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Review #26, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Trapped In The Training Room

20th January 2014:
Someone impersonating Mad-Eye Moody and tricking the people he's closest to. Now where have we heard that before? *wink wink*

Won't say much... I love your fight scenes! Glad to see Sirius has retained his awesome Auror skills - anyone who calls him a civilian should get a permanent pink hair dye - and Marlene's sticking with him! :D
I am totally confused as to what part Albus and Remus play in this -these people killed someone! Scrimgeour was definitely involved - he was the one who called Sirius in - and Remus knew about it, hence the Sneakoscope!

And the guy impersonating Mad-Eye. Sirius didn't stay long enough to find out who he is and he obviously didn't recognize him. the only thing we know is this guy has hazel eyes. I'm pretty sure he is the leader, the one who's been talking to Remus and Dumbledore.
Now, I don't know about anyone else, but as a huge fan of the Marauders, the first thing I think of when I hear Hazel Eyes is James.
And there's all the other indications - this guy knew about the Auror Training room, he has a sense of humor like the Marauders - there's too many indications towards James.
That can't be it, though, since Sirius didn't recognize this guy.
It can't be, right? These people are killing and injuring, James would never stand for that.

Oh, Rowling. This is confusing.

Author's Response: Haha, I admit, that's where I got the idea, though this imposter was found out much more quickly than Barty Crouch Jr. :P

Thank you! :D He has, haha, although he's a bit rusty. :P Definitely not a civilian though, haha. :P She is, yes; I thought it was about time those two got some time together. :P

Remus knew about it, yes. :S He has reasons for the way he's behaving, but I'll leave it up to you to decide whether they're good enough, once I reveal all... :S

The person impersonating Mad-Eye wasn't the leader, but good guess; the leader hasn't really been involved yet, but there will be a face off eventually... The guy impersonating Mad-Eye was, however, in the broom cupboard during that Serpent Sworn meeting...
I wondered if anyone would think that. :P I almost changed the hair colour, but knew if I'd made the man blond, everyone would think of the Malfoys, and if he'd been a red-head, they'd be accusing Weasleys... :P So dark hair was the way to go. :P
It's not James, I'm afraid; I don't feel like I'm spoiling anything by saying that. :P He would never stand for murder. You're right though; the impersonator does know some fairly detailed things... :S

It is confusing - sorry!

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #27, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Dystopian December

14th January 2014:
Welcome back ;) Hope you had a good holiday!

I certainly didn't expect Sirius to find Harry so quickly; I thought it would have been a long drawn out thing, but that would have been dragging. This was better, anyway, and the talk they have was just perfect. It uncovered Harry's fears, Remus's insecurities and Sirius's worries all at the same time. And, I loved the line Harry was given ;)
Remus and Sirius finally get past their differences... that's a relief. Remus still won't tell him about the Serpent Sworn, which I think is getting too far; even Dumbledore is now in contact with the 'boss' guy, for lack of better word.
I felt the best scene was when Sirius and Remus tried to imagine a future where Lily and James didn't die. It was a touching moment, and then Harry comes down with his lines.

It's Christmas again! Which means it's only few more months till Hogwarts!
I like the idea of Dora as a snowman ;) "Covered in all the little Prongses: has to be my favourite quote :)

And now comes the worrying Serpent Sworn part.
What the hell is going on???
Dumbledore is willing to blow off Sirius to talk to this guy! Remus is giving Dora a sneakoscope, which is basically saying 'Don't trust anyone!'
Who is at the Ministry so early Christmas morning??
Why won't you just give us the answers???

Author's Response: Hello! :D It was lovely, thank you. :)
Haha, no I have too many other things planned for this chapter to drag it out... :P Short and sweet, otherwise it could have been too angsty, I think. :)
It did; it was a good way to show a bit of development for them all. :) Haha, yes, Sirius strikes again, with more unorthodox parenting methods. :P

It is getting tricky; as you've said, both Remus and Dumbledore are now involved... :S

It was a sweet scene; I know they've been dead a long time now, but James and Lily were so important to both Sirius and Remus that they seem to show up in their thoughts a lot. :)

Haha, yes, nearly there. :P

I'm glad you liked her outfit; I have fun coming up with things for Dora to dress as. :P I thought that was sweet too. :)

Yes, it is worrying. :S Remus and Dumbledore are both involved, but I won't say how/why just yet; it'll be clear eventually. :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #28, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Suspicion And The Scar

29th December 2013:
My predictions are somehow coming true these past few chapters... but this time, I don't like it.

How can Remus be in league with these people? No matter how he's justifying it to himself, how can he support this terrible group which is planning on taking down the Auror Department, attacking his old friends, and is probably planning something really really bad? This is so not like him - he better have a good reason for not sharing what he knows with Sirius and Dora. He's even giving the leader inside information! What the hell?
Is it Scrimgeour himself? Someone inside the department? Someone we know???
I'm pretty sure the 'cause' has nothing to do with werewolves, since who ever this guy is doesn't know when the full moon is and is scared of Remus. So what is this cause, which Remus is supporting? I can't think of anything he would want that bad and not tell Sirius.

Sirius had a long awaited meeting with Marlene - though certainly not the circumstances we would have ideally liked. What he found out there inspired the most touching scene - Sirius talking, just letting everything out to James. That literally touched my heart. He is so worried about not being able to trust anyone - like he said, the last time he suspected Remus it was a total disaster, and he doesn't want to make that mistake again. I think Remus is taking advantage of that fact, and it feels very wrong.
And then, Kreacher being so kind and sweet. It was a really strong scene.

Finally on to Horcrux-y stuff! Although this is COMPLETELY in reverse order!
They already know a little about Horcruxes, and Harry's already guessed that it's a piece of Voldemort inside him! Nothing else has happened yet! No Diary, no Ring, no Diadem, the Locket is still tucked away safely, no Nagini. I wonder how they'll figure it out, since it may have taken years for Dumbledore to realize that Harry was a Horcrux too.
And Sirius! He'so distraught! I like the fact that even with Remus acting weird, Sirius trust him implicitly, his first instinct is to get Remus. But what will they do. Harry is ten, alone, with a wand and little knowledge of how the wizarding world works. He's famous, so hopefully they can find him soon. It's going to be a weird conversation!

Enjoy your trip! (You chose the most awful of cliffhangers to leave us on - the entire chapter felt like one!) Hope you have a good two weeks! :)

Author's Response: You have been making some very astute guesses. :P

He has his reasons; they might not be clear just yet, but it will all make sense in a few chapters. :S

Someone we know, yes; you've met them, and they've had a few speaking lines. I won't say whether they're male or female, though, nor will I say how recently they last appeared. :P

He did, yes; I've been trying to have a few Marlene-scenes but she keeps evading me. :P This was a good way to include her. :) I loved writing that scene, and I was getting very emotional as I did so. Sirius talks to James quite a bit, but I don't often show it, and when I do, it's generally at a time that Sirius is scared, or confused. Aww, Kreacher was lovely in the end. :P

Haha, yes, it was a bit of a twist, and this has definitely been a divergence from canon. :)

I liked that - and felt a bit guilty for putting it in - Sirius still calls Remus for help before anyone else. It just shows how strong their friendship is... and makes what's coming up even crueler. :S

I did, I'm sorry! :P I had a lovely two weeks away. :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #29, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Part Of The Family

22nd December 2013:
First, of all, I want to say it was wonderful to hear back from you. You are in no way obligated to write back, and the fact that you take time to answer our questions is amazing. And even if you didn't, we'd still be writing, every week, because you've created this wonderful world where everyone in JK's universe can be a little happier :)

Now, on to the chapter: the long awaited Parent-Teacher Meeting.
Sirius feels lonely when he sees couples! *wink wink* And he wishes he brought Remus. But it is truly sad, because this is the sort of thing Lily would LOVE to attend (if James lost the war on the entire muggle school debate).
'He knew football was some sort of muggle sport - probably involving feet and a ball of some sort... going by the usual standard of creativity muggles used when they named things.' - Are you one of them too? Because seriously, only someone who's NEVER heard of football can think of something like this ;)
Dr & Dr Granger sound perfect. Hermione's already made her choice, so regardless of whether Blaise is actually Blaise Zabini or not, they'll have a friend on the first day. Plus, Ron will be there, and I can see Hermione getting mad at him and leaving the compartment and Harry completely confused, since he's already friends with the both of them.

