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Review #1, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

7th February 2016:
Hi, Dan! I could come back here! I really enjoyed this chapter. So many stars entered. The trio and Luna, Percy, Audrey, and Lady Tenabra.

Tha sad moment, Harry remembered Ginny, when Hermione explained the scene, is the most impressive and his anger you wrote is the most awesome spot I felt. His power to solve the case, I think rage against the evil act can lead to the solution. I remembered why I love your novels. A strong sense of justice, to get angry for his fellow Auror who died leaving his family, this is Harry.

I like the conversation between Luna and the trio. And I like the way how Harry and she entered the Weasley's living room. The minature investigating scene reminded me of "Back to the Future" where Doc tested the simulation of Delorean.

It's horrible to imagine how Flint's dead body was like. I hate Lady Tenabra. Flint might be a bad guy, but I remember he was a Hogwarts student and played Quidditch with Harry.

I like your description of Kriffin and the book written by Lockheart. You captured how the house-elf behaves and how Harry reacts him very well. It's marvelous you set Lockheart's ridiculous book among the serious case.

One more, what will happen to Percy and Audrey next?


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Review #2, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Eversion of Magic: Chapter Nine: Compelled by Signs

7th February 2016:
Hi, chinaglaze! I came back.

I know! The old Christmas card must be from Harry, right? Dudley is going to see Harry. I can't wait.

I'm amazed when I think over how you had been prepared for this plot. I stopped reading in the middle of this chapter, and I went back to the previous chapter to find the description of Megan and her magic skill. It's heartwarming to read Jack thought about her strongly and Megan could feel where Jack was.

You put not only the scene Sirius and Julia but also the new relationship between Jack and Megan. I hope I can be back ASAP to follow his adventure.


Author's Response: Hi Kenny, thanks for stopping by again! I have tried to tie up all the threads in this story as it goes along :)

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Review #3, by StarFeatherPermission: Start Running

6th February 2016:
Hi, Karen! I was so impressed by your strong message using the second POV. Since I started reading your Barty's story, I felt like Barty blamed Lucius for his disloyalty to the Dark Lord when I started reading this.

The most impressive spot is the phrase used repeatedly, " Dawh dawh DAWH dawh dawhhh" I wondered what it meant. The voice of a coachman(or Voldemort himself?) who drives the Death carriage?

I'll list the words after "dawhhh":
1 over your shoulderrr...
2 always(comes back)...
3 can't get awayyy...
4 dead man walkinggg...
5 cat and meowwwse...
6 must have permissionnn...
they^ themselves gave us horror. I guess they're the nightmare Lucius had every night? He feared his weakness to be seen by Voldemort.

This story conatins so much information about Malfoy's way of surviving, downfall and his cowardice. It must be dishonor for a man to be called "coward". So the horror you created may be the horror to be put a seal on as a coward.

I wish I could write each description like you, Karen! Thank you for sharing this. I'm going back to my story challenge I've struggled through this week in the description. I'd like to remember the impression you created in this story.


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Review #4, by StarFeatherRise of the Phoenix: The Gathering Storm

6th February 2016:
Hi,Nick! I'm going to leave the 50th review on your story! And thank you for giving me the chance to make your story banner! I enjoyed creating for your story! :)

To be honest, I started reading this chapter around Christmas last year. I didn't hesitate to push the favorite button. I can't tell you why in detail, I just felt I needed to. Maybe your description, the mood of your story let me do it. Then I finally finished this chapter! Many thoughts are flying in my head right now. How should I start...let me see...okay, I'll tell you my favorite spots and descriptions first and then I'll ask you the parts I couldn't understand well(please consider the weak point that English isn't my first tongue.)

*My most impressive spots:
1.She had the mark left by Chinese Fireball. (What a coincidence! I'm writing about the dragons in East Asia.)

2.The travelling partner, Theo tried reading, discerning the meaning of the colourful array of Japanese letters. I wondered if they were kanji or katakana or hiragana. Theo reminded me of "Agasa Hakase", Dr.Agasa of "Detective Conan".

3.Fighting scene with the Werewolf. I knew he was Fenrir when he entered! So many muggles witnessed the incident. How will she set the situation right under the circumstance?

