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Review #1, by teh tarikMottled Blue: One body.

23rd August 2014:
Hey Kiana!

I'm here with your first of five prize reviews! case you've got no idea what I'm talking about, this is from the crack!ship challenge which you won approximately two millenia ago. I'm sorry for being so terrible with this. o.O

OOH a murder mystery! And gah, what a beginning! I've never come across one opening with the murderer's POV written in second person. I love it already. Your descriptions were so...creepy, and the images of dripping blood and clumped hair and all were so vivid. And hmmm, so the murderer is someone insecure, someone who thinks that others don't believe in their abilities...I'm going to keep an eye out for insecure people in your fic. :P

I love the idea of Lily as a pathologist! A morbid job indeed.

The thing in front of her is no longer a human but a case, a piece in the puzzle, and she’s the one who puts it all together to figure out the cause of death. It's not harsh, it's mathematical almost, and if she wants to avoid any incidents of her body fluids contaminating the corpse, she has to carry on with referring to it in that way.

^ Love these lines! She sounds like Sherlock here.

And gah, Rose Weasley is the victim? I'm guessing that things have just got a whole lot more personal for Lily, and she'll be a lot more invested in this case. Poor dead Rose. :(

Such a chilling and brilliant opening chapter, Kiana! I'm off to read the next one. :)


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Review #2, by teh tarikOne Blaze of Glory: I Can't Control My Destiny

19th August 2014:
Hello again, Georgia!

I'm back with the last of your four prize reviews. :) (Never fear, I shall continue to read your amazing story at my own pace! I really love your characters and the whole concept of this!).

Of course, this being a werewolf-centric fic, there will be the inevitable transformation scene. Transformations are always so painful to read about (I can't even imagine the werewolf's physical pain undergoing such an awful process), and I think you did a brilliant job capturing Romulus's agony, and the shifts in his body.

He felt his spine start to stretch and pull against his skin. Romulus groaned as his legs broke and regrew into a different form in under a minute. He felt his claws pierces through the tops of his fingers. He dug his hands into the ground; he needed something to hold onto.

^ Wow, his paragraph gave me such chills. The language is sparse, but so concise and whatever details present are painful and vivid.

It was interesting getting to know some backstory about Marcellus and his family. Their parents represent some of the worst parts of ruthless pureblood society, and it was really heartbreaking to see them disown Romulus the moment he's been inflicted with lycanthropy. I love that Marcellus, feeling so desolate and lonely on New Year's Eve goes to visit his old abandoned home, before finally going to check on his parents. Despite how much he despises them and what they stand for. Ugh, I got all the feels from reading about him watching from afar.

I think it's a very interesting revelation that Bennet's pressuring his tenants is being paid for by Marcellus and Romulus's parents themselves! I wonder if they are aware of their actions, and how it's influencing their sons? I don't think they'd care a lot, really.

Marietta's backstory was really tragic. Ugh, these poor people isolate themselves because they're a danger to others around them, and they've even hurt their loved ones terribly. I can't imagine the amount of guilt some of them must be feeling. :(

And so Marietta and Marcellus and Romulus are sort of distantly related? Interesting turn!

I'll be reading on! Another fabulous chapter! :D


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Review #3, by teh tarikOne Blaze of Glory: Your Hair in the Moonlight

19th August 2014:
Wow, this chapter ended on such an intense note. Like all the other OCs introduced earlier, your two new characters, Maria and Marietta, are just as striking and so well-thought out. I love this little group of friends; you write their interactions so well, and I imagine that with their condition, they only have each other to seek solace from, seeing as they're pretty much alienated from mainstream society.

Marietta not being able to correctly use grammar and punctuation as a result of not going to school is such a realistic detail. It's something that many people writing werewolves would overlook. I'm glad Marcellus is there to help her. He certainly recognises her talent and potential; it would be a tragic thing if many werewolf children's potential were stunted because of their condition, but it's clear and ever so admirable that Marietta tries so hard here, tries to make the best of her condition.

I love how in-your-face Maria is! I feel that she could really help Romulus overcome his grief about Avril, if only he would give her a chance. She's lively and she sounds adventurous and fun! The inclusion of the Elixir of Euphoria was so intriguing. I love this expansion of canon, and I'm always interested in reading more about *cough* magical recreational substances. From what you've mentioned about Euphoria so far, it does indeed sound addictive, and I think you've portrayed the symptoms of addiction very well. Especially with Romulus: despite being clean for three months, he still can't bear the idea of not having some reserve of it close by. As though he expects to lapse right back into his habit anytime.

The counting at the end and Romulus smashing the ELixir was kind of a painful thing to read; it just makes me realise how much pain some of these characters are going through.

Fantastic chapter, Georgia!


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Review #4, by teh tarikOne Blaze of Glory: For a Thousand Sweet Kisses

19th August 2014:
Hey Georgia!

I'm back to deliver the second of your four prize reviews! ...and you've probably forgotten that you won the challenge ages ago.I am SO SORRY for taking an age with this, but I'm BACK now.

OK, I love Aisling here; he's such a decent and caring character. I feel that if the werewolf population had more people like Aisling and fewer people like Fenrir, they would be a lot closer to their dream of Rome, or at least being a self-sufficient community like the werewolves of Rome. I love that Aisling is giving so much to educate the werewolf children, even though he himself suffers this awful condition.

And ugh, Fenrir is just downright awful. He's a werewolf, but he doesn't even treat his other fellow werewolves with much respect; he completely dehumanises them, and declares them as belonging to him. I shuddered a bit during that confrontation with Aisling, and how in the end he let his cohort beat the other guy up.

Nadia is lovely. Definitely shipping Aisling/Nadia here! I loved their fluffy romantic exchanges; it definitely set the mood for some Christmas fluff, and it was a great contrast to the darker, more violent opening section of this chapter.

