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Review #1, by MagykNarglePolychromatic: I'm Not One For Love Songs, And I Want Everything For You

18th July 2017:
The raw emotion in this chapter-- of all sorts ;)--is beautiful.

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Review #2, by MagykNarglePolychromatic: I Know I'll Never Die Alone Because of All of You

18th July 2017:
I didn't remember this chapter at all, but I know I've read it because it was already in my favorites! Regardless, this was one of my favorite chapters in the entire story and it was absolutely lovely! Everything about it, from the writing to the story to the everything. :)

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Review #3, by MagykNarglePolychromatic: This is Your Night (Smile, 'Cause You'll Go Out in Style)

18th July 2017:
This is definitely one of my favorite stories on this site-- this is my second or third time reading it now I believe. Sorry if I haven't left many reviews this time through.

As much as I love this story (and I do), this chapter sort of disappointed me. Your writing is lovely, as is the story itself, it's just that I was personally hoping for some advice. I know Anna isn't particularly contemplative, so I shouldn't expect it, but I feel a connection to her in the sense that all of my friends have just graduated highschool, and I've still got a year to go. I guess I was just hoping for some of Anna's thoughts on how to go on without her best mates at her school, especially considering she barely has any other friends. So, yeah.
I love this story, though. You've done a brilliant job.
Thank you.

Author's Response: Well as life would have it I am writing again and happen to be around HPFF some! Anna does have some avoidance tendencies but if you'll allow Anna's creator to give some advice I'd love to.

It can be brutal when friends leave school before you because everyone else is already friends with someone. Sure, you have friends still who you are less close to but then you're on the outside basically.

The best advice I can give you is not to close yourself off. I was your age when I was writing this but I'm now almost closer to 30 than 20. (Yikes!) I moved away from all of my friends and made myself miserable for 3 years lamenting the loss of my closest friends and feeling sorry for myself. Just don't do it! Throw yourself more into clubs sports whatever extracurricular you do.

Anna goes on to make better friends with people she was casually friends with before and I think she did the best she could!

(And of course stay in touch with your best friends!!!)

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Review #4, by MagykNargleHaversham Westley's School for Boys: epilogue.

1st December 2015:
This was incredible! I started reading yesterday, being home sick from school, and I've just finished. The writing is amazing-- not at all like JK's but still somehow very similar? I don't know, that made sense in my head-- and I love the characters. Actually, it reminded me a lot of the Mysterious Benedict Society, if you've read those books. Mainly because of Essie, I think, being like Constance. Regardless, fantastic job! I'll be checking now to see if you've written anything else! ^-^

Author's Response: thank you so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it so much! i've never read the books but they sound great - especially if there's a character like Essie (she's my fave). thank you again for reviewing!

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Review #5, by MagykNargleCrime of Passion: Plans

6th January 2015:
Please please please write a spin off featuring Freddy trying to juggle fire.

Author's Response: Funny that you mentioned it, but I was considering a spin off with him... Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by MagykNargleThe Redhead: Albus: The New Year's Eve Party

31st August 2014:
I see what you did there. Both times, hahaha. With the "physical being" thing, and with the supermegafoxyawesomehot thing. :) I approve. Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much these reviews mean a lot to me :) Please keep reading and review my work it makes me very happy :D

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Review #7, by MagykNargleThe Redhead: Bree: The Quidditch Match

31st August 2014:
I'm really enjoying this story! The characters are amazing. Sorry, I'd be giving a much better review, except I'm sick and my brain is sort of fried. Do ya mind if I point out some typos real quick, though?

"he and Dom had a little snog session." Isn't it Jules dating Rick?

"Jules and Rick startd snogging…again"

Author's Response: oooh that's an embarrassing typo thank you so much I shall rectify that right away :) Anyway I'm glad you like my story :D Please check out my other one if you get the time :)

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Review #8, by MagykNargleCara Sterling's Guide to the Marauders.: Card House Dreamer;

27th June 2014:
RAB RAB RAB OMG. XD That sounds like a rap. Sorry I haven't reviewed at all until now-- I tend to save mine until the ends of stories! I DO think this story is brilliant, though, by the way. :)
Great job, and I'm sorry I'm too lame to write a longer, better review.

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #9, by MagykNargleMoonlit Sonata: Confusion

19th June 2014:
This story is brilliant! Ever since I remembered that other people can be werewolves besides Remus and Fenrir (Yes, I'm stupid, I know xD), I've wanted to read a story like this. I DEFINITELY ship it, but I've got a feeling you're going to break them up so she'll be with Sirius. I love Reana, though, so I hope I'm wrong!

Anyway, brilliant job so far! :)

Author's Response: Haha don't worry, I forget sometimes too. Remus and Fenrir do seem to be the only ones that matter sometimes. But it's nice to give Remus someone he can connect with outside of his friends.