4.The mystery why Aurora's brother died hasn't revealed yet. I guess Voldemort and his Death Eaters are connected with his death. Her brother was an Auror? right? What was he going to do from the first place?

5 They care more about what colour the Happy Grindylows lead singer has dyed his hair.(I like your naming the band, Happy Grindylows, cool! :)

*The spots I couldn't understand well (please enlighten me the meaning of these expressions or syntax:
1 -hangover effect of being born in a coutry that wonderfully mixed emotional restraint with self-loathing.

2 and then fighting against thugs whom had the sympathies of people that despised them.

Overall, this chapter contains so many mysteries, the riddle why Rupert Meadows died, What power Aurora Meadows has, why couldn't they use the magical transportation, why Aurora's parents couldn't tell their true feeling towards their son's death... I'll come back again in the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Kenny,

Thanks for the review.

I get that my chapters are too long. I over-write quite badly, so sorry about that! :)

Also I should say, you write really well :) So the fact English isn't your first language (if I hadn't read your profile information I'd never have guessed) means that I am impressed by your work even more.

I am really glad you enjoyed so many bits of this chapter, I can't wait to see what you make of the story as it goes along.

The two bits you brought up...

1) It is sort of a throwaway comment. What it means is her behaviour is the consequence of living in a country (Britain) full of people that find it hard to express emotions and where everyone has a low opinion of themselves.

2 - Rupert worked at the Ministry taking down criminals and thugs. Thugs that were unsettling the country. Those people (think of snatchers like Scabior in the Deathly Hallows for instance) are supported by pure-bloods and Death Eaters. They hate the Meadows family, for the most part, as they are the product of a proud pure-blood family (the Nelsons) being washed down with muggle marriages.

Sort of was an attempt to highlight that their situation was hard, and that politics in Britain at the time were unstable.

Look forward to seeing you again, I shall be reviewing a chapter of yours tonight! :)


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Review #5, by StarFeatherChasing Life, Seeking Love, Keeping Hope: Harry's Emotional Rollercoaster

5th February 2016:
Hi, Kevin! I came back. Oh, you finally ... wrote the scene. Honestly, I enjoyed it. Well, feedback.
Not a few authors wrote their steamy scenes here and there, but yours is not unpleasant at all. I even felt it refreshed. Ha ha ha, the magic spell is handy in that case. Hmm, I wondered who taught them the spell. Ginny might be taught by her mother, but who taught Harry? George?

Ha! Arthur knew their relationship. I agree with the plot he has the sense as well as his ability to make magical product using the Muggle's tool. A battery-powered nose trimmer! Sounds funny.

The best spot of this chapter, I'd like to say the scene where Harry remembered Dobby. You imagined how Harry would react to Kreacher's words and described each movement very well. I could imagine how Harry was sad at remembering his lost friend. How could Kreacher know Dobby's last words?

One more favorite thing is you let Seamus enter! I like the idea! I expect you'll have more Irish things later.


Author's Response: Hey, Kenny. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for reviewing!

I tried to make their intimate scene as tasteful as I could. I wanted to portray them as a little awkward and self-conscious, but I didn't want the scene to be lewd or crass. I had seen the idea of a contraceptive spell in other works, but I didn't want to plagiarize anyone, so I kept it vague. Perhaps Hogwarts teaches sex education?

Honestly, I don't have an answer for where Kreacher heard Dobby's last words. I may have, when I wrote the chapter, but it is lost to time. Perhaps, during Harry's last year at Hogwarts, the story of Dobby's heroism spread all the way to the Hogwarts house elves, where Kreacher spent most of his time.

Seamus is a very good friend of the Golden Quartet, so he will continue to appear, off and on, during the rest of the story.

Thanks again, Kenny! I always love to read your reviews! I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #6, by StarFeatherLet Perpetual Light: At The Churchyard Again

31st January 2016:

I was very moved by your beautiful but very sad description of three children in the previous chapter and I felt in the same way again. I nearly shed tears when I read these sentences, "Before Kendra left the room, she smiled. Ariana saw, for the first time the slow fading of her mother. The strength was seeping out of her, and the hard glint of her dark eyes had become veiled and imprecise. Ariana considered going up to her mother and flicking a stray tuft of hair from the latter’s eyes. The door closed slowly, cutting the smile off Kendra’s face but that little abstract curve of her lips seemed to linger on in the room long after she had left." I felt I could think of the sad tune to this scene. Kendra tried protecting her daughter till the very end. She even removed the memory from Bathilda.