Sirius's birthday! It's wonderful Harry thought of something so personal to give him. Even though Harry's made it quite clear that he loves living with Sirius, this gesture is like saying that he's truly accepted him.
The Animagus spell is coming on well - the part about the stag and doe was beautiful.
Remus is acting weird - he wouldn't let Dora just keep getting stressed if he could do something about it - and that means telling Sirius what he knows.
And I was right! Dora was told not to tell Sirius, so she didn't! (I love it when I guess something correctly)
Now that Mad-Eye finally trusts Sirius to check out the case, hopefully, it'll be over soon. Amelia has been attacked - they aren't even targeting Order members or anything - and that's enough to set Mad-Eye on the edge.

Please, please, please tell me Remus isn't involved. That'll be devastating.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! Again, I'm a bit delayed with these responses, so I'm sorry, and thank you for your patience! :)

He does feel a bit lonely, yes, the poor thing. :( I think he also felt out of his depth, with all the muggles around. :P I know; I really think it is the sort of thing the Potters would have loved (I think James would have been pro-muggle school, personally, but, like Sirius, would still be teaching Harry things at home too... :P).

Haha, no, I just tend to get very caught up in Sirius' mind-frame when I write him, and pretty much write down his thoughts as he says them (strange, I know. :P).

Haha, I'm glad you liked them; they were a fun little inclusion I couldn't resist. :P She has, and the Grangers are slowly resigning themselves to that. :) Haha, the first scene with the three of them together will be interesting, that's for sure. :P

I always struggle to think of gifts to give people in my stories. :P Generally I just choose something generic like chocolate, or a book, but this time I actually came up with something! :P And yes, it shows that they truly are a little family now (hence the chapter name). :)

I'm glad you liked it; I've got the whole incantation worked out, so I'm just going to add bits here and there until I think Harry's ready. :P

Yes, Remus is keeping a few secrets at the moment, which is worrying... :S More involved than you'd hope, I'm afraid. :(

Good guess! :D And not quite; Dora's taking her own initiative here... :P

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #30, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: The Quest For Answers

17th December 2013:
New chapter, some answers, more questions!!!

I still think Scrimgeour said something important to Remus. And I'm still very suspicious of him.

Sirius went to Snape for information! That's so new! :D
At least Sirius went to Dumbledore - what's up with the locket? Did they get it back? - who told him to talk to someone Mad-Eye trusts. Dora will probably tell him, but not if Mad-Eye told her specifically not to. I mean, Scrimgeour's told Remus something, and Remus is keeping it quiet. There has to be some solid reason.

Or - and this was just my sleep deprived brain thinking the first time I read it Sunday night - the guy at the end? One of them's Remus.
Normally, villains don't have a sense of humor, at least not in the HP world. And Remus was the first person my mind jumped to. I was reading in horror before I realized it can't - it simply can't - be Remus.

It can't, right? Please just call me stupid for thinking that.

Author's Response: Probably more questions, haha. :P
Interesting theory, but I won't say anything on the matter...
He did, yes. I had a lot of fun with that scene. :)
And yes, he did. They have got the locket back, and it's mostly been forgotten, but it will likely be remembered again in the light of all of this potentially-Voldemort related stuff.
Sirius and Dora are in need of a chat, that's for sure.
There is a reason for Remus' reluctance to talk, but I won't say what Remus is reluctant to share, or why.
Another interesting theory, but you'll just have to wait and find out... :P
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #31, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: The Serpent Sworn

9th December 2013:
Another chapter and a new plot twist arises. This is gonna get awesome! :)

Scrimgeour is getting darker - why exactly does he want to hide that he was attacked that very morning and also keep the Serpent Sworn a secret? I sense something fishy. He told Harry easily enough - that's probably because Harry would ask about it if he didn't know. But telling a kid who's the child of - not to mention also under the care of - someone who's outsmarted the entire Auror Department since he was fifteen? Not a very smart move. (My sentence is too convoluted, even I don't really get it;))

The fact that everyone kept interrupting Sirius and Harry when they wanted to talk is awesomely hilarious!

Ron's back! Yippee!!! :) And Arthur is adorable with his muggle obsession. I'm sensing a visit to the Burrow somewhere!

There are a few questions I have in my mind:
1. What does Scrimgeour have to talk about with Remus? Nothing about the Serpent Sworn, I hope?
2. Does Sirius know what the Serpent Sworn is? He didn't give any indication.
3. Why would the Serpent Sworn be personal for Amelia, but not for Scrimgeour? Surely he fought during the last war, even if he wasn't part of the Order?
4. What's going on in the Dora and Remus front? Has she given moving in with him some more thought? ;)
5. Hermione! Will she figure out Harry's a wizard? And - something I've asked about before - is Blaise really Blaise Zabini?
6. Animagus! How's that spell coming along?
7. (Long list - coming to an end) It's been quiet on Dumbledore and Narcissa's end.

Hope the questions don't bother you much - I know you won't answer if it's too spoiler-y ;)
Looking forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Yes, a new plot is born indeed. :P
Something is definitely fishy, and yes, Scrimgeour did seem quite dark in this chapter.
I felt so sorry for them - it must have been frustrating. :P
He is, yes. :) Arthur's such a lovely character. :) Haha, perhaps, but I haven't got one planned at the moment... maybe it'll be spontaneous. :P
Hmm, answers, where I can give them:
1. You'll have to wait and see...
2. No - that'll be explored more later on.
3. Yes, Scrimgeour fought as an Auror, but the Ministry was able to provide a degree of protection, and the Order was so efficient that the Aurors arrived after them. Amelia, as a member of the Order, was definitely more involved, and definitely saw more. She also lost her twin brother in the war, and lots of her friends, so it's definitely personal for her.
4. They're settling into things, and adjusting to couplehood, haha. They've been in the background, with everything else that's going on, but they'll have some page time soon, I promise! :) Haha, I'm sure she'll start staying over at some point, but I think it's too soon for her to move in. :P
5. Anything's possible, but that's reasonably unlikely; one of them is going to have to slip up for that to happen, and Hermione's usually pretty controlled, and rule-abiding, and Harry's very careful... As for Blaise... well, he goes by Blaise Benson at the moment, but whether he could be Blaise Zabini remains to be seen...
6. It's coming along slowly, but progress is being made; that's coming up in the next few chapters. :)
7. I know you've already read the next chapter, so I won't bother answering this one... :P
No, not at all - I love questions! :) Feel free to ask as many as you want, haha, but you're right that I won't say anything if they'll spoil things. :P
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #32, by GinnyPotterForeverStupid: A Barrier

5th December 2013:
I can say in all fairness that this is one of the best Lily-James I've ever read. And trust me, I've read a lot of them.
Their relationship is so perfect, so different from the usual. It feels wonderful to read such a beautiful story.
Thanks for creating magic - and making me love a fictional character I already loved even more.

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Review #33, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Needing A Friend

1st December 2013:
Yay! The Weasleys! I guessed that:) But Harry still didn't meet them :( But he met Hagrid :)

I loved the interaction between Ginny and Molly... it was perfect. And the entire thing about Ron eating two pieces of pie at the same time was hilarious. He does seem more perceptive than usual, is the itch sort of super-power-y or just a premonition of something bad?
Poor Luna, although we know it happened, it's still sad.

