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Review #1, by teh tarikAcanthus: A Kaleidoscope

18th April 2014:
I have been wanting to get back to reviewing this story for AGES. And I've actually read this chapter already, just...somehow neglected to review eep sorry. :( Which is why I'm here now to squeeze in a last minute review for the whole easter eggrstavaganza thing. :D

So, I really love the surprising turn this story has taken. Going back in time to when Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered. It's so mysterious what happened to Rose and Lorcan; I still have no idea how they ended up here - I suppose it must be that building they'd discovered in the middle of the desert. Rose's reactions made me giggle a bit - haha, I know it's not a fun situation to be in, waking up among strangers in a different time, but I smiled a little at Rose's hysterics. Reminds me a bit of Hermione when she's under a lot of stress! And Rose is afraid of a dress? :P I somehow get this strange feeling that she'll be facing things a lot scarier than clothing! I love how Charlotte is babying her, telling her she'll look like a 'darling' once she's done with her! I think you captured Charlotte's 1920s way of speaking very well, by the way!

Such a fabulous and intriguing chapter, Kiana! It's great to be coming back to this story! ♥


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #2, by teh tarikThe Willow Tree: Pearls and Silver Filigree

18th April 2014:
Wow, what a mesmerising story! I really loved how you used the third prompt for this story; really, you've created such a strange and mysterious atmosphere throughout the fic, and I suppose it's really fitting, since Hugo is pretty much wandering through an unsettling dream world.

You have a very good eye for detail, and I absolutely loved your vivid opening descriptions and how inviting the lake and the flowery lawn and the sunlight outside must have been to Hugo, trapped in a stuffy old History of Magic class.

The mysterious girl had a really ethereal air about her. There was something almost mythical about her presence, and the way Hugo sees her as some kind of nymph who leads him into the dark forest...and that last part of his dream was such a twist! So was Hugo dreaming of a vampire? It makes sense why she would lure him to a dark secluded place! I love how you described the word 'jag' as 'short, staccato' - lovely use of diction there.

I'm really glad for Hugo that this is one of those dream fics! And I get the feeling that he'll always prefer sitting in boring history of magic classes instead of wandering about the Forbidden Forests. I also loved the way you emphasised his Ravenclaw qualities, and how he feels that he has to adopt some of his cousins' Gryffindor traits in order to deal with the situation. I liked the emphasis on his lack of athleticism, respect for rules and so on. Great characterisation!

This was a lovely and very fascinating story to read! Great job, and Happy Easter to you. And Team Luna Diggory for the win! ♥


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: Hi, teh! Thanks so much for your review! It's so detailed and marvelous--you're so sweet for writing all of this for me. :)

The third prompt really caught my eye, so I had to sit down and come up with something weird and wacky for it. Hugo is kind of an Alice in Wonderland figure in a way--my goal was for him to forget that he was formerly in History of Magic and to become immersed in the dream world, but I'm not quite satisfied with what I've done (editing will happen!).

Awww, thank you so very much!! I'm always afraid that I don't use ENOUGH detail, so I really concentrated on the description of the grounds. I got inspired from the beautiful weather and greenery of the place where I live. :)

I really wanted the girl to seem otherworldly and from some bygone time--so I'm glad that she came across as ethereal to you! She's definitely persuasive with the objects that she drops to lure him in. Originally, I had no idea what I wanted her to be, but in the end I went for the vampire angle. But definitely not a Tw*l*ght-esque one. Yuck. :) Ooh, diction! Thank you! I like describing things as "staccato" because it's a musical term, and "jag" just begs to be described as such. I also thought of "jag" as a biting word... Which is kind of what ended up happening in the dream. :D

Oh yes, it's probably better for his health in general that it wasn't reality. He's not an adventurous kid, and maybe that dream will keep him from falling asleep in class. Like me, he is NOT an athlete or a brave person, so summoning his cousin's Grffindor-ness was quite a feat! Thank you! (I can't say that enough...)

HOPPY Easter! :D Team Luna Diggory will forever reign supreme! :)


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Review #3, by teh tarikNew Year New You: The start of change

17th April 2014:
Hey there!

I saw this story in the Recently Added and thought I'd stop by to check it out! I have to say I found Hermione's changes to herself very amusing! And it's just so typically Hermione to consult books in order to change her appearance. She really does live by the book, and I wonder if shedding this habit will be as easy as casting away her old looks? I think she's pretty good-looking as she is already, but hey, if a girl wants to change her appearance with magic, then it's up to her! :P I enjoyed reading the transformation from bookish, bush-haired Hermione to sleek, sexy Mia, so unrecognisable that Malfoy doesn't recognise her as the Mudblood he used to taunt. Anyway, I think this is a really interesting start! You've given all the characters a makeover, and well, there's definitely SOMETHING between Hermione and Draco, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Great work!


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I have more in store for Hermione though, it should be interesting to see how everyone else enjoys seeing her change.I think consulting the books will always be Hermione though. Thank you for reading and for letting me know you liked it. It makes my day.

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Review #4, by teh tarikThe start of something...waif like: Chapter 1

17th April 2014:
Hey there!

Awww, Harry/Luna! ♥ One of my favourite pairings involving Harry. I haven't come across too many Harry/Luna pairing fics recently, so it's wonderful to see your story in the Recently Added. There were so many surprising details here, like Luna having run off to hunt for Yistings in Greece (whatever those are), and that Harry fell in love with Luna at Bill and Fleur's wedding (I'm assuming it's Bill and Fleur's? Or is it Ginny and Dean's?). I find it really interesting that he dated other girls as well like Katie and Parvati, but yay!

This is incredibly adorable! I especially loved the moment when Luna tells him rather directly that he's done nothing to substantiate his claim that he likes her, bahaha! So Luna! And gah, what a sweet fluffy ending.

You do have a few punctuation and dialogue tag errors, so if you can get hold of someone to look through your fic with you to straighten out the small things, that would be wonderful.

But otherwise, this was a lovely story about a ship I adore, and I enjoyed reading this very much.


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #5, by teh tarikKeep Breathing: To Where You Are

17th April 2014:
Wow, Sarah, this is absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful. I'm a bit teary myself at how earnest your writing is, how desperate but at the same time, composed. You've managed to take a difficult subject and craft such a moving story with this. To lose a child, even an unborn child, is such an awful thing that can happen to any parent, and you really portrayed James' and Evalin's devastation and grief so sympathetically. I like that James remains such a supportive figure for Evalin; this is indeed a time when they need each other both. It's a hard thing to recover from, but with two people grieving together, they'll seek solace in each other and learn to live and hope again. At least that's how I'd like to see them.

