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Review #1, by Lady AsphodelUnforgivable: Imperio

29th April 2016:
This is a really interesting take on Astoria. I always enjoy reading aftermaths of characters other than the Golden trio. You've done so well here too!

Daphne was so wrong for being the way she was to Astoria. Makes me wonder is she jealous that their brother cares for Astoria more than Daphne...

I hope Brendon does get to help Astoria and put a stop to their family's tyranny.


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Review #2, by Lady AsphodelMy Happy Ending: You Are Spring

29th April 2016:
*laughs at author's note* well, hope this one cures you if you're ill, or another person who is sick.

That last line - full impact to my heart. You did so wonderfully describing Mark's feelings for Dominique, and I just enjoy the entire description period, especially with him comparing her to spring and the radiance of happiness.

Also, way to go with leaving me hanging just as Dominique just sat there in bafflement of how she thinks of what he revealed to her. Didn't end it with a cliche - of her saying she loved him back.

Thanks for writing this! Great job as well!


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Review #3, by Lady AsphodelYou Are Beautiful: Happy Anniversary

29th April 2016:
Oh my... this is incredibly heart-warming and gushing and this story was incredibly beautiful!

I love Arthur and Molly so much... so much than any other fictional married couple!

You were very in character, and you make Arthur sound so adorable in his writing. ♥ and like Molly, you just can't help but fall in love with him more!

Good luck with the challenge! This was really good and I enjoyed reading this greatly! Plus the banner is beautiful with this fic!

*going in my faves*


Author's Response: EEEK Alishya!! Thank you SO much for stopping by and reading and leaving this amazing surprise review! ♥

Awww!! ;( You're going to make me cry, right from the beginning of this review! I'm so glad that you think it was heart-warming and beautiful! I definitely wanted this to be a positive emotion fluffy piece, and I'm so happy that it worked out that way!

Wow! Reading that you love Molly and Arthur more than any other fictional couple makes me feel even MORE flattered and like I did a good job with your favorite couple! Eeek! ♥

I'm so thrilled that you think this was in-character, and that Arthur sounded adorable! And *Gasps* :O You think this made you fall in love with him more! AWW!! Alishya STAHP it!! ♥

Thank you for the good luck wish! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this and that you think the banner is great with the story; I definitely think so, too! It turned out SO perfect!


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Review #4, by Lady AsphodelThief: Scones And Jam

29th April 2016:
Congratulations on completing your goal!

You're inspiring not only to me but many members on the forums! So thank you dear!

Also, you did a great job here in displaying Gryffindor traits of Romilda Vane. I never think about her much as a character as we barely see her in the books, but it's cool how you give more character to her character!

Thanks so much for all you do for the forums and archives!


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Review #5, by Lady AsphodelFading Into the Beyond: Fading Into the Beyond

26th March 2016:
It's so great how you explored the feelings of James and Lily, and you did it really well through her point of view. :)

From moments of her thoughts on how James persistence and his gradual change for her to fall in love with him... the foundation of their relationship. ♥

I also really like the way you had James and Lily watch over Harry as he grew up. They feel the injustice he had to go through like being with his aunt, uncle, cousin. Harry having to put up with Snape's bullying... His good moments, when you talked about Remus and Sirius.

I thought and wished you'd have explored maybe their feelings, particularly James when Harry and Remus first thought that Sirius was the traitor, but later learned that he was in fact innocent. It's just me though. It's not really essential anyway.

Even so, I ended up thinking it was best you didn't because I slowly started understanding where you were going with how living 'beyond' feels for them. I felt their attentiveness... but then their withdrawal, which saddened me, even though their feelings for each other was there yet absent at the same time.

Wow... the ending... you broke my heart a little. The title of this is very fitting, and you did a really great job writing this!

I'm happy you were able to write this completely, even though in your Author's Note, you were saying you were struggling with it. Good luck with the challenge by the way!

- LA

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Review #6, by Lady AsphodelOne Last Victory: Doubt

9th March 2016:
What an excellent, beautiful, bittersweet story this is!

