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Review #1, by Lady AsphodelDeath Eater's Kitchen: once more, with quiche.

28th March 2014:
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! *Applauds*

Honey, you've introduced me to a side of Barty Crouch Jr. that I thought was considerably impossible! However, with your mixture of the "Goblet of Fire" theme and aura with a mixture of comedy/parody was absolutely, brilliantly genius of you. I tip a million hats off to you!

I mean, wow! Him saving the world, yet you maintained the evil and arrogant characteristics... Great job dear... like seriously great job!

It was very funny, too, how you had the American "Dramatic" female student, and the other students make Barty's meals. :P

You also made me super hungry, 'cause I haven't ate in several hours. So as soon as I am done with this review - I shall go eat. :P

Again kudos! Your writing style is brilliant and very enjoyable to read!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Thank you! Thank you! *bows* :p

But actually, thanks so much! I am so glad you enjoyed reading this, and the absurd characterisation of Barty Crouch. Yep, this is what was going on behind the scenes during Goblet of Fire. haha

There totes had to be an American student. No parody is complete without an incredibly cliched Mary Sue!

Bahaha, sorry about making you hungry. You should see if you can get someone to make you some quiche. :p

Thank you so much for your review!! I'm so happy that you liked the story! :D

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Review #2, by Lady AsphodelVictoire Weasley's Cooking Capers: Victoire Weasley's Cooking Capers

28th March 2014:
Hey Adi! It's me, Alishya from the Gryffindor Review thread!

Well, first of all, I enjoyed reading this humorous one-shot! :P I gotta say you did pretty well for your first parody! And I applaud you for attempting it - because I am not a fan of parodies... as you can see it's not part of my genre of stories.

Anyways, I really loved how you had Victoire a girly-girl while at the same time a rough-around-the-edges type. It really pulled the corners of my lips into a smile.

Additionally, I liked how you wrote like a parallel version of Teddy, considering his parents - one who is mellow and humble, while as the other is clumsy. Thus, it was cool to see Ted confident and a bit arrogant. :^)

The proposal in front of the family scene was great too! You nailed Fleur's voice - because I find it so hard to misspell in order to fit her accent - or basically any character with an accent. :P

I mean everything in that scenario was funny! From Teddy misleading Victoire with the cooking; Molly's and Andromeda's skeptic looks and voices of expression. :D Arthur's breaking the awkwardness because of his hunger... and oh - I also took note of how Fleur's dad being chubby in your world when I imagined him to be fit, so it was great that you threw that in there. :D

The ending was great as well! Greatly wrapped up without going into too much detail, but I can imagine how this all played out... Your narrative sounds actually like how those narrators are in those comedy movies, so awesome job!

I didn't see anything wrong in terms for criticism, so you have a awesomely-written fic in your hands!

And I apologize for never reading any of your work. :( You say you should read my work more often, at least you do read my stories - ya know.

I'll be back to read more of your writing! Promise. ;)

- Asphodel

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Review #3, by Lady AsphodelA Flash of Green Light: James and Lily

27th March 2014:
Depressing but a very nice insight as to how Lily and James came to their end. I can imagine the movie playing and actually hear Lily's scream in my head as if I was watching the Sorcerer of Stone movie. :)

I loved how you had Lily embrace death and nothing is more touching than a parents/mother's love for their child. She couldn't live in a world where James and/or Harry would not be in her life.

Hope you did well with the challenges! :D

The challenge with the 500 words is the "Every Word Counts" and I entered as well. It's great to see another entry!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: I really admired Lily in her last moments of life because of the way that she stood up to Voldemort when she didn't have to die. Not to mention, her husband had literally JUST died.

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #4, by Lady AsphodelHarry Potter and the Plot of Power: 02 Cassandra's Gift

26th March 2014:
Oh gosh! I am sorry for Luna's boy, but I am so glad that it is not Hugo!

Oh my gosh - oh my gosh - oh my gosh!

I am so scared for him - and that is saying something because fanfiction I've been reading lately has not evoked emotions out of me like how you are now!

Once more, another amazing read! Everything is coming together! A war between Muggles and Wizards... wow... Just wow...

I loved the part where Harry had his revengeful way of waking up Ron!

And I love this other characters too! They're very intriguing... and I am not much of a fan for OC's so great job dear!

Please, please, please update soon!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Yeah, poor Luna. Definitely. And poor Lysander who just lost his own twin. However, what makes you think that Hugo is safe? Hahaha! He's about to be given as a gift, a lab rat, to a woman with strong ambitions.

I'm happy that this story has given you strong emotions! That's what I was going for, really! Anything that causes emotions to my readers, whether they be happy, sad or worried about the characters...then I've done my job.

