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Review #1, by Lady AsphodelThe Next Great Adventure: Chapter 6: A Pitch Black Dungeon

1st May 2017:
Man... this was intense. Feel like I stepped into a horror scene. I'm really getting the sense of danger and thrill in this scene where describe Harry chasing after the echoing cruel laughter. Whenever it comes to Bellatrix, she really knows how to stir a boiling pot, which you did very well describing here. She's not even trying, but Harry's ready to curse her to oblivion. She definitely left scars on Dobby and Harry, but Dobby managed to keep Harry from making the biggest mistake... ever or his afterlife if I must say.

I love how Dobby's words in terms of him reminding Harry of the type of person he is and it was enough to get through to him. Despite the pain Bellatrix caused them both - and still continues.

She is definitely not easy to walk away from. She's yanking on Harry's strings... really getting under his skin. Yeah, as I expected, she wasn't going let him walk away that easily.

This sent a chill through me. Dobby was surprised to see Harry smiling, even if it didn’t extend to his eyes.

The conclusion of this chapter was brilliant! Will she come back? That is an interesting question, and I feel that she may make an appearance again. If so, I look forward to it! See what Harry and Dobby will do then.

- LA

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Review #2, by Lady AsphodelThe Next Great Adventure: Chapter 5: Worry

30th April 2017:
Hey Kaitlin! I know I read your chapters before, but I decided while I have the chance to just leave reviews (like I should have.)

So, I'm doing a refresher here. :P

I can feel the anxiety rolling off everyone waiting for Harry, especially with Lily - because she's mom.

The part where Sirius is bitter for not being chosen to retrieve Harry is such a great perspective of Lily's feelings regarding to Sirius, like I can feel what things were like when they were alive and during their school days. This scene, I'd definitely consider as canon.

I'm mildly surprised by James response to Sirius as well. It's pretty wise, and I guess it could be due to being around Lily, which I imagined, changed his character considerably. When it comes to Lily, all bets are off really, so... I can't say that I don't like it - haha. It brings my feelings or my headcanon in regards to my one-shot 'Sweet Sorrow.' And the way how you portray James here as how I see him to be.

It's good that Remus and Tonks were able to give them some news that relieved some of their fears. The seeing how much they - particularly James and Lily rely on Dumbledore so much in the afterlife reiterates how everyone relied on him so much during their time when they were alive. They assumed he knew so much and that he could just lead them out of dark tunnels... not really understanding that Albus himself is every bit as human as they are, and it's such a weight that was placed on his shoulders is too great to carry.

Wow... Harry have to face Voldemort again? Mm... I'm really interested if it'll be the case. Omg... It just occured to me... he'd be like defying Voldemort 3 times... like James and Lily did that was mentioned in the prophesy... or was that twice? I'm really out-of-touch with HP right now - forgive me. I might be wrong.

Yes, Sirius, have more faith in our Dobby. I never thought of him doing more for others than besides Harry - which is a really good point I'd like to consider as canon. So yeah, Harry is definitely in good hands.

Man, you're making me fall in love with James more than ever. The last statement by him - oh my heart! I love this! This was a really good chapter!

- LA

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Review #3, by Lady AsphodelGetting Sorted: In the Slytherin Common Room

28th April 2017:
I love how in-character you are with the sorting hat. I can imagine his voice and how he talks to Albus, trying to understand his mind and his line of thinking. It helped me as a reader to know what type of person Albus is in your story.

You wrote Albus' nervousness well here too, as he's waiting to see where he will be placed. Despite the reassurances from his dad about being in Slytherin, he still doesn't quite want to go there, but kind of funny that he ends up there anyway.

And then the whole attention Albus gained from being in Slytherin. I would have imagined that not only what he get the unwanted attention from his own housemates but from the students in the other houses as well. It can be implied of course, but I see you're just focusing on Albus in regards to being in the house of snakes. Even though he seeks not necessarily comfort, but... some sense of belonging with Rose and of those who know of, it still doesn't help him much. It's good that he does have someone in Slytherin, Louis. I like how he brought Albus out of his... comfort zone by inviting him to play chess despite that Albus didn't think it was a good idea.

It's a very interesting and cool way how it helped Albus get used to being a Slytherin and getting along with the other Slytherins. Even though their attention was on the chess game, just like Louis said they would, and they were focused on helping Albus win, it still forms an establishment between them, which everyone needs, and I'm happy Albus found his place among the snakes.

