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Review #1, by ElswhereMore, because you call me: Chapter four: Different Feelings

1st June 2005:
Its intoxicating. Intriguing conversations and good choice in clothing. I love it and hope you update soon! Ciao

Author's Response: Oh, thank you. I'll try to get the neyt chapter out soon.

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Review #2, by ElswhereThe Hogwarts Auror: Dumbledore

29th May 2005:
Well sounds interesting! Just watch the grammer and punctuation and you'll be fine! Please update soon. Ciao

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Review #3, by ElswhereFlight of the Thestrals: Chapter Five

25th May 2005:
its sweet and memerable, but it seems a little bit out of character. But maybe your getting more comfortable at hogwarts?

Author's Response: You're not exactly comfortable yet, you've just made up with Remus. Darker chapters to come.

Harry: ::kisses Elswhere::

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Review #4, by ElswhereTorn Between Passion and Unwanted Love: chapter 6

13th May 2005:
It was good and you have great story line but... you really need to work on your grammer and proofreading! at some parts i can't really understand whats going on. but i still love it! please update soon! Ciao

Author's Response: thanks! yeah well we don't proofread our work cause we want to get the chapter on asap so yeah... but since sooo many people are concerned about it i guess we could proofread it but it would probably take longer for each chapter so yeah.... well thanks for the review we appreciate it! :) †Kå¥?££†

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Review #5, by ElswhereWhat to do?: Chasing Lupin

12th May 2005:
NOT MORE CLIFFIES! ah well u just like to torture us don't you? I loved it, things move fast and the events link together well! and unlike my grammer urs is great! review soon! Ciao

Author's Response: haha, thank you! I'm sorry about your "grammar" (might want to work on the spelling too... just kidding =D) I'm sorry I have to torture you!

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Review #6, by ElswhereFlight of the Thestrals: Chapter Two

16th April 2005:
So this is deep. I wonder who else I met in Azkaban...I like the way you argue with the voice in your head. Please update soon. Ciao

Author's Response: I'll try, thanks.

Harry: ::kisses Elsewhere::

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Review #7, by ElswhereI Won't Say I'm in Love: Chapter 7

7th April 2005:
Aack! More cliffies... well i liked it a lot! I just want to know who wants to talk to me! Please update soon! Ciao!

Author's Response: Lol, I'm glad you liked it! and you'll find out soon enough who wants to talk to you! I'll update when I can!

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Review #8, by ElswhereTripping In Love: Snow and Sirius

1st April 2005:
YAY another chapter! And another brillant way to land near Sirius. And Snow seems to be getting everywhere. I really like! Ciao

Author's Response: Why thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

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Review #9, by ElswhereAll about you.: Surprised

29th March 2005:
James needs a hobby desperatly. I liked it, and not just because i got to kiss Sirius. But also because it was surprising. Though maybe a bit more things should have happened before instantly making out after having a huge fight. Oh well. Update soon! Ciao!

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Review #10, by ElswhereBack to the Beginning: Many Meetings

16th March 2005:
I liked it, though it is a bit unrealistic but thats ok, because its Harry Potter and anything can happen. Please update soon, and a question. If this is a 'you' story. Is there romance. And if so with whom? Please update soon! Ciao

Author's Response: yep i know... everything can happen! mwhahahah! oh, yea, huh, sorry about that. yes there is romance, and couldn't u just figure out with who? *coughSIRIUScough* thx for reviewing!

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Review #11, by, Dog?: Letting it Out

20th February 2005:
AAAHHHHH, i'm reviewing, i'm reviewing! Ok i thought it was good because it shows that your not going to put up with him being all ok with the fact that he knows all your secrets. But i'm really sad that he left *sniff* at least we still got James in the mirror. update soon because i did review! Ciao

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Review #12, by, Dog?: Out

20th February 2005:
NO! its fine! Because that is a perfectly good reaction to what just happened! Please leave it, unless you really want to change it. Than its up to you. Ok as you can see i liked this chapter even though it is sad. Please update soon! Ciao

Author's Response: yay!! i feel happy. ^_^ thank you!

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Review #13, by ElswhereTripping In Love: Troubling Travels

18th February 2005:
You really want to know what i think? Okay...I LOVED IT!!! Wow being able to change my looks, what could i do with that hehehehe. Please update soon! Ciao

Author's Response: Thanks! I'd go wild with that power!

Your Sincerely,

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Review #14, by, Dog?: A Note and a Stranger

18th February 2005:
GAAAAHHHH! Authors and there fetishes with cliffhangers! I'm loving this story just so u know! Very funny and well written! Please update soon! Ciao

Author's Response: yes, i do have a major cliffie fetish..thank you!!

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Review #15, by ElswhereMore than you bargained for: Early morning meetings and the evil bat

15th February 2005:
I loved it! That transfiguration thing sooooo sounds like something i'd do! Please write a new chapter soon! Elswhere

Author's Response: I'm almost done chapter 4. glad u liked it!

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