I love that moment when Evalin lays down on the grass in the early morning, watching the stars twinkle out and the dawn break. It's such a serene image, and I think it's just the kind of moment that she needs - acceptance, solitude, and perhaps with all the quiet around her, it will be the nearest she'll ever be to her unborn daughter. And James coming out to find her was the perfect way to end the story.

This was an absolutely gorgeous one-shot, Sarah, and gah your writing is fabulous. You're incredibly talented! ♥


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: Nicole! You're so sweet!!! It was very hard to write, I cried like the entire time. I'm so glad that you liked this story and enjoyed it. I really wanted to show that James was super supportive too, and didn't slink away from Evalin and withdraw.

That was my favourite moment to write. I really felt like it was the best way to end the story. Thank you so much for this absolutely lovely review. I appreciate it so much! I'm literally blushing ♥

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #6, by teh tarikEvil Will Prevail: Checkmate

15th April 2014:

*cries more*

*cries so much that the entire chapter gets drenched*


This is a brilliant fic but you've destroyed them all. *cries again* This is so twisted I don't even

That was completely awful what Harry and Ron had to go through, incinerating their own sister, and everyone outside is helpless and watching. The title of your story is really fitting here; Voldemort has won and the whole wizarding world is in chaos and the bloody idiotic Ministry still doesn't believe that Voldemort is back. GRR. Stupid Ministry. THIS IS ALL THEIR FAULT.

In the last chapter I was wondering what Voldie was doing to poor Ginny's lifeless body - apparently he was turning her into an Inferius. :O In your last chapter, you wrote that she was succumbing to an 'incubus' spell. I'm not sure if you meant 'Inferius'? Incubus and Inferius are fairly different beings, I'm sure. :)

Anyway, this was an absolutely fantastic story, Erin! I enjoyed reading this a lot. I always love a good AU and yours was fabulous. Amazing work. ♥


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #7, by teh tarikEvil Will Prevail: Into the clutches of the dark

15th April 2014:
I love that you involved Lupin and Moody and the other Order members. I'm feeling a wee bit terrified for Ron and Harry. It's going to be awful, confronting their old friend Hermione. It's the Trio against each other, and this idea is so brilliantly twisted and awful and alskdjklc I can't wait to read on and see how you handle it.

And of course, Hermione made Draco kill Narcissa? His own mother? Even Voldemort never did that in canon.

Speaking about canon, who cares!? :P I love what you've come up with; I think it works, and you've turned an inherently good character into something creepy.


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #8, by teh tarikEvil Will Prevail: Phase One Complete

15th April 2014:
Holy crap! The twists and turns keep getting...more and more twisted. :O

This was an absolutely stunning chapter! Your writing is so, so smooth, and as I mentioned at the end of my last review, your story is paced perfectly, and you manage to maintain the tension and suspense in your narrative.

I have to say, as twisted and evil as Hermione is, I kind of like her bahahah. I mean I wouldn't like to meet her, but she does make an awesome villain. Poor Ginny :( The whole ordeal that Hermione subjected her to was absolutely shocking. And the opening paragraph was so strong in its description, that it was quite shocking, the smells and sights and the raw pain Ginny was feeling.

I do wonder what the Dark Lord's plans are. And Draco's weakness - would that have anything to do with Hermione? Possibly he has feelings for her? And that Voldemort wants her to deal with this. Your story really keeps me guessing!

The ending was the cruellest, with that picture of Ginny burning, sent to Molly and Harry. And that person that Harry was kissing and being intimate with was...PANSY OMG.

Fantastic chapter!


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #9, by teh tarikEvil Will Prevail: Camouflaged Red

15th April 2014:

IS SHE TERRIFYING OR WHAT. Muggle Death Eaters make the most terrifying Death Eaters. Wow, that scene with Hermione torturing Ginny; it honestly made me curl up and wince a fair bit.

I love the structure of this chapter, how it starts off so loving and so normal, with all the Weasleys and Harry (I love it whenever Harry's the main character in a fic!), and then the shift to Draco, Hermione and that awful, violent torture scene, before going back to fluffy Harry/Ginny again. I think it's a really good way to structure the story, and I'm wondering what happens next, or if Ginny is remembering or imagining all those scenes during her torture...

One thing I really enjoyed was your description of the Grangers' old house. The pretty cobblestone path and the lanterns and rocking chair...and then we go in, and it's all blood and horror.

This was such a wonderful chapter, Erin! Your pacing is fantastic and the structure of it was really unique as well. Off to read more.


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #10, by teh tarikEvil Will Prevail: The hooded figure

14th April 2014:
Hello Erin!

I've been wanting to read some of your writing for ages now, and the Eggstravaganza is the perfect chance to do so!

And wow, this story! This is such a gripping beginning; it's so terrifying, the way you've written Draco's experience of being branded as a Death Eater, Crucio-ed by his new master, and then, I assume, Crucio-ed by this mystery woman. I can't begin to guess who she is, but I'm intrigued. It's pretty hard to imagine someone more terrifying than Bella, whom Bella actually gives some mote of respect to.

I also love the way you wrote the brief exchange between Lucius and Draco at the beginning; it gave me chills, actually, seeing how clipped and cold it was. And how the Dark Lord comes before anything and anyone, even before their own family members. I suppose that's one of the things that troubles Draco a lot in the books - how invasive and intrusive the Dark Lord's presence is to the Malfoy family, and how he assumes control of all their lives, altering family dynamics in such a chilling manner. I thought you conveyed that perfectly in this chapter!

Fantastic start; I'm off to read more!


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #11, by teh tarikRed Silk: The Wedding

14th April 2014:
Ahh, I'm finally back to review the second part of the collab!

Ely, I loved your part! This wedding section complemented Nadia's part really well, and I think both chapters fit seamlessly together; you guys make an extraordinary collab-writing duo! I can see how you guys won! :D

I love all the detail included in the wedding, the throwing of flowers, the tears, the mantras, and how nervous everyone is...they most certainly would be nervous, especially if this is the first wedding in the family! I love the little things you've written to show Padma's nervousness: her playing with her bracelets and brushing away that imaginary strand of hair - these are such realistic actions, and it shows that you have great skill in observing people/characters.

And gah, Parvati and Padma's relationship was once again portrayed so beautifully: Paddu, please, don't you cry on me, too/. This was just wonderful! In this one line you've written the sisters' relationship beautifully. They may tease each other, but there's this deep affection between them that I really love.

And gah, Padma and Gautam ♥ It sounds like they're possibly moving toward their own version of a happy ending? That is, if Padma will let it happen? I honestly hope she does. Gautam is such a lovely character.

