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Review #1, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingLife-Changing Moments: Chapter 1.

28th April 2017:

This is for CTF!

I'm always so impressed when people do the very word counts challenges, to get so much into so few words is such a skill and I think you pulled it off so well here.

Trying to characterise anyone's thoughts in the battle is hard, having never gone through something like that and with all the chaos it would just be so crazy. You did it beautifully though and especially with focusing on the part where she thinks Harry's dead. Just the utter despair she must be going through that the love of her life is gone... you got all that in like one paragraph. I just, how do you even do that! I could feel her numbness to what was going on around her it really felt tangible. The fact she feels like she's just lost her future, man I really felt for her.

I loved the sentence and then all hell broke loose again. I don't know in my head i could picture it all, the noise level just rising again and the spells everywhere. Word choice is key in something like this and you totally just got it and took me along for the ride. Much kudos to you!

I'm glad you got to reference the amazing Molly Weasley taking out bellatrix. One of my fav moments ever.

The last line, just perfect. I don't think you could have done Ginnys character anymore perfectly or given it justice more than that line! It's just her absolutely through and through. I can imagine her giving harry such a hard time for that stunt!!

Well done on an awesome story! I really enjoyed it!


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Review #2, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingActions Speak Louder than Words: Back to the Beginning: Rose POV

26th April 2017:
Hey Beth,

Attacking for the CTF game :)

Wow, I hit such a dramatic chapter. My heart was in my throat throughout, and I felt so sorry for Rose. The emotions and trauma she was feeling, you got this across so well, it was really emotional to read. You didn't over do anything at all - but I was left feeling emotionally drained for rose.

I loved the interactions between rose and scorp. It felt so real, I could picture the concern written all over his face and could see it in his actions. I think there's clearly something there between them, even though rose is in denial. The hesitancy between them though is perfect considering what has happened, and I think the small moments between them are more precious for it.

I also thought your characterisation of Harry was brilliant. I see him get overdone sometimes but I thought you got him spot on. It must be hard for him to keep such a secret from Ron and hermione but I like the fact he is willing to go with roses wishes, and just try to get her to reconsider.

Overall I thought this was really well written and you've got me intrigued!! I really like the style of you're writing. Great job!


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Review #3, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingThey still live...: ...just a bit differently!

5th December 2015:

I was looking around for a story to review for Day Three of the Advent Calendar and I came across this little gem!

The story of Alice and Frank is just so gutting. Every time I read anything of them it always breaks my heart and this was no different. I thought you captured their characters wonderfully, especially Alice as it was from her POV.

The story format worked absolutely perfectly too. I loved how you related a past memory to one happening while their in the hospital and how those memory worked in order. The pieces just fit together so perfectly, I can't tell you how much I loved it. Huge huge kudos to you on that!

And the descriptions were so beautiful too. If you'd not said you could immediately work out it was Christmas from everything happening. Also, I didn't realise it was the Christmas Harry see's them in the hospital to start with! But I love how you fit all that in together.

My heart went out to Neville. It was sad to see his discomfort and how hard it was for him but it's completely understandable and I think you wrote it well. It was nice to see a slightly softer side of Augusta too.

Overall I absolutely adored this. Seriously, seriously loved it. I'm adding it to my favourites ♥

Wishing you the happiest of Christmases ♥


Author's Response: Hi Lauren!

I had a long stressful week and waking up to this lovely review totally made my Sunday! :D

JKR has painted tragic ends for so many characters. Alice and Frank were two of them. Through this story I just wanted to emphasise the point that they still enjoy their lives with whatever sanity they have left.

I am so glad that you liked the format of the story! Yay, you liked the descriptions! I am so happy! :) :D

Poor Neville, I always felt bad for him. Seeing your parents in front of you and knowing that they don't even recognise is very hard for any child. :(

Thank you so much for leaving me an absolutely adorable review! You're adding it to your favourites? OMG, Thank you so much!

Wish you very happy holidays and Merry Christmas! May you have a fantastic New Year!

-Emm ^_^

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Review #4, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingUnconfirmed Reports: [S1:E1] Pilot/"The Pluckley Anomaly"

2nd November 2015:
Hey Kevin,

Im so so so sorry for this being late.

So I've been pairing this story up for many months now and it's about time I finally came to read and review! I'm really glad I have.

So first off I have to say I really love the format you've picked. From the chapter title I got the impression it was going to be like an episode of something and from the off it felt very much like that. The way you introduced the story and the characters is exactly like a pilot episode of a tv show so a huge kudos to you on that. You've really pulled it off.

Now I also have to say that I love how you've delved into the department of mysteries here and the unspeakables. I found your take on the place and what they do really fascinating. I was drawn in from the start and didn't want the chapter to end. To say how long it is in terms of word count in most certainly didn't feel like it at all. It literally flew by because I was so engrossed.

I found your two main characters really interesting. I'll definitely be interested in how the dynamic between them changes. They're clearly very different people but as the chapter went on you could feel them start to accept each other more and their competence. Especially Sam being more accepting of Kellyn. I thought it was an interesting remark you made in your AN about it being unlikely there will be romance between them, as that's something you generally see in a series. However, I like their relationship as it stands currently but if it did build into more, I could believe that too. I guess what I'm trying to say is you can easily do it either way and I think it will work. I just look forward to seeing it build either way.