From the Dumbledore's house and Bathilda's garden, the scenery was changed to the farm. I could visualize the bored young man, Gellert in the pastoral scene. Your creation gave me much imagination, how Aberforth cared his sister and how he got to know Gellert and hated him. The scene where Ariana gave her pine cone doll let me imagine it will really protect Aberforth from the incident later.

You hooked me to the interest that the secrets were hid in the Godric's Hollow through Gellert's eyes. The grave yard scene is thrilling. I got excited when I read "IGNOTUS PEVERELL". Realeased from a care of his sister for a short time, Albus must have had a joyful moment with Gellert. You portrayed his feeling very well! Albus in humming! I imagine Albus can't stop admiring his future friend by your excellent picturesque description.


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Review #7, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Eversion of Magic: Chapter Eight: Poor Miserable Captive

31st January 2016:
Hi, chinaglaze! I really enjoyed this chapter. Jack is a wizard! It will be more interesting. The kid will do something or witness the important thing. I expect him many.

All investigation scenes are awesome. I wish I could write like you. I enjoyed each scene. Wa, Dudley Dursley is a policeman? I'm completely hooked. Will he help Harry with the investigation? Right now many imaginations popped in my head. How many settings are you preparing in the next chapters?


Author's Response: Hi Kenny, thanks for reading and reviewing. Read on! :)

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Review #8, by StarFeatherThe Lake: Quest

30th January 2016:
Hallo, Kevin! I came here after seeing the chat at Gryffindor CR. I was curious to know how weird this would be.

I like the first description about nature and the Great Wolf. I've never read like this style in your other stories. My image for your works are mystery, angst and officers at DMLE. So your narrative writing is new, I think it's great! I love adventure in the story.

Hmm, the voice from the water reminded me of King Arthur. I like the name, Duncan.

And I wondered if Galan couldn't survive and read the Author's note, I was surprised that he turned to be the Giant Squid!
I've never heard of the Pictish language before.

More, Kevin. I'd like to read your grindylows and the merpeople!


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Review #9, by StarFeatherHourglass: 3 years 47 days

30th January 2016:
Hi, Gina. I came here from the Gryffindor Review Battle thread, Team Red!

I respect your description, Gina. I have to learn lots from you. I've just started to write about Next Gen.
I like the scene Albus talked to the parchment, and I felt humor in this, " Albus gave it a pat and nodded. “Breakfast it is.” I smiled at the description, "the whole Gryffindor-Slytherin dichotomy will probably throw the entire Great Hall into a black hole".

His imagination about the cold prison cell reminded me of your other work, "Them". I wondered his darkness started from here.
Hmm, you set a kind of complicated frinedship between Albus and Scorpius, which is interesting. I've never encountered this situation before.

Scorpius got more letters than Albus, it's quite understandable.

The parchment soaked in the sea of syrup reminded me of Curious George, but it turned to be more interesting, it's a love letter? I'm completely hooked. Who sent it to Albus? Who is D.L.Z.?

The idea of "his room" is brilliant! I remembered I played with my friend at our secret base near the small mountain. I pushed the favorite button now.


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Review #10, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Searching for Answers

30th January 2016:

Finally I came back again. As I wrote in your MTA thread, I thought chapter 11 was the best, you portrayed the trio very well but I'd like to say this chapter is also great. I enjoyed the scene, Harry's accomplishment of his mission very much. Mainly it was Harry to play an active part, but I really like you set Ron as a backup for Harry during his mission. I like the idea involving old Hagrid's disinformation, too.

Oh, my.. when I read the part of Hermione at the first sentnece, I felt the gap between Harry's mission and Hermione's state of mind, the dynamic and the static state. Then you wrote "the teachings of an ancient Zen philosopher as I expected! I strongly felt that at the very first sentence, " Hermione listened to the sounds of water falling over the edge of the small fountain...
Hm..."Peace led to serenity" yes, calmness.
"Serenity led to acceptance." acceptance? maybe... yeah, acceptance to live together with her situation.
"Acceptance led to growth"? Acceptance led to reborn? just my thought.

