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Review #1, by pinkpc99The greatest wizard who ever lived: Voldemorts plan

12th May 2005:
Nice beginning, I especially like the last line, very J.K. I'm also very glad you like my story, and am honored that I inspired you to write your story. My only suggestion to you would be to maybe include a little more description to help enhance the dialogue. Good work!

Author's Response: thxs alot ur right it did need some more description. I was just so eager for people to read it that i didnt take my time next chapter will be better also when will chapter 16 be here? hehe

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Review #2, by pinkpc99Reckless: Reckless

19th March 2005:
Oooh I am so glad that I came across this story, it's sooo good I love it! ~pinkpc99

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you stay with me through it. Glad you like it!

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Review #3, by pinkpc99A Madness Consuming: Honour, Regret

12th March 2005:
Good start, it's intriguing! ~pinkpc99

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Review #4, by pinkpc99The Princess & The Prat (Finished): Chapter 2 - Maybe He Lost a Bet?

12th March 2005:
Good job with Sirius especially, he's really very funny! I totally understand the peter pettigres slur....urgh i hate him! Good job!

Author's Response: I hate Peter, especially since I have recently been rereading OOTP. It's sooo depressing.

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Review #5, by pinkpc99The Princess & The Prat (Finished): Chapter 1 - Home, Sweet Home?

12th March 2005:
Haha, I guess I will review then. I like the beginning, you are true to the characters canons, and I will now continue on to chapter 2!

Author's Response: I have to be true to JKR, otherwise I go crazy. I can't read too many James/Lily fics because some people aren't true with the facts and dates. I'm way obsessed.

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Review #6, by pinkpc99Stranded in Darkness: Prologue

10th March 2005:
This is a really enticing story, very good job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, i really hope you continue to read and review!!! =) you made me Happy!!! YAH!!!!

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Review #7, by pinkpc99Good Fences: Enter Mudblood

2nd March 2005:
Interesting plot, I kind of like it so far. Overall good work.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I appreciate your review =)

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Review #8, by pinkpc99Why Can't I?: Why Can't I?

27th February 2005:
omg I this's lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by pinkpc99I'd Rather Die: Chapter Fifteen: Of Cofessions and Apologies

27th February 2005:
I love this story sooo much you should definitely contiue it until (sob) jame's and lily's death.

Author's Response: Thanks, pinkpc99! I'll see how far I can get without killing Amy off. . .X_X

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Review #10, by pinkpc99I'd Rather Die: Chapter One: I'd Rather Die

26th February 2005:
I am enjoying this story so far, good job, especially with keeping the characters in cannon! p.s. maybe you could check out my story, it's called "A beautiful Stranger" Good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, pinkpc.

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Review #11, by pinkpc99Our story....: Our story....

24th February 2005:
Good job!

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