Good job writing this one-shot!

(Attack: CTF Gryffindor)

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Review #4, by Lady AsphodelTeddy's First Letter From Hogwarts: An Important Question

28th April 2017:
Haha - the ending where Teddy names all the names he wanted Harry to say hi to until he realized that there were too many to name had me laugh. That was good.

So this is about Teddy's beginning his little journey at Hogwarts now. I imagine Hufflepuff is another good house - similar to Gryffindor, but like Teddy said more 'cozier' - I mean - I wouldn't know because we don't really know it in the books or movies... unless you go to Pottermore... well, that only leaves me - hehe. I'm sure though that Harry won't be disappointed at all of Teddy being a badger.

Five Harrys, huh? That's funny and cute too. That is something cool that you added in there because naturally, there are schools, and sometimes even in classes, where you have students who share the same name.

I love that Teddy defended the students who have Death Eaters for parents, and interesting name you created for the kids... it is mean and I imagine something like that happening to those kids, even though like Teddy said, it isn't their fault that their parents chose to serve Voldemort, and he used a perfecr example of using his grandmother.

Aw - it's good and sad that you mentioned how Teddy would be bothered by his parents' death taking place where he has to go to school - even though a little bit. Even if he didn't get to know them, it's still unsettling. And he's worried about being where they died. Aw. So sad.

But I can see that Teddy is enjoying himself and he assures Harry in his letter - try to tell him not to worry about him.

So yeah, this was a really nice one-shot!

(Attack - CTF: Gryffindor)

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Review #5, by Lady AsphodelNym: Into Focus

28th April 2017:
I believe this is my first time reading a Charlie/Tonks implied story. While I am aware of this ship, I never really have much thought to it until now. It's really interesting to see how Charlie still had feelings for Tonks even though he left her without consideration. To be honest, I didn't realize Nym is shortened of Nymphadora, so I was incredibly slow in who the girl was. I thought when I read the summary and the ship list, that she was really an OC. I should have realized from the moment you mentioned pink hair - like a-duh. *Laughs* Anyways, back to the story. This was really good. Really helped me to see his feelings for Tonks, and I enjoyed their banter. It's so nice how even after the distance between them, that she was able to tell something was bothering Charlie. And then when he notices the ring, he's heartbroken because she's taken. But I get the feeling from the anger in her voice or the defensiveness of it... (Now that I know who Nym really is) is that she thought that Charlie might be upset with Tonks being with Remus because he's older and a lycan. I still felt Charlie's heartbreak, even though canon-ly, I ship Tonks with Remus. It's so sad to read of how he came across her body, that he loss her to the battle, but even moreso that she died without knowing that he loved her. It really hit deep with me. This was really good AU, and you wrote this incredibly well.

(Attack for CTF: Gryffindor)

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review. I wrote this quite a long time ago and kind of forget about it to be honest, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. One day I'd like to come back to Tonks and Charlie because I think there's a lot of potential there xx

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Review #6, by Lady AsphodelPeriphery: Introduction

20th April 2017:
This chapter was so amazing! Just from the description alone and the way how you write it.. it's like a self-monologue but in narration - which you did incredible with its delivery. I love how you described the scene that Chloe is in. I can see it so perfectly. I think that Chapter Image helps, but still - you set the tone clearly. I love practically every description of this - from the way how you described the cold, the height of the church, the distance from how far she can see it and the people who walks toward it. Then the feeling of sadness and anxiety due to the loss of James and Lily and Marlene.

It's so sad to know that Chloe's mother is suffering what it seems to be Alzheimer’s. I know personally what that is like and it's a difficult situation for anyone.

The scene where she reads Sirius' letter was definitely chilling. I like how you described what the letter looked like. Giving more to the dark tone of the story. It was short and straight to the point but definitely sad. And it's sad that she had to keep from her mother - and keeping up pretenses.

I've grown to like Marauder era stories, but I never really took the time to seek out and read it personally. But I'm glad I gotten the chance to read this. This is very interesting and I'll add this to my reading list.

Very incredible writing! Good job!

CTF (Gryffindor)

- LA

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for leaving a review. This is my first instance of including an introduction/first chapter that goes out of chronological order and I think it works well here. I really wanted people to know that this is going to be an AU story (exactly how much I diverge remains to be seen) and so little hints here and there, like Marlene dying after Lily and James, and Sirius not being in Azkaban yet, were important. I hope they served well to pull the reader in!

