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Review #1, by DancingMooncalfBreath of Life: Healer's Orders

29th March 2015:
I do love this story. Such a wonderful pair hannah and neville. I would love there to be more stories about them. I think the concept of this is great. Not every pregnancy is a surprise one.
Keep on writing. I wouls love to see read the next chapter!
X maya

Author's Response: Thank you! I really wanted to do the reverse story with this, the couple who really want a child but struggle to have one :)

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Review #2, by DancingMooncalfYour Hand in Mine: Difficult to Say

31st January 2015:
That was another really lovely chapter. I can't wait for the rest of this story to develop! It is promising to be so very wonderful already.
I want to thank you ever so much, for it was KYD and the whole story line of those two that inspired me again. Pulled me from a very serious writers block. Some stories just do that, I guess. This somehow got into my head, I wrote two chapters for a new story (Ted/Victoire) and some chapters of existing stories just on the high of KYD.
Please keep on writing as strongly as you've been doing and I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

x Maya

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Review #3, by DancingMooncalfThe Birds and the Bears : Epilogue.

27th January 2015:
I thought this story was really lovely. It inspired me to try my own Ted/Vic story, something I've been wanting to do. I think there are so many possibilities with those two and you certainly found a very nice story line here.

thank you for a great read!

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Review #4, by DancingMooncalfYour Hand in Mine: Unexpected

25th January 2015:
AAAW YES!! Oh you just made me the happiest person! I was wishing to find a sequel after I finished KYD this morning and here it is all fresh a ready for me to read and it already started out so 100% right!
I'm so happy it's going to be a novel too, they deserve that kind of attention.
But now I can't wait a single day to read the next chapter. Please please write it soon!!
I'm super curious how Ted will react, since the baby is like him he might get really worried, since what happened to his mum.
And poor Andromeda, how will she come to terms with this, a baby, telling Ted, having complication already... she just can't catch a break.
of course we all knew that would have to happen, at least to make the story canon... and it's probably the best inspiration for a story anyway!

Well I won't keep you from your writing, because I want to know how things develop for my favorite ship!

xxx Maya

Author's Response: Bahaha, YAY. I'm so glad a fresh sequel was waiting for you upon finishing KYD. And yes, I wasn't too far into the writing/plotting process before I realized that it simply had to be a novel. Whoops. :)

Thanks so much for popping in to review! I should have Chapter 2 up SOON.

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Review #5, by DancingMooncalfKill Your Darlings: Irresistible

25th January 2015:
Hi there,
Can I just say what a terrific story this is! I was absolutely hooked on it from the very first chapter. I couldn't stop reading, I really really couldn't. As you can see that was a bit of a problem, since there are like 37 chapters! I missed a bit of sleep in the process i'm afraid. But it was sooo worth it!
I can't express just how much I loved you characters. They were every bit so real! So honest and pure in all their flawed and wonderful ways. You have written an incredibly character development in this story, especially Andromeda.
The Ted/Andromeda ship is by far one of my favorites and you prove why. There is so much development to explore with those two! Because how does one change a pureblood princess into a muggleborn's wife? That takes some serious effort, as you very convincingly showed us.
You surprised me with Lilith, though. I thought at the beginning that she was just one of those shallow types. the comic relief character that didn't really mean anything. How wrong was I!! She was incredible! Just think, if it hadn't been for her the story would have ended so much differently.
That is some quality writing, I'm telling you!
As for professor McGonagall, she just saved the day again. She's such a great professor. I love her, even though she was only there for a talk this time.

I know it's cliché to wish for more (and maybe I should be glad that is stopped here or I wouldn't have had much of a night), but I've grown so fond of these two, of the story, and I'm invested in their lives now. That make me wish there would be more about them. I guess we all have that though, since we couldn't just let Harry Potter go, we had to keep reading and writing about his universe. It's a given with the fanficfans that they don't like endings!
That being said I think you wrote the end beautifully. A wedding, a new start, a live to be shared. And they deserve it, both of them.

Now seeing as I rambled a lot, let me just praise you one last time, because you have an incredible talent and I can honestly say you deserve a whole lot of praise!
I'm definitely checking out more of your stories, so you can expect to hear from me again!

Thank you so so much for this beautiful piece of writing and please keep on writing because you're incredibly good at it!

that's it now!
x Maya

Author's Response: Omg, these two reviews totally made my week. You are the sweetest! It always makes me giddy to hear about a late night read. Teehee.