Poor Hermione. She's not ready for the fact that she has to use the wheel chair.

The conversation between Scorpius and Draco is very impressive. I was amazed by your imagination. How could you create such a nice scene out of nowhere? Especially I like this dialogue, "Don't let pride or your faith in Potter blind you to the truth. He can't protect everyone, everywhere, all the time." I felt sad remembering Ginny was dead in your story (That was the reason why I couldn't keep reading this when I found your story as I mentioned at your MTA. I knew this existed when I entered this site. But now I can't stop reading yours! I'm completely hooked.)

Then I confirmed why you got Golden Paw Award for Best Trio. I felt excited at Hermiolne's highly motivated attitude and her thought about the way how Harry got the file and Ron's decision that he would not tell the Auror training related to her levitation.

I take back my previous statement. The most impressive scene for me is "Father and son locked green eyes for a long moment. Even Harry was surprised when he found himself turning away first."

Oh, I'll take back the words^ again. I love the last scene, Harry's message via the silver stag the most, Dan!

I hope I can come back soon.


Author's Response: Hi, Kenny!

I enjoyed writing Harry's infiltration of the Minister's office as much as any part of the story. It was fun to let him showcase the skills he spent his career as an Auror developing.

Hermione is not in a good way, but she's trying hard to move on from her injury. There's something she just can't get past. More on that very soon...

I worked a lot on tweaking Draco's dialog to try to preserve the essence of who he is while aging him realistically. At this time in his life, he lives for his family. It's not a completely different ideal from the way he thought when he was younger, it's just that family means something different to him now.

The dynamic between the trio has always fascinated me. I like exploring all of the little aspects of it.

Ha! I loved the idea of Harry sending the patronus, upsetting the Slytherins and getting his message across all at once. The old man does indeed have class.

Hope to see you back soon, my friend!


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Review #11, by StarFeatherRabbit Heart: 18. Hearts of Curiosity

29th January 2016:
Hi, Pixi! I came back again!

From this chapter many developments were seen.

1.Neville was involved in the investigation. Yay!One of the war heros came back! I like the description of his work place in the early morning. I could visualize the scene.

The most impressive descriptions are "The vine nearest to him curled up into a tight coil. Neville stroked it with his thumb and the coil slowly relaxed. Which was why he was now preparing, at the crack of dawn (on a Sunday)" and " when she sat across from his desk looking suitably guilty, Neville's hope for an easy out vanished.
He cleared his throat and looked her in the eye. Merlin, he hated that she just stared back at him, wide-eyed, like he was the enemy." I read imagining how I would react in the same situation.

2. Rose gave Wren her helping hand finally. She's like her mother, Hermione. I love the plot. She'll take a role of the brain to work it out. I have much expectaion for her role.

3. Smeed and Burns. I love the pair. The episode that Smeed helped Wren with his tea was spotlighted again. It gave me chill to read how they died in the countryside.

I guess from the next chapter, the group of Wren's friends will make a counterattack against Dillon and his monster rodent. And Wren's rabbit will help them again? I'll be back again.


Author's Response: Hi Kenny!

Yes, we are into the meat of the story now. Things need to happen after the long setup.

I struggled to find an appropriate place for the adults in this story many times. The students were the real focus, but I didn't want the adults to appear irresponsible or clueless. That was definitely a difficult issue throughout this plot.

Neville is one of my favorite characters. Putting him in this situation of having to reprimand his daughter, giving him doubts about her truthfulness, balancing that with his responsibilities as a faculty member to take the obvious infraction at face value... that was hard for me. Poor Neville!

Rose's friendship with Wren has been grossly lacking so far in the story. She's quite self-centered, and I had to show her eventually care more for her friend than for herself.

Smeed and Burns are my new favorite characters. Smeed in particular kept demanding to have a larger part in this story. He and I had many conversations about this, and eventually I had to bring to his attention that he was not the main protagonist, as stated in his contract. He was reluctant to relent his position and strong-armed me into giving him a raise. But it didn't go without severe consequences.

Thanks for continuing with this story! There is more to come!