This was a wonderful collab, Ely and Nadia! You guys absolutely deserved your win; I loved everything about it: the romance, the vivid evocation of setting, the realistic characters...everything! Absolutely fabulous!


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #12, by teh tarikThe Worst: At The Burrow

14th April 2014:
Helloo AD! Well, FINALLY I'm all caught up with the story! Took me awhile but yay, I'm so pleased.

From the beginning, I kind of suspected that Teddy was going to do something propose to Dom, bahaha, and I was right. I assumed that was him in the kitchen conspiring with Victoire and Ian on the best way to do it! :P Seriously, Teddy is my dream partner. I WANT SOMEONE LIKE THAT!!

I love how you wrote a big Weasley family gathering! I always have all the admiration for authors who tackle these huge Burrow gatherings because there are just so many people who know each other really well, and it can be tricky writing these big group situations, but you did it so well. I love Nana Molly and her cookies and her mothering, and Hermione and Percy and everyone. The characters were really well-written, and well-distinguished from each other. I especially loved Hermione and the Wolfsbane potion. Gah, Dom is SO lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive extended family. Everyone is just so good to her. :)

AND TEDDY PROPOSED. What a lovely speech he made, and I love that he made those references to the garden of their childhood. It's so lovely *SIGHS*. Aw no, DOM IS GOING TO SAY NO! D: Hopefully Teddy'll convince her fully in the next chapter!

I can't wait to read the next bit, and what will happen on the full moon! Great chapter, AD ♥


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #13, by teh tarikPranks, Pants and Prance: Pranks, Pants and Prance

12th April 2014:
Hey, hey, Jenna!

I'm here to review your entry for the TGS Anniversary Challenge! Gah, this is such a wonderful and very funny story. Marauders fluff is one of the things I'm not too comfortable writing either, but you sound like you're right at home with this genre and era! :) I think your fic is a great example of Marauders fic: humour, pranks, but with undertones of darkness, because after all, the four of them did live through the First Wizarding War and all.

I really love how you incorporated the 'anniversary' prompt into your fic; the Deathday Party in CoS is something I really enjoyed reading about, and it's great that you've used that here in your fic. You've brought the whole Deathday scene to life, the ghostly guests, the rank, rancid foods, and yes, I love that Dumbledore and McGonagall are actually guests at the party! Turns out that not only the Marauders have a sense of fun!

The encounter between Sirius and 'Wedgie' had me in stitches. I could honestly imagine the two brothers running into each other in the corridors, trading insults before duelling and causing plenty of chaos. It made me a little wistful, too. If only they got along with each other, they'd have made a fantastic pair, but I guess their beliefs are just too different.

I love Remus in this! He's clearly got a thing for Sirius, though I'm not too sure that Sirius is aware of it. That being said, Sirius definitely notices that Remus is bothered / embarrassed by close physical contact with other boys. Speaking of the boys, I love how you've written each of the Marauder characters. James takes a bit of a back seat in this story, but I think you made a great choice with this, because it puts the spotlight on Remus and Peter. If James is around, he'll usually be hogging all the limelight along with Remus. And gah, I enjoyed the way you wrote the relationship between Sirius and Peter. Peter is clearly very sensitive, and Sirius is rather insensitive, and there are brief moments when I thought that Sirius's remarks toward Peter were rather dismissive, and that the latter was affected by that. It's a great, subtle touch to the relationships between the Marauders; I can see these things accumulating over time, creating a rift between Peter and the others, especially Sirius. And I must really congratulate you for writing boys as, well, how boys are. The smells, the hairy legs, the onion salad breath, the walking-around-butt-naked - there are SO MANY Marauder fics out there, plenty of them focusing on MWPP friendship, and yet far too few stories address the reality of boys, and their occasional grossness! :P :P

The final scene unsettled me a little. It was full of fluff and warm feelings between the boys, but there were so many elements of foreshadowing, so much dramatic irony, all this talk about Azkaban and Sirius being in a cell and breaking out. And it was Peter as well, who said that. And James saying, "You won't set foot in that place as long as Iím alive to cover your back, mate." Ugh, I think I've been beset by the feels. :(

I really loved this story, Jenna! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge; this was such a wonderful read! Fabulous writing, as always. ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh! :)

Wow, thank you so much for this lovely, detailed review! :D I was so nervous when I started writing this story, and had really no plan when I started other than that they were going to go to the Deathday party. The first paragraph was actually written with James and Lily, but I subbed them out for Sirius and Remus. But in the end I really loved working on it and was very pleased with how it came together - so much thanks to the staff at TGS for the challenge! :)

I really wanted to keep this pure fluff, but it didn't feel right for the era. While they've got lots of great things going on, doubtlessly the coming war would be on people's minds and make things more tense around Hogwarts. Writing the Deathday party scene was quite fun, and it seemed like a very Dumbledore thing to do to attend. McGonagall too: she surprised me by showing up, but it did seem like something she would bring a gift to as well. :P

I agree! I really don't see the brothers' relationship as having any sort of redemption after the way Sirius spoke about him in canon. It seemed appropriate that Sirius' anger and betrayal from his family would translate into some particularly aggressive hatred against Regulus, who represents all that he's lost and that he could have been, so he hates him for those reasons as well.

I normally ship Remus/Tonks and nobody else, but here Remus having a bit of a crush on his best friend fit quite well. I was originally going to have some sort of kiss at the end, but preferred to focus on their friendship, and how despite some feelings of attraction between them the brotherhood between the four is far more important. I agree about James, and I wanted to play with the idea of how Lily was integrated into the Marauders and how she might have changed the group dynamic by taking up some of James' time.

The relationship between Peter and Sirius was really important for me, and I'm glad you liked it and how it showed that they might have divisions in the future. Sirius doesn't really notice how others are feeling, and his dismissals of Peter, which he finds funny, are really hurtful to Peter, which could possibly add up over the years to some bitterness.

Thank you! :P I couldn't resist. Boys, especially at fifteen and sixteen, are just gross, and since this was a boys-focused story which didn't spend much time on romance I wanted to show that. I find that boys in romance stories (and girls, really) can be sort of idealized into these gorgeous gods and that just isn't realistic for anybody. So it was really entertaining to play with. :D

I agree. The foreshadowing took over the writing a little bit there, but I thought it was sort of important to show that this happy, fun life isn't forever, that basically three of the four of them are going to lose the lives they thought they would have. It's so tragic, and one of the things which steers me away from writing Marauder fics, as I'm so uneasy with their fates.

Thanks so much for this amazing review, teh! :D It was truly lovely to receive, and I loved hearing all your thoughts! ♥

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Review #14, by teh tarikLost?: Lost?

