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Review #1, by StarFeatherTrapped: trapped

27th July 2015:
Wow, Kayla.

It seems you focused on Sirius's feeling so much. I respect you. If I were you, I couldn't write so much about his inner pain. You exposed his agony by your passionate expression towards him.

While reading HP books, readers understand Sirius from Harry's point of view, but you wrote about his anger, irritated feeling, almost panicking by your own words. You condensed his problem of PTSD into a short story very well in such a short-time.

Gryffindor's heart cant' endure the situation that he was locked up in a small space with doing nothing. He can't bear when he feels he is thought as worthless. He hates pity and useless and to be called "a coward". You didn't describe about Dementors clearly but readers can feel their shadows between the lines you wrote. Good job!


Author's Response: Hi Kenny!

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I guess you know that I've been really nervous about this story, so it means a lot that you took the time to leave such a nice comment :)

I could definitely tell when reading Order Of the Phoenix that we weren't getting the whole story about what's going on with Sirius, because, like you said, we only see him from Harry's point of view. But there were quite a few small details that were mentioned that made me think he was emotionally suffering quite a lot.

"You didn't describe about Dementors clearly but readers can feel their shadows between the lines you wrote." That's such an exciting comment to receive because that's the sort of thing I was trying to do but wasn't sure if I'd pulled it off :D

Thanks again, Kenny!


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Review #2, by StarFeatherBoarding the Train: The Beginning in the End

26th July 2015:
Hi, lizzie!

I finally came here. The title has been intriguing to read. Because I like the trains, but this story is very sad, I knew this story was for Character Death Challenge though.

I remembered the scene Colin was carried by Oliver Wood, his tiny body let Harry feel dull blow in his stomach.

As I've read your cheerful and comedy touch stories, this is really new. I discovered the different aspect in you, lizzie!

The most impressive description you wrote is here: as if one was fiddling with the focus ring on the lens of his camera.
If he was alive, he must have become a great photographer.

The conversation between him and a mystic girl is also intriguing. Reading your story, I remembered the novelist who wrote, "Ginga tetsudou no yoru" translated into English, the title is "The Night of the Milky Way Train" in which a boy named Campanella saved his friend and died under the water. Campanella's friend Giovanni had a dream with Campanella on the train in the galaxy before he found out Campanella was dead. The author's name is Kenji Miyazawa.

I wondered how long did it take to think of the story after his death. The story where Colin tried to remember his life, gave us deep impression.

I smiled at the idea it was Hagrid who informed Colin that he could learn magic at Hogwarts.

The setting the plot that seeing dead Dumbledore and Harry kneeling over him was the time when he felt tiny, is very touching.

What a surprise, I never imagined Fred entered here. I wondered who were wating for him. Maybe his uncle?

I like the story that Colin could find a good thing in his life, a girl he loved. Very beautiful.

Happy Birthday, lizzie! ★☆★
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!


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Review #3, by StarFeatherCalculus: Paper

25th July 2015:
Hi, Kevin. I thought I left review here but, can I write my thoughts again? It took more time to be back to your story than I thought. I've never thought there were so many events in the forums.

Well, the introduction is perfect. I can't write about Hermione in detail like you. The description is well written how she's engaged in her work and her office is like(yeah, I asked you about that before, you know).

I liked the conversation between her and Harry, too. The mood is very confidential(does my English make sense?), it's very convincing thinking over their friendship history.

The setting of meeting with Neville is perfect, too. Readers remembers how the situation around him was like, imagine how their facial expressions are like reading their conversation, too.

Then we read a crime scene report with Harry. It's very exciting, even if he thought it usual information.

The scene where Harry let the coroner copy the Political realities part, is very cool. I wondered if this scene was based on your experience.

I love the description of the movement of Ron and Harry after he came back to the Ministry. I really like their friendship since I read the book 1.

The conversation between Harry and Robards is also natural, too. If J.K.Rowling writes the scene, she could write like this. I love it.

