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Review #1, by GinnyPotterForeverIce Baby: period three

3rd April 2018:
Loved this! Lily and James are soo amazing!
And Sirius and Remus *sigh*
They're all so perfect.
I loved the concept of soulmates. Not something I'd read before. Do you have any recommendations on soulmate-based AUs?

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Review #2, by GinnyPotterForeverTraitorous Hearts: The Man in the Mirror

18th August 2017:
Hey! I love your writing! This story is so different from what we usually find!
I absolutely love Astoria and Draco! And the Gryffindor characters are amazingly written too!
Congratulations on the success of the story! Since you are taking opinions, I would love something from Seamus's point of view. What is he thinking? How did he develop his feelings for Astoria? Also, Astoria should definitely give him a chance, he's such a darling!
Keep up the great work!

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Review #3, by GinnyPotterForeverYou're Worse Than Crucio: Epilogue

3rd February 2017:
Wow! Loved the whole thing! So beautifully written! Even though it's AU, the essence of the characters remained the same and that's what was most attractive about this. I wish we got to know the Sirius-Marlene back story though, because I'm a sucker for Sirius finding true love. Anyhoo, thanks for this brilliant story!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! The Sirius-Marlene backstory is an ever-growing plot bunny in my head, so we'll see if it ever ends up being word vomited onto a screen. :D

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Review #4, by GinnyPotterForeverYou're Worse Than Crucio: Witch Weekly's Most Charming Scowl Award

2nd February 2017:
It's been a long time since I've read a good new Jily! I'm always on the prowl and I've finally stumbled upon this gem of a thing.

Love this whole idea. Can't wait to meet Sirius. Haven't actually read Pride and Prejudice (sue me) but thoroughly enjoying this!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! Hopefully it still resonates even without the p&p connection!

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Review #5, by GinnyPotterForeverStuck on the Puzzle: It Stalls

18th November 2016:
I'm sorry about the really sorry reviews, but that's more my style. I love how they started at Emerald and Raven, bypassed Emmy and Rav-Rav, and descended straight into Green, Beaky, Sparkly, and Caw. That was just hilarious.

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Review #6, by GinnyPotterForeverImpose: Brothers And Parents

14th January 2016:
New story! Can't wait to see what it brings!

Is that a dreamcatcher that Bill gives Ginny? Because that is really sweet. I love the way you've portrayed Ginny coping with the aftermath of possession, it gives an insight we never see in the book.

Kreacher destroying the locket is justice. He was many to do it and he did. I love that he could finally keep his promise.

Alan Rickman passed away and I can't help but think the Harry Potter -verse is going to be similarly saddened over the years. :'(

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Review #7, by GinnyPotterForeverIdentity: Hearing Things

11th December 2015:
So this was a nice birthday present! :)

Glad to know you're still alive ;) my brother was going nuts. We were discussing a theory on how it seemed like there was some problem with the mandrakes... Oh well, it seems fine now.

Fudge is an idiot and I hope he stays away from Hogwarts. It seems like PoA is meshing into CoS!

Keep up the great work! Thanks for an awesome chapter!

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Review #8, by GinnyPotterForeverOblivion: Storms May Shake the World

10th November 2015:
Even as I read Draco's words I realised that it could only be Lillian Rourke... Hell, Selena is going to be crushed. I always thought it was Lockett who sold them out in Venice, but then, she never had a reason to side with the Council before Scorpius died.

I love this chapter, by the way. Love the whole story, in fact. Keep writing awesome stuff!

Author's Response: Nope, Nat had no reason to help the Council before Scorpius died. Lillian, however - well, we'll get to her reasons in the next few chapters!

I will absolutely keep writing, don't worry! And thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by GinnyPotterForeverOblivion: Walked With Dreams and Darkness

28th October 2015:
It's taken me a week, but I just finished reading this entire trilogy. In one week, Methuselah died, Matt joined the Five, they were all presumed dead, Matt came back to life, Scorpius died, and came back to life, was supposed to die again and didn't. Wow.