Just keep reading and you'll see what happens. :) Thanks for reviewing and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

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Review #10, by MagykNargleTerror in the Night: Prologue

17th March 2014:
This looks brilliant! It's well written and I'd very excited to see where it goes. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reviewing. I am glad that you think it's well written as I barely even edited it. I really hope that you enjoy what i have planned for it!

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Review #11, by MagykNargleEfflorescence : Owls and NEWTs

17th March 2014:
This story looks quite good so far! I'll look forward to seeing more. :)
(Sorry, I almost never leave long reviews in the early chappies of a story.)

Author's Response: Thankyou for the review! I'm glad you're liking the story. I've written the next few chapters, so they'll be up soon for you to read! xx

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Review #12, by MagykNargleYou Can Write The Book: it's all in the details

5th March 2014:
Well, then. Thanks for making me just about cry!
Honestly, though, this was beautiful! You reviewed /my/ Colin one-shot at some point today, so I decided I'd check out your work! And Merlin, I was /not/ disappointed!

I love the way you described Colin in all his cheerful glory, and the passion he felt towards photography. It was truly spot-on! It's also brilliant how you included the bit about the basilisk and the effect it had on poor Colin. Just like a lot of people forget that he died in the war, lots of people also forget his role in the second book. But you didn't! And for that I commend you! :)

Anyway, brilliant job! I'll be sure to check out some of your other stories. ^.^


Author's Response: Hello! Aww, what a lovely surprise review! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read and review. ♥ And I'm sorry for the feels! Poor Colin. :(

I love the way you described him - "cheerful glory". That's him, completely. That's who Dennis sees, all the small, banal moments that make up Colin's life rather than the war hero that he's posthumously recognised for. And I'm glad you like the inclusion of the basilisk attack. CoS is the book in which Colin appeared most frequently, so I felt that I had to mention something about that in the fic.

Ah, Colin and Dennis - they're the forgotten brothers of the series. Everyone remembers the Weasley twins and mourns for them, but the Creeveys get significantly less attention, which is such a sad thing, seeing as they were just as brave, and they were Gryffindors as well.

Thank you so much for this lovely review, my dear! It has absolutely made my day!


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Review #13, by MagykNargleThe Final Testimony: The Final Testimony

3rd March 2014:
This was amazing! I don't think anyone really gives Frank and Alice enough credit for their amazing job of keeping Neville away from harm. It's truly brilliant how well you portrayed them!

However, I did get rather confuzzled by the parts in italics; it wasn't really clear what was going on there, and there were a few typos, I think.

Still, it was a beautiful one-shot. Thanks!

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Review #14, by MagykNargleCourage of a Badger: Prolouge

21st February 2014:
This is really well written, and I'm curious to see how it's going to continue!
I was merely perusing the 'Recently Updated' area and saw this. I thought it looked interesting, because I love stories about Lucy Weasley. I /do/ feel like she gets overlooked a lot, because Molly's older and everyone seems to care about her more. Lucy intrigues me, and you did a brilliant job of bringing her to life here! I love your writing style, as well as (as I think I've already said) the plot. My only other comment is that I'd think (rather, hope) that by the time the Next Gen comes along, homosexuality will be more acceptable. That's only a few years off, though, so... I dunno. It's up to you! :D
Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: First, thank you for such a lovely review! In my head I actually had Molly as being younger, but that wasn't a for-sure thing, so... But it is good to see that Lucy is interesting for someone besides me. :D
Anyway - homosexuality. I wholeheartedly agree with you that I think by the time of the Next Gen homosexuality would be more acceptable. But, what I think is more important is Lucy's personal view on the subject. She's spent her whole life as the invisible one and she's scared of anything that would make her different, even if her family and the rest of the world wouldn't actually judge her for it. Someone who was more confident (like my head-canon Lily, for example) wouldn't be hiding as much as Lucy, who's scared, not only of her sexual orientation, but of risking a friendship for possible love. Thank you so much for reviewing, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #15, by MagykNargleThe Abundance of Potters: Valentine's Days, Pictures and Daddy Drama

5th February 2014:
I think this was my favorite so far. ^_^ It's probably bad, but I loved the depressing part.. And I loved Ty, and so I'm sad he's probably gone. This was really well written! And the plot is great, too.

Author's Response: Haha thank you! Nah, I understand you- I always love the sad bits in books :D Well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out ;)

Thanks for the lovely review, glad you're enjoying it! Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #16, by MagykNargleThe Abundance of Potters: The Flu, Jatrina or Katbus and the Return of the Ex-Girlfriend

4th February 2014:
So, I know I reviewed on a much earlier chappie saying I liked Jatrina better... but I don't anymore. Weird how that works, aye? Katbus is just so cute, and they work better, I think. ^_^ I hope that's where this story's headed.
Again, still loving the story! Great job!