I also like Ginny and Harry getting together and she cares him so much wishing he will act safely.

The plot is overall brilliant, you set the articles of Evening Prophet and the description of lonely Ron at the end, I also like his thouths for Hermione, too.

I'll find time to continue reading this, too. I'll promise, Kevin!


Author's Response: I know! I've been horribly delayed in just about everything by life and the House Cup! It's crazy! But I'm glad you're back!

I'm glad you enjoyed the characterizations and particularities of the scenes. I will definitely admit that some of the "vibes" and attitudes, particularly in relation to the investigative aspects come from some measure of personal experience - though obviously I've never been in law enforcement directly as an actual officer.

Thanks so much for your kind words!

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Review #4, by StarFeatherUpon the Edge: Upon the Edge

21st July 2015:
Hi, Laura! I came here from the forums. I've read only one story about the friendship between Lily and Sirius. So I've been curious to read this. The first paragraph was so picutresque beautiful. I'm amazed by your paintbrushing again. Recently I wonder how to describe the colour of the sky at the differnt time of a day. Your painting (writing) is breathtakingly just beautiful. I could imagine how the mauve color of the sky and her figure, it's artistic contrast to the sky. Winds and tousled hair are effective to express her emotion at that time.

The raging wind was like her emotion, which made Sirius's hair disheveled, his words were nearly drowned, but she could catch them. Perhaps usually it was Lily who helped him. But this time she needed comfort, which seemed very rare and the fact that it was Sirius who came to help her. The unexpected story plot is unique. Because according to their friendship history, it supposed to be James who would comfort her.

Half panicked Sirius and spirited Lily who tried not show her tears on her cheeks. I've never read that angle before, it's very impressive.

Even when he tried rescuing her from the edge, the wind roared like her desperate sorrow unsparingly. Then I felt the important role the wind played in your story.

I felt his Gryffindor-like bravery and recklessness from your description about him: his classrooms jokes and jumping into rescue her at the risk of his life.

Then we remember it supposed to be Snape who should comfort her and knew he was distant from her then.

The description of water is very effective, too. The rippled water of the lake indicated her emotion was stabilized by his hugging her.

As they went back to the safer place, the wind calmed down, it became gentle, which showed her emotion went back to a normal condition. I really admire your writing technique!


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Review #5, by StarFeatherFeel Again: Feel Again

19th July 2015:
*Gryffindor Amazing Race 6 HC 2015

Hi, Tanya (can I call you Tanya?)

I think of exploring your story for the first time (if my memory is correct).

I was very impressed by the way James saw the accident without moving his body at all. The name James let me wonder, which James? At first, I thought he was Harry's father but the question was finally answered at the end, when Albus entered.

The way here is very unique, every scene was described from the view of heavy injured James himself, each description is seen even very beautiful, very poetic, and very musical. I read somewhere you did music, right? If so, that's why you write like this.

Readers worry if his injury is so serious and pray please someone help him, every thing goes alright for him.

Totally, sound of silence was changed into the noisiness gradually, soundless to clamor.
The view and sound surrounding James tell us the process time passed by, it's amazing expression!


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Review #6, by StarFeatherGame On: Volume II: That Game Called Love - Freda&Georgina - Hufflepuff

19th July 2015:
Gryffindor Amazing Race HC 2015

Hi, summary about Andromeda caught my eyes.

I've been struggling to write about her, so I'm curious to read this story. The first thing is you let Molly enter here, I like it!
Poor Molly, she had been worrying if she would marry Arthur, she couldn't avoid poverty.

I thought Tonks was a Hufflepuff like his daughter but, you set him as Ravenclaw, which is acceptable for Andromeda, she is Slytherin.

Then suddenly Ted Tonks confessed his feeling towards her, which was so sudden, maybe if you have more time to spare for this, (I understand this was written for House Cup collabo, during such a short period, it's hard to describe much..)
it'll be better some twists and turns till he asked her to be his girlfriend.