I also have to comment on the magic you brought into this. You really focused on the runes more than I've ever seen anyone else do and I found it all fascinating. I love that you picked out the specific words to use for them, details like that is exactly why I love HP and what JK Rowling did, so when authors replicate that, it makes me very excited! The seven stones were another interesting detail. Seriously, kevin, the planning you've clearly put into this is astounding and it really shows through and has paid off in this first chapter.

So, overall I really loved this! It's really different in terms of content and format but it works and I really can't wait to read more! Your description and story telling is fantastic, I felt like I could watch the whole thing in my mind as I read it. And I've already mentioned I like your characters too!

Now, can we have a second episode/chapter please! ;)


Author's Response: Howdy Lauren! I'm so so so sorry for this response being ridiculously delayed, but I'm determined to get myself back to zero by 2016 and I think with my son gone, tonight's the best night to do it!

First, I am THRILLED that you thought the story functioned well as a pilot and that the concept of a TV-style series interests you. Though I was hoping to be able to get more solely dedicated to this for 2016 by finishing Evolution this year, I've fallen flat on that, but the hope is that I'll be able to start updating this monthly next year so that 12 episode seasons can become a thing for it. Ambitious, I know, but that's the plan as it exists right now. Cross your fingers!

I'm also glad you liked the characters. TBH I was pretty nervous that Hatch would come across as too unlikeable to people, but so far most have seemed to enjoy him as a darker, jaded sort of MC. He's definitely very different from Landreth, who shouldn't be regarded as completely immune from some of his criticisms, but I'm hoping that people will enjoy the way that's revealed along with some of Hatch's own flaws AND some surprises he'll discover along the way that challenge his preconceived notions of who she is. We'll see how that develops as far as a potential romantic involvement goes WAY down the line, but I'm pretty committed right now to keeping this totally platonic (though I AM confident in stating that there will be some personal and not just professional connection between the pair).

It's also cool you liked the runes and seven-stones. One of the hardest things about making that happen is that JKR has crafted such a detailed world with so much revealed of how different areas of magic work and spells and such that it was a real challenge to find something she HASN'T explained. And though the TV-style series idea is the chief concept behind me trying this story out in the first place, I won't deny that another part is trying to reveal more fascinating unexplored areas of the wizarding world that haven't been covered in canon or supplementary materials and flesh out the world we love in even greater detail (at least according to how I see it :p).

How you continue to enjoy! And per that schedule I'm HOPING to have Episode 2 up by 31 January.

Thanks again Lauren!

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Review #5, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingTrapped: trapped

2nd November 2015:
Hi Kayla!

I'm so so so so sorry with how late this is!

So I don't have much knowledge on mental illness and so I can't exactly comment on that side of things. What I do know though, is that this is a really wonderfully written piece and I love that you've explored what growing up in Grimmauld Place and being locked in Azkaban might have done to Sirius. And I can we believe that he would be this way. Especially the end bit, where he's constantly cold and checking his breath and seeing dementors in the shadows. I thought that section in particular was so well written.

You've captured him so brilliantly throughout though. His anger at Dumbledore and how trapped he feels and of course thinking of his friends. Even the pity everyone throws his way which of course doesn't help him. Everything felt so well placed and I honestly can't tell you anything where it didn't.

The description of all the emotions was brilliant too, it felt like you were dragging me to the low Sirius is in. My heart was breaking for him. No matter what he does he's never free and never gets to be happy like he deserves so much.

This is honestly a wonderful piece of writing Kayla! I'm so glad we swapped!


Author's Response: Hiya Lauren! No worries!

I'm constantly worried about showing Sirius having a vulnerable side. I'm always anxious that I'll get reviews saying he's OOC, that people won't see what I see in him and will think I'm Mary Sue-ing him or something. So it's really, really wonderful to get comments on pieces like this saying that Sirius is believable, that his actions made sense, that the reader could see him acting this way or doing these things. It honestly helps me so much and gives me the confidence to keep writing about him and posting the stories. So thank you so much!

Descriptions are also a major anxiety of mine - I always feel they're inadequate - so it's so wonderful to know that you liked the way I used them in this story and that they worked to bring out your emotions.

Thank you so much, Lauren, this review is so great! And I'm glad we swapped too, I absolutely loved your story :)


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Review #6, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingOld Habits Die Hard: Old Habits Die Hard

10th October 2015:

Apologies this is a few hours late, but I'm here for our swap on the forums. I hope I've picked the right story - you said the one for the challenge right?

Ooh, so many feels. Regulus is such an undervalued character I think and you did an absolutely wonderful job of telling his story here. You really brought him alive for me, I loved his habits and how they defined him. I love that he always cared for Sirius, and never truly brought into his parents ways, he just didn't have the same escape Sirius had. And most of all, I love how he falls for Mary, and completely adores her.

Your Mary here was verging on the brink of being a bit of a Mary Sue here, she's so perfect. Everything except her clumsiness which of course is endearing. The difference here though, is I think it works. We're seeing her through Regulus eyes who's only met and spoke to her once. I think he's romanticising her a little to be honest, and I like to believe if this could have been more for them, that he would have discovered she wasn't as perfect as he believes her to be. If that is your intention, which I think it was, you played that perfectly.

But eugh, it breaks my heart they're never together. I knew this wasn't going to have a happy ending, it never could with Regulus, but I was hoping beyond everything that they would have a little time first. Anything. It makes me so sad for Regulus.