I do hope Sirius gets his bike back and not confiscated by the Ministry (Arthur is really going to do anything but if Sirius starts flaunting... sigh).

I like how Sirius and Snape have- sort of - moved past their childish fights. Snape doesn't mind being called Snivellus or anything! It's cute.

Poor Draco. He wants to be a Malfoy, but also doesn't want that too. It's so sad. But I like the last conversation, with him calling Harry simple and idiotic. It's so sweet!

Thanks for a nice chapter! :) You always make my Sunday a little more interesting!

Author's Response: You did! :D No, not yet... But yes, he met Hagrid (properly) which is always exciting. :)
So did I - it bothers me when people have Ginny as a weak, always-agrees-with-Molly sort of character; I imagine the pair of them would have had some serious rows over the years. :P
Ron's wonderful, I think. :P He is a bit more perceptive than in canon; I think Ron notices things, but doesn't necessarily draw conclusions, so he doesn't mention them, or he notices so much that he forgets things. I'm not sure which, but it's just the way I've always imagined him. :)
I know - it's something I wanted to change, but at the same time, I really feel that her mother's death is an important point in Luna's development, and couldn't afford to change. :S
Haha, no, Arthur's not about to turn him in, but there will be warnings if he gets out of hand. :P
Haha, yes, sort of. They still bicker and throw barbs, but they've grown up a lot, and about time too. :)
I know. :( He's had a really rough few years. :S Haha, he's a strange character, and more abrupt than he means to be, but he's new to the whole friends thing, so I think Harry can forgive him. :P
You're very welcome!
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #34, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Things To Say

24th November 2013:
Hey!... just wondering exactly when you update since it always seems like the middle of the night to me ;)

This chapter is amazing... You must be tired of hearing this, but it is true.

I can imagine Sirius and Harry laughing at Remus, waiting by the door, peeping out every few minutes, and then going pale when he hears her turn up. The scene is so classic. And then the entire thing with "These - go here." Classic Sirius.
Anyway, Dora and Remus finally kissed! Yay! *fangirl moment* Loved they way Dora handled the situation, it couldn't have been better. And then the mention of Kreacher telling Remus off for indecent behaviour in front of children had me rolling on the floor.

So Marlene gets her job back, and Sirius gets to be an errand boy in the office - hopefully not for long. He was an Auror before so I don't think he should be put through Training again. Maybe just the exams, to brush up his skills? It would be fun to see Dora and Sirius team up for the three day exam like in 'Trainee'.

Ooh, can the Weasleys come back now? That'll be awesome!

Sirius and Marlene need a forced time together. Nothing is going to work out if they keep avoiding each other.
Halloween is always sad - but they seem to love dressing up. I can't imagine Remus consenting to go as the Bloody Baron - maybe Sirius tricked him into it :P
Is that piece of paper something to do with a present for Sirius or Harry's Animagus spell? That'd be a cool birthday present too :)

Thanks for another wonderful chapter :) Waiting for the next one already!

Author's Response: My updating time varies a bit - usually, it's at some point on my Sunday (Australian time) but when exactly depends on whether the chapter's finished by Sunday, and when I'm home. There's not a set time, I'm afraid. :P
Haha, no, I never tire of hearing it - it's lovely to hear my writing's appreciated. So thank you! :D
Haha, pretty much - that's the way I pictured it anyway. :P I thought Sirius had been a bit too (forgive the pun) serious lately, and this is definitely an occasion he can afford to be silly about. It was good advice, though, in the end. :P
They did, yes! :D Finally! This has been a long time coming, and it's so nice to finaly have it happen! :D She did well, I think; she stood up for herself, without being pushy, and in the end, left the decision up to him. :) And yes, good old Kreacher, haha. :P
She does, yes, though they'll be watching her carefully, I suspect. And Sirius will be an errand boy for the immediate future, and after that... well, we'll see. They'd be a great team, I think; not quite as good as Sirius and James (who can beat that, honestly) but definitely a force to be reckoned with. :P
They might...
There was a bit of that by the graves - when Sirius offered to leave, and Marlene told him not to bother - but I do have some time planned for them, to get the last of the awkwardness out. Whether they go back to friends or not is one thing, but the skirting around each other is definitely not going to go on too much longer. :P
Haha, it is sad, but I like that they get sweets and dress up for it - it's going to become a tradition, I think. :) Haha, I suspect Sirius would have had hundreds of suggestions, and Remus picked the least horrible/embarrassing one. :P
Good guess - you'll find out in a few chapters' time. :)
You're welcome! Thank you so much for your patience with my review responses; I really do appreciate them, I'm just having trouble finding time to answer. :S
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #35, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: The Return

17th November 2013:
It's Sunday again! Every week I think "I'm going to read the chapter little by little so it'll last longer"... And the as soon as I see it, boom! It's over.

Harry misses one day of school and Hermione hopes that he's got a Hogwarts letter as well... Awww. She's desperate for someone to talk to about this, so please, please, pretty please, let Sirius meet her and connect the dots (since Harry won't, by the looks of it). And then somehow bring Ron and Ginny back?

Remus. Sigh. Sirius is right - he needs to lock up that 'selfish, self-pitying, cowardly' git and face Dora and her questions. And then Dora can thrash his head in and change his mind.:)

Oh, and Kreacher is just brilliant. ;)

While Sirius knows that Marlene can't be forced into doing something she doesn't want to, Marlene thinks she's been letting other people rule her life. But now, she wants to take charge of herself again. Since she knows that Sirius has forgiven her, she doesn't see the point of staying locked up. And escapes, using The Knight Bus, out of all modes of transportation. I have to say, it is a handy escape plan.

I'm curious to see what Robards and the Auror department will do next for Sirius. Now that the job he was hired for is complete, will they just say bye-bye? Or offer him a position? And then, will Sirius accept it?

Until next Sunday! :)

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Review #36, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Ebony's Hunt

10th November 2013:
Okay, did Sirius PLAN the thing so that he'd be arrested by Fisher?? I mean, there are other police officers in London! One normal muggle can't take so much Marauder-ing (unless he's a Potterhead ;)) in one lifetime.

I have to say, the planning was brilliant. Sirius used Dora to the fullest extent - Transfiguration genius, which has always been a part of the best Marauder pranks, thanks to James; and Metamorphmagus abilities. Who knew Dora could become a corpse so easily? ;) Sirius had a well placed, logical plan, and he thought of it without Remus to help him!

The only loose end: Marlene. The girl seriously needs a break. Anyone who spent as much time with Sirius as she had should have recognized the "I'm serious" response to the "You're joking, right?" question. Granted, she wasn't expecting him there (more so as a woman) but it had to have brought up something!
Argh, this woman! I feel like killing her when she declines the open invitation, that's how perfectly you've portrayed her. Sirius can't just leave without her, he went into a lot of trouble to get to this point! I can't wait to see what he does now... maybe get his wand from Kreacher, knock out Marlene in the middle of the night and apparate out with her and Kreacher. That might work.

I missed Harry this week and any developments in the Dora-Remus angle, but seeing as this chapter and the one before happen in the space of two days, it's understandable. Hope to read more about them soon!

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Review #37, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Plates And Plans

3rd November 2013:
Woah! So much going on! Awesome!

First off: The Malfoys.
Lucius really shouldn't take decisions about Draco without running them by Narcissa. I mean, yes, he doesn't know that the 'Gryffindor' lessons still go on, but he knows that Draco is different, and he isn't equipped to handle him.
And what did Lucius expect anyway? Whatever plans he had for Draco to spy on Harry and the Gryffindors were completely flawed. First conditioning him to be a Gryffindor, and as soon as he is, make him a Slytherin again? I don't think that's really possible.

