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Review #1, by StarFeatherIgnite: Fever Pitch

8th October 2015:
Hi, Iím happy to be back to your story again. The story got more interesting after the first student caught the unidentified infection in the previous chapter. Iím completely knocked out by your well planned characterization. If I donít have work tomorrow, Iíd like to read till the end of the story. One after another, teachers got sick and most of the students caught the contagion and Rose Weasley had to be charged with looking after them. Even Lily Potter was caught. Plus a drunken unreliable professor. How can I say, itís thrilling, canít stop reading, not only mystery but also full of friendship. And you set one more entertainment for readers. Investigation by desperate students. At least Methuselah Jones isnít desperate, I know. Iím certain he will help Scorpius with finding answers.

I enjoyed the scene of the question and the answer in front of Ravenclaw CR. How did you think of the question?

Iíll be back tomorrow! Congrats, Dobby Awards!


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Review #2, by StarFeatherThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: Scrumptious

7th October 2015:
Hi, Gabbie! Thank you for leaving kind review on my one-shot. I came back here.

You keep the tension between Percy and Audrey, I wondered how much energy you needed to write about them. The first half, you wrote about her unsure feeling about Percy, she wonders if he has a real interest in her. May I call this love game? I think you described about their complicated feeling: Audrey canít have confidence in herself, and Percy has secret, of course, he is a wizard, as we know. And his anger, I guess he canít forgive himself for Fredís death.

The heartwarming scene here is Audrey was surprised by the concern in his gaze. Percy made her happy. And he thought her showing her gratitude toward him awkwardly was adorable. The gap between her and him was getting closed.

And her outburst remind us of the way how they met at the first place. And wow, wow, though it took much time for Percy to confess his real feeling towards Audrey, he did it!
The conversation after passionate kiss from him was like Scarlett OíHara and Rhett Butler. I felt the similar stubbornness in Audrey and Scarlett. Very dramatic ending!


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Review #3, by StarFeatherSomething Unforseen: Something Unforseen

6th October 2015:
Hi, Molly.

I wish youíll have some time to read and I understand how long itíll take you to get used to a new life.

Wow, first sentences hold profound meaning. And what you described how the summer passed for Albus and his friends, introducing the weather, made me enter your world of Albus and Scorpius smoothly.

There was one spot I couldnít understand well: Scorpius always made a big deal of telling us about that if he had been only five days older he would have been in the year above us at Hogwarts. He was a pain sometimes back then.
But after reading the last scene, I could understand. Scorpius wanted to spend time with James as a peer at Hogwarts, right?

When Molly entered, the atmosphere got warm.
I wondered why Scorpius felt disappointed when he knew James didnít show up. Then he met James, the riddle was revealed. Did he have special feeling towards James?

And I enjoyed the two-aside Quidditch scene. I like the idea Harry made sandwiches for children before they went to bed.

Hmm, scones and clotted cream and with blackberry jam Grandma Molly made sound yummy. Iíd like to eat them all.

Wow Harry taught his son new charm on his birthday. Cool idea!

Oh, I could guess what would happen but when I think how Albus felt, it must be shocking for him.

Thank you for review swap! Letís do it again.


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Review #4, by StarFeatherWhat Are You Waiting For: What Are You Waiting For

4th October 2015:
Hi, Frankie! I came here for birthday review!

I got curious you had a sequel to Jarvey.

To be honest, I read lots of Drarry here and there in the past, because I like their tension and the gap after they notice each other. And your description was started from Albusís POV, itís quite unique and your rich smooth words reminded me of your other wonderful work, ďBeautiful MessĒ. I got jealous of your ability again. I canít write like this way. You deepen his feeling inside his mind.

From the scene at the library, your Scorpius leads Albus at each romantic spot. To the contrary his father was led by Harry, I mean Harry was a Savior after all and he was obsessed with detecting what Draco was up to. And you set Scorpius guides Albus in a secret meeting. I enjoyed the difference, too. But the last words ďWhat are you waiting for?Ē were from Albus, right? If so, Albus could take lead at the last.


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Review #5, by StarFeatherEverto Trucido: The Big Bad Wolf

4th October 2015:
Hi, Rumpel! Iíve left the previous review from the phone on the train so my apologize, I left only under five lines. I was afraid time out so I hit the words in haste.

Anne Smithville, if my memory is right, she would be Lupinís girlfriend, right? Oh, she was a werewolf, thatís why she was his girlfriend.