You are an amazing writer. I love your characters, especially Scorpius (he's the kind of guy I could fall for) and Selena (who's awesome).

I hope you keep writing this story forever! I'm really interested to know how Scorpius will react when he finds out Nat Lockett is a part of the Council. And I'd love to see another wedding (hint hint, could be any of the couples now, but Al and Eva would be hilarious!)

Author's Response: Yay, new readers! So glad you're enjoying, so glad you've stuck it out. It's probably been quite a whirlwind ride, considering this story started three and a half years ago! :D

Selena has absolutely been the runaway star of the entire story. I never expected her to turn out as awesome as she is.

Alas, the story will end. Only ten chapters left now, and then the trilogy will be finally concluded. And I couldn't POSSIBLY comment on if there'd be any marriages between now and the end of the epilogue...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by GinnyPotterForeverIdentity: Those Few Minutes

23rd September 2015:
Why does Harry have to be such a hero! He could have come upstairs with Tomb and Ginny, and then directed Sirius to the Chamber for the diary! And he could have opened the Chamber with parseltongue! How is Sirius supposed to save him now?

Loved the chapter, hope to see the next one soon! And also, since this year is coming to a close, are you going to be writing three next part soon?

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Review #11, by GinnyPotterForeverIdentity: Closure

26th August 2015:
This isn't happening!

I know it's been a long time since I've written a review. But this is plain crazy!
My brother bet that the basilisk would confuse the two Malfoys and Hydrus would be petrified (yes we discuss about the Innocent world as if it were cannon) but I was right!
But the school can't close! That's too horrible! How will they go down to the Chamber of Secrets now?! And Ginny! She'll still be at school because of Riddle!

As always, great chapter! (But scary great!)

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Review #12, by GinnyPotterForever101 Uses for Duct Tape: Use 1: Tape Hand

21st February 2015:
Hello! It's been ages since I've seen a new Marauder story! I love the concept, that they find duct tape, it was really interesting. (Tape hand ;) that was funny!)

Peter never really appealed to me as a character (it's quite apparent why) but I think you caught his behaviour well. Looking forward to the other Marauder POVs, hopefully there'll be some Lily as well?

Loved it! :)

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Review #13, by GinnyPotterForeverIdentity: The Defence Professor

25th January 2015:
Yes, yes, yes!!! Remus and Dora are back!
Fangirl moment over.

So last week I was wondering how Harry and Ron would get to Hogwarts because Dobby would seal the platform anyway. Harry is a little more sensible than in the books, he has a better understanding of the wizarding world so the Knight Bus is an obvious choice. At least they didn't get into too much trouble ;)

Remus went back to Dora!! Yayy!! The DADA teacher curse has to take effect somehow... And Harry is stuck with Lockhart... I'm looking forward to Remus explaining his move to Sirius and Harry, that's going to be interesting ;)
Awesome chapter as always! :D

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Review #14, by GinnyPotterForeverIdentity: A Bad Idea

7th December 2014:
Hello again! Hope you had a nice break from writing!:D

I love how Identity is progressing!

The part about Harry and Ron deciding to fly the Ford Anglia to Malfoy Manor was absolutely brilliant! I kept wondering how the story line of CoS would tie in here, because so much is different in this world, but I never thought of something like this!

Dumbledore doesn't want Remus to get hit by the DADA teachers curse ;) of course, Remus is a brilliant professor, he must have realized that no DADA professor has lasted more than a year since their school days!

And even though breaking up with Dora so that she can pursue her dreams is totally something he would do (I mean, he DID try to leave her when she was pregnant), I hate the idea of them not being together. Dora gives up way too easily as well - but I hope she does something about that (like another sneak attack early on the morning after a moon). I don't think I want to know Sirius's reaction to this - Dora is his cousin, after all - he's going to be pretty miffed.

You've been spoiling us for too long with a chapter a week (sometimes more)... It only seems fair you get a break sometimes.
But Christmas still feels like too long away.

