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Review #1, by teh tarikBluebird: Little River Running

23rd April 2017:
Laura ♥

This is the long overdue review that I owe you, & I'm truly sorry it has taken me this long to write this. Since that time you first told me that you'd dedicated this gorgeous piece of writing to me, I've read this several more times. & I'm just really so blown away every time. By the amazing-ness of your writing, & also because you've gifted a fic to me of all people.

So. thank you. thank you so much. this means a lot to me *flails* *sobs* *dies an ineloquent death*

asdasfkjhkj THANK YOU for writing Ariana for me!! I love her character & I love fics that explore her in detail, because she has such a wasted narrative arc in canon, one that is always overshadowed by Albus. & your fic is a gorgeous rendition of her character, and her instability & all the traumas that afflict her. I really, really appreciate the level of detail that you've gone into to write her character, and how you've incorporated the myth of the Great Lynx, and how it ties in so deeply into her character. I had to look up the myth because I know nothing about Native American mythology, and I'm glad I had the chance to learn more about the Mishipeshu. Also! Apparently the Mishipeshu is always in opposition to the Thunderbird?? And Albus is the Thunderbird, if I remember correctly from your Kendra-centric fic (which is one of my favourite one-shots written by you!).

you shudder in time to the swish and the sway of the water below as it tumbles and gurgles a few feet below. It is solemn and discordant, a continuous rush of sibilant, miserable whispers - damp and weak, even as the wind rips at it from above, clawed hands scraping and catching at the tips of waves, ripping them taller, driving them away, away downstream and towards the sea.

^ sigh. Right from the beginning, such vivid gorgeous descriptive writing form you. & I always associate Ariana with water imagery, so this is just wonderful.

wild flowers, dropped like breadcrumbs leading round and round in endless, wandering circles to nowhere, a shower of jewels in dimmed, shaded blues and buttercup-yellows, imperial violets and bright, violent crimson.

^ wow!! your description is so vivid, so striking and I just, halskdjlkasjdas gorgeous use of colour and visual imagery. It also struck me that this is probably taking place in Ariana's head, and that she's not really 100% living in the real world.

Butterflies, electric blue and turquoise and soft periwinkle, flutter out of your mouth with every breath you take, quick and skipping, darting off into the ether; they all only ever make it a few heartbeats, a handful of seconds, before their wings stiffen and weaken and they fall, littering the forest floor with a carpet of greying, dusty bodies.

^ excuse me while I die at the creepy beauty of this image alskjdlaks HOW DO YOU DO THIS AMAZING *swoons*

Oh, Ariana, you hear again, and as the leaves shift overhead in the breeze, there is a sudden burst of light, bright and fierce and shimmering, and you see yourself reflected in rich blue eyes, a lock of auburn hair still heavy with water slipping down and leaving a trail of tiny, sparkling drops across a cheekbone.

^ I love how Albus is introduced in your fic. (I'm assuming it's Albus...if I'm wrong, please throw a buffalo at me...) I think Ariana kinda idolises him, the way she sees him with so much power and grace and beauty. I love how he's associated with the wind and light and all the things she's not - the contrast between them is done so well.

A single eye, light and an icy, eggshell blue, glints in the dark; you cannot see another, and you shiver - wrong, wrong, wrong. walking

^ oooh, is that Gellert?? that icy eggshell blue eye of his is such perfect word choice. Perfect and also very unsettling. I love all the wrongness about him, and how intuitive Ariana is. She's so much more intuitive than Albus.

In the light, oil-blue and slick, sly, your brother looks older, tired, halfway to dead, with hollows under his eyes and strands of black littering his hair, ash amongst a fire; but when he glances at his friend, always, always a few steps behind, there is a hunger and a sweet ferocity, alive and dancing, which you do not recognise.

^ & here comes the Albus / Gellert. And all the unhealthiness of it. :p This paragraph sums them up so well - how Gellert changes Albus, and not for the best.

In the pool at your feet, reflected, you see the dark, vicious gleam in your eyes and the white points of your teeth, bared and snarling, the supple, languid way your arms and your legs move, your head rising first, too smooth and too elegant to be human.

^ I'm kinda imagining that Ariana looks into the pool & sees the Great Lynx as part of her. She too, has that wilderness in her, and there's something savage & predatory about her in this moment. she isn't just a traumatised girl; she definitely doesn't feel helpless, even if the whole world is against her, or if the whole world overlooks her as a person. I love this vicious other side to her character.

& I think I've gone through the whole thing again!! I'm still just so honoured that you wrote me this. It's absolutely beautiful & I love this so much THANK YOU.

Laura, I'm so glad to have met you (online) - you are an amazing friend and beautiful person. And that you truly are an incredible super talented writer.


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Review #2, by teh tarikStuck on the Puzzle: It Concludes

9th October 2016:
Awww aww aww so much fluff! ♥

Loved this chapter, and I thought it was a wonderful way to end the whole story. You wrote the scene (though Lily's journal) where Raven and Emerald finally meet face to face incredibly well. It was beautifully done with a lovely light tough. There was a light-heartedness to the scene, and humour, but not too overdone, and there was enough seriousness that really made me appreciate that James and Lily were being serious with each other. And honest about their feelings for each other.

I absolutely love that James taught Lily to perform her Patronus; it's something that they've been talking about in their letters, and of course it means a lot to Lily.

These are my favourite lines:

Iím still not sure of everythingĖ I still have no idea what Iím doing after graduation. The future is as murky as ever. But itís starting to look like I have a few things to hold on to, like the inevitability of illegible handwriting staying in my life for a long while to come, and someday laughing about how the most romantic night of my life involved a boy dressed up as Albus Dumbledore.

Perfect way to end the fic.