Professor McGonagall has always been one of my favorite characters, and to see how you wrote the end for her, really broke my heart here.

It's incredibly to see treat her differently due to her aging and dying. I do understand (and if I am right), they're not trying to do it on purpose, but it's just how things happen when it comes to elderly, and you just expect their time will come soon. It's just a matter of when.

Anyways, I love the strength and the fight you expressed through Minvera, even though she's tired, and she still feels guilt over the loss of her students years ago.

The ending was definitely beautifully sad, almost teared up. Incredible job for writing this! Thanks for sharing! Just had to review this after reading it. ^_^


Author's Response: Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am fascinated by the Elizabethan period and a plunny just came to me when I saw the challenge. I was watching a stuffy drama about Elizabeth the First while I was watching it, so that's where that came from.

I'm glad you liked it :D

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Review #7, by Lady Asphodelbroken, broken: after the Battle.

13th September 2015:
You really had me sold for this story Emily! This is really amazing! I can go on and on about how marvelous your writing is (great grammar, structure, etc.), but I really want to get into how much in depth the characters are.

I haven't considered (at least not as much as I could or should have) the feelings of the Slytherins after the battle of Hogwarts. I've always came across fics where it showed Draco Malfoy's POV when it comes to Post-Hogwarts. None of them really capture what Draco would go through during the aftermath. (Although, I have to admit, I didn't actually take the time to think of how he would specifically feel, but I know deep down inside... that fics that would attempt writing through Draco's view (the ones I read), it did not seem enough for me. It was like they scratch the outer layer, and they could have dug deeper.

That's what you've done here. Yes, this isn't specifically about Draco, but I love how you showed there's more than just students returning back to Hogwarts and just trying to go about their lives. I don't think there was too much angst here, but you conveyed enough where there is realism. They feared for their lives and their loved ones when Voldemort was alive, and they still have to because whether voluntarily or not, they're associated with evil and the pain the bad side caused everyone.

You really had me sad and sympathize Astoria, Daphne, Pansy, just everybody here.

Sorry if all of this reviews seems like one big blob of words, but I just really enjoyed reading this! It's been a while since I've felt anything from a story. You did incredibly well here. :)

I wish you luck with the Dobbies, and congrats on the nomination! ^__^

- Asphodel

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Review #8, by Lady AsphodelThe Death of Love: La Belle et la Bête

29th July 2015:
Hey! Back to reading one of your stories again!

It's really cool how you compared to Teddy and Victoire to the classical Beauty and the Beast, but making it opposite of the relationship.

I don't generally read Next-Gen stories... like actively go look for one to read, but what's so awesome and lovely when it comes to you is - it's always original. You never settle for the typical follow-up of other similar T/V stories or any ship for that matter. Anyways, before I stray from this (because I can write a whole essay about you and you're writing.) This I enjoyed reading very much.

Reading this, it reminds me of (sort of) a Fables Comic series (not sure if you ever heard of it), The Wolf Among Us. Your version of Ted and Victoire reminds me of the characters Bigby and Snow - though you took a different route of how Ted and Victoire feel about each other.

I was reading your responses to the reviews for this, and Haha, you are one of few I've seen who doesn't get the ship of Ted/Vic lol. I mean. Again I said before, I am not too big on Next-Gen character/ship stories. It's so common, I never really question the 'canon' of it, but reading what you said about how could T/V be a match... You really got me thinking. And I only came to read this is because it's by you, and I expected to enjoy this, and I did anyway surely haha. At first I was a bit confused I have to admit I did not expect this how the one-shot would turn out, but now I understand where and why you went with this.

I can't stress enough how amazing your description is. I love how you bring the imagery to life. The doorknob, the storm outside... Victoire's beauty to Ted's beast-like aura/personality.

As always, amazing job!

- Asphodel

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Review #9, by Lady AsphodelHey Little Train: Let's Dance

12th July 2015:
Yay another Harry/Hermione feels! I enjoyed reading this quite a lot. For the simple fact that your story-telling is smooth and in character for both Harry and Hermione. Despite being a shipper of them, majority of fanfics pertaining this ship always somehow manage to mess them up, which kind of makes me sad because it gives other people especially who don't ship them reason to not like this pairing.