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Review #15, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: The Cost Of Freedom

1st November 2014:
Awesome ending! Didn't really expect it to end now, though... seeing as Innocent was so long ;)

I love every bit of every story of yours! :D

Thanks for keeping Sirius alive (yay!)

Looking forward to the next story... A month is a long time to wait!

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Review #16, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: Aches And Pains

21st September 2014:

Okay. I'm calm now. Maybe not.

So King is Quirrel II and Voldemort is possessing him. I think.

Where does McGonagall have scars from? I can't remember.

What happened to Sirius??? I can't wait till next week to find out!!!

Please say he isn't dead! He can't be dead.

Maybe I need a calming draught.

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Review #17, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: King And Croaker

19th September 2014:
I know I haven't reviewed for a LONG time... I feel really bad!!

You can't kill Sirius! Not now!!
I remember one review from a long time ago, where you said that in this world you've created no one is really safe, not even Sirius... Please don't do this.
I might find a way to send curses in reviews otherwise.

I finally convinced my brother to stray into the 'Innocent' world and he loves it! He read all your stories without telling me! :D

Now Snape is Moody ;) and there's a new Potions teacher who I don't really like... And the veil is a new addition to the Department of Mysteries, so it better not be working right!!

All in all great chapter!

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Review #18, by GinnyPotterForeverHate: Andromeda Tonks

11th August 2014:
Wow. That summary just pulled me in and then.

I never thought of something like this - I think Andromeda has enough targets to aim her hate at. Any mother would feel the same for their child.

This was good. Liked it :)

Author's Response: Among other things, I'm very glad my summary was enough to pull you in! I've never been quite sure where I stand in summary-writing skills. :P

Ugh, poor poor Andromeda. :( She has so many people to resent, you're so right. She went through so much and yet she's not written about that much, I really love her as a character.

I'm so glad you thought so! Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #19, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: Answers And Avoidance

22nd July 2014:
It seems like it's been ages since I haven't written a review... And it has been! I can't remember when I last reviewed! With a summer internship and one late night when I started posting my own story (gulp!) free time has been rare.

Love the direction the story is going in...
I think Harry's knowledge of the prophecy is the major turning point of Initiate... As we know, Dumbledore blamed himself for not telling Harry earlier in OoTP, and this really takes the whole story in to a different level.
Not that it wasn't different already.I mean, Sirius is out, Harry has a family, Draco is becoming the next white sheep and Remus and Dora are already together.

Did I mention I love the world you've created? I didn't?
Oh well. I love it!!

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Review #20, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: Lion Hearted

11th May 2014:
Wow... Draco really starting to resent the fact that he has to sit with the Slytherins... Poor guy's really confused.
The owl died too? What is going on? At least now Sirius can't be blamed for Morton's death. I think.
Number of freckles. That's the way he tells them apart. Wow. I can see a friendship developing there! ;)

The incantation sounds really good! Harry always talked about the line with 'fur as dark as night' but the storm and lightning one sounds much better.
Thanks for throwing in James and Sirius's incantations - they were a real treat. You put a lot of effort in the details, I think that's what draws me to this story :D

Sirius telling Harry about Marlene is so adorable! ^_^

Waiting for the next chapter! ;) (it's Sunday and it isn't here yet.)

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Review #21, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: Time To Talk

4th May 2014:
I haven't read the next chapter yet, and I'm dying to... so this is gonna be quick.

Harry and Blaise - went as well as expected. Poor Blaise. Hopefully he'll know he can trust Harry soon.

Christopher and Sirius and then Severus - Sad. And then Weird. Severus is worried about Sirius (that's a first)

Harry and Remus - They're so shocked that Sirius hasn't come to meet them yet ;)

Sirius and Remus - Punch! Yes!!! :D And they still haven't figured out the Room of Requirement isn't a garage?

Sirius and Marlene - Yay!!! Fangirling!!! :D About time really!

Great chapter, I'm off to read the next! ;)

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Review #22, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: Helpless, Hindered, Hero

26th April 2014:
Wow... Awesome chapter once again.

The entire business with Morton sounds really fishy.

