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Review #1, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Wizard's Portrait: Goblin Negotiations

27th April 2015:
Hi, I came back here, again.

Many kudos on your story setting up Goblin Negotiations after the banks damages by golden trio. You wrote about the hushed, tensed atmosphere inside Gringotts very well.Many authors have tried this, but a few can do it well.

I enjoyed the lines of a dining area.The description of goblin delicacies was super!


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Review #2, by StarFeatherSirius Black: Escape from Azkaban: Chapter One: A Dog's Day of Freedom

26th April 2015:
Hi, I dropped by from the forums.

At first, please let me do request to write about Auror story, for the most impressive lines here are ' There was sure to be numerous Auror search parties out by now. He should know, working with James as an Auror himself once.' I expect you can write a good Auror story.

Okay, let's go back to your story. I was very impressed by your writing method. You described in detail about the situation of Sirius on the run.
Your story let me remember the film, 'Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ'. You know Ben-Hur was falsely accused of assassination, enslaved by the Romans. Your eloquent narative way reminded me of the revenge plot of the film. I'm no good at description, so your style is my ideal.


Author's Response: Thank you, I just went and edited it. Thanks for the review, as soon as it's approved the updated chapter should show up. :)

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Review #3, by StarFeatherDark Birthright: The White Goddess

25th April 2015:
Hi, I really enjoyed this chapter. I'd like to eat chocolate cake and quiche, which ingredients are inside, I wonder.

The ambiguity made the scene more attractive. Sirius returned to his original nature when he transformed into a Padfoot, his animagus form.
I wonder he went sometimes back to human nature in the bed with her. I imagined he was real when she had a dream about him. How lovely they are. They seek for each other. Dumbledore knows that they love each other. But you set the long and winding road to be continued till they realize they need each other, don't you?


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, Kenny. Julia and Sirius need each other and when they have solved the mystery, perhaps they will find each other too!

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Review #4, by StarFeatherEvasive Normality : Chapter 2

24th April 2015:
Hi, Fin.

I read through this story. Are you going to plan for the next chapter? (As you may find out I've been seeking for good Auror story of post-Hogwarts. Please let me suggest that you have possibility to start writing about it.) Because I was very impressed by your spectacular way of describing each character, especially mind games. You seemed to be good at writing about the movement of emotion.
Readers feel angst along each character.
Dark magic brings not only tragedy but also mistrust, but I'm relieved that you set the plot in positive thinking.


Author's Response: Hi Kenny,

I have the next few chapters actually planned out in a notebook, which coincidently I found the other day. :P So I will have a go at writing the next few chapters in the near future.

Thank you for the kind words!


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Review #5, by StarFeatherBreathe: ii. Bhaii

24th April 2015:
Hi, Kayla!

I've read Hindi for the first time in my life. It looks really cool and artistic. Wow so you can read, write and pronouce it! Brilliant!

So James forgave Sirius. He wanted to be his brother. Readers guess their relationship is like sacred, nobody can interfere with, and at the same time wonder what exactly did happen to Remus? Did Snape find he was worewolf?


Author's Response: Hey Kenny!
Hindi is a super cool language! Unfortunately, I can't actually read or write it or anything. Adi helped me with this chapter, because she speaks Hindi.
James and Sirius' relationship is such an important one. I love how close they are.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by StarFeatherA Free Elf: A Free Elf

23rd April 2015:
*Attack Post for CTF Round #8

Hi, Deeds! I came back after jailbreak. The caption of the banner "His eyes were green" attracted me, so I chose this for attack post.

Harry's eyes are green, but Dobby's green? I wondered.

When I read the first lines, I remembered the sad scene of Dobby's death. I've never encontered the story that told us the meaning "To be free".
"He has a frinedship with Harry", it's refreshing when readers read these lines.

Here again I was overwhelmed by your shining, sparkling method when I found Dobby's green color was reflection of Harry's. From green to blue and white of the sky..oh my merlin..I really like your picturesque way of writing. I became a fan of you.


Author's Response: Kenny, you are too sweet. I'm glad you are enjoying my stories. This one really came out of nowhere. I struggled with writing it because Dobby is such an important character but he's rarely written about. I wanted to capture that spark and that desire of his to do more and be more than a house elf. The green was actually inspired by the banner itself. I got it from the Up For Grabs section on TDA and the story just flew out from there.