As you've said, even though it's not overly romantic, I feel that their friendship is their romantic relationship. I don't feel like Harry and Hermione have to go all googly eye, wovey dovey corny cheesy with each other to be romantically in love. I find writers often do that with this scene.

Just them being there for each other when they need it is what is needed. That's what you did here. You showed Hermione needing someone to lean her shoulder on, and he was there. That's how Rowling wrote them, and I'm happy you wrote them this way as well.

Even though this story wasn't requested by me per say, I still enjoyed reading this and I want to thank you for writing this. :)

- Asphodel

Author's Response: I actually quite enjoy writing Harry/Hermione now, although I've never really gotten into reading it. (Perhaps it's because I love Harry/Ginny and Draco/Hermione too much) It makes me very happy that you think I've gotten their characterizations right for this piece because I was worried I didn't explain enough!

I feel that if I had made this overly romantic, it would have cheapened the moment and their friendship. I like how you said it--their friendship is their romantic relationship. They were supporting each other during a tough time and that doesn't have to mean they're kissing and whatnot. It can be as simple as dancing in a silly manner and holding each other. I'm honored you compare my way of writing them to JK *blushes*

I'm so happy you enjoyed this! The muggle AU you requested will be up very soon! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #10, by Lady AsphodelA Sealed Fate: A Sealed Fate

1st July 2015:
Hey Lotte!

I decided to read one of your stories because 1.) it was about time I did so, 2.) You've left amazing, beautiful, long reviews for me, and I've failed to respond to them in a timely manner. Though, of course, I'll still respond to them when I get the chance. Not to mention you left questions for my MTA! Still have to respond to that. 3.) It's about time I did so anyway.

Onto the story!

I am a sucker for Second-POV stories, and you did awesomely!

Despite this being short, you did really great with the describing Broderick Bode's fear and anticipation. I can imagine darkness closing in on him. Like the hand of death reaching for Bode. (I have no memory of his character at all. Need to read the books again - and watch the movies.)

I also love this quote, "But just like the leaves, it could only go one way – down."

Really sets the definition of the title of your story.

I enjoyed reading this! I've been wanting to read this since I saw you request a banner for this, and I'm too loving the banner for it. ♥

Amazing job! It's really awesome to see you're writing again! Also, congrats on FMOTM! ;) Enjoy your gold! :D

- Asphodel

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Review #11, by Lady AsphodelThe Final Problem: The Final Problem

16th June 2015:
A great take on the ambitious Albus Dumbledore! Professor Dumbledore was ambitious anyway, as you can see in the books, but too read a young version of him. The way he treated his family so poorly. So sad and good at the same time!

I loved and laughed at how you made him curse his parents for his incredibly long name. It is sad the way how his family fell apart. And even sadder that you pointed out really well, that because of their mother's death, that the blockage for Albus have been cleared. It was the start of what lead to both Aberforth and Albus in the books later on.

I enjoyed reading this a lot. I've read a lot of bashing stories of Albus Dumbledore because those authors for particular reasons do not like him, but I like your version of him better (I mean being a mean person) because you're not bashing him. You're showing us how he was when he was younger, and I found it quite amusing to read this side about him.

Thank you for writing this! :D

- Asphodel

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Review #12, by Lady AsphodelAurora and Boreas: the world suddenly turns colour

16th June 2015:
Wow! I am speechless! I sunk into your words as how you described Lily from James point of view. The visuality is astounding!

You know how to put a reader into a characters shoes. I felt and seen everything you made James see. His admiration and love for Lily is clearly shown here. I also love how you've mentioned Severus - even if brief. They both see Lily as a light. She attracts them, but in different ways. Such a great contrast between the three.

It's refreshing to read in terms of romance because you don't fall in the typical writing of how sexy the person looks. You use imagery - scenery to help readers absorb the characters feelings.

Amazing as always!