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Review #12, by StarFeatherFaçade: The Hospital

29th January 2016:
Hello, there! I read your explanation about this story on the forums. I think I could understand your plot better now. :)

I was amazed by your intention to challenge the problem of the difficult countries through fan fiction. I felt the same feeling when I read J.K.Rowling's book. It's a great thing to write about it.

It's interesting to read Daphne used unicorn blood for Rosalind's wounds. And yes, I guessed the guy named Wilfred might rescue her. I enjoyed the episode.

Wow wow, the story is getting more interesting from the latter half. The plot Luxy was bribed by the gangs is interesting. The reporters were waiting for her like hyenas. Draco couldn't hide his real feeling towards Rosalind and George came to see her! I pushed the Favorite button right now. I'll be back again when you update the next chapter. Please keep reading my story, too. (chapter 8 is up, so please tell me when yours is up.)


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Review #13, by StarFeatherLife Was Meant to Be Easy Now: From A Father's View

29th January 2016:
Hi, Molly! I came back again after my Tengu and Kappa's story, chapter 8 was up. If you have time to spare, please stop by.

I've never expected you would write this chpater from Draco's POV. (I've imagined the dramatic rescue scene by Albus.) It's interesting to read Draco changed his attitude towards his son's identity. With love for his son, he could understand Scorpius and Albus. So impressive chapter!

Eh, well the first scene, it's beautifully written (I confess I love the description). But I was surprised by the fact that Astoria's hair was blonde. My impression of the movie, the book 7, her hair is dark brown. I guess in your country, blonde women are common, right? It's understandable.

Another impressive scene is the conversation between Malfoy and McGonagall. It's a little emotional of Draco to be aggressive but quite understandable thinking over his care of his son.
I was really amazed by your work that expressed your determination to challenge homophobic discrimination.

Okay, I still expect dramatic action scene that Albus Potter will get revenge on the students who hurt Scorpius. I'll be back again.


Author's Response: Hi Kenny!

Thanks for reading and reviewing! (I'm going to come back to your story too!)

Draco is far from my favourite character, but it was so fun to write from his POV. I also feel that I ought to let his voice be heard, because I think it's explains some of his actions, both in the past and in the future of the story.

Thanks for pointing out the thing about the colour of Astoria's hair! Your're right, she's got dark hair in the film. I actually didn't think about that at all. Perhaps I pictured her to look like Narcissa? Although if she really was blonde too, that would explain why Scorpius is so pale and blonde, having that genes from both parents... (But yes, honestly, I might just have been influenced by my surroundings... Most of my family and friends are actually blonde, so part of me might think of blonde as the default colour of hair so to speak? How weird to think about. I suppose a person's surroundings affect the way to write, and also think, more than we sometimes want to admit!)

Yes, the homophobia theme will be present through this story. Although we sometimes think that we're now past that (?), the heteronormativity is still strong (at least where I live, probably everywhere too), and that's an injustice I want to help fighting against.


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Review #14, by StarFeatherLove, Not War: Draco's Introduction

29th January 2016:
Hi, Deana! Gryffindor Review Battle, Team Red!

Reading the first thoughts by Draco, I remebered the book 2 where his father entered in such a charismatic way. I think the authors can't resist writing about him. I also tried writing about him in my first story at HPFF. You write this story from Draco'S POV, which is also interesting. His view is rather cool, I enjoyed it.

It must be so frustrating that his own father had never evaluated his son right. He used to be proud of his father, but it's quite understandable that he eventually felt like "No more Malfoy pride".

Just my opinion, Lucius Malfoy loved his son. We can find it in the book 7 but it's possible that he behaved like you wrote in this chapter in the earlier days.

Hahaha , lol at your mention, "this is not going to be another story all about Harry Potter. If you want to read about him then go and find another book. There are plenty of them out there all about him. Potter could open his own personal library if he wanted to, and that’s the problem. There are way too many books out there about Harry, Give the boy a break for a change. Don’t you think he deserves it? Granted, this story does mention Harry on occasion, but it is not about him. It is about me."

