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Review #1, by StarFeatherLife Was Meant to Be Easy Now: From a Mother's View

19th June 2016:
Hi,Molly! Long time since I stopped by here before.
I came back again for #the LGBTQA Pride Review# hosted by TreacleTart.

I may like this chapter the best of your story, because, you described how parents care their children. I enjoyed and agreed with Ginny's inner mind movement at each scene. We worry about our child's dark face when he is in trouble, we wish his happiness. It doesn't have exception in any relationships. Most of us hope our child will be happy and find his or her best partner.

I don't know why, but reading Ginny's mind movement, I imagined your voice was talking to us. I felt your strong message and your affection towards any people in any situation. All people should be equal and be happy. Nobody has right to bash the other even if the one has the differnt point of view or tastes.


p.s. I like the scene when Harry helped Ginny at kitchen with his magic and Ginny read the Quidditch magazines on weekends.

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Review #2, by StarFeatherDear Gellert: Dear Gellert

19th June 2016:
Hi, Frankie!I stopped by for the LGBTQA Pride Review Event.

Your writing style changed, which is very new, poetic and beautiful. I enjoyed and I like it. All words flow like a river, the musical words sequence are continued like summer breeze or bird's singing.

We all know Dumbledore is invincible and Gellert is a powerful warlock. You described about it very little, but we can feel it, you did a nice job. J.K.Rowling wrote the relationship between them a little, so your story gives us Dumbledore's inner mind picture.
It was sad that Dumbledore couldn't send his letter that would tell Gellert about his determination to stop his evil act. You expressed what Dumbledore had hidden deep in his heart for years and we think about his younger days. Thank you for sharing your beautiful piece of work.


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Review #3, by StarFeatherChasing Life, Seeking Love, Keeping Hope: A New Door Opens

25th May 2016:
Another great chapter, Kevin! You proved that you could write about Hermione's ambition and bewilderment at her new job. You captured her characteristic very well. If J.K.Rowling read this, I'm sure she will praise you.

I imagine how the old pure bloods don't like her new set up for house-elves. I wonder if you are preparing the plot about it. Will she be attacked by them near future? I'm sure Kingsley and Amos won't let that happen, but I doubt the pure-blood families have given up protesting those new schemes.

I love the celebrating Hermione's success scene. I could visualize how happy she was from your excellent descriptions!


Author's Response: Hey, Kenny! Nice to see you return! Thank you for the compliments!

I'm sure the pure bloods will not like her changes to the House Elf statutes at all.

I'm glad you like my descriptions; it took quite a few re-writes to get it just the way I wanted it.

Thanks for the review and I hope you like the following chapters!


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Review #4, by StarFeatherThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Learn More About William

23rd May 2016:
Hi, Tammi! I missed this fluffy feeling. After work, I really enjoyed your story including their kiss. ;)

William's background is so sad to follow, but we feel relieved by your bright expression about friendship between James and William. I like his uncle's name, Duncan.

I also like Isabella. She showed us the different aspect of Hufflepuffness. It's quite unique.

You set another sweet scene in the latter of the story. Hahaha, James is a mischievous boy who let Abigail say she would go out with him. I like the plot.


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Review #5, by StarFeatherJigsaw: Piece #11

22nd May 2016:
Hi, Sian! I stopped by to drop another!  #Gryffindor Review Shower for fabulous Sian Round 2.

You set one more intriguing puzzle piece. What had Jane been doing? Iím afraid she might be involved in some troubles.
And Griffiths had used the potion to play better? Iím sorry for that she was forced to use improper way to survive in the Quidditch league. I suspect overdosing the potion caused her tragedy and someone used the same potion in the murders of Armstrong and Feist.

The episode Louis recommended Roxy to take sugary things made me smile, Lupin told Harry to take chocolates and Harry taught Louis to take them. I like the episode, very much. I also like the description about Tinsworth. Iíd like to visit there from your description. The episode of the birth of football is interesting. Itís a nice idea that Muggles accidentally found a Quaffle and played with it, which was the beginning of football.

Agh! I had a hunch that Roxy would get a chance to write the article again in the previous chapter. The story was developed as I expected.
I felt heartily satisfied with the chance Roxy grabbed from Andy. I was very gratified with the scene Miranda admitted to let Roxy go with Andy for research. The setting from the start is amazing. I was very impressed by the subtitle, "Silence", too. The impact of the beginning, your excellent description is so strong and unforgettable.

I'll come back again.