It's interesting Andromeda whispered Arthur to give his meat balls to Molly, which let them tied with together, I don't know why, but this scene reminded me of their future son, Ron.


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Review #7, by StarFeatherRisk: Four

19th July 2015:
*Gryffindor Amazing Race 6 HC 2015

Our Hermione entered finally, yay! But she couldn't find any keys to solve the incident? Okay, she'll find some hints eventually as she did in the past, won't she?

Oh, I like Ron very much. I'm happy to read he and Kiernan were the same Chudley Cannons fans.

And another murder happened. That Charles in the 1800's letter, wasn't rich. Who was the guy? The third victim's grandfather helped invent Firebolt, which itself sounds interesting. And three female victims all lived near Diagon Alley, it's very intriguing.

And suddenly the case seemed to be developed. Two suspects. Readers wonders which person killed three beautiful women. How lond did it take you to think of the plot? I'm curious to know it.

So we'll see who are Charles and Genevieve finally in the next chapter?


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Review #8, by StarFeatherRisk: Three

19th July 2015:
*Gryffindor Amazing Race 6 HC 2015

Hi, long time no see here. I've not forgotten your Auror story! I missed your Molly and Kiernan, best couple! So I'm happy to read this again.

When I read the second victim's husband was hard to contact with, I remebered the crime drama, "Shetland" by bbc. In the drama, a detective tried to contact a victim's fahter, but he hung up the line as soon as he knew his daughter was killed, so I could imagine how shocked her husband felt.

Oh, wait, is it possible for her husband to kill his wife? The incident took a sudden new turn. It's not what I expected.

The culprit didn't want money in both cases, it's really mystery.

Still, the question related to the letter back to 1800's wasn't solved. And you'll let Hermione enter, which will be more interesting.

Kenny aka StarFeather

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Review #9, by StarFeatherAcquitted: Prologue

19th July 2015:
*Gryffindor Amazing Race 6 HC 2015

Hi, Lotte. The summary is so shocking, so I chose to read this. If I were a Kabuki Man, I would try acting Victoire.

The jail will be set on the stage, there will be a beautiful woman named Victoire. She looked dignified. Her hair was beautiful but unkempt after long stay in a jail.

Oh no, the guards, they were colleagues of her uncles and aunts, her uncles were Harry and Ron, her aunts were Hermione and Ginny? It's so sad to imagine.

She was cast memory charm by an unkonwn culprit, which is very intriguing from the start.

Oh, no please don't kill Teddy, I shouted in my mind. I like Lupin and Tonks, so their son must survive, how did you let him die? Perhapas for Victoir, she felt desperate more than us. I also felt uneasy imagining how Harry felt about Teddy's death and how her parents, Bill and Fleur felt like.

At the last scene, I imagined the woman who declared two words, 'Not guilty' was Hermione.
This chapter is prologue, so I expect the head Auror Harry will enter, too. If you have no plan to let him enter, may I do the request? (I whisper, "Or you can make an entry to my story challenge.")


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Review #10, by StarFeatherGame On: Volume II: Muggle Hunting- HeyMrsPotter- Hufflepuff

19th July 2015:
*Gryffindor Amazing Race 6 HC 2015

Hi, Dee. The title and the summary were so scary but I've been curious to read this story so I decided to leave review here.

Those notorious names of Death Eaters give the story weird mood and each movement let us imagine how they prepared to do Muggle hunting.

From Malfoy's point of view, the fat Muggle man, his wife and their children looked stupid, which give readers feel horrifying with your expression of Walden's wicked yellowing grin.

You did a good job at describing the lingering festivity and the exact opposite ominous start of the game named Muggle Hunting. You wrote each characters very well, too. You did let even the name of Voldemort enter, which added eerier mood in this story. The process is so cliffhanging, slow start from the lingering image of Quidditch World Cup to the dreadful crime scene but for Malfoy and his buddies, it's just a game to enjoy.