I'm enjoying your fic a lot! I think you've come up with a set of really realistic and likable characters, and their problems do really fit well within the turbulent context of the first wizarding war. Great work! I'll be reading on. ♥


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Review #5, by teh tarikRed Dust: Red Dust

19th August 2014:

OK, it's waaay late for me and I should be going to bed but I couldn't resist; I was so curious by your post in the New Story thread.

aslkdjlk this is absolutely gorgeous, I don't even know what to say. The pairing is amazing; I love rare pairs like this one, and I think you did a brilliant job coming up with a Ron/Pansy that's so poetic and graceful and strange. Barcelona and its red dust were so strikingly portrayed; in your gorgeous prose, I could see all the bright umbrellas and the coloured drinks and I could feel the city sifting all around them, getting into their hair and the crooks of their elbows. I always love reading about strange relationships and rapports being formed in faraway cities, and yours is the perfect fic for me. I can't even begin to pick out my favourite line - just...EVERYTHING. You're an amazing writer! ♥


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Review #6, by teh tarikJigsaw: Piece #2

19th August 2014:
Hello again, Sian!

Ooh, I'm so so glad to see that this has been updated! And things are indeed very mysterious! This Malcolm Armstrong's disappearance is intriguing. I have a feeling that the Hitwizards are concealing some very crucial info, which they don't want the press to get hold of. And the press can somehow sense this, which is why they're flocking like relentless vultures outside the Armstrong house. Haha, Roxanne does indeed recognise the vulture-like nature of the gathered journalists, and it was really amusing to read that she was a little bothered by all this. But I'm sure Roxanne will grow more comfortable with her job; after all, this will be a first big story!

I really, really love how much careful detail you've put into developing Roxanne's job, and professional environment, and the way the newspapers and journalists work in the wizarding world! Right down to the hierarchies and petty rivalries, e.g. between Amanda Cuthbert and Obadiah Bonnette. It's a tough environment for Roxanne indeed.

And Daniel! Gah, I love his introduction here! OK, Hit Wizard Daniel sounds *cough* sexy and mysterious and there's definitely a whole lot of stuff going on between him and Roxanne; I can't wait to find out about their history! There's something very intimate about that chance encounter between them, and clearly something very bad must have happened, because Roxanne is quite distraught at the end. :( Daniel and Roxanne's strange relationship is like a side-mystery to the main mystery of the fic!

I loved this chapter, Sian! I think everything's very nicely paced and your characters are developing well! Can't wait for the next one. ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh!

I'm so glad to see you back here already, it really means a lot to me! The Hit Wizards could well be concealing some information from the journalists right now - they're certainly not giving too much away at this point, because they've only just discovered the disappearance. Roxy's still a bit unsure about some of the less pleasant aspects of her job but at the same time she's very ambitious.

Yay, I'm really pleased you like the details about Roxy's job and the sort of environment she's going to be working in. It's not the easiest place to work, you're right about that!

I'm so excited that you liked Daniel's introduction here - after some of the hints in the first chapter I was worried people would be disappointed to see him. There is a lot of history there and you'll find out over the next few chapters what happened between them!

Thank you so much for this fantastic review, teh, you're spoiling me at the moment! I'm really happy that you're enjoying it! ♥

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Review #7, by teh tarikSevenfold: something in the way she moves

19th August 2014:
Hey Jenna!

I'm back again, and if I counted correctly, then this is the last of the prize reviews for winning the challenge! But I shall definitely keep on reading; your story is fabulous! ♥

Madame la Douloureuse sounds like a seriously awful character. I can't even begin to imagine what sorts of magical experiments she conducted on her prisoners, and I suppose she really had this coming. Poor Ada; I wonder if she found her mum alive at all in the Madame's house? The parallels between Madame da Douloureuse and Dolores Umbridge were very clever - the names, the fact that they're both women with a lot of political power, and I'd argue that their femininity (Madame's sexuality and Umbridge's love of pink etc.) makes them even more reviled figures in the eyes of society.

It's lovely to see the introduction of yet another Weasley family member. I love Molly's character as a smart, tough archivist who raised her little sister. I think she's my favourite of all the Weasleys introduced so far! And she has a thing for Bones, I see. :P Also, I think Molly is the perfect character to reveal the whole mystery of the sevenfold killer to Louis and Bones. Things are beginning to link up now, between the two timelines, and I'm excited whenever new information comes up, connecting the two eras.

So another false lead with the invisibility cloaks from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

Louis's night out with James and the Taryntula (love this nickname!) and Lucretia was fun to read. There's nothing serious between Louis and Lucretia, and I find it very amusing that he hears Victoire's voice in his head, sternly rebuking him whenever he think of Lucretia. And gah! Louis gets so drunk that he doesn't remember the supposedly important thing Hannah told him! I'm intrigued to find out; I feel that there's something going on with the Longbottoms as well, with Harry arguing with Neville in the previous chapter and so on.

This story has been amazing to read so far! I love the plot and the large cast of characters and how you wrote the Weasley-Potter family with all their quirks and idiosyncrasies. It's a very complex novel you've written, and I applaud you for this. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I'll be back soon to read on! :hearts;


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Review #8, by teh tarikSevenfold: in the midnight hour

18th August 2014:
asldkjklaf yet another intense chapter! I did NOT expect that death at the end. Woman in pink - Umbridge? Pushed out the window, just like Madame la Douloureuse during Ada's time? These copycat murders are both so frightening and intriguing. OK, I"m probably a bit paranoid, but I'm a bit suspicious about this Mrs Coffman. Louis notices she has a wand in her pocket or something. Also, I dunno, her name sounds a bit like Kaufmann? And Ruth Kaufmann was asking Ada if she had indeed pushed Madame la Douloureuse out of the window, and Ruth's a Muggle-born; she would have plenty of motive to attack all these people. But that would make her...a hundred years old or something. Bah! Maybe this is one of the 'false clues' that you've been warning your readers about in your author notes!

OK, back to the beginning. You described Nurmengard so vividly, and you wrote Ada's sad prison life in all its squalor very well. Despite her terrible living conditions and her fate, Ada remains unbroken. She's so bitter and vengeful and yet there are those moments, e.g. when she sees Ruth again, which show that she's just a girl, a schoolgirl who's been through so much and killed so many. I love the title of 'the sevenfold killer' by the way. It's a really creepy title, and 'sevenfold' is such a biblical word, and it really reinforces the whole concept of Ada taking matters into her own hands and dishing out justice in a violent and devastating way.