Next, Dora and Remus.
YESS!! Dora said it!! She said she fancies Remus!! :D
NOOO!! Remus, you git!!
(That was my reaction) ;)
I love the way you incorporated the new information from Pottermore - the line "he always did get the girls'. I'm pretty sure that in canon, it was used completely differently - Dora would be more certain of her own feelings, probably - but you used it here perfectly. Again, the lines between canon and 'Innocent' keep blurring in my head, so much so that i have to take a moment and think about what happened where.

On to Sirius stuff.
(I just love that line, no matter how irritating it is;))
I laughed like crazy when the part about Harry's vocabulary came up - especially 'Merlin's pointy, purple - hat.' That was insanely good.
Sirius figured out where Marlene is - now he has to get her out. I love how he figures out little things about how Marlene thinks. I know that I had said I would never forgive Marlene for trying to kill Sirius, but after reading 'Dark Days', I'm sort of rooting for them to get back together. What can I say - I'm a hopeless romantic. Marlene and Sirius loved each other once (even though they never admitted it to each other) so I hope they can find that happiness once again.

Sirius's plan... Even he admits that Mad-Eye would yell at him. But Robards, who's utterly desperate to find Marlene allows it - on the condition that he shouldn't know anything about it. I don't know if or how it's going to work, but Sirius is a Marauder and he should be able to figure it out.
Dora, on the other hand, is not a Marauder and isn't used to statements like 'I need you to help make me pretty - and then I need you to die." He really should think about that.
On the chance that Sirius finds Marlene - how is he going to convince her to leave with him? Sirius is the last person Marlene wants to see.

This was a welcome break from a mind boggling program I've been trying to write for the past few days. Thanks so much for the wonderful chapter!

P.S: It was Halloween a few days back! RIP Lily and James. :(
Plus, You're story is a year old! :D

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Review #38, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Monsters In The Manor

27th October 2013:
I simply do not have any more words to describe the perfection of this story, but. wow.

Dora is admitting her feelings for Remus! To herself, but at least that's a start. I once asked you about your plans for Remus and Dora. You said that you would see where the characters would take themselves; just because they were together in canon didn't mean they would end up together here. And look at where the characters are now! I'm so excited! Eeep! :D :D

Harry at school. He's made friends! It seems like Blaise is filling in for Ron's spot in the Golden Trio at the moment, and Hermione found out she's magical! Just a teensy little thing: Why would she get her letter to Hogwarts a year before joining? I don't think they actually get the Hogwarts letters on their birthdays, just during June, like Harry did (in canon).

Ah, Draco. He's got too much information, too soon. He knows that his views and those of his father differ, and he wasn't sure what that would lead to. But now that he's heard of the story of the White sheep, he thinks -no, believes - that one day, he will abandon his family. That's a lot of weight on a ten year olds' shoulders. The monsters are already inside the house, offering him protection and comfort (well, some of them), and he can't trust any of them.

And Dobby!!! Aw. So happy that Draco thought of him! Draco's come a long way... he thinks of Dobby as a person now, someone who has feelings and can understand him... How about just before Draco runs away, he frees Dobby so they can stay together? :)

Good chapter! :D Can't wait for the next!

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Review #39, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Harry Evans

21st October 2013:
Hello again! Before I start, I have to say that it was a pleasant surprise to see Hermione - I asked about including her after Evaluating Options, but I never expected to see her, since my guesses with regards to your story have almost always been wrong.

Dora finally gets some time off: Mad-Eye must have seen how stressed she was about the entire Florence incident and let her off the hook. And what better way to spend a week than in the fresh Romanian air with two best friends who can irritate the hell out of you? ;D

Harry Evans. The name sounds weird, but not too much.
Is Blaise the same Blaise Zabini? I remember Madame Zabini being the Malfoy's lawyer. She did say her son was with his father - and that would explain some of their interest in Harry and Sirius, even if they look different. And how does Blaise have a TV?
Your portrayal of Hermione is perfect to the T. She wants to be included, but people who already know her don't want to. She hopes Harry will be different, and when he says he doesn't like tests, she feels sad :( but she still hangs around, because he seems nice. I can't tell you how perfect this is.

Hoping to see Ron soon! (Sirius works at the ministry,it shouldn't be that hard!)

A magical hug from me to you for another beautiful chapter! :)

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Review #40, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Dora And The Dictionary

13th October 2013:
How you manage to keep surprising me every single time is a mystery... This story is possibly the reason why I can't seem to get Harry Potter out of my head.

Sirius and Robards haven't even considered looking in a prison - because it is so drastically different from what Marlene was capable of before. It's going to be a while before they find her.

The interaction between Sirius and Dora was brilliant - I loved how they were first awkward, and then slowly grew more comfortable with each other. The McGonagall look, a mention of Arthur and this little gem: "Once I know where someone's house is, I have this terrible habit of inviting myself over all the time. Just ask Remus." Priceless :)

The routine with the Fidelius charm was cute - and then cute became hilarious as Sirius toed the line with Remus' patience (ooh! Remus is getting jealous! And it's in a situation where he knows Sirius and Dora are cousins!) Harry is smart - he's like a combination of Remus and Sirius,with the playfulness and the attentiveness.

Birthday lunch with Severus and Draco. Yippie.

Snape wants Sirius' notes! Oh my Rowling! Somebody check his temperature! ;D

Ah, Draco. While he may think that he's changed a lot, he still has a lot to learn. Granted, he has learnt to keep his mouth shut at the right times, he expected support from his brother and was disappointed when he didn't get it, and he seems to have put most of his prejudices behind him. But he doesn't realise the difference between one's true family and one's real family. And that is something no lesson can teach him. Not even Snape, because he himself has never experienced the love of a true family. Draco, will, hopefully, experience it in Gryffindor.

10/10!!! :D

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Review #41, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: An Offer Of Assistance

6th October 2013:
Wow... A week later and back to Sunday updates! :)

Not much going on in this chapter, I felt... Florence was right in killing Greyback and she feels that she should kill other dangerous criminals before turning herself in. But murder may be justified once. More than that? I don't think so. She got away without leaving any evidence at Azkaban, how does she hope to do it again? Any suspicious murder occurs, Mad-Eye will turn to Florence - and then, he won't be so understanding. Greyback had personally affected her, but how many other criminals have?

Ooh, I hate Umbridge. She's vile and cruel. I have a feeling she loves to blackmail people. Florence is desperate enough to take up her offer (NO! DON'T DO IT!!!) but she plans on giving Umbridge nothing in return. I wonder how that'll work out. Whatever it is, if they have a fallout, I hope Mad-Eye and Dora don't go down with Florence.

On to Sirius stuff. ;D
So, he finally met Robards. I was reading Dark Days yesterday, and I suddenly realized how close Sirius and Marlene were. It must be brutal for both of them - how they can't face each other. Now I hope Sirius forgives her so that they may have their (almost) happy ever after. Sometimes.

Good chapter! I'm waiting for the next one! :)

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Review #42, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Evaluating Options

25th September 2013:
Hi again :)

After the Sirius-Snape episode the last time, I kinda expected something slower... Dunno why, it never has been slow in their lives ;)
Aww, poor Sirius... I don't think he should help find Marlene, but he will... *sigh*. I still haven't forgotten what she did. But Sirius can look past that, so I'll try my best to.
I don't think school is the right option for Harry... he likes the Weasleys because they treat him like a normal person instead of Harry Potter, and he won't tolerate being bullied around like Dudley used to do. They should reach out to the Weasleys! Or, are you going to pull Hermione into the story now? (you've done it for everyone, why not her?)

Florence is Smoky!! FINALLY!! Proof!
Mad-Eye is mad... poor Dora, she's been so troubled and he was testing her.