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Review #7, by StarFeatherThe Best Day of My Life : The Best Day of My Life

22nd April 2015:
Hi, Meg. I dropped by from the forums.

I've expected how the story goes since I saw the banner and CI, wow the green eyes of Albus are so beautiful.

So you set Albus and Scorpius will begin their business together. Nice plot. Will there be a sequel to this? I'd like to suggest you it's not a bad idea to write about their team-up detective stories. Mystery happens in their shop. Albus and Scorpius started investigating the case..mixed with their romance etc..

Anyway,I enjoyed his hesitation to tell his parents about his future career. Your describing Ginny and Harry was awesome. Harry gave Albus working capital, which is so cool like when he gave it to Weasley twins. Readers feel the warm happy mood of Potters. We can understand the second son of Harry, who has the middle name of Severus Snape, spares somebody's feelings too much. On the contrary, you set Scorpius just the opposite character. Good pairing!


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Review #8, by StarFeatherCold Blood: Code Red

21st April 2015:
Oh, you finally made the story coincide with the banner! Ohoo, mystery has just begun from the end of the story! I love it!

I've been searching real Auror, Harry Potter stories for four years. I had no idea to start writing after random reading. Now I know I had just wanted real suspense, action and fight in the cause of justice.

So you'll be ready for the next story, won't you? I'm wating for the sequel!

:) Kenny

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Review #9, by StarFeatherMagnetism: Magnetism

21st April 2015:
Hi, I stopped by from the forums.
Before I read your story, the way using "I" has been unfamiliar to me. But your style totally changed my point of view. Your touch is so poetic ,gentle, and lovely. I really like it. The most impressive part is " The tiny compass nestled between my ribs pointed to you. "


Author's Response: Heya Kenny!

Awuh, thank you so much for dropping by and reviewing! That's so sweet of you - you didn't have to!

I'm really pleased it made you think differently about writing points of view - and thank you so much for your compliments, that's really kind of you. I write a lot of poetry anyway and I really try to merge the margins between the two writing formats.

Thanks for dropping by, Kenny! Laura xxx

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Review #10, by StarFeatherDark Birthright: Lines in the Landscape

20th April 2015:
Hi! I really enjoyed this chapter. I felt like I solved the riddle with Julia. What she investigated the ancient abbey and the maps was intriguing. You set the stage interesting. We feel like tracking the place with her.

Then her ability was revealed again.She has a kind of ability to detect magic or something?

One more impressive scene I could share with her was when she ate a family sized bag of crisp and an unsatisfactory and unbalanced meal, which often happen when we get absorbed in something.

So finally she'll find that Sirius has ability of Animagi, won't she?


Author's Response: Hi Kenny, thanks for the review! Yes, she will find out in the end...

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Review #11, by StarFeatherAtonement Is Coming: A Surprise Announcement

18th April 2015:
Hi, Kaitlin!
What a surprise! We did R&R at the forums at the same time. So I stopped by.

The smell of treacle tarts in the oven wafted..I want to eat it. I've never eaten it. Have you?

I enjoyed all familiar faces and their conversation in their gathering when Harry and Ginny announced their baby was a boy.

I'm relived to know George could say banter to Harry. He's recovering.

The whole chapter is full of happy mood. Harry deserves it. But you may be ready for the mystery, aren't you? The banner tells that. The golden Trio's look and Malfoy glancing back tell us so.

The idea you set Hagrid for their first baby's godfather is a good one during they ate tarts covered in fresh mounds of whipped cream. I think the tarts took an important role here, and it's your name,too. :)


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Review #12, by StarFeatherTales of the Death Hunters: Shades of Anger: Outrage

18th April 2015:
First of all, please let me say thank you. I could finally find a real Auror story. I've read randomly fanfictions before, yours is the best.
Reckless, demanding and angry Harry is real Harry. Long time no see him till I read this story.

I really love the long explanation about their injury after the case , every emotional movement of them.

From now on only one chapter to read next, so please continue this series.

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Review #13, by StarFeatherSquib Seeking Squib: Squib Seeking Squib

17th April 2015:
Attack Post for CTF Round #8

I was very impressed by the last scene. It was so picturesaue: The red hair swishing in the wind, a red rose in his lapel which was the symbol that Filch was an important man. After reading your note, I found this was the story for Valentine's Day Challenge, even though this small work emits shining light itself.

I think most of the authors avoid writing about Argus Filch for he is a minor character. I was curious why you chose him.

