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Review #1, by teh tarikToo Hard: Dear Fred,

24th January 2016:
Hello Kayla! ♥

I'm here to read and review your entry for the EPistolary Fic Challenge! Thank you so much for participating, btw. :D

And thank you for turning me into a complete mess with this one-shot of yours!. *sobs* This was so heartbreaking, and so amazingly written. You've captured George's voice so accurately--he sounds just like I imagine he would sound post-war, still dealing with the aftermath of Fred's death. He's all angry, and it's a furious kind of anger as well, but at the same time despite all the angst he still retains his sense of humour...and humour + angst is a combination that completely completely kills me with feels.

Gah, I love that he's written such a long, honest letter--it's heartbreaking and poignant and bittersweet and funny and yes, full of anger and loss, and it's just something George (or Fred) would never do if both were alive and well. I can imagine (and so can George, I bet) that Fred would be shaking his head in the afterlife, sniggering at George writing a letter to a dead person. But there would also be that sadness, that sense of loss. Nobody understands the twins better than the twins themselves.

I also love how you captured the personalities of the other Weasleys through the brief but very telling details and anecdotes in George's letter. Ginny is wonderfully portrayed! I love her fieriness, how fiercely sensible she is, and how she tries her hardest to whack George back into shape, back into his normal self...or as normal as he can get. And Ron, aww aww. ♥ Ron showing his sensitive and empathetic side but spending time with George is the best!! Too often Ron is written as a bit insensitive to others, but I think people forget how much he cares for his family, just like how worried he was for them in DH when the Trio were on the run.

Anyway, this was such an amazing read, Kayla! ♥ I'm absolutely depressed at the fact that Fred will never read this letter, but that's how epistolary fics go...letters don't always reach their intendent recipients. But I get the sense from this fic that George will be okay. Eventually he'll get better because he's surrounded by so many amazing people.

Best of luck with the challenge! ♥


Author's Response: Hello teh ♥

Thanks for hosting the challenge! Without it I wouldn't have realised that this rule had been lifted at HPFF :D

This review is so so so amazing I put off responding to it because it was so lovely and beautiful and omg teh you're a star ♥

Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review! I can hardly respond to it but rest assured that every single word of this review has just made me happy and giddy and flaily :P

- Kayla :)

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Review #2, by teh tarikThank You: You Did It Anyway

5th January 2016:

Aww, I love me some rare ships, and Lily/Regulus is definitely one of the more unusual pairings around. This was so lovely, but also very very sad. You write both characters with a kind of sad fragility and vulnerability. Even their kissing scene was so fraught with tension, like everything was going to fall apart any time. Regulus is portrayed very well. As I wsas reading, I got the sense that there was this immense loneliness surrounding his character, that there's a barrier between him and the rest of the world, and Lily is the only person who connects him to a place beyond himself. And Lily is gorgeously written. There is a warmth to her character which I love. Makes me really really wish that Regulus/Lily were a real thing in the books!! Instead of Severus/Lily. :P

I thought this was a beautiful and heartbreaking one-shot, and I really enjoyed it. Amazing work!


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Review #3, by teh tarikWinding Road: Finding Home

22nd August 2015:

*cries again*

Poor Scorpius. :( :(

I definitely do not think he has recovered, or that he will recover so quickly. And Iím glad that Corbin may face prosecution. Heís such a stalker, though this is hardly surprising, given his possessiveness of Scorpius while they were still in a relationship. Once again, youíve done a phenomenal job at writing an incredibly visceral and painful portrayal of the effects of abuse. Scorpiusís fear of going out, his discomfort at the thought of sitting on a sunny patio because of the possibility he might be seen, his nightmares.

I also want to compliment you on your other characters! Draco is amazing! Iíve never seen Draco written this way before. In fact, most fics about Scorpius always portray Draco as a cold, calculating and uncaring father. But Draco definitely cares about the wellbeing of his son, even though he does retain his rigidity, and even though he does not openly and freely express affection. And his distaste toward the mention of Granger, bahaha! Amazing depiction of Draco! And I really appreciated the way you wrote Albus and Brandonís relationship. Theyíre such an adorable couple, and Iím glad Scorpius feels safe with them.

Your last sentence packed such a punch. It is such a trying time for poor Scorpius, and Iím just hoping that heíll get better, eventually, surrounded by his loved ones. Amazing, amazing story.


Author's Response: *cackles*

*cackles again*

I agree, poor scorpius.

It didn't feel right to make him suddenly better but I wanted to at least show progress wtih his emotional state. Making sure Corbin would at least face trial was important to me. I'm so glad Scorpius' emotions came through strong. :D

omg, I might die with your compliment about Draco. Making him caring in a cold way always felt right and was fantastically enjoyable to write. Oh it's so nice you liked Brandon and Albus too. ^_^ They're my favorite next gen ship.

thank you so much for a lovely review!

