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Review #1, by RoonilWazlib7An Unfamiliar Melody: The Rabbit Hole Interlude

16th April 2013:
Just wondering, is her name a doctor who reference? Melody Pond - River song who travels in time? Anyway this chapter was thoroughly confusing - but in a good way. Really well written and definitely a bit weird. Very intrigued about the bits in italic. Good work! :) 9/10

Author's Response: No her name is not a DW reference though it very well seems like it. I began writing the original version of this fic back when Tennant was still the Doctor and before we even found out River was Melody. I'm glad you like it though. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by RoonilWazlib7An Unfamiliar Melody: Revelation

16th April 2013:
This was really good, i'm still a bit confused but i'm sure everything will be explained in the end. Really well written and from what I've read so far, its a good plot. I like that she's American and English because then the slang words are more in context (I hope that makes sense). Please update soon, this was brilliant!
9/10 :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! You have no idea how happy it makes me to know people actually like my fic. Everything most definitely will be explained eventually and I really hope the confusion lessens as the story progresses. As I am the one writing and already know what's to come I don't feel this confusion so I'll try to make things confusing only when it is absolutely necessary like in the Rabbit Hole chapter. I'll try to update as soon as possible though I can't make any promises. I'm awful at balancing my homework with my writing.

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Review #3, by RoonilWazlib7Composure: one.

5th April 2013:
wow, this sounds really good! I have all three of your stories in my favourites, you're such a good writer! Please try and update them all, I love them. You honestly deserve way more reviews you're fantastic! Anyway well done! This is fab! :)

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much! You've made me so happy! Updates are in the pipeline :) x

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Review #4, by RoonilWazlib7The Silver Lining: Prologue

24th March 2013:
omg omg omg omg, you have no idea how excited I am for the rest of this story! The plot sounds great, her going through the window! wow, just wow. This is well written and you've managed to get me hooked in less than 1000 words! Well done, that doesn't usually happen! Please update soon as this seems like it's going to be a brilliant story!
10/10 :D

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! Thank you! You're too sweet. :)

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Review #5, by RoonilWazlib7Secrets Can't Be Secrets Forever: Chapter Twelve

19th March 2013:
I thought James was the dad! Yey! It doesn't look like this has anything to do with Alice's friend (sorry I've somehow forgotten her name) at the moment which I'm very glad about. This was a really good chapter and I can't wait for the next one. Sorry I haven't read and reviewed this chapter earlier, I just hadn't found the time to review in the last couple of days.
All in all this was a brilliant read and I really hope James is okay about everything and that he still likes Alice because I'm afraid if he isn't there may be more than my heart that's broken! I'm just sad about the lack of Al in this chapter and I really hope there's some more of him next time!
10/10! Well done! xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! ^_^ This made me smile a lot :) So glad you're enjoying it :) I will try to fit more Al into the next chapter but I can't promise :( Still, I'll try my best! Thank you :) xx

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Review #6, by RoonilWazlib730 Days of You and Me: Insecure

10th March 2013:
This was absolutely adorable and one of the cutest chapters yet! This is one of my favourite stories and you are one of my fave authors. I have been waiting ages for this chapter and you have not disappointed, well done! I can't wait for the next chapter in this and many of your other stories, keep up the good work! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! i hope the wait was worth it. It's just difficult updating 4 stories at once with the waiting time and such. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you!

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Review #7, by RoonilWazlib7Lovely Lily: Lovely Lily

7th March 2013:
Oh god! This is beautiful. I was crying so much I had to stop and wait a bit before reading again. Unfortunately for some stupid reason I decided it would be a great idea to listen to 'Helena' by My Chemical Romance so I was absolutely bawling. Suicide is a very relatable subject for me so I was even more touched.
There were some very beautiful lines in this and it's probably one of my favourite one-shots! Only thing I have to say is there are a few grammar errors but otherwise it's brilliant! :D

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thank you for reading and review and sorry for making you cry.

I know about the errors and hopefully I'll find a beta soon.

Thanks :)

Soph xx

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Review #8, by RoonilWazlib7Secrets Can't Be Secrets Forever: Chapter Eleven

7th March 2013:
Finished all chapters up and it's brill! Just wondering what house they are all in as you have mentioned they are in slytherin and gryffindor? Can't wait for an update! :)

Author's Response: When I originally wrote it they were in Slytherin, but I edited it so they're in Gryffindor because it makes more sense, I just haven't gotten rid of everywhere it says 'Slytherin' but I'm working on it, I'm really sorry :( I'm so glad you like it though! I hope you keep reading! :) Thank you for the review! xx

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Review #9, by RoonilWazlib7Secrets Can't Be Secrets Forever: Chapter Three

6th March 2013:
Just finished the third chapter and can I just say I am dieing of cuteness right here! Danny and Em are adorable and this is really funny!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! I'm sorry if you come across any mistakes, I'm not done editing yet so there might be some confusion, but I'm glad you're enjoying the story! :) xx

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Review #10, by RoonilWazlib7Beyond the Veil : Sirius Lee

20th January 2013:
Omg! That bit at the end of the train ride when James says bye to Sirius, actually crying here! Brilliant idea, can't wait for more! :) xx

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much. That was an emotional part for me too. I actually wanted to just make that part a chapter by itself but I didn't think it was long enough to stand well by itself. Plus I liked the length with the first James and Sirius. Thank you so much for the review and hope you like the rest. :)

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Review #11, by RoonilWazlib7The Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Not Normal

10th January 2013:
This is fantastic, I really hope Addie and Al get together in the end 'cause they are just the cutest! Please update soon!xx

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Review #12, by RoonilWazlib7Tug Of War: Brave

10th January 2013:
Fab, fab, fabbity, fab! Please update soon!

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Review #13, by RoonilWazlib7Operation Weasley: Day One, Phase One

8th January 2013:
OMG, please update soon! Fab!xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I can't believe I took this long to respond! I'm trying to update, but all my ideas for other stories are taking over and I've been very busy lately... BUT I WILL UPDATE SOON! Hopefully...

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