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Review #1, by starsoph8A Bottle Full of Love: Truth be told

27th August 2013:

Author's Response: the next chapter is in validation now, and should be up very soon!!
SlightObsession xx

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Review #2, by starsoph8The Hoax: Chapter 34

13th August 2013:
Where are the rest of the chapters?! I have been waiting for ages but there haven't been any! :(

Author's Response: I am soo deeply sorry for the looonng hiatus I took. The next, which is the last, chapter is validating right now so hopefully it'll be up soon. :) sorry for making you wait so much.

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Review #3, by starsoph8Unknown love: Scheming

12th August 2013:

Author's Response: Thank you so much :') this just made my day!

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Review #4, by starsoph8A Bottle Full of Love: The Trial p2 + the awekening

11th July 2013:
Too many plot twists :O I never know what's coming next! Keep writing amazingly :)

Author's Response: You can never have to many plot twists! XD Thankyou, and I will do :p

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Review #5, by starsoph8A Bottle Full of Love: Books

23rd May 2013:
Thank you for doing three chapters in a row!!! That was a nice suprise ;)
OMG HOW COULD YOU BREAK THEM UP THEN MAKE THEM SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN ON VALENTINES DAY?! Sorry had to get it out...hehe you're writing is so good! As I have said numerous times keep writing! ;D

Author's Response: Because...because i needed them to do it XD to excite the story up a bit, and then making them see each other on Valentines day, is pure evil, its Slytherin-like ( even though im a Gryffindor...). Thankyou so much for the compliments, and of course, i will carry on writing!
I have a couple of one-shot ideas sprouted from this story, so when this is done, im sure i will write them!
SlightObession xx

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Review #6, by starsoph8A Bottle Full of Love: What the hell?

5th May 2013:
I thought that doing it was a bit much, but I guess it was inevitable. I really like you story and the way you write it, and I also like how you have music quotes at the top. Keep writing because I have subscribed and NEED TO READ MORE!! Haha lol thanks :)

Author's Response: Doing what was a bit much? :l
Thank you so much, i hope its not the same as every other one on here! I put the music quotes on, because i like giving little hints into what the chapter holds XD im hopefully putting CH15 on today or tomorrow! Thankyou!
SlightObession x

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Review #7, by starsoph8A Bottle Full of Love: Bloody noses.

21st April 2013:
hello I think your story is really interesting but, it seems a little too perfect between hermione and draco, dont you think? There should be a fight between them or something major to mess up the relationship. And you kind of dismissed Ron a bit-he should add some drama! Im only saying this critical stuff because you work's really good! Thanks :)

Author's Response: Its all coming up, i actually have something planned between them that's coming up soon, that's why i was doing this, but you busted me >.< and there is Ron drama coming up aswell, ahh, this was all planned, and bum, its out in the open, thanks for reviewing x

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Review #8, by starsoph8Still Delicate: Epilogue

10th April 2013:
Wow you're so good. Thank you for getting them back together :) I am now officially a Scorpius Rose shipper. Keep writing coz you're amazing :D

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Review #9, by starsoph8Delicate: The Perfect Idiot

4th April 2013:
Wow this story is sooo amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. If it had to be improved, I think Rose's personality is a bit OTT, I don't like it that she gets so angry all the time! haha anything thank you for writing!!

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Review #10, by starsoph8The Hoax: Chapter 28

21st November 2012:
You're story is so great and original! I can't stop reading it-i get so excited when I reading another chapter. After I've finished this story I'll read all of your other ones. I'm not exaggerating-you are a talented writer so keep writing

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