You spared space why you would begin the story with Draco's POV, I think most of us can accept the concept after your much effort to create your own Draco's world. :)


Author's Response: Hello Kenny!! I am so glad to see that you enjoyed Draco's POV in this. The rest of the story is 3rd person, this was just something I was experimenting with at the beginning. I think, at the very end, there will likely be an outro in this same style. But the ending is still a ways off from now, lol! XD

I agree with you that Lucius Malfoy most DEFINITELY loved his son. There are several examples of Lucius' love for Draco all throughout this story, as you will begin to see immediately if you check out the Prologue next... Draco, however, struggles to realize everything that his father was doing "behind the scenes" on his behalf though, so from his POV it may seem a tad biased. And that's what I was really getting at here with this into. Sorry if it puts off the wrong impression. I may have to re-look into updating my wording throughout this intro now, just to clear that up a bit.

I'm glad you enjoyed Draco's quote about Harry opening up his own library at the end, lol. That one is still to this day one of my favorite lines in this while story! I started this thing back in 2008, so it's been an adventure, to say the least. I hope you will continue on and see what comes nect in my version of Draco's world.

Thanks so much for the review, Kenny. I am glad you liked it, and hope that you will read more. I look forwards to hearing your thoughts on the rest if you do. And of course, GO TEAM RED, haha!!! =D

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Review #15, by StarFeatherThem: Them

28th January 2016:
Gryffindor Reveiw battle, Team Red!

Wow, it's quite a thriller and a riddle. I confess that I checked Kevin's and Meg's reviews after I finished reading this, because I wanted to make sure if Harry was alive or dead. It seems that he survives, right? Gina, you will never let the hero die, won't you? I hope so.

It's a very interesting idea you set Albus in the situation. I wonder why he suffers the mental difficulties.

Poor Ginny. She can't forget the dark times and still has nightmare. And Nadia saw them Rowle's daguther had seen for years, which means they're ghosts? Is there possibility that Soleil was born cursed from the start? Why did she choose Albus? It's very intriguing. Dark power must be related with the series of creepy phenomenons.


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Review #16, by StarFeatherTravel: Prologue: Grumblings

28th January 2016:
Hi, Kaitlin! I came here for Gryffindor Review Battle, Team Red!

Whenever I come back to your story, I'm full of expectation that you'll have something interesting new world. The expectation was not betrayed. I've never visited France, so I'm looking forward to read what you will write about the country. Aberforth in France! Will he find something warmhearting things there? I hope so. Sicne he suffered the loss of his sister and distrust for his brother, I want him to spend happier life.

As always, your writing style is awesome. You spared space for his hollow and painful memories in the past. The tone of your story suits the banner well. What magical adventure is waiting for him? How will he go across to France from Scotland? I guess he will talk to his sister in the portrait when he has unusual experiences. This is a novel, right? I can't wait to see what travel he will go through.


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Review #17, by StarFeatherFaçade: The Altercation

25th January 2016:
Hallo! I'm sorry I did typos in the previous review, again. I hit the words from my phone. :/

I've already read this chapter on my phone yesterday, so I'll leave review. :)

Valentine's Day is coming, so it's very timely. I enjoyed this chapter. I didn't imagine they would celebrate Valentine's Day in the prison like Azkaban, so it's new to me. I wonder if RL prison cafeterias celebrate this holiday in America or Europe.

Conversation between Wilfred and Rosalind sounds real, I mean it's lifelike and like one scene from the movie. I like it. I enjoyed each character from Rosalind's observation. I wondered if you learned how to write a novel. What do you pay attention to the most, when you write about characters?

Not only Luxy, people hate murder. Once again we think about the sin Rosalind had done.

Oh, poor Rosalind. We can't stop sympathizing with her. You described how the gangs tortured her very well.


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Review #18, by StarFeatherHarry Potter and the Eversion of Magic: Chapter Two: If Cause Were to Unfold

24th January 2016:
Hi, chinaglaze. I've already read this chapter but it seems that I forgot leaving review. I'm sorry.

Now I wonder who is the man who said,"His mother ? You mean my auntie?" His mother must be Walburga so the man was one of Black or Walburga's relative.

Yes, my favorite spot in this chapter, I remembered. The scene where Harry took care of his childredn and the conversation with Ginny in their bed room.