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Review #4, by teh tarikYou Don't Own Me: Don't

22nd August 2015:
I had a lot of trouble reading this; it was all so realistic and raw and detailed and it got worse and worse following Scorpiusís character. Iíve not read any of your Albus/Scorpius fics (I donít believe Iíve read any Albus/Scorpius, in factÖ), so I donít know anything about Corbin, but you do such an incredibly realistic job of portraying an abusive character and an abuse victim. The abuse is not just physical; itís emotional as well. Corbin preys on Scorpius psychologically and emotionally, manipulating him into guilt, into staying, into believing that despite all these awful things he does, that he still genuinely loves Scorpius. What utterly awful crap. I got so mad at Corbin at one point during the story: when after physically assaulting Scorpius, he goes and makes tea and biscuits, and expects a reconciliation. If it wasnít for the 12+ rule in reviews, Iíd be using stronger language to vent my feelings toward Corbin. I have very little sympathy toward his neediness.

And then Scorpius feeling like he needs to go down and appease Corbin by accepting freaking tea and biscuits!!

I am SO, SO glad that he managed to summon up that bit of courage, that he managed to see sense that things are only going to get worse if he stays in this horrible relationship, and that itís going to be so much harder to leave the longer he stays, the longer heís subject to Corbinís manipulations and abusive treatment. I was so relieved that Albus and his family came, and that they confronted Corbin directly.

The ending was so sad, but things are so much better for Scorpius, despite how much pain and misery heís in. Recovery is such a difficult thing for someone whoís been through so much trauma and abuse.

Youíre an amazing writer, Rose.

♥ ♥ ♥


Author's Response: teh!

I'm so thrilled this resonated with you without having read the associated stories. ♥ I really didn't think it would hit home with people who weren't already invested in the characters. the manipulation and physical abuse was so difficult to write but I'm glad it was powerful to read.

Having Scorpius leave was essential for me. I couldn't write this and leave him there. It is a thing where people have a harder time leaving relationships the longer they're in them. :-/ As much as the relationship wtih Corbin was the worse case scenario but his leaving was an idealized case of leaving with his friends coming for him and all.

thank you so much for a lovely review!!


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Review #5, by teh tarikToo Sexy: For My Love

22nd August 2015:
Hi again, Rose! Happy Baby Shower, by the way!

Holy crap, good lord, Iím in stitches! *sobs with laughter* James and Sirius practising their dance moves to that song?! I love me some humour, and this was just perfect. I would have killed to be right there in your story, with Lily and Peter and Remus, watching those two clowns do their moves. Excellent use of the song, and hilarious Marauders capers!

I know you write a lot of angst, Rose, but Iím really hoping that you write more humour (because I love laughs) and youíre wonderful at it!


Author's Response: teh!!

:D :D I love that this made you have a fit of giggles. I mean, really. It was one of those "it's funny to me but will other people laugh or just click away??"

I will try at more humor. My mood usually dictates what I write (so get me silly more often and I'll do more humor!)

Thank you so much!!

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Review #6, by teh tarikMorningstar: Watching You Fall

22nd August 2015:
Rose! ♥

Oh goodness, what a beautiful but very tragic story. :( I love Sirius fics, especially Sirius in the Hogwarts Era, and I think youíve done a marvellous job capturing his sense of despair and hopelessness and isolation. Somehow he sees himself as some washed-out figure, past his prime and incomparable to Tonks and her feisty, glowing youth. I felt quite sad at the thought of him watching Remus from afar, not being allowed to cross that gap between them, watching his old love fall in love with another.

ĎYou never were good at rejection but you excel at pretending we never existed.í

^ Ugh, such a painful line! ALL of the Remus/Sirius angst! And yes, I can completely picture Remus doing this. That is so like him. Iíve always found Remusís character a little bit frustrating (sorry, I know youíre a big Remus fan! :P ). Some of the things he does are pretty questionable, and he does sometimes come off as rather self-centred, probably a fixation with his own condition.

The little glance that Sirius catches just before everything erupts into action is wonderfully written. And it really does show the depth of Siriusís love and affection for Remus. The ending paragraph completely broke my heart. To be right at deathís door, and then to look for the one you love mostÖonly to find them looking at another. *CRIES* But his last words are amazingly unselfish. And so beautiful.

This was an absolutely heartbreaking and gorgeous piece, well done!


Author's Response: teh!!

Sirius is one of my favorite people to write, especially after his time in Azkaban. I think being away from society for so long made him feel more washed out than he would be just having normally gone through 13-15 years after his friends died. Tonks is quite similar to him in my headcanon so it was easy to have him draw a parallel between them.

Remus doesn't handle himself well in these situations. I am a huge fan of his but he has so many faults. He really can't get over his condition and it makes him a bit of a jerk at times (would use stronger language there but... rules).

ah! I die a bit of happiness when you compliment my writing. Just. wow. *dies*

thank you so much for a lovely review!


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Review #7, by teh tarikSweetheart Tom: A Single Red Apple

28th July 2015:

Blaise is...narcissistic. :P I've never seen Blaise written this way before, and his characterisation is amazing, if a bit creepy. And the bit about apples...I have a fascination with apples. I can't get over how beautiful they look as fruit but how sour they can get sometimes, and I love descriptions of apples, and references to apples, whether fairytale or biblical or from other mythologies.