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Review #11, by StarFeatherGame On: Volume II: Pre-Tryout Jitters - MrsJaydeMalfoy - Hufflepuff

19th July 2015:
*Gryffindor Amazing Race 6 HC 2015

Hi, thank you for leaving review on my stories the other day!

It's a lovely one-shot. I didn't hesitate to read this warm hearted short story when I read the summary.

James and Al, they are Harry's golden brothers. Though I expected Al would be a Seeker like his father, it's new that he could be a Keeper instead. You described his nervous feeling quite well. Oh, talking of a Keeper, you seemed to forget mentioning about Ron, didn't you? It's also interesting you set James as a Beater.

I smiled at how James encouraged his younger brother and how Albus had lost confidence thinking over his family history, most of them were excellent quidditch players. I like you set the captain, as a girl student who declared she wanted to see all players fairly.

I understand you had to write this up during such a short period, but you could add more description about the scene at the tryout, how he blocked every single Quaffle. Anyway, you did good job at concluding this story by letting James tell the others how Albus succeeded in his save.


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Review #12, by StarFeatherMy Identity: My Destiny

19th July 2015:
*Gryffindor Amazing Race 6 HC2015

Hi, Sam. I visited here again. I've been itching to read this chapter.

You set Dromeda as a weak girl who had fear. You described her inner fear to reveal what her mind state was like, it's interesting to read because I' struggling to write her in my story. I could feel her stressful mind condition, reading what a cold attitude Bellatrix and her father showed her. If she was in Weasley's family, the other member would help her to carry a big trunk into the compartment but she had to do herself. But readers feel relieved when we read Andromeda would spend time with Adriana Brown at Hogwarts trains.

I like the spot you expressed how Dromeda felt, "the train had begun to leave the station of my old life and enter into the wild land scape of my new". This sentence is beautiful and very poetic.

I could understand how she felt awkward to befriend somebody. She was forced to suppress showing any enthusiasm, her sister's influence was too much for her.

It's good for her that she could finally befriend with the other girl who was her same age. The name of Brown let me remember Lavender Brown so I expected Adriana would be sorted to Gryffindor, but it's quite acceptable for Dromeda who was sorted to Slytherin.


Author's Response: Hey Kenny,

I'm glad you got a chance to come back for this chapter.

I am glad you are enjoying the emotional landscape I have given Andromeda.

Adriana Brown is a very dear character to me. I did not actually envision her as a relation of Lavender's. She certainly is not her mother. Adriana actually ends up in Ravenclaw =)

Thank you for the review!


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Review #13, by StarFeatherMusical Octopus: Musical Octopus

16th July 2015:
Hi, Britt. I stopped by your profile wall and knew you had a story here, so I read and will leave review.

I smiled at the first scene, "Naptime was one of the last things she wanted, actually." I had experiences to babysit my nieces, so I can understand this very well.

I like the description of the poor teddy bear. I could imagine how triumphant look Minerva had, when she retrieved her teddy bear.

When I saw the title, I imagined the song by Beatles, Octopus's Garden. And also, there's a legend that Octopus is a sea monster, so I've been curious how you connect Octopus into a musical instrument. Then I read the description, I liked it. The sound of bagpipe was very big outside. I have friends who play the instrument, I know it very well. But I understand the tune has a power to let the baby sleep. There're various bagpipe dance tunes to let dancers dance but also there're lots of nice air tunes which are all very beautiful. Good job!


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Review #14, by StarFeatherThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where We Talk About The Future

15th July 2015:
Hi, Tammi.

I really like this chapter the best so far. I can imagine how brilliantly their faces shine when they talk about their future.

James was going to confess his secret feeling towards Abigail, wasn't he? The whole story you set is super. We're crazy about your plot, can't stop reading next. I shouted in my mind again and again,"James, say the words! Now!"