I like your way to describe Harry's dream and the move when he tried to be ready wearing his Auror robes following Julia. And I really love the last scene where Harry approached the trees with much tension.

And one more quesion left in this chapter. What does the article on the Quibbler mean? I think it very important in your story.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Kenny. All your questions will be answered!

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Review #19, by StarFeatherShattered Glass: Cold. Broke. Alone.

24th January 2016:
I'm not sure if I can leave review here, but I'll chime in between two of you, Kevin. (:couch:)

Your writing style is super as usual. Each description is beautifully written.
You portrayed Lupin's agony with your excellent writing technique and I could visualize the situation where he was forced to get along with.

Compared with Harry's difficult situation, Lupin had endured the different predicament, tougher than Harry's as we know. You portrayed his pain as a monster and his strong will to be brave as his father taught, which gave us courage to get over hardships.

Eyes looked sharply at the figure
Wreched man standing in the shattered glass
Brave heart never die forever


Author's Response: Thanks Kenny! You can leave reviews anywhere (and I know I owe you one too :/)!

I really appreciate your kind feedback and I'm glad that you thought the descriptions worked well and meshed with the characterization of Lupin. This was a bit different for me because I hadn't written young, tortured Lupin before (only more mature Lupin and during his school years, when he was much happier obviously).

Thanks for the poem as well!

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Review #20, by StarFeatherChasing Life, Seeking Love, Keeping Hope: Harry's Ruse

24th January 2016:
Hi! I came back again. I felt yours is similar to mine, I mean the scene at Grimmauld Place. I also had Bill enter as a curse-breaker and let him work there to help Harry. But your original idea that Kreacher helped him, it's better than mine. I enjoyed it.

The scene with Rita Skeeter, you captured her characteristic and wrote each conversation very well. I like it.

You put the party scene with Wendy and the trio plus Ginny in the middle. Ginny let music of Weird Sisters on air, I like the idea!

The latter half of this chapter, you wrote about Harry's fortune and you spared the space for the description how he would use that, I felt like I was reading a kind of story that American dream comes true.

I'll come back again. :)


Author's Response: Hi, Kenny! Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I always enjoy reading your reviews, so I hope you keep reading and reviewing!!

I chuckled when you wrote "American dream come true". I've tried to use as much British slang as I can to keep the story in its British roots, but I guess my American side shows through no matter what I do! :)

Later in the story, you will probably like the things Bill does, as far as his curse-breaking job and helping Harry, and George helps out a lot, too. You'll see.

Thanks again for the review, Kenny!!

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Review #21, by StarFeatherFaçade: The Second Visitor

22nd January 2016:
I came back.

Seeing the banner, I've thought Draco entered. You portrayed him as his fans expect. His charismatic demeanor is well written. The romantic episodes between Rosalind and Draco are interestibg. When Rosalind asked about the relationship with Astoria, he hesitated to answer, which showed us he must have something towards Rosalind, it's very intriguing.

The latter half where Rosalind blamed herself, it's heartaching to read. You focused on her agony, it's super! We expect how Hermione will help her out.I can't wait. Draco must be coming back to rescue her as well.


Author's Response: Thank you! Draco is a lot of fun because he's so sassy. They do have feelings for each other but they are in a strange situation as well which doesn't help. Hopefully he doesn't have to save her!

Yes Rosalind is very depressed. She thinks that she ruined her sister's life and doesn't know how to handle it. The juicy parts are coming up! I'm excited to write them :)

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Review #22, by StarFeatherFirewhiskey: Chapter 1

22nd January 2016:
Hi, Kaitlin!:) #Team Red @ Gryffindor Review Battle!

The banner let us imagine lots of things. Red haired man must be Charlie and Poppy is smiling.We expect their romance.

Then you started their depressed feeling after the battle of Hogwarts. J.K. Rowling didn't tell us how Charlie felt when he lost his brother and friends. You lit the untold spot, setting the place at Three Broomsticks. They shared the mood firewhiskey brought them, I love it. Charlie in my head canon, he's so brave and adventurous that he faces dragons every day. But you showed his weakness. The most impressive part is the scene where he couldn't hide his emotion when he saw Fred's name on the monument. Imagining Poppy cared him giving Muggle medicine at the Hospital wing, is heartwarming. I guess your task at this story challenge, it was a hard task. You did a great job, Kaitlin.