There were a lot of other things I loved about this chapter as well. I think Padfoot and Moony getting the merpeople and the Giant Squid to do an interpretative dance about the life cycle of a squid was genius. :D I would have loved to see that, and I thought McGonagall's detention note was hilarious. She's torn between being very impressed with the boys and very irritated that she's impressed. :P

Aww poor Wormtail again. :( :( Also, if anyone had gone back and reread Feathers' transcription and noticed his reaction, they might have questioned things with Pettigrew a bit more. But sadly, Wormtail was ignored as usual.

And Feathers' existential crisis is over! Good lord, this is the first time I've read a fic where a Quick Quotes' Quill is given such wonderful characterisation, to the point of it becoming the fifth Marauder!

Anyway, I absolutely LOVED reading your story, and I'm so glad I finally got down to doing so. Apologies once again for the huge delay in reviewing, and in posting the results. Thank you for this wonderful story, which kept me entertained for quite a while, and thank you so so much for participating in the Epistolary Fic Challenge. I will do my best to post the results as soon as I can (just a few more stories to go...).


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Review #3, by teh tarikStuck on the Puzzle: It Accelerates

9th October 2016:
Feathers quoting Kierkegaard may just be the best thing ever bahaha! :D

Ooh, the final showdown is close. And Padfoot and Moony are busy plotting behind JAmes's back. I'm king of sad to see that Wormtail isn't there with them. In fact I don't think he appeared much in this chapter, only in the beginning, and even then, he was subjected to a sarcastic remark by one of the others. Poor Peter. :(

I'm really curious to see how this all turns out, and if there will be any big revelations with the other characters and their penpals.

Lily made a list of things she's deduced about Raven. She may have got one thing wrong (the Ravenclaw bit) but everything else is correct. I thought the pranking thing would have been a dead giveaway, but no. :P

Off to the last chapter!


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Review #4, by teh tarikStuck on the Puzzle: It Stalls

9th October 2016:
HAHA oh this chapter ♥

So many things I adored.

SO DUMBLEDORE & MCGONAGALL are playing an elaborate game of matchmaker after all!!! Or something like that. How devious of them...are they just having a bit of fun or do they have actual reasons for doing this...reasons to do with the war? Or are they just mad Jily shippers? :P If it's the latter, then they're not the only ones, because it sounds as though Remus and Sirius are sailing the Jily ship as well. As do Desdemona and Bea, from Lily's entries.

James and Lily are indeed oblivious!! But I'm loving how you've got Moony figuring things out and passing info to I detect quite a bit of Wolfstar there in that last section?? :P That last segment with the scribbled notes between Remus and Sirius made me laugh quite a bit. But poor Remus, having his essay defaced like that bahaha!

On a more serious note, I do feel quite sorry for Wormtail. In the last chapter, his punctuation issues were the butt of many jokes among the Marauders, and as a reader, I found these to be funny as well. But Wormtail must have been quite negatively affected by them, because he actually went to seek help...from Mulciber. I guess this is the start of him being influenced by the Death Eaters. :( :(

Anyway, another great chapter! Can't wait to find out what's next. :)


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Review #5, by teh tarikStuck on the Puzzle: It Continues

9th October 2016:
My absolute favourite part of this chapter is the Quick Quotes' Quill's existential crisis. :P LOVE what you've done there, brilliant segment. It's the kind of silly absurd humour that I adore, and that entire part was just a delight to read.

I love how you're changing things up and mixing in things like Wormtail's notes and the QQQ's fancifully detailed-transcription with Lily's usual journal entries.

And hahaha James is appointing Emerald/Lily to be his Official Love Guru for when he asks Lily out. And Lily telling Raven/James that his handwriting is not as bad as James's handwriting! Love the humour of this chapter. I can't believe these two haven't figured each other out yet.

I'm really enjoying this! I'm off to read the next chapter. :D


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Review #6, by teh tarikStuck on the Puzzle: It Begins

9th October 2016:

I don't know if you remember, but long long ago you submitted this story as part of the Epistolary Fic Challenge on the former HPFF forums. Well, I'm now here (finally) to read and review your story as promised, so I can post the results. I'm so sorry that it's taken some eight months or so *hides*

I'm so glad that someone submitted a complete multi-chaptered fic for the challenge!

Already, I love the premise of the story, and I think this is a great first chapter. :) You've established Lily's voice so well through her journal entries. I love her self-consciousness, her fastidiousness with formatting each entry in the exact same manner no matter how tiresome it gets, and her self-aware comments on her own writing.

Most Jily fics portray James with more than a little immaturity, but your James (according to Lily's observation) seems to be more serious, and it does make sense, because he definitely straightened himself out in seventh year, when he and Lily got together.

The penpal idea is such a lovely one! And hmm, I know Dumbledore has his reasons for setting such a challenge on the seventh years, but I also do wonder if he's up to a bit of mischief...I can totally imagine him casually manipulating people into's mighty suspicious that the Head Girl & Head Boy end up writing to each other.

...they are writing to each other, aren't they?

Well, I'll have to read on to find out! That's what I love about secret penpal stories - that little element of mstery.

Great start! I'm off to the next chapter.


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Review #7, by teh tarikIgnotia: Ignotia

7th October 2016:
Hello Laura! ♥ has been ages since you submitted this entry for the Epistolary Challenge, and I'm ashamed to say that I've only just got around to finishing up this challenge and reading all the entries. I am so so sorry for this. *hides* Especially since your entries was one of the first I received.

Anyway, hello, I think I just got blown away. What an incredible story! And such a gorgeously detailed insight into Bathilda's character. And speaking of character, your interpretation of Bathilda Bagshot is probably the most original I've ever seen. It's hard to pull apart which bits I loved, because I'd like to quote this entire story back to you.