A war? Maybe! You'll get to see what happens coming soon! I'm excited to show you guys!

I had to make some parts light, funny! So that part of Ron and Harry had to be it. Besides, I couldn't help myself.

I'm with you when it comes to OCs. I have to keep them interesting or otherwise I would get tired of them too. Cassandra here is, so far, my favorite OC. I want to make people confused about her. Do we like her? Hate her? Are we rooting for her? *Evil laugh*

Thank you for your kind words! I'll have an update soon.


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Review #5, by Lady AsphodelHarry Potter and the Plot of Power: 01 For Crown and Country

26th March 2014:
Omg! Please don't let Hugo be dead! I am going to be so heartbroken and I am already listening to a very sad song! *heartbreaks*

Again, another well-written chapter! I am so glad that I found this! Very unique plot and writing structure!

The characterization is spot-on! Your story is bringing so much nostalgia right now! Gosh!

I am off to read the next chapter!

Thanks so much for writing this story! And I hope to see more of this after the latest chapter! :)

- Asphodel

Author's Response: I'm not here to break hearts! Ok...maybe I am. And make people cry. Hahahahaha!!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you like the plot and the writing structure. I haven't written a story in 3rd pov, let alone multiple POVs so it's nice to hear that people like it!

NO! Thank YOU for reading this story!!! Seriously!


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Review #6, by Lady AsphodelHarry Potter and the Plot of Power: 00 Prologue

26th March 2014:
Hello! Alishya here from the review tag!

I am so mind-blown after reading this... like wow! I am very excited and sitting on the edge of my seat after reading the last couple of paragraphs!

For one thing, you did a marvelous job explaining the setting and the mood of the story! There are many stories with the compliments of having the writing style of JKR - which you have my dear - and you have her magic fingers... in terms of... like I honestly believe and wish this could be a sequel to the Deathly Hallows because reading this prologue is off to a great start!

It's so different from all the normal post-Hogwarts fictions I've read - and yours is the best one! Hands down!

I also have to give you a lot of kudos for pulling a science-like fic to a magical-theme story - because you know those two elements contradict each other so much... like science does not take in the knowledge of miracles or religion of any kind. Everything has to have an explanation - no and, if, or buts about it. So, I can't wait to see how you're going to tangle the unexplained with the explained.

You really don't understand how geeked I am from reading this. I'm ready to sink myself into your next chapter - but I am also dreading to reach the end because it's only two - and I want to see more!

I am writing this long review so that you can understand my zealousness and love for your story!

I also gotta say your fiction is the first one I read where magic is exposed to Muggles! I was planning to do the same for a crossover fic I have to repost, but I was nervous because I was (and still quite am) uncertain as to how I can pull it off. However, reading this... it has given me encouragement to move forward with it - so thank you!!

I definitely look forward to get some more insight on Cassandra and the director who Harry had made him upset somehow --- and just seeing where you going with this period!

This is more than good! It's absolutely brilliant! I hope you're still working on this story!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hello Alishya! :D

Ah!! I'm excited you're excited for this story! And seriously! Thank you so much for that compliment. When I read it, I flailed. Haha it really is a great compliment to be told that the writing resembles JKRs.

What's weird is that I'm not a fan of Post-Hogwarts fics. Specially the Next Gen ones. However, I was inspired by Dan's Conspiracy of Blood to try my hand at an older trio. It's definitely a challenge trying to mature characters that you've only read up to their late teens. I'm making it work though. Haha.

Aww! Go ahead and post it! Crossovers can be daunting, having written one or two myself, but it can be done. S'long as you respect both worlds, it works. Haha. So what kind of Crossover are you thinking of posting?

Ah, the Director and Cassandra! Those two are my favorites! You'll see who the Director is and what kind of role Cassandra is ging to play.

Thank you so much for your review!! I'm definitely still working on this story. I have a few chapters already written out and need to get beta read first before posting. I want to stay ahead of the game, you know.

Anyway! THANK YOU!!


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Review #7, by Lady AsphodelHopelessness: January 9, 1971

26th March 2014:
Hello! Alishya here from the Gryffindor Review Tag!

Wow... I am amazed by what I read!

I never really read stories of Severus' younger years, but yours did a good job at capturing the painful essence of his childhood.

It also breaks my heart that because of his lack of parental affection, he grew up to be the man we know (even though it's what makes us love him all the more.) And I am Severus Snape fan too - in case you didn't know. ;)

What really struck home and I liked your comparison a lot - I mean when you had Severus love the rain because it cried with him. I thought that was a really perfect touch to this one-shot.

Great job my dear! This was a great read - and good job for it being your second fiction!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hey there Alishya,

(Yay Gryffies!)

