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Review #1, by StarFeatherProphecy Misinterpreted: Prophecy Misinterpreted

18th March 2017:
Hi, Dossy!
Before starting a review, I'd like to say your banners are very cool!

It's quite interesting cut out from J.K.Rowling's story. The first scene Aaron was listening to the radio reminded me of the scene when Harry was listening to the radio news hiding from Dursley's in the book 5.

His wife was whispering to him, which sounds mysterious, 'cause it gave me an impression that he suffered from something bitter, and my instinct turned to be right later, he had been brewing love potion to keep his wife!

And you showed another mysterious episode about the guy, Soma's wand was confiscated after the national duelling competition. I suspect that he might be decieved by someone.

I wondered if Iesha was pregnant. Oh, Soma is Hungarian? Wow, Eileen Prince! She is Snape's mother and it's cool to imagine she had worked for the DMLE.

All those conversations in the room let us expect what would happen next. Then the child Remus Lupin entered. Is he your favorite HP character? It's interesting the prophecy told about Voldemort's rising and it's an unique idea that people misinterpreted it.

I predict you are preparing the sequel to this story. :D


Author's Response: Hi Kenny,
Thank you so much for this review!

Uh, I'm so glad you liked the banner, I put a lot of work into it, and no one seems to notice :)

Just as in your previous review, here also you point out a lot of things that I haven't heared before :) The parallel with Harry listening to the news at the Dursley's is something I haven't thought of when writing this scene, be there might be something in it (my subconscious, you know ;-))

The sequel is not on its way yet, but I might get inspiration one day :D

Thank you so much for stopping by! It's so great to see that my intentions go through as you read it.


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Review #2, by StarFeatherPlay harmless: Play harmless

16th March 2017:
Hi, Dossy!

I came here from review-swaps on the forums.

The first thing I'd like to say, I like the episode how they named their child. :)

The story was told with the heart-warming scene a mother watched her baby play with her ring. ( I whispered to the baby in my mind, 'watch out, don't swallow it by accident!')
Hannah was supposed to be one of the happiest wives in the Wizarding World. Her husband had a stable job for his family and she has a baby, though not a few wives could not have a child for various reasons. And you brought out her frustration which is peculiar to young mothers. If she had someone to consult, like an elder relatifve, for an example, her mother or grandmother who might give her advice or look after Gavin while her relaxation from nursing, she would not have the anxiety. You described her cabin fever and worry about her future married life very well. Till their wedding day, the ring must have been a symbol of happiness and eternal love. Then your story threw us the question, "What is love?"

Thank you for sharing your profound theme! If you continue writing this story, I hope Neville will find the problem and try to slove it. :)


Author's Response: Hi Kenny,
Thank you for stopping by! (I'll complete my end of the swap asap, I promise.)
I'm glad you liked the story overall - and thanks for caring for Gavin's safety haha (he didn't swallow the ring, I assure you, a clever two-year-old wouldn't do that any more ;-))
It's great that you get the point that Hannah's mother had been killed by Death Eaters (plus, well, we all know of Neville's parents), thus she doesn't have either of Gavin's grandmothers helping as it would be normal. It's a really important point to explain her young mother frustration - and you are the first one to point this out!

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Review #3, by StarFeatherPeriphery: Chapter Three

24th January 2017:
I remembered you told me that you would update this chapter, so I stopped by. I'm convincing that I was right that I nominated this story for Dobbys.

The first start began with Chloe's scarf. Her itchy scarf around her neck was her only comfort to survive PTSD. We can't stop wishing that she would not be targeted by the evil Slytherins again and I hope their bullying her will be founded soon. And at the same time I know the things would not go that easy.

Your introduction of Peter Pettigrew was so natural that I could imagine how young Peter was like, his ability to "make any person feel outgoing and charismatic" must have made him such a role after he became an adult, even he could make Voldemort feel like that. Not only Peter, you did create the other characters vividly. Walden Macnair might have had such a skeletal frame and onion-white hands, so scary to imagine those hands tortured Chloe. Your descriptions of Coraline and Artemisia are super, too. Some of the Slytherin girls must be like them, their robes were finer than the ones of Muggle- borns and they could afford those expensive earrings and heirloom lapel pins.

Chloe had a chance to confess everything to Professor Sprout. But she couldn't. They must be watching her, the threatening letter let her tell a lie.
The situation how to find her partner at Slughorn's class was so complicated for her. She needed to avoid Emily who betrayed, and she felt uneasy around Sirius written as a cool guy. Most of the girls are attracted to the guy who is notorious, would have been lighting a cigarette.
I like the way how you portrayed Marlene, her piercing blue-gray stare and her mischievous smile, moreover she offered to be Chloe's friend shyly after she handed a tied-up napkin full of food. She's a good observer of Chloe.

I can't wait how they will be best friends and how they and the other Marauders plus Lily Evans will become a good team to face the bad Slytherins.

Author's Response: Hey Kenny!

I know I've already gushed about this, but thank you so, so much for nominating this fledgling story for a Dobby. That's such an honor!