I'm so happy to hear that you liked the character portrayal and development. Like you say, there's so much room for growth in their story, and I had such fun teasing it out. Even though it took a little longer than I anticipated. Originally I thought this would just be 20 chapters... Haha.

I'm also glad to hear you liked Lilith! She surprised ME, honestly. And I just had to incorporate McGonagall. She's top aces in my books, and ever since I read her history, I knew I had to incorporate it into Andromeda's story somehow.

Haha, clearly the ending wasn't enough for me, since I decided on a sequel. I just couldn't resist. Tedromeda's story has become so important to me that I couldn't stop thinking about what would happen next.

Thank you again for such a sweet, sweet review! I so appreciate you taking the time to read and love on the story. Hope the sequel lives up to your expectations!

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Review #6, by DancingMooncalfDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Green Light

11th January 2015:
Oh my god! I was so happy to find that everything was okay and than it ends like this. Please make James not be dead. That would be a horrible ending. He has to marry Avery properly and live happily ever after. Please!
What a spectacular chspter this turned out to be!! Waiting desperately for thr next one!

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Review #7, by DancingMooncalfSlytherin Career Day: A Long Day in the Dungeons

6th October 2014:
Oh man, that was some quality comedy! Thank you for that. I think I spend about 3/4 of the time laughing out loud. I have tear in my eyes from laughing. Got some weird looks from around the room, but it was worth it.
I thought Goyle was brilliant, as was Malfoy's answer! I did not see that one coming at all :)
I did love The last bit, the conversation in Dumbledore's office. 'Of course things could be worse...'
Thank you for the great laugh!!


Author's Response: Hi, Maya!

I had a blast writing this story. Playing with the silly Slytherins and casting them in that clownish sort of what that the often appear in the first four books was a lot of fun. I'm thrilled (relieved) that you liked the ending scene in Dumbledore's office. I was never completely sure about that one.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by DancingMooncalfPending Further Investigation: vi. the rollercoaster [or] love is a battlefield

6th October 2014:
Is he getting a puppy? Oh that's sooo cute!!
I do feel for Lester, I still have this weak spot for him ever since TFWMS and I find it sad that he struggles so much to keep his head above the surface. I do hope he will go the George and get a job there, something that he will actually enjoy doing and will pay enough. It's not fair that live is giving him so much trouble, as if he hasn't had enough to deal with...
Albus and Scorp should sit down and talk, I think a serious talk is long overdue. I love that they're getting married, but marriage won't fix insecurities.

I loved the chapter where Rose and Holly were moving out, that scene is only to familiar for me. I've been moving around a lot and every time the thought 'I have too much sh...' comes to mind. It was totally real and truly hilarious.

I like this story lot because it's a picture of the time of life I'm in... thinking 'how do I qualify as an adult?' is something i'm familiar with too!

I just quite simply love your style of writing, your characters and your amazingly well developed story line.
Please teach me how to do that!

-x- Maya

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Review #9, by DancingMooncalfPending Further Investigation: ii. save the date [or] how far we've come

6th October 2014:
Oh my, I laughed so hard at the 'healers Pottfoy and Pottfoy' bit. I know the chapter is really nice and refined and such, but hat bit just cracked me up like a cracker!
I love that you are writing a sequel to 'the fred weasley memorial scholarship' and I'm continuously wondering why I did not find it earlier.
anyhow, I love this story to pieces already and I want to know what happens next so I'm leaving it at this.
So glad to have more of your super story telling talents to enjoy now!!

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Review #10, by DancingMooncalfExceptional Circumstances: Breakfast for Dinner

6th October 2014:
I started to read this story yesterday evening and kept on reading well into the night, up to this chapter. I'm one of those readers that, when hooked on a story, will keep reading until there is nothing left to read.
And I am hooked for sure! I read the summary and the first line and I couldn't stop after that. It's to damn good to stop reading and That's why I need you to update asap!!!
I just really enjoy Addie's view on things and her way of dealing with James and James himself is an interesting enough character, bit of a spoiled thing, but I believe there will be more to that. And how about Hugo, lovely boy, I really enjoyed his presence as much as Addie and James.
I love the mystery you're creating with Addie's past and the supposed threat on James' life and stuff. It really kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to know more and know I will in due time.
Loved the fluffyness of this chapter but I like the tension between James and Addie just as much. Gus is kind of right I guess, but we'll see about that later, won't we?
For now I just really really want to know more about the past of Addie, why she was suspended and what this Tarquin guy has to do with it. I also need to know why someone is after spoiled little James and how Addie will keep him in track if she gets high the first time she goes out with his group. She has to be more careful and professional than that.