The idea Grace was Jamesís twin is interesting. So her ability is to see how people die. Very intriguing. Itís very unique.

Did her mother give her the scar after she told her who would die? The concept of a Seer reminded me of Trelawney. The idea that personís fate isnít unchangeable holds profound meaning. Oh, the scar was given by Gretchen. The episode why she got the scar is very dramatic.

The scene of the Sorting Hat was also dramatic. What the hat whispered ďTrucidoĒ gives us a strong impression and I wonder which house was she sorted.

The conflict in her mind when she encountered Peter, itís impressive, too. If I was her, I couldnít stop interfering with the fate.

The connection between Grace and Lupin is intriguing, too. Iíll be back again.


Author's Response: Hey, Kenny!

No worries, it was still a nice review!

Yes Anne will be Lupin's girlfriend later in the series. At some point ;).

I do love cliches, so I added some in! I find them really fun to work with, though I know some people don't care for them!

Yeah, since this is the first draft, there's a lot of drama (for drama's sake) written in that needs to be ironed out!

Thanks for the review!


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Review #6, by StarFeatherEverto Trucido: The Trial

3rd October 2015:
Thank you for review swap!
I like the dramatic start with tensed atmosphere of the courtroom. The story that Grace Potter had a conversation with Death is very intriguing. Many visions popped in my mind when Dumbledore entered the story, Deathly Hallows, three Peverell brothers and the Invisibility Cloak.

Wow, so many familiar names you set! Even Snapeís father. Though I donít know some of them, I felt so excited. Iíll be back soon.


Author's Response: Hello!

I know, there's a ton going on in this. That's why I attempted a rewrite, which was even more confusing :D. This story needs major reworking!



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Review #7, by StarFeatherAll Aboard the Hogwarts Express: Toot, toot!

2nd October 2015:
Hi, Pix!

I remembered when I read Thomas the Tank Engine for my son. Oh, Sir PointedHat is like Sir TopHam Hatt. I wondered if the little boy who had no friends was Harry and the mean boy was Malfoy.

The scene of racing with the Ford Anglia reminded me of the similar race in the book of Thomas. I translated the scene in my mother tongue for my son and he laughed at the conversation between the Hogwarts Express and the Ford Anglia, especially, his words, ďI hope he finds a scrapyard. Thatíll show him whoís out of date.Ē

I like the idea ďraining chocolate frogsĒ, which showed the Hogwarts Express was very useful to Sir PointedHat!

I love the last scene, Luna and the Expressís taunting the carriages, too.


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Review #8, by StarFeatherDabbling in Destiny, Death, and the Dark Arts: A Trucido is Born

1st October 2015:
Hi, Rumpel!

I like the concept of the white raven, xenophobic and I felt very mystic atmosphere in this chapter. I like the history. So I feel something intriguing here but I didnít read your previous work, so may I ask you some questions?

1. What is Ethelred?
2. What is morticaine?
3. What is Trucidamus? ď( I think Iím grasping the outline but Iím not sure.)
4. What is Regnum Silenti?

So many intriguing things. I love the idea Merlin did something great. If my understanding is right, he couldnít master immortality. I like the concept of Veil, too.
Wow, so many Potters entered. Even we found ďJamesĒ. I guess if we read the next chapter, weíll find one of the answers to the questions above?


Author's Response: Hi!

Oh boy, you've entered a world of confusion with this one!
Yeah, this most definitely needs to be redone. I was so excited to be writing after so long after having my mini-me that I think I jumped the gun. I've reread it and it makes little sense to those who haven't already started reading Everto, which this is supposed to replace... so, that wasn't great on my part :).

Let me try to enter your questions:
1. Ethelred is a wizard who created a potion called morticaine
2. Morticaine is a colorless, odorless, fast-acting poison that kills the drinker swiftly. Since its colorless and odorless it can be slipped into someone's drink without notice, making it a particularly nasty poison.
3. Trucidamus is the latin plural of Trucido (short for Everto Trucido, demon slayer).
4. Regnum Silenti is the place between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Souls trapped there cannot find peace, because they haven't passed over to the land of the dead (similar to Purgatory). The portal to this realm is through the Veil.

Yes, you're right. Merlin could not master immortality.

I apologize for this piece -- it's super confusing with a ton of heavy history and things that don't quite make sense. Of course, the lack of dialogue and canon characters don't help. I haven't been motivated enough to rewrite this yet, so it remains a confusing mess!

