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Review #1, by terralynnResolution: Ensuing Invitation

29th May 2011:
I somehow missed the last couple of updates, so I had some catching up to do. I'm so happy/excited for Remus and Pamela, and thrilled that Harry's speaking more and being more open about his powers. Love it, as usual.

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Review #2, by terralynnResolution: The Second Annual Demise of Voldemort Day

3rd March 2011:
Love this! The brain softening thing made me shudder. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter...

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Review #3, by terralynnResolution: Full Circle

24th February 2011:
I just read the last 4 chapters (I've been busy, and anyway I prefer reading more at once so I don't forget what happened in between chapters). Fabulous. As always, I love your characterizations. It was also great how this arc brought together the three worlds.

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Review #4, by terralynnResolution: Renascence

6th September 2010:
Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while. The last few chapters have been wonderful, and this one is no exception. Looking forward to seeing what happens next! Great chapter title, btw.

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Review #5, by terralynnResolution: Vaults

23rd December 2009:
I'm one of those who is really enjoying your Evil!Harry. But I also like happy endings, so I was pleased to read your note.

Lovely chapter. I like how all the people who care about Harry are getting involved...

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Review #6, by terralynnResolution: Restless Renegade

3rd December 2009:
Excellent. Had to reread the last chapter before this one because it had been so long between updates that I forgot what had been happening, but as long as you do keep updating I really can't complain about the wait. Especially not when each chapter is so blessedly long. :)

I love Harry's inner conflicts and his gradually changing instincts... You're really good at drawing these things out. And yes, word selection was lovely. :)

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Review #7, by terralynnResolution: Adopted Destiny

1st August 2007:
I enjoyed Harry in that other plane, but I'm relieved to have him home. This has really emphasized just how much he's been through; how much he's changed.

"Fury was taking Harry to another level of his mind, and uncertain what he may find there, he made himself step down away from it, tearing parts of his ego it felt like, in the process. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Snape standing with the surviving teachers, hawk-like gaze taking in Harry’s every move." This is what I love so much about Snape - Snape in general, but in your stories in particular. Harry deals with so much stuff internally that most people don't notice, but Snape sees it... even when he doesn't have the benefit of years of being Harry's guardian. I find it comforting (as I'm sure Harry does) that someone can understand, at least a little... that someone at least sees what he's going through.

"I had a long day of killing Voldemort and I'm kind of tired." I loved that line. Only Harry...

Author's Response: I think as soon as Snape gives up on his bias that Harry is James, he can understand him easily. In canon that assumption warps his vision.

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Review #8, by terralynnResolution: Trials

23rd June 2007:
Ah, I love all the Snape-Harry interaction in this chapter. :) It's nice that they can read each other so well.

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Review #9, by terralynnResolution: Rabbit Hole

22nd May 2007:
Brilliant! I was so confused at first about what was going on... but that other dimension of possibility is the canon world, isn't it? That's so exciting! I like your Snape better. :) Very exciting!!

Too bad Tonks is so jealous. Then again, Harry hasn't been all that clear on his choice of women... Ah well. More important things to worry about. I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #10, by terralynnResolution: Personal Peril

12th May 2007:
I especially loved Hermione's interactions with Snape: "Harry, yell at him for me." That was awesome. Funny how much has changed for them all in just a couple of years...

I confess to having forgotten about Elizabeth, mostly, and Tara completely. The reminder was great - an "Oh yeah, I remember when..." situation. And Kali's great.

There seem to be some interesting parallels between Elizabeth and Belinda right now... unless I'm reading too much into things, but that's fun too.

And I'm liking Candide better all the time. Great chapter!

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Review #11, by terralynnResolution: Nineteen Years

22nd April 2007:
I loved the interaction between Harry and Snape in this chapter. And I like the addition of Trident. Interesting to see if he lasts...

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Review #12, by terralynnResolution: Yielding

19th April 2007:
I haven't read this chapter yet (but the suspense is killing me, knowing it's up and I don't have time yet to sit down and read it). I just thought I'd let you know: I was thinking of printing out your stories so I could re-read them more conveniently on the bus, etc. But Resonance alone is apparently 949 pages, so I don't think I'll be doing that. :p

I'm ridiculously excited to read this chapter. HP fanfic is my addiction. Especially yours.

Author's Response: Yeah, I look back and think: i must have been living and breathing that story. Now I have things in my life better balanced. I think that makes the writing better to not lose track of the rest of the world. Thanks for your feedback tho!