Ugh, yes, the Alzheimer's is not going to be fun to write about. It runs in my family and is a really difficult subject, but it just seemed like something I had to include here.

The letter from Sirius says so much about their relationship at this point. I won't give too much away, but it's curt, and harsh, and without thought as to how this kind of news would devastate Chloe. And that's all I'll say right now ;)

I'm glad I've won you over to a Marauders-era fic! I've started (and not finished) two before this, and I think it was my decision to diverge from canon that makes this story seem more doable. I hope you stick around!

Thanks so much ♥

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Review #7, by Lady AsphodelEnchanted: The Future

9th April 2017:
Haha! Too cute! Having Ciaran wake up Louis was great! He’s pouty in return, even though he keeps being reminded that he be up at ungodly hours as well. I feel Ciaran’s excitement when he tries to get Louis to wake up. Then it was cute how Louis use Ciaran as his pillow – and then he realizes that they’re watching the sun rise! That is so sweet! Too sweet for words. I love how you added humor too – that Louis forgives CJ (I actually like the nickname there) and how Ciaran wasn’t going to do that again because he’s never done it before – and I take it that he’s not a morning person.

Aw, even though Louis was upset with his brother with trying to get him into Art school, I couldn’t help but laugh when he said he’ll make him pay along with Ciaran’s help because he’s so good at it. I love how you expressed both of their insecurities. At first with Louis fear of change and losing CJ, but Ciaran managed to convince him to go anyway. But Ciaran was afraid of Louis running back to Ellis again, but he managed to qualm his fear. These two characters are slowly becoming a part of my ship list at this rate. CJ finally said the L word to Louis! Like both of them, I was caught off guard by it – even though I was waiting for this moment. It’s so lovely that CJ said with and without his glasses. Yay! Finally! I’m normally not a romantic person, but the way how you write them is just so special that I can’t help but love them. It’s good that they agreed to go to school pursuing their own at the end! Each chapter is just keeps getting more awesome as I go on!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak)

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Review #8, by Lady AsphodelEnchanted: Experiences

9th April 2017:
Oh wow! Magic glasses! Incredible! Yeah – I’m so happy Ciaran! I kind of wondered in the previous chapter if Louis’ surprise was to help Ciaran be able to see, but this chapter answer my question. Magical glasses still a pretty unique idea here – if what he sees is an illusion. I have to applaud you again on your amazing story-telling. Ciaran was so adorable being all pouty when he wanted so badly to know the surprise. The interaction between him and Louis gets more adorable by the scene… and even shorter than that! It’s great that Louis was even able to get his idea to become real for Ciaran. I’m enjoying how their affections for each other deepened! I’m glad – like Louis – that despite that Ciaran actually haven’t said ‘I love you,’ back to him – he asked that he did anyway? And Ciaran said yes! I can feel the wonder and excitement from both of them now that they’re walking in a new territory with Ciaran ‘technically’ being able to see.

I found it funny that Jack didn’t think nothing of it when he saw Ciaran with glasses. But him and the others soon discover that he can see. It must be an incredibly marvelous ‘experience’ (get it?) for Ciaran to able to see the world, his boyfriend and his friends. It’s great that they’re eager to teach Ciaran things that he couldn’t learn due to his disability. I truly hope he does learn to able to say ‘I love you to Ciaran and get his friends together.

Beautiful chapter! Really made me happy!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak)

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Review #9, by Lady AsphodelEnchanted: Feeling Rather Than Seeing

9th April 2017:
This is beautiful! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more amazing than the previous chapters… it does!

Reading in Ciaran’s point-of-view really paints the world for me as a reader. He can’t see, yet he’s able to imagine and describe what is happening before him. Like how he describes Louis actions from just physical movement, to thinking of his facial expression and his emotions from his words. He does already what Louis tells him to do – is just to feel. So – your reliance on complete feelings and emotions just makes this story all the more wonderful and the love interaction between Louis and Ciaran more awesome! It’s genius!

"Whoa, this is soft," he says, surprised. "This room is good."

"You mean, you didn't test it out before you brought me here?" I joke.

"No," Louis gasps, sounding as though he's offended by my fake accusation.