What you brought up with Florence killing Greyback is a topic which can never be resolved - does the public have the right to punish the wrong-doers of society or should they be left to the hands of the law? What gives a victim the right to decide the fate of their torturer? Is the killing of a murderer, considered murder?
Florence believes what she's done is right - by killing Greyback, she saved countless people from getting bitten or killed in the future. She gave him the death he deserved. If she hadn't Greyback would be released sooner or later and he'd be back with a vengeance - she's right about that.
But now, since murder has been committed, someone has to be punished. The family of the dead needs answers (Debbie and the others still think Remus is responsible). Is it right to sentence Florence for doing something which, even though the law doesn't allow it, should have been done?
Mad-Eye, bound by his duty, will turn her in,but he will be guilty about it - because, even though he didn't answer Florence's question, they both know that if he had the chance, he'd have killed Voldemort in a heartbeat.

A long week and a half for the next chapter! Can't wait to find out what happens next! Enjoy your week away! :D

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Review #43, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: The Loss Of Padfoot's Pride

18th September 2013:
The Loss Of Padfoot's Pride... That chapter name just gave me the creeps!

The talk between Sirius and Harry is unsurprisingly similar to the talk they have in OoP... Harry is worried that his Dad and Godfather were gits when they were young, basically he didn't want Snape to be right, and when it turned out that he was, Harry snapped. Sirius's explanation was nice, and it reminded me of Defining Moments a lot. which I guess, it was supposed to;)

So it's not Aislinne? Again? *sigh* I had a feeling last chapter, that it wasn't right, that Florence still wasn't out of the picture... I went back to earlier chapters - Florence is always sick around Full Moons, and she identified almost everyone the day they had the training on muggle disguises. This is looking bad for her...
Poor Mad-Eye... The Lovegoods drove him mad and they had no idea about it! :P

Sirius apologizes to Snape! Oh Merlin! James was probably having a stroke because he was laughing so hard and Lily hit him to shut him up... :D I don't expect the "Not Enemies, Not Friends" state to remain for long - it's too fragile to not break.

You know every time I check in on Wednesdays and there's no update I get even more desperate?(I'm writing this at three in the morning)

Brilliant chapter! Almost all Sirius... I miss Remus,I'm still waiting on more news on Sarah and Ethan(did they get in? what's their behaviour towards the students going to be like? what's gonna happen when they encounter Remus???). And the final question - What in the name of Merlin has happened to Marlene???

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Review #44, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Interruptions

12th September 2013:
Hello again!
Good chapter, as always! :-)

Second trial over with and Sirius's animagi registration... I agree with James, the secret has been out since the first trial, Sirius is being silly. But Remus and Dora are moving along great! ;-)
Even if Dumbledore isn't looking all miserable and guilty on purpose, it's still manipulation, and Sirius falls for it.

When Sarah and Ethan turned up, I hardly expected them to be werewolves from Greyback's camp! And Greentooth, for Merlin's sake! If Dumbledore lets them in, I don't think their seven years at Hogwarts are going to be as quiet as Remus's. (well, as quiet as they were with the Marauders and everything;-) ).
"We're not exactly cuddly." That made me laugh.

"They're living at. Num. Ber. Tweezers- No, sorry, Toothpaste- NO! Twilight- No! The number after elephant. NO!"
And then that thing made me fall on the floor laughing. Honestly.
The staff bet on what the names meant. I can see Slughorn, Flitwick and even Sprout sitting around a table with some tea and firewhiskey, recording their wagers. But Minnie??!!?? :O :-D

Sirius and Snape. Sigh. Is it ever going to end between them? I mean, even Harry thinks their dueling is infantile. And he gets mad enough to apparate out of Hogwarts - something no one has done before. Except house elves, and that's who Harry learnt from.
Severus is always going to blame Harry for Lily's death (after Voldemort, of course) and that is one thing that's never going to change.

So Florence isn't Smoky? I had forgotten Aislinne Lovegood designed spells - that would be from canon. But if she is Smoky, something fishy is still going on with Florence, and I have a feeling it's the same situation.
We get a glimpse of little Luna! She's easily one of my favourites, thank you for pulling her in somehow!!

On a different note, JKR is writing the screenplay for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them! I'm so excited! Although, it's probably gonna be ages before anything is ready.

Great chapter :-D

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Review #45, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Weasleys And Werewolves

4th September 2013:
Wonderful chapter once again! :)

I think the flashback with Peter was brilliantly written. It shows his vulnerability - at that point he had no idea whether Sirius would tell the world about the Marauder's being Animagi or if the Ministry would take Sirius seriously. Which is why he needed to find a wizarding home, where he could keep an eye on the news.
The parallels drawn between the Weasley brothers and the Marauders were some I'd drawn myself - personally, I always imagined Fred and George cut from the same cloth as James and Sirius. But comparing Peter and Percy (even their names are somewhat similar!:O), I'm not so sure about. They were both somewhat neglected during their childhood. Percy has always been the overachiever, struggling to break away from his father's image - and when he abandons his family in OoP, he does it boldly, unlike Pettigrew, who stabs his friends in the back. And there's the most important distinction - Percy realises his mistake before it's too late.

Yippee for Dora! :D
The entire interaction between the three of them makes me want to laugh and shake Remus by the collar.
Aww, Sirius is using James's wand! Sad moment over.
Sirius is getting carried away in his head and Remus doesn't like it... Poor Remus, he should know by now, Sirius will always be Sirius;-). If he honestly expects Sirius to sneak him out the window, he's clearly lost a grip on Sirius's character due to the rough night.
And this time, Sirius is so right. Remus is being a huge git by not talking to Dora, so I think leaving him there when he's 'sore and there's is the best thing. Go Sirius!
Oh, and I love the way Remus forgets all his arguments because his head feels fuzzy! That was really funny!:-D

Hmmm... Looks like Florence is a werewolf - and the elusive Smoky, no less! I didn't really notice exactly when she used to get sick, but it was a lot. She certainly is talented enough to create the silver spell, and she had access to Azkaban and everything - being an Auror. That would also explain Melvin dying when Greyback was on Smoky's trail... The one thing I can't figure out: twenty portkeys? Why would she make twenty portkeys?
And the whole Department of Aurors never figured out something was wrong with Florence? Am I missing something here?

New characters... As soon as Ethan said Dumbledore was confused, I guessed he was a werewolf;-) Sarah seems strange so far, I'm sure we'll meet them more in later chapters.
Oh, and x-ray stare? ;-)

Please update sooner!!! :-)

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Review #46, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Picking Up The Pieces

28th August 2013:
All my favourite characters are back!! :-D
Except Dawlish;-)

Oooh, if I could get my hands on Lucius, I'd strangle him. He just wants everyone but himself in trouble - Sirius, Remus, Marlene, even Fudge, if it works for him.

I love that Remus took Dora's advice and wrote those three words. But now she doesn't know what to write back! ;-)
She's calmed down some about Remus lying to her, but I still think it is going to be brutal for Remus when they finally come face to face.
We get a new back story - Mad-Eye. You make everything so sad. But the bad handwriting was genius.
They're working on finding Smoky, finally! Some names from the pile stood out - Aislinne Lovegood has to be Luna's mum, who "died when she was nine during some experimental spell". But that was JK canon, and this is new canon;-) Anything is possible.

Kreacher is being creepy, but sweet creepy!
The Sirius and Remus interaction was nice:-)

It's funny how the kids think about going to Ravenclaw or even Hufflepuff (shudder) but not Gryffindor. I mean, it doesn't even enter their minds. Draco is more Gryffindor than anything now. He expects support from his friends, he gets irritated when Pansy turns against him even after he helped her, but he doesn't betray her secret. And when his mum is sad, he just blames himself for it and gives her a hug. If that isn't Gryffindor, I don't know what is.