Louis's relationship with James just continues to make me laugh. Clearly Louis cares a great deal for his cousin, but sometimes James does go too far, and it sounds like Louis is only barely tolerating him. And ooh, Louis fancying Bones? It's quite interesting, especially seeing how he's so possessive of Emily as well. Maybe Louis is going to have a romantic crisis soon. :P I'm very intrigued about what Harry and Neville were arguing about. You have such a large cast of characters, but I can't wait to see how all their stories tie together in the end!

Can't wait to read on!


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Review #9, by teh tarikYear Five: R

18th August 2014:
Hello again, Roisin!


And thus begins the POV of Emily Sunshine Madley! I love her name! So cheery and rather Hufflepuff-y. If I remember correctly, Madley is also the surname of one Laura Madley, a girl who was sorted into Hufflepuff during Harry's fourth year or so. And speaking of surnames, Tristan's is Bryce?! Is he perchance related to one Frank Bryce, an old Muggle who was tending the garden of the Riddle Estate? And he's a Slytherin as well. Also, I love all the abundance of references to Muggle music and Vonnegut and whatnot! Tristan's definitely very different from how the usual SLytherin is portrayed (which is mostly contemptuous of all things Muggle). And why on earth is Tristan so nervous when he hear's Neville's name? SOMETHING is going on! :P

And what on earth is that 'R' in Tristan's name? Now I must really know.

Gah, I know I already said in my past two reviews that I love your characters...well, I love them even more here. They're such a wacky bunch - getting high behind the greenhouse bahaha! And all that hugging going on, and Emily looking into the enchanted ceiling and being so amazed and awed and sounding as high as those very stars she was looking upon. :P I LOVE her little moments with Dumbledore; they're such brilliant details, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy toward Emily. I think she's one of my favourite characters so far!

Fab chapter, my dear! I shall be back! ♥


Author's Response: Yay!

And GOOD ON YOU! You are the absolute first person to guess the names before reading the end-notes on them!

I figured that since Hogwarts only has about 35 grads per year, and even if HALF of magical Britain homeschooled (which seems high), then you still half less than 100 people entering society every year. Therefore, since wizards are such a TINY population, I figured I didn't want to make anyone up entirely. Any OCs in this story are somehow related to someone that was named. (I got the name 'Emily' because it was a common sibling name to 'Laura.') The Bryce thing isn't really supposed to be a secret (I figured some readers would pick it up off the bat), but there is sort of an "OH SNAP" moment in the penultimate chapter.

The point of this story was definitely that I liked the idea of a reluctant Slytherin. Also, since the movies were set in ambiguously the present day, I really wanted this story to be IN THE 90S. I did truly shameful amounts of research to get the era right.

Thank you again for reviewing! I really didn't know what people would think of this story, and it means crazy much to me that you like it!


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Review #10, by teh tarikSevenfold: all dead hearts to you

18th August 2014:
Hey Jenna!

Back again. And wow, so much has happened in this chapter. I don't know how to explain this, but by the time I finished reading this chapter, I felt like I'd come a very, very long way since the first sentence, back in Zauberei Dorf. I love the pacing of your story, and how it's unfolding so naturally. Even with the parts where there are less action, there's still plenty of surprises, namely Louis's hugely interesting family members. :)

Like the first couple of chapters, I loved Ada's section. The killing of Gottschalk, and how cold and calculating Ada is throughout the whole act. I imagine she would indeed feel so much hatred at seeing Gottschalk frequenting the church which she used to attend with her family, corrupting the place. I'm guessing Gottschalk is a religious man and that his nightly visits to the church are for prayer purposes, and Ada recognises this hypocrisy. It's also completely logical that Ada loses her faith in religion and God that night and decides to take matters into her own hands. I thought it was a brilliant detail to include her first failed attempt at using the Killing Curse. It's a bit terrifying how, after failing the first time, she deliberately recalls her murdered father in order to summon up enough hatred for a strong enough intent to kill, to discard any last shred of innocence she might still have, and make the curse work. And the perfect little bow on Gottschalk's chest was another very unusual yet brilliant detail.

I loved all the parts with Louis and his family too! From the irresponsible and wayward James to Victoire and her very feminist stance, to Dominique and her hippiness and boyfriends with weird names. :P They're such an entertaining and lively bunch - even Molly who's supposedly bland and plain and all, is a potential serial killer. Well...according to Bones, that is. The wonderful thing about your introduction of the Weasley/Potter family members is that they don't always get along perfectly. Fleur and Ginny seem to be rather argumentative toward each other, Ginny refuses to pronounce Louis's name correctly, everyone disapproves of Dominique and this 'Steak' dude and so on. They're such a discordant bunch, but so realistic. :)

And Bones is a little strange in this chapter. She's incredibly intriguing. Louis may be getting along well with her, but I sense that there's probably a whole lot that he doesn't know about her. I'm intrigued to know why she told Louis to send Victoire her regards. I remember in the first chapter (which I only just read a few hours ago) she mentioned not knowing Victoire well at all, except for being the girl petitioning teachers and such. Hmm, even Victoire finds it puzzling. Or maybe there's something between the two girls that Louis doesn't know? Ooh, mystery!

I'll definitely be back to read the next chapter soon! This is going fabulously well. :D


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Review #11, by teh tarikSevenfold: dreams filled with silver and gold

17th August 2014:
Gah, this was such an intense chapter, especially the first part about Ada. I love your description of the little magical village of Zauberei Dorf, down to the littlest detail of the school teaching entry level Charms. And it was crepy to see how der Meister's reign transformed such a peaceful place into one of terror and suspicion. People disappearing from their homes is such a scary thing, and I can't imagine the plight of the town inhabitants living in fear of those dreadful visits from die Guten. I enjoyed the way you linked what was happening to the wizarding world with the Muggle world, how the reigns of der Meister and the Fuhrer differ.