He had always liked apples Ė red and round, hanging from the green branches like little bubbles of poison, sour inside and crunchy

^ This was so creepy! And so brilliant. I'm guessing Blaise is some kind of evil queen figure in your story! Also!! Unless I'm reading wrong, did Blaise just kill his own mother?! And got thrown into prison for it?? It would make sense for Blaise to kill her, because I remember in the books she was supposed to be a very beautiful witch with many husbands, and if Blaise is indeed the Evil Queen figure, then he'd be wanting to be fairest in all the land and all that.

And then he sees Fleur. :P That was such a cliffhangery moment!!

Speaking of FLeur, I'm so intrigued about her missing grandmother. What happened to her? And of course she's attracted to Bill. I love their little breakfast together, and awww, Bill gets up to serve her breakfast. And I laughed a bit at Fleur still feeling angry at Bill for saving her and spilling all her berries. :P And Fleur and Bill starting a fight in the village? LOVE this couple so much as well. I wonder why people wanted to arrest Fleur.

As always, your descriptions are amazing, and your writing really breathed life into the marketplace, and the deserted grandmother's house, and Bill's untidy kitchen. Scenes just jump casually to life when you write them, in so much detail, and you should be so proud of yourself, because that's an amazing skill you have.

Can;t wait for the next chapter, Laura! ♥


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Review #8, by teh tarikSweetheart Tom: Little Red Riding Hood

28th July 2015:

You have so many stories that I don't know what to do except I want to read them all (and also steal your skills. And your productivity omg)! But I promised I'd get to your creepy fairytale first so here I am. ♥ ♥

First, I LOVE all your stories because you're so ambitious with them; you've got such amazing ideas and plots and this AU plan of yours has got me so excited like I-don't-know-what. Plus fairytales. LOVE fairytales and fairytale retellings! And you've done an excellent job as usual with the detail and building up the setting of your story. The fairytale forest is creepy, but it definitely retains elements of the HP world, especially with references to hags and werewolves and water nixies and whatnot. Also, gah, your description! ♥ ♥ Your imagery is absolutely stunning and so vivid - especially the opening scene with moonlight and all.

Lit up by a sliver of moonlight, dappled by leaves, a patch of bluebells swayed and then crumbled as a paw and then another pressed over them.

Turning around slowly, scanning the woodland around her, eyes digging into the gloom to spot glimpses of flowers, bats winging overheard, leaves brushing as trees shook hands almost, and there Ė there, a hooded grey shape, boulder-like in the grass, but for the two gleaming circles which flashed out.

^ I think this has got to be my favourite piece of descriptive prose in this whole amazing chapter. It's so gorgeous, so vivid and also so terrifying.

OK, let me get to your actual characters, because there's so much I wanna gush about them. FLEUR! ♥ Your portrayal of Fleur is perfection. Strong, indignant, and haughty - you've pinned her characterisation perfectly! I love the brief mentions of her grandmother's character: she sounds absolutely fascinating, and I would love to see you develop more on Fleur's Veela heritage more, because this is something that isn't explored much in ff. AND Bill!!! Bill/Fleur is such an underrated pairing that deserves waaay more love. And your Bill is just like the Bill from the books. BUT COOLER because he has a large dog that may or may not be Sirius, depending on where you take this fairytale of yours. You know, if you did nothing else with the rest of this story except turn it into an extensive Bill/Fleur, I'd still read it and be hooked on it and love it. Because your Bill and Fleur are amazing and I can't wait to see how these two develop!

The last scene was creepy. o.O And the wolf...was a werewolf? I should have expected that, but I didn't. Great twist. Also, just having a thought: if Snuffles is Sirius, could the werewolf be Lupin?!?! ASKJALSJKA I MUST KNOW.

ANyway, since I've run out of different words for 'amazing', I'm going to leave this review here. I love the premise of this story, as you know by now, and I can't wait for the other characters to appear in all their creepy fairytale selves (Tom Riddle :P ). You're a fantastic writer, and I'm so happy to be back reading your work, Laura! ♥ ♥


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Review #9, by teh tarikThe Story of You: The Story of You

27th July 2015:
Sian! ♥

Muahaha I'm here to add to your unanswered reviews!!

That's pretty much all I can say because I'm still quite blown away by this story of yours. I should probably be catching up on Jigsaw but ughjkasdjadsl I never can resist an Albus/Gellert and I adore Laura's Albus/Gellert and NOW YOU'RE WRITING THEM TOO. ♥ ♥ Not to mention this is the first piece of fic I've read in some months (500 word oneshots don't count :P ) and I don't really know why I stopped in the first place.