12th April 2014:
Hiya Kiana!

I'm here to review your entry for the TGS Anniversary Challenge. Oh goodness, I'm so pleased to see that this story is about Sirius. Lately, I've found myself becoming more and more interested with his character, and I'm always on the lookout for fics of him, especially those written by wonderful writers such as yourself. :)

I absolutely love what you've done with the 'anniversary' prompt here. Most fics dealing with Sirius's time in Azkaban usually have him counting as well, counting the days he's been in prison, that is. So I find it incredibly unique that Sirius is not actually counting his time in prison, but the days since Lily and James' murder. It's completely heartbreaking, ugh. And it shows how selfless Sirius is, that Lily and James's death mean more to him than his own imprisonment. Every day he counts is like a small anniversary of their death, he has to face their death every day. I really like the idea of this. Poor Sirius. :(

But I also love that note of fierce hope at the end. You've honestly shown what a resilient character he is, and just how hard it is to break his spirit. Seriously, no wonder Scabbers/Wormtail was so incredibly unsettled throughout PoA; Sirius is just absolutely terrifying when he's out for revenge.

I also love the forbidding description of Azkaban and the waves and the brief but very chilling depiction of Bellatrix was wonderful. And baha, that would be just so like him, to find amusement in Bella. Pretty much my headcanon, actually, that Sirius doesn't ever take Bella seriously (I'm so sorry for all the serious!Sirius puns in my review; they're not intended!), which could somehow have caused his death many years later.

Anyway, I loved this, Kiana! It's so great to be reading some of your one-shots again. Thank you for participating and completing the challenge! ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh, sorry for the late response, being ill sort of slows things down :P

Waahahahaha, I don't think I will ever get over being complimented by you as you are like my writing inspiration, so yeah, THANK YOU! ♥

Yes, I went with the rather more morbid side of things here, rather than the happier aspect, but this is a reason why my attempt at a fluff story for this failed so much :P I know, it's so tragic to thing that even though his best friend betrayed him, he's in prison, he can't see his godson none of it matters as they're dead, and it's just like please be happy again Sirius as you're breaking my heart right now.

I'm glad that you liked that, because he does have these two strange sides to him, the woeful one and then this weird all angry one where no one would want to cross his path, so it was so much fun to write the two extremes of him :P

Hehhe, the puns are great, they made me laugh so it's no problem! I know, there would be me cowering in the cell trying to avoid her as much as possible and then he's just like let's just laugh to make the time pass quicker!

Thank you for such a fabulous review, teh, this challenge was so much fun thank you (and to the other staffers!) for running it!


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Review #15, by teh tarikThe Shadow and the Soul: Your Eyes Close As I Fall Asleep

12th April 2014:
Hello there! I'm finally here to read and review the next chapter of your challenge entry. I've been awfully late, and I must apologise. That being said, wow. What an absolutely fabulous chapter. And honestly, I must say that I'm a little upset that you didn't finish this before the deadline :( And I only feel this way because I've truly, truly enjoyed your story, and this chapter in particular, has been absolutely mesmerising.

I absolutely love the abundance of letters and letter-writing in your fic. I really love epistolary stories, but unfortunately, these aren't allowed on HPFF. Which made this chapter, lengthy though it was, such a treat! Your pacing is so, so controlled, and you reveal things subtly and the details are carefully delivered. I love the way you wrote Hannah; it's great to see her appear in your fic after the first chapter, where she was a mere presence, albeit a very tangible one. You've portrayed her misery and melancholy in such a heartbreaking way, but in a manner that's very convincing. Her life is grounded in her love for the bar, her marriage, which can no longer satisfy her, and there are references to Neville's infidelity (if not physical, then emotional, certainly - Neville/Luna, omg!) and I think there were hints to her inability to conceive children? It must have been a terrible blow to her, and I think it's part of the reason why she feels her marriage slipping away, being lost slowly. There's a widening rift between her and Neville, and I'm thinking back to the first chapter (I'm convinced now that it was Neville going through her things in that chapter), and I sort of realise just how little Neville knows her. Even when he reads her letters, and thinks he gets glimpses into her dark, troubled mind, it's just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much sorrow to Hannah that he'll never be able to fathom. Her letters to Susan are beautiful, full of warmth, but sometimes I detect a sense of desperation in those letters. So much sorrow, and yet at certain moments, I think that she has the ability to feel joy that is just as intense. I can sense that she desperately wants to be happy, to be intensely happy.

Which brings me to the character of James II. I love your portrayal of James. Love, love, love. Injured Quidditch player, aspiring writer, one who is at odds with his mother, who finds no solace in his large family, one who is bitter and initially cruel with his words (and it was great to see Hannah step up to this, and set him back in line). Gosh, the relationship between James II and Hannah was absolutely riveting; I can just imagine the two of them at the bar late at night, her doing her own bookkeeping or other personal stuff and him sitting in his usual corner drinking. And sometimes their gazes will drift to the other. James will be thinking cynical thoughts about misery and company, but at the same time, he'll be intrigued in her. GAH. I LOVE THIS. I love the way their relationship develops, the anger, the hard words, the indignant slap, and the contrite letters. And Matisse, ha! The letters between both of them are wonderful, so full of passion and warmth, something that both characters find difficult exhibiting in real life, at least to their family and loved ones around them.

I was honestly so, so invested int his story, that when the revelation about Hannah committing suicide came, I was absolutely devastated. Even though, from the first chapter I'd already suspected that she's possibly killed herself. Seriously, you have the talent to get me so engaged with these characters and their lives, and by the end of this chapter, I was just so shattered. Had Hannah lived, I think the both of them would be happy. I honestly think they would be. :( :( :(

Thank you so, so much for writing this brilliant piece - this is exactly the type of pairing I love to read, and this is the kind of fic I'm always on the lookout for, and I'm so honoured to have this for an entry in my challenge. I wish it had been finished, but even though the challenge is over, if you DO post up that epilogue (I'm DYING to know what Ginny was going to say to Hannah), I will most certainly be back to read it. Absolutely fabulous writing!!


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Review #16, by teh tarikThree's a Crowd; Four's a Circus: The Room of Requirement

6th April 2014:
Hello there, I'm from the review tag. :)

Wow, OK, so this is very different to most things I've read on HPFF. It's from Harry's perspective, which is something I don't come across very often. But I really do enjoy reading about Harry, especially when he's paired up with characters other than Ginny. This was a really good story, exploring both Harry/Cho and Harry/Hermione, which are ships that I rather like. I like Draco's inclusion in the fic as well, and the way you wrote the animosity between him and Harry. There's no resolution to this hostility, which is quite surprising, even though they've pretty much swapped partners by the end of the whole exchange.