- Asphodel

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Review #13, by Lady AsphodelSilence in the Deep: In the Heart of the Darkness

15th June 2015:
I definitely saw that it was fifth year, and you showed it so well in your complex, yet eloquent description. I don't particularly ship Snape/Lily, but I am not against the idea of them either. And this is just pure perfection. I couldn't read a fanfic of these two in a normal relationship. The story between them is unique (even if ordinary if one really considers it), but just because the magic behind their relationship - you displayed it in this story - so incredibly. I can read something like this every day and will never grow tired of it.

I have not read or heard of "Heart of Darkness" before, but reading this one-shot, I can only imagine you captured the author's essence of that story so well - I wouldn't have to read it, but if I ever do come across I will try to.

Reading this was like watching the scene "Snape's Memory" in the movie. Snape introduced Lily to her true self. They both could have had something special. Unfortunately, Severus fell to darkness. Lily perhaps hoped she could have saved him, but couldn't because he was already in too deep. Their childhood will forever remain in a snow globe. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out.

Another amazing fic to enjoy by you Susan! Thank you! Thank you indeed! ♥

- Asphodel

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Review #14, by Lady AsphodelRiddle in the Dark: The Shadow at Dawn

15th June 2015:
Oh wow! Definitely left me at a cliffhanger - dang it!

Now I really want to know what is going on with Riddle and McGonagall! I wish I can just examine your brain right quick to know what you had planned for this story - and all your secrets! Haha!

I enjoy how well crafted your words are. You are an inspiration for me for graphics. You're truly an inspiration for me for writing too now!

If you ever decide to come back this, I'll definitely return to finish the rest! Thank you for writing this! :D

- Asphodel

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Review #15, by Lady AsphodelRiddle in the Dark: In the Mist

15th June 2015:
Hey! It's me again!

This story has caught my attention since I first joined TDA or shortly after HPFF. Which is now been 2 - 3 years now.

I finally have the mind and maturity to come read this. I knew before you were - no - ARE an amazing writer... but just reading this. I sucked this all in like a sponge to water.

I don't know how much or many times in different way that I can express how completely dumb-struck by your writing. This. is. a. classic. Original. I sorely wished that I was around when you were active. I will keep saying - even if you are tired of hearing it.

I know I am heading in for disappointment... disappointment of knowing when I read the next and last chapter of this story, that I'll be left hanging. It'll be worth it.

I needed something to read with such quality that one would even pay for it.

I wonder what about Minerva McGonagall that has Dumbledore bringing Moody into this. And Riddle too. I saw in your other story that involved with Tom and her, and I'll get to that fully when I am done with this. I just had to read this.

You set the mood and setting so damn well! I can cry. I love mystery, and it's been an incredibly long time since I've sat down and read a proper one. I thought to myself that if I am gonna read a story - particularly a mystery one - this story would be the first.

And I did. Come here. I enjoy every single paragraph - every single sentence, every single word, and every single letter you strung here. I definitely am going to read the next chapter - regardless of this story not being complete.

Off to chapter 2 I go.

- Asphodel

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Review #16, by Lady AsphodelBlindness: Blindness

5th June 2015:
Hi Susan!

This is my first story properly reading and reviewing.

This was really simple yet elegant, which you manage to get across through just not your writing, but your graphics too (which I am always going to envy you for - but I am not going to get into all that.)

I don't particularly ship Severus/Lily, but I'm not against it either. You got into the basic heart of their relationship. Severus loves Lily, but she doesn't return it - which is sad because she was the light in his darkness. Knowing what we know about it, it is sad, again, and that's why I said I am not oppose to Severus and Lily because they were first... they were friends first, and they both made a special place in each other hearts. It'd have been really nice had Lily loved him back.

Anyways, I enjoyed reading this. I'll go bask into your other amazing stories. I wish I was around when you were active. Like many from TDA and HPFF, I miss you.

I hope you're doing well too!

- Lady Asphodel

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for stopping by to read and review this! I really should check in more often and respond to my reviews.