Your writing is absolutely gorgeous, and oh my gosh I've missed it! You write second person POV and Albus's character with so much ease and this is so amazing. The second person definitely works with the introspective nature of both the story, and of Albus's character, especially after that traumatic summer of 1899. I love how you bring out all of Albus's fears and insecurities and flaws, all the things that humanise him, make him so much more relatable than he is in the books (in the books he's pretty much a superhero with magic :P ). I think you've written teenage Albus perfectly, as well as captured the enigma and the brilliance of Grindelwald so beautifully. It's easy to see why Albus is so dazzled by Gellert. You write their relationship with so much grace and so much insight, and gah, it's just painful to read because you know how it's going to end and then it ends just exactly as you knew how it was going to end and that makes it even more painful. *cries and rambles on forever*

And all the references to books, stories, writing!!! It got a little meta in some parts, and I LOVE it.


you stole the pen from Life and wrote the ending of the story yourself. as;dlka;slf

Time has taught you that it had to end, that it is better that it did Ė both for you and the world, because you shudder to think of what the two of you would have achieved had you actually carried out your plans together

^ SO TRUE. SO TRUE. I've always wondered what would have happened if Albus had gone dark and joined Gellert and both of them went on their world domination quest together. Um, maybe you could do AU?? *hint hint*

Perhaps, then, it is no surprise that when he was gone everything seemed just a few shades darker, as though his very presence had scorched your retinas and afterwards you were never able to see things the same way again.

^ The whole eclipse metaphor as;dk;alsfjkhkasd ♥

OK, I'm going to end my review here because I'm not saying much (I've totally forgotten how to say decent, sensible things in reviews. But I just wanna say, thank you for writing this, for doing this pairing so beautifully. This was such an amazing story to read after months of not reading. LAURA IS ONE LUCKY WOMAN.


Author's Response: Nicole! ♥

*hides because it took me about five months to reply to this review, and that's not the worst of it*

Ah, I'm so honoured that you chose to read this story after taking a few months away from reading fic, and that you liked this version of Albus/Gellert! I couldn't ever compete with Laura's or even compare in any way with her writing (or yours for that matter, my love!) but I'm really pleased that I didn't butcher them and you liked the story!

The second person here felt so natural for me, and it was one of those lucky moments when the words just work, if that makes sense? I can't imagine writing it with any other voice, because of the themes that it deals with and the way it kind of reaches out to the reader and Albus too. When I started writing it, I hadn't even decided on Albus as the protagonist, but there wasn't anyone who fit it as well as he could and it just felt natural to incorporate him into the story, either.

Gah, I'm so thrilled that you liked my characterisation of Albus here, and the flaws and insecurities that he has! I really wanted to capture his character well and I tried to put a lot of detail and thought into it so that he wouldn't come out as some terrible one-dimensional version of Albus Dumbledore. Of course, having read stories by Laura about him really helps (and I need to read yours, too!) I'm so glad that you liked the way that Gellert appears in the story too, and the way that he kind of blinds Albus to what is happening and what he's doing. Their relationship was so interesting and challenging to write at the same time, and I'm so pleased you liked the way I wrote it, even if I couldn't make it end happily (though I'm not sure I'd even have wanted to because you know how much I love angst and torturing fictional people).

SO META. But I'm so happy you liked the idea of using the references to books and stories and writing in this, I had so much fun doing it! ♥

No, bad Nicole, no encouraging me to write other stories that I don't have time for :P

Thank you so much for this review ♥ It means so much to me to get such fantastic compliments from an author like you and I'm so happy that you enjoyed the story!

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Review #10, by teh tarikGame On: Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff - Dojh167 - Hufflepuff

9th June 2015:
I must say I absolutely adored this! There are far too few Lee Jordan fics around, and Jordan's commentary in the books is one of my favourite thing about to read about the Quidditch matches. So thank you for writing this; you got Jordan's voice spot on. His boredom with the Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw match, and the way he starts spicing things up with his 'internal monologue'. :P And McGonagall's disapproving stare.

"Jordan takes possession of the Quidditch stands."

I laughed at this, and then the way he proceeds to commentate on the meeting of Cho and Cedric. And of course, that brilliant last line: One hundred and fifty points for Hufflepuff.

LOVE me some Cho/Cedric.

I'm so glad I had the chance to read this - this is fantastic! (I'm not supposed to take sides but you're doing a wonderful job for Hufflepuff!)


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Review #11, by teh tarikAll that Glitters : August 1979: In Blood

3rd June 2015:
Hello Zayne! I'm here for the May Review Exchange, and I'm so terribly sorry for being late with this. *hides*

Anyway, first, I'm so glad to see that you're working on this fic again! I remember reading the first few chapters more than a year ago, and reading the new revamped first chapter brought all those chills back. I think you've made this new version much darker than the old story, and I think it's a great choice, especially since this chapter is such a terrifying one.

I must say you really portrayed your main character's situation and her emotional state with so much detail; I kept wishing that there was way for her to turn back, to not choose the path that lay before her. There was a sense of horror but also despair as the chapter progressed, and I think the part where she began swearing the oath to Voldemort was such a tense, climactic and amazingly well-written moment of this chapter.

Goodness, Voldemort is terrifying! And true to his canon self. I really admire your characterisation here: how effortlessly evil your Voldemort appears to be. And of course, I love the introduction of your main character, tragic though her story may be. I want to find out her future choices, what sort of awful tasks she'll be forced to undertake as a Death Eater.

Also, this has got to be one of the best Death Eater initiation ceremonies that I've read about in fic! So many clever touches and details, e.g. Voldemort's use of Legilimency.

Anyway, this is a brilliant first chapter, Zayne! I really loved this and I hope to be able to read more soon. Great work, and I hope you continue to write and churn out these chapters! ♥


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Review #12, by teh tarikIn Fields of Poppies: The Poppies Blow

20th May 2015:
Hello Katie!