I particularly liked the role of the Room of Requirement in this whole affair! I have a feeling that the Room is trying to matchmake the four of them, pair them up with more suitable partners than who they've personally chosen. It's quite funny, actually, the way Hogwarts seems to interfere with their lives. I really liked Hermione's quote about Harry not being ready to leave the Room yet, which is why the door wouldn't open for him earlier.

Ron appearing in the final part of the story was a nice touch; the Trio are together again, and HArry and Hermione have worked out their issues with each other, which is great. And er...Cho and Draco are together! :P Quite a unique ending!

I thought this was a really fun and entertaining piece to read! Great work.


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Review #17, by teh tarikThe Second Act: Act Two

5th April 2014:
Hello there, kenpo. I'm finally, finally, finally here to review the last chapter of your challenge entry. Eep. Well, that took awhile. :P Apologies for being so late with this, but I kind of fell out of reviewing for some time. And congratulations for finishing the story before the deadline!

I absolutely loved this chapter; it was gorgeous, the way you developed the assigned Dennis/Victoire ship, the lovely details you included about the wedding, and the very careful creation of Victoire's family - most of these characters are OCs, but I think you handled them very well. I particularly liked the way you wrote Charlotte, how she doesn't initially take very well to her mother's second engagement and marriage. It was a realistic reaction, and it did suggest that she's still quite upset by the death of her dad, Teddy.

It's wonderful to see Victoire and Dennis surrounded by this loving and supportive family matrix; there are so many generations within their extended family. And I love how Victoire finds Dennis adventurous and exciting, how he breathes new life into her solitude. Ah, I was squeeing a bit there, certainly!

Dennis and I danced to our favorite song under a tent of gold. I saw the rest of my life in his eyes and I felt at home in his arms.

^ These are some of my favourite lines of the whole story. Absolutely beautiful, and the tone of your writing is so earnest and completely honest in its simplicity. Victoire's narration, while sounding like a mature woman, also radiates a kind of youthful energy and plenty of hope and optimism, and it's just so completely easy to fall in love with her character, to empathise with her.
I also adored the final sentence of the story, the inscription on the grave; it's a brilliant line.

The fact that Victoire and Dennis are buried apart does make me a little sad. Of course choosing where they are to be buried is hardly going to be an easy task, seeing as both of them were previously married, and doted on their respective spouses when still alive.

Anyway, I think this is an absolutely fabulous story. You've done a wonderful job depicting a relationship from start to end - two relationships in fact. Great work; this was a pleasure to read. I'll be posting the challenge results up, soon-ish. Thank you so much once again, for participating! ♥


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Review #18, by teh tariklow tide: a meditation

2nd April 2014:

Oh my gah, Kristin, this was so lovely. Post-Hogwarts George makes some of the saddest stories on HPFF. :( I really loved this. This was so beautifully and sensitively written - there isn't any mad, crushing angst, but it's more of a quietly grieving moment for George, and I'm guessing that some time has passed since the Battle of Hogwarts. It's also a quiet period of observation and reminiscence for George, as he starts to recount the happier times and all the experiences shared with his brother, and I think this is absolutely necessary in helping him accept Fred's death and recover, slowly.

Your descriptions - gah! So vivid and beautifully done. I remember you answering in a question that you include the ocean in many of your fics, and in this story, you've used that setting to the best effect. The sea is a place of constant movement, and I think all that external movement forms a lovely contrast to the quiet and the solitude in George's head.

Like living breath, the waves break and recede, life gives and takes. The tide persists, a cycle; the rotting seaweed returns to the sand. And so the wheel turns.

^Some of my favourite lines of the whole story.

I also love that you've included Lee and Angelina there. Lee, especially, is hardly ever mentioned, let alone written in fanfic. That was a lovely moment, when they all squeeze together on a towel picking at greasy fish and chips (yum! must run down to the takeaway and get some...oh wait, it's closed at this hour.. -_- ). It's always been Fred and George, and sometimes Lee, but now it's great to see that George is part a new trio. If there are people in the world who will make George feel a lot better during these tough times, it will definitely be Lee and Angelina.

Gah, this was just all shades of sad, and nostalgic, and poignant, and just wonderful. Sorryy, am getting repetitive here! Absolutely lovely writing! ♥

Author's Response: Tehhh ♥ ajhekhdkjdjbv thank you so so much!! I'm pretty sure my response won't be as lovely as your review because I'm flailing a little at all these compliments.

Ahh thank you for saying it is beautiful! And all the other comments you made, about the time passed since the battle, and the time of reflection helping him recover - that's definitely what I was trying to convey so I'm glad you saw it that way too.

Wow, it really means a lot to me when *you* compliment my descriptions because I know descriptions are one of your many talents, so gahhh thank you! I'm glad you liked the use of the ocean as a contrast here.

Lee and Angelina lost a lot too when Fred died, since we know they were close to him. Obviously, George is having the most trouble with it, with Fred being his twin, but losing a friend is so hard too and I think really all three of them are sharing in this suffering, only it's taking George longer to recover. The way I saw it, they're all helping each other through this time. And yeah, like you said, that's why I thought those two would be essential to help George come to terms with everything. A new trio.. I like that, it's very hopeful.

Ahh thank you so so so so much, teh! This was such an amazing review and I'm glad you liked the story!! Thanks for reading! ♡

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Review #19, by teh tarikThe Worst: A Ray of Light

2nd April 2014:
Hey Aditi!

I'm here for the TGS Review Exchange...last month's, actually, eep. Sorry for the lateness of this; I've been so preoccupied with things, ugh. Anyway, I am SO pleased to finally get the chance to return to your story! I've read most of it, and in this chapter, at last, things are beginning to wrap up, justice is served and all that.

I thought you did a great job maintaining all that tension and drama, as you've done in all the previous chapters. I love how Dominique holds her ground with Delilah, but also how she very nearly goes to pieces in the end; I honestly can't imagine how she must be feeling about the whole thing - it has been a long, hard battle to bring the perpetrator of the crime to justice, and to deal with the effects of her new condition, and it's gratifying to see that despite being pushed to the limit sometimes, she makes it, and that there's a good chance that Delilah will be going to Azkaban.