It is definitely a struggle to write a character with PTSD. I want to explain the difficulty of everyday life for her, but also convey that her fear has become a kind of background noise. It's so persistent that it's almost like another part of her day, until something happens (like seeing the Slytherins in the corridors, or being near the Potions classroom) that spikes her anxiety. And I'm glad you mentioned the scarf! Chloe struggles with balancing her magical life with her Muggle parents, and items like this scarf knitted by her Grandmum, are going to be constant reminders of that struggle.

I am actually excited to explore Peter and Chloe's relationship. It's easy to write Peter off as bad from the start, and some authors ignore him completely in Marauders fics. But he and Chloe are actually in a similar position of being on the outside of the Marauders (definitely Chloe moreso than Peter). James, Sirius and Remus are a tight unit and Peter was always trailing along with them. He and Chloe will actually have a lot in common, that way.

I'm glad the situation in the Potions classroom was alright. I had to be careful with language and really punch how terrified Chloe is of being near Emily. Otherwise it seemed like a melodramatic Teen Comedy situation, like "oh no I don't have any friends to sit next to in class! How awkward!" So hopefully it steered far away from that.

Honestly I am 70% annoyed by Sirius as a character, especially younger Sirius. I imagine he loved being the center of attention, and played the part of the rebel, etc. etc. etc., and I think Chloe sees right through that as well. The fact that she is irritated at him "wasting his parents' money and his professors' time" by being such a derelict says a lot about their relationship. But this story will span twenty years, and right now I'm having fun focusing on the rocky start to their friendship.

Thank you again, Kenny! Your reviews are always so thoughtful.

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Review #4, by StarFeatherHourglass: 3 years 31 days, part two

20th January 2017:
Oh, I thought Moaning Myrtle would appear in front of Albus. I didn't expect D.L.Z. would enter. Did she just want to prove she could do the prank in front of her friend? I doubt what she said to Albus. She must be hiding something more.

Though I don't know the reason why,I remembered Harry's obsession with Malfoy in the sixth year while reading the episode after the conversation at Myrtle's bathroom. I'm sure Albus will be forced to solve the mystery with D.L.Z.

I like his conversations with Joel and Lily. Especially the news their father, Harry to visit Hogwarts sounds exciting. I smiled at the spot, "He thought about pleading with his mum, but she-playing enemy's side kick - teased them just as much as their dad did."

I like the last description how Albus removed the old, torn-up note from D.L.Z. I'll be back when I can find more time. Please continue this story, Gina and congrats on the nomination for Dobbys!

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Review #5, by StarFeatherHourglass: 3 years 31 days

20th January 2017:
Hi, Gina! I've read from chapter 3 to here. I wanted to know the truth of D.L.Z. so I couldn't stop in the middle.

I'm very concerned with his scar. Is there the second Dark Lord to threaten Potter family? Is Albus targeted by a dark wizard or a dark ring?

I've expected that his father, Harry will find the clue about the scar in the previous chapter, but he couldn't. Moreover, Madam Reid had already tried the detective potion. Weird. When did he get the scar on his arm? (Did I miss something in the previous chapters?) Who is a woman in his dream?

Hmm, that Amortentia and the monster girl are fakes. There must be more serious mysteries hiding. I hope Sophie is not contaminated by the plot.

Oh, you set Albus ended in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. The story got more interesting from here!!

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Review #6, by StarFeatherChild of the Hunt: The Journey Begins: Run Like Hell

15th January 2017:
Hi, Alex!(I'll call you Alex instead of Alexis like Sirius and Lupin in your story. :D) Thank you for caring members at Lion's Den last year.

Wow, Lupin and Sirius were waiting for Alex. I was so excited to find these two famous HP characters though I had expected that Severus would appear somewhere. ;D

Your deteailed descriptions are awesome, always. The first one is the one in the plane. I felt like I was on the same spot of the plane as where Alex seated. And I can't forget the afterimage of the tarot cards you wrote twice in this chapter. I wonder if those cards hinted her destiny. And the description of the Celtic knot! I like it. And I like the way how you wrote about her flight via Dublin to England and her state when she landed in London for the frist time as a stranger.

I knew it was Sirius when the large black dog appeared with a man. "Patches"! , nice naming for Lupin! :D

You put Alex's emotions into words along with the descriptions of Lupin and Sirius concisely and carefully. I enjoyed her thought about English tea and I can't forget Lupin's dialogue, "Give us a little time to confer with our associates while you rest." is very Remus Lupin's kind and calm words. I also like the description of the guest bed room. I hope I can get back to the next chapter sonner. Oh, wait, Alex's mother was Bella' sister? Then Bella had three sisters? Will Alex be able to see Severus in the next chapter? I can't wait.


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Review #7, by StarFeatherPeriphery: Chapter Two

28th December 2016:
Hi! I came back. (As I sent a message, sorry again for the typo at chapter 2. I meant 'mark' not 'work' at the end of my review.)