I've seen your story floating around and I've always been intrigued by the title and now I'm so pleased to finally have the chance to read it! And I must say I LOVE IT. I love this beginning; it's SUCH a wonderfully unique way to write Lily - at least I think it's Lily from this chapter. I love how you've brought in her Muggle father and grandfather! And the respective wars they fought in. Great differentiation between the wars - you really have an eye for detail and your descriptive writing was amazing. I shuddered a bit at the description of Lily's grandfather's experience in the trenches of World War I. Also, I love how you show that Lily is descended from a family of soldiers, and that she too is a fighter herself.

And gah, all those references to sounds and light and flashes - so awful!! :( :(

I must say I loved that last paragraph, and how you differentiated the characters from each other: how her grandfather went to war out of duty, her father out of honour, and she followed in their footsteps on moral grounds. Brilliant! This definitely sounds like Lily!

I know this is a really short chapter, but I must say this is such a promising introduction of Lily! Completely original and very wonderfully written!

More reviews to come as I make my way slowly through the chapters! ♥ Fabulous work, my dear!


Author's Response: Aaaah, finally responding to your review!

Thank you so much for this. It makes me smile every time!

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this! I was definitely aiming for unique, so it's always nice to hear that it's not just weird. :) The descriptive writing is always sort of a trick for me, and it's so nice to hear you think I'm doing it well! It's an especially kind compliment coming from you. :)

Thank you thank you thank you!

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Review #13, by teh tarikCity of Angels: City of Liars

19th May 2015:
I'm BACK. ♥

Such an amazing chapter I don't even know how to review??!!

Ooh, is this a manipulative side to COLIN CREEVEY? He's not only seeking the Book of the Dead, but he's also using an innocent Muggle (Kaitlyn) and playing on her feelings for Dennis to help him on his very weird quest!? Ooh, this is a side to Colin I've never seen before and omg I LOVE IT. I was always wondering for the last few chapters why Colin even cared about Kaitlyn. Well, now we know. o.O

By the way, I love that play on the old Ministry motto: Magic is sight.. Awesome!

And it was really great to see Pansy really stepping up and playing her part. Love how you've brought out all the Slytherin cunning in her. I love all the detail you've gone into with the Ministry politicians, and I love how well-written the discussion is. I could never write such difficult political meeting type scenes.

And Misty Waters is really intriguing as a character. I've forgot what exactly she's meant to be doing apart from tracking down Dennis Creevey...or Colin. But IIRC, I think she's somehow affiliated with the Underworld, which explains why she was so interested in the news of the incubus attack?

Fabulous chapter, Isobel! I can't wait for more. And it says that you've got *cough* a few more pre-written chapters? WHERE ARE THEY!!!

♥ ♥

(but I totally understand, I've got all the remaining chapters of TDC already written...but never posted up...because editing... *hides* )


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Review #14, by teh tarikCity of Angels: City of the Lost

17th May 2015:



I COULD HUG AND MARRY YOU FOR WRITING THROUGH THE POV OF DENNIS CREEVEY. Also, Dennis/Pansy. ♥ Dennis cracks me up, sitting on the toilet eating cheeseburger, then calling Pansy in the next room. And ooh, Pansy definitely chose the right identity to mask herself. It's so good to see these references to canon events, like Fleur being a Triwizard champion and all. I'm just trying to figure out what exactly Dennis plans to do in the Ministry.

Also, LOVED the underworld scene. Leviathans and Incubi and all! And this Dewey Morgan is such an intriguing character. So he set Colin free? Colin has the key to the book of the Dead? HOW?! And Death doesn't trust Hades? I love all these little pieces of story you hand out to your reader and I'm dying to know how they're connected. I love the details of your Underworld, how Viper dips his whip in the poisonous River Plethegon, and the broken Lift and everything.

asdaslkl;fks so in love with this story!! ♥ ♥

And I'm nearly caught up with it as well! Please do keep the chapters coming, lovely!


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Review #15, by teh tarikCity of Angels: City of Resurrection

27th April 2015:



I just haven't been reading much at all for months, and I'm slowly coming back to the archives, and trying to catch up on all my fave stories, and of course, this one here is one of my absolute favourites and I'm so happy to be back here reading about Dennis and Pansy and the whole complex supernatural-ish plot! ♥


AND THE BOOK OF THE DEAD ♥ ♥ Thank you for writing about the Book of the Dead. OOH I HOPE SOMEONE FINDS IT AND USES IT.

I think I can see the beginnings of Dennis/Pansy. There's enough friction between the two, that might possibly lead to something more down the road. Also, Dennis stealing her bobby pins made me giggle a bit. And Pansy feeling indignant and thinking that Creevey is her servant and should address her as Mistress Pansy. LOL SRSLY SHE DOESN'T THINK OF DENNIS AS ANYTHING MORE THAN A HOUSE ELF.

Yeah, Dennis/Pansy ♥ I love them already.