Another words attracted me, "Auror", "Inferi" and "Unspeakable". I expect you won't end the story about only a love affair but also action and adventure, will you?


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Review #15, by StarFeatherThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Find Out Why James Was Up All Night

15th July 2015:

I've read through your story,chapter 1 to here. I decided to leave my first review now.

You set Abigail as the main character who thinks herself has no remarkable talent. So readers feel the same inferiority complex together at each moment. Perhaps the relationship between her and James will be developed more from here, readers will expect that James will ask her to be his girlfriend, I think the scene of Love Potion in the Potions class predicted the development of their relationship. The smell of the parchment and ink. I wondered at that time, why James was attracted by the smell, then the question was solved in this chapter. He loved to read the same comick books as she did. It's very unique that you set James as an enthusiastic comic reader, 'cause it's natural to think he looks after their parents, good at Quidditch and at other lots of things. But the episode that Ron led him into the comic world is quite understandable.

But still the biggest question remained. I'm wondering about the title, "The Adventures of Abigail and Potter Boy". Does it mean they will go adventure later? The name of her last name is hooked in my mind. Slughorn mentioned that Berite Higgs went hunting for Nogtails in the J.K.Rowling books.

I enjoyed the movement of their feeling. I'll keep reading your story.


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Review #16, by StarFeatherRabbit Heart: 1. Have a Heart

13th July 2015:
Hi, Pixi!

I've imagined how the rabbits turned to be scary after I heard from my fellow Gryffie about this story, but I'd like to say it's a very interesting story from the start.

Whole story is wrapped by Wren's gloomy mood that she didn't want to move out from the cozy house surrounded by nature and small animals she loved. The image of her grand mother will be the key to the story, maybe?

Any way I enjoyed reading her swinging heart as a teenager and Albus who was going to climb up the stairs to an adult, his each movement and his feeling towards Wren can't be ignored from here.

Then the last weird happening is very magically intriguing. Does horror start here?


Author's Response:

Hi Kenny, and welcome to my weirdness!

You have a lot of theories about my story. I'm glad it got you thinking and it holds some interest to you. The revised version of this first chapter clarified some things about Wren's character, and also Albus, so I'm happy that you commented on that.

Yes of course there is magic! Scary...

Thanks for the review!


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Review #17, by StarFeatherMy Identity: My Changes

13th July 2015:
Hi, Sam.
I was very impressed by your description of Bellatrix from the start to here. You boilded down the reason why she had become such an insane villain. Readers can accept the whole concept of the process.

She shook off her sister's hand and was going to enter the Knockturn Alley. She saw through what Andromeda was thinking, her hope. Maybe she had a potential Legilimency upon her sister.

Back to the transformation of Andromeda. In this chapter, you haven't revealed how she turned to a butterfly from a pupa yet, which will be revealed from the next chapter little by little, I guess.

We can't stop readigng this story!


Author's Response: Wow, another review today - thank you so much!

I didn't really imagine Bellatrix using legilimency in this scene. I was more thinking about how young children have a way of knowing just just what gets under their siblings' skin, and the cruelty to use that. But your legilimency idea is very interesting!

I'm glad you're enjoying this story, and thanks for stopping to review along the way!

Though, I most warn you, this is not the story to read if you are looking for Andromeda to turn into a butterfly.


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Review #18, by StarFeatherMy Identity: My Mysteries

13th July 2015:
Hi, Sam.

I read the first chapter and came here.
It's a very interesting story, Sam! I'm working on my three daughters of Cygnus Black, so the way you set the plot , I feel there's a common point about Bella. I guess you focused on her brutal nature back to her younger days, I tried the similar thing in my story.

About Narcissa, you set her father wasn't Cygnus, which is also unique. Besides these facts are told by Andromeda's point of view, it's a very impressive method.

I'm curious how you'll develop Doromeda's character from the next chapter.