I notice the process how Chloe had to face the dark time has been well planned from the beginning. I just remembered "Outlander" TV drama when I read the spot where Chloe was forced to repeat the bullying scene. Each description is so visually well written. I felt various emotions: her anger, disgrace and fear.

We can understand the both sides, Chloe and Emily.
Chloe's harsh words to Emily, we think she deserves to be hated, and at the same time, I think the weak attacks the weak, not the strong. I guess it will be a big turn when or how Chloe confess the incident to McKinnon and Sirius. You faced her PTSD bravely and wrote that very carefully. Awesome!

The Black Adder Society steals up behind her. The last message, "I'm watching" is very threatening.

I'm eager to read next.

Author's Response: Hey Kenny!

No worries at all about the typos. Usually I'm reviewing, or responding to reviews, after way too much coffee and it's a miracle my sentences make sense at all. So thank you for coming back to review! :)

Okay, I've never seen Outlander, but everyone is talking about it so maybe I should check it out! Especially if it could be of inspiration. Chloe's PTSD is going to be a challenge, honestly. I think she's in the stage of feeling quite numb about it all. Traumatic experiences have a way of making you think that they never actually happened. Like, "Terrible things like this couldn't happen to me, I must have dreamed it." But she has the scar now, to prove that she didn't imagine it.

This fic definitely takes some liberties with Hogwarts canon, the Black Adder Society being one of them. I'm sure that, in this world, Hogwarts staff know that the Black Adders exist. Or at least they know that there is a clique of wealthy, elitist, bigoted Slytherins that hang around with one another. But unless Chloe comes forward to persecute her attackers, they're going to continue under the radar, and might attack someone else. (How cryptic of me.)

Thank you again, Kenny, for taking the time to review!

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Review #8, by StarFeatherPeriphery: Chapter One

27th December 2016:
I'm sorry I did typos in the previous review. I meant 'Chloe, who was a Muggle-born' not 'Chloe's daughter.

I remembered Cho and Marietta when I read the relationship between Chloe and Emily. From Chloe's POV, Emily's betrayal can't be forgiven like the way how Harry and Hermione felt when they found Marietta's betrayal. The dark time sometimes drives people mad (including me ). Emily's act also reminded me of Peter Pettigrew. The bullying scenes, generally speaking, one of the things we want to turn our eyes from. But I couldn't stop reading yours. I wanted to know what would happen next, wishing someone could rescue Chloe and Emily sooner.

Describing some characters' accent added a kind of glow to your story. I like it.

It's a good idea to set McKinnon and Sirius in the latter half. (Just my small question pops up, "Mc" sounds rather Scottish than Irish, I like that you set her as Irish, though.)

The last description about her work is so unforgettable. I'll be back. :)

Author's Response: Hi again,

I didn't even notice the typos, so no need to apologize. I really am just grateful that you read my story!

Interesting comparison between Cho/Marietta and Chloe/Emily. You're totally right, and bring up interesting points about forgiveness. I've mentioned this in several other review responses, but I largely wrote this fic to explore ideas of loyalty and forgiveness within the Marauders. Particularly when Sirius told Peter, in PoA in the Shrieking Shack, that he should have died for Lily and James, just like they would have for him. But I wonder if James and would have put his wife and unborn child's life on the line for Peter. It's all very interesting, this concept of loyalty and bravery and heroism in the first war. Hence, Chloe is going to be on the sidelines, struggling with her desire to fight!

I didn't even think about McKinnon being a Scottish last name but you're absolutely right! I guess all it would take would be a family relocating to Ireland somewhere years back in her heritage, but now you've made me want to write about that. Haha.

Thank you again!

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Review #9, by StarFeatherPeriphery: Introduction

26th December 2016:
Hi! Thank you for offering the review swap!

Honestly, I really enjoyed this. All the descriptions about the surrounding of the main character are perfect. I could feel the coldness of the winter air and the uneasiness of the main character from your rich words. Top of that, I can't forget the vision how her mother worried about her daughter and cared if she was alright. I've read the other stories about Marauders written from the first POV before. Yours is the one of the best.

You expressed each characterís emotions very well, including Chloe's daughter who was a Muggle-born. And more than that, the last part, "Sirius's Cruciatus Curse" is very intriguing and mysterious. Did he use the Unforgivable Curse against Marlene? It gave me some imaginations. I wondered if he was forced to do the curse against her in front of the Death Eaters. Or did Sirius just quarrel with Marlene over the serious matter? A very promising start.

Author's Response: Hey Kenny!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. This introductory chapter certainly was one of the easier ones to write. I enjoy scenes like this, "coldness of the winter air and uneasiness of the main character," to use your words. Give me snow and somberness and a brooding narrator and I'm happy! And wow, what a compliment about first person narrative Marauders stories. I'm so flattered, thank you!

Haha, I love hearing everyone mention Sirius's Cruciatus Curse. It's quite a ways down the line--YEARS down the timeline of this fic--but I'm excited to get to it! I like reading your guesses as well, but I can't give anything away just yet ;)

Thank you again, Kenny! Off to read your next review.