Snape/Lily is so hard to get right, not only because people are so divided about it, but because there's a fine balance between it being a creepy ship and a sad unrequited love ship. I enjoy writing about their friendship and showing Snape's complicated emotions as they grow into obsession. But there is a point - at least for me - where they are the perfect balance for each other, and if Snape had made the right life choices, it could have stayed that way. Maybe she would have even loved him back, though I don't think ever to the extent that he did.

Thank you again! It's lovely to hear from you! ^_^

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Review #17, by Lady Asphodelle ciel saigne pour nous. : la lune et l’étoile.

2nd June 2015:
Hi Kiana! Here for the May Review Exchange! My deepest apologies for getting to your story late!

One - I never heard, read, considered Scorpius/Victoire. I don't have much preference for Next Gen and the shippings, but I did enjoy this a lot! Your description flowed so well, and it adds quite a flavor to the darkness (not ina horror way) but in a fantasy, romantic way.

I find it interesting and cool how Scorpius desired her the most, and Victoire held out on him, but he turned the tables on her in the end.

What I love most about this short piece is how you use imagery. I really want to learn how to write like that, but I find it incredibly difficult for me to manage without over-doing it... or not doing it enough. An amazing job, really!

I'd love to leave with your talent, but I guess, I'll settle with memorizing your beautiful words. Keep on writing!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hey there! No worries about it, I'm super super late with this response so we're quits!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it as it is a little different to other things on HPFF so that means a lot to me. Hahaha, I get what you mean and thank you as that makes my story sound a lot cooler than it actually is :P

Yeah, it was an interesting turn of events but complex relationships always interest me which is probably why it turned out that way.

Thank you so much! You can learn just through experimenting as it eventually ends up like this I guess. :P I'm not sure I don't really know what I do!!

Thanks for this great review! ♥


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Review #18, by Lady AsphodelBirthday Drinks: Birthday Drinks

2nd June 2015:
Hi! I'm here for May Review Exchange (Gryffie CR!)

I never read a Weasley Twin/Hermione, and I don't ship them, but this was really nice and bittersweet to read.

Though brief, you did quite well with what George was feeling every time he spent an anniversary of dedicating his memory to his brother. It always saddens me that Fred (even dead) and George will always have a missing half of themselves.

Reading that Hermione left George the firewhiskey, it makes me curious as to (in your mind) were they together before? If so, what was their relationship like. A long time ago when the books and movies were still coming out, I read somewhere or watched an interview that consisted Rowling had planned to have killed Ron and had Hermione go with one of the twins. If the twins part wasn't true, I still remembered her saying her killing off Ron though.

It'd be interesting how George/Hermione/Fred or Fred/Hermione/George, how that would have worked out.

Also, good job on the 500 words! Many, like myself, struggled with it. I know you've been on the forums/archives for a bit now... (not very long) but ya know - and so I hope to see more of your writing! ^_^

Last thing, please forgive me for the late review!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Asphodel,

Thank you! I really enjoyed your nice words!

In my mind, I don't think they ever were. She possibly had feelings for him, but I also think her compassion is what drives her.

It's no problem about the waiting! I know life gets hectic sometimes.


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Review #19, by Lady AsphodelHarry Potter and the Wizard's Portrait: The Recapture of the Carrows

16th May 2015:

First, I am thankful that you started off your post-war/ post-hogwarts fic differently. It's great how you started it off with action and mayhem. I feel immersed into your story as if continuing off Deathly Hallows. Your writing is really good! The description is just enough and the characterization is great!

I wonder if the house elf the Carrows were talking about is going to be important for the rest of the story. I guess the only way (besides you telling me through a response) is to continue on reading.

The ending of this chapter though! Did not expect that! You really started this off great!

Well... I am off to read the next part! :)

- Asphodel

Author's Response: My apologies for not answering this review right away. It's not like me to be late in reply, but my summer got crazy busy.

Thanks so much for dropping in to sample this story. I'm delighted that you enjoyed the chapter. It was especially nice to hear that you were able to get immersed in it, and that it flowed well from the ending of the Deathly Hallows. That's just what I was hoping for in the opening scene.