I'll start with your brilliant brilliant characters. They all shine; they're so unique, even if some of them appear very briefly during the story. Bathilda's (or yours :P )writing really brings them to life. There's Livia, who first appears to be demurely sitting beside Elladora, but is in fact a master actor and manipulator - but she's not invulnerable. I thought I detected quite a bit of vulnerability in one of the segments (where she meets Bathilda again after some time, and seems quite upset). I'm wondering if she did have genuine feelings for Bathilda after all, or if she merely regretted losing Bathilda. And Kendra, who is such a fascinating character. Bathilda thinks that a sense of mystery is essential in characterising Kendra.

And that's another point I want to bring up about this story: it's pretty much a study of the characters in Bathilda's experience, by Bathilda herself. We learn as much as she does; we see new sides to these characters, and we acknowledge that certain aspects of these characters will always remain in the dark for us, and that not everything about everyone is knowable.

And dear lord I loved your portrayal of child!Gellert! Hahaha, he comes off a little as the tantrum-y child prodigy kind (made even funnier by the face that he's in a sailor suit lol). I love how this insight of him as a child is contrasted with the portrayal of Gellert as a teen. And that he requests all of Albus Dumbledore's writings! So he can beat Albus one day!! Even before their meeting, it seems that their paths are destined together. (#grindeldore FTW).

Another thing I adored was how easily you evoked the setting and time period of this story. I loved the portrayal of ROsamunde's cocktail bar and saloon and how the place changes with the difference in its daytime & night time patrons!

Your use of the epistolary format is perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for when I first set the challenge: the non-linear arrangement of Bathilda's writings, the mix of letters and diary entries. And I remember in my original challenge criteria, I stated that all stories had to be complete. Well, I see what you did here bahaha! You submitted a complete story, which happens to be incomplete. :P And of course, that's how epistolary works are like sometimes. They're deep insight into certain characters' lives, and there is no fourth wall between them and the reader. And of course, like any realistic portrayals, things never get tied up neatly. And in case of this fic, Bathilda's story is unfinished.

And i love that even though this is unfinished, as readers we can still fill in the gaps with our own interpretation, and we have to come to our own sense of conclusion.

Long story short: I love open-ended stories ♥

Thank you so so so much for participating in the challenge, Laura! ♥ I truly enjoyed your brilliant writing, and once again, apologies for the wait.

As soon as I finish reviewing the remaining entries, I'll post the results.


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Review #8, by teh tarikSomeday Friends: Someday Friends

30th September 2016:

So I don't know if you remember this, but months and months ago, you signed up for the Epistolary Fic challenge, which was hosted on the now-defunct HPFF forums. But fortunately I've saved all the challenge entry links and I'm now finishing my reading and reviewing.

First, I will apologise for being so terrible with this challenge. I should have been here a lot earlier. :( :(

You know, certain pairings are made really really intriguing by epistolary structure in stories, and Dramione is definitely one of them. I love that you've chosen this ship to write about. Because the idea of Draco and Hermione writing secretly to each other is a fascinating one, and presents different sides to these characters. There's something very innocent about the way the letters started, despite this story being set in such a dark time.

I love the idea of Hermione reaching out to Draco after seeing him suffering, and you can't help but smile when she offers to help him with his homework. Hahaha, that's such a Hermione way of reaching out to someone.

The friendship that develops between them is clandestine but heartwarming. I'm glad they could find a little bit of comfort in each other, and if they had gone on corresponding with each other, I think that something beyond friendship would develop between them. :) Draco's emotional and psychological journey throughout this short fic was well-explored. And it's definitely very in-character, because his character goes through major development in the last 2 books of the series, and I love how you've chosen to explore that here!

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your story. Lovely writing! And thank you so so much for participating in my challenge. I will announce the results on the new forums soon, so keep an eye! ♥


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Review #9, by teh tarikNo Distance: Letters

9th May 2016:
Hello Kaitlin! ♥

I'm here to review your entry for the Epistolary Challenge (I haven't abandoned this challenge, and I'm working my way through the entries. :D ). Thank you for participating, and huge apologies for the amount of time it's taken me to stop by and read and review.

Ah, ah, ah this is such a tragic story. :( :( Ted/Andromeda is a ship I love, but sadly it ends badly in canon. There's no resolution at all for this ship in canon, because Ted's death is so sudden and so violent. In the beginning of DH he's alive and well, and the next time we hear of him, he's dead in the woods, along with a couple of others. I think this exchange of letters that you've written works wonderfully! I can definitely imagine Ted running away and leaving a note for Andromeda, not even telling her of his plans to run. I imagine that she'd want to run off with him or she wouldn't let him go, or she'd put herself in danger for him.

And Ted and Andromeda keeping in touch with each other as they're on the run...the both of them not using names was a nice detail, and definitely makes sense. I love that amidst all the fear and uncertainty they're both experiencing, there's still those moments of hope and life when they discuss Dora and their unborn grandchild. It was really heartwarming (but also incredibly painful to read). Ted saying that he couldn't wait to hold his grandson...gahhh :( :(

The last two letters were beautifully done. Very sad, of course, because we know Ted is already dead. And that last letter: Andromeda is so desperate she doesn't even care whether she's found out or not: she uses their real names in that letter. It's truly heartbreaking.

Also, nice touch, beginning and ending your story with their names.

This is an amazing story, Kaitlin! You said this is the first time using the epistolary form, but I think you've done a wonderful job with this. I really enjoyed reading.

Thank you so much once again for participating in my challenge. I WILL be posting the results. :P So keep an eye out. :)


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Review #10, by teh tarikFlaming Quilltips: Pensieve to Parchment

6th May 2016:
Hello Ysh!

I'm finally here at long last to review your entry for the Epistolary Challenge. First, I must apologise for taking such a long time to come by and read. So sorry! :(

But oh my gosh, this story is amazing! Seriously, THIS is what I was hoping for when I set the challenge! A long, complex story, with more than a little mystery told through the epistolary format, with several writers corresponding with each other. You did an amazing job with the form, and the characterisation of each writer really shone through their letters (or journal entries).

