorry, that was weird
This chapter was overloaded, I know, but at least we hit all the drama now. The rainbow will come soon but B just has to get through all the rain and fog and all that not so mega awesome stuff,
Not sure how fast the weather will change though, I mean after all, I'm not a weather channel person

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Review #6, by free elf 25No Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and French House Elves

6th April 2014:
No offense, but yeah, you kinda are a douchey person. But as long as we get another update by the end of this month, you won't be reinstated as a terrible person. You're not that bad. ;) Nice chapter too!

Author's Response: AHAHA YES I AM DOUCHEY! but i swear this story will be up and running soon. im prepared to ubreakable vow this shit

*will probz run and hide if you ever come at me with an unbreakable vow*


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Review #7, by free elf 25No Solid Ground: You can break down a man, and build him back up again

4th April 2014:
So she's deep inside enemy camp now. How many chapters until it all goes down? Awesome update (as per usual) and another soonish? :)

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Review #8, by free elf 25Against the Odds: Settle Down

2nd April 2014:
TWISTY-TWISTY-NESS! How long until the fake coupling becomes real coupling?

Author's Response: I guess you'll have to wait and see ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by free elf 25Tug Of War: Cold Shoulder

28th March 2014:
Yes (though maybe not so soon), Gryffindor, dogs, the power of super awesomeness, nope and creamy peanut butter (for some reason crunchy just rips my bread in half). Awesome chapter, and I seriously can't wait for updates :)

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Review #10, by free elf 25The Troubles Of Being A Malfoy: Great Form

22nd March 2014:
Super cool story, and just in case you didn't notice, I'm a fan of James ;) Updating soon?

Author's Response: Thanksss :) And yes I will try hahaha

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Review #11, by free elf 25Hating You Is What I Know: Pain

19th March 2014:
This is super-uber good, but no updates? Why?

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Review #12, by free elf 25The Invisible Thief : Not as Planned

19th March 2014:
What. The. Hell. This isn't drama- THIS IS TORTURE! AOFBSVGBSZ!!! Albus, Brielle, snogging, Scorose, WHAT THE HELL? UPDATE!!!

Author's Response: I'M SORRY!
I shall update very soon! :)

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Review #13, by free elf 25Radio War: Did I tell you I hate Surprises

9th March 2014:
Update? *puppy dog eyes* Pleeaasee?

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Review #14, by free elf 25Love Mash: Our Summer

9th March 2014:
So is there going to be flashbacks, only it's a little confusing with all the history and no backup story. Anyway, it's really good. Updates maybe?

Author's Response: thanks! yeah, i kind of wrote this chapter without really thinking, just a bunch of history in my head. i'll definitely be explaining more as the story goes on :)

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Review #15, by free elf 25The Invisible Thief : It's Actually Christmas

19th February 2014:
Did you just say that in two chapters Bribus will happen? It will be official? Update. Update as fast as humanly possible.

Author's Response: Did I say that? I wouldn't get your hopes up too high - there will just be A LOT of Bribus drama coming up so be prepared but they will happen soon, just not that soon. You've got to have a fall before you find your peace or something poetic like that haha xx

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Review #16, by free elf 25No Solid Ground: You can be anything you want

12th October 2013:
I'm currently very cold and not up for much words, so just update, because this chapter was even epic-er than the last. :)

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Review #17, by free elf 25Crash and Burn: Lyra's Ending

5th October 2013:
Love it. Fist pump, sista ;)

Author's Response: *fist pump* Boom.

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Review #18, by free elf 25Being the Other Woman: Forgetting James Potter

5th October 2013:
You don't suck at life and you definitely should not stop writing. Update!

Author's Response: Well okay, you convinced me. :D I could never quit on Vi!

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Review #19, by free elf 25Honour Among Thieves: the end (part one)

29th September 2013:
The end? THE END? WHERE IS THIS UPDATE? Awesome chapter btw- can't wait for the fireworks! :)

Author's Response: Ahahaha, thank you very much!

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Review #20, by free elf 25The Perks of Being a Sociopath: Getting to the Core

24th August 2013:
I love it! How long till Emma gets to punch those suckers in the face? And what's up with how both Evan and Remus are all gaze-y at Olivia? Update soon please! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm planning on letting them suffer for a little bit longer, though I appreciate your idea ;) Hmmm well I'd say that Evan likes her and Remus is a bit confused... Not saying anything more! I should get chapter 12 back from my beta any time now, meanwhile I've put up a wee preview on the blog :) Thanks so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #21, by free elf 25Half and Half: Nastily Exhausting Wixarding Exams

22nd August 2013:
Oh my God James, stop being so horny and TALK goddammit! It's sad how they're all confuzzled and just waiting to see what happens...but it works out, right? RIGHT? Ohmygod update. I'm now paranoid and as confuzzled as them. Update!

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Review #22, by free elf 25My Not-So-Imaginary Fiend: XI: Shattered Innocence

12th August 2013:
Ooh...oh...ooh...NARGH!!! Update!

Author's Response: Sorry I'm taking forever to update! (And respond!) I WILL update, I promise!

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Review #23, by free elf 25Dirty Little Secret: Coincident

11th August 2013:
I like the ending. Short and simple, nothing overrated or exaggerated. However, I've gotta ask- a) How did James' ex's cope with him redating less than a day after dumping them both and b) how's Al feeling about that? Other than that, I really liked the story, especially the main plot it had, as well as characters.

Author's Response: awww thank you and to answer your questions a) I don't think James actually did have any feelings for them, he kind of just got to the point where he was just using them both as a distraction about what he'd done... Also they didn't actually get together straight away it was before he left Hogwarts but they were just good friends comforting each other at the end of this bit.

and b) Al was just the best friend I described (as well as Rose), he was happy for both of them. He was a more of a friend to help her
through everything than a boyfriend.

I hoped I cleared everything up, if not just ask aha :)
thank you for reviewing, sorry it took so long to get back to you!

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Review #24, by free elf 25Beauty Queen: Epilogue: The Quidditch Cup

2nd August 2013:
Perfect. That's all I can say to sum up this chapter and the whole story. I'm actually super happy that there's not going to be a sequel, because I think it would just ruin this awesome little ending scene. However, I really like that Molly and Gryffin idea- it would be awesome to have a little more insight on their warped relationship. And congrats on completing novel 2.0- it was epic! :)

Author's Response: Ahh thank you! You flatter me too much. This story was definitely not perfect but I'm so glad you think so. The Molly and Gryffin oneshot is still in the works. I have three scenes written but it's getting a bit out of hand because it may be becoming a novella and I don't know how I feel about that.

Thanks so much for reading the story and for a lovely review :)

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Review #25, by free elf 25The Silver Lining: While the Muggles Are Away

14th July 2013:
Oh my Merlin what is he going to do? Is she going to be all broken hearted? Are they going to keep her? Just what what what is going to happen? ANSWER ME in the form of an equally awesome update ;)

Author's Response: AAAH!! All of the questions! :)
Don't worry, everything will be answered in due time. Thanks for the comment!

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