I can't wait to catch up on the next two chapters, lovely! You know I adore this story, and I hope you keep working on it. Hope RL isn't being nasty to you, and that people are decent to you and stuff. I love you and your writing and your wonderful plots, and I'm honestly so happy to be reading again. ♥



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Review #16, by teh tarikThe Fourth Daughter: The Christmas Gift

25th April 2015:
I, too, am SO glad that pompous, stuffy Whitaker is gone (for good, hopefully). UGH. Even if he really did earnestly try to find out the princesses' dancing secret, I doubt he would get close, given how interested he is in himself, and nothing and nobody else. And his view of the servants, and how being kind to them would mean lowering oneself to their level, or some awful stuff like that!

The rest of the chapter, after Whitaker, was fabulous. I LOVE the Christmassy atmosphere, the sweet heartwarming meeting and gift exchange between Godric and Dezzy (I would love to see these two have more scenes together! Though I know Dezzy won't be able to, not with Rowena watching her like a hawk). And the relaxed, cheerful scene between all the sisters, AND THE YUMMY CHRISTMAS DINNER FOOD. And old Rowena being a sourpuss as usual. On Christmas night as well! Bah, humbug to her. :P

Great chapter, Cassie! I'm so pleased I caught up with your fic at last. ♥ I'm also wondering how far into the story we are; are we approximately halfway or more/less? Awesome job; I've been following this fic for ages, and I've enjoyed every bit of it, along with the AU setting the characters so much.


Author's Response: Hi teh!
Yes, Whitaker is gone for good! But, unfortunately, there will be more suitors in the future... His view of the servants really is awful. I don't even want to think about the things he would say if he found out that Dezzy was in love with a stablehand!
The Christmas scenes were so much fun for me to write, even though it's a few months out of season! Haha. But I loved imaging such a fun, peaceful day for the girls, full of good food and laughter and time spent together. Plus, the gift exchange between Dezzy and Godric really made me smile while I was writing it.
I'm so glad you've read, reviewed, and thoroughly enjoyed every chapter of this story! It means so, so much to me! I really can't thank you enough! I'm honestly not sure how many chapters the story will be once it's complete... I post chapters as I write them, so I really can't say how long the story will end up being.
If you want a little something to tide you over until I update this, my one-shot Just A Governess is about Helga's friendship with Dezzy's mother :)
Thank you so much for the fantastic review, teh!
Cassie :)

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Review #17, by teh tarikThe Fourth Daughter: The First Suitor

24th April 2015:
Hi again Cassie!

I'm slowly making my way through the rest of your chapters! :D

Uh, skipping to Lord Whitaker, because he is such a bore bahaha! Some poor woman actually has to marry him? This is unjust. :P And I can't help feeling furious at the king and Aunt Rowena for subjecting them to so much stress and inflicting all these suitors on them. I'm pretty sure more undesirable suitors will show up...sometime. :P

I absolutely love the enchanted forest and the pavilion scene. Some of your descriptions were beautiful. I loved the images of crystal flowers and gold fish swimming beneath the bridge. If you could add even more description to the whole scene, that would be great, because you've got such a mysterious and beautiful setting to develop. And ah, Salazar is as unreadable and as unsettling as ever.

I'm still wondering what is his game. I'm definitely more of a Dezzy/Godric shipper than a Dezzy/Salazar. :P

Such a lovely chapter, Cassie! ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh!
Lord Whitaker is definitely not the most attractive guy in any sense of the word. I feel bad for the poor woman who actually end up with him, too! As for the king and Aunt Rowena, their both a bit blinded by their feelings (must run in the family!), and can't really see how miserable this whole plan is making the girls.
I'm so glad you liked the pavilion scene in this. I'm really trying to keep the magic alive, especially since we're twenty-some chapters into the story by now. Oh, Salazar... He's nothing if not mysterious.
I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you for stopping by this story once again!
Cassie :)

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Review #18, by teh tarikThe Fourth Daughter: The Moment of Peace

21st April 2015:
Hi Cassie! ♥

I am so back to reading this story! I'm sorry it's taken me ages, and I had to re-read the last chapter to remember where things were at. But I'm so glad to be back in the lives of Dezzy and Godric and Mistress Helga and all the other dancing princesses.

Oh my goodness, this chapter! The Dezzy/Godric ship has finally come to town and I love it. These two are so sweet together. ADORABLE. LOVE their conversation, and their confession of feelings for each other; I thought you wrote all of that so beautifully, and I'm hoping to see lots and lots more of these two together.

I also love the fact that despite Dezzy/Godric being slowly realised, you haven't forgotten about the other girls, and Dezzy's relationship with her sisters. The way the sisters treat each other is such a big part of this story, and I'm glad that Dezzy is receiving so much support from them! I also love the development of Addie's character with that bit of heartfelt conversation between Dezzy and Addie.

This chapter ends on such a wonderfully positive note! I loved this, and I'm so glad to be reading this story again. ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh! It's so lovely to see you back here again!
Yay Dezzy/Godric! I love writing them because it's just so fluffy and cute and romantic. And a nice break from all the drama happening in the rest of Dezzy's life! I'm so glad that you liked the way they confessed their feelings for each other, too. Dezzy has never really talked to men before, let alone fallen in love, so it takes her a while to figure out her feelings, and she honestly has no idea what she's doing when she tells Godric.
That moment at the end of the chapter with Dezzy and Addie was also very fun to write. Addie always has to be so stern and maternal, that I thought this would be a good chance for her to be more vulnerable and have Dezzy to lean on.
I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you for the sweet review!!!
Cassie :)

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Review #19, by teh tarikSirius Ate My Homework: Did you say that you ate my homework?