Kenny aka StarFeather

Author's Response: Hey Kenny,

Thanks for the review. I am glad you have liked my characterization. Prepare for the angstiest of all angsty angst.


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Review #19, by StarFeatherRenaissance: Understandings

11th July 2015:
Gryffindor/ House Cup/ Amazing Race5

Hi, I stopped by from the Forums. The banner and the summary caught my eyes.

The first half of the story is the conversation between McGonagall and Ron, which made me wonder how long it passed since the battle of Hogwarts. I'm amazed by the fact that Ron grew up. He talked with McGonagall on equal.

Then Ron noticed ,the Sorting Hat was stolen. People notice how the Sorting Hat was important in Harry Potter World for the first time when it was stolen.

McGonagall needed young bloods. It's understandable when we think how many people they've lost during the battle. I guess Hermione will be one of staffs at Hogwarts?

Ron suggested making to do list, which must be influenced by Hermione!


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Review #20, by StarFeatherIn Every Stitch: Eight

11th July 2015:
Gryffindor House Cup 2015 Amazing Race 5

Hi, Lizzie!

I almost forgotten Molly's handmade jumper, the brilliant banner and your summary reminded me of her love for eight children including Harry.

I smiled at the scene they moan and compalin about the colors Molly chose. I like the expression she weaves her love into every stitch.
Eace word is filled with your love towards the character of Harry Potter.

Your observation of each cannon character emits the light, which touches our hearts.

We can imagine how she made those jumpers warmly, your picturesque way of writing make us happy.

I could even imagine how she smiled at her work when she finished working on the jumper for Harry.
I really like your writing style with rhythmical tempo.


Author's Response: Kenny!

So glad that you stopped by and reviewed! I love reviews! :D

Molly is one of my favorite characters, and it makes me really happy to know that people like the way I've written her! She was really hard to write because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do her justice, but reviews like this make me feel like I did a good job!

SO THANK YOU!! You're the best! Your reviews never cease to make me smile Kenny!

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Review #21, by StarFeatherGoodbye: Ginny

11th July 2015:
*Gryffindor / Amazing Race 5 House Cup

The saddest scene, Ginny saw Fred's body lying in the Great Hall. Ginny was always strong, but she couldn't, even her Harry was beside her. Readers feel the same way as her.
Dressing black itself let her depressed deeply, the reflection told her pale face, which are the contrast to the fond memories when he made his members of Weasley family laugh, his sister had fun with him.

Looking so serious is the most unsuitable for Fred. Readers sympathize her feeling. The sad description, her tears are falling on the dark and smooth wood, making dark stains spread across the warm wood, made us sad, but I think it's simply beautiful.

Then I remembered Fred not only made a joke but also protected his sister.


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Review #22, by StarFeatherA Father's Love: A Father's Love

11th July 2015:
Gryffindor / House Cup 2015 / Amazing Race 5

Hi, frankie!
Harry's brilliant smile and the face of Arthur on Banner caught my eyes, so I dropped here.

My impressive part is when I read Harry choked up a bit at the thought Arthur took a role of his father. J.K.Rowling didn't mention about that, so you made it clear, which is very impressive. He showed Harry around the office, you made it clear to us that that was a role as a father.

It was also fun to read when Arthur felt nervous, Harry felt his heart was hammering, which gave me the impression that they acted like a real son and a father. And my favorite description here is "Pride. Mr.Weasley was proud of him. Mr. Weasley look at his own sons like the way he was looking at Harry now."

Your idea that the strength was born from Arthur's encouragement for Harry who had to face the people in the court beyond the door, is brilliant. I felt your gentle look towards them through the whole story.


Author's Response: Kenny,

Thank you for your nice words. I really love the way Arthur loves Harry, and I think it is very under-appreciated! But I sincerely appreciate all your words!