You've got a great sense of pacing, and you know how to unravel the details of the mystery bit by bit, and I LOVE all the references to different aspects of canon, and how you link so many different things together (e.g. Cygnus Black, the potion drunk by Dumbledore in the cave, Hokey the house elf, etc.). Suddenly you've expanded canon so much, and not just expanded, but made it coherent. I believed your story, and your characters. I felt Dorcas's obsession and how desperate she was to uncover the details of her father's murder.

I must really complement you on Dorcas's characterisation: you've portrayed her brilliantly. Her determination, foolhardiness, fixatedness, her self-destructive desire for vengeance...and I also love how you revealed other aspects of her character through the letters of Lily and Benjy. Benjy and Lily see Dorcas as a friend: a brilliant passionate student and friend. It's so sad to imagine her slowly succumbing to her own darkness over the years.

The ending of the story was so heartbreaking. :( Poor Benjy.

This was a truly phenomenal story, Ysh! I'm so glad to have read this, and to have this as an entry in my challenge. Thank you for participating, and keep an eye out for those results. ♥


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Review #11, by teh tarikThe Unaccounted: June 28, 2032: SNITCHED by Lillian Potter

1st May 2016:
*hugs Alishya back*

Hey lovely! I'm here (at long, long, long last) to review your entry for the Epistolary Challenge. And I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to stop by your fic and read. I'm trying to get back on track with reading so I can get the results out, sooner rather than later.

Anyway, wow what an intriguing start! I love this first chapter and I think it's an amazing beginning to your story. And your fic sounds like it's going to be a murder mystery, in epistolary form, which is great! And I also love that it's going to have something to do with Quidditch (well, at least, Xavier was a Quidditch player!). I think a Quidditch murder mystery is such a unique idea on this site, and I really hope you continue soon!

I love Lily Potter's character already. She sounds like a journalist/reporter of some sort, digging for truth and stories, trying to unravel the mystery. I loved the way you wrote her voice through her article. Sounds like she's very dedicated to her job, and an idealistic person. I can't wait to see how you develop her character further through her articles, and other epistolary forms.

Thank you so much for submitting an entry to my challenge, Alishya! ♥ Once again I'm so sorry this has taken me so long to come by, but now that I have, I'm hooked, and I do hope to see a second chapter soon! :) Amazing work!


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Review #12, by teh tarikWhen I Go Out With You: You Didn't Look 'Round

30th March 2016:


After Norma, Ernie can go snog a Dementor.

So all the lovingness and all the adorable affection between Ernie and Hannah was all a lie?!?! Ugh, poor Hannah! :( :( First, Ernie completely dismisses her and her desire to have a conversation about polyamory. Then the whole cheating thing. Ugh.

Still, I love the way you hint at the difference between the portrayal of polyamory as an honest, open choice between individuals, and the portrayal of that more conventional monogamous relationship, which does not have such a sturdy foundation as people would think.

Well, it's Hannah/Susan for me now. All the way! ♥

Great (but very sad) twist! Can't wait to find out how Hannah will deal with this.



I don't want to say that that Ernie and Hannah's affection was necessarily a lie. But as you say, it was not on a sturdy foundation. It was definitely conditional, I think. There is a very subtle power structure in their relationship where things or on Ernie's terms, and he has reinforced that with years of subtle emotional manipulation, which includes a lot of surface affection which Hannah has bought into. Hannah has been happy, but she has done so by focusing on what's on the surface of their relationship and her emotions, without looking too much deeper.

Also, part of the advantage of having such short chapters is that I do get to manipulate you guys a bit too. The scene in Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows was very real, but it was also very short, and just a snippet of their relationship (and a couple of readers have mentioned red flags they saw in that chapter).

Anyway, I'm glad you're so engaged by this story! ♥


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Review #13, by teh tarikWhen I Go Out With You: It's A Happening World

30th March 2016:
Hey again, Sam!

I'm back for the next chapter. And this!! Gah, this made my heart melt in so many ways. ♥ This Susan & Hannah bonding scene is too perfect for words! Susan is just such an amazing character, and she complements Hannah so nicely! I love Susan's quiet confidence, and how comfortable she is with her life and her choices. There's something so serene about her, her self-acceptance.

And your dialogue is amazing. I love your choice of lines! Your dialogue is just so smooth; everything flows perfectly, sounds so sensible and nothing is forced at all.

And that last line Susan says is kind of the perfect way to tie up this gorgeous chapter?

I really love how unique your story is, and your exploration of polyamory. I'm really intrigued to see how things will play out, and definitely adding this to my fav's list! ♥


Author's Response: I'm glad to see you back here, Teh!

And your feedback on this chapter is really good to hear. Sometimes to me this chapter feels a little filler-like, in that less happens in it than others. But like you said, it is important in building Hannah and Susan's relationship and introducing the idea of polyamory. And I'm glad I can do those things in such a gorgeous flowing way, as you say.

Thanks for the fave!


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Review #14, by teh tarikWhen I Go Out With You: Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

25th March 2016:
Hello again, Sam!

Ooh, so Hannah and Ernie are living together, and it sounds like they've been together for quite some time. I love how you've written their relationship in this second chapter! They're so loving and affectionate and completely comfortable with each other, and Ernie is a little goofy as well.

Hannah and Ernie's relationship is so completely different from how you wrote Susan and Hannah, though of course, Hannah has just met Susan after a long time. I'm interested to see how everything will turn out between these three characters (as well as any other characters I have yet to read about). And it does sound like perhaps there'll be a little tension between Ernie and Susan? It's interesting the way he reacts when Hannah tells him about meeting her friend.