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Review #6, by StarFeatherJigsaw: Piece #10

22nd May 2016:
Hi, Sian! I came back to your mystery. #Gryffindor Review Shower for fabulous Sian!

What? Another murder? No, please donít let the poor player who was from Holyhead Harpies die. Putting aside the incident, I really enjoyed the Quidditch match scene. Iím very impressed by your descriptions about the game. I felt thrilled by the name Potter, James inherited parentsí talent in Quidditch.

I hate Miranda and felt for Roxy. I guess the incident at the match will give her a chance to work on the article about the mystery. Iím very intrigued. What plot are you planning, Sian? What is the culpritís aim to murder Rhiannon? Was the Quaffle cast a kind of curse? How many Jigsaw pieces have you prepared, Sian?

And one more question. What International mission are Harry and Ron working on?
I also like your characterization of Louis and Dom. I respect that you can create so many characters vividly.


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Review #7, by StarFeatherA Very Puppy Christmas: His name is...

22nd May 2016:
Hi, Lizzie! I didn't finish your Hot Seat Reveiw. Nop. ;D

As I missed the chance to read this, which was written for Kaitlin, I chose this as the second review this.

Poor Harry, he had to find all presents (so many members!) for the Weasley's while he was very busy, perhaps Auror job? And the most difficult task was left. I don't know why, but I remembered your Christmas socks when I read the spot, "Harry was fairly certain that fighting a dragon had been easier than Christmas shopping for his fourteen year old daughter."

Oh, poor puppy! His fur were missing in several places. Yeah, Harry definitely wouldn't ignore the puppy. The plot, his determination to let Ginny convince to keep the poor puppy, is well written, Lizzie! I like your writing.

Oh, you began the second scene from when Harry tried to focus on his daughter reaching for his glasses, I sometimes use the way, too. We love Harry, don't we? He became a good parent.

I love you let Mr.Weasley say "Have at it!"
I smiled at your description of the shaking box.
Oh, I was completely knocked out by the ending. Of course I like the rest of the latter half, adorable descriptions of the puppy, but "Snuffles"... I can't find proper words enough to praise what you worked so hard for your friend, Gryffie.



Author's Response: Kenny!!

Ah! Thank you! I love it when you leave me reviews! This week on the hot seat has been awesome!

Hehehe, I figure Christmas shopping for the Weasleys can't be easy in the slightest, but I've found that shopping for teenagers can sometimes be even harder!

Oh, my Christmas socks! Aren't they the best?

Kenny, you're so fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews and your friendship! I'm so lucky to be able to call you my friend!

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Review #8, by StarFeatherThe Howler: The Pun Also Rises

22nd May 2016:
Hello,Lizzie! A quidditch buddy!( I miss the Site Wide Quidditch. How about you?)

I came here for your Hot Seat Review week!
I've been itching to read this since you shouted about this story on the forums. And I found that you wrote this for Tammy's story challenge, Harry Reacts, then I expected the comical part like your previous works. You wrote exactly as I expected. It was fun to follow Teddy's thought. I felt like he was a real son of Harry and Ginny. Harry was very shy and didn't like to be under the spotlight and Teddy is just like his godfather. Even only the dialogues, I could catch each character's background from your story. Both Harry and Teddy are typical Gryffindors, straightforward. Both of them are shy and very awkward to express themselves, but they did their best at the end to win. I like the spot, "amkindofsortoftotallyinlovewithyou?" the best, which reminded me of Harry's fast talk to Cho Chang.

Hahaha, Harry sent his message as a Howler. It's really his way. He tries to be very cheerful and funny, but he can't behave like Weasley twins, which made Teddy very embarrassed in front of Victoire. But his godfather loved him and he did his best to make Teddy happier. Your Harry's straight and funny advice made us laugh, Lizzie!

Thank you for your another cute couple's episode.
I enjoyed very much! I wish good luck with two story challenges!


Author's Response: KENNY!! (me too! Quidditch was loads of fun!)

Thank you! I'm glad that this turned out to be as funny as you expected it to be! You know how much I love writing humor, and it always makes me really excited whenever someone else finds my stories funny too!

I've always thought that Teddy would be close with Harry and Ginny. I think Harry would've wanted to make sure that his godson got all of the love and attention that he deserved even though he didn't have his parents.