Speaking of Delilah, wow! She is one completely mental villain! From this chapter, it sounds like Dom has previously done nothing at all to merit such rage and resentment from Delilah - except perhaps to inherit some media attention from her parents. It's not something that she can help, but it's something that Delilah is infuriated about - to think that her lesser employee gets more spotlight than her! And to make things more twisted, Delilah is pretty much the person who hires Dom. Wow. I'm beginning to think that Delilah hired Dom on purpose, either because she wanted to destroy her from the onset (for no reason other than sheer jealousy), or she wanted to compete with Dom's popularity with the wizarding world, and then failed, and then became vengeful and angry and sadistic. I like the way you wrote her emotional arc through this chapter: from indifference, to confusion and feigned ignorance, to rage, and then to the complete breakdown where she goes REALLY INSANE and pretty much confesses to the crime herself. I'm so glad this mad person is getting put away. :P

It's been a great story so far, AD! I'm really curious to see how you'll tie things up, and how you'll conclude things for Dom, now that her life is going to be so different to what it once was. I know you've been super busy, lovely, but I really do hope you'll be able to find a spare moment to write and update! You're SO CLOSE to finishing.

Absolutely great work, AD! ♥


Author's Response: Hey Nicole!

Thanks for stopping by =)

The story is nearing its end and things are wrapping up but there are just a few more things to be sorted out and it'll be done!

I am pleased you liked the whole tension and drama going on in this chapter. Dominique has a lot to deal with so its nice to know that you liked how I portrayed her feelings over all here.

Delilah is pretty crazy yes. She did hire Dom on purpose - she seized at the opportunity to have a famous person working under her - and well things went downhill from there. It's great that you enjoyed her emotional arc.

Yeah I am really busy but I hope to write a new chapter soon, which will probably be the second last chapter!

Thanks for all your lovely words!

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Review #20, by teh tarikThe Moon Maiden: The Moon Maiden

30th March 2014:
Hello again, Jenna! AT LAST I'm here to review your final chapter of your very lovely challenge entry. OK, first I must say that this chapter was absolutely squeeworthy aaslkdjvms. Somehow, I thought that there wouldn't be a very happy ending - maybe it's because I've read most of the other challenge entries, and while their ships are just as interesting, many of them end in misery and tragedy. So I'm really happy to see something different here!

Ah, have I mentioned that I love your Bathilda very much? I love her even more in this chapter, and the great lengths you've gone to write her life in detail - her dedication to her writing, her associations with the rest of the wizarding world; it makes a whole lot of sense, the life you've given her. I get the sense that, with Bathilda, she feels she's unable to change the world and social views of women, and women in same-sex relationships. But this doesn't stop her from doing her best to make a name for herself out in the publishing world, for writing her way into such a profession. I love the references to her projects here and there, and her clear feminist activism. That being said, while she achieves so much with her writing, there's that inescapable hollowness that she can't elude - and it's so sad that she actually does have the opportunity to change this, especially when bumping into Muriel during the Gringott's event. By the end of that encounter, I was pretty much throwing my hands up in the air, thinking that there were too many unresolved things between Muriel and Bathilda for them both to ever reconcile fully. Not to mention how proud the both of them are. I like the reference to Bathilda having a number of relationships with other women during her life, perhaps attempting to find companionship, though of course, none of these really compare to what she and Muriel had. I can imagine Bathilda leading this very open lifestyle, continuing to remain scandalously unmarried - as you wrote her in the first chapter - having many lovers.

Ooh, and Grindelwald performed Occlumency on her!! Aah, and I wrote Kendra doing a Memory Charm on Bathilda in my own fic. :P And Rita Skeeter definitely did something to her as well. Yeah, seriously, WHY is everyone messing with Bathilda's head!?! :P

But the part I liked best was that final bit with the Moon Maiden, and the explanation of all the windows showing different parts of Bathilda's life, what has been or could have been. The demon children surprised me, in particular,. I loved how deftly you wrote that scene; it tied things up perfectly, and shed more light on the Moon Maiden myth (pun not intended :P ). I didn't expect the stranger to be the Moon Maiden! But of course it makes perfect sense. I pretty much adore the premise that before Bathilda can ever attain any measure of happiness, she has to confront the truth of everything she was, she and Muriel, and in order to confront that truth, she has to write. It's honestly very well-thought out, because Bathilda is a writer after all, and writing has been a powerful tool for her throughout her life - she uses writing to elevate her social status in the wizarding world, but she also misuses writing, e.g. in that awful, impulsive letter she sent to Muriel all those years ago.

And of course, I can't tell you how happy I am that Muriel and Bathilda finally got together again. I'm imagining them both living a peaceful afterlife in Bathilda's old cottage, now a much more peaceful place, gossiping and teasing and chattering to their heart's content.

Fabulously written story, Jenna! ♥ I saw that Aphoride recommended it on the forums and it deserves just that. Because I'm so tardy, I have a few more entries/chapters to get through before posting the challenge results *hdies* Thank you so much for participating; this has been a joy to read.


Author's Response: Hi teh! :) Wow, another monster review... thank you so much!!

I'm so glad you liked this ending to the story, I absolutely loved working on this strange but fun little creation. I know what you mean about not having a happy ending! Looking back I do find this ending a little ominous and happy at the same time but it was always going to end this way, with the bittersweet ending in real life and then the reunion in death. In my head there was sort of the danger that this Muriel might be a figment of Bathilda's imagination, that all the figures could just be appearing inside her head, but either way she gets to be with her love again. :)

It makes me so happy that you like Bathilda! She's such a contradictory character here - she's very brave and trail-blazing in some ways, but at the same time she has all these doubts and fears and isn't comfortable with publicly revealing her sexuality. I love how you described her "inescapable hollowness" - that is very true. They are both so proud, and judging from the way Muriel spoke about Bathilda in DH I imagined she would hold a grudge even if her own heart was hurting for a very long time. Bathilda is so scandalous, but when it really matters to her she can't fight for it - I do love her for that though.

Haha! I was so sad/amused when I read what happened to your Bathilda in DC. My poor Batty! :( ♥

I'm so pleased you liked the explanation of it all - that was one of the first sections I wrote so it felt really good to finally explain everything - in an afterlife, cryptic sort of way. *giggles at pun* :P I'm actually glad it came as a little unexpected but tied in the story well, and how the myth and the title and Bathilda's world are so intertwined. Yes, I imagined that her writing would be an important outlet, as was facing things in that cottage where she lived for so long. And I love your mention of how she "misused" writing to hurt Muriel - it's so true, and shows how crucial yet destructive writing is to her while remaining an integral part of herself.

I agree! They would have an afterlife full of tea, gossiping and probably arguing, though I'm not sure where they would go to get away from one another. :P I'm really pleased you liked the ending and the potential it could bring.