Next week is too far away:-( I'm hoping for some Dora and Remus interaction, maybe some Dumbledore, and that second case to be done with. If not... I'll accept whatever you give us:-D

Give yourself a magical hug from me for another great chapter! Can't wait for the next!! :-D

Author's Response: Haha, yay! I don't think many people like Dawlish all that much. P
Yes, but that's just Lucius for you; he works best when things are chaotic. :P
I know - their dynamic is rather complicated at the moment, I'm afraid. :P Perhaps... You'll find out in the next chapter. :)
Yes. :) I know, sorry! I hadn't actually intended to have anything about Mad-Eye in there, and then this scene just sort of wrote itself... :P
Yes. They're looking for her, finally, and it's only a matter of time before she's caught... Aislinne is Luna's mother, yes. :)
Haha, Kreacher missed them. :P
I'm glad - they'll have a bit more of a talk in the next chapter. :)
Exactly; I'm trying to show that the prejudice runs both ways, and it's so easy to do that with the purebloods' ignorance/confidence about the possibility of Gryffindor. :)
I think Draco's definitely reached a turning point... But he's also realised that he's different now, and that could definitely cause some problems... :S
There will definitely be some Dora and Remus, and maybe some Dumbledore if I have the space to fit it in. :)
Aww, haha, thank you. :) It'll be up tomorrow. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #47, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: True Selves

21st August 2013:
They're finally back together. Finally.
Sirius is free!!! :-D
Harry, Remus and Sirius can finally share what has been happening in their respective lives.

I had kinda forgotten about Greyback... It's time you explain which Smoky is!
The thought of Remus fighting with Kreacher on his rights to cook in Kreacher's kitchen without magic is hilarious;-) (it took him more than two hours!)

Sirius is on to Narcissa... He thinks she's upto something - which she totally is - but back when they were in school he used to think she never had an opinion or a mind of her own. Narcissa has evolved way too much for him - now she can do anything to keep her family, especially her children, safe.

Sirius isn't being fair to Harry by not telling him about the entire encounter with Marlene. Although that's nothing which should be told to a nine year old, I think it's going to backfire on him somehow. And Harry's very perceptive - his question about Marlene not killing him throws Sirius off.

"Maybe Draco's right about magical hugs." Cute. Even us muggles have magical hugs:-)

At least they could solve the Life-Debt puzzle. That would have been difficult to solve if Harry kept quiet on the Kelpie thing. And then there's the Parseltongue. One more thing to look forward to - Sirius figured out Pettigrew was at the Malfoys. Is he going to keep quiet on that or present the information to the Ministry, who may or may not believe him? (depending on the amount of gold Lucius is willing to pay).

Sirius and Harry have a wonderful relationship - you've done that beautifully. One look, one word is enough for the other to know that something is wrong - it's the kind of relationship they should have had all along, with each other, and with James and Lily.
Sirius does a good job on convincing Harry that he can be who he wants and not what people expect of him - this is something which bothers Harry through Hogwarts, and it's being addressed at such a young age.

Marlene. The poor girl. I feel sorry for her now. I honestly feel that it was more difficult to live on the outside than inside Azkaban after the war. Of course, Sirius had a horrible time - living with the Dementors and more importantly the guilt of having let down his family. But for Remus and Marlene, they lost their family in one instance. For almost eight years, they've been alone, watching their remaining friends - Mary, Alice and Frank - waste away. They were unable to contact Harry, the one tie they had to James and Lily. All they had was hatred for Sirius. And though Remus was willing to believe his brother, Marlene was not ready to listen to Sirius. That is what lead her to make such a terrible decision - I'd hate to think of what would have happened if the Dementors hadn't created doubt in her mind. Now she has to live with the guilt of trying to kill an innocent man.
Knowing that whatever she did in the Wizarding World, Gawain would protect her, she turned to the muggle world - effectively making sure that absolutely no one would find her. But if they do - if Sirius finds out - what is he going to do? That's the big question.

The same officers who almost caught Sirius and James arresting Marlene? Hilarious. And to think his daughter wants her child to be called Elvendork! Poor baby;-)

Wonderful chapter once again, the light mood (expect the Marlene parts) was a nice change.

Author's Response: They are, yes. :)
It's nice that they get some down time. :)
I'm getting there, I promise; Tonks and Mad-Eye are looking into it. :)
I suspect Remus was killing a bit of time; he knew that Sirius and Harry needed to talk. :P But yes, when he did finally try to make tea, I daresay Kreacher protested.
He is, yes, but whether he'll work it out... :P I doubt he will; Sirius and Narcissa have some things in common, but they think so differently. Sirius could never teach Harry to be in a House, even if it meant it would make things easier; he'd let Harry be himself and then deal with the consequences. :P
There's no easy way to say something like that, especially to a child (no matter how mature he might be) It could, backfire, yes; I haven't decided on that. :S
Haha, I think hugs are magical, personally. :)
Harry was always going to confide about the Kelpie thing. Yes, they had to work out the Life-Debt - things could have got messy otherwise. :S They won't have as much luck sorting out the Parseltongue; the fact that it was a Kelpie has thrown them (if it was a normal snake, they'd have known right away). :P
Oh, Sirius knowing about Peter's location will definitely come up... it'll be an interesting confrontation, that's for sure. :P
I'm so glad you like the way they interact. :D They've got such a special relationship, and I just love the way it's developing. :)
I think it's a good thing that Sirius has given Harry this talk now - I daresay it'll happen again a few times - because it puts things in perspective, and he never had anyone to tell him that in canon. It'll be interesting to see how that changes his reaction to things. :P
Oh, Marlene. :S I think so too. At least Sirius knew what he was fighting. :S Remus and Marlene just wallowed in hate and self-pity. :S Remus has managed to climb out of that pit, and Marlene managed to shrug off the self pity, but the hatred was still there. :S She's got a lot to make up for, and a lot to learn to live with. :S
Exactly. She's not stable, but she's clever. :S Good question... :)
Yes. :D I couldn't help adding that in. :P
Thank you! Haha, it certainly needed to lighten a bit. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #48, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Guilty Hearts

14th August 2013:
Wow. You've done it again. Left me utterly speechless at the brilliance of your mind.

Dumbledore was a character who was always ready to give people second chances, be it Hagrid, Snape or Malfoy. But this, what you've brought out here, this is where that is shattered. Why didn't Dumbledore even TRY to find out Sirius's side of the story?

This question is completely applicable to canon as well, and the fact that millions of Potterheads have never asked it before (or at least, I've never thought of it that way) shows how much we trust Dumbledore to make the right decisions. In the first four books, he was ever-ready with an explanation of anything under the sun. Then in OoP we realise he can make mistakes and in HBP he dies. It's not until Deathly Hallows that we see how manipulative Dumbledore actually is, how much he leaves on chance, how he burdens people with tasks they cannot imagine themselves doing. My opinion on Dumbledore was mixed - a leader who can make mistakes and did whatever he could to make things right - but that was before this.

Sirius is my favourite character in the whole series, so pardon me if I'm a bit partial to him. When he got captured after Pettigrew blew up the street, he believed that he would be given a trial. But when he was taken to Azkaban, he probably wondered why no one fought for him - and came to the conclusion that everyone genuinely believed he betrayed James and Lily. But then this little thing comes up - Dumbledore gave Snape a trial but not him. I think what's biting him is the fact that SNAPE was given a second chance and not him. Snape, who's done some pretty horrible things, as Sirius points out.

Oh, did I mention that I absolutely HATE Fudge? I didn't? Oh well, now you know.

