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Review #1, by RoseWeasley7to the end of time: A Moment of Confidence

24th January 2017:
This is really good. I had a big gay crush on my best friend so I can relate

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

18th April 2015:
You did a really good job on this story, I really enjoyed reading it, the only thing that bothers me was that the twins were a bit too advanced both physically and verbally for their age, but because I work with children I can tell easily, I'm sure it didn't bother anyone else. If you ever need any help with the developmaental stages of children, just message me! I'd love that. But anyway you did a cracking job, well done

Author's Response: Hey!!

Thank you (and super sorry I've taken so long to reply).

I've always been around babies/kids as I have a lot of younger cousins, and at points when writing this, my nephew was a similar age so he was kinda my inspiration. All kids are different. But thank you :D


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Review #3, by RoseWeasley7Acanthus: A Guise

20th October 2014:
I love the story but I have a question.
The man sent them back in time because of something Scorpius' did in the 1920s why don't they just drink the potion now and go to the present? Then Scorpius would never have done whatever it was that caused the man to send them back in time and they would have never been sent back.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad that you loved it, it means a lot to me! That is a great point, but as time laws are so tricky and scary they didn't want to mess with them by changing anything so they just stuck with them and stayed there instead. :)

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Review #4, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Forty-Five

2nd June 2014:
It was great, don't worry about it, you're such a good writer

Author's Response: Aww thank you hun, it means a lot. This chapter just hated me a lot buy hey ho I think it worked.

Thanks for R+R'ing


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Review #5, by RoseWeasley7A Walking Cliche: The One with the Christmas Holidays

6th March 2014:
Look, I know you haven't got many reviews, and that is totally unfair, this is a really good story and your writing is great, you obviously have a lot of talent and it saddens me that others can't see that. Don't let the lack of reviews get you down! You're amazing! Please update soon

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much. Reviews are great and I'd love a few more, but I'm really enjoying writing it. I do hope people like it though. Thanks for reading! xxx

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Review #6, by RoseWeasley7I am NOT Lily Evans!: Mommy

22nd February 2014:
FINALLY!!! You're back yay! This is your story, but if I were writing it I'd keep JKRs storyline, Emmery would slowly fit more into the HP universe and see it as her real life and that maybe she has kind of been Lily all along or rather that Lily has been her. When she and James die she returns to her world and somehow she finds him again (maybe they are the same world and he survived somehow) they see Harry but can't interfere with his life because it would muck up everything but they watch over him from afar, or they meet the next generation or something (it'd be cool for them to meet adult harry and be like 'we are your parents' and he's like 'but I'm older than you')

Great chapter love this story but it's 3am so I'm going to bo Bo land now, night

Author's Response: I am so glad that someone out there is reading this after forever!
I'm also appreciative of your input. I would love to make Harry have parents, but the more I'm thinking about it the more another story line appears. Because when Em leaves her time, it's 2011, and Harry would've been 31 so I do think that'd be funny if she found him, or if I send her back in the year 2014 (since she'll die 3 years after becoming Lily) then (if I'm not mistaken). And by the. Harry's kids would all have been born.
I'm not sure though. There's so many places I want to go with this plot.
Thanks for the review and your input!

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Review #7, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Forty-Two

21st February 2014:
Aww, yay he FINALLY knows! I was really impressed with this chapter because it was so believable

Author's Response: I know! Thank you for reading and reviewing, it means a lot!


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Review #8, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Thirty-Eight

2nd January 2014:
Great chapter, as per usual, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Next chapter should be up once a new story has been added!


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Review #9, by RoseWeasley7Trivial Trickeries: Much Ado About Quidditch

2nd December 2013:
Much ado about nothing is my favorite Shakespeare play too! I love Beatrice the David tennant and Catherine Tate version is the best!!!

Author's Response: Yes love it! :D Glad to meet a fellow fan!

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Review #10, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Thirty-Six

25th November 2013:
OH MY GOD! I knew it! Love it when that happens!! Great chapter! Poor Dom! Wouldn't it be great if she'd heard Flick say she was a mum! Arrg

Author's Response: Hehe, I know!!

Poor Dom indeed, wait and see!!

Thank you for R+R'ing as always! :D


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Review #11, by RoseWeasley719 Years: Year 3: New Year

24th November 2013:
You're keeping the characters really well, I feel like everyone is still their own character (well, except for Malfoy) and I think that's amazing, it's a really hard thing to do, trying to not make the characters your own, changing their attitudes and so on. Also your English is really good!