He hates mud in the Great Hall. He doesn't like the students. And I had an interest in this one-shot reading the words 'the Weasley's.' He despised the entire lot of them. Then I predicted this story was going to be interesting. Most of the ongoing practical jokes were the ones done by twins.

You set one more magic trick there: Filch liked women. He believed a woman that liked the smell of fish oil would suit him well. The outlandish plot attracts readers. Both the lines that squibs were coming out and the episode of McGonagall were funny, too.

The whole arranged meeting description was interesting. I laughed that a cat person is the top necessary condition for him.

Then readers are surprised by Harry's enter out of nowhere. We remember Harry always annoyed him many times and Harry also avoided him in his Hogwarts days.

:) Kenny

Author's Response: Don't you LOVE Lily here? Hers was the first scene I thought of! I wanted someone innocent that could maybe get to Filch because at first I wasn't going to give him love. But I was swayed on the forums and wrote this out. I absolutely love it. I have a new appreciation for Filch now and I kind of ship him forever with my OC. She's sassy and fun.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by StarFeatherPainful Bliss: Jealousy

16th April 2015:
*Attack Post for the Capture the Flag #8

Reading this chapter, I shouted in my mind, "God save Astoria!" I hope Draco will figure out how he can stand by her soon.

It was so sad for her to beg her sister to give a baby to Draco. Of course Draco won't wish such a thing. Readers know how much she loves him, too.

I guess you chose the glass to express her broken feeling. The glass cut her flesh and her mind. The glass is the symbol for self-denial. The therapist must understand the darkness in her mind and give her his helping hand. And Draco must praise her in his honest words.

At last you let Draco face his agony. I guess it's really hard to keep writing their heavy angst. Readers will be relived to know Blaize understood his friend's mental pain at the end.


Author's Response: You are too funny!

I really wanted to get it across in this chapter that Astoria DOES love Draco. She's just not in the right state of mind. I thought it was a good idea for her to ask Daphne to have her baby because Astoria is desperate and a bit of a trickster. Also, I got the idea from like the Borgias and the Tudors, long lines of blood, but even longer lines of deception where people actually tried to do these things if the woman was barren but didn't want to lose her position. That's kind of how I see Astoria.

That's horrible, isn't it?

Yes, but Draco hasn't completely reached rock bottom yet. It's happening soon though! Thanks so much for all the reviews!

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Review #15, by StarFeatherPainful Bliss: Guidance

16th April 2015:
*Attack Post for the Capture the Flag Game round 8

You yarned the words adroitly,"Failure had always been the biggest problem with Draco", "If you have a problem you need to figure out a way to fix it." And "Marriage isn't to be taken lightly." implys profound meaning. How many people got divorced easily nowadays. Your words means a lot, marriage is to live with the other who has a different point of view. How much you can accept the one's sense of values is important.

Then I understood why Astoria had dark circles underneath her eyes. But even if she was desperate, shooting out of her wand at Isabella, who will have a baby, precious life in her belly,isn't acceptable. I wonder you could have chosen the other option, when you tried writing about Astoria's agony. In my opinion, it's too extreme.

The most impressive part, I love that, is the blooming yellow peonies behind his father. I had an impression that the yellow flower was the symbol of something, yes, I'll predict their marriage wili go well, I believe Draco can fix it. The yellow healing flower reminded me of the novel 'Lemon' in my country.


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Review #16, by StarFeatherPainful Bliss: Hope

16th April 2015:
*attack post for the Capture the Flag #8

Hi, I came back to your story. :)

When I saw the title 'Hope', it made me relived for I wished Draco would be happy, could get Astoria's love again. So I kept reading with much expectation.

I can guess the small engagement ring meant a lot to Draco as well as to the other men. A man fears if his woman would say 'yes'. I could really understand his nervous feeling. Many authors have described that but your way to write the very moment was also awesome.

You set the past when they loved each other and the present when Draco suffered mental pain dramatically like cinema, by which I could easily imagine his agony.

Then your interpretation keeps the tension between them: trickling sweat, the therapist who didn't give him a single helpful answer and Astoria wore her heavy blue dress robes, large sunglasses and ridiculous brown floppy hat like she tried to shutter her emotion against Draco.