The one drawback to writing an immediate post-Deathly Hallows story was the many loose ends from the book that I felt I had to address before launching into my own plot. So many fan-fic writers address the exact same loose ends, so the early chapters of these types of stories can often be a bit slow moving until the new plot takes hold.

And a big thanks for the writing omplements. This was my first attempt at a fan-fic, and my first successful completion of a novel- length story of any kind, so it was a real learning experience in many ways. I'm thankful for the many kind and tolerant readers here who've left such lovely and encouraging comments, of which you are one.

I have to confess I was thrilled when I got the idea for the ending scene in this chapter, as it has a purpose for a later plot development and wasn't just thrown in purely for comic relief. The end scene was my personal favorite part of this chapter, and it was great fun to write.

If you went on to read more of the story, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again for the lovely comments.

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Review #20, by Lady AsphodelKeeping Vigil: Keeping Vigil

3rd May 2015:
Hey Kayla! For the Review the Above Gryffie thread. :)

I know you've been back on the forums for a while, but I want to greet the 'you' who just returned when you wrote this! Haha! So welcome back! :P

This was a pretty incredible idea you have here! You made their heaven and hell from within the home they died in. A very interesting concept. I never thought of that. Nor have I read anything like this.

I mean... I think I recall reading fics where they (or particularly Lily) watching over Harry, and the stories usually end on a good note. It's great how you took a different turn on this. It leaves James and Lily wondering will their sacrifice for Harry be in vain. Not that they wouldn't give up their lives for Harry even if it was, but... just the need for them to know will Harry be alright without James and Lily in his life.

I also find it interesting with how James saw the events unfolding through a pond! A brilliant addition I say. Kudos!

At least in canon, hopefully they'll see that Harry becomes the man that they wanted him to be, and he have people who support and loves him.

I enjoyed reading this! This was awesome - even though it was sad!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hey there! I'm glad you liked this and thought it was interesting. Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #21, by Lady AsphodelHarry Potter and the First Mission: Life Still Goes On

3rd May 2015:
Hey Kenny!

I'm here for the (May 2015) Gryffindor Red Vs Gold Review Battle.

So... I feel that this chapter was rushed. I felt that Harr should have take the time to reflect more on the battle. His loss or the loss of others. You did... but only slightly. And I think this needs beta-ing. As I read your other story that was beta-ed was more of an enjoyable read. The pacing, the sentence structuring and grammar was better.

Other than that, I find it quite interesting the idea of the heart shaped scars on the trio's neck. I'm curious as to what the meaning behind it.

I look forward to seeing how they trio will engage into their future that they have to build. Harry's going to be an Auror, but what about Ron? And Hermione? I'll have to see when I read on now will I? ;)

Anyways! This was a nice read! And please keep on writing! It's great seeing you on the forums working hard to improve it!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi, Alishya! Thank you for stopping by.
This story is very classic, but you finished reading this, I really appreciate that you left review.

The reason why I made a short cut is I set the loss of othes in the next chapter and his loss will shadow his life for long time in my story. If you have time to spare, please read the next chapter.

Kenny :)

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Review #22, by Lady AsphodelAll Of Me: All of Me

3rd May 2015:
Hey Jayde! Here for the April 2015 review exchange! :)

I enjoyed reading this very much, especially for this to be a song fic. Before, I read some song fics, but the song never really suits the story.

This one however, truly does!

I'm not married, but I can understand or just imagine how rocky a marriage can be - especially when a couple had just gotten married, or weren't married for a long time.

I was incredibly happy though that Emma and Gabriel worked through their problems in the beginning. I was nervous for them at first, hehe.

The way you wrote their love for each other was really deep and sweet! The details of what Gabriel and Emma saw in each other and why they love each other - it's just beautiful! ♥

And they had a baby together!!! Aw!! :D

You did a great job overall, especially timing the of the song lyrics with certain moments in their time together. I hope they continue to live happy for the rest of their lives!