Thanks for your review!


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Review #9, by StarFeatherRetribution From Beyond the Grave: Halloween

29th September 2015:
Iíve read your Pettigrewís story last night and read your newest one this morning. Then I decided to leave review on this. Wow, Rose was possessed by ghost Bellatrix! Cool!

Itís exactly what I once tried to write, I mean from Bellatrixís POV. But I didnít. Itís easier for me to write stories from the third personís POV. So you accomplished this impressive work, many kudos on this.

You captured her character very well. I could imagine how ghost Bellatrix sneered unearthly. Oh, no did James die? Did Rose try to kill Scorpius? (I guess Bellatrix was going to kill him.) I hope Albus will find the way to help them or their parents will come to rescue them all.

I really feel the same way as you, I mean you set Bellatrix for Halloween. Sheís so attractive to write about, isnít she? I tried writing about her in my novel in the past, still now I think Iíll try some more about her. It was very fun to read the other fellow authorís writing about her. Thank you for sharing this! Letís do review swap again.


Author's Response: Hey Kenny!

Aww, thanks! I enjoy playing around with perspective!

This was my first attempt at writing Bellatrix, so I'm glad that you thought I portrayed her character well. What I tried to leave the story off hinting with was that Bellatrix had possessed Rose, and that James and Scorpius would both (most likely) die. However, I did leave this story entirely open-ended, so Albus could very well find there way to help them :).

Bellatrix was entirely fun to write, especially for Halloween! Yes, try to write her again, you'll get it! :)

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #10, by StarFeatherthe earth and the sky: the earth and the sky

26th September 2015:
Hi, Adi.

Iíve thought I had already left comments here but it seemed I didnít. Then I wondered why. And I read the Trigger Warning, I remembered why I stopped reading.

But this story was nominated for Dobbys so Iíll R&R, I think that I can do this today.

I could guess who they were. Astoria and Draco. I really like your writing style. They are all beautiful and picturesque as I read in your other stories. The way you set their relationship was parasitic each other is very unique. For him she was his hideout and home after he suffered from nightmare and the aftereffect of the war. They couldnít say the difference between need and not want and the opposite of love is not hate, these indicate very profound and deep meaning.

ďMore like a boy, less likeĒ a man expresses Draco Malfoy very well. I really like you shifted from her POV to his POV. Sheís the sky and heís the earth. Then who or what is the wildflower you tried to imply, I wondered.

The conversations, he tried confessing his sin to Astoria is beautiful, too.

Itís so hard for them to be careful always. I know how hard to overcome the barrier.

Itís so hard to read the next part.. I guess they wanted to pray saying ďMerlin, save us.Ē

Oh, you made him deaf after the accident and let her die first. So sad but so beautiful. It's so sad for him that he couldn't hear his child's voice.

Then I read till the end, I remembered. I confess I left review once as anonymous.

Congrats, nomination for Dobbys! And thank you for sharing another beautiful piece of work!


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Review #11, by StarFeatherSweetheart Tom: Little Red Riding Hood

26th September 2015:
Hi, Laura. I knew your story will be great since Iíve read your story, ďHouse of CardsĒ (and Iíd like to be back to it again to leave review there sooner) and checked your other story, LGBTQA story..oh not a few authors are nominated in this genre but Iím not good at leaving comments on that so I reread Roisinís blog again and I found this story so I determined to leave review here.

I really wish I could write like you. All descriptions are so beautiful and poetic. Your style, putting planets like the moon and Mars, I like it.

Picking the blackberries reminded me of the fairytale. The picturesque touch, a silver of moonlight, a patch of bluebells swayed..just beautiful to the contrast, snakes who would bite her and the wolf stepping closer and growling at her, they are so mystic.

Then I felt relieved that she could use the magic to save herself and the words, ďZo, I did not need any Ďelp.Ē are very like her. Irish wolfhound must be a very big. I enjoyed the conversation between Fleur and Bill.

The last part is very intriguing. Who was the man with a cold smile?


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Review #12, by StarFeatherIn a World of Colours: The Beginning of an Adventure

26th September 2015:
Hi, Emm. I came here from the forums!

I wondered who she or he was when I started reading this. I went ahead without checking the pairing or the era of this story. Till the middle of this, I wondered if he was Sirius who felt happy to have a photograph in which his Gryffindor friends sitting with him. But wait, he felt butterflies dancing in his stomach when he thought of wrong, it was Lily. What you didnít make it clear who the main character was at the beginning of the story, worked out! Good job!