Anyway, so yeah I love the story, I love how you write and I'll be checking my Currently reading box a lot more often to see if you updated the story! (but no pressure!)


Author's Response: Ohmygod, that reminds me so much of myself! It has happened too many times to count; i'd pick out an interesting book/fanfic to read and then have terribly itchy eyes the entire morning because I stayed up all night reading! :)

All I can say is, thanks so, so, so much! I write this story as it's an outlet for my creativity and overactive imagination, but I love it when a reader likes the way I write, the characters that I pore so much over, and moreover, deigns to tell me his/her thoughts. I'm eternally grateful to you for all that.

Addie's past, her recent spell of unprofessional behaviour (because believe me, it's recent as well as uncharacteristic), the Tarquin connection and the threat to James' life are all mysteries that'll be unraveled with time. Therefore, patience, good reader! :D

I hope I can live up to your expectations and you continue loving this story.

Have a great day, you wonderful person,

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Review #11, by DancingMooncalfDetox: Epilogue

4th October 2014:
Sorry that i waited till the very last chapter to leave a review, but i was simply too busy reading!
This was a very powerful and beautiful story with a lot of raw emotions that constantly kept me on my toes.
I loved every minute of it! I really did!
There character where very realistic and their development is great. I admire how you captured Draco's traumatised state of mind so well and how you made him deal with it all. I always wondered how he must have been after the whole ordeal witj the war was over and i think you did a womderful job in giving me an idea.
Thank you very much for such an exellent read!!

Author's Response: Hi! That's quite alright, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. :)

More than anything, I wanted to capture the ugly reality of characters who had just survived a war. I don't really like post-war stories where everything turns to rainbows and kittens the minute Voldemort dies. The only way to do justice to these wonderfully complex characters, I think, is to allow then to struggle with their emotions and follow them through the healing process.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #12, by DancingMooncalfDefiant Blood, Defiant Love: Selfish And Somber

26th September 2014:
I was totaly expecting andromeda to do that. She's a good person (which is why she can't live with the whole cause thing). I do understand what the other girl was trying but I think she had no right to do it. Isn't that Ted's business to worry about?
I bet that if Ted leaves niw Andromeda will syspect the worst and blame herself. I hope he gets a chance to exlain.
I really do get into your story it's very strong and well written. I only widh there were more chapters more often. I love the characters they are very real. Rabastan scares me a bit. More than his obviously brutal friends because he seems smart enough to get away with everything. He is very intimidating. I like Ted because he is a no nonesense kind of guy. That is all Andromeda needs. As for her. She reminds me a bit if prince Sucko from avatar. You know she's a good person, she doesn't believe it. It's a struggle to prove herself as the good person she is. I like that.

Anyway... you are doing a fantastic job please update soon!


Author's Response: Wow your review really motivated me! Thank you so much for the feedback. I know I should update more often, school just takes over sometimes, but I will really try. It means a lot that you read and enjoy my story, thank you :))

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Review #13, by DancingMooncalfDefiant Blood, Defiant Love: Duels Are Not For The Distracted

9th September 2014:
Oh my! that's just horrible! is she still alive? Oh that Rabastan! He really took it too far this time.
I do hope you plan on uploading the next chapter within a week, because I can't bare waiting any longer to find out what happens next!
the tension and emotion in this story is rather raw and I like that, it puts me on edge in a good way, if that makes sense. And this chapter, especially the end, will make tension rise even more I'm sure.
Please please update soon!