Oh and using Spanish was also a great touch! I know a little Spanish, so I knew somewhat of what they said to each other. The translations do help though! So thanks for that!

Amazing job indeed anyways for writing this! ^_^

I wish you luck with Lo and Meena's banner challenge! And I definitely love the banner for your song fic! It's awesome that you went on anyway to write this story! ;D

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi there lovely!

Thank you SO much for this amazing review, and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to it!

Eeek! I'm so flattered that you think this fits with the song very well! :D

All relationships can be rocky at times, and though I'm not married either, I'm sure that marriages have a whole different aspect of rockiness to them sometimes, as you said - so I'm happy that you think I conveyed that well!

Awww, I'm so excited by your compliments about their love! These two really love each other and I'm so pleased that I showed that well!

I'm glad you liked the timing of the song and the Spanish! And thank you for the well wishes, and again for this fantastic review!

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Review #23, by Lady AsphodelOil and Water: oil and water don't mix

3rd May 2015:
Hey Adi! :D Here for the Gryffie's April 2015 Review exchange. ^__^

First, let me say - the way you started it off was definitely enchanting. Especially for this to be a first person pov! It's been an incredibly long time since I've enjoyed reading this type of viewing. I - I was immediately drawn into the scenery of your description. And it definitely goes for the rest of your story.

I can feel how Rose tries to resist Scorpius, but she can't. Her insecurity is definitely tangible here. She knows deep down their relationship is not truly based on love. It's an unhealthy attraction. You did an absolute marvelous job with describing it through metaphors and comparing opposite of attraction. You brought a new level to it honestly! I even love the twist you threw in there. In the end - how it ended between her and him!

For you to have written this in 20 mins... gosh, it's pretty darn amazing! This story definitely deserved the GPA! I wish you luck on Carla's challenge too! It should definitely win a place or an honoury mention! ♥

- Asphodel

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Review #24, by Lady AsphodelPainful Bliss: Prologue: Beginnings

12th April 2015:
Hey Deeds! This was for the ctf game, but it's not needed anymore. I decided to leave this review for you anyway. :)

What's really attracting about the beginning of this chapter is how Draco sees Astoria. I never read a fic where a guy admires a girl for her flaws and not for her beauty. Or in a way, you're saying her flaws is what makes Astoria beautiful to Draco, which I find quite intriguing. And your description of her is different of how authors normally describe women through a man's view.

It makes me wonder how Astoria saw Draco when they first met.

And I have a great appreciate for how simple Draco made his letter. Like you said, that one line was enough for him to put all his feelings into.

A really nice chapter! I enjoyed this a lot, and I don't normally care for Draco-centric stories. This is really good though!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: I think people sometimes forget it's not all about your appearance. Maybe you aren't beautiful and there are some things 'wrong' with you (if they say so) but someone can and will love you anyway. So her hair isn't her natural color and it's obvious, she giggles too much and it bothers him, etc. Draco doesn't care because he feels a connection towards her. She makes him happy. It's that simple and that's all you really need in a significant other.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review!

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Review #25, by Lady AsphodelIn Sickness And In Health: Perseverance

12th April 2015:
(Gryffindor Accio Attackers CTF Round 5: jailbreak)

Hey Grace!

Forgive me! I'm jumping into your story without reading chapters 1 & 2.

Your description of Hermione's surroundings in the beginning is amazing! It has a warm soft feeling to it. :)

I see Draco and Hermione are getting along. I really like the interaction between them two, even if it's a little awkward. And I really love the scene with Draco getting confused with the tv deal. Haha. I never would have imagined him acting like that, but it doesn't seem overly crazy.

I'm not a dramione shipper, but I have to admit, the way you are writing sways me a little.

There's nothing too off about their characters, which is what I see is most dramione fics. So really good job!

Oh! I also love how Harry and Ron (particularly Harry) for being supportive of what Hermione is going through - since she is stuck with Draco.

I can see if Draco makes one wrong move, they'll be there to step in.

I really enjoyed this! And the plot is different, and you're giving me a reason to give Dramione a shot.

- Asphodel

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