Hey, thanks! I'm glad you think it did that; Sev is my favourite HP character so you'd understand how I want to do his character justice when writing 'bout him. :3

We love him 'cause we feel his tragedy. :') (Go Snape Fanclub!)

The rain - that means something personal to me and I can't help but feel so much gratitude whenever reviewers compliment that bit; thank you for that.

Thanks again for stopping by my page and taking the time to read and review this!

From One Sev Fan to Another,
~ Sevvy
*squeals and jumps up and down*

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Review #8, by Lady AsphodelMisconceptions: Secretive

2nd March 2014:
With every progressing chapter, I just keep falling more and more in love with this story! You do such a fantastic job with getting into Severus' head - you should like write an encyclopedia about him. :P

Anyways, it's always cool to see other people's point of views on certain events (in this case, Snape) and I can't wait to see where else you'll take with it. :)

Glad to see you updated by the way, and hope that everything is alright with you!

I am eager to read your future chapters! :D

- Asphodel

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Review #9, by Lady AsphodelEvasive Normality : Chapter 2

11th February 2014:
Hm... for some reason... my intuition is telling me not to trust Luna for some reason... or at least in this chapter. I feel like she's a Death Eater in disguise... Or perhaps Harry's paranoia is rubbing off on me. Not sure. But you are doing a wonderful job making Harry jumpy and on edge of the dangers that can be lurking in the shadows! :D

The scene between Harry & Ginny was great part to read as well... you add more chemistry to them, that we really did not get to see in the books. ^_^

Anyways, I look forward to your next chapter! ♥

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks so much for coming back and reviewing :D I didn't expect it at all!

Nice idea, although I'm not going to tell you if you are right or not because that would spoil it. Maybe his paranoia is just rubbing of on you though...;)

I'm pleased you thought the Harry/Ginny scene was good to read, because I kept switching it round and rewriting it...

Thanks for the review you're awesome :D

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Review #10, by Lady AsphodelWard 11: Fourth Floor

3rd February 2014:
Wow! This would make a great longer story! I wish there were more! And I mean literally! I keep scrolling up and down hopefully to see more, but I know I won't. :P

Awesome first fic! And keep it up! :D

- Asphodel

Author's Response: You're the 2nd person to have said that. lol. Maybe once I get my bearings with writing I might go back and make something more about this story. But for now it'll have stay this way. Thanks for the lovely review =)

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Review #11, by Lady AsphodelVisiting Daddy: Broomsticks, Soup and Visits

2nd February 2014:
Oh god! That was such a heartbreaking ending!

Before I launch into a fit of tears, let me just say how adorable you made James and how energetic he is! You did a great job showing the innocence of a child that it is... sorry... *trying not to cry...* heart-wrenching!

Reading the words of Harry's death definitely shocked me. All this time, when you had Ginny say that they had to visit Harry first... I could see that it was prudent for some reason... but I did not - at all expect that he was dead. I thought you were having her and James meet up with Harry at his office at the Ministry... or mostly... at a quidditch field... where he would be playing with his team... You did a nice job.. at least to me... not giving away anything... Great job indeed.

This was a great read! The only thing that through me off was this line here; "After visiting Harry, they were going to visit Jamesí Uncle George at the joke shop he now ran singlehandedly, though business had slowed somewhat since they had lost Fred."

I think you should put a dash between "single" and "handily"

Oh - that brings me to say that the way how you briefly talked about George should have been a big indicator that not all things were alright in the end... so sad indeed. :(

Awesome job for your first one-shot! And keep it up!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and for reading!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I love James in the story and I imagine that's how Harry was when his parents were still alive, although he was a lot younger than James :)

It sounds awful but I'm thrilled that you thought Ginny and James were going to visit Harry at work because at least that meant I didn't give anything away to make the end too obvious! That's great to hear :)

I completely agree with what you said about the George chapter, I'll go back and edit that ASAP :)

Thank you again for the review, you're so lovely!

Hannah x

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Review #12, by Lady AsphodelClose Your Eyes: Fading

29th January 2014:
Hi! From the review thread! ^_^



You started off this fic with an amazing impact of the battle. I felt like I was getting a chance to watch another scene of the Deathly Hallows. :D

I loved how you had Tonks relate to Remus' pain and most of all his worries. I could feel the loneliness and tragedy in her (your) words. *heart breaks*

It was great how you had Tonks reflect on all the things she'll have to do that Remus took charge of.

And the way how you had Tonks reflect on Remus' fears, dreams, etc was an heart-touching moment. It's like I was actually hearing her say this out loud... or I was watching it in the movie.