His ending is so sad, but you wrote it beautifully. i really felt for him, my heart was literally breaking. In the space of one one-shot I'd fallen in love with your Regulus!

Well done on an awesome one-shot! Good luck in the challenge! I really hope you do well ♥


Author's Response: Hello! :D

Yes the regulus feels are strong here! :')
He really is undervalued! I just love him! Aw thank you! I'm glad you liked my adaptation of him and I'm so happy that I bought him alive for you! :D
He really does love her even if at times he doesn't want to, he just completely and utterly adores her.

Ah I'm glad you think it works! :D I've had a couple of Mary-sue comments on this one, but they all say it works so i'm happy :) yeah Mary is a very clumsy character :') He 100% romantisises her, but I think its sweet because it shows he has a heart :) and yes that was my intention! :)

Ah but who said they never had a thing? *wiggles eyebrows* their story line is actually a part of my marauders novel if you fancy reading it to find out more ;)

AW thank you! :D I'm glad you liked his ending because I tried really hard with that part! :D

Aw! this has been such a lovely review to read! Thank you so so so much! :D
I hope we can swap again! :)

Katie :)

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Review #7, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingLike a Phoenix: Rise, Dance.

8th October 2015:
Ahh you posted!! I'm so excited Sian!! Okay this isn't going to be a review, more like a squee fest because I've already read this through so many times and it's just perfect. I loved every single part of it and now I'll try and put that into coherent sentences.

There aren't nearly enough stories about Ted and Andromeda and in all honesty I find them fascinating as characters. They give up and risk so much to be with each other than you just know they're love has to be strong, just to get through it. You encompass all that in such a short fic and it is truly a beautiful thing. This is exactly the kind of Ted/Andromeda I have in head.

I think what Andromeda feels at the beginning is perfectly natural. It can't have been easy giving everything up but she knows that it's what's best and even though she goes through all the low points, she's still there at the end of the day, waiting for Ted when he comes home. She focuses too much on the negative and doesn't realise how strong she is to turn her back on her life and family to do what is right, and of course, be with the man she loves.

But Ted! He's just so warm and lovely and caring and gah. He's not fooled, he knows exactly what's going through Andromedas head and he just picks her up and makes her feel better with very little effort on his part, showing just how much they are in tune with each other and how deep their feelings truly run. The thoughtfulness of his gift is just astounding too. The scene at the end couldn't be any more perfect.

Your description and word choice throughout this was beautiful and I felt like I watched the whole thing play out in my head with ease. It literally melted my heart into a pile of mush when they were dancing, it was such an adorable moment.

It's so good to see you venture into writing some fluff! You do it well, I hope you'll try writing some more and give me lots more warm fuzzies and feels very very soon ♥

As promised this was all squee and no content so apologies for that but I hope you know how much I adore this story. Honestly. I really truly do!!

Lauren ♥

Author's Response: Lauren! ♥ This review is just so sweet and nice and lovely and I don't know how to respond, because I'm just blushing and so thankful ♥

I really love Ted and Andromeda too! I love reading stories about them because they really are fascinating characters and exploring them here was great fun. I'm so pleased that the Ted and Andromeda I wrote about here are the way that you see them too - they really have to be strong and believe in their love to do what they do and it's just such a heartwarming story in some ways, even though they don't have a happy ending, they do have all these years of happiness before they're torn apart.

Andromeda has been used to such a sheltered and comfortable life, and even though she's learnt that she doesn't agree with her family's values and she doesn't want to follow their lifestyle and the way that they perpetuate pureblood ideals, it's still hard at times for her to adapt to such a different life, and on those occasions it's a lot easier to remember the positive sides of the past and miss them.

Ted is adorable, and I love him so much - I really wanted to portray him this way, and he knows exactly how hard it must be for Andromeda and suspects what she's feeling even when she doesn't say anything. I think him knowing her that well is part of what helps to make them so strong, since she's not from the sort of family that's used to sharing things. I loved writing him - he's like the epitome of a Hufflepuff, kind and caring and so sweet to her. I'm really pleased you liked my characterisation of him!

Thank you so, so much for this lovely review and all the compliments on my writing, Lauren, I can't tell you how much it means to me! ♥

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Review #8, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingGrey.: Grey

7th October 2015:
Hi Gabby :)

I'm here for our review swap, apologies that it took a little longer than anticipated.

Wow. You've written so much pain. Although I guess I should have expected that for the angst challenge eh? Draco is in such a dark place.

You used some lovely descriptions throughout this. His mother described as the broken doll, and the tainted house were a few that stood out to me. Also the storm raging outside reflecting the inner turmoil Draco is going through was really nicely done. I also can't help but compliment you on your title. It fits so well. With the mood of the story, Dracos misery and the storm and everything, everything does feel very grey and gloomy and so it works perfectly.

There were lots of snippets that worked so well. You broke my heart with the mention of Fred. Eugh. Feels. And the mention of his father... It was sad that he hasn't changed in the way Draco has. And he adopted a son! That was really cute. And he loves him so much too, that came across really strongly.

Speaking of, my heart really broke when I read how much Draco is hurting in this, and how much guilt he feels. It's true that he did awful thing, but the way he's feeling in this and the things he's already done shows how much he's willing to change and how much he already has. I hope one day he can see that and start to recover.