Gawain Robards. I was jumping with glee when he finally found Marlene and Pettigrew. Moody's reaction is brilliant - even he wants to believe Sirius, he just needed that tiny nudge to do so.
Marlene is so confused right now! She's obviously feeling really really guilty about trying to kill an innocent man - that too one who she knew and loved. And now she's scared of him, of what he'll say to her. Sirius has decided to actively ignore her, as we know already, and she was confused by his behaviour. But now, once she does pull herself together, she's going to want to apologize. If Sirius doesn't forgive her, I don't think anyone would blame him.

Moody and Scrimgeour grinning - they just love the fact that Fudge is going to go nuts in a couple of seconds. And the joke about chewing the furniture was a good speed breaker in the otherwise 'Sirius' chapter ;-) :-D

Then there's Harry with the fulfillment of the life-debt. How Harry knew that he had to order Pettigrew to spill, I don't understand, since all he knew was that he had power over Pettigrew. Maybe he just tried his luck.
It looked like dark magic, and anyone would guess the Imperius Curse was in play. Maybe Dumbledore understands what was going on. A tricky plot point - Pettigrew can't reveal anything about his time at the Malfoys, but Harry can. When Sirius and Remus - and probably Dumbledore - ask him about what happened, is he going to say he heard Snape and Narcissa talk about it? That's going to put everyone in trouble - especially Snape, who was lying to Dumbledore.

Finite. Another tie to James, who had also used Finite to end the 'shut up' order on Snape. Brilliant:-) It's like you play connect the dots!

Other crimes to be convicted for? Hasn't Sirius suffered enough? Now Fudge wants to convict him for becoming an Animagus to help a friend??? Did I mention I hate Fudge?
Hopefully, the sentence will be covered by the years he already spent in Azkaban.

Remus saying sorry to Dora is so sweet. Dora must have been on the edge the entire trial, with her believing Sirius was guilty and Remus was helping him. And then he's not, so she's feeling betrayed by Remus. She's spent so much time with him, helping him, telling him her secrets, and now, she finds out he didn't trust her the same way. But he couldn't - she's an Auror, if she knew, she would be duty bound to say something at the Ministry.

Sirius is angry at Dumbledore and wants him to stay away. Dumbledore is in the blame for everything after the war - from Azkaban to Harry ending up with the Dursleys. But there'll be a time when Sirius will need to forgive him. Because who else will know what to do with Voldemort's Horcruxes?

Like I said, you've blown my mind today, given me a lot to think about. The chapter was absolute genius:-)

Waiting eagerly for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Haha, aww, really? :D
He is always so forgiving, but for some reason, he couldn't do that for Sirius. I think it was probably because he was so close to Lily and James, and because he believed that Sirius actually murdered his best friend, but still... in canon, he wasn't willing to talk to Sirius (and Sirius probably wasn't willing to share) until Sirius was awaiting the Kiss in Flitwick's office. In this, Dumbledore wasn't really willing until Sirius had been caught as well. I love Dumbledore, but I don't think he's ever really made the right decisions for Sirius (Azkaban, keeping him cooped up in Grimmauld...)
Sirius is incredibly upset that Dumbledore wasn't willing to give him a chance, and the fact that it was Snape who got one in his stead... well, it doesn't help matters. He, as he said, still likes and respects Dumbledore, but he knows he shouldn't trust him, at least for the moment. :(
Haha, you definitely aren't the only one. :P
Robards is starting to grow on me - I think he's a very fair character (probably a Hufflepuff) - and I'm glad it was him who found Peter; anyone else would probably have gone after Marlene, and left Peter for later. Haha, yes, all he needed was a nudge. :)
Marlene's story arc has only just begun, I'm afraid, and it's probably going to get worse before it gets better; she knows exactly what she's done, and she also knows that there's probably not a lot she can do to fix it. :S
Haha, yes, like I said, you're not the only one who isn't a fan of Fudge... :P
That's exactly it - Harry had no idea what he was doing, and he was just going off of what he'd overheard and hoping for the best. :P It definitely looked bad - to anyone that was paying attention. There's going to be quite a bit of discussion about that. :P
Haha, it was an allusion to James - it's absolutely awesome that you pick up on little details like this! :D Thank you! :D
I think the Ministry (and Fudge) feel rather cheated and embarrassed, and they're probably going to try to pin something on Sirius, just to make sure he doesn't look completely innocent. :S Sirius will probably point that out, yes. :P
Remus and Dora have reached quite a complicated point in their friendship. To Dora, it seems like a lot of the trust she thought was there never really existed; I don't blame her for that, because it's a huge secret, but at the same time, he couldn't risk telling her, and I think she'll realise that eventually. :)
Sirius and Dumbledore have a lot to sort through, that's for sure. :S
Haha, yay! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
The next chapter's up!
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #49, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: The Witnesses

6th August 2013:
It's still Tuesday!
Not that I'm complaining:-D Just thought I'd check this story after completing White Flags -again- and got a surprise!

Wow, where to begin? First, I didn't react to the cliffhanger in the last review - what I'd thought was that Remus would get into trouble and he'd be misjudged because of his lycanthropy. But I completely expected him to stand up for Sirius. Because he didn't fight for Sirius last time.

The start to this chapter was so sad with Remus apologizing to the people who feel betrayed by him. Dumbledore's reaction is the most heartbreaking, because Remus never really wanted to lie to him.

Coming to Sirius... So snarky!! :-D The secret interaction between Remus and Sirius is brilliant!!! And then there's Sirius countering every single thing Dumbledore has to say... If I was Dumbledore, I'd be the most frustrated person in the world.
Then Scrimgeour comes up with his account. I can't say I was fond of the character during the books - and the movies helped in no way at all - but you have a way of twisting any character around;-)
I hope Robards has gone to get Marlene - and in the process, Pettigrew!!
The interaction between Matt and Harry was sweet, and the one with Draco was all the more amusing. Just adds more to his character, and speaks about what he's going through right now.

The story of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs is finally public. The end of the best kept secret.
Remus is willing to announce that he's a wolf, but honestly, how did Sirius think that the story of the Animagi would help? They needed a reason to transform, and Moony was the reason. Remus was right in speaking up.
And turning the with into a cow was brilliant:-)

"Oh Moony, I'm blushing."
"Shut up, you prat."
My favourite exchange in the chapter.

To answer your question, I'm writing a short story on Harry and Ginny's wedding, and a novel (which might turn out to be realy long) on the Marauders:-) The first is almost finished.

Since this was a day early, can we expect the next chapter on earlier too? Because, if you don't give me an answer, I'll be checking almost everyday, I'm that jobless;-)

Kudos on another brilliant chapter!

Author's Response: It is - I finished early and thought I'd surprise everyone. :D Haha, aww. :)
I'm glad you expected it - it was a very risky thing for him to do, standing up, but it was also something that he would have regretted not doing; it's his best friend up there, after all. :)
I felt sorry for Remus - he was always going to choose Sirius, but to do so, he risked losing everyone else. :( I found Dumbledore's response the saddest too, though Tonks' was probably a close second. :S
Yes, he was very snarky - he obviously went in with a plan and executed it perfectly. :) Haha, they're not really supposed to talk, but no one else can hear them, and I think they both need to be able to confer with someone, so they're getting away with it so far. :)
Yes, Dumbledore's having a bit of a rough time - I don't blame him for being frustrated - but there's a reason Sirius' arguments make sense... because they're true. :P
I didn't like Scrimgeour in the books either, and I didn't actually intend to make him very likable in this, but he's actually growing on me. :) He's fair, which I like, and he's genuinely trying to do the right thing. :)
Robards has gone to find Marlene, yes. :)
Haha, I had fun writing Matt and Harry together - it makes sense that they'd get along, because they both get on well with Remus. :)
Yes, on the outside, Draco's funny enough, but on the inside, he's probably a bit of a mess again, because he's learned a lot in a very short amount of time. :S It does, yes. :)
I know. :( It had to be that way, though; without Peter, and without being able to explain how Peter'd escaped, Sirius had no hope of being believed. I was a little sad to have to let Sirius give it up though. It felt a bit like betrayal. :/ Yes, Remus' unmasking was necessary, sadly. I daresay he's in for a lot of backlash, whether Sirius is freed or not. :S
Haha, yes, it was some nice work from Harry. :)
I enjoyed that part too. :P
Ooh, let me know when it is, and I'll have a look. :D
I can give you an answer - it'll be up next Wednesday. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #50, by GinnyPotterForeverInnocent: Falling Apart

3rd August 2013:
Can you imagine my surprise when I checked the story on Saturday night and found a new chapter? Although, I suppose Harry's birthday warranted one, and I should have taken your hint from the last reply.
On to the rollercoaster of emotions normal people call a chapter.