Itís so sweet to read the story where Lily is going on a date with James because Iíve read so many twists and turns about them here and there, thank you for sharing this happy feeling. Besides you didnít end this just a fluffy story. You mixed the story with magical happening. The episode of the magical picture is very interesting. I like ships! And Elsie had observed the students including Lily very well. It got more interesting. And oh, wow, it turned to be a very impressive end. They could jumped in the world of the picture! I really like it! I wish they could run away in the world of the portrait when Voldemort hunted for them.

Thank you again for the beautiful ending!


Author's Response: Hi Kenny!

Thanks for the review swap and the lovely review. :D

I am glad you liked the chapter. So, you thought that the narrator was Sirius and then he started having butterflies in his stomach for James! You must have had a good laugh!

Yes, Elsie is a very observant portrait and observes the people she can see with great interest.

It's great that you liked my twist in the story and its ending.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Emm ^_^

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Review #13, by StarFeatherEscaping the Darkness: Leaving You

26th September 2015:
Hi, Lea!

Olivia seemed to name the title of this. I got curious so I chose this for review swap!

Wow, you chose ďGo Your Own WayĒ by Fleetwood Mac! Good choice! I got more interested in this. So now my review!

Big dark eyes, the edge of the personís lips curling and mess of brown hair.. who are they? I wondered and went back to the explanation of characters and pairings..oh, Voldemort.
I got more and more interested in. Cold fire burning against her(?) skin.. so this person might be Voldemort. It got more intriguing. I convinced he must be Tom who was popular among Purebloods. And oh, she knew his secret that he was orphaned and had no money. I wondered if he had sought for love. If so, Dumbledore or Harry had to spare space to forgive him..

Then as I expected, she was just a tool after all. How pitiful..
And so sad, she concluded that she would fight against him. I wonder if he has ever felt lonely after she left him.

Thank you for sharing this impressive story!


Author's Response: Thanks Kenny! I'll be doing your review shortly.

The POV was that of Myrtle Warren, and her feelings for Tom Riddle. I thought it would be interesting to write about two characters that I had never seen paired together even though we knew they were of a similar age in canon.

I tried to use features we knew of Myrtle to give clues as to her identity, but sadly all I could manage was her glasses. The general idea was that hopefully the reader would realise who the story was about and then think of how Myrtle's life ended. Probably not the best way to make someone ship a pairing, that is by showing how someone was used by another, but I'm glad you enjoyed it all the same.

Thanks again,

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Review #14, by StarFeatherThe Trials: Chapter 3

26th September 2015:
Hi, Erin. I guess youíve been busy recently. Howís life going?

Though Iíve already written my thoughts on my blog about your story, I think I should leave comments here, too. So please let me do it.

I felt happy when I read it was Ron who found out the right place on the map. Itís quite like him who is good at wizard chess.

You set another drama from here. I wondered why Violet behaved uneasily for her leaderís reply. The feeling popped in my mind that their mission would be more difficult from there. Since J.K.Rowling has written about worewolves, there would be lots of children bitten by them and not a few authors have written about them. I got curious how you will develop your story about them. You seemed to set Violet among them, itís very intriguing. A hunch of trouble. Harry has to face one of his enemies for one more noble reason. Itís quite a sight to see how they will overcome their hatred for Dolohov for the noble task. I like this kind of angst very much.

I enjoyed the eye contact communication between Harry and Ron as well. And itís aptly expressed, ďYou two are like a married coupleĒ by Violet.

I enjoyed the scene at Ice Cream Parlor as well. It took a role of break after the tense scene. And readers feel a hunch or expectation for romance for Harry with Violet. Though Iím a Hinny shipper, I like this kind of episode, too. Itís necessary for this kind of action / mystery story. Thinking over how hard days she and her family had endured, readers feel sympathy for her as Harry felt.

Iíll be back to the next chapter!


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Review #15, by StarFeatherEvolution: Hogwarts Bound

26th September 2015:
Hallo, Kevin!

I came back here for your birthday review!

The first explanation around the circumstance of Lily is well written. After reading the chapter 3 where James was given advice from his father, the expectation how he will mend the relationship with her is rising as we read this chapter.