Once again, another lovely chapter! I look forward to reading more. :)


Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks for coming back for another chapter so quickly!

It was definitely really fun to write the contrasts between different characters and relationships, especially in these early chapters when everything is new to the reader. They are very different people, very different energies between them, and at very different points in the relationship. It was definitely interesting to try to see how I could create that contrast with very few words. I am glad you are interested in it so far as well!


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Review #15, by teh tarikWhen I Go Out With You: Fools Rush In

25th March 2016:
Hi Sam!

I'm here for the Review Exchange! :)

I love femmeslash & rare pairs, so this chapter was right up my alley. This is such a great start to your story! I love Hannah and Susan already, and I can't wait to see how their relationship will develop. I love that moment of attraction, when they feel like the only people in the whole street. It's instant attraction, but because Susan and Hannah were friends for so long, even fighting alongside each other, there's also so much history between them surfacing in that moment. It's no wonder that Hannah feels a little overwhelmed.

I'm so glad Susan makes the next move and pulls her into the Leaky Cauldron. So Hannah has yet to become the owner of the pub! It will be interesting to see how she takes over the Leaky Cauldron, if you're going to explore it in your fic.

I love your style of writing; you write so delicately, and some of the phrases you use are just so gorgeous!

The words fall from our lips like petals from flowers that have gone untouched for too long.

^ This line kind of made me breathless and a little giddy, and I can SO imagine how Hannah was feeling!

I'm loving your story so far, Sam! I shall certainly come back and read more. ♥


Author's Response: Hey!

I am glad that you love femmeslash and rare pairs as much as I do!

I'm really glad that you are already so compelled by this story and the characters.

This story will focus pretty closely on Hannah's personal life in her early-mid 20s, so you won't so I won't get into her ownership of the LC much

Nobody has ever used the word delicate to describe my writing before! Actually, I'm not sure I've ever associated that word with writing, and it's really interesting and I love that you used it.

I am really looking forward to reading your story, though I am probably going to wait until the Quidditch match is done so I can focus on a more thought out review =)

Thanks again!


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Review #16, by teh tarikYou Are Beautiful: Happy Anniversary

24th March 2016:
Hello Jayde! ♥

I'm here to read and review your entry for the Epistolary Fic Challenge! Thank you so much for participating! ♥

Aww, Jayde, this is an absolutely beautiful fic!! You've captured Arthur and Molly's relationship so flawlessly, and I love how you started off your story with the two of them in their older years, celebrating their anniversary, and how Arthur's letters take us all back years and years into their youth.

The letters he wrote have got to be the sweetest things ever written. They're so simple but honest and adoring, which is so Arthur. And Molly frets a lot about her appearance, even when she was in school. I love how Arthur just sees through all her physical "flaws" and embraces her as the wonderful, strong, maternal woman she is. Yet at the same time, he doesn't just dismiss all her worries and her fretting; he actually acknowledges her worries and comforts them. He's got to be the best soul mate ever??!!

And the letters...I think it's brilliant how they all end with the same sentences, or variations of that sentence. Every time Arthur tells Molly she's beautiful, he's affirming her inner beauty, her character, everything that makes Molly Molly. And I thought that was so very sweet. I loved the structure of the letters!

And I also enjoyed how different the letters are from each other, despite being structurally similar. They depict Molly in her extreme happiness, her insecurities, her grief at losing her brothers (and later, Fred)'s pretty much huge segments of Molly's life (and their relationship) in those letters! ♥ I am SO glad Arthur chose to show Molly those letters after all. Things with such beautiful sentiment shouldn't be kept hidden forever.

And that final letter is the perfect ending to this story. There's so much love, so much contentment, so much's an incredibly satisfying ending, and the best kind of happy ending ever.

I enjoyed reading this, Jayde! Thank you so much again for participating, and congrats on writing such an amazing story! ♥


Author's Response: TEH! ♥

Thank you SO much for hosting the epistolary fic challenge, and for stopping by to read and review this! Your challenge really pushed me to write something that I'm quite happy with and that everyone else seems to be enjoying a lot, so THANK YOU! *hug*

Awww, thank you! I'm so flattered that you think it's beautiful and that I captured their relationship well! And I'm really happy that you like the 'travel back through time' aspect of the letters! Honestly, the Anniversary bit was added in as a bit of an afterthought, but I'm SO happy that I added it in!

Eeek! I'm so thrilled that you think the letters are sweet and very in-character with Arthur! I was really, really trying to keep him in character and I'm happy that paid off! Yes, Molly does fret about her appearance a lot, but as you said, Arthur sees through all that while still managing to acknowledge and confront her insecurities. I think he definitely is a great soul mate!

TEH STAHP IT you're making me blush! I'm just on the verge of happy tears reading that you like the structure of the letters. Yes, that was really the main point of what Arthur was trying to accomplish with the letters: to affirm one more time, despite where they are in life, despite what she looks like at that moment, she is still beautiful in his eyes. I was really, really trying to convey a universal message of "You are beautiful, no matter what" to my readers, and I really hope that came through in Arthur's reassurance to Molly, but in case it didn't I'm planning on going back and adding in an Author's Note at the end ASAP.

Thank you so much for your comments about the letters being different from each other! As I said in the last paragraph of my response, I really wanted to show a message of "you are beautiful, no matter what", and I thought the best way to accomplish that was to show various moments in Molly's life, during ALL of which Arthur STILL thinks she's absolutely breathtaking. And yes, I agree, things with beautiful sentiment should never been hidden forever!