"Yes, Lucius thought, because telling him 'that' will help the boy sleep."
I love this line. Just shows how scared Lucius is of Bellatrix.
So Lucius knows Draco was getting Gryffindor lessons, but didn't remember to stop them when Harry came to stay? That's a bit negligent on his part - although, Narcissa knows exactly what's going on.
And then there's Draco and his new pro-muggleborn attitude. Ha! In your face, Lucy!:-P

Draco's got a whole new personality:-O He's prodding people, and he loves Mummy's hugs! But he still thinks muggleborns are different, shown by the fact that he asks Harry about Lily. It might just be morbid curiosity.
Harry trying to help Draco just reflects on his own character - helping someone even if he doesn't like them much (a characteristic thoroughly disliked by Ron in DH, when he screams 'If we die for them, I'll kill you Harry!' :-D).

Marlene. For the first time since 'Marlene's Revenge', I feel for her. She's hurting for Sirius no matter what happens (in her eyes, it's Azkaban or being kissed - at least until this point).
Harry certainly has a way with words - something he's learnt from both Sirius and Remus. And his smile reminds Marlene of Remus, since Remus used to smooth-talk the boys out of all kinds of situations.

The first few lines in Matt's P.O.V. made me laugh out loud. How Remus is scared of Dora is so adorable - pun intended.
And Dora has actually prepared for this! No wonder Remus is scared. She's basically predicted exactly what he's gonna say and countered it:-) Mad-Eye being funny and not wanting to get involved was a bonus;-)

Back to Marlene at Godric's Hollow.
'Grab him!' were the first words out of my mouth. Pettigrew was stupid to go there - Snape or Remus just might have dropped in. Thank Merlin they didn't - he'd have run the opposite direction otherwise. Why was he there in the first place? The last time he visited, he made it clear - nothing personal. Was he thinking of giving himself in? I don't think so.
Pettigrew has super-smelling powers too?
My heart is in my mouth as Marlene starts to fall into the web of lies Pettigrew quickly spins after her first moment of doubt - but then he slips. Finally - finally, the rat falls. And Marlene - who wants nothing more than to believe Sirius's version of events - catches on immediately. And acts accordingly. I just hope the dormio spell is strong enough to keep him subdued till she gets to the Ministry.
Now that Marlene knows Sirius is innocent, her entire outlook has to change. She's been trying to kill an innocent man, someone who she once loved, who loved her back, her last tie to long lost friends. She already feels remorse, and I hope she can pull it together in time to get Pettigrew to the courtroom. Now she's going to do everything in her power to see that Sirius is free (and unless you decide that he shouldn't be free for some reason, he actually should be). And when he is, what is his reaction going to be? This is going to be complicated enough as it is.

Sirius is back after a long time! Yippee! There wasn't much going on with him, but I missed his easy humor in the last few chapters.
Black robes were the standard in a courtroom weren't they? If so, colours are a huge departure;-) Black for Black - lets all go Goth!
Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Who are the other witnesses for offense? Dawlish and Dumbledore, obvious. Clearwater? Any relation to Penelope Clearwater? Because, as far as I remember, she was muggleborn (petrified by the basilisk).

Completely unrelated to this chapter, but what of Smoky and the entire mystery behind Melvin's death? I know Greyback explained a little, but not enough.

Anyway, this chapter was brilliant - inspiring my longest review ever. Your writing is absolutely fantastic, so much that I go back to your older stories when I'm bored. I hope my (still to be completed) story which I got inspired to dig up on Harry's birthday gets half the response yours do when I finally post it.

A belated Happy Rowling Day! :-)

Author's Response: Haha, well, hopefully it was a good surprise. :)

I think everyone's scared of Bella to be honest, but it was a good way to remind everyone that - no matter how unlikable he is - that Lucius is actually still human. :P He does - he proposed the idea, remember? What he doesn't know is that Snape's not the one teaching him to be a Gryffindor, and that Snape is actually teaching him spy skills. :P

Perhaps a bit negligent, except even Draco doesn't know what his lessons are really for, so it's not likely Harry would be able to work it out, particularly given the Malfoy family's reputation. It just seems like Draco and Snape are very close and spend time together most days. :P

Haha, yes Draco's new attitude is funny, though he's still not completely sure if he's pro-muggleborn; he just thinks he is. :P There's definitely a sort of morbid curiosity there, and you're right that he still thinks they're a different species... but baby step, I suppose. :P Yes, Harry had a noble moment, helping out someone to return a favour, but also because it was the right thing to do. :)

Marlene's had a pretty rough journey to get up to this point, and it quite literally about to fall apart, because, no matter which side she chooses, she's still losing. :S Harry has picked up a few tricks along the way, and he's starting to mirror Remus as well as Sirius. :)

I'd be scared of her too; Remus isn't one for confrontations (of any kind) and he already knows he shouldn't have ignored her, so I can't imagine he's looking forward to being told off. :P Matt, of course, is a few steps ahead of both of them, and knows to just leave them to it, and I daresay even Mad-Eye's caught on at this point. :P

Remus might have, but Peter would have tried to talk him around like he tried to with Marlene, and Peterhas no reason to think Snape might go there (as far as he's concerned, Snape's a Death Eater).
He went there because it's a quiet place where he won't be disturbed while he's making peace with his guilty conscience, and it's also the last place that anyone would think to look for him. Marlene was only there because she started to freak out and Gawain sent her there to try to get herself angry enough to sit through the trial. I think giving himself in certainly crossed his mind, but no, he was never going to. :/ He does, yes, but once Marlene arrived, running would have made herself look guilty, and he doesn't have a wand, so his only real option was to talk his way out of it.
Yes, she very nearly believed him; originally, I'd planned to have Marlene find him well before the trial and actually believe him, and together they'd have tried to kill Sirius again, but then Marlene went a bit crazy after her failed attempt, and isn't really in any state to be trying to kill anyone. :P She had a lot more self-doubt than I initially anticipated, and so I had to change the events a bit. :)
And yes, finally he messed up and was caught. :P The best part was that Marlene felt so sick about what she'd done that it effectively masked the rest of her scent, so Peter had no way to know she was going to put him to sleep. The spell will last long enough, but she'll probably reinforce it with other spells, just in case. Her biggest problem will be pulling herself together in time. :S Things are going to get very complicated from here on out. :S

He's back, yes! :D I know - I missed him too. :) Haha, yes, I figured people had to show their support (or lack of) somehow, and robe colour seemed like a good way to go. :)

Clearwater is the guard who was on duty the night Sirius escaped (probably the brother of Penelope's father), and Knight is the Hit Witch who was first on the scene after Peter's 'death'. :)
That's still under investigation; Dora and Mad-Eye are still hunting the perpetrator, and there'll be a bit on that once the trial's done. :)
Thank you so much! :D Haha, it is long. :P Aww! Ooh, what's it about? :D
Thank you so much for the review!

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