Author's Response: I guess you'll find out in the next chapter :o
The next chapter is in the queue so it should be up within a few days :)
I'm so glad you enjoy my story, and I really appreciate your review, it helps motivate me to write more! I hope you keep reading :D

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Review #14, by DancingMooncalfThe Protector: The Protector

13th August 2014:
Hello and thank you for this great addition to my challenge. It was a pleasure to read!!
I've always thought that Percy was, and is, an underrated character in the books and the fan fiction world. It's easy to forget about him and underestimate what he must have gone through. The guilt he must have felt... To be hones, my first thought when I read Deathly Hallows and the death of Fred was: Why him, why not Percy. Somehow that felt less painful. Then I realized how horrible that thought was, because the death of any of the Weasley children would be terrible and Percy deserved his second chance.
That's when I realized just how hard it must be for him, because that would have been his thoughts too, why Fred, why not me?
And still he kept on fighting, trying to make sure that his family would be safe,
It could be said for any person in the Battle of Hogwarts, but Percy was indeed a hero. He get's an honorable place among the hero's. Maybe not as obvious as Molly, but certainly as worthy of the title.

Thank you very much for this story and this entry in the challenge.
You captured the moment, the impact of the attack very well and made my heart for Percy's, instead of George's.

Thank you.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks so much for creating this challenge and for allowing me to submit two entries, I really enjoyed writing for it, obviously ^_^

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, as well! Percy is definitely one of those more unknown heroes, who we often forget about when he's among so many more obvious ones. I've always though he deserves some credibility, though.

Once again, thanks so much for this, it's very appreciated!


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Review #15, by DancingMooncalfTrue Romance: I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

10th August 2014:
Oh poor poor Lily. My heart goes out to the little, naive girl. How on earth could that happen?
I've been loving your story, it's very emotional and swings back and forth between happy and sad.
Laughing and choking up have been alternating sounds I've made since I started the story.
It's very well written and really drew me in like a magnet, every chapter stops at some kind of cliff hanger, making me want more. Just like this one, by the way. I don't know how to wait patiently for the next chapter.

I feel for Rose, being single when surrounded by couples is never easy. Even if all those couples have their issues, it makes you feel a bit insignificant.
But I'm happy everything seems to be alright between Al and Bran at the moment. I really like them together, please keep them together! Please!

can you please update soon, I need to know what happens next. It's crazy how involved I've become.
Thanks for the beautiful story!

Author's Response: Hello!!

I'm so sorry that I've been so long responding and writing the next chapter. It's always awesome to hear from a new reviewer!!! I'm very very happy you've been enjoying this and that I've been able to envoke such a range of emotions.

Rose has been through a bit of a struggle with her love life. I'm afraid that still hasn't resolved for her. I'm so happy you like Branbus (my official ship name for them :D)

okay, I didn't update soon but I have now and I'm working on chapter 19 too.

thank you for a lovley reivew!!


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Review #16, by DancingMooncalfEasy as Pie: A Slice of Misadventure

7th August 2014:
This was such a lovely little one-shot that I just have to leave a few words!
I don't read so many one-shots, because in the end I want to keep reading and then there is nothing left to read. But sometimes I can't resist and this time I'm very happy I didn't. I loved it!
I think Percy was really well characterized. His need to be right, his pompous way of talking, His slightly oblivious outlook on life. I thought it captured the Percy we know and love beautifully!
You also made me giggle a few times, which should never go unmentioned. I love laughing and I do it a lot and every story that makes me laugh is great in my opinion!

so thank you for this lovely little story about pie.

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Review #17, by DancingMooncalfDefiant Blood, Defiant Love: Strangers With Cigarettes

5th August 2014:
The way you write makes the emotions really deep, if I may say so. I had a serious lump in my throat there with Andromeda, it must be horrible to live in such a confusing and pressuring environment, not knowing how to escape it. '
I think I'm hooked on this story now. It has a very serious note to it that I really appreciate.

Author's Response: I had a lump in my throat writing it actually. Thank you so much for your review, it really means a lot and I hope you keep reading :)

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Review #18, by DancingMooncalfDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with St. Mungos

31st July 2014:
It was really nice to see another update, I gotten on the roller coaster that is this story (and the one before it) and it suddenly stopped at the cliffiest of cliff hangers and I have literally been clutching that cliff with all my might to try an not fall in. (luckily there were a few distractions, but i went to check for a new chapter each and every day.) I was so happy when I found a new chapter was added. And I'm so relieved that James finally told his dad about the whole David Flynn thing. I was just thinking about it this morning, I thought how stupidly stubborn he was for not wanting his father's help. It's kind of childish to need to fix everything without your parents help. It's a good thing he realized that!

I hope you update soon, because I obviously can't wait for the next chapter. It's amazing how quickly I was pulled back into the story during this chapter... I need to know the rest now!