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Review #23, by StarFeatherFaçade: The Haunted

21st January 2016:
Hi! I have to say sorry about the previous review. I hit a typo. I should've hit "will" instead of "sill", my bad. I was so shocked to hear the news Glenn Frey died and then I couldn't read stories at HPFF at all yesterday.

Now I came back! I'm impressed by your description of Azkaban prisoners. What Dementors are patrolling sounds real and you portrayed how the guards they are like very well.

We can catch a hint why Rosalind is so emotional and easily commit the unforgivable curse in this chapter. What did the guy, Trevor actually do to her? So did she have at least two hard experiences in the past? The Muggle guy and Trevor? Or the Muggle guy was Trevor?

The most impressive description is "With a wand I am finally equal to a man, no matter his age, skill or size. Magic is what I am most thankful for; it is what makes us equal." These phrases let us think about gender problems.


Author's Response: Oh no problem! I completely understand.

Trevor was Rosalind's first boyfriend. He was a Muggle who was abusive to her and even though it's been years she is still traumatized by the experience. She feels that it ruined her life and has had a hard time moving past it.

Ah yes! Haha I remember JK Rowling said in an interview once that all things aside, when a witch and wizard have a wand, they are essentially equal. I thought it was brilliant and wanted to incorporate it somehow.

Thanks for the swap Kenny! :)

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Review #24, by StarFeatherFaçade: The Plan

19th January 2016:
What a clever plan Hermone had! I went back to the previous chapter to make sure Rosalind's number.

The scene where Hermione visited her is thrilling to read. I remembered the same kind of story on TV a few years ago. The main character was a lawyer. I think it's your specialty, so I'm curious how Hermione will help her. And you set Draco and Angelina. I guess there will be some conflicts and romance scenes later.

Imagining the guard is watching them, I felt a kind of mystery and adventure. How will Heremione continue this plan or sill she give up?

Can Rosalind really escape from Dementer's kiss?
How will Harry be involved later? And how will Draco treat Rosalind? I can't wait!


Author's Response: Haha thank you! Yes there will be conflicts later on as Rosalind struggles with carrying on the plan. She does want to get out of Azkaban but is afraid of the outcome of her trial.

As for the Dementor's Kiss I don't know yet! I have a good amount of the story planned out but I actually don't have a clear picture of the ending yet. And Draco is coming up soon :)

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Review #25, by StarFeatherWhat Means Most: Love for thoughts

18th January 2016:
Hi, Heather I came here how you worked hard with help from Kevin(Bardic Magic) and read Kaitlin's advice as well. And ** TEAM RED for GRYFFINDOR REVIEW BATTLE!***

I'm amazed by your courage to edit this story. Not only fixing the tense, but also you took your friend's advice,for example, the scene where they were grieving lost people, it's a great thing!

My soft spot is Harry. I know this chapter you focused on Hermione and Ron but I felt happy to capture Harry between their conversation, for example, he was annoyed by their PDA in the same room when he tried to sleep or calling Kreacher and being with Ginny.

The most impressive scene is that Luna who was shocked to know what her father had done to the trio and she had many things to get over with. It's touching when I read Harry and his friends tried to support her. Reading the spot you wrote, I remembered when the trio were hunting for Horcrux and visited her empty room, the time when Harry found "Friends...friends..." with her paintings. If you want to portray about her, I recommend you to visit Pookha's story, "Friends... friends...friends...", I'm sure you'll like that story, too.

Oh, I almost forgot to add the important thing. I like Ron so I'm glad to read the spot you mentioned, "the emotional range of a teaspoon/ look around for some tissues or something." You portrayed his emotion from Ron's POV, which sounds cheerful but I could see his pathos in each funny explanation. I think it's your style!


Author's Response: Thank you so much Kenny! I'm so glad you liked my chapter. I really try to bring out their characteristics, I think I do this best with Ron and Luna surprisingly. You'll see more Luna in later chapters if you read on. I'm glad you liked Harry though, he seems to be tricky to write with all authors 'cause he was of course written by J.K, we all want to do it justice.
I'm glad you like my style, hope to see you around again :D

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