Thank you so much for all these amazing reviews, teh! :D And thank you for the challenge - I never would have had the motivation to act on this strange idea of a ship if it weren't for the challenge, and I think I learned a lot while writing this. Good luck with all the other entries - thanks so much! :)

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Review #21, by teh tarikThe Fall of the Town : The People of Hamlin

30th March 2014:
Hello Jenna! I'm finally here for our review swap. I've been out the whole day and have only just got home - apologies for the delay! Anyway, I've been wanting to finish reading this story of yours here for ages now; I favourited it quite some time ago, because I just love the idea of it from the first chapter. I think it's a fascinating combination - the Founders, and the plague and the children's tale, The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Gah, I think the way you set the scene at the beginning is just wonderful, your very concrete descriptions of the town of Hamlin (or the ruins of it and the implications of a very dark tale behind the place). I really like that you've very boldly stated the date of the tale; it always makes stories so much more interesting and realistic when it has a precise location in a historical timeline. Another thing that really struck me was the unseen narrator, directly addressing the reader: Can you see it, the clean, white-washed walls with tidy gardens in which children played, dirt around their ankles? It really does sound like a storyteller speaking, and coupled with your lovely rhyme at the beginning, it gives your fic a very lovely feel of an oral account of an old, old tale, something like a legend.

You have quite the knack for effortlessly evoking historical settings; seriously, the whole village of Hamlin just leapt to life in your lovely, detailed prose - the whirring potter's wheel, children's laughter as they go to school and so on. I also think your portrayal of Hamlin as a town where magical and Muggle folks sort of get on along with each other is very interesting. It's very clever, and a very convincing situation to have the Muggles be partially blind to the magical folk, as long as the latter are useful in the running of the village. But as you showed later on in the chapter, when those awful Muggle councillors who are resentful of those with magic, the state of balance between both parties is a delicate one, and is easily upset by external forces, i.e. the plague. The descriptions of the plague-stricken victims made me shudder a bit. :P

You've introduced quite a large number of characters for a first chapter, but I think you've handled them all very deftly - they all stand out in their own ways, which is just amazing. From sensible Marigold to quiet Trip to each of the Four Founders and to Stephane Slytherin - they're all memorable, and I can't wait to find out how you'll develop each of their stories further. The Founders really do embody their House values, and your little details about their characters (e.g. Godric's girth and the kitten in Helga's arms and the snake around Salazar). I'm sort of getting this sense that many of the people present feel a vague discomfort toward Salazar and Stephane Slytherin, and their association with snakes. It's very subtle, this air of unease. Right now, Hogwarts is unified, but I can see how this will lead to Salazar growing apart from the other three. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Stephane will handle the situation in Hamlin; he sounds like a very shrewd and clever man, just like his father.

Excellent beginning, Jenna! I'll definitely be back to read the rest of this fic; I think it's one of the most unique Founder Era fics I've come across! ♥


Author's Response: Hello, teh! :)

No worries, I didn't even notice a delay. :) I'm so glad you like this, and think it's original! It was actually inspired from a prompt in a challenge, and I really loved working on it. It's really lovely to get your review and have a fresh point of view on the story.

I really loved writing the beginning of this story especially. The style of it, with the sort of wistful, romantic fairytale voice, gave me a lot of freedom to enter the story in a bit of a wistful way. I pictured the story as beginning as a legend or old tale and moving into the more concrete narrative of the actual characters, which was quite fun to experiment with, so I'm very glad you liked it.

Thank you! :) That really means a lot as I do love writing historical eras. I'm really pleased to hear it felt like the village came to life, and the unique situation which the wizards and the Muggles are in. History shows how witchcraft was greatly feared in medieval times, but I wanted to tie in how the Muggles might turn a blind eye as long as the magical folk continued to be beneficial to them and their economy - money and safety trump fear, at least for a while. Hehe, well you know how I love my gory descriptions by now so I'm pleased it made you shudder. :P

Good, I'm glad to hear the characters aren't too overwhelming. It got a little confusing as there are multiple casts of characters to balance but I felt that each one was important and deserved to have some part of their story told, and the story doesn't just focus on Marigold even if she is the main character in a way. I'm so pleased you liked the Founders, and noticed how people felt uneasy around Slytherin - snakes, I felt, would be objects of fear especially back then, and it felt right that Slytherin be a bit of a shady and morally ambiguous character. Stephane is one of my favourite characters in this story because he is quite conflicted and has his loyalties with his father as well as his own morals to contend with.

Thank you so much for the amazing review, teh! :D ♥

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Review #22, by teh tarikRed Silk: A Failed Chai Exchange

29th March 2014:

Okay, first, CONGRATULATIONS to you and Ely for winning the Speed Date challenge; I've read both chapters of Red Silk and I absolutely love this story, and how both your writings fit so beautifully with each other's, and you guys totes deserved your win.

Next, this is an amazing first chapter, Nadia. In 2000 words or so, you've managed to create such lovely and realistic characters (Padma and Parvati are just - gaaahhhalksjd; I LOVE the way they interact with each other, how close they are), a very vividly evoked setting with all some wonderful details here and there, and one of the things about your writing that struck me almost immediately upon reading - you have a very light and graceful touch.

Padma Patilís memory of her hand was vague.

The intricate patterns and shapes adorned her fingers, her palm barely visible. It smelled like the loo stations in the bazaars, though their Ma thought differently. She claimed it smelled like earth and dirt, but Padma liked to say it smelled like (you know). Her mum was not impressed.

Seriously, I'm not sure that you're aware of just HOW GOOD these opening lines are. I read these sentences and I paused and read them again. You have a very deft touch with the details, and all the small vivid things like 'loo stations in the bazaars' and the henna patterns and most impressively of all, almost instantly you've already embedded your characters' internal voices in the narrative (Padma's and her mother's). The amount of detail is perfect here, and completely relevant; you know exactly when to stop - and I hope you are pretty darned proud about this, because not many writers can do this, are even aware of this, and this, my dear, is a talent - you have very good instinct with writing detail. (I know that I sometimes go overboard with descriptive prose :P)

Your writing is such a mix of funny and sad and there's this wonderful energy to your prose. I mentioned this already, but maybe it's the lightness of your prose. I love the way Padma and Gautam talk to each other - there's an air of familiarity that they both clearly share, even if Padma hardly remembers him. Even though Gautam is fairly vocal, there's still a lot of unspoken sentiment between the two - unspoken because Padma won't let all these feelings be uttered out loud. You've conveyed them perfectly through your sometimes sparse prose, understated them, almost. And this less-is-more technique really works with such a short piece.