I had to laugh at that! I just love the way how the tease each other.

It’s so sweet that Ciaran has gotten comfortable enough with Louis that he doesn’t mind his stares. Bringing point of him being
openly nude in front of him.

Louis has one too many surprises up his sleeve. I wonder what he has in mind now… I like how Ciaran keeps trying to threaten him to spill, but Louis manages to keep Ciaran on his toes.

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak!)

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Review #10, by Lady AsphodelEnchanted: Broken

9th April 2017:
Aw, so sweet! I love this line:

That's what we all seem to be, fragile creatures kidding themselves into thinking they're stronger than they really are. We were made to be broken. We're only human.

I have to admit, I was quite… disoriented from reading such a happy scenario in 27, only to come back to this chapter and I’m reading that Ciaran wants to break up with Louis… I’m like what in the world happen?! *Laughs*

The way how you portray the emotions are so vivid and real! I feel my own heart breaking just reading how down Ciaran is and how it tears at him of the thought of breaking up with Louis. I feel Louis heart-break as well since he’s wondering how come Ciaran is distancing himself from him.

I understand how words of others can affect a person, especially of those in a relationship, so it’s even more understandable that Ciaran already doesn’t like relying or feel like he’s holding someone back, so he thought he was doing the right thing by trying to break it off with Louis. Most of all, I agree with Louis, it’s really up to him for wanting to be his helping hand. His grandmother had no right in being that judgmental. I’m glad he was able to get through to Ciaran.

I can see from both chapters… they’re both stubborn when it comes to trying to talk it out, but as I know in the next chapter that they’re already working in that area.
I love how the way you concluded the chapter too the way how you began the chapter – that they were broken! This was a really good chapter!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak!)

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Review #11, by Lady AsphodelEnchanted: Accept, Adapt and Move On

9th April 2017:
(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak!)

I feel all mushy inside. This was so romantic!

It's good that Ciaran was able to get Louis to open up to him despite how much Louis tried to distract him from the subject or just being stubborn in not talking about it. Stupid Ellis for breaking his heart. (Oh and how does our Ciaran know of Ellis by the way, hm?) Seeing that Loius needed to get that off his chest was what he really needed and Ciaran.

It's awesome when you have sibling support - like with Victoire and Dominique. I'm a big fan of that, so it's great reading how they helped Louis through the hardest time of his life.

The part where Louis takes Ciaran to the Room of Requirement and with the bed coming with the room made me laugh. I'm glad though that he wasn't trying to get Ciaran in bed - a least right away.

You describing the meal they ate, made me hungry - seeing as I haven't ate yet. But it sounds good and I can imagine it quite well!

In conclusion, I enjoyed reading the interaction between Louis and Ciaran. Two pretty cool characters, and seem amazing together! Also, I love the way how you wrote this. It's so... matter-of-fact, yet you still manage to get the emotions and atmosphere of the scenes across through Ciaran's point-of-view.

Amazing! I really enjoyed reading this chapter!

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Review #12, by Lady AsphodelStuck in the Middle: Who are You and What are You Doing in my Brother's Bedroom?

8th April 2017:
(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak)

I can understand how James and the Potter clan have to be careful when it comes to like outsiders. Never know when they're like a reporter, or trying to use them or something.

Siblings are always a pain in the butt, and I can see that of Lily. She's pretty funny though. I've come to really like her as a next-gen Character, and I'll even go as far to say she's my favorite. She reminds me of when I was in a relation and my little sister was practically all in my business and sharing it with those (like our mother for example) that have no specific rights to know - you know what I mean. Oh and the time where she told my crush that I liked him even though he's way practically in his teens and I was a kid, so that was totally embarrassing. I see Lily has no problem embarrassing James and even Albus (I don't know.) As I imagine most siblings are like that.

It's pretty cool that James' family didn't act awkward towards the mention of gay and James 'possibly' being gay. In fact they seem to be pretty accepting people and I can imagine how they'll get along with Oliver.

Oliver is cute! He's so cheeky! I already like him! Especially the ending - where he mentions to James about not correcting Albus being more than a 'friend,' and then James blushing and all. Oliver seems to know his stance, but I see James still needs time to figure it out.

This was a pretty nice chapter!

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Review #13, by Lady AsphodelChild of the Hunt: The Journey Begins: Torn Between Two Worlds

8th April 2017:
(CTF: Gryffindor)

I can still enjoy this chapter, even though I haven't started from the beginning.