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Review #10, by StarFeatherBlue: Blue

6th November 2016:
Blue? Why is the title "blue"? I wondered. The first line is said, "Hufflepuff were made of sugar and spice and everything nice? Just like the song of Mother Goose, then were they lying? It's very intriguing.

Then on the first day at Hogwarts, a girl met a boy? Wait, it feels like he is Tom Riddle. Am I wrong? The girl must be a poor Hufflepuff and she will be soon trapped by his evil act. The quite handsome guy, and his spell? I feel it, from your magical words. I made sure when I read the spot, "she was no longer immune to his spell."

Oh, this is unexpected. He is not Voldemort, but a very bad guy. Your description of him hitting her, which makes him worse than the Dark Lord.


Author's Response: Hi!! Thanks for stopping by and reviewing!

The title is "Blue" because, when I wrote the characters being sorted, I said that she donned blue. I meant that to be an illusion not only to Ravenclaw, but to the fact that she would someday also don blue bruises.

Yeah! The first line was provided by the challenge I wrote this one-shot for! I took that first line and ran :)

That's very interesting that you thought it might be Tom Riddle! I'm sure that could have worked, especially if we focused more on his happy reaction to seeing the castle.

Thanks again so much for reviewing!

Christy x

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Review #11, by StarFeatherChasing Life, Seeking Love, Keeping Hope: Harryís Big Chance

28th October 2016:
Hi, Kevin! I came back grabbing the chance at our community, the Halloween event, Team Werewolf, which will also be added to our House Points, Go Gryffindor!

A horcrux, the secret Harry told to Ginny, I thought it would be a secret forever not to produce the second Voldemort, but yeah, she would be his future wife, he could tell her about it.
Ha ha ha, yeah, they had played Quidditch in some very ugly conditions at Hogwarts! I like you set Deverill like Snape. I missed that kind of dialogues with the sarcastic boss, those fan letters to Harry, his rebuttal and the conversation among Oliver and Benjy.

Oh, Harry invited Kreacher to his game! How kind! I really like the idea Hermione gave Harry's house-elves the uniforms instead of tea towels.

The scene when they visit Godric's Hollow, I remembered the screen script, "The Cursed Child". Did you read the book? I'm eager to know what you think of the book compared to your story. :)

Though I've read the scene when Harry and Ginny visited the tomb of Lily and James, written by many authors, yours is also very beautiful. I like the way you wrote!


Author's Response: Kenny,
Thanks for the review! I'm sorry it took so long to respond. I've been having internet provider problems, but I'm back online and ready to go.

I'm glad you liked my portrayal of Deverill and his sarcasm!

I've always thought Hermione would bring some civility to the House Elves' situation; many others have written about it, but I felt the need to add my own twist.

I have purchased "The Cursed Child", but have not read it yet. :(

I have a soft spot for emotional scenes involving Harry and his parents. I tried to make it as realistic as possible.

Thanks again for the review! Now that I'm back online, I'll try to get back to your stories ASAP, too.


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Review #12, by StarFeatherPocket Watch #1 -- Bittersweet Homecoming: 1.2 -- Festering Wounds

9th October 2016:
Hi, Karen! I came back here after a long time from "Review-mon Go!" activity.

Your descriptions about Barty Senior is perfect. Imagining how he showed no mercy to the suspects, I felt chill from your writing. It likely happened some innocent people were sent to Azkaban under Barty Senior's conduct.

I really missed your powerful words sequence. I love these expressions: "No matter whose expense, including his own flesh and blood."

"When the time was right he reasoned he'd tell his father everything and would make doubly sure he felt every word. Every. Single. Last. Word.

As I wrote down these words ^ , I felt your strong message, how people feel anger against forced obedience, especially when a father demands his son something he hates so much, we can guess the consequence will end badly.
You observed Barty's inner mind very well and created your world through his predicament, that's formidable and your style, Karen!

I would like to see how he loved his mother as well in the next chapter. I've never read about her anywhere, so I'm eager to see how you wrote about her and Barty.


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Review #13, by StarFeatherThe Harder They Fall: Left Behind

1st October 2016:
Hi, Bianca! Congrats, your work was chosen as the SoM! I love the first poem by an unknown author.

I've not read Pre-Hogwarts much before I entered the forums, then I've read not a few Dumbledore/Grindelwald stories and Marauder's era stories. You seemed to create the very different characters from the other authors, I think it must be more interesting.

The frist description of Finn's watch with runes is interesting. I've watched the one with mathematics on the face a friend of mine shared the picture the other day, the one with runes sounds cool!
And the episode that he had a birth mark of an uruz rune on his hip is very mystic.

Finn's situation is perfect. He is not good at all subjects, thanks to his family's name and the donation, he could get back to Hogwarts, awesome. Oh,no, his twin sister died of the spider's bite? Too sad that only him had to return to Hogwarts.

Was "the Besmurten", Grindelwald's supporters created by you? It sounds intriguing.