I guess his childish immaturity prevented him from going to the therapy session, which made Astoria more irritated. I understand her feeling. The irresolute man sometimes let a woman unhappy. But a man needs her generosity, the way to fix their conflict is just smiling. And I wonder if you have had a smiliar experince to this.

And Astoria removed the ring from her finger? You kept us in suspense again. Please let Draco take a breath. Only the good memory you repeated is cruel for him.

Wheew..I tried leaving the longer review. It took more than an hour for me to compose the sentences.

;) Kenny

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Review #17, by StarFeatherholocene.: the hallow bright.

15th April 2015:
Hi, I stopped by from the forums.

The words 'I do, I do, I do.' reminded me of the song by ABBA. I sang the song in my mind with Draco in your story. I like your soft, kind touch which covers all this songfic.

You put the scene of St.Mungo. I wonder where Draco is. Does he work there or got injured?
And the lyric enters, followed by Draco's regret.

You set Astoria as his rescuer. You described her as a gentle angel for him. And I noticed you put exquisite description inserting the change of a climate. The song implies the distance of his life he has to struggle.

Then we understand he was in the hospital. He was trapped by trauma after the battle.

'Bit by bit' readers wish Draco will be able to start new era.

I've never heard the song 'Holocene', please PM me later, who sang this? I'd like to know.


Author's Response: Hey there Kenny!

Haha, now you've said that, it's quite true, though this story would have quite a different if it was set to an Abba song. :P

He went there after the war as I always imagined him needing psychological help and that's why he ended up there.

Yes, I always imagine him being helped back to life by Astoria and that he would help her too. It's why I like the two of them together so much.

I'm glad that you hope that too! :)

It's by Holocene, but I just posted on your profile to let you know too. :) Thanks for the great review!


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Review #18, by StarFeatherPainful Bliss: Love? (Part Two)

15th April 2015:
*Jail Break Post for the Capture the Flag #8

Hi,I've read Chapter 1& 2 and I came here. Your story is one of the addictive stories.

Despise, upset, misunderstanding, broken heart, you set their marriage as a happy one at the frist stage, then you planted a disaster. Nice plot! I'm very impressed.

Draco can't forget the day he fell in love with her. Astoria can't accept him at all for her reasons. So sad.

Hunger for love, emptiness and pain; Hatred, disgust and no respect.

Short time calmness, kissing gently and trap; Scream, escape and refusal.

Readers wonder where will their love be settled?


Author's Response: I'm loving this review! It's so different. It's almost like poetry. I'm truly glad you're enjoying the story and that it speaks to you in so many different ways. It's definitely the piece I'm most proud of.

And I really love this review. Thank you so much Kenny!

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Review #19, by StarFeatherDeathsong: Prelude

15th April 2015:
Hi, Grace.
I stopped by from the forums.

Was the implausible box of letters waiting for Hermione? Is she the next victim? What disaster did the box beckon before? You keep us in suspense by detailed description of the box.
Will she regret that she didn't ask Harry and Ron to help her? Will she have to solve the mystery of the box or the house alone? Is the box of letters a cursed object like the journal Ginny had in her first year?

You set many questions from the start. Readers hold their breath and wait for the next chapter.


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Review #20, by StarFeatherProof: Proof

14th April 2015:
*attack post for the Capture the Flag #8

Hi, Deeds:)
You chose Percy as the main character. He is the one of the most difficult Cannon characters for me, so I was curious how you would develop the story.

You put the difficult theme, the religious one. I've hosted a foreign student who wanted to work as a priest.

The phrase 'He didn't believe in God' gives me, or readers strong impact. Readers wonder why he never went to church himself. Speaking of his daughter Lucy, I smiled. The description let me remember 'Mr Bean', a comedy on BBC.

I can understand Molly's point of view. You set up the plot tactfully: Molly didn't want to go to Hogwarts. We wonder why. Readers focus on your story more.

And soon we find the answer and smile at their conversation. At the same time I felt sad for her. Children have pain deeply when their parents can't understand each other.

You set the beautiful Hogwarts at the last. What a brilliant plot. The most impressive part are Percy's saying "I can't force you to stop believing in what you believe in." and Molly's answer "Magic must not have been so bad if her father believed in it."


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Review #21, by StarFeatherThe Memory Book: Reunions

13th April 2015:
*attack post for Capture the Flag 6#7

Hi, I stopped by after reading chapter 3.
You set Hermione in front of Malfoy Manor, which was great for readers,we recall the scene of the last movie and the book 7.