AWW, thank you! ♥ I'm so happy that you think that the final letter is the perfect ending to the story! And I could just flail at reading that this is the best kind of happy ending ever! ;( *squish*

I'm SO glad you enjoyed this! Thank you again, so much, for creating this challenge that really pushed me to write something like this, and for this amazing, squee-worthy review! ♥ *squishes*

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Review #17, by teh tarikLove, Lavender: Dear Diary

13th March 2016:
Hello Vicki,

I'm here to review your entry for The Epistolary Fic Challenge! Thank you so much for participating! ♥

Aah I love Lavender fics so I'm so pleased to have one as a challenge entry! I feel that there can never be enough fics about post-war Lavender and the massive changes her character would have undergone after such trauma. I love what you've done with Lavender, how you've treated her with so much sympathy. I love how compassionately you write baout her. :) There's the reluctant first diary entry beginning, and I love how she quickly warms up to the habit, because writing is something that gives her peace and helps her get through her days. Really, Lavender has two forms of therapy in your fic: the actual therapy group, and writing about the therapy group in her diary.

I love some of the details you've included in your story: e.g. like how that white scarf she wears around her neck feels like a noose. And I love that you've brought up Dennis Creevey as well! ♥ Dennis is one of my favourite characters to read about, and I get ridiculously excited whenever he pops up in anybody's stories. :P And gaahhh, poor Dennis. :( :( :( And I'm so happy to see Lavender comforting Dennis! Most people look at Lavender and see only her vanity and her vapidness, but really, she's such a kind soul, with a great capacity for empathy.

Oliver Wood! I love his appearance--all brooding and surly and stuff. And the quick attraction and romance that blossoms between him and Lavender...I'm so glad that Lavender didn't listen to Alicia. I'm so glad that she took the chance and went out with Oliver. It really shows how the therapy group is healing her, how she's slowly coming to terms with herself and the world after the war. Excellent character development!

And awww, that last diary entry! That was simply gorgeous. You have a wonderful way with words, and you write romance so well. ♥

He's like you, except I can feel his arms around me when I'm upset, feel his thumbs wipe away my tears, feel his lips ghost over my own, over my scars. I can feel him heal me. I can feel his comfort.

^ I'm in love with these lines! I'm both a little sad but also happy that she won't be writing in her diary anymore. But really, it's a huge step in healing for her.

I really love this story, and I enjoyed reading, Vicki! Thank you so much once again for entering the challenge, and best of luck! ♥


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Review #18, by teh tarikDear Scorpius: Dear Scorpius

11th March 2016:
Hello Bella!

I'm here to review your entry for The Epistolary Fic Challenge! Thank you so much for participating! ♥

I think you broke my heart right at the beginning! :( :( Scorpius is dead? And so he'll never receive that letter Rose wrote? I always find the concept of unsent letters to be particularly heartwrenching, and Rose's letter was no exception.

One thing I really loved about your story is how all of Rose's letters are not in chronological order. I love that they've been presented as a mixture of happy and sad snapshots throughout Rose and Scorpius's relationship. I love how the last letter is such joyful news, about Rose being pregnant. But of course, this makes the ending even sadder, because Scorpius is dead, and the child will have to grow up without a dad. Also, in terms of chronological order, I love that you've numbered your letters. :)

And the letters Rose writes to Scorpius are just...gah! ♥ They contain the most intimate, most personal moments of their relationship: Rose telling him she's with child, Rose proposing to him, Rose reaching out to him for the very first time when they're both still in's clear that letters play a very important part in their relationship, and this form of communication becomes is something Rose can't stop, even when there is no longer any reply because of course, Scorpius is dead. One thing I like to see explored in epistolary narratives is, what does writing mean to the those who write and receive? How important are these types of correspondences in the lives of the characters?

And I must commend you on how much you've shown me in such a short story.

I also love how understated your writing is. Rose's letters are simple and brief, but ever so earnest and so honest. I love the clarity of emotion in your writing.

Overall, great job with this story! I really enjoyed reading this, and best of luck with the challenge!


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Review #19, by teh tarikLove Letters to the Dead: Remus John Lupin

9th March 2016:
Hellow Jayna!

I'm here to review your entry for The Epistolary Fic Challenge! Thank you so, so much for participating!

I really enjoyed reading your story; I found it incredibly sad, because you did such a fantastic job capturing the loneliness and isolation that poor Teddy feels, and especially how he feels like an intruder among the Potters, like they're no longer his real family. I want to give Teddy a hug and tell him everything will be okay. :(

I also absolutely adore the idea of Teddy writing to his dead parents (I'm hoping he'll pen one to Tonks soon!). There's something pretty tragic about the epistolary style, especially when readers know that the letters being written are never going to be read by their intended recipients.

You had some very nice details sptrinkled throughout your fic: from Teddy correcting himself when he refers to Harry as Dad. It must have been such a shock for poor young Teddy to realise that Harry and Ginny are not his biological parents, and that his real parents are the pictures sitting on the mantel, or above the stove. It must have been such an intensely disconcerting feeling...and I think Teddy's whole world could easily come crashing down. I do rather wish that Harry and Ginny had told him earlier, the truth about Remus and Tonks. :(

I think you did a wonderful job with the story, and I really love the premise of this! I wish you could have completed this for the challenge, but even though the deadline has passed, if you update your fic any time soon, I'll be sure to catch up with it!

Thank you so much, once again for submitting an entry for my challenge! ♥


Author's Response: Hey there teh, thanks so much for the wonderful challenge and for this great review!

I'm really glad that this made you sad (this is probably one of the only times I can think of that it's appropriate to say this :P), and that you got the vibe that Teddy felt like an outsider. One of my friends is adopted, and as her older brother is a biological child, she sometimes feels a little out of place, so that was one of the themes I was trying to explore a little bit.

The idea came from the book that this piece shares a title with, in which the MC writes characters to various deceased celebrities. I figured that this could really be helpful for anyone going through grief.

In my headcanon, he still calls them Mum and Dad, but that they talk openly about the fact that his biological parents died trying to give him a better world. However, I decided to try something new for this story, and now that I've written it, it feels kind of plausible.