I've said this many times before, but your way with words is downright marvelous and inspire-worthy. I love how you describe how Alex and co had to go fly through a storm. You did excellent in capturing the details to Hogwarts to a character who's new to the school.

I'm even awed by how you compared the difference between American Magical and British Magical cultures. I wonder what happened for Voldemort to attack her and the school. I feel bad that there were casualties and that Alex lost her mother. It's good though that her mother manage to keep Alex safe as much as possible.

You did very well in describing how Alex feels adapting to a new environment. The song sung by the hat is awesome, and Alex is a lion! Yay~ (Excuse my bias :P)

I wonder how well Alex well she'll get to being around different students and teachers. Having to live a total different way as a student herself.

I wonder what's Snape deal is with Alex too.

Another thing I love about this is how you flawlessly maintained the voices of the characters, especially Dumbledore and McGonagall, who are two of the hardest characters for me to write.

I found it amusing how Alex wanted Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. It's great that she was able to prove to McGonagall that Alex is capable of being in her class.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful chapter! I enjoyed reading this!

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Review #14, by Lady AsphodelTo Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : Peter Pettigrew's Potential Problem

8th April 2017:
It must be weird for Hermione to go to Slughorn's party with a new group of friends, but it's good still the group had a little fun.

I had to laugh at James and Sirius antics because of their 'dating.' Really funny!

I never thought that Peter was trying to be recruited from way then, but I totally forgot, in canon they Marauders and Lily were young. The movie actors can really get in the way of the image of how the characters are in the books. So it does make sense that Severus (and other Slytherins?) would try to pressure Peter to joining Lord Voldemort from like their seventh year, since James and Lily were like 20 when they had Harry.

It is interesting that instead of approaching Sirius, who's part of a family who serves Voldemort, that Snape went to Peter instead.

It's good though with Hermione's help and influence that she's trying to keep Peter from going down that same road.

Though sadly, it doesn't stop Sirius from worrying that he may lose Hermione to Peter. Another interesting idea you have here. Where he could be worried about losing her to his other favorable friends, you had him jealous of Peter - a really unique idea here indeed.

Ah James! Though, I can understand that because the Marauders were quite comfortable with Lily and Hermione that he would be comfortable enough to the point where he exposed Remus' secret.

It's great though that Remus was still able to share his secret with Hermione and Lily. And it's good that James, Sirius, and Peter get to to share their secret as well. Lily and Hermione (even though she was completely aware of that knowledge) were understanding of why they kept that all a secret. It's lovely that they even bonded over it too.

It'll be interesting how Hermione will be when she stays over with James and Sirius at the Potters. It is weird indeed... I imagine she never thought she meet Harry's grandparents, let alone his parents as well.

Very nice writing! I enjoyed reading this!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak)

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Review #15, by Lady AsphodelTo Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : Meet the Marauders

8th April 2017:
You did really well with describing Hermione's nervousness being at Kings Cross. A neat thing you have here - which I really like - is how you describe the fashion style from the 70's. Many would miss that point when writing for this time period. It really makes Hermione situation here quite unique.

Ah... Hermione meets Sirius and James! Of course they'd set their eyes on her! I'd expect no less. I like how at ease they are with her, and helping her to feel the same way with them!

I know exactly how Hermione feels when it comes to starting at a new school and starting all over again with, meeting new students, making new friends, and meeting new teachers. Then she'll draw attention to herself by others - the students and teachers! Though in her case, it's weird because she's in a different generation, but still at the new school - so I can only imagine how much more on the fritz she is.

A really nice introduction to Remus! A younger Remus would look healthier and hopeful because of how unaware he is of his future and everyone elses. The meeting with Peter. It must have been very hard for her to keep her cool - knowing the problems he caused in their future and his betrayal. Peter notices somewhat of her cold front, even though she is trying hard not to be cold with him. He's probably confused as to why she's that way with him.

Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak!)

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Review #16, by Lady AsphodelTo Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : Awakening

8th April 2017:
I don't find it surprising the Malfoy attacks Hermione, and he manages to get out of trouble. Really relates to how his name keeps him out of bad news in her time. I find it brilliant though that Peter got one on him! Brilliant indeed! He's not the most favorable character ever - but this makes me like him just a little. I'm sure even for Hermione - as you show her surprise here - she can't believe because she knows how he turns out to be in the future. Reading further about him, you really made him into a likeable character! Aw, makes me wonder what could have been had Peter not let Voldemort break him.