Astorias letter. So much has clearly happened there but even she's willing to forgive and move on. Dracos clearly not ready though.

Overall I thought this was a well written piece. Your description in particular really worked well. There are a few places where you repeat yourself, so you could change the wording slightly, but it was nothing major. I'm really glad we swapped!

And really? Benjamin isn't cuddly? He comes across like he would be here!!


Author's Response: HellO!

Thank you for stopping by and no worries for being late or anything. :D

I have wanted to really write this for a while and I was so happy to participate in the Angst challenge. It was kind of difficult at times to get into that level of depression but it was fun in the end. :D

I think that Draco really admired his mother and to see her so broken down would really hurt him. I originally thought about having Draco standing in the rain while the storm raged on but I thought that would have been too much for this story. He also would have gotten sick and stuff.

You know, someone else mentioned the bit about the title. I never even thought of that before now but it does fit well. The storm, his thoughts and his emotions are all so grey: Meaning that they're bleak and hopeless and well, gosh! You guys are so smart!

The bit about Fred always makes people sad and is bond with Lucius is just depressing. I think that Draco would have the potential to be a good person and in some of my other stories, since they're all interlinked, you see that he does. Somewhat.

Astoria's letter gets mixed responses but I'm glad that you were able to see that she wanted peace between them.

Well, if you read my story Abandon with Benjamin Malfoy, you'll understand why he's not really cuddly. Hahahah.

Thanks a bunch, darling!

Much love,


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Review #9, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingMarauder Mind: Marauder Mind

4th October 2015:
Hey Frankie!

Happy Birthday! I saw it was your birthday on the forums so wanted to stop and give you a review!

Marauders, how can I refuse? I adore them so much and this was such a great read.

Remus and Sirius, gah they're so cute. The way they're both that little bit unsure but give in so easily. I thought it was right that Sirus made the first move in the library... to me that's exactly how it would play out. Of course the other Marauders and Lily accepted it straight away, they wouldn't do anything else. I loved Peter's response haha!

Speaking of Peter. Damn. His sections are so conflicted. I like how here he's still not gone completely over to the Death Eaters but it's sad to see them approach him and see he's not strong enough to say no completely. The glimmers of friendship with the Marauders are still here I was glad to see you didn't ignore them completely... I hate it when people treat Peter like he wasn't part of the group when he had to be.

And then James and Lily gah. How can you not adore them too completely. My heart completely melted in those sections. James still loving her but trying to move on and Lily realising she's completely besotted with him. ♥

Severus, well. I thought you captured his personality completely. The one thing I really appreciated in this too is that he doesn't blame anyone else for using Mudblood. That's the most redemption I can kind of give him.

I thought the format of this and how each time you went through the characters sections they linked was fantastic. So like the last time around it was all about love. It connected them more and it was really lovely to read.

Great job on this, I think you've done a wonderful job. Good luck in the challenge!

Hope you have a great birthday!

Author's Response: Lauren,

Hi! thank you so much for the extremely kind review. I remember reading it on my birthday and smiling and feeling so loved :)

I was actually nervous to write the Marauders. Still am. In my head they are so huge and deserve so much Justice and I hope I did it well.

Thanks for all the kind words - it was actually really fun to write!

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Review #10, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing1981: Winter

2nd October 2015:

I'm here for the review swap on the forums, Laurenzo7321 :) after glancing through your AP I couldn't help but go for a marauder story :) I love the marauders. Even though I always end up so sad.

First things first, I just want to say how much I liked the format this is in. The snippet from each month from a different point of view, you pulled it off really well. I felt you could tell when the voice changed so good job on you.

Peters story both saddened me and angered me. He's such an annoying character, he had the potential for so much and blew it completely. I was sad to see him with the death eaters, clearly unhappy with his choice. I didn't have too much sympathy though knowing what's to come. I was glad you also gave us the switch to him at the Potters. He was being so childish! They have a child, he shouldn't be whining over a baby stealing their attention! Good job on his character and getting all that in.

James, my heart broke. I love how grateful he is and aware of how lucky he is (why doesn't it last?!) his love for Harry and Lily is just so evident. It must be so hard being stuck inside and you can see he's struggling but considering, he's doing well.

To start with i wasn't sure where you were going to go with sirius' section but I was really sad when I realised how sad he was for regulus. It shows just how much he cared for his brother.

I think you got some really good characterisation in here. I really loved reading it. You had some really lovely descriptions too and I've already said I liked the format. There were a few typos, you put suddently rather than suddenly but it was nothing that took away from the story. All in all this is really great and I'm excited to read more!!


Author's Response: Hey, Lauren!
Thank you so much again for the swap!!!

Well, most of my AP is Marauders, it was a quite obvious choice... :) I know what you mean, their story is just so tragic... And this story is probably the saddest thing I've ever written... Not even sure where it came from...

I'm so happy to hear you liked the structure, and the idea of giving each Marauder a month. It's great to know it worked!

Peter... I know what you mean... So much potential wasted... He is such a complex character, and so fascinating to write. I hate him for his betrayal, but I just can't hate him completely. I can't help but feel sorry for him, after all he was just a kid, faces with things too big for him to handle... He was pretty childish and egocentric in that scene, though...

I know... Poor James... I truly believe he would love his family deeply and feel grateful for them, despite everything. He is so sweet... And it is really heartbreaking to kknow what's going to happen... :'( It is really hard for him to be stuck at the house, the poor boy... But yes, he's doing pretty well. He knows it is for his son's safety, and that's all that matters!