You described Malfoy Manor very well, in the different way from J.K.Rowling herself. It was difficult for me to write it, so I'm lucky to have a chance to read your work.

And I laughed at her response to the human servant, readers guess she would change the impression of Draco Malfoy who had been used to order house-elves.

After their awkward moment, they called each other, their first name? So Draco would help Hermione and Harry, but still there left doubt; Is he really going to help them? Is he a spy? We're looking forward to reading the next story.


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Review #22, by StarFeatherThe Memory Book: Monday Mornings

13th April 2015:
You started with beautiful morning for Hermione. And wow, you set her as the deputy head of the Department of M.L.E. Brilliant! At 24, it's really too early in real life, but talking of Hermione, it's possible. Readers enjoy how she dress, you described her elegantly.

Then you set the same morning for Draco, it's great to read like we watch a movie, beautiful description, but something bad is going on? Readers will feel thrilled.

Then you put the name of Harry, our hero in. Wow, Harry is also a Head Auror? It's cool.
Missing, mystery and a New You-Know-Who? Readaers are waiting for the next chapter!

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Review #23, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Wizard's Portrait: Fred and George Make a Pact

13th April 2015:
I was very impressed by the first sentences about twin's bed room. I felt your love for the twin I could even sensed a vague smell of gunpowder.

Fred's words, "Get your feet out of my face, or I'll cast an everlasting tickling charm," made me imagine how long George's legs were, though I felt sad to read his ear had been cursed off, his head supported lazily on a bent elbow.

I smiled at all the food-laden tray, if I tell them to my son, he'll want to eat them, too.

I felt sad when I read Fred's words," I wouldn't mind that if we both died toghether." though I like the joke name, Forge& Greg. :)

The last scene of the story made me almost shed tears. George was alone in the room, he detemined he would manage the joke shop alone.

Author's Response: Hi again, and thank you for another lovely review. This was one of my favorite chapters to write. I was happy when I thought of a way bring Fred into the story from when he was still alive. But then, that also meant I had to think of enough funny dialogue for both of them. Long legs? Yes, I suppose. When I think of the twins, I always think of the actors who play them in the movie, and they were quite tall. But in the book, if I remember right, the twins were supposed to be short.

Aww, I'm glad you were touched by end scene. I tried to create a feeling of George not knowing quite how to handle being suddenly all alone, and still clinging to Fred. I imagine George would have huge loyalty to Fred that would never completely fade away. And that he would be determined to carry on in the shop, partly in Fred's memory.

Thank you very much for the kind review. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #24, by StarFeatherIn Sickness And In Health: Struggling

13th April 2015:
*Jailbreak Post Round6#7

Hi, before reading this, I had a look at the banner. Hermione was looking back, and Draco's eyes looked cool as ice. And in the beginning of the chapter, you set many hooded figures,it may be the first time for me to read the AU where Voldemort and his men are gathering. Then it seems that they found Draco cared Hermione. Okay, I talked to myself, 'I could keep reading Dramione. It's second time for me to read Dramione sicne I've first read it before.' It was a long time ago, the story was starting up in the place of the garden in Malfoy Mannor with Bellatrix, though. Then the story changed to the scene of hospital. So Draco still called Hermione,"Granger", which made me think he was still awkward toward her. And he was getting mild, too?

My interest was focused on her words, "And I can't help Harry and Ron ever again?" Two Gryffindor wizards are always my friends in my mind. And I wonder how the authors including you create the world of Dramione aside from the golden trio J.K.Rowling created. Was it easy for you or not?

I think if I were you I can't do the AU magic at all. My imagination is limited. You did a good job using her interest for the books.


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Review #25, by StarFeatherReckless Abandonment: Where Do We Go From Here

10th April 2015:
*Attack Post the Capture the Flag Round 5

Oh, the story began with his sad looking back their good happy memory, the movie in the theater. A wizrd in a Muggle world, it's easier for us, authors to write about cinema and driving a car or traveling abroad, right? I've thought of writing about driving a car as the other authors did before..A cinema, good choice!
Then the reasn why the secret keeper was replaced was revealed by your story, what an excellent setting! Oh, no, Sirius suggested that without predicting the aftermath Peter would betray Potters.., so
sad..How many troubles did he have to endure?

Oh , I could imagine the last Sirius's lament for Lydia like watching the movie even the ending theme music with it
...shed tears..Kenny

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