The latter half descriptions about Slytherin boys and Tom with their secret chamber are terrific! I've never encountered such exciting depictions about the origin of the Death Eaters before. I'd like to continue reading what task Finn would accomplish bearing the pain towards his sister's death.


Author's Response: Hi Kenny! Thank you so much! It's so wonderful of you to stop by :)

You've really made my day here, and I'm so glad you liked the boys, since they're who I usually worry about writing the most. And yes, I did create the supporters :)

Thanks again Kenny!

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Review #14, by StarFeatherThe process of becoming tamed : Laura: Gryffindor vs Slytherin

27th September 2016:
Hi, me again. :)

I may like this chapter the best among the other chapters so far. I always love the Quidditch match scene, the intense one. Especially the classic one, Gryffindor vs Slytherin; especially Sirius watches and criticizes his brother Regulus, the untold episode by J.K.Rowling who gave us information that Harry recognized Regulus was the Seeker from the magical photo. I love the plot very much. I ask you to write more. I'd like to encourage to write about it. I think you really did a good job.

It likely happens that James get a lot of scores, which leads Gryffindor to the victory but the Snitch is captured by Regulus Black. I like the idea.

Your description about Lily and Laura is well written, their feeling towards each boyfriend grab our hearts. So many kudos on that!

One more scene in which I got thrilled is what Lily sighted the Snitch the first of all. It shows that her future son is very good at finding the Snitch! ;D

Honestly, I've read the other chapters randomly before I reached here and found out these one shots are written for Sirius (most of chapters are bittersweet, so beautiful but so sad), and Iíd like to tell you that I love to see your descriptions about Lily and James more. Your fabulous descriptions made me feel so. The same thing might be said about your Remus. I'm very fond of Remus and his girlfriend, though we know his fate and his predicament very well. Itís good to see he could have some romance in his life. I wonder how you would portray his angst and love in your Remus centered fic.


Author's Response: Hi again!

Ah, yes, my deleted scene. There probably should have been a lot more deleted scenes, to be honest, but even in my rewrite I'm still keeping almost all of it. Hey, it's my baby and I like it like that, hahaha.

It's interesting that you've read some of the other chapters randomly, considering you haven't read the story proper. though, I dare say by now you have a fair idea of how it goes. :) And I'm very gratified that you like my Lily and James. Lily I'm happy to take credit for, but to be honest James just popped out fully formed when I started writing him so all I ever did was put him in a scene and stage manage. He surprised me at times but it always felt like James. Interesting how that works, isn't it?

As for Remus, well, really, there is no girlfriend. The whole thing is unrequited because he never lets them get together. Sad, but within character I think.

cheers Mel

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Review #15, by StarFeatherThe process of becoming tamed : The trial

27th September 2016:
Hi, melian. I came back from Gryffindor Tower to see your Marauders more.

I've been wondering whose trial this was for. It's severe that they had to make sure the culprits would get punished though they were so young when they faced their friend's death. That is what I felt when I started reading your description about Laura at the beginning.

It's horrifying to imagine Dementors and the defendants strapped into the chains in the court room, the severe fact. And Barty Crouch, your description is right to the point: severely-cut dark hair and a tooth brush moustache".

I like the idea of Sirius thinking his father when he observed Crouch. The sad experience made Laura the type of person who would be good in a fight. You portrayed the heavy fact from Sirius' and Laura's POV. He supported her kindly. I could feel he really cared her from your description. I like the plot that Sirius felt instinctively and uncomfortably both Orion Black and Barty Crouch had the same ruthlessness.
Iíd like to read more about their relationship between a father and a son. Iíd like to read the heavy scenes involving arguing back each other in the Grimmauld Place or somewhere.

As Crouch pronounced them guilty without enough proofs, I wondered if the culprits were forced to do their mouths shut. I suspect someone behind the scenes let them do that. Voldemort, or Bellatrix? Who really killed them?


Author's Response: Well, don't you think Crouch would have declared them guilty without proof? Having recently reread GoF I very much think he would have.

I quite like the idea of a few shouting matches at Grimmauld Place, and I've been thinking recently about doing a Sirius fifth year story (so much canon!!!) that woudl certainly include that. But I need to get Neville and my Dramione parody out the way first before any of those plot bunnnies see the light of day.

And, who really killed them? In the scheme of things, it probably doesn't matter, though of course for those close tot he victims it's important that the culprits get their comeuppance. But yes, I do think that the DEs keeping their mouths shut while on trial would have been expected protocol, don't you? Those who broke down, like Barty Crouch jr, would have been looked down on, unless they did something (like Barty did) to prove their worth later on. Thanks for the review!

cheers Mel

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Review #16, by StarFeatherThe process of becoming tamed : An expedition

26th September 2016:
Hi, melian! I thought it's the first time to visit your story from Gryffindor Tower!

The title, "An expedition" attracted me. I like action very much. :) All stars of Marauder entered! I got thrilled. Especially they used the Potter's Invisibility Cloak. Cool.