Sirius' section was just meant to show how broken he is, how the war is affecting him so horribly! And of course, he was sad for his brother... I do really believe he and Regulus loved each other, despite their different views and their apparent disdain towards each other.

Thank you so much again! I'm so happy you liked this first chapter! And that you liked the descriptions, since I struggle so much with them!

I will go back for typos. I'm planning an edit phase for my stories soon. I've already asked around for a hand and a couple of people have offered to help me. And yes, I'm already aware of the "suddenly" thing. For some reason, my brain has believed for a while that it needed a "t" somewhere... It'll be fixed, though! :)

Thank you so much again for the lovely review and for the swap! I really hope you'll keep reading, I would love to hear your opinion on the rest!

Many hugs and much love,

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Review #11, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingThe Decision: Chapter 1

30th September 2015:
Hi Kaitlin!

I'm here for our exchange!

Eugh, this made me all sad. I knew how it would end of course but that didn't stop be begging Peter to change his mind in my head the whole way through!!

I think you picked a very crucial moment to write here and you did it well. I've always imagined Peter was found and at least took a little bit of persuading from the death eaters but no. This way I think makes his betrayal worse for me. He willingly goes and gives up his best friends and he knows deep down what it will mean for them. His excuses are poor.

I liked how you wrote his thought processes throughout the whole thing. It was very much indecisive right up until that last point when he just completely sells them out. I like that it was Lily more than anything that was holding back too, although I was a little surprised that Harry and what would happen to him never even crossed his mind. For him not to even consider him showed how far he'd gone. Also, he was more than willing to let the death eaters go after sirius without a second thought rather than face up. Eugh he makes me so angry.

I almost felt sorry for him at the start. The paranoia and the way it affected him was really awful. He must have known what he was letting himself in for though and it no way excuses him for what he eventually did.

Peters always a tough one I find and he is difficult to write. I thought you did a good job here and I also like how you wrote the story behind his betrayal.

My one bit of CC would be to consider the reception Peter got at Malfoy manor (also, how did he know to just to go there?) Lucius didn't seem that shocked or bothered by his appearance and he was completely trusted straight away. This just didn't quite sit right with me somehow.

Good story though, I'm glad we exchanged! Good luck with the challenge!


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Review #12, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingAccident: Accident

25th August 2015:
Hey Frankie!

So I wanted to stop by your authors page and I saw you'd also done the A-Z challenge so wanted to read yours!

I can't believe how much you wrote for it! I struggled to go through the alphabet once but you just kept going and still made the story flow really well! I'm so impressed! Huge kudos to you!

So marauders. I love them and I thought you wrote James and Sirius' characters really well here. Particularly Sirius' reckless nature. But the scheming and mischief planning to start with was really fun, and I was getting excited as I felt in on the joke with the two of them.

You definitely turned it around though - I can see why this was written for the dark turn challenge. I wasn't expecting things to go so wrong with the potion. I thought you wrote James' reaction to the situation really well. I could feel his panic, but he also reacted and got Sirius straight to the hospital wing. It was exactly how I imagine James to be.

But then when Sirius wakes him - this is where him being too reckless comes in. He was way to casual about what had happened to him and I don't blame James for his reaction at the end there.

One final point - I loved what Sirius did with the room of requirement!

One little error I think, "were all readily available for the boys" the rest is from James' POV - so I think this should be "were all readily available to us"

Anyway, I really loved this one shot! Great job! Good luck with all the challenges ♥


Author's Response: Lauren,

This was so kind of you! I was extremely self conscious about it but you have made my night with this :) I fixed my error so thank you for pointing that out!!

Seriously I'm so honored by your review. :)

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Review #13, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingBonded For Life : Bonded For Life

22nd August 2015:
Hey Meg,

I just got your review (thank you so much by the way ♥) and it made me smile so much that we'd done similar things so I wanted to come and read yours straight away!

I love Jily. They're just so cute, I want to squish them up and hold on to them forever so they always stay alive and happy! You completely got all those feelings in there, it was so wonderful to read.

Your James. God I love him as a character and you wrote him every bit how I imagine him. The way he was blown away with Lily's beauty and finally being able to call her his wife, gah the whole thing made me super happy! And when Lily mouthed that she loved him when walking down the aisle. In true marauders style, I love that they lifted James up on to their shoulders and then when you used "your Lily". My favourite bit though was the final line.

Lily Potter had a beautiful ring to it - as you always knew it would.

YES. Yes it does!!

Meg, this whole thing was super cute and adorable and I loved it! Good luck in both challenges, you really deserve to do well ♥


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Review #14, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingIn Every Stitch: Eight

22nd August 2015:
Hey Lizzie!

So I was stalking around fellow Gryffies pages, looking for something to read and I stumbled across this, and gosh am I glad I did!! Story content alone I love second person so it was fun to read but the story. Well.

This. This is so gorgeously lovely and just made me feel all warm and snuggly like I was wearing a Weasley jumper myself (side note, how cool would that be!?!)

Molly Weasley. I love her so much as a character. From the moment she doesn't get Fred and George mixed up to the second she kills Bellatrix Lestrange once and for all. The woman is amazing and this missing moment you've put together of her knitting the famous Weasley jumpers is awesome.