I love your introduction of Ada, the plain little girl with a look of being always surprised. I especially like that description, the 'always surprised' look; somehow, it really accentuates her innocence, which sadly will be lost once the war catches up with her family. Which it does, all too soon. Goodness, the scene with Gottschalk and the other men was absolutely horrifying. How methodical they were in forcing the entire family to perform magic, so they could tell the Muggles apart from the magical folk. And witnessing her own father and grandfather being executed in cold blood before her very eyes must have been something very traumatic for Ada. But I see that it also awakens something cold and vicious inside her: She is going to kill Gregore Gottschalk.. There's something so clinical and matter-of-fact about that sentence that it gave me the chills. I love it!

Hahaha, Louis's section was much lighter in tone! It's a great balance in your chapter! Louis's is such a daydreamer; I'm enjoying his narration very much, especially how he perceives others around him, especially the women. It's interesting to see that he's always conscious of women and their 'woman-ness'/femininity etc., how he compares them and almost accidentally seems to be studying them.

There are so many details that Louis has mentioned about his life and his everpresent family that I can't wait to find out about, e.g. Lucretia, or James who's flatting with him, or Victoire and cousin Molly. While I love that your story is such a fascinating and engrossing mystery, I also really enjoy reading about Louis's more personal family life. I think you've got some wonderful character development.

And as for the two suspects, Albert Runcorn and Draco Malfoy...hmmm. At this point of the story, I don't know anything about them besides the fact that they're suspects. I think I'm going to withhold any conclusions for now! Of course, it's probably way too early to be guessing who the killer is...right? :P

Lovely chapter, Jenna!


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Review #12, by teh tarikSevenfold: all romantics meet the same fate

17th August 2014:
Hello Jenna!

So...a million years ago you won the rare pair challenge and I'm FINALLY here to deliver the first of your five prize reviews! I'm so sorry for taking so long with this. *hides*

And ah, I've been meaning to read this for months now, and now that I've started, I wonder why I even waited so long. This is such a fantastic first chapter, and I love the whole concept of this. Your story drew me in from the moment it began with Ada in Nurmengard to Barty Jr's gruesome crime scene at the end.

I love your evocation and description of Nurmengard and Grindelwald's reign. It was such a frightening atmosphere you created, and the details were so dark and realistic, from the holding pen for transient prisoners to the many methods of executing innocents to those strange red ribbons. Already, there's so much mystery surrounding Ada's life, and just exactly what she did that led to her imprisonment and how everyone outside views her as a martyr of some sort.

And I love the shift to modern times as well. The contrast was so great, and so striking. I really loved reading about Louis's life as an Auror, and his relationship with Emily and the bits about his family (like Victoire and all her petitioning. I've never heard of Victoire being written this way before; hopefully she'll make an appearance in the fic later one!). Aww, Louis and Emily are so cute when they're around each other. :P They have such a lovely, relaxing relationship. I giggled a bit at the part where Emily has to wipe his nose for him.

Eugenie Bones is such an interesting character. I love that she's already made a name for herself with her past case, and yet despite her cool, professional exterior, she's still human enough to bite her nails. And I love that she and Emily are good friends because of their mums! (Sidenote: Susan Bones is a teen mum? I don't know if you'll be going into further detail with this, but it's so interesting!).

The prison of Azkaban was so chilling. In the first chapter, you already have two separate prisons, both of which are rather unpleasant. But Azkaban is fascinating and horrifying - the fact that it's sinking into the sea and that the lower levels are slowly being flooded. There must be such a strong sense of doom among the prisoners there.

Barty's corpse was quite a gruesome read! The red ribbon in his pocket was such a surprise, but I LOVED that, because it linked both sections of this chapter together. I really can't wait to read on and find out how Barty's murder is relevant to Ada, who lived (and died?) so many years ago.

Fabulous opening chapter, Jenna! Can't wait to read on. ♥


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Review #13, by teh tarikJigsaw: Piece #1

14th August 2014:
Hey Sian!

You left me such brilliant reviews that I thought I'd swing by your AP! Besides, it's been ages since I read anything by you, and I've always loved your writing - you're a brilliant author! :) I think I might have seen you post a status about a new WIP some weeks ago? Well, it's great to finally be here checking this out!

First, I love how carefully you've set up everything: Roxanne's life, her working relationships and friendships, and her dull job at the Prophet. I giggled a bit (and then felt terribly bad for her) at the drivel she has to write: Godric's Hollow being besieged by garden gnomes indeed. Ooh, Violet was such a fun character to read about! It sounds like she's way nicer than this Miranda person, but Roxanne still has to tread carefully around her because there's likely to be an ulterior motive with Violet. Digging. Fishing for gossip. Gossip is definitely a big thing with Roxy's job, and it looks like she's quite affected by it as well.

I love the little details, the hints you dropped about the state of Roxy's personal life. The conflicts with her cousins and family, the divisions within the extended Weasley clan, and her possible love-life troubles. When you referred to her 'bare unadorned fingers' I kind of thought that something might have gone wrong, that there might have been a ring involved somewhere. I can't wait to read more and find out. I love stories which get me invested in the protagonists and their personal conflicts right from the onset, and your Roxanne is beautifully developed, despite this being the first chapter only.

The scene with Jane at the bar was lovely. It's something very familiar, very normal. I love the detail about The Green Grindylow as an old Victorian building! And their banter about the general crappiness of their day jobs. :P

Finally, this is a mystery! I'm excited for this! I love mysteries, and the opening segment was so intriguing and more than a little unsettling as well. I think you made the right choice in starting the fic away from Roxanne's POV; it gives the reader a greater perspective as to what's happening, and it broadens the story right up.

Anyway, this is a fabulous first chapter, Sian! I can't wait for an update! :)

Author's Response: Hi teh! Ah, I'm so flattered and excited to see you here, especially since I'm such a massive admirer of your writing!

I'm really pleased that you like the way I set up Roxy's life here, with the way that she's frustrated in her work and the sort of articles that she has to write at the Prophet. Violet was so fun to write and definitely is nicer than Miranda, but there are issues with gossip that Roxy's trying her best to work round.

Eep, I'm so happy that you think Roxanne's well developed already! I've put a lot of effort into trying to craft her character and work out the little details that make up her family relationships and her background, and it's great that it seems to have worked!

