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Review #1, by 1magic1Finale: Get Them Out

15th May 2005:
Hey nicely done kreepy but really really good keep on going

Author's Response: Thanks, creepy was kinda what I was going for! =D

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Review #2, by 1magic1The Dark Lord: The End of the War

15th May 2005:
hey good start, scary, but good lol

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #3, by 1magic1A New Life: Prologue

15th May 2005:
hey nice story keep it going

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Review #4, by 1magic1Wonderful Beginnings: CHAPTER 1

10th May 2005:
great story sounds awsome, that would be cool for harry to see his old house jk should put it in

Author's Response: Thanks...for your kind words...

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Review #5, by 1magic1The return of the Lord: A summer without Sirius

22nd April 2005:
hey great story keep going :)

Author's Response: thanx,Chapter 2 is comin up!

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Review #6, by 1magic1A Random Year: Diagonal Alley!!

24th February 2005:
i miss the midget...

Author's Response: you do? I can get another one if u want! :D

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Review #7, by 1magic1The Earth is My Center: The Earth is My Center

24th February 2005:
weird is this supposed to be a dream or somin?

Author's Response: nope not a dream, but soemthing.

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Review #8, by 1magic1Discovering the Future: New beginnings

22nd February 2005:
hey great story, i think that this might have some dark magic in it cuz i cant take my eyes off of it lol

Author's Response: Shhh! Don't give away my secret! lol j/k I am glad that you have enjoyed my story so far.. Thank you so much for your review - Jenn

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Review #9, by 1magic1An Alternate Ending: Home Again

11th February 2005:
hey nice story i think its really accurate to where OOTP left off

Author's Response: Thanks, although in retrospect I think that Remus and Harry may be too close. I don't think they'll end up like that in book six but never mind :o)

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Review #10, by 1magic1The Pensieve: The Pensieve

10th February 2005:
!!! hurry and rite the next chapter i cant wait!!! lol

Author's Response: Okay I will I will!

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Review #11, by 1magic1Harry Potter and the Ancient Alliance: Happy Birthday Harry Weasley

7th February 2005:
cool story, its really good so keep writing i really like what ginny says before she walks off, it was like moment stopping lol

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I must have wrote that Harry/Ginny scene at least 10 times before posting it. Stay tuned chapters 5 and 6 are coming.

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Review #12, by 1magic1The Ultimate Sacrifice: The Ultimate Sacrifice

5th February 2005:
i like it, i think that the beginning is really sweet

Author's Response: Thank you Thank You Thank you. You are the 1st person to reveiw for me and I am glad someone other then me likes it. You made my day You rock.

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Review #13, by 1magic1Love, Hate, and War: Best Birthday Ever

30th January 2005:
aww i like the birthday party part its really sweet

Author's Response: thanks. the birthday part took me quite a while to write Im glad you liked it.

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Review #14, by 1magic1Love, Hate, and War: Love, Hate, and War

30th January 2005:
pretty good nice flashback

Author's Response: Thank you. I tried to make the flashback as good as i could.

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