The descriptions of the jumpers and each stitch being filled with all her motherly loved really got to me to start with. It was so so heart warming. Honestly, it was a beautiful bit of description. You should be so so proud if it. Even though the kids all whine about them, you know they want them really.

And then you went on with her creating Harry's jumper. Oh man, the reasons. A moment to appreciate Ron actually being attentive enough to tell his mother about Harry first, but then the way Molly deals with it, well. I was literally filling up. I could feel Molly's motherly love in each word and the way no child should go without and she was thinking how she would want someone to do it for her child if it was the other way around AND SO MANY FEELS LIZZIE. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THEM ALL. You even made me really sad about Lily and James all over again even though it wasn't about them.

Okay, sorry for the shouty caps and incoherence of this review but your story is wonderful. Honestly. I really loved it and I've added it as a favourite of mine. I'm so happy I came across it. Your really deserved the first place you got in the challenge ♥


Author's Response: Lauren!

Hehehe! You're so sweet! Thank you! (and I would love to have a Weasley jumper!)

Molly is definitely one of my favorite characters in the series. She's always been the kind of mother that I've kind of wanted to be.

Ron telling Molly about Harry is probably a pretty big deal for an 11 year old boy, isn't it? I hadn't thought of that before. :P

I'd say I was sorry about all of the feels, but that would be a total lie! ;) I'm glad that you liked it though! It makes me feel SO amazing!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review Lauren! I really appreciate it! It put the biggest smile on my face!

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Review #15, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingSummerbee: Summerbee

22nd August 2015:
Hi Gina!

Here for RvG Review Battle in the CR!

So when I saw you had written this for the A-Z challenge I couldn't resist coming to read it! You did such a great job. When having to use the correct letter there's always a risk that you might have to force some of it (especially X's and Z's!) and I didn't feel like you had that here at all. You then did the whole thing backwards!

This was sad. I really felt for Lucy. To feel that lost and invisible that she felt the need take the potion is really awful and I can't imagine the pain that a person goes through to make that decision. You wrote the whole thing wonderfully though, my heart really went out to her.

I thought Norah was an interesting character. She's clearly been in Summerbee a long time and I get the impression that she thinks she's still going to be there for a long time. The last paragraph is really built up to, and doesn't disappoint.

Also, I like that you called the place Summerbee after Felix, that was a nice touch!

Great story though! I'm really glad I came to read it!


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Review #16, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingThe smile I gave her: The smile I gave her

13th August 2015:

So I was scouring your AP trying to decide which story I wanted to read most (all of them look so good, I must come back!) and I came to Jily here. I can't refuse some Jily so I had to read this.

Do you know what, it was so refreshing to read about Jily in the younger years without having them scream at each other. Okay so I know they don't actually talk but you created this cute little moment between them even though Lily has no idea and it's so sweet - I love it.

James is a sweetheart isn't he? I love how his not sleeping lead him to find a lily late night studying. His discovery of the ham and cheese sandwich is a good one though, I was so happy when he saw her smiling! Gah, cuteness. I hope he uses it again in future!

I'm really glad you didn't have james reveal himself. I'm not sure how it would have gone but I think it shows how much james cares about her that he's willing to do that for her and not take any credit. Her smile is enough.

Your writing was really good in this, easy to read and flowing nicely. And it's such a cute read it's put me in a good mood!

Great job!

Author's Response: This is really one of my favorite stories I've written. It's pure fluff and I'm so happy it put you in a great mood. Plus I'd be happy to see you return :D Some of my stories are under construction, only my WIPs at the moment. Either way, I'm glad I thought to check for reviews before work, now I'll be smiling all day :) Thank you!

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Review #17, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingThe Pub: Stumble

12th August 2015:
Hi Kaitlin!

Reviewing for the RvG RB in the CR

So I was immediately attracted to this story as i really like Hannah as a character, especially post-war and I find it fascinating what people do with her :)

Her getting the pub is an interesting one and I'm so glad I read a story that explores how that might have happened.

Poor Madam Rosmerta! I was quite sad that she'd died even though I guessed something must have happened for Hannah to get the pub. I got the feeling all the way through this though that there was something more happening here. Every now and again you threw something in that made hannah nervous and consequently made me uneasy. Pair that with the slightly suspicious (in my opinion) cause of madam Rosmertas death and your authors note and I feel there is definitely something more going off. I just can't decide what that might be!! Well played in getting that in very subtly with everything else happening though.

I thought the opening scene was lovely and it was fun to see hannah a lot more outgoing than I picture her to be in the books. It might be just me, but I thought it was slightly odd she hadn't been in the pub before the morning they opened to get the place ready. I know they have magic but it seemed a bit risky walking in to a pub and then inspecting what needed to be done if you know what I mean? Don't get me wrong, I thought the little extras you included about fixing the place up were great and I liked reading them - they helped bring the story to life for me - I just imagined them happening before that morning. Like she could have pulled an all nighter to do it, or she could he thinking back to what she fixed up.

My one other bit of cc for this would be to go into more detail. You say in your AN you're worried about writing humour, but I thought you had some really funny things happen, I just sometimes felt they were slightly rushed. I would have loved to hear more about what the customers thought to her mishaps for example. I think a few extra details could really go a long way.

"A loud crashing sound echoed around the room as she crashed into several bar stools." - I just wanted to point this out as it was the only sentence that didn't flow quite right to me. I think it's using the word crash twice that's doing it.