Mmmkaaay, going a bit off-topic here but I notice that you go around beating yourself up about your writing and how you're such a crappy writer and that nobody should read your fics SERIOUSLY IF I HEAR YOU SAY THIS ONE MORE TIME IN A REVIEW RESPONSE OR ANYTHING, I will pretty much plunge my arms into my computer screen and let them navigate the data highways of the internet until my hands find you and jump out of your screen Sadako-style to grab you by your collar and shake you. Er - sorry for being creepy but SERIOUSLY. I WILL SHAKE YOU. Just look at this chapter that you've written. Honestly, you've got to realise that you're so talented and that you observe things so well, and I'm not sure if you do this, but I think you observe the way published authors write, or you somehow absorb their technique and it makes your writing so graceful.

Anyway, sorry for rambling, going off-topic, and if I made any useless comments, I beg your pardon. I feel like I haven't been reviewing properly for quite some time now. But this was an absolutely fabulous story, and I love your style of writing, Nadia. ♥

I'll be back to review Ely's part tomorrow!


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Review #23, by teh tarikA Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers: In Which Draco Malfoy Becomes A Pirate

29th March 2014:
Ooh, ooh, another super-realistic and very angsty fic by you! *sniffs* star-crossed lovers and sinking ships and dashed dancing dreams and Genghis Khan, and the sinking of the unsinkable Dramione - by no less than a lump of ice shot off from an ice-shelf by a Mongolian flying yurt's rocket boosters. I could hardly hold my tears back.

Seriously (or not so seriously) though, I loved that swashbuckling pirate theme! After all, it's high time someone addressed the issue of pirates and shipping wars across the high seas of fandom! And and and Malfoy the Muggle and Salty Jean made me giggle a bit. Reminds me of the time you told me you went aboard a pirate ship to work in the galley and scrub the decks...or was it to collect phytoplankton species for a microscopic zoo? I forget. :P

Ooh, the Eloisley! Now that was a surprise there! Even on different ships, Ron and Hermione are still howling at each other! Bravo to the yurt commander. But not so much when he goes back in time and takes over the whole northeast Asia in a barbaric fashion.

My conclusion about this story of yours: I have a new OTP. And it's Krum/Toaster. Jumping onboard the Kroaster here!

♥ ♥

Author's Response: Oh, I am so sorry I almost made you cry at how beautiful this story was :p . It's like the end of Titanic only everyone actually made it out of the water.

After JK tried sinking the Ron/Hermione ship recently, I was compelled to write a shipping war haha. And yes, this story is entirely factual and based on my real life. ;)

KROASTER HAHAHA OMG. I love it. The sequel to this story, perhaps.

I hope this story didn't kill off any of your brain cells with its inanity. :p Thanks for your review!

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Review #24, by teh tarikImaginary Realism?: Bountiful Hugs

27th March 2014:
Wow, this is a gorgeous piece, and a very insightful study of Luna's character, postwar. Post-Hogwarts character studies are some of my favourite things to read, and this was just an absolute pleasure. You've pinned her character down so well: her solitude, her outlandishness, and the level of ease Luna feels when she's alone. Places like the Forbidden Forest signify no danger for her, but are places of wonder and escape from the banality of life. This is so Luna - a lot more perceptive and deliberate than she appears to be; I love your analysis of how she chooses to consciously reject the 'constraints of reality', dismissing these as 'impositions of the mind'. Your Luna is so intelligent, idealistic for sure, but also thoughtful and calm. Gah, wonderful characterisation!

As her body had been carved up for the amusement of a deranged witch, her mind had remained safe, caged in the infinite world of her imagination. Instead of screaming, she would laugh, as she overheard an amusing comment from a pixie, or watched a young thestral's attempt to walk on its spindly, seemingly disproportionate legs, doing a little snort of discontent each time it tumbled to the ground, much to the amusement of its mother.

^These have got to be some of my absolute favourite lines of the story. These are such lovely, detailed observations of Luna! Well done.

Another thing I really liked was the use of imagery and the descriptive prose. You have a nice selection of words, and some really striking images; I love how your story opens up with splintered sun and darkness and seeing. These images really remind me of concepts like the subconscious, and the 'realness' of reality - something, which is, of course explored in your story, through Luna's questioning of her own perceptions and senses.

Anyway, sorry for rambling! Gorgeous work. I really enjoyed reading this. :)


Author's Response: Oh wow! This is one of those reviews that makes me ridiculously happy and squee-y, and totally left me grinning at my computer like a madwoman. Thank you so much!
The funny thing is, I didn't even mean to write this story. I mean, I felt like writing, but I couldn't decide what to write, so I started off doing something a bit stream of consciousnessy, and this just kind of appeared! In hindsight, I suppose it's not too surprising that this kind of style immediately lent itself to Luna. As soon as I realised I was writing her, I knew that it was post-war Hogwarts, and that she would be a bit darker than before. You're very right! I've never done a post-Hogwarts story before, but exploring all the post-war implications on the characters is completely fascinating. I've written Luna pre-war once before, and it was so fun to explore how the war would have changed her. She's still so totally her, so idealistic and creative and comfortable with herself, but at the same time I think she sees more of the darknesses in the world now, and I also see her struggling a bit with depression to be honest, but because of her unique way of looking at the world and dealing with her issues she's able to get by, and still enjoy life to its absolute fullest.
Now I'm rambling too! Thank you so much for this review, it completely made my day -hugs-

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Review #25, by teh tarikA Badger's Love for Herbology: Ron

26th March 2014:
Hello there! I'm so glad to see that you updated this fic! This chapter made me gigglesnort a little - oh gosh, Ron. :P You've captured the humorous aspect of his characterisation very well. I can completely imagine him storming up and down the corridors, raging about Ginny and Harry and Hermione, and abusing his Prefect powers by trying to find people to punish. Good thing the people were Hogwarts were being a good law-abiding lot that night! Or they'd have to face Ron's temper.

And ah, love the little meeting with Hannah. It was both funny and exasperating. Hannah is so shy, and Ron is utterly clueless, blindly following advice and thinking about green lights and such. There doesn't seem to be much common interest between them yet - Hannah loves her Herbology, and Ron effectively tunes out when she starts talking about it. I get the feeling that while Ron is flattered by her attentions, and that he finds her pleasant enough, he isn't that strongly attracted to her. Or to Hufflepuffs, haha! So like Ron. I guess he's pursuing her to get some 'experience', or to gloat at Ginny and the others. But anyway, I'm sure they'll find something in each other, in the days that follow, at least for a little hile. :)

I must say I really loved your final paragraph. I laughed a bit at that one. All the ridiculously schmaltzy things Ron is imagining with moonlight and whatnot. :P Indeed, he should stop reading his mum's romance novels for awhile!

Lovely chapter! I hope you update this soon, even if the challenge is already over. :)


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