It was really nice to write the scene with Jane, because I love how normal and easy their friendship is. They're both a bit disappointed with their rubbish jobs at the moment!

Yay, I'm glad that you're intrigued about the mystery! There's more to come and I'm hoping that you continue to enjoy it!

Sian :)

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Review #14, by teh tarikYear Five: The Hex Head Express

14th August 2014:
Bahahaha!! Oh gosh, Hex Heads using Cheering Charms as their drug of choice? I LOVE THIS! I love your OCs - Isobel and Emily and Laurel...and Tristan appears again! Looking really gloomy this time. I wonder if Sophie will ever show again in this story? I guess not while Tristan's in Hogwarts, seeing as she's a Muggle and all. :P

Hah, I'm imagining Isobel's 'happy intense look', which is her contemplating the bounciness of Emily's hair. And all of them going 'aww' and hugging, forehead-kissing etc. If I were a witch, I'd definitely be trying all these magical ways to get high and happy. :P

Fred and George are perfectly in character! Their dialogue, mannerisms etc. And I love all your other canon details! Trevor the Toad and Hermione popping in to retrieve him. The mention of Tonks - I seriously find it so strange to think that she was a student at Hogwarts who'd just left before Harry Potter himself entered. Anyway, what I meant to say was, your fic fits perfectly into canon.

I think all my favourite quotes would have to be about Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff: rolling fat spliffs over a thousand years.

And Hufflepuff, puff, pass. *snorts* Hufflepuff is DEFINITELY Ganja House! You've made me even prouder of being a Puff. Bahaha!

I'm going to slowly make my way through your fic! And so far, I'm loving this!


Author's Response: I'm really REALLY hoping that the term "Hex Head" catches on around here!!!

I wouldn't hold out on Sophie--but I promise, there are many more (much more charming) characters than her to occupy the story ;)

AND I KNOW, RIGHT. Once I hit a certain age, conversations tended to go in a "well if *I* was at Hogwarts" direction. They learned Cheering Charms in like third year! The potential for recreational magic is huge! And, I always felt like more adult themes were hidden around the periphery of the Potter books (implications that Snape's father was abusive, Mundungus Fletcher in general). So, I set this story in precisely that periphery.

Hufflepuff is my FAVORITE house, and I feel like it doesn't get enough love, so definitely lots of Puff Pride in this story :)

And just, AH, it means so much to me that you're reading this XD. There's a whole mess of character expo before the direction of the plot really takes form (and being a coming-of-age, "plot" is a rather loose idea here), so I hope I hold your interest!


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Review #15, by teh tarikWhen Summer Fades: solstice

13th August 2014:

*sobs more*

*sobs so much that tears and snot drip onto the keyboard*

Most depressing thing you've ever written? I have to agree. And one of the saddest, most depressing things I've read lately on this site. :( :(


Well-written Regulus stories always do this to me. ARGH.

Where to start. How about Summer being dead by the time this chapter started? I knew she was going to die, but at the end of the last chapter I thought, I really thought, that Regulus would have a little more time with her. A few more precious moments with her. BUT NO. She's dead.

Regulus becoming an unfeeling wreck after her death was just heartbreaking. I mean...he's lost everything that has ever made him happy. EVER. Sirius, and now Summer.

And just when I thought that it couldn't get more depressing, you had to have Summer's parents killed by Death Eaters before Regulus's eyes. OMG I think I nearly shouted out loud when the Death Eaters brought in Anne, and she recognised Regulus and was just about to call out his name. MY HEART STOPPED. Then Bella killed her and seriously, I felt like I'd been punched in the gut. I honestly did not expect that. Voldemort is his terrifying self, and of course, he would have detected Regulus's show of emotion and considered it weakness.

The last parts with Kreacher and the horcrux and the potion drinking, we already know from canon, but it was still icnredibly painful to read. All the awful things that Regulus saw, or relived when drinking the liquid. I loved that he saw Summer, or conjured her up, and she told him to be strong, keep going. That was so beautiful. *sobs*

There were cold hands on me, on my arms, and suddenly I was weightless, whether floating in water or in air I wasn't sure. Coughs and gasps racked my lungs, and then they stopped. With my eyes closed, I could feel the agonising pain slipping away slowly. Inside my eyelids was a white light; I let it take me towards eternal summer.

^ Such a good final paragraph! That was amazing. It was brief, but so conclusive, and it tied everything together, the whole tragic story of Regulus and his untold heroism. He'll never be celebrated like Sirius was after the war, and somehow, that's something I find very sad. I love the 'eternal summer' bit at the end. Gorgeous.

This is a fabulous story, Kristin! It's beautifully written, tragic and Regulus's conflict was conveyed so well. Amazing work! ♥


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Review #16, by teh tarikWhen Summer Fades: syzygy

12th August 2014:
Oh, this was so sad!

Summer's terminal condition is absolutely heartbreaking. But I love that the idea of him losing the one constant in his life prompts Regulus into making a choice. Him visiting her in a Muggle hospital on Christmas Day was so unexpected and so lovely. Despite how many friends she has, it's only Regulus who visits her on Christmas Day, puts himself at risk of being shredded by Walburga. I also love how Reg starts to correspond with Summer's mum.

Elliot Jasper is such an interesting character. He's definitely different from people like Wilkes. I was surprised that he'd actually been covering for Regulus all this while, and that he continues to keep Regulus's secret. I'm guessing that somehow he does respect Regulus as a friend, especially how he tones down his mudblood jokes when Reg is around. I'm wondering if he'll play a more important role in the final chapter?

And waahh! I love your references to canon here, with Regulus reading up on magical texts and stumbling across stuff like the Deathly Hallows and horcruxes! That was a very clever detail to include!

Can't wait for the last chapter!


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Review #17, by teh tarikWhen Summer Fades: equinox

12th August 2014:
Hey hey Kristin! It's been awhile since I read any of your stuff, and I'm here to amend that.