"Mrs Abbott" - she'd be Miss ;) or you could stick to Madam?

This was a really great first chapter though and don't pull yourself down on the humour. Like I mentioned before, you have great ideas for it! I look forward to seeing how you turn this around for the next chapter...


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Review #18, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingLying Josephine: Brave Face, Kid

29th July 2015:

God, I don't even know where to start with this. I'm useless at reviews at the best of times but when I read something like this, well I have to try. I couldn't not tell you how wonderful this was. After seeing everyone encourage you to post C6, and how determined you were to get it done, I had to stop by and oh my goodness I'm glad I did. How have I not read this before?

I really ought to review each chapter, I'll try and go back and fill those in because they deserve extra love too. I've just literally sat glued to this though so please forgive me but reviewing in between wasn't really an option haha! I had to keep going. So this hopefully will kinda cover a bit of everything.

This story... your writing... is incredible. You write in a way that just makes everything so easy to read. It's just so easy to loose myself completely in the story, to watch the scenes play out in my head as if I'm actually watching instead of reading. And the plot, well you completely have me hooked! I need more! Nothing feels rushed at all and even though you jump around between the different times, I really like that. I feel like your keeping me on edge and I'm finding out things as and when I need too. I must admit to, the fact we keep getting the moments with Fred just makes my day. Every chapter I was frightened you wouldn't need to go back anymore but I'm so glad you did each time. A few of the twists and turns have had me stunned too - usually I like to try and guess where things are headed but I didn't have time with this. I just read. Her first conversation with George in the last chapter, when she admits she protected and healed and Fred made her follow George left me open mouthed. Of course Fred would do that but it was so heart breaking to watch them both think it should by themselves taking his place when really it shouldn't have been any of them. And George doesn't understand why and she hasn't told him everything... Also, Fred's funeral. I had actual tears. The oxymoron sentence - full of life Fred in a box had me right back to where I was eight years ago when he died and I was so gutted and heart broken and you brought it all back and I was such a mess and how did you write it so beautifully? I can't even deal.

The twins. Okay, this is hands down the best version of the twins I have ever read. Ever. Fred is my favourite character in the series and to have the chance to read more of him when he is written so well is just the most amazing gift ever. The moment he was in the story I was blown away by your ability to make him so perfectly Fred Weasley. But both of them, the humour, the cockiness, the caring. The way they simply act and speak. I couldn't fault anything. And not only that but the way you handled George's grief is also fantastic. The anger, the pain, the trying to do things when he can. It all just makes them so perfect in my eyes. My biggest bugbear is when people write OOC and you didn't do that once.

Josephine is an unusual character but I've really fallen in love with her. Her awkwardness and silence is different to read but it works so well. Especially in the scenes with her and Fred. Their friendship seems so natural once he has her figured out and he speaks plenty for the both of them anyway. And her love for George. It's so freaking adorable. I feel for her so much not being able to deal with it well. But when they're together i find myself willing her to speak, to have the courage to tell him. I have no idea where this is going for the two of them but I can't wait to find out. George is obviously so broken at the minute but jo lets him deal with it however he needs to and it seems good for him. Even with his stupid comments which you know he doesn't mean the second he says them she just takes it and yeah, they're so adorable. I hope she finds the courage to tell him one day.

So yeah, this is probably one of the most incoherent reviews you've ever received but never mind. I hope my feelings for this came across. This story has quickly become one of the best and one of my favourites I've ever read. I loved every second and I can't wait for more. Yes, I will be joining in the encouragement with everyone else because you have such a gift here and you need to share it with us!! C7...? ;)

Amazing read!

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Review #19, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingFirst Kiss: First Kiss

19th July 2015:
Hey again!

House Cup 2015 Gryffindor!

Guess who's back again for more Lily and James goodness? Yes it's me!

How do you write James so cute? Gah I love him. I love that he's never been kissed because he's been waiting for Lily all this time and he gets all cute and embarrassed and I just wanted to hug him. I also thought it was funny that he doesn't understand girls at all - the need to talk about things like kissing and the others spreading rumors about him. I don't disagree with the need to discuss everything with other girls - that's just what we do. It's not so nice that the others spread rumors though.

Lily in this was one of my favourites out of what I've read tonight. Her being all frazzled from being late and feeling happy from Alice and Franks experience. Her unable to leave the whole James has never been kissed thing alone to - her curiosity getting the better of her. This is how I imagine her to be.

And they kissed! I liked that Lily initiated it and James was so happy bless him. Gah just so cute. You make me so happy with Lily and James feels, thank you for that.

Another lovely oneshot! You really have a gift with characterisation and Lily and James in particular!

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Review #20, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingStaring: Staring

19th July 2015:
Hey again!

House Cup Review 2015 - Gryffindor

Yeah I came back for more of your Lily and James goodness.

So a bit different here, this is before they're together. Lily is clearly falling for him though which is why she finds him staring so intensely so bothering. James was funny, I think I believe him about the staring, some of the time. The details he noticed about her are so sweet. Right down to her freckles. He's definitely right that noone looks at her as much as he must do.

I'm glad you let Lily give him a little bit of hope at the end. It definitely made me happy to see the beginnings of them possibly getting together. James is James though he won't give up. I have faith.

Another awesome one shot!