The "amkindofsortoftotallyinlovewithyou" bit was ABSOLUTELY a nod to Harry trying to ask out Cho Chang! :D

I'm so glad you liked the howler bit! That was definitely the best part to write! It was pretty hilarious trying to come up with the best ways for Harry to try and embarrass Teddy. ;)

Thank you so much for your wonderful review, Kenny! Your reviews always make me smile!

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Review #9, by StarFeatherSaving Severus Snape : vi.

18th May 2016:
Hi, Meg! I came back for review swap after migrating my old dusty novel to the other place. As I've struggled with editing my own, I really enjoyed your HP AU world. I felt like I enjoyed time-travelling with your Hermione back to Marauder's era. Your description about Snape is perfect, each movement, appearance was well written in detail.

Hahaha, I chuckled at Hermione's thought about Sirius, comparing with the time when they originally met.

Ah! You thought of the old text book! How SMART, Meg! I was very impressed by the plot you got the episode together in the middle and the end. The circle, Snape's old potions textbook, Harry and the time-turner she wore, is quite a interesting plot!

I got interest how the relationship between Remus and Amelia will develop. I like Tonks and Remus ship, but I think there could be a possibility Hermione can save Remus so, can we expect the new pair in your story? Meg, please don't let them die in vain, Remus and Amelia. (But it's okay, even if you won't. :) Just my thought.)

I'll come back again.


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Review #10, by StarFeatherThe first kiss is grand...: The first kiss is grand...

16th May 2016:
Hi, Chiara! I came back for your Hot Seat review!
I've been curious to know how you write about Jilly since I saw the title of this story in your AP.
I love the description of Lily's eyes. You used various colors and metaphors. I really like your nature descriptions. They are beautiful.
Ah, Lily had made an unwarranted assumption about James's habit, shuffling his hair as a typical show-off.
They kissed after words were not enough to express each emotion.
Your portraying Lily's inner beauty from his POV is super. A girl becomes beautiful when she's in love.
Thank you for a lovely piece of your works. I enjoyed your story after my work on Monday.


Author's Response: Hi again, Kenny!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by again! :D

So glad you liked the description of Lily's eyes and the metaphores about their colour!

Ahahah! Well, Lily was always a bit too harsh on him...

Yes, they did! *wub*

Girls do feel beautiful when they are in love! So glad you liked that part!!!

Thank you so much for another awesome review and for taking the time to stop by here!
Lots of love,

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Review #11, by StarFeatherEvolution: Differing Opinions

15th May 2016:
Hi, Kevin! I came here to cheer you up after you determined to read fellow gryffies' stories.

Your characterization of Marauders is accurate, which is no exception. Remus is clever, he could see through James's intentions. Peter didn't have his own idea, wasn't brave enough to say "no" distinctly against Sirius. Sirius was portrayed as a reckless gambler who always sought for the hilarious event (prank). And James...I remembered your thought when I shouted for help with Jilly fic, I could see how you were going to lead his progress to the next step, more mature for the aim that he had a strong desire to gain Lily's trust, though he still felt it was hard for him to behave differently, the act was done reluctantly.

I'll come back again.


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Review #12, by StarFeatherSaving Severus Snape : v.

15th May 2016:
Hey, Meg, I came back!

How can I say, I really like this chapter. The previous chapters are great and I laughed a lot sometimes, but this chapter has different surprise: Hermione experienced her favorite professors were younger than them she had known.
She finally met Harry's father and mother.
As I've read not a few Marauders, I expected what they were like, but your writing, I think, is very original. Or I've never encountered such a detailed description about Harry's parents from Hermione's POV, with her surprise, it's very new.

Ha ha ha, Snape is Snape here in this chapter, too. He intimidated Hermione just like he did in his adult days. I like it.

Hermione is very smart, she could learn so many subjects while she had a mission to accomplish. I'm struck with awe thinking over the fact that you've just started a new AU World journey with Hermione Granger. I'll send you my cheers to you, Meg.

I'll come back soon.


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Review #13, by StarFeatherRabbit Heart: 21. Somewhere in the Heart

15th May 2016:
Hi, Pix. I'm so slow to keep reading, but I'll drop my feedback today. :)

This chapter has much progress in the plot.

1. Dillon arrived at the front gate of Hogwarts finally. His strong desire and his bizarre behaviour will be centered in the next chapter. It's very intriguing. I feel sorry for him that the invitation letter from Hogwarts wasn't sent to him. But I'm sure he is too dangerous to learn magicks with the other wizards and witches.