First, I'm glad this is a Regulus/OC fic. I love Regulus - he's such an interesting character. There's so much hidden stuff about him, so much unknown information. In canon, Sirius simply dismisses him as a coward and an idiot. And in fic, people write him to be a tormented antihero or even somewhat villainous, the antithesis to everything Sirius is. He's certainly all of them. But I love what you've done with him here. You've written him as a conflicted schoolboy, an insecure teenager, and it feels way more realistic this way. I definitely agree that he would be torn between wanting to fulfil his family responsibilities and make his parents proud and being like popular, well-loved Sirius. I'm always a little sad whenever I think about the Black Brothers, because there's so much potential in them being a great pair who in the end, stood on the same side. Your Regulus here is definitely what Sirius would call 'weak' - wanting to please everybody, to be accepted (it's funny, because Remus is like that, but Sirius doesn't judge him in such a way; sometimes I think that Sirius is rather unfair to his brother). But Regulus is such a sympathetic character. What really struck me was his sense of paranoia, that others are reading his thoughts, scrutinising his every action and interaction with Summer - I can imagine that things will get far worse for him when he's out of Hogwarts, when he's trying to find a way out of the Death Eaters.

Ugh, Regulus feels. :(

AND I love Summer! She is certainly very summery! And sunny! But best of all, her name fits perfectly with the seasonal theme in your story (I love the chapter titles!). And it's refreshing to read about such an earnest OC, who's transparent, open-hearted, a little naive possibly. I mean, I've read so many fics where OCs are snarky, cynical, very funny, street-smart and all, and Summer is such a refreshing character.

I love their little sunset gatherings! That there's no romance between them...yet.

Anyway, I love this fic so far! I'm going to read on! ♥


Author's Response: Teh! Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond to your wonderful reviews, which were the best surprise ever after a busy week at work! I'm so glad you liked the way I wrote Regulus. I've always liked the idea that he and Sirius were close when they were younger, and something like that would make it difficult for Regulus to come to terms with being on the opposing side from his brother. From what little we know of him from canon and his switching sides, there was a lot of internal conflict there and I just really went with it! He is definitely insecure - I'm glad you liked his paranoia too.

I'm so thrilled to hear that you like Summer as well and that you find her to be a refreshing OC, thank you! Yes the seasonal theme, I couldn't resist the pun, even in a serious fic. (...would now be an inappropriate time for a serious/Sirius pun too? :p Moving on.) And I'm so happy you enjoyed the themed chapter titles ;)

I suppose I'm not spoiling anything, now that you've read the whole thing, to address the lack of romance in the story - I am really glad you appreciated it. I thought friendship is such an important theme and means as much as romantic relationships in a way, but isn't as common to write about, and for some reason I felt this needed to be a friendship story rather than a romance. I'm rambling, but anyway I'm glad you liked that aspect! Even if there was no "yet".

Thank you so much for your fantabulastic review! ♥

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Review #18, by teh tarikYear Five: Dozens of Little Televisions (1991)

11th August 2014:
Helloo! :D

Well, it's high time I got started on this story! I don't think I've ever read a Hogwarts Era fic through the perspectives of a bunch of OCs who have very little to do with Harry Potter and Voldie and everything, so this is refreshing! And I love your characters already! Sophie is wonderful. And rather hilarious sometimes ('To rebrand herself as mature, aloof, mysterious.'). Which is how she ends up with Tristan and then tries to run out on him the next morning. I love that she's a Muggle, and I love the canon details e.g. Arnold Peasegood the Obliviator. I felt pretty sorry for her though, being sort of doped by Tristan's mother and then Obliviated by Arnold. And I must say I love Tristan as well, as a miserable, angst-filled teenager.

This was such a striking opening chapter! The dozens of ltitle televisions bit was strange and a bit whimsical, and gah, love it that Eddie started rattling on about M16 and microcircuitry and all that. :P Is Eddie a Muggle? Or is he just a wizard who watches a lot of James Bond films (and reads James Bond novels as well?).

I love this begininng, and I can't wait to see what you'll do with the rest of the story! ♥ Fab writing as always.


Author's Response: Ah! Thank you! I know that WIPs can be pretty hefty commitments, so THANK YOU for taking to time to read and review!

I've been really surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Sophie! She was sort of a throw-away device for introducing Tristan, and I wasn't expecting people to really take to her!

Yes Eddie is definitely a muggle, which gives Tristan a lot of feels about straddling the wizarding and muggle worlds.

And oh man, if you liked the Arnie Peasegood name-drop, then strap in. This story is very much obscure canon references and "hey look, the 90s" stitched together with an angsty, angsty teen dramady plot.

And AH, I feel sorry for both of them! I really wanted to explore ways that the magical world influences the teenage experience (outside of Harry's "Wizard Hitler wants to kill me" thing), and I thought the idea of having a girl get obliviated after *your first time* was just the saddest thing (well, aside from dead parents/dead Sirius/dead DOBBY).

I worry though that, in the context of other fanfiction, the tone I'd intended for this opening doesn't really come across. This was written as a kind of slow-burning epic (by epic I mean, not-episodic). Anyway, if you DO read on, and feel like you have any suggestions for this first chapter, do let me know!


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Review #19, by teh tarikOn My Own: Life

9th August 2014:
Hey there! I saw that you updated this and couldn't resist coming back to read (even though there are one million other things which I should be doing!)

Albus seems like such a great friend! A bit insensitive, but aware enough to acknowledge his own faults. It's great to see that Scorpius has another great companion! And poor Hugo. :( His parents' arguments extending to their letters to him must have been awful, especially if they're sending him those every week or so. It's a constant reminder of the state of things at home, and he can't escape that, even when he's miles away at Hogwarts. Although both Scorpius and Hugo don't sound as though they know each other too well, I like that both their stories are still somehow connected through minor characters in between, like Rose and Albus. And I'm curious about Isabelle Langley's character and how you'll develop her!

Lovely chapter! Looking forward to an update!


Author's Response: Awh well I'm glad you came back! (And I know! For example - should I be writing right now? Probably not).

Oh Albus. I'm glad you saw him that way. I didn't want him to be a jerk, but he's 17 and sometimes he doesn't think before he speaks lol. Nobody's perfect - not even Harry Potter's son haha. Hugo is such a tormented soul right now. I just hope it isn't too much! And thanks! They will actually have contact and be more connected later, but I'm glad that you're still getting a feel of them being connected through Rose and Albus - that was my goal!