When James entered, I expected their conversation or gazing each other but you turned them aside in this chapter except the reaction of James towards Lilyís appearances. I guess youíre preparing these descriptions in the next chapter. I think you needed to mention the relationship with the other three marauders and some of readers may expect you mention about Sirius and Lupin as well. So many kudos on the verbal exchanges among them in the train. Itís necessary to take much time to set up the original characters J.K.Rowling has never mentioned in the books.

Just my guess, Lilyís new partner in the Potions class must be James, right?


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Review #16, by StarFeatherChai, Pakoras, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

26th September 2015:
Hi! Thank you for review swap! Iím glad you seemed to enjoy my one-shot.
Iím working on the sequel to ďHighland Is CallingĒ, and itíll be romance so Iíve been very curious about your recent romance one-shot which was nominated for Dobbys! Congrats!

Oh, I remember that zebra cake! The cake with chai..hmm it must be delicious. Iíd like to taste them. What Neville was afraid of reminded me of his younger days at Hogwarts. After the book 7, I think he proved himself he was Gryffindor, but when he comes to the girl he loves, he gets awkward, itís quite understandable thinking over his character and the man sometimes doesnít feel confident when he has an opportunity to confess his real feeling to the woman.

Iím amazed by how Hannah built up her career. And I felt happy to read Neville cared about her overwork. It must be very heartwarming for her that she found he had tried to bake for her. The episode around the new fertilizer for the carrots is interesting, too.

Wha..Watch out, Neville! Itís a little bit dangerous the grater hurtles passing over his head to him. I love cashews very much. Plus almonds. I got hungry. Your description of cooking always make us, the readers feel happy. And wow, his confession, the timing is perfect and the long cooking session turned to be a beautiful prelude for Neville to tell Hannah his true feeling towards her. Very impressive! Thank you for sharing this!


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Review #17, by StarFeatherFirst Hand Experience: Chapter 1: Announcements Are Made

22nd September 2015:
Hi, Kaitlin! I guess many plots are going on in your mind right now. Iíd like to pull you back here, your Aurorís Tale. You created a new character, Cynthia Vanhurst who is an observer of traineesí exams. She speaks in her stern voice and instructs trainees, Iíd like to read more about her instructions in the next chapters. Wow, Ron has grown up, he could afford to snort loudly at Gawainís words. I remember how he whined during hunting Horcruxes. You captures Harry's character and his response towards Ron as well. Since I found you liked Seamus, I expect how youíll develop his role in your Aurorís Tale. You let Harry think Ginny is scarier than Voldemort, I definitely agree with you. I also expect how you will expand the relationship between the head auror and Harry.


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Review #18, by StarFeatherEvolution: Words of Wisdom

22nd September 2015:
Hi, Kevin. Iíve read from the chapter 1 to 3 and thought of leaving review here. Congrats your nomination @Dobbys!

I wanted to read this kind of story, father and son. Very busy Francis Potter cares his son and apologized to him for having let him wait. Iíve been curious to know how Harryís grandfather was like. You showed us one of the possible portrait of him. I like you set the story where James consulted with his father about his bitter and sweet feeling towards Lily Evans.
I was very impressed with his honest view about his son. We expect how James will be able to show true himself to Lily from now on with his fatherís advice. I canít wait to see how their relationship will be developed.


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Review #19, by StarFeatherWritten in the Stars: Amidst the Thorns

22nd September 2015:
Hallo, Penny. I stopped by from the forums, Dobbys nomination R&R!

From the beginning, itís beautifully written. I couldnít stop reading. So I read through till the end of the chapter 2 and I came back here to leave some comments.
As we could imagine how Merope, Voldemortís mother fell in love with Tom from only the conversation between Dumbledore and Harry, your choice of the story is itself nice and I think you wielded your rich words to describe her obsession with Tom Riddle very well.

I was entirely stunned by the marvelous description of the exchange of words and magic among Gaunt family.

Reading the part where she was leaving her old home, I even could imagine the color of the scenery from your words. Color of sepia and grey. When she reached Little Hangleton, the color turned into green, pink and variety of colors.

The setting of each character there is also perfect. You wrote about people in the higher social classes very well, too.

I enjoyed how Merope fell in love with Tom and felt excited feeling her ambition to gain Tomís love with resorting to use magic, the power of love potion. Sheís a formidable Slytherin woman.


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Review #20, by StarFeatherHealing: A Little Wounded

19th September 2015:
Hi, farmgirl. I read the chapter 1 and came here, I wanted to know if Fred was alive or not. I felt relieved you let him alive! So I decided to review here. Congrats, nomination for Dobby!