Top notch story!

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! I do understand that you find Malfoy's behavior quite different, though ;) Characterization is very important to me and I'm thrilled to hear that you like it! Thank you so much for your kind words, and for reading and reviewing this story :) it means a lot!

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Review #12, by RoseWeasley719 Years: Year 1: Hogsmeade

12th November 2013:
I really love this story you are really talented, I just hope you don't put Luna and Neville together, JK Rowling confirmed that Luna married Rolf Scarmander and Neville marries Hannah Abbott and I hate it when people go against what she has said. But this is your story, so you can do what you want with it, it's really great and you have me fangirling already, I feel like I'm reading a new Harry Potter book!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That makes me so happy that you like this story:) As for Neville and Luna, you don't have to worry. I'm a really big fan of canon, and I don't really like when people go against what JKR has told us either ;) Thank you so, so much for your kind words, I really appreciate them! and thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #13, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Thirty-Five

7th November 2013:
I think Dom and Scorp had an affair
When will Flick tell Al?

Author's Response: Interesting theory..

In six chapters time.

Thanks for R+R'ing!


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Review #14, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Thirty-Four

1st November 2013:
When is she going to tell him!!!? I think the source is Dige, and poor Hattie, her dad is a terrible person!

Author's Response: It's coming up very soon, there's a clue at the end of this chapter!

Interesting theory, I like :)

Poor Hattie indeed, she doesn't have such a good home life does she.

Thanks for R+R'ing. The next chapter is currently in the queue!


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Review #15, by RoseWeasley7Winner Takes All: The Loser Standing Small

5th October 2013:
He's eight years older than her!!

Author's Response: lol, that's actually the same number of years between Lizzie and Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice". I read too many old novels and really don't notice age difference unless it's pretty substantial, so it always surprises me when readers remark on it.

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Review #16, by RoseWeasley7Winner Takes All: Rules Must Be Obeyed

5th October 2013:
The bit when she entered the wedding was a bit confusing, otherwise great chapter

Author's Response: In what way? It is meant to be a chaotic scene, and I like to make the story reflect the action as much as possible, but if there's something specific that you think I should change, it'd be great to hear it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by RoseWeasley7Winner Takes All: Why Should I Complain?

3rd October 2013:
Great story, loving it.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's great to hear that you're enjoying it. :D

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Review #18, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Twenty-Nine

13th September 2013:
This chapter Is good, I Like that James found out an that they stood up against Hattie
Sorry 4 short review my phone iss broken

Author's Response: Thank you and it's okay, I understand my laptop is broken too :(

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #19, by RoseWeasley7I'll Be Seeing You: Quit Calling Me By My Last Name

21st August 2013:
Good story but they are English so it's MUM not mom

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Review #20, by RoseWeasley7I am NOT Lily Evans!: The Boyfriend, The Lover, The Husband...?

17th August 2013:
It's a great story, needs editing but I'm really enjoying it! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!
I am currently in the process of doing an edit on the whole story, and once that finishes and I'm on a break between work and college, I'll be able to update! Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #21, by RoseWeasley7The Week I Was Pregnant: Thursday

13th August 2013:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I haven't updated this story in quite awhile, but hopefully I will finish it sometime this century haha!

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Review #22, by RoseWeasley7All About Us: All About Us

12th August 2013:
Awww, so cute and i really love this song

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Review #23, by RoseWeasley7The Week I Was Pregnant: Tuesday

12th August 2013:
i LOVE this story! its so funny! the dream was THE BEST!

Author's Response: I had WAY to much fun with that scene :) Thanks for your kind words!!

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Review #24, by RoseWeasley7The Week I Was Pregnant: Monday

12th August 2013:
i do like it, its refreshing to read something unique!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #25, by RoseWeasley7Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Twenty-Six

11th August 2013:
NO! WHY ALBUS WHY? He should have broken up with her! I love Al/Flick! WHEN WILL SHE TELL HIM???

Author's Response: Drunk Albus does not make the best choices, does he?

I know the exact chapter but for now I'm keeping it a surprise as to you as the reader, it might seem ages away. But to me the writer, it doesn't seem that far as I've wrote more than what is currently up on her.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!!

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