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Review #21, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingIf You Want To: If You Want To

19th July 2015:
Hey again,

House Cup Review 2015 - Gryffindor.

So was I going to pass up the chance to read more Lily and James? Of course not! Especially the way you write them. It's so true to my head canon it's scary!

Can I just read this version of james forever? He's so cute and such a sweetheart and I just want to wrap him up in a hug. He knows Lily is drunk and doesn't want to take advantage even though she makes it so hard for him - he has amazing self control here! he's like her for so long. But he refuses the kiss he so desperately wants and also sleeps on the floor - true gentleman indeed.

Lily was quite funny drunk. Using it to give her the courage to do what she wants to do. She was surprisingly unembarrassed in the morning I thought after the way she acted but i was so happy they had breakfast and she thanked him for what he'd done. But also they finally kissed now they were not drunk and speaking honestly with each other - very cute.

When she first said she would have regretted kissing him drunk though and he was disappointed, I could almost see his sad face and I wanted to hug him more.

Again, I really enjoyed this cute Lily and James snippit. Your version of them is spot on to mine and reading them like this fills me with so much happiness, honestly. I love it. Keep it up!


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Review #22, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingYet: Yet

19th July 2015:
Hey again!

House Cup 2015 Review Gryffindor

So after reading the last thing I needed to come and find something cute and look what I stumbled upon! This made me feel all happy and warm and fuzzy again. You write Lily and James so well!

Just the moment of them two laughing together and lying together was sweet. I was pretty sure the 'thing' Lily referred to was 'I love you' but it was good to see that confirmed at the end. The bit with James hair was really funny... 27 and a half minutes is very specific for perfecting his messy style haha! What I liked most about the moment is it showed clearly that they're obviously comfortable with each other and they make each other laugh... this is what a couple she be in my opinion and what makes these two in particular so perfect. I loved reading your version of them.

This was definitely an excellent one shot and really lifted my mood - great job!


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Review #23, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingBeside Yourself: Beside Yourself

19th July 2015:

House Cup 2015 Review - Gryffindor

Wow, okay. Now I'm really in trouble. This was so hard to read in the sense it was so brilliant and killed all my feels.

I wasn't exactly sure what was going off to start with, but the confusion was good... I needed to keep going to understand. I thought Lily was dead to start with, and this would be her and James in the afterlife but then something wasn't right when Sirius started talking.

But it was different - Lily somehow survived the attack. I was kind of sad there wasn't more detail how but that wasn't the point of this. I was so gutted James still had to die, but from the James I know from canon, dying to save his family would be right for him. Still. I'm so sad.

First things, your characterisation, even in this AU was perfect. Sirius and Remus. Sirius just shouting and trying to get a reaction and Remus trying to diffuse the situation. Lily, god. How do you even contemplate what she's going through? All of them say things they don't mean though and you just have to hope that they can get passed it in the future - they need each other now James has gone.

Lily. I don't know much about mental illness or anything but you wrote this so well and it was heart breaking to watch her fall apart. Even Harry wasn't reaching her. I was so heart broken for her and there was no happiness all the way through. You're a mean author! ha!

Overall this was truly a fantastically written piece, despite the sadness and heart shattering nature of it! You really have a gift and I hope you do well in the challenges!


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Review #24, by FredWeasleyIsMyKingHappiness: The Eye of the Beholder

19th July 2015:

House Cup Review 2015 Gryffindor

Okay, give me a minute to recover from that.

That was so sweet and lovely and when you think of what's going to happen after heartbreaking too. James and Lily are my OTP and seeing them together and happy made my day.

James is such a cutie in this - exactly how I picture him to be. His amazement that Lily wants to be with him and worrying it's actually a dream is so sweet. And then the worry of happiness...

In the middle of the war it's understandable why James worries about this si much, and from what we know in canon, Lily is the type of person to put on a front so others aren't suffering too. I love how you pieced this all together and they worked well as a pair, reassuring and being there for each other. Like I said, this is the Lily and James I believe in so this was perfect for me.

The line where Lily says there is a good chance their time will be short = my heart broken.

Overall this was really cute and I really loved it! Your characterisation of Lily and James was awesome and the idea just really sweet!


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Review #25, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing(Event Three) Moony's Memories: One.

19th July 2015:
Hey again!

House Cup 2015 review for Gryffindor

Oh I loved this Dee! But you made me so happy and then you made me sad again! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. My feels are broken.

The first section was so fun, I loved it. Characterisation is such a strong suit of yours and you effortlessly made the Marauders come to life. Remus has to go through so much but with his friends there everything seems that little bit brighter for him.

When they caught by McGonagall though. I was laughing so much - the lines they each said were perfect. They're so great!

The end though... first we see Remus suffering when Harry mentions James... I need to read that section again. I've never considered it from Remus's POV before but you made me do it here. I really like what you did. You get so distracted by Harry getting upset, you forget how hard that moment must have been for Remus.

But the last bit. Eugh, when he's fighting for Teddy. I was filling up again. It's so sad but you wrote his last moments beautifully. And even when he knows its the end he just thinks about seeing his friends again. Man, this was tough.

Again I can't commend you enough on characterisation. They are just right and everything just feels perfect when I read your stuff. This was a great entry for the HC!


Author's Response: Lauren! I am the absolute worst, this response is so late. Forgive me?

I'm sorry for the feels! I blame Remus though, his life is just so angsty.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words, as always ♥

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