I've noticed you mentioned AU is wonderful in the status in the forums. I think you're right. It was too sudden J.K.Rowling had Fred die. It might be necessary for her to let Fred die in the story but you can revive him in AU! I like it.

I like the conversation between McGonagal and Harry. I really respect you, I'm amazed by the way you describe the story. I wish I could write like this. It seems a far long way to climb on the top of the mountain. (sigh. I sometimes have urge to delete all chapters I posted in the past.)

I'll be back ASAP!


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Review #21, by StarFeatherIn 19 Years: Chapter Four

19th September 2015:
Hi, T-Jay. I keep reading as possible as I can today.

The first scene that Hermione reprimanded Ron reminded me of the experience I had in the past. The reckless boy is rescued by his girlfriend. A man sometimes acts in a foolish way. A woman sometimes (always) behaves wiser.

Ha ha ha, itís quite satisfying to read Ron and Harry were scolded by Hermione. They couldnít think of carrying even a small vial of Dittany. I remembered the scene Neville was hexed by her in their first years at Hogwarts. Lol at the scene where Mr. Wealsey mutter, ďDid I miss something?Ē I love it.

The way you wrote how Hermione got together with her parents briskly, I think itís okay though not a few authors wrote how difficult till she retrieves her parents. Because Hermione has been like that, the smartest witch as Sirius mentioned (in the book 2 or the movie? Iím not sure which though ).

Hmm, I read this type of this story somewhere, I mean the italic parts. But you comprehended the nightmare by yourself and created your own story which expresses their angst or predicament. Many kudos on this.

Itís still sad that Harry felt he would be insane without being busy. It was lucky for him that Molly cared him every day. Itís touching George cared Ron as well as Harry cared him. I hope they will get better with help from a therapist.

The most impressive and artistic scene here is where Harry saw Ginny flying around on her broom outside. Very beautiful and picturesque. I love it.

Talking of Percy, just my opinion, I donít think George felt like that way towards him. It was Percy who struggled to conquer the miserable feeling about the loss of Fred the most. I think we could read that part from the battle scene of the book 7.

Iíll be back in the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hahaha seemingly you have learnt that fact earlier on in life, rather than later. How very wise of you.
I'm very happy to read that you enjoyed that!
Many people throughout the whole series said that Hermione was the brightest witch of her age.
I've never read what I wrote in italics before. Maybe it's just a coincidence.
Thank you for your positive feedback. I'll have another look at that scene that you mentioned and at what I have written.
Thank you once again for your reviews, they are so appreciated.

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Review #22, by StarFeatherIn 19 Years: Chapter Three

19th September 2015:
Hi, T-Jay. I came back again.

As you wrote at A/N, this chapter gives us the impression that itís short compared to the previous chapters but you described how the three heroes got injured and how they were healed by Madam Pomfrey and Dean. Oh, Dean will become a Healer? Itís interesting. I guess to describe the scene at the hospital section let you research much and I wonder how you developed your imagination. The vision visited you, didnít it? I could imagine how deeply they got injured and how they cared about Harry, Ron and Neville.

Oh you like Neville and Luna in a pair?
Itís a heartwarming scene that Mrs. Weasley rushed to Harry and worried about him. I felt relieved to find Ginny curled up next to Harry. They got an owl from Kingsley in the beginning of this chapter. Iím curious how he will lead them to the Ministry. I expect how they will enter the Auror Headquarters.

Iíll be back.


Author's Response: Hello again!
Yes, I think Dean will. Healer just seems to fit Dean for me.
Yes, this chapter came to me quite naturally to write. I remember enjoying writing it even more so than usual.
I feel as if Neville and Luna would have gotten together, although we'll see if they stay together.
I can't recall Ginny paying any mind to Harry, however?
I expect you may be right.
Thank you for the review!

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Review #23, by StarFeatherIn 19 Years: Chapter Two

19th September 2015:
Hi, me again from GCR review exchange.

The story starts from Ronís letter here. Itís quite a new method and Iíve read this type of beginning for the first time. I donít think Ron can write such a long sentences but I could understand Ronís feeling towards the fact that theyíre called ďGolden Trio.Ē He might think that way. The most important thing, he missed Fred. Itís heartbreaking.

Oh, you set another fight scene. Itís also new and rare. Most of the authors ( including me)have only written about their sorrow for the dead or how Hermione found her parents. What you interpreted the reconstruction after the war isnít easy, the idea they keep the remaining Death Eaters under control is thrilling to read.