Oh, I really love the scene they changed into their Animagus forms. Yeh, I felt the same as you mentioned it was awkward riding Prongs and going up the shallow staircase. I've avoided writing Harry's transforming into Prongs in my fanfiction, you know, it's inconvenient for doing mischief. It's easier for me to write Harry in his bird animagus form than Prongs in my story, too. When you want some action scenes, Prongs form doesn't fit at all. And his antlers! hahaha, it surely annoys James.

Oh, poor Macdonald's cat. It was cast "Petrificus Totalus." I like you set the siren and the cat.

Yeah, my feeling is just the same as Remus right now. An invasion of privacy shouldn't be attempted. I like pranks but this...I may be the type of person like Remus. Iíd like to see the description about his animagus form more.

Oh, naughty James. Watch out! Your Lily and the other girls will come back soon! Hmm, he's brave huh? Or should I say he is an explorer (to the girl's room)? And even he took lead suggesting that they would leave notes? Bad student and really reckless, which are qualities of Peverell. I'd like to clap for James, a descendant of Peverell. I really love it was James who directed all mischief. I've read the stories where Sirius is centered at pranks by Marauders but not James, so thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed it very much!


Author's Response: Hi Kenny! Thanks for the review!!

It's always interesting to see reviews on this story from people who haven't read the original novel. I put a warning in the first chapter that much of it won't make sense, but here you are ploughing on regardless, and I really respect that.

Having said that, you did a good job here. :) I agree that a stag animagus would be a pain in the neck (or anywhere else you care to name) as it's not exactly (a) subtle, or (b) practical. Seriously, a stag inside the Shrieking Shack? It would never fit! But I digress.

I too think Remus was in the right in this, feeling guilty about the invasion of privacy. To put it in context, in the story Mary had infiltrated their dorm, so they felt the need to reciprocate. And yeah, I do think James was a director of most of the mischief, and get annoyed in fanfics when Sirius seems to. James was always described as the leader in the canon, so lead he must! Very pleased you enjoyed it, and thanks for the review!

cheers Mel

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Review #17, by StarFeatherThe Last Thing On Her Mind: 1972

24th September 2016:
Hi, me again from Gryffindor Tower. As the summary of the banner was so mysterious and three faces of her gave me a powerful impact, I chose this as the second review @ Kevin's CTF game.

Agh! You planned with Tuney. I got it. I had hunch the story would be interesting with no doubt. I really like you thought of the plot, "Lily missed her big sister." so much. J.K.Rowling let the fact pass in the HP books, you let her lonely feeling seeking for Petunia's love under the spot light. The line, "Lily has to practice talking about her sister in the past tense." is awesome. You portrayed her deep emotion untold. It's heartbreaking to follow her sorrow, deeply depressed mind by her sister's absence. The way how you mirrored Lily's sadness is splendid: the blue streak in her hair, the emerald necklace given from Tuney.

Oh, I was completely knocked out when I reached Peter's situation, dyslexia. I didn't expect this at all. I've listened to the guy's lecture who struggled with a kind of dyslexia through his school days before, so I could understand Peter's situation very well. I like the plot very much.

What the destiny would do to her in the end! After all she showed her kindness to him in her younger days under the circumstance she had sought for love from her lost big sister...A quirk of fate let them get closer, producing friendship at Hogwarts and then such a betrayal would happen after graduation.


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Review #18, by StarFeatherThe Rules of Motherhood: Parties and Kisses

23rd September 2016:
Hi, Sam! I came back to your Molly from Gryffindor Tower, Kevin's CTF game.

I realized your writing is more beautiful when I read out your story in the morning. I voiced out this chapter while I was reading and found out. I tasted its rhythmic fluency.

Molly's frustration and irritation are well written, on the contrary, the description of Arthur was splendid, his confusion and thoughtfulness were caught in the intervals of Molly's mind movement and after her rant.

It was not good that her mother informed Arthur about her pregnancy before Molly told him, but I believe the misfortune will be turned into a blessing soon. Trust between Molly and Arthur that the newly married couple builds up, will be seen soon.

I'm kind a jealous of you, because you're so talented in writing one person's mind movement so naturally and I'm struck with awe of your imagination.

 It was really good for her to decide writing something. I expect Molly will write down her feeling about her first pregnancy and the first worry will turn to joy with feeling the babyís growth inside her, she will learn supreme bliss little by little and I guess she canít stop writing about happiness in the future.

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Review #19, by StarFeatherBarbs at the Tail: The Self-Inflicted Wound

21st September 2016:
Hi, Rose! I came back to your story from Gryffindor Tower, CTF game.

As I read your 'rose' story, and I remember that you made a great blog for your fanfiction world on the forums before, I've been curious to read the other ship written by you. I know you created the world around Albus and Brandon including Auror's world. I really like you set the character, a son of his head, Harry Potter. (Yes, I read chapter 1 and 2 as well.)

The writing style is 'dialogues' centered, it gives the whole story rhythmical tone.