5th April 2015:
Hi Tammi!

A few weeks ago, you left a very lovely review for a certain person called rennycake, and now I'm returning the favour on renny's behalf. So I decided to stop by your page and read and review this story!

I must say I was giggling throughout the story! I love your humorous depiction of the Marauders, and I think their characterisations are perfect, and the way they interact with each other is amazing. I thought it was a very wonderful play on that old 'dog ate my homework' cliche, and I love how you put a Marauders' spin on that old excuse.

Urrgghh James pulling out a slimy, saliva-saturated ball of homework that Sirius vomited up. And Sirius retaliating in the worst possible way, by blaming James on how bad the parchment tasted. Absolutely hilarious!

Also love Remus and Sirius's interactions with each oher. Remus threatening to get Sirius a flea collar made me snort way too hard. And Remus telling James not to hurt Sirius's face too much otherwise he would be whining the whole night!!

LOVE all the dynamics here, like I said, I think you've written the Marauders wonderfully!

And hurrah for McGonagall believing James! McGonagall can certainly sense the truth when it's given, no matter how impossible it sounds. :P

This was a lovely, light read, Tammi! I loved this, and I love the way you write humour! Great work. :)


Author's Response: Hey teh!!

Awww you're welcome! Haha

Thank you so much :D I love writing Sirius with dog traits, it's so much fun to do :D

I know! that part grossed me out a little, especially when he throws it and it sticks to the wall. Haha.

Remus and Sirius :D They're just love!

Haha thank you so so much! You're amazing!

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Review #20, by teh tarikSilent Rumors: A Letter

4th April 2015:
Hi there! Some weeks ago you left a review for a certain someone who goes by the name of rennycake, and I want to thank you very much for your kind review and to apologise for wasting your time *hides*. So I decided to stop by your AP and read and review something of yours in return!

I must say, I'm so happy to read a story about Ernie Macmillan. I lov eminor characters, and I like how you've set him up in this opening chapter. It's a great start, and I can totally envision him trying to manage his business, working late into the night.

That mysterious note was so unsettling, and the DA seal only made me very intrigued. I also love mystery, and this chapter has got me thinking about all sorts of possibilities. Has a former DA member gone rogue and is targeting Ernie? What did Ernie do? It really is hard to imagine anyone having a grudge on him...

Anyway, fantastic start! Love how unsettling everything is, even that small shadow moving across the lawn. I hope you continue this and update soon; I'm looking forward to read the next chapter.


Author's Response: Hi Teh,

I still can't believe Renny wasn't real, but truthfully I'm kind of glad and relieved that she wasn't. She was kind of annoying, but I was trying so hard to be nice because I thought she was a very young high school girl...and I just can't be mean to a child.

I love minor characters too! Every single one-shot and short story that I've written so far revolves around a completely different character and most of them are minor ones!

Mystery and suspense are some of my favorite genres to write, so I'm happy that you think I'm doing well at it!

In regards to who sent the letter to Ernie, I think its quite a surprise when you actually find out, although you won't find out in this particular story. This is a prequel to my WIP novel Atonement Is Coming which really delves into this theme!

Thank you for the lovely review! And thank you for not making me have to be nice to Renny anymore! :D


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Review #21, by teh tarik'Eyes' with an 'L': Boom

30th January 2015:

I love this. LOVE THIS TO BITS. THIS is how I'll always see Lily Evans. Thanks for the new headcanon. :D All the careful details you wrote about signing and the cochlear implant and how Lily prefers sign to Hearing...ugh that was just so perfect. And of course, you being you, you fitted everything perfectly into the context of the wizarding world.

All your characters are perfectly written as usual, even Petunia, who only shows up a couple of times and yet Im so fascinated by her. And Lily's mother. And of course, the relationship between Lily and Sev. I don't really care much about Severus/Lily, but this is an amazing way to write these two characters. LOVE your interpretation of them, and how Sign becomes their own personal language to communicate with each other.

This is fab, as are all your stories! ♥ Thank you for writing this.


Author's Response: Ah! Thank you! Ah!

I was so excited to get this prompt, because I happened to be taking an ASL and Deaf Studies class at the time! It was such a cool way to subtly weave in all the cultural stuff I'd learned :)

Fitting it into canon was SUCH a struggle, but that actually turned out to be a good thing, because otherwise, there wouldn't have been any Plot! It was through resolving with canon that I had to make a plot, so yay for that!

I definitely don't Ship Snily, but it is an interesting dynamic. Also, I have super complicated Snape feelings, which are very much in here. He's like, sort of sweet and tragic and troubled and petty and messed up and on.

Thank you so much for this lovely review and all your kind words!