Oh, you set Ron who was full of revenge and didnít hesitate to cast the Killing Curse. It sounds radical but understandable. Letís see the examples in our Muggle world. The wars were repeated by the revenge in the past. Merlin save Ron! Wow, you created your own way of ďIn 19 YearsĒ story. I canít take my eyes off this story. Iím very curious to read how you'll weave episode around Ron to heal himself.

Oh, you have us cry by the letter to Remus from Harry. Harryís thoughts and feeling about his godson and Remus in the letter are very touching.

Iíll be back again.


Author's Response: Hello!
"I don't think Ron can write such long sentences" made me laugh out loud! I love that thought from you. Perhaps you're right, but I don't know, I like to think Ron may be smarter than people give him credit for.
I'm happy to hear that I have written some things that you have not seen before and I'm even happier to read that you're enjoying it!
As a note though: Ron didn't use the Killing Curse directly. He just did things to the Death Eaters, using spells and other measures that would kill them. No Avada Kedavra from Ron, although he still did do some horrible things.
Thank you again for your review, I know you didn't have to. It makes me so very happy to hear your thoughts.

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Review #24, by StarFeatherIn 19 Years: Chapter One

19th September 2015:
Hi, T-Jay. Thank you for R&Reviewing on my second novel. I came here from the forums, review exchange of Gryffies for September. I determined to read all chapters of yours so letís see how I can from here.

I like the description that you started from the start. You mixed nature with the aftermath of the war. From the two paragraphs, we can feel youíll try to mention healing after the main characters lost their friends or family member.

You described how they express their grief in narrative way like J.K.Rowling very well.
You tried writing the detailed description J.K.Rowling skipped in her books. There may be the controversy these description is needed or not after the dramatic ending of beating Voldemort by Harry. But you are ready to face them, so many kudos on this.

Wow, you set an interesting plot the next, Kingsley versus Umbridge. I had hunch the story would go exciting.

You had enter Ginny with tears in her eyes, which let me wonder whether she would cry in the situation. I have the impression that she never cry in front of people, even if she was with Harry who started to break up, but she understands the situation, so in my opinion, she never do.

I like the scene McGonagall gave a biscuit to Harry. You didnít forget mention all magical creatures who participated in the battle. Itís impressive he voiced his opinions in front of professors including to show respect to Snape. I also like the way you expressed about Ron in the last part of this chapter. You caught his character very well.

As I read through I felt you carefully inserted the moving description, for example, ďHe was a head taller than her now,Ē ďHe looked as shattered as harry felt.Ē I canít explain well but I felt the same feeling when I read the story by Hogwarts 27. You piled up the small description and the moving of each character into a big wave. You did a great job!

Iíll do the next chapter ASAP.


Author's Response: Hey Kenny! Good to hear from you :)
Thank you very much for all your kind words! I am so happy to read that you liked my writing and the decisions I've made!
I'll take your thoughts on Ginny into account when I review this story next, which should be soon in the coming months so thank you for sharing them.
Thank you again for the review!

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Review #25, by StarFeatherRabbit Heart: 13. Hungry for Hearts

18th September 2015:
Hi, Pix. I came from the forums for review battle. Team Gold!

From the start, the story is very intriguing. Two men are trying to do something. Whatís their purpose? I enjoyed the bakery scene. Thinking over scones were invented by Scottish (right?), imagining the traditional scones and bread in the showcase, I remembered a trip abroad.

Ha ha ha, iPad! Muggle modern technology. I got very curious to know how Burns and Smeed track the person ( a vampire?) using Muggle device. And they talk about ďthe CouncilĒ and ďthe TreatyĒ. What are they? I got interest.

Oh, finally you revealed the clue. I understood why the vampire boy couldnít enter Hogwarts. So Burns and Smeed are searching the boy without help from the Ministry of Magic. I wonder if youíll have Harry enter later.

Poor James. He was falsely accused by Albus.

Oh, no, Wren was finally bitten by Bunny! Will she be able to go back to the normal life?


Author's Response: Hi Kenny!

I love Burns and Smeed. They almost took over the story, but I reined them in at the last minute. Maybe Smeed gets his own story one day. He really wants one.

I loved the iPad scene. It was really fun to write. Glad you enjoyed it!

Ah, James is not entirely innocent of all things. He's not treating his brother very well.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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