Thank you so much for all the kind words, and if I do ever end up writing that Tonks chapter (which I had planned on being next), I'll be sure to drop you a link on your profile or something.

Anyway, thanks again for the challenge and for the kind words!


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Review #20, by teh tarikLove, Tara: Missing You

6th March 2016:
Hi Leigh!

I'm here to review your entry for the Epistolary Fic Challenge! First, thank you so much for participating!

What a heartbreakingly sad one-shot you've written here. It started so joyfully, in such high spirits. Tara's excitement with her recent move to the States was wonderful; I could her elation practically radiating from that first letter of hers. She seemed like such a happy, carefree person in a wonderful relationship. But of course, this image of her happy life started to disintegrate the more she wrote to James.

I don't know why James never bothered to write, but I have my hunch. Clearly, he's not as much in love with Tara as she is with him. And I have the feeling that he sees the great physical distance between them as an opportunity to free himself from a relationship which he does not feel strongly about. Poor Tara. I just wish that James could have at least said explanation, an apology, anything, instead of keeping so coldly silent and ruining her whole experience for her.

I think you've done a wonderful, wonderful job with the epistolary format! They're all letters written by Tara, and I like that you've chosen to keep them this way, instead of having other writers. We only see things from Tara's perspective, and I really felt her deep sense of isolation, her decreasing enthusiasm for her classes and her growing misery. You've done a brilliant job using the format to complement Tara's characterisation.

That last letter of hers was heartbreaking, but it did have the tiniest seed of hope in it. Not that she and James will ever get back together or anything, but perhaps there's a good chance she'll get better once she's home. I think you've got a really strong ending to your story. One of the reasons why I stated that fics must be complete to qualify for judging is precisely because I want to see how writers resolve their stories with regards to the style. Epistolary works can be tricky to write, and to conclude in a satisfying manner, but I feel you managed it very well in your fic.

There's a sense of the bittersweet in that last letter, but there's also finality.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading your entry, Leigh! Once again, thank you so much for entering the challenge, and best of luck. ♥


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Review #21, by teh tarikThe Halls of Hogwarts - A Collection: Say a Prayer

27th February 2016:
Hello! I'm here for the February Hufflepuff Review Exchange, and I apologise for having left my review so late.

What a unique and utterly tragic story this is. The beginning was quite gloomy and dreary, and really set the scene for the kind of hopelessness that poor Ted has to suffer for god knows how long. I'll admit, I wasn't prepared for the level of violence that occurred while Ted was being attacked by Snatchers. It was hard to read, and I kept wincing and clutching my eye, but that's war. It's violent; it's horrible, and I'm glad you didn't shy away from it.

I also love the little details you added to really show Ted's plight, of how it's like to be constantly on the run. His gnawing hunger--the Ted we encounter at the beginning of DH has a happy home and wife and daughter, and to think that all that would be taken from him just because of his blood status is an awful, awful thing. The mention of his hunger was such a powerful image; it really heightened that sense of loss to me.

I'm curious about your OC Melinda! I think she's a very intriguing character, watching Ted (and him watching her in return), and I do hope you write more one-shots/chapters about her. It's interesting that she feels no connection to the Second Wizarding War, and I think this would be true to many of the Next Gen children...the war came before them; it would surely hold less significance to them than to their parents. And I love the hint of the story opening on All Souls Day; this is the first fic I've seen which mentions this day, and it would have been a very fitting day to remember those who have passed.

I think this is a wonderful start to your collection! I hope you keep adding more chapters, and I'm very glad to have got the chance to read this. You're a wonderful writer!


Author's Response: It wasn't as late as mine, so don't fret. Lol First of all, thank you for the review.

I love All Souls Day as it's a (small) tradition in my family. I'm happy to hear that the little details that I added didn't go unnoticed.

It's so strange to hear people tell me their curiosity towards Melinda. I do have a longer story where she's a Next-Gen main character, but just haven't gotten to posting it. I hope to do it sometime this year.

My response is all over the place right now. Lol

I knew from the get go that I had to be descriptive with Ted's suffering, and I knew that the violence would be the most important part of the story- at least it was for me. So, I definitely took it as a challenge and am glad that you liked it.

Just to add intrigue to Melinda... lol... she does suffer in a similar way as Ted.

Your review has resparked an excitement for my story that I kind of lost after joining HPFF (even though I joined somewhat for that story, amongst other things).

Again, thank you!

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Review #22, by teh tarikThank You: You Did It Anyway

5th January 2016:

Aww, I love me some rare ships, and Lily/Regulus is definitely one of the more unusual pairings around. This was so lovely, but also very very sad. You write both characters with a kind of sad fragility and vulnerability. Even their kissing scene was so fraught with tension, like everything was going to fall apart any time. Regulus is portrayed very well. As I wsas reading, I got the sense that there was this immense loneliness surrounding his character, that there's a barrier between him and the rest of the world, and Lily is the only person who connects him to a place beyond himself. And Lily is gorgeously written. There is a warmth to her character which I love. Makes me really really wish that Regulus/Lily were a real thing in the books!! Instead of Severus/Lily. :P

I thought this was a beautiful and heartbreaking one-shot, and I really enjoyed it. Amazing work!


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Review #23, by teh tarikThe Story of You: The Story of You

27th July 2015:
Sian! ♥

Muahaha I'm here to add to your unanswered reviews!!

That's pretty much all I can say because I'm still quite blown away by this story of yours. I should probably be catching up on Jigsaw but ughjkasdjadsl I never can resist an Albus/Gellert and I adore Laura's Albus/Gellert and NOW YOU'RE WRITING THEM TOO. ♥ ♥ Not to mention this is the first piece of fic I've read in some months (500 word oneshots don't count :P ) and I don't really know why I stopped in the first place.