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Review #22, by teh tarikThe Cat Turned Werewolf: This Can't Be Happening; It Already Happened

17th January 2015:
Hi Freda or Georgina! Happy Hot Seat Day! :)

I love reading fics about the Patil twins, and I've never come across one with Padma Patil as a werewolf. This is so original and I really loved this; I also love the relationship between the Patils, and I hope you write more of them in the future? It's really horrible what happened to Padma, being attacked by Greyback, and you've shown such a brave side to her; she's come to terms with her fate, and though inexperienced, she bravely does what has to be done (even though chaining herself to the hospital bed is hardly the wisest thing to do). The appearance of Snape was a major surprise! And a great one too. I loved how he turned up with wolfsbane. He may be such a cold and sometimes twisted character, but there's some decency in him.

This is a great fic, and I really enjoyed this.


Author's Response: Hey teh!

We signed up for the lycanthropy challenge and were given a character (Padma Patil) to write as a werewolf while keeping it canon. I like that you loved their relationship but as of now we don't have any plans for them, but who knows. The way I saw Padma was a matter of fact girl; I need a date, I'll go with the guy Paravati set me up with. I want to dance, my date won't dance, I'll find a new date. As for chaining herself to the bed, I figured it would be the most logical thing to do from the perspective of someone who does not know about the shrieking shack. Good, you didn't see Snape coming, I wanted to show him in the seventh book as a top-class actor, making sure these kids stay (relatively) safe while at the same time not appearing to care.

Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #23, by teh tarikWinter's Embrace: Winter's Embrace

15th January 2015:
Hi Ellie! Happy belated Hot Seat day! :)

OK, I love Lavender stories, so I'm so pleased to see one on your page. :) Aww, poor Lavender. You've really portrayed her as such a desolate character, embittered by her situation and never really able to get over the trauma of the war. Not just that, but she doesn't seem able to let go of much of the past, even the whole relationship with Ron and her childhood dislike of Lavender. I felt sorry for her here. I like how much detail you went into to portray her complex emotional state, and how you didn't shy away from writing her pain and anger.

The violin and Vivaldi's 'Winter' was a nice touch! Definitely gave your story a more personal and very original touch. I've never read a fic with Lavender displaying any talent in music at all, so this was lovely. I'm glad that her violin does provide her with some reprieve from the torment of her daily life, if only for a few minutes. If I were her, I'd probably be plaing every day for as long as I can.

Also, I love Vivaldi's 'Winter'! That's got to be my favourite part of the Four Seasons. :) And I love the way you incorporated the tone and atmosphere of the song into your fic.

Great work, Ellie! I really enjoyed this lovely one-shot of yours. :)


Author's Response: Hey teh!

Thanks so much for getting over to review. I know everyone is short on time. I'm always behind with hot seat and my review thread and I'm sure you have better things you could be doing than reading my ramblings =)

This one was a prompt by luvinpadfoot and tbh when I read it I thought I was going to have so much trouble with this one, but then I sat down and started writing it and it all just poured out in about an hour. =)

Thanks so much for reviewing!


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Review #24, by teh tarikEffortlessly Dead: Death Comes Calling

15th January 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review. :) I've heard so much about this story, so I'm really excited to finally be reading this!

So, OK, this is such an amazing chapter! Even though it's the first one, I love how you plunge straight into the action and establish that sense of mystery right from the onset. The first section was so chilling to read from the assassin's perspective. And And I like how all that action and the murder that is about to take place is foreshadowed in the cat playing with its food.

Your characters are an interesting bunch. I enjoyed reading the little tidbits of info you dropped in about Galen, about his homelife and background and such. I'm keen to find out more about him. I also love that your characters work in the morgue! I have a fascination with reading morgue scenes in fic, and yours was so detailed and so chilling. I love this idea about a group of magical assassins called the Shrikes. There's so much mystery about them an their methods and history and I honestly can't wait to find out more.

This is a fantastic start; great work, and I can't wait to read on. :)


Author's Response: Hey teh! I'm glad you decided to check this story out!

Thanks for your compliments! That seemed like the perfect way to start this story and I'm glad you liked it!

I'm also glad you like the characters! OCs are always a risky business because there's no telling whether or not the readers will like them. Hopefully you'll still like Galen after you find out more about him. :p It seems like making him work in the morgue was the right decision although I'm a little surprised you found it so detailed because I didn't purposefully make it that way. Still, I'm glad to hear that!

The Shrikes are the reason I started writing this story so it makes me so happy you're intrigued by them! I hope the rest of the story will be your satisfaction!

Thanks again for reviewing!

- Emmi

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Review #25, by teh tarikInsane like me: The First Straw

14th January 2015:
Hello! I love Ariana stories and couldn't resist stopping by. toomanycurls spoke very highly of this fic and so I just had to read.

I must say this was absolutely heartbreaking. You've written Ariana so well, and I love your interpretation of that awful, traumatic childhood incident that pretty much destroyed the Dumbledore family. It was hard to read because I felt so deeply for her; there was so much innocence and fragility about her, and the end paragraph was absolutely chilling. I think the scene with her lying motionless on the gground and her brothers running toward her...that pretty much gave me a pretty hard punch in the feels.

Your writing is so descriptive and detailed, and I really enjoyed reading this story. Thank you for writing this. :)


Author's Response: Thank-you so much, I hope i can continue to please and surprise you

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