Not sure of that curse Sirius said that Malfoy cast on her is actually real, and I mean from the books or canon like from Pottermore, but if it isn't - then it's pretty unique (though bad) spell you came up with - if you came up with it. Fortunately the curse didn't have ill-lasting effects.

Poor Sirius, worried sick over Hermione. Then the things he heard her say during her coma-like state. I cringe and sympathize with her that out of all the things she could have said, she mentioned horcruxes.

I'm happy that even though Hermione couldn't explain everything to Sirius, he was still understanding and he believed her in terms of her knowing of horcruxes. Yay!

Snape, of course, is a downright git. He needs to run along indeed. Don't know what really happened between him and Hermione, but I can see that she made her point when he walked away.

It's cool that she has the rest of the Marauder's support and Lily's. It's good that Hermione was able to easy Sirius' jealousy over her spending time with Peter. And she was able to share her life stories with Sirius. I can see Sirius love for her grew deeper, and Hermione for him in return. It does feel good to be able to be yourself at least with someone.

And soon Dumbledore and Hermione will be on the hunt for the Horcruxes!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak!)

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Review #17, by Lady AsphodelTo Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : The Final Horcrux: Hermione's Worst Memory

8th April 2017:
I like how you showed that time moved fast for Hermione in short sentences. It sums up how I feel in real life when time goes quickly.

Sirius has a mystery on his hands, yeah? With Hermione's behavior and all. Poor Sirius and Hermione. They clearly love each other, and this may be the last time they see each other. I can see how heart-broken they are. Hermione knows what's in store for her, but Sirius doesn't. It must be killing her inside to know that she's hurting him even though she's not trying to and she doesn't want to at that! I hope there's a happy ending for them.

Even though I haven't started the beginning of this story, I like how reading here, where it says, Dumbledore asked Hermione the same question back in 1998. She gives him the same answer then too! It brings a chilling and cool effect to the story!

You're quite great with keeping Dumbledore in character. To me, he's the hardest one to right - so brilliant job!

It's great how you described Hermione going through what Harry had to go through when he went with Dumbledore to the caves. Hermione is very brave for also taking Dumbledore's place in they needed to do to get the locket. Though it caused her tremendous pain - thinking that she lost Sirius because she's forced to remember her time, but she still has the younger Sirius. I see that it haunts Dumbledore as he learned more of himself and of Tom Riddle.

At last, Hermione managed to destroy the Horcrux! Though, we know that Voldemort knows of Hermione's feelings for Sirius too. Oh no!

Now she has to tell everyone her secret! Wow! For just this chapter - this was an amazing ride! I enjoyed this much! I can only imagine everyone's reaction when they learn of Hermione's true reasons of being at Hogwarts.

Great job!

(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak!)

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Review #18, by Lady AsphodelThe Internal Monologue of Louis Arnaud Weasley: Faustina

4th April 2017:
(CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak)

Such an incredible plot this is! I'm moved by your story-telling. I thought I've came across unique stories before, but yours - this one here - really took the cake. You really had me intrigued from the first line in the story.

You created something pretty darn weird - but I mean it in a very good way honestly- because this is absolutely amazing! You mixed science with magic - which I wouldn't know how the muggle father even managed, but that can left up to my imagination right? - and it's a shame of what he to her and the family. He allowed his inner ambitions and need to push the limit overtake him. He damaged them, and he could have killed them. Poor Faustina! I'm glad she made it out alright. I guess, as it said in the story, she’s lucky.

I have to say, you killed me with your vocabulary. Haven't read so many unfamiliar terms in a one-shot before. Speaking of which, I need to broaden it a lot more – not just some.

Anyways, you really have me hooked here! I want to read more about Louis and Faustina now because this is very interesting. I wonder how things will develop between them.

After reading this, you’ve inspired me to be creative and think outside the box.

Overall, I really like this. If you ever decide to explore this - I'd love to read more of this universe.