Your writing is absolutely gorgeous, and oh my gosh I've missed it! You write second person POV and Albus's character with so much ease and this is so amazing. The second person definitely works with the introspective nature of both the story, and of Albus's character, especially after that traumatic summer of 1899. I love how you bring out all of Albus's fears and insecurities and flaws, all the things that humanise him, make him so much more relatable than he is in the books (in the books he's pretty much a superhero with magic :P ). I think you've written teenage Albus perfectly, as well as captured the enigma and the brilliance of Grindelwald so beautifully. It's easy to see why Albus is so dazzled by Gellert. You write their relationship with so much grace and so much insight, and gah, it's just painful to read because you know how it's going to end and then it ends just exactly as you knew how it was going to end and that makes it even more painful. *cries and rambles on forever*

And all the references to books, stories, writing!!! It got a little meta in some parts, and I LOVE it.


you stole the pen from Life and wrote the ending of the story yourself. as;dlka;slf

Time has taught you that it had to end, that it is better that it did Ė both for you and the world, because you shudder to think of what the two of you would have achieved had you actually carried out your plans together

^ SO TRUE. SO TRUE. I've always wondered what would have happened if Albus had gone dark and joined Gellert and both of them went on their world domination quest together. Um, maybe you could do AU?? *hint hint*

Perhaps, then, it is no surprise that when he was gone everything seemed just a few shades darker, as though his very presence had scorched your retinas and afterwards you were never able to see things the same way again.

^ The whole eclipse metaphor as;dk;alsfjkhkasd ♥

OK, I'm going to end my review here because I'm not saying much (I've totally forgotten how to say decent, sensible things in reviews. But I just wanna say, thank you for writing this, for doing this pairing so beautifully. This was such an amazing story to read after months of not reading. LAURA IS ONE LUCKY WOMAN.


Author's Response: Nicole! ♥

*hides because it took me about five months to reply to this review, and that's not the worst of it*

Ah, I'm so honoured that you chose to read this story after taking a few months away from reading fic, and that you liked this version of Albus/Gellert! I couldn't ever compete with Laura's or even compare in any way with her writing (or yours for that matter, my love!) but I'm really pleased that I didn't butcher them and you liked the story!

The second person here felt so natural for me, and it was one of those lucky moments when the words just work, if that makes sense? I can't imagine writing it with any other voice, because of the themes that it deals with and the way it kind of reaches out to the reader and Albus too. When I started writing it, I hadn't even decided on Albus as the protagonist, but there wasn't anyone who fit it as well as he could and it just felt natural to incorporate him into the story, either.

Gah, I'm so thrilled that you liked my characterisation of Albus here, and the flaws and insecurities that he has! I really wanted to capture his character well and I tried to put a lot of detail and thought into it so that he wouldn't come out as some terrible one-dimensional version of Albus Dumbledore. Of course, having read stories by Laura about him really helps (and I need to read yours, too!) I'm so glad that you liked the way that Gellert appears in the story too, and the way that he kind of blinds Albus to what is happening and what he's doing. Their relationship was so interesting and challenging to write at the same time, and I'm so pleased you liked the way I wrote it, even if I couldn't make it end happily (though I'm not sure I'd even have wanted to because you know how much I love angst and torturing fictional people).

SO META. But I'm so happy you liked the idea of using the references to books and stories and writing in this, I had so much fun doing it! ♥

No, bad Nicole, no encouraging me to write other stories that I don't have time for :P

Thank you so much for this review ♥ It means so much to me to get such fantastic compliments from an author like you and I'm so happy that you enjoyed the story!

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Review #24, by teh tarikGame On: Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff - Dojh167 - Hufflepuff

9th June 2015:
I must say I absolutely adored this! There are far too few Lee Jordan fics around, and Jordan's commentary in the books is one of my favourite thing about to read about the Quidditch matches. So thank you for writing this; you got Jordan's voice spot on. His boredom with the Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw match, and the way he starts spicing things up with his 'internal monologue'. :P And McGonagall's disapproving stare.

"Jordan takes possession of the Quidditch stands."

I laughed at this, and then the way he proceeds to commentate on the meeting of Cho and Cedric. And of course, that brilliant last line: One hundred and fifty points for Hufflepuff.

LOVE me some Cho/Cedric.

I'm so glad I had the chance to read this - this is fantastic! (I'm not supposed to take sides but you're doing a wonderful job for Hufflepuff!)


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Review #25, by teh tarikAll that Glitters : August 1979: In Blood

3rd June 2015:
Hello Zayne! I'm here for the May Review Exchange, and I'm so terribly sorry for being late with this. *hides*

Anyway, first, I'm so glad to see that you're working on this fic again! I remember reading the first few chapters more than a year ago, and reading the new revamped first chapter brought all those chills back. I think you've made this new version much darker than the old story, and I think it's a great choice, especially since this chapter is such a terrifying one.

I must say you really portrayed your main character's situation and her emotional state with so much detail; I kept wishing that there was way for her to turn back, to not choose the path that lay before her. There was a sense of horror but also despair as the chapter progressed, and I think the part where she began swearing the oath to Voldemort was such a tense, climactic and amazingly well-written moment of this chapter.

Goodness, Voldemort is terrifying! And true to his canon self. I really admire your characterisation here: how effortlessly evil your Voldemort appears to be. And of course, I love the introduction of your main character, tragic though her story may be. I want to find out her future choices, what sort of awful tasks she'll be forced to undertake as a Death Eater.

Also, this has got to be one of the best Death Eater initiation ceremonies that I've read about in fic! So many clever touches and details, e.g. Voldemort's use of Legilimency.

Anyway, this is a brilliant first chapter, Zayne! I really loved this and I hope to be able to read more soon. Great work, and I hope you continue to write and churn out these chapters! ♥


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