Author's Response: Haha, don't worry we had a lot of people who swapped between the pairings nearly every chapter ;) I did myself! I can't give you any spoilers I'm afraid...
Good, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for the lovely review :) Keep reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by MagykNargleThe Abundance of Potters: Dresses, Potions Whizzes and Surprising Kisses

29th January 2014:
I like James/Kat. ^_^ More than Al/Kat, which I guess is weird but meh. This story is really well written! I lurve it and stuffs. Thanks!

Author's Response: Hey, sorry about the late reply! Haha, no that#s not weird :) we've had a lot of James/Kat people so that's fine! Thank you very much; I'm glad you enjoy it. Hope to hear from you again!

Thanks for the lovely review.

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Review #18, by MagykNargleDon't Let Me Go: Crazy Train

28th December 2013:
I saw your response to my review on the 4th chapter (Thanks so much! :D) and so. Here I am. With yet another comment thing. So. Their ship name. It could be Louaran, like I stated in that other review thing, or it could be Ciaris [See-air-ee] which sounds cooler but looks weirder. Hmm. :D Anyway, again, great story! Please, please, please update again soon. C:

Author's Response: Ciaris looks weird and wonderful, just like Ciaran. Sounds cool, too. Can we have that? :D

Thank you so much! More will be up soon!


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Review #19, by MagykNargleBreak Me: Lucy

25th December 2013:
I am still in control.
I am trying to get better.
Thank you.

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Review #20, by MagykNargleThe Art of Breathing.: Drifting.

25th December 2013:
Wow. This is the most recent chapter that I hadn't already reviewed. I just finished reading this story for the second time. Do you know why? Because it's quite possibly my favorite. It is a completely and perfectly beautiful story, especially the last chapter, which could NOT have been more perfect in any way.
As a person who struggles with depression, I can understand Becky. As someone who's lost family members, I can sympathize with Johnny and the rest of that family. As someone who's been bullied, I understand Snape and Lily. As someone who is masked with a smile, I understand Sirius. And I could continue to ramble, but I won't. The point of all of that is- I suppose- to tell you how much this story means to me. It's not just fanfiction in my mind (Merlin, I /am/ cheesy!), but it represents real things. There was no happy ending. None of her friends got happy endings, either, which broke my heart. But that's life. That's how it goes. And you captured that in Mary.
So thank you. Thank you so much.

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Review #21, by MagykNargleDon't Let Me Go: Breathless Smiles and Guilty Thoughts

10th December 2013:
No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! CIARAN DOES /NOT/ GET TO BE ALL FLIRTY WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN LOUIS. I love Louis. And Ciaran. And Louaran. So. Don't. You. DARE. Break. Them. Up! D: And I'm also sad because there's no next chapter for me to obsess over. Because I do obsess. I love your stories. They're great! :D

Author's Response: I see your no's and I agree completely. Bad Ciaran. We'll have to fix this... soon... maybe. ;)

Ah, you gave them a name! They didn't have a name before. :D As for breaking them up, I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see... *hides*

I'll have a new chapter up as soon as I can. I have to get back to it on my list.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #22, by MagykNargleEnchanted: Plans of My Own

9th December 2013:
This is a really great story! Honestly; it's creative and well written and just plain fun! I love Ciaran's POV and his games. ^_^
My only less than super-praiseful comment is that it seems as though Hogwarts has a very large gay population. That's not a complaint, it just seems rather odd, given that Hogwarts has less than 300 students (I think). Whatever, though! :D
Great job!

Author's Response: There is. If you look at my headcanon - because I'm sad and pathetic and have it all written down in tables and stuff - it's actually very small, and except Louis' year, only has one gay person maybe in a year (two if I have plans for a story or if it feels right for a character). They all just seem to band together in this story (except Tyler, he's experimenting... and he doesn't like any of them). It was very odd when I wrote it down, but it made for good drama. :P

Thank you so much for the compliments and for leaving such a lovely review. I'm glad you liked this story!


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Review #23, by MagykNargleMissing: Tori

24th October 2013:
Oh, Merlin. She... 0.0 That's...
I have no words. I'm sorry. I feel so conflicted now, because I can't really hate Tori after all that, but I really, REALLY want to. So... good job, I suppose...? D:

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Review #24, by MagykNargleMissing: Tori

24th October 2013:
I knew it. Oh, my gosh! I NEVER get stuff like this right, but I KNEW she was pregnant! Wow, I feel so accomplished, ahaha. Anyway, GREAT story! :D I'll check out your others (if there are any?) when I finish this one. ^_^

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Review #25, by MagykNargleMissing: Tori

23rd October 2013:
This'll be a sort of strange review. I personally think Tori gets pregnant and is too embarrassed to face Hogwarts again. She just didn't tell anyone. Meh.
This is a great story! It's really well written, and very compelling. Great job! :D

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