As for Isabelle, I'm thrilled that I get to play with her. I love OCs and so far she's really fun to write!

Thank you so much for the comment! :)


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Review #20, by teh tarikAcanthus: The Last Loss

6th August 2014:



I love everything about this. But the first part of this chapter was incredibly depressing. Rose and Lorcan waiting for three freaking weeks for Scorpius and he doesn't show. And then in Dalila's letter, she mentioned the one last phial and I was jumping a bit, but wondering how on earth they were going to manage. It never occurred to met hat Rose would go back to the past for good, that it would be her one-way ticket to Scorpius and all. I STILL THOUGHT THAT SOMEHOW HERMIONE WOULD BE ABLE TO REPLICATE THAT POTION. And then there'd be enough to bring Scorpius back and Rose could be together with everyone, including family, all in the present.

But asljdlkjljas asdlkjlk your ending, it's just soo sweet AND a little sad, because after all, she's leaving everything she knows behind, deciding to settle down in a completely different era, and will have to try to get used to all that society, and one where things aren't so liberal for women. Which, somehow reminds me of Charlotte, who railed against the lack of equality for women...OOH!!!


...which means, I've now gone and trapped myself in a silly paradox.


The ending with SCOROSE! ♥ ♥ I got a little bit teary because their reunion was absolutely gorgeous, and so beautiful. These two really are wonderful together, may they be together until the end of time...or at least, may they be trapped together in a time loop forever and ever and ever, where they can love each other for all eternity.

With Rose in the past now, I can imagine her leaving all sorts of messages for her family to read. *sighs* So it's not really goodbye after all...she just won't be there physically with them, but they'll know that what's going on with her, and that she had a good, long, happy life with Scorpius.

I LOVE that you ended this whole fic with Scorpius's POV.

Everything seemed well for once. Acanthus and the troubles it brought with it faded into the back of his mind, they weren't going to bother him for a long time now he had Rose by his side. He could be himself again with her.

^ These lines!! GAH. Such perfection. ❤

OK, I think I've capslocked and rambled on long enough. Just want to say, CONGRATULATIONS one last time, Kiana! This has been a fantastic fic to follow, and I don't think I've finished reading a complete novel on HPFF for many, many, many months now. The last complete novel-length fic I read was Run, and that was waay back in 2012. Thank you for writing this; I loved this, loved how it's ended, AND YOU ARE FABULOUS SO DON'T STOP WRITING. ♥


PS: Thanks for the shoutout in your final A/N!! That was a pleasant surprise.

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Review #21, by teh tarikAcanthus: Penultimate Farewells

6th August 2014:



Something's going to happen, right? Right? Scorpius will find himself back in the correct time, won't he? THERE'S MORE POTION SECRETLY. Or David is actually a Potions master genius and he'll whip out a better, more effective version of the time-travelling brew in no time and the Scorpius goes back to the 21st century and then SCOROSE 5EVA.

...I'm kind of in love with your Scorpius here...

The first part with Rose running through the desert was so tense and a little eerie but so beautifully written! The feel of sand scratching her skin, the comfort she takes in holding on to her dead friend...and Edward's burial was so heartbreaking for all of them. Their little group has been all but destroyed. Poor David. :( :(

Anyway, I'm off to read your next chapter because I can't wait. There are good things in the next (and last) chapter, aren't there? *death glare*

♥ Absolutely wonderful chapter, Kiana!


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Review #22, by teh tarikAcanthus: The Fatal Flaw

6th August 2014:
Holy moly, shocker, intense chapter! *TAKES DEEP BREATH*

I suspected that Anthony would sacrifice himself somehow when he and Scorpius came up with that plan in the last chapter. It was still painful to watch him die, especially through Rose's eyes. That was incredibly intense scene: Rose carrying her dead friend, and two times she tries to run off but ends up going back to the door to see what's happening. And seeing Anthony dead, espcially in Scorpius's body, must have been a terribly traumatic experience for her.

I love how you resolved that twist about Scorpius not having to die after all! I know I should have seen that coming with the mention of the Polyjuice and all, but I'm glad I didn't. I think this has got to be favourite twist so far in the story. It's so clever and so beautifully simple and logical. OF COURSE.

Your last sentence with Scorpius's final words for the chapter was bang bang amazing.

"Don't ask me how," he finally said to the others, "But I know for a fact it's Rose that we're looking for, she's the one we want. Now, let's go and get her."

Not to mention more ScoRose! Another part I really, really loved was Rose's little speech before they began their whole mission to retrieve Edward's body.

I don't care about much, but I care about you. I don't care about proving I'm just as good as my family anymore, I don't care about being a great reporter and getting the scoop either, I don't care about any of it. Why don't you just accept that?

It's always incredibly gratifying when characters we've been following for so long in a novel finally understand what they want, and in Rose's case, it's Scorpius! ♥ It's so, so lovely, and is quite possibly my favourite Rose moment of the entire fic so far. THERE HAD BETTER BE A FLUFFY SCOROSE ENDING TO THIS FIC.



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Review #23, by teh tarikAcanthus: Of Final Thoughts

5th August 2014:
Hey Kiana!

I swear that I AM slowly making my way through the final chapters of Acanthus! I'm waay excited that you've finished, even if that means that I'm nearing that final chapter. Congratulations, by the way! ♥

And now, this chapter.

SO MANY THINGS. Where do I even begin.

It's lovely to see Hermione (and Ron and Hugo, but mostly Hermione) doing some investigative work. I think it's great that you can reveal important information to the reader through them, without Rose and Scorpius and the others knowing. I always love shifting POVs in stories. And all of that info on Frederic Russell! I'm reeling a bit. :O But more on that later.

SCOROSE LOVE SCENE ♥ aslkdjdf that was so lovely, so slow and tender and sensual and aslkjlds how much do I ship these two, I don't even know.