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Review #19, by Lady AsphodelJust Friends: Change

4th April 2017:
(Jailbreak - CTF: Gryffindor)

This is so nice! I usually don't read rare pairings. In fact, I can't really say I've read rare pairings. Anyways, this one is memorable (if I had read rare-pairings before). I would never have given Dean/Lavender much thought, but I'm glad I came across this. We don't know much about these two, but I'll accept this as something that could have potentially happened after the book series.

It's great how you tell us how Dean and her even became friends, for two people with contrasting personalities. I'm glad that they found each other in time of need, as I know the aftermath must have been hard on both of them. So it's lovely that a tradition started between them. You did amazing with describing Dean's nervousness and Lavender's easy-going personality. I'm sure Dean is too, but he's taking the step to admit his feelings, which I know is not easy for anyone really. I'm glad that she really likes him too. Very happy that they ended up kissing! The kissing scene was nicely detailed! Yay! In fact, now since reading this, I feel like they'll become a part of my HP pairing list. I may consider reading more with them as a pairing and maybe writing a story of my own about them.

Great job with writing this! Awesome job indeed. I enjoyed reading this! Adding this to one of my favorites list!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked this and liked the rare pairing and found it believable. Thank you for the favourite too!

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Review #20, by Lady AsphodelLove, Not War: Draco's Introduction

4th April 2017:
(Jailbreak - CTF: Gryffindor)

This is a great introduction and insight to Draco Malfoy, and even though you labeled as such, I read many takes on Malfoy, but not so much as to him really speaking for himself - which you had him do here.

I am aware that due to his upbringing that he is the way he is. However, the part where Draco says, is it his fault that he was born in family that didn't raise him right - no it isn't. And he says that people blame him for it - it's an interesting input there. Like - I haven't considered that - in away where people blame him for being the way he is. I find myself even wondering did I feel that way (unintentionally) towards him as well... Anyways, something I will, from now on, keep in mind.

I do feel bad that he had the potential to be something great being in the right environment and the right family. Like every child, they deserved to be loved and loved the right way. Though he still has a chance for potential and redemption of course - just sad to know how he became to be the character he is.

You made laugh greatly where he said, there are too many books on Harry Potter. I find it funny because I'd be that type of person a long time ago to want to just read an all Harry-centered fic. I'm still a Harry-girl. The part there was funny.

Good job writing this! :)

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Review #21, by Lady AsphodelSirrah Malfoy: Introduction

3rd April 2017:
(Jailbreak - CTF: Gryffindor)

The beginning of this is already having me chuckle here. Especially at the part where Sirrah says, [i]You don’t like dresses?


Well, then I don’t think we can be friends.[/i]

(Honestly, I don't like dresses, but ssh... don't tell Sirrah that.)

I love how you have Sirrah interact with us readers. Feels like we're talking but, it's mostly one-sided. It reminds me of the first Percy Jackson book. I recall how weirded out I was from the way how the author had Percy seem like he's speaking to me. I almost put the book down - but I was young then. I know better now.

Just from the way she speaks, I can already tell she's a fun, outgoing person.

You really had me rolling with how Sirrah explains her background - particularly of her scary grandfather, Lucius Malfoy - and how it seems to be a like 'pureblood' thing to be named after constellations. In fact, I never knew that they were - haha. Interesting!

I can Sirrah is different from everyone in her family - or at least when it comes to those who sticks with traditions.

Aw, I feel sorry for her that her Dad is treating her the way he does due to her being a girl. I hate seeing that in families, and I find that tradition to be one of the ridicilous ones of all.

Good job with showing me the type of character she is. It makes me wonder what you have in mind for her, since I see in your author's note that you didn't want to give away something obvious for your title.

I did enjoy reading this too!

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Review #22, by Lady AsphodelThere's Always a Price: The Task

3rd April 2017:
(For CTF: Gryffindor - jailbreak review.)

Just so you know, I'm in complete love with your writing style. It's so well-descripted and elegant. I'd say, just from reading the first few lines really draw me in, but every word draws me in. I can just drink this in.

I love the way how you wrote Narcissa here. She is different from her sisters Bellatrix and Andromeda. You wrote her contrast to them so well, that I can just feel it in her character - which I feel you add more to her as a character in general. She does have a graceful aura about her. I can imagine with great vividness of the picture you painted with the brush, the robes, her hair, the bracelet, the room to the Department of Mysteries. It's so alluring. I got to start reading more of your stories again.

As an individual, you made her character quite clear, and then to add to her motivation of being a wife and a mother that will drive her to do what she needs to do.