2. I nominated the cutiest couple, your Albus and Wren for Golden Paws Award 2016, which I don't regret. You made us anxious about their getting together. Albus is too simplistic, he thinks only for tomorrow with Wren, practicing Charms. He feels happy to be with Wren as their younger days, childhood friends. On the other hand, Wren wishs that they will get together, date at Hogsmeade trip. Readers expect and wait for Albus' next move towards Wren. Oh, no, her unfilled emotion invited Dillon's evil thought. Albus, save her! You have no time!

3. Welcome back, Smeed and Burns. Hmm, a bat carried a letter, interesting. The description of the bat leaving is super! very picturesque, I like it, Pix!


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Review #14, by StarFeatherChasing Life, Seeking Love, Keeping Hope: Before The Wizengamot

15th May 2016:
Hi, Kevin! This chapter has a very differnt aspect, compared with the previous chapters. You set the Wizengamot as a main theme and drew an excellent plot for the readers. The theatrical direction attracts readers' attention such as Kingsley who led the resolution to be passed and Narcissa who tried to resist to the end. You condensed the struggle in one chapter, which entertains most of Harry Potter fans who are eager to know about the golden quartet's Post-Hogwarts years. From the fellow authors' POV, this theme may be written with multi-chaptered story, like the conflict between the Pure-Bloods and the Muggle-borns. There might be a crime related to the bill for House-Elf's freedom.

Yeah, Kingsley must have had the power to order his Aurors to remove Narcissa. I enjoyed the scene. :)


Author's Response: Hey, Kenny!
Glad you like this chapter. Since Hermione made a meteoric rise in the Ministry, I thought she needed an impetus for that rise and I thought it needed to be something fairly dramatic.

In regards to a multi-chaptered story, it does have some bearing on things that happen later...mostly in the sequel.

Thanks for reviewing, Kenny. I always love to hear your input!

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Review #15, by StarFeatherSaving Severus Snape : iv.

14th May 2016:
Hi, Meg. I've read this chapter on the train. After work, I came back here. Before I started reading this chapter, I noticed CI and wondered who made it. Now I found it was made by you, Meg! I was impressed by your art. Hermione in Raveclaw school uniform. Blue and silver color suits her well.
I missed your Hermione's mind movement description. I'm glad that I came back to read your AU world. Thank you for review swap.

I was very impressed by your writing style, deep insight from Hermione's POV. It's interesting to read each character's movement like Amelia Bones or Sirius Black. And you let Rita and Lockhart enter. I didn't expect them at all. What a plot! I really like your way of thinking. Your portrait of characters is amazing!
We only know Amelia as a middle-aged professional in the Ministry, your imagination suits her younger school days very well. And you captured Snape's each movement very well. I felt his anger and pride from your detailed description.

I had a slight hope that Hermione could save not only Snape but also Amelia and Sirius.

I also like that you didn't forget to add Hemione's lonely feeling thinking Harry and Ron.

I'll come back again.


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Review #16, by StarFeatherIn between: The Sorting

14th May 2016:
Hi, Chiara! I came back for your Hot Seat review! I enjoyed this chapter very much. Since I was mesmerized by your quartet, the summary led me here.

It's quite well written from Emmelineís POV. And the description of Hogwarts is beautiful. I remembered the first Harry Potter movie.

I like your descripption about Snape who helped Emmeline to get on board the boat. He is such a gentleman and he deserves to be sorted to Gryffindor. And Iím sure the Sorting Hat was going to sort him into Lion's Den and he refused it.

I chuckled at Emmelineís response for the fact that she was sorted to Hufflepuff. Thank you for sharing your amazing piece of work.

I'll come back again.


Author's Response: Hello again, Kenny!!! :D
Ah, it's so wonderful that you decided to check out this too, after reading Seven Years Later! (Also, you reminded me that I need to get back to this story...)

Ah, I'm happy you liked the description of the castle! I did have the first movie in mind! :)

I think the Sorting Hat did consider Gryffindor for him... but I still think Severus is foundamentally Slytherin. He does show some Gryffindor chivalry in that scene, though... even if it was reluctant...

Ahahah! I think most wizarding children would find Hufflepuff uninteresting, so little Emmeline was a bit shocked... :) but she'll learn to love her awesome house soon, don't worry! Hufflepuff always!!! (Erm, sorry... house pride, can't help it...)

Can't wait to see you around again!
Thank you so much for the lovely reviews!