Sirius and Marlene! (You can't see it, but I was dancing)
"That was proof that relatives have rubbish timing, no matter how old they are." I LOVE THIS.
Dora is brilliant, I love her and everything, but let's just hope she doesn't pop up in another scene like this.

When Draco helps Neville and the whole flying away thing doesn't happen, I was thinking Harry might not get into the team. But he did! :D This way was more fun, Draco gets to be on their side now! ;)

Eager for the next chapter!

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Review #23, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: A Proper Welcome

14th April 2014:
Since the next chapter is out already, I'll leave a short review: LOVED THIS!!!

I like how Severus doesn't need too many words to convey his message. It's as if the two are united in the one mission - and that only.
Lucius has a soft side... who knew?

Draco might look exactly like people are expecting him to look but Harry and him entering the Great Hall together must have shocked some people to next week ;)

Tonks wrote to Harry! Aw.

Oh no... Draco is trying to fit in with the Slytherins! This is bad... At least, Blaise's questions have been answered... He now knows that it's actually Harry!

And the best part of the chapter! OMR I was sooo excited when Fred realised Harry said Moony! And then the squealing, the 'get the guy alone', and finally, they found them! THEY FOUND THE MARAUDERS!!! I think it's my one unfulfilled HP wish (except an entire book series on the Marauders) to find out how Fred and George react when they find out about Sirius and Remus in OoTP... You just made half of it come true... And the welcome! Complete with Moony laughing and apologising to a distraught McGonagall!
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this bit.

I guess 'short review' has changed definitions now.

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Review #24, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: Sorting Things Out

4th April 2014:
Wow, I'm really late again. But I manage to read new chapters as soon as they are up! :)

I was going to review on April 1st, but the entire food/names thing made me go and look at some of the other stories. My favourite was James Potter as Peanut Butter Pastry and Lily Evans as Jelly Evans. That makes James and Lily 'Peanut Butter and Jelly'. :D

Anyway, on to the chapter!

Yeah, so, I didn't think there was anything going on with Morton except that he's a prejudiced pain in the - but it never hurts to be sure.
Marlene asked Sirius out! Yay! ;) It's sad that he had to postpone, but Harry will always be the number one priority for him. But now he knows that at some level, she likes him too!

Draco's in Gryffindor!!! Yippee!!! Awesome! This changes EVERYTHING!!!
Harry's sorting was different, he doesn't ask to *not* to be sorted in Slytherin, and that's what makes him "brave and stupid", the very definition of a Gryffindor (for some people). Hope that doesn't change anything.
Will we get a Blaise POV soon? How does he react to Hermione at the Sorting? He still doesn't know exactly who Harry is - so that's gonna be interesting.
The School song - nice touch ;)

Wow... Sirius telling Harry about breaking the rules... It kinda makes you see exactly how much he's grown up to become a good parent. If he was just a godfather, the advice might have been different, but here, he's a dad, with full responsibilities of a child who's been through a lot.
I like how when Sirius thinks Harry's in Slytherin, he makes sure not to show any disappointment. But then, he realises, it's Gryffindor, and we get an 'Excellent'!
Harry gets James's bed! Awww. There are six beds here though... who gets the other Marauder's beds??

Looking forward to other adventures!!

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Review #25, by GinnyPotterForeverInitiate: The Professor's Intervention

28th March 2014:
Sorry for the really late review... I've been caught up in a ton off stuff. Awesome chapter, by the way, but I really don't like Cliffhangers.

The compartment should be quite full, with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Hydrus, Crabbe and Goyle. I particularly like the line where Harry comments on Remus's sixth sense for detecting trouble ;)
Regulus with silver skin... that's from Brothers - like always, I love it when you do that.
Remus sees James in Harry, but Harry is not James, like he proved when he didn't argue further. Too many years at the Dursleys saw to that.
Poor Harry - he just realised he was famous :S

The last bit, where we're waiting for the verdict on Draco,I was scrolling down ever so carefully, making sure I wouldn't go to the next line before I read the one I was on, and - BOOM! Chapter's done.

Why do authors love cliffhangers???!!!???

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