Yeah, it's predictable that Albus would go back to Scorp. It's heartbreaking to read Brandon's depress.

Yeah, men like talking about baseball, no quidditch at the pub. We did the same yesterday.

Oh, I really really love you put the episode "Potter, Harry outside work,adn the whole family care Albus".

Most of the topic is centered on their love affair, but you added some about Auror's field work, I like it. I'm wondering if you would join in the next Auror's Story Challenge. I might ask or post the Season 3 Story Challenge somewhere. I like your way to write about casual talk at the pub among Aurors and Ministry officers and your natural romance plot very much.


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Review #20, by StarFeatherLying Josephine: Breakable Girls and Boys

21st September 2016:
Hi, I came back to your story, grabbing a chance at Gryffindor Tower, CTF game.

Since I hadn't been aware of romance of twins until I read your story, I enjoy your ship with Josephine. Your Fred is lively and unforgettable through your author's mirror. Each move, each word spoken by him are all energetic.

You captured his characteristics. He never gave up until Josephine glances back to him. Both of them are very impatient. Most of the boys give up when the girl does not pay attention or most of the girls stop ignoring when the boy pestered her.

Oh, it's "break the ice" moment. Josephine would help Fred with choosing the gift.

Ah, the object, your choice is nice, Josephine (Tanya)! I remembered my child was happy to see a small replica of New York City, sadly, it was confiscated by the officer due to the strict management of terrorism at the airport.

Agh! Itís a quiz time. No, I'm not good at, but Josephine is very good at response.
Well, she loves George, but as I read, it seems Josephine is getting fond more of Fred.

Oh, the story on June 10, 1998, is so heartbreaking. I understand why your story was chosen for Dobbys. Everyone can't stop grieving Fred's death and feeling sorry for George after reading this. Imagining so broken George and Fred's voice let us feel strongly sad. Oh, Josephine determined to say goodbye to him?


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Review #21, by StarFeatherEmbracing the Madness: Starting Anew

20th September 2016:
Hi, Ellie! I stopped by your story from Gryffindor Tower, Kevin's CTF game the 3rd round.

As I know you write Dramione, I chose the different ship, Hermione/ Sirius. I've been curious. As I expected, the story was started with Hermione's POV. I like it.

Oh, thanks to the Time Turner J.K.Rowling invented, we, fiction authors can use it well. :) I like the way how you sent her to the unexpected time. I love you mentioned how her body ached after time travel.

Her effort, her attempt to tell a lie was well written, which makes us thrilled with the voices of the man. Ah! I like you didn't forget James. I like their conversation. Wow, Yeah, Hermione is a smart witch who remembered when James and Sirius had graduated. I enjoyed the process how a penny dropped.

Oh, I didn't expect this, she chose to pretend that she had fainted. Clever, very clever. And it's time for Sirius to show his Gryffindor chivalry. I like you put her era's tips here and there. Reading her memories about her best friends makes us relieved.

Hmm...Ron must be jealous of her feeling toward Sirius. You repeated the phrase, "his lips looked utterly kissable".

Oh was the Time Turner invented in 1981? I didn't know that. Trivia!

Wow what a difficult task she has to carry out! To prove the success of the Time Travel in the year 1976! Yes, she had to find the answer, our Harry needs her!

I like the plot that Dumbledore let her memorize about her new name. I really like the last words of Dumbledore to Hermione, "I give you the way any beloved goddaughter would."


Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and review =) xx

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Review #22, by StarFeatherthe woman who married a star and bore a hero: the thunderbird

20th September 2016:
Hi, me again from Gryffindor Tower, CTF game.

It's new to stop by here bc I sensed it different from your other works which have plenty of metaphors and fluent poetic expressions.

The story began with narrative tone from Kendra's POV, I like it.

It's a very heartwarming scene where Percival found her "box in hand, unopened, and he leans over her shoulder to look, kissing her cheek along the way." And at the same time I guess she felt lonely when she explained about her gift from her mother. Since that time when she said, "A gift from my mother to me", she had to say good-bye to her life as a daughter of her mother. You described the young couple's love beautifully and gently.

It may be the first time for me to read the detailed explanation about Kendra. I really like the episode that she loved books to read. Her eldest son would be like her.

The plot, the descriptions about the process how they got their first child is very dramatic and I may like this part the best of all written by you. The words are all mystic and powerful with lots of magical atmosphere.

Telling her stories to her children was one of her happiest memories and we remember the tragedy coming next.

We notice from your brilliant story that Albus also felt happier at Hogwarts than at his home just like Harry or Voldemort.

Oh, I really love the last, 'a mother and a son" scene after reading her worry about her eldest son who lied easily to hide his true feeling, and had secrets which he couldn't confess to his mother.


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Review #23, by StarFeatherRoses In Ash: Eins

20th September 2016:
Hi, Laura. I came back from Gryffindor Tower, CTF game.