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Review #23, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Those Who Donít Learn From History

11th July 2015:
*Gryffindor /House Cup 2015/ Amazing Race 5

The first description, the morning great lake is very beautiful. I was glad to read Harry was going to teach DADA lesson at Hogwarts, and smiled you set Neville as a Headmaster.

It's very fun to read how Harry lectured the class about the duel. I enjoyed the description about their practice. It's like watching the fencing match. I remembered when I wrote the same kind of scene, I imagined "kendo", Japanese fencing.

The idea of leaving the decoy behind is very impressive.

I also enjoyed the episode about Artie and Northway, too.

The latter of this story holds profound meaning . Readers think over to know the history, nobody was willing to fight, so many people tried to pretend that nothing was wrong, which is common through out our real world.


Author's Response: Hi, Kenny,

Harry's lesson was one of the most fun things to write in the entire story. He'll always be young at heart, and the kids bring that out in him. It was sort of like fencing, only six on one.

It seemed like a very useful spell, one that could confuse an attacker by making them think that you were in another place.

The exchange between Artie and Northway was meant to show a bit about how naive and complacent the post-war world had become by this point. Keep an eye on Northway. You'll see him again.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #24, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Losses

11th July 2015:
*Gryffindor/ House Cup 2015/ Amazing Race 5

The court scene was powerfully well written. But one of trio murdered the killer of Ginny? The question was not answered. It's very cliffhanging.

The phrases, "Because you failed, Potter. You weren't strong enough to protect her and now she's gone" are very impressive. You repeated these before.

The family grieving scene is so sad to read, but the scene where Percy and Harry left alone in the forest of Dean is more thrilling to read.
Then the truth seemed to be revealed finally. The scene Harry seized Percy by the collar of his robes is powerful but the question still remained. I guess something bigger things are hiding.

And I was deeply impressed by the scene of the portraits of Harry's dearest people, too. My favorite spot here is "Two sets of brilliant, green eyes stared into one another, sharing their pain."


Author's Response: Hi, Kenny!

This is the last chapter that really deals in back story. From here on out, it's full speed ahead.

The courtroom scene was a lot of fun to write, actually. Trying to weave together the pomp and pageantry of a courtroom with Harry's grim thoughts and suspicions was challenging.

Harry still carries massive guilt over Ginny's death. Unfortunately, that sticks with him throughout the story.

The family grieving scene was no fun to write at all, that's for sure. Very heavy, emotional stuff. Harry and Percy talking in the forest was a pretty important scene. Don't forget anything that happened there. ;)

I always loved the idea of the magical portraits in the books. I wondered why JKR didn't make more out of that idea, so I was determined to make good use of them in this story. You'll see them again and again.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology

11th July 2015:
*Gryffindor / House Cup 2015/ Amazing Race 5

I felt relieved to see someone cared Harry after Ginny died. So Ron and Hermione often checked him as they've done in their Hogwrats days.
The scene Hermione using the charm"Reparo" reminded me of the book 1 in the Hogwarts train where trio met each other for the first time.
I feel happy imagining Arthur help George with his experiment on muggle contraption.

The plot, Harry established four kinds of charities is a good idea. I remembered J.K.Rowling set up many charities, too.

The reason why Ginny had died were revealed little by little. The boggart story was well planned. Harry couldn't repel the boggart, Octavia did it instead of him, which is very impressive. The episode that Narcissa gave a stuffed unicorn is lovely, too.


Author's Response: Hello, again!

Lots of people helped to care for Harry and look after him following Ginny's death. Ron and Hermione led the charge, of course, but lots of other characters play a role.

This was one chapter where I felt a little uneasy about the amount of back story that I wove into the narration. I hope people forgive me for that small diversion away from the real story.

Harry and Rose were both too caught up in their memories of Ginny to repel the boggart. Only Octavia was sufficiently unaffected. And Octavia was Narcissa's little princess, her only granddaughter. I'm certain that Narcissa spoiled her rotten.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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