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Review #19, by DancingMooncalfThe Art of Small Talk: Awkwardness Abound

30th July 2014:
I think it mean to leave me hanging like that... I was just really getting into the story, I really really want to know what the letter said and where Audrey goes and who it was from and all those crucial things... but I have to wait now.
Please don't make me wait to long!

I love the story to bits btw. I haven't really been able to put it down since I started reading yesterday.

Author's Response: Haha, do not fear chapter 11 is up now and chapter 12 should be making it's way to HPFF soon, so you can find out things soon! Thank you so much though and it's great to hear you like the story so much and this review has really left me smiling! :D


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Review #20, by DancingMooncalfMake Do: Long Way Home

25th July 2014:
Thank you so much for this most extraordinary entry!
It's a truly beautiful story and made me feel all warm inside despite the fact that it's rather sad.
You did a wonderful job in capturing just how strong and admirable Molly Weasley was. A mother through and through. She's one of my favorite characters to. I admire her strength and love and compassion. How many mothers would have the ability to raise 7 children (of which 6 are boys!) into such good and admirable people.

I think you captured her personality perfectly, her struggles her heartaches and her joys. She's stronger still for taking a step back and letting go. I think you made it clear in this story how much of a hero Molly Weasley is and I loved it!

I must say, job well done and thank you for being the first entry in my challenge!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review! I loved your challenge, and Molly Weasley was the first hero I thought of when I read the requirements. I've been meaning to write a story about her for awhile now, so it worked perfectly :)

Thanks for this challenge, I really enjoyed it!


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Review #21, by DancingMooncalfStatue of Us: Autumn, 1978 (Part II)

10th July 2014:
O, wow,a lot happens in this chapter. I didn't really see most of it coming, but maybe I did.
Poor Remus has to deal with a lot doesn't he? I bet someone who can't looked at his son because he's a werewolf doesn't have a lot of tolerance... I hope he can deal with his son having a boyfriend.
I'm usually not that big a fan of Remus/Sirius, but you make it seem like it's an inevitability. Like that would have happened without a doubt. I doubted it, but. yeah anyway.
I missed James in this chapter, but I guess he can't be in every chapter? I'm curious how he and Pete will react to Sirius and Remus. Are they telling them?

x Maya

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Review #22, by DancingMooncalfThe Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

9th July 2014:
I'm so happy to read that you will continue writing stories with these characters, as I said in my last review I'm not ready to let them go. Not at all!
And as promised I will leave you a long review with everything I want to let you know about my reading experience. It's been an amazing journey with those brilliant people and I have enjoyed it immensely.

I was looking for a good Next Generation story and got exactly what I was looking for. The summary got my attention immediately and I started to read.
I think I had only read the first paragraph when I said to myself: I'm hooked already! And I couldn't stop reading after that.
The story unfolded beautifully in the first view chapters. You introduced the characters with their quirks and dorky habits. I was surprised by, but loved the fact that Scorpius and Albus were together and loved it from so much I actually when looking for other stories with this pairing. There aren't many of those and they don't capture them (as I think they'd be anyway) quite like you do.
As I told you before the whole anxiety theme really intrigued me. I am a calm kind of person, and I always try to understand how it is to lose control over you own panic. getting a panic attack is something I have not intention to ever experience, thought the concept really interests me. I must be hard to deal with and I would probably try to stay away from everything that had the potential to make me panic. I think it's really brave of those studious, law abiding, anxiety prone students to step outside their comfort zone and release a prank war, that could cost them more then just house points. This really got my attention and made the story to one that I just couldn't get out of my head.
I love how the characters grew in this story, developing form their young, nervous and grade obsessed self to young adults with more understanding of their own person and abilities, more control and a better view on life.
I loved Lester a lot, as I told you before as well. He made a bit of an impression on me somehow and I couldn't for the life of me deal with not knowing how he was after that episode with Louis. I was so relieved to hear he had not been hurt, and I admired Albus for going all 'hella no!' on Louis and Lucian. I would have done that.
I do admire Lily with her ability to keep him sane. That must have been quite the task during NEWT's. I love how she went about it, not telling him off, just pointing out he had other responsibilities and she didn't mid helping with those. How did they do in their match by the way? Who won?
And there is Rose, she was brilliant! A lot like her mother, a little bit to the extreme when it comes to studying and pretty pasionate (sorry, the swear word control doesn't let me write it the correct way) about anything she puts her mind on. I loved her a lot and I will miss her view on the world.
I have the feeling I didn't really get to know Holly though, which I find a bit sad. She seems to be such a sweet heart and she's a great friend. I would love to get to know her better.