Anthony is such a hero. It's awful, the way he's dying such a slow, tormented death, and even with all his suffering, he tries to do the best he can to save the others, to put a stop to George's malevolent plans. Ugh, his sacrifice is so painful to read about, and if he does die the way he plans to die, his death will be indeed such a noble one, and a contrast to Edward's horribly senseless death.

So Charlotte and George were actually married to each other! Not just playing pretend, but really married. And what an unhappy marriage it was. She's right about one thing, though, which is her position as a woman in a patriarchal society as the one she inhabits. In a sense, I do feel sorry for her, a little. None of the others seem to sympathise with her the slightest, though. Even at the end, when Frederic's ancestry is being revealed, nobody seems to remember Charlotte's name.

Which, of course brings us to Frederic Russell! SO...Charlotte is his grandmother!? Charlotte is with child when she leaves the group? *huge eyes* I definitely did not suspect that Charlotte was related to Frederic. o.O

And Hermione's last words were so full of resolution. I'm guessing she has some sort of plan.

Fabulous chapter, Kiana! I'm nearly there, the fic's finishing for me soon, and while I'm a bit sad, I can't wait to find out what comes next! ♥


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Review #24, by teh tarikL'optimisme: Silence

4th August 2014:
Hey Laura!!

Thanks for agreeing to do a swap with me! :D I was going to catch up on another chapter of HoC, but then I saw THIS story, which is Albus/Gellert, and I remember you mentioning it somewhere that you were rewriting it. I CANNOT RESIST ALBUS/GELLERT ♥ I didn't read the original version, but I must say I enjoyed this very, very much - the style you've chosen, the way Albus is addressing Gellert, his eloquence (and yours!), and the tenderness in his voice, which is so strange and so lovely, when I think that this is Dumbledore, but also a little chilling, because it involves Gellert, future Dark Lord.

I love how ou establish the theme of words and silence right at the beginning. I think you've encapsulated their relationship perfectly; I can imagine Albus and Gellert being involved in long discussions throughout the summer about the Deathly Hallows and world domination and whatnot, as well as writing letters to each other all night long. Of course, words would mean so much to both of them. They're both incredibly eloquent and brilliant, and I can so imagine them manipulating language, shaping the single, long conversation of their lives. And I love the idea of silence as well, the dark gaps between words - all the desire and the feelings that can't be expressed using plain old words.

The flashback to 1899 started off in such a serene way. There's those two boys in love, being so intimte with each other - your descriptions were so lovely!

I would wake first, my arm around your waist, your head pillowed on my shoulder or tucked into my neck. If I tried to pull away, or even simply to move, you would dig your fingers into my skin and refuse to let me go; though I suspect that if I told you this now, you would deny that you had ever wanted me close, had ever allowed yourself to be held like a child in such a way.

I'm just squeeing at the fact that Gellert is being cradled 'like a child' by Albus askdjjaslkdj ♥ I LOVED those lines, how soft and tender the boys are to each other. It will certainly contrast all the bitterness and violence that will follow.

You wrote the skirmish between the three boys so well. We already know what's going to happen, but reading Ariana's death and how it affected both Albus and Aberforth was still so painful. I just had all of the feels for poor Albus, who pretty much lost everything on that day. :( He lost his sister, his lover, and to an extent, his brother as well. I can see how his entire life would have changed just from that one silly skirmish.

I can't even begin to guess what Aberforth uttered to have enraged Gellert to such an extent; if I remember correctly, Gellert used the Cruciatus curse on him.

I love the way you concluded this chapter, how you tied it up by reinforcing the whole words and silence theme. The final paragraph especially, gave me the chills. What is Albus's Achilles heel? Silence? Gellert's silence?

The truth in the end is that you are a master of exquisite skill, my darling, at anything you choose to be or do, and so I am very much afraid of what will happen when you discover this Achilles’ heel of mine, as no doubt you will do in time, having applied yourself to the task. All I can do is kneel at your feet pre-emptively – metaphorically only, I regret to say – and beg you to please God have mercy upon me.

These are such breathtakingly beautiful and terrifying lines!

I think you've got an absolutely fantastic start to this! I adore this ship, and I love the way you've portrayed these two, and I'll be following your fic and waiting for an update! SO glad I had the chance to read this, Laura! ♥


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Review #25, by teh tarikOn My Own: A Beginning of Sorts

3rd August 2014:
Hello again!

I really enjoyed the dynamics of Scorpius and Rose's relationship. Well, friendship. I think they'd actually make quite a cheerless couple if they do somehow get together, thanks to Scorpius. But I think it's waaay more interesting that you've written them as friends, with Scorpius being especially reluctant to date anyone. And there's quite a bit of awkwardness between them as well, despite being best friends and all. I think you've written such a lovely subtle relationship between those two!

It's so sad to see Hugo struggling with the weight of his mother's expectations on him. The friendship between him and Lily is way more relaxed and natural than that between Rose and Scorpius. But I'm guessing it's because Lily isn't trying to date Hugo half the time. :P

Your character interactions are so fascinating! I hope you update this soon! (I know you said in the previous chapter that there won't be any main same-sex pairings, but I'm still kind of hoping for Scorpius/Hugo :P) Great work!


Author's Response: Thank you so much, again! I've kind of never been 100% on board with the whole ScoRose ship, so writing a Scorpius uninterested in any kind of romantic relationship with her has been really good for me haha. There's a lot of awkwardness though, you're right, and unfortunately it won't get better soon.

Hugo is like my sad, sweet baby. I just want to hug him sometimes! And Hermione, as much as I love her, with all the stress from her relationship with Ron, I really think she would put pressure on Hugo - who (like most 15 year olds) doesn't need it. And yeah! Lily and Hugo have probably the most relaxed/easy friendship in the whole story, primarily because Lily has no expectations of Hugo and she accepts him just the way he is.

Ahh, thank you! I've been working really hard on the characterization for this because the relationships are so complex. As for Scorpius/Hugo, I would honestly LOVE to write them together, but I just don't think it's going to happen with this story. (Who knows though? With this story - anything goes haha).

And I should be updating soon! (Depending on the queue of course). I have up to Chapter 5 written, it's just a matter of making sure it's presentable before I ship it off.

Thank you so much for both of your wonderful comments - they made my day!

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