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Review #17, by StarFeatherSeven years later: Seven years later

14th May 2016:
Hi, Chiara! I came for your Hot Seat review week! Thank you for leaving reviews on mine. It's fun to explore your works.

As I've just started writing Jilly, I was very impressed by your plot. The way to start this chapter from the platform is very cool! Sadly we know Lily and Vance died and Snape lived longer than them, you described their lives so beautifully. Each scene, the boys drunken were singing, it made me smile imagining cheerful Snape, which was hardly seen in J.K.Rowling's books. And it's a great thing for Lily and Snape to meet again after misunderstandings at their school days. I like your idea and your tone of descriprion.
I'll come back.

Kenny :)

Author's Response: Hi, Kenny! Thank you for stopping by! And you are so welcome for your Hot Seat reviews! *hug*

I'm happy you choose this one shot and that you enjoyed it! (You might've noticed, I'm a Marauder maniac...)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the plot and the characters. I wanted to show that true friendship can overcome differences and house rivalry and even ideology. And I wanted to give Severus some happiness, since he hardly gets any in the books.

Thank you for the lovely review! I'm really so glad you liked this!!!
Much love,

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Review #18, by StarFeatherJigsaw: Piece #9

10th May 2016:
Hi, Sian! I determined to read your mystery this week.

I think I found a typo, "asing Simon Upton's frineds, colleagues...". I think you meant "asking Simon Upton's frineds."

So this chapter! :)
Wow this chpater has various movements. Rox's roller coaster emotional movement with Daniel and her involvement with the two cases: mysterious potion and invitation to the beach where the dead body was waiting for her. Well planned plot!

I really understand Roxanne could feel relaxed in a smallish park in Muggle London. Nature gives us a chance to recover and set things calmly. I completely agree with her on the point, "mystery is adventure". Hmm...both victims were Purebloods, which indicates the culprit might be a Muggle-born? Did he grudge them?

The impressive weather expression, "darker clouds are gathering, knitting together in a black blanket draped over the city." Lol at Roxanne's thought, "Why hasn't someone invented a spell that will stop wizarding London at the very least, from being drenched?"

Another interesting thought is "There's no protocol for how to behave correctly around an ex when you're trying to be "just friends", but it would be helpful if someone could write a guide of some sort. I'd definetely buy it."

I enjoyed reading Roxanne's mind shift towards Daniel. And a question popped. What's the difference between Auror job and Hit Wizard's. I can't define the two myself when I write my own story, so please give me your opinion around them, Sian. :)

I'll come back soon.


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Review #19, by StarFeatherJigsaw: Piece #8

8th May 2016:
Hi, Sian. I came back here again. This chapter is great. You set George's family life after he had two children so visually and lively. He is good at cooking inherited from Molly. His son Fred doesn't like his daughter's irresolute attitude towards her boyfriend, but George admonished his son and told him how important the peaceful family was, looking back his past.

One more missing, why? There is always blood status behind the crime scene. It's very intriguing.
I'm afraid Roxanne will be involved in the troubles by writing the articles though I hope she will get success by writing.


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Review #20, by StarFeatherWith Sirius Black: Prologue with Sirius Black

8th May 2016:
Hi, Heather! I came from the forums, Gryffindor CR, Review Person above. :)

Wow, this chapter was written from Sirius Black's POV before he met Harry. It's cool! I could even hear his voice in my mind from your description.
(Only one spot I found, I think you meant "the prison door creak open", not creek, yeah, you can fix it easily, you are a trusted author now!)

It's intresting to see the outside world from his eyes. You described how he felt the air insided the Azkaban and his imagination after he would be free very well.

His determination and grudge are well expressed, too. We can see his Gryffindor courage in this chapter.

Wow, this story has four chpaters. Great! I hope I can come back again.


Author's Response: Hi Kenny! Thanks for catching the "creek" It's hard when two different words sound so much alike.
I'm so glad you liked my descriptions and characterization. It's not all the way edited, but it will be soon... I hope :P
Thanks again :)
I'll try to get to your page soon.

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Review #21, by StarFeatherChasing Life, Seeking Love, Keeping Hope: Thinking Outside The Box

1st May 2016:
Hi, Kevin! I was impressed by the spot, Harry and Ron practiced Taijiquan. I remembered kendo practice. Magical energy and muggle defending training goes well together. It must be interesting to read their move at each quidditch game after these training.

You set another moving situation for the golden quartet. It's quite likely happens that Cannons busted. (I remembered this community, you know?)
I like Ron, always. You captured his character very well. Thank you!