Again, I lost words to express after I read the first chapter of your story. It's easy to say that your writing style is full of beautiful descriptions and metaphors, but I guess you hid deeper meanings behind those profound expressions.
: "You are not your grandfather."
"Damning words, all five of them, and if it was strange to see them written down. it was even stranger that lingered on in his mind."

I suppose Viktor's grandfather was a hero. And then you added one more key sentence in italic letters, "But you are the law." And the next paragraph let me think this real world, this era, war and peace. I was really impressed by these words: What did that matter, the death of a single man, when the law was followed and the greater good still lived?"
"It didn't, was the answer, and it never would do when such things were impossible to reach, the people in power and the people on the ground separated from each other by a sea the size of the earth.
Those are exactly what I felt when I visited Hiroshima. There shouldn't be such a man who punishes innocent people by using atomic bomb. We should be Dumbledore rather than Grindelwald. You really found the very profound and interesting aspect in Victorís magical country.

I sometimes feel skeptical about the law when there are people who insist on their rights. Your story made me think of the things like that.

Oh, I love your description about victor's admiration for his country's sea. I wonder if you will visit our country or Asia in the future. It's really different from th sea in Britain, Ireland or Canada.


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Review #24, by StarFeatherEidolon: Yellow Cotton

20th September 2016:
Hi, Laura! It has been a long time since I read and reviewed your "Azrael Rising" which is also a marvelous work. I came back for Kevin's CTF game at Gryffindor Tower.

When I finished reading this chapter, I went back to the banner with animation, because I had so many questions about this chapter. The banner says "There are two tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wnats, the other is getting it." These phrases are very intriguing and under the banner, we can see another one, "All your idols are gilded; all your idols are false. Or, Beauty doesn't last." What do these riddles mean? I'm very hooked at your questions. Till we reach the latter half, we can't guess the main character is James Potter. Anatole seems to be very important for James. Why did he run away from his famly? You set a kind of metaphor using your rich words for wine and Gryffindor red. You spared time and space for the spot, I think you tried to portray how deeply James suffered from family fame. I guess Potter's pride became a burden and James ran away seeking freedom. I'm sure Harry didn't want that his fame would be leg irons for his first child, James. I wonder when and how their communication went out of gear. It's quite interesting to see which way you set the plot go. At least Ginny feel sad and seemed to send owls to him crying. And how had Harry been? Had he tried to be closer to his son's true feeling? I'm eager to know.

I wonder why you set the subtitle "Yellow Cotton". Does it describe a kind of special meaning in England? I'm curious to know. (Please response ASAP, yes I know you are busy, but I really want to know. ;)

I hope Hannah or George will give James a helping hand ASAP. It seems Harry can't do anything at that moment. Or Albus, Teddy will save him? I hope the brothers will understand him and help him to be back to his family.


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Review #25, by StarFeatherA Weasley Vacation: The Dementor Attack

19th September 2016:
Hi, Alec! Long time no see. I came back for Kevin's CTF game @Gryffindor Tower. Thanks to your advice on the forums, I can continue Tengu's story with Newt Scamancer.

Hmm, I like your description about Lorriete Lovegood with her huge green eyes and dirty blonde. You portrayed the mind movement of Louis who worried about buying her a couple of drinks first or not, which is awesome. I also like the phrase, "For some reason, Loriette didn't bump into anyone, and since I was so closely behind her, I didn't either (I did receive one bloody hand elbow between the ribs though), which shows how the bar was like, crowded with people, how this character was eager to get her attention among hustle and bustle.

Ah, for me, I prefer Muggle equivalent of Fire whiskey to the Muggles equivalent of strong Butter beer! Louis bought her 3 more drinks! How generous!

Lol at your comical expression about both Fred and James. Oh, men! Louis bought her 4 drinks already? He was high like James and Fred as well. I like you used the word "Urge" or "Magnetic", these are magical words to explain his situation.

Ha ha ha you repeated the words beginning with "S" and "F", I could imagine his critical predicament like a movie.

Oh, his intention was blocked as I guessed (sorry for Louis). Ha ha ha, lol again when Hugo entered! I like the spot: His eyes where rapidly shifting from me to Loriette, me to Loriette, like he was watching a tennis match on fast forward. He's just like Ron! The latter half I felt like Ron was accusing Harry for Ginny. Good job! I enjoyed the scene between Louis and Hugo. Ah! I also like this spot, "Hugo, you have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon."

Ah, I missed your writing style that shifts to the other POV. Oh, The Sorting Hat sang about the battle. I'm eager to listen, I want to know how it sang about it in detail. Did it sing about Voldie?

Wa...was she attacked by a Dementor really? How shocking. She was so depressed. Oh, mate, please don't say to be sorted into Hufflepuff, shameless. Being half Hufflepuff in me says so. :)

Wow, I love the term, "Snape=a national hero".

I thought the story would end at Molly's POV, but you gave me a present at the end. Harry/Ginny ship is always my favorite ship. But...,oh yeah, Ron and Hermione are going to divorce. I have to be back again to see how you will solve the problem. :) Kenny aka StarFeather from Gryffindor Tower.

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