I laughed, I sighed, I frowned and I stomped my feet in agitation reading this brilliant story. It was so much fun and so endearing and I'm happy you have become just as attached to it, so that I don't have to let go of it yet.

I'm looking forward to the other stories a lot and I really hope you find time to write them soon.
I think someone should recommend this story on the forum. If it isn't already recommended. You deserve all the love and admiration that comes to you in your reviews. I mean, if you can write a cliff hanger that has me swearing (something I actually never do) and I still love you to bit, you must be doing something right.
So yeah, you're deserving of all the praise and compliments and admiration, you just are!

love- Maya

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Review #23, by DancingMooncalfThe Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: the spirit of fred weasley [or] exit, pursued by a bear

8th July 2014:
Wow, are you kidding me? 2 chapters in 2 days? This must be my lucky week... I'm so excited!!
I think they did manage to go out with a bang. taking the 'go out' bit very serious. It's a genius plan and having a party at the end of exams with all the seventh years is just the kind of thing they all needed. I wouldn't doubt Fred Weasley would have pulled something like that. They do really deserve to win that scholarship at this point. They did actually put work in it and made it their own.
I'm very curious for their graduation. That will be a blast and a half.
And since this is only the second to last chapter I think I am aloud to ask: Do you plan on writing a sequel/back story type of thing. I would really love to read it. I'm become quite attached to these characters and i'm not yet ready to let go. I know there is still another chapter for me to read, but still... You can't blame me, i know you love them just as much as I do!!

All in all I just want you to know you did a wonderful job with this story. I haven't had a story stuck in my head this much since I read the half blood prince and had to wait all those months to find out what happened next. (same goes for the hunger games, that book ends on a deathly cliff hanger. I'm lucky I'm still alive from that experience!) So yeah, your kind of up with those writers in my books! I think you're that talented!

So I know you love people rambling about your stories, but I think I'll save the best for last. The next chapter will have a really long review with all my experiences summarized for your convenience, so be prepared, I'll go back through the chapters and my reviews to give this ultimate review.

see you next chapter!

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Review #24, by DancingMooncalfThe Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: xix. the calm before the storm [or] regroup; onward

7th July 2014:
Aw thank you thank you thank you. I really needed a chapter like this where everything seem to be alright again for a bit. I've been waiting for that you know (you do know I even wrote you a PM about it).
Anyway, yeah a bang is definitely appropriate when honoring the memory of Fred Weasley. I'm very curious what they'll do...
I was sooo happy to see that there was a new chapter though. Like I didn't even care that is was already half past eleven. An I have to get up at 7 tomorrow. I read it anyway and it was a really nice, putting my nerves at ease, kind of chapter.

thank you for all the good reads you give me and thank you for being awesome and answering all my jibber jabber!!

x Maya

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Review #25, by DancingMooncalfStatue of Us: Autumn, 1978

5th July 2014:
I think you really have those characters figured out for this story. I love James already in his utter Jamesness (that's a word now!). And Remus is really cool. Like, that's how i thought he'd be. None of that shy goody two sho es characeter, he was part of the marauders, he did take part in the entics and probably came up with a fair amount of craziness. I love that.
Sirius is about as arogant as a disowned run away teenage boy can be. and it's nice to see how much he cares for his friends.
Peter... At this point in the story he does seem nice, which he probably was at that age, so I'm curius what makes him into the traiter he becomes later. There must be more than just fear, i can't think of what... but that's certainly something to think about.

Good to know chapters on this story will be comming regularly.

x maya

Author's Response: Jamesness is totally a word. I love him too, he's a giant dork and weirdly endearing and just generally fab. And EXACTLY, none of this "behaving" business. Rules? Pfft. Remus is a Marauder. the Map was probably his idea. "Hey guys, you know what'd really help us wreak havoc? Because I have this AWESOME idea."

There is a special place in my heart for Sirius Black's pride and arrogance and GIANT EGO. There's just a special place in my heart for Sirius Black, to be honest.

Peter is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He's fun, in a weird 'spineless traitor' kinda way.

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