Author's Response: Hey, Kenny! Thanks for reviewing again!

I knew you, of all people, would appreciate the martial arts twist I've thrown into the story! :) Yes, you will have to keep your eyes open for the quidditch matches...I think you'll really like them from now on.

We'll see what happens with the Cannons. You know how tricky I am with the story plots!!

I really like Ron, too. Thanks for the compliment! I've always thought Ron needed more character development, so this is my view of how he matures. I'm glad you like it!

Again, always a pleasure to read your reviews, Kenny!!

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Review #22, by StarFeatherYes Chef: Prologue: Television

1st May 2016:
Congrats on Archive MoTM and the achievement at 100 challenges, Kaitlin!

When I found your banner request at TDA, I had interest in your new story. Kaitlin will write about cooking! It must be interesting. I was sure.

The story begins from the scene at an electrical store. Reading the scene would not be so exciting, if Scorpius were a Muggle, but he is not. I think this story is very promising, we expect the next chapters will be like the movie, "Toast".

What if Malfoy lost all their assets and their parents had to cook by themselves, but they couldn't at all? I expect you will write the story, Scorpius went out of the the magical world and would learn how to cook in Muggle cooking school.

You have a lot of stories WIP to write, but I'll ask you. Please update this ASAP.


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Review #23, by StarFeatherEvolution: O Captain, My Captain

30th April 2016:
Hallo, Kevin! I thought of stopping by after I saw your name on the forums. Forgive me, my English isn't good, I'm not sure if I can tell my thoughts precisely.

I love to read quidditch things. I remembered Harry in his sixth year, was in the same situation as James. I was excited, your descriptions about tryouts are fun to read. You captured the characteristic of Sirius very well, his attitude towards James is exact Sirius Black.

It's pleasant to imagine that James is distracted by Lily's presence, but you didn't write so easily. Were Lily's best friends spying James? What for?

I always like your naming the players. Ah, O'Shea, is that Irish name? And Craig! I like the name, too. I heard the same title of the Irish tune played often in the pub.

Hmm, I imagined Kaitie Bell when I read Wallenby..., wait, didn't Slughorn invite the Wallenby boy to his club?

I really enjoyed the active scene James and Sirius engaged themselves in the tryouts and the descriptions about the way how the players worked hard to get each position.

You changed Lily on the banner, nice! I like her.


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Review #24, by StarFeatherThief: Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:
She achieved her task tremendously.
She marched like a goddess of victory.
Let's celebrate the accomplishment.

Congratulation on the 100th story, Kaitlin!
I've never expected this at all. You chose Romilda for the 100th, we just know her sending Love Potion Harry, the consequence ended in the disaster, Ron's predicament. You reestablished her honor as a Gryffindor. I'm very impressed by your story plot, which is well polished. We read this story with breathless attention, wishing Romilda's and her friends' luck to get food from house-elves. As I told you before, your stories are dramatic and theatrical. Your setting up characters is splendid.
The description at each scene is super!

I'll keep reading your stories as possible as I can from now, here and there. Keep writing!


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Review #25, by StarFeatherTales of the Death Hunters: Dark Legacy: Dark Legacy

26th April 2016:
Congrats, Dan for reaching 500,000 words at HPFF!

I was very impressed by your new story, which is very different from your other works I've read before. Very mystic magic with horrifying ritual reminded me of Voldemort's rebirth ritual in the book 4. I've read somewhere about Amazones, the only female tribe's story. I wondered how they produce their descendants. Those terrifying rituals will be banned immediately after Kingsley and Harry find, but I doubt the possibility they can find the Amazones.

Another intiguing episode is the place, Welsh highlands Avery ran into. I wonder if you will write this series near future. I hope so. I'm always your fan. Keep writing whenever you can find time.


Author's Response: Hi, Kenny! I'm going to try to make same-day review answering a thing.

I have to give much credit to Roisin. This story started out as an idea from her story Year Five, where one of the characters was talking about families that kept to the old ways and passed down heirloom wands. I got this idea about old crones living in villages in the woods, rejecting the "hide in plain sight" strategy that most witches and wizards adopted after the Statute of Secrecy.

I do imagine that Harry (and eventually Kingsley) made it a priority to track down Leda and her "family", but it would be hard to make that trade-off with Death Eaters like Avery still on the loose.

I'm not sure what I'll do with this plot line. Leda and her family were interesting to write. I could definitely enjoy doing it again. Time will tell...

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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