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Review #13, by terralynnResolution: On the Coast

9th April 2007:
Well, you said April, and here it is! :) Disappointed it was so short (for any other author, of course, I'd consider this nice and long) but I enjoyed it. I can't wait for the rest of the story. Wish I was on vacation. :)

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Review #14, by terralynnParley a Future: Metamorphosis

9th April 2007:
Fabulous. My favourite line: "Fang rose up and licked Harry’s face, which Harry also did not have a counter for." I love how you write Snape.

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Review #15, by terralynnRevolution: Wounded Future

1st December 2006:
What a fabulous twist. I see the next chapter is the conclusion? :( That's so sad. There's going to be a(nother) sequel, though, right? I love your characters too much to let them go. I may have to reread it all from the beginning one of these days...

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Review #16, by terralynnRevolution: Inheritance

5th November 2006:
I loved how Harry took the news about Snape and Candide's baby. That was so cute. I also like the Return of Mad-Eye, and I'm always impressed with Pamela. Loved it, as always. :)

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Review #17, by terralynnRevolution: Blood and Water

14th October 2006:
I love the idea of Snape locking Remus and Pamela in a room and going off to do some work. That struck me as very funny, and very Snape. I hope Hermione accepts the job offer. I take it the woman who avoided Harry on the street is important - and obviously something's going on with Percy... I liked Harry and Draco's encounter too. As for whatever's bothering Snape (and apparently also Candide) - the fact that Candide didn't drink to the toast... is she pregnant?? That would be... interesting.

Author's Response: Yeah, I can crystal clear picture Snape doing that. I mean really, he's gone way out on a limb already fetching the woman, now he's just DONE with it as soon as he shows her to Lupin's office.

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Review #18, by terralynnRevolution: Prisoners' Dilemma

26th September 2006:
Only Harry would go to the trouble of taking old ground meat to the Dark Plane instead of tossing it in the trash. That made me laugh. I love that you brought Per back into the story.

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Review #19, by terralynnRevolution: Allies & Reflections, Part II

22nd August 2006:
Snape agreed to marry Candide?! I'm so excited! I gave a very undignified squeal as I read that. I love your characters, I love your plot, I love your story.

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Review #20, by terralynnRevolution: Allies & Reflections, Part 1

3rd August 2006:
Yay for Harry!!! I hope we get more of a peek into how Mrs. Longbottom is doing. And that Harry gets credit (at least a little) for curing Severus. I'm so pleased Harry and Tonks got together there. Harry certainly deserves something going right for a change. And Tonks is good for him. Very cool wand by the twins - you should patent that. :)

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Review #21, by terralynnRevolution: Battle Wounded

14th July 2006:
That was an incredible chapter. :) I love how Vineet's skills with barriers, Harry's ability with the Dark Plane (I love the new apparition thing!), Kali... So many thing were included. I love it. :D

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Review #22, by terralynnRevolution: Dark Hostage

13th June 2006:
Huh. Well, I wasn't expecting an update, so I was very excited to find this chapter up. :) I liked this chapter (I like them all), and I like how you're tying in the horcruxes. The only thing I'm a bit disappointed in is the bad guys... they're... Now, I know they've been in Azkaban a long time, and Voldemort/Lockhart (didn't see that one coming!) clearly is just regaining his memories... but shouldn't they be a little... scarier? I mean, Harry's got everyone more worried than the whole merry band of Death Eaters. I really want to see Harry deal with the Dark Plane while in his 'evil Voldemort' mindframe. That would be interesting. Poor Harry. And Snape. Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #23, by terralynnRevolution: Skirmishes

8th June 2006:
I love this so much. I'm so tense, waiting to see what happens next. I'm worried for Draco, of all people. It's also nice to be seeing a bit more of Ron and Hermione. I wonder how the Death Eaters might react to Harry 'being' Voldemort...

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Review #24, by terralynnRevolution: Battling Chaos

13th May 2006:
I love how you incorporated so many of Harry's unique 'talents' into this chapter - staunching, his sense of 'cursedness', the shadows in his mind, and sharing some of Voldemort's thoughts... Fabulous. I find I don't like Mr. Weasley very much in this story. Not trusting Harry for a while there, and calling Hermione 'Ms. Granger'. I'm relieved Tonks is ok. Looking forward to seeing how Draco's involved. Seriously, I think I'm starting to like your story more than canon. I love it.

Author's Response: I'm trying to make sure Mr. Weasley remains awkward in his role as department head. I don't dislike him--he's doing the best he can.

Thanks, I'll try to live up to that flattery. (eep)

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Review #25, by terralynnRevolution: Invasive Darkness

29th April 2006:
One of your best chapters yet. Everything's coming together. Poor Harry. I really really hope Tonks is alright. I love her character. I can't wait to find out what's going on.

“'Something’s going odd with me,' Harry admitted" - story of his life! I'm so glad he has Severus.

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