I'm also in love with the scene of Lucius 'encouraging' her to move forward with the task Voldemort set upon them - knowing really they have no choice - but dang - it's just so good - reading some evilness. I'm curious as to what she has to do. I never considered that Voldemort set Narcissa to do something just so that Malfoy family can return to his good graces. This is a really good story plot.

I will come back to read the rest - whether through CTF or on my own time.

Amazing! Wonderful! I enjoyed reading this!

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Review #23, by Lady AsphodelBlank: Blank.

3rd April 2017:
(For CTF: Gryffindor - Jailbreak)

Hey Hayden! I know I already like this because I like second-pov's - and as I can see, you took a different approach with this, and I can see why.

I don't claim to be asexual myself, but I can totally relate to Luna here. I never really felt the need to be in a relationship like that. (I have been a few times - but they never really worked out.) I find though, I am better on my own. Reading this - it reminds me of the times when I had my peers - or just people in general - try to convince me to be in a relationship.. or they would try to talk about how cute someone is... or do I like them. I find myself at a loss at times because I didn't find anyone that much attractive then - even now. I was mostly in love with characters. All jokes aside, as I said, I can see how Luna avoiding those topics all-together because I practically do the same. I keep to myself. When I was younger, I did try to fit in. Even up till after I graduated from high school. It took me a long time to get to a point where I don't feel or don't have to feel like I have to fit in. That's what you had Luna do here. She tries to keep herself occupied. She surrounded herself with good people and lived life the way she wanted. By the way, I had to laugh at the part with the Tahn-yuh too. I love how you added that she had birth-certificates and everything. Had me like - what?

You concluded this very well in the end - with her just being blank. You don't have to be necessarily anything and it isn't a bad thing.

Great job!

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Review #24, by Lady AsphodelConfession: Confession

3rd April 2017:
Hi! Here to jail-break Melian for the CTF: Gryffindor.

First time I've ever read an entry with just strictly dialogue - and you've done it so well here. It's so cool how you included what the character was doing by mentioning in the dialogue - like having Albus mention how Scorpius appears to him - nervous because of he's admitting that he has a crush on him, and even moreso that he's a guy, which I'm sure it's not easy at all to bring up in a conversation. I like how Albus mentioned the eye-rolling - it made me laugh. A nice little humor to it to break the tension. Then with Albus waiting 'impatiently' for Scorp to speak up - encouraging him through humor too. Makes me wonder if he knew what Albus was gonna say already... or like maybe Rose spoke to him either before or after Scorpius. You did well too with explaining what is happening at that moment too, like them stressing from studying for OWLs. As a reader, you made it easy for me to interpret as well when it came to silence or let me be able to fill in the imagination my own - such as the kiss!

Glad to see that, despite Scorpius nervousness (and again for good reason) in confessing his feelings to Albus, Albus had feelings for him as well. It's great that Rose give Scorp that push. *winks*

This was really nice and sweet overall. Again good job in being able to tell a narrative through dialogue.

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Review #25, by Lady AsphodelLike a House on Fire: Asphodel, Powdered Root of

2nd April 2017:
Hi! Here for the CTF Round 2 reviews: Gryffindor house.

Alright, so I see in the beginning, that something happened between Millie and Sirius. Reading further, I can see what went down between them. I hate when it comes to misunderstandings, especially the romantic kind. I feel bad for Sirius as he really does have true feelings for her, despite his reputation. He's working to trying to get Millie back. As a girl myself, I totally understand how Millie feels when it comes to a heartbreak. No matter how much the person who hurt you that you want to hate them but you can't - and I can see that here with her. She can't ignore him as much as she'd like. I swear if it were ever possible to do that haha - heartaches will be more bearable.

The scene where they're in the potions classroom, you did so wonderful with describing Millie's attraction to Sirius. Really proves how deep love goes. I can only speculate what Sirius must have felt being in close contact with Millie - handing over the Asphodel. (Ignore the fact that it's a part of my username) *Laughs*

A good chapter! :) I enjoyed reading this!

Author's Response: Haha, of course things have happened between them! This is chapter 33, of course :P Misunderstandings are horrible, but are fun to write because DRAMA! But yes, no one likes to get their heart broken, especially by someone you thought you could trust.

Haha, did you choose this chapter because it was your name? Because that would be cool!

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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