Additionally, the part where Tonks was "saying?" to Remus how she'll make sure Teddy will never forget him, was a heart-string pulling moment as well. The imagery of her telling the older version of their son of how his dad was a hero played easily in my mind. I also loved how you made Tonks say Voldemort's name despite her fear (it was quite amusing too.)

Furthermore, I believe you did an excellent job with Tonks soothing Remus' painful death. I pictured his head on her lap as Remus was dying. just bravo my dear... bravo...

This was an incredibly enjoyable read, even though it breaks my heart to read Remus (my favorite character) death.

It was beautifully written - and so you keep up the great work! ♥

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi again! :D

Thanks for the compliment! It makes me really happy to hear you felt like you were reading DH. I simply love the way JKR has written the battle without stretching it too much and still giving he feeling of war so this means a lot to me. :)

Remus and Tonks are sort of an ideal couple for me, so I found it easy to write them here. I find their love beautiful and this one-shot was like my way of expressing it. I'm glad you liked it all!

Yeah, it broke my heart when he died, the last one from the Marauders, but seeing both of them die leaving Teddy alone seemed a bit unfair to me... So I find it okay to have one of them alive. :)

Thanks for the lovely review dear!


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Review #13, by Lady AsphodelKnowing: true or not

29th January 2014:
Hello! Alishya here! Tagging you from the review thread!

First Paragraph: First, I must say, I love Remus! He such a great character. (Despite fictional) I wish he could see the goodness in himself too. :D

It's so sad how he see himself as someone to be feared or hated. And we know the wizarding society has basically shunned werewolves and whatnot - but... come on! Great person!

I loved how you wrote about Lily in Remus' eyes. It brings a more defining... I don't know... warm feeling to this story. :)

The ending was very sweet and sad. I am a James/ Lily shipper - but doesn't mean I don't want to see my Remus happy. I quite believe too that he loved her - especially how he praised her to Harry. There was definite fondness and admiration (particularly in the actor's voice.) So that and your fic here really painted a picture for me. ^_^

This was marvelously written! Keep it the great writing my dear! :D

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Thank you Alishya! This review totally made me smile :)

I LOVE Remus. And even though I, too, ship L/J to the end, I can't help but think Remus loved her too. After all, besides his three friends, Lily was likely the first person his age to show real acceptance for what he was.

Thank you for such a lovely review! I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #14, by Lady AsphodelAll that matters: All that Matters

29th January 2014:
Hello! I'm Alishya from the common room - reviewing the above. :)

So... onto my review!

It's great how you start it off so dark and very mysteriously! :) You did brilliantly with building up the suspense... When I read this, I can clearly see this in my mind... as if I was watching a movie. I definitely loved how you didn't give away that the character was James because even though I knew from the summary it was about him and Lily, I had thought in the beginning you were writing through an OC point of view. And finally towards the ending - was an absolute - OMG moment! The ending was unbelievably cute and a great way to end this one shot! You did a great job throwing in that twist because I assumed something bad was happening to Lily - but gladly that wasn't the case! And you really brought out the fatherly emotion from James! And I loved how you made him forget all about the healer and just let his whole focus remain on Harry and Lily. ♥

Bravo for writing this! I enjoyed it immensely!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for this nice review!

I'm so glad you fell for this story and were surprised by the ending; I'm always very happy when the readers don't see it coming :)

I'm really touched by your comments when you say that you could see it clearly. I remember working quite a lot on the descriptions in this story so I'm really happy that you thought it was well done.

Haha well obviously James would forget about the healer, what with all the emotions he went through that night!

Thanks again for the review, I really appreciate it !

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Review #15, by Lady AsphodelChanged: Changed

27th January 2014:
Hi - from the review tag! I'm Alishya by the way! :)

So reading your story...

In the first paragraph - I say you did a very lovely job starting it off. It's like watching you paint the scene literally!

The second paragraph is quite intriguing. It shows how I feel. Being alone has its benefits. It's relaxing and nice, and you described very well here. ^_^

Reading the third paragraph - I loved how you transitioned Ileanna from a normal girl - to a woman who's been through a lot without going into too much details (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) But you showed that we as people [whether old or young] all may be fortunate now, but everything can be taken away in just in a blink of an eye. So yeah. :)

In the fourth paragraph, you brought an eerie haunting to your character - it was greatly written in such a small paragraph. I applaud you for that! :D

And towards the end - you did a marvelous job leaving a deep meaning... and just the depth of last sentence - I have to admit, you packed a punch.

I definitely give you a million kudos for being able to manage this insight of a broken woman in only 500 words.

I want to do it myself, but I keep finding myself doing less or more. :(

But anyways, great work! Good job indeed!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hello Alishya! It was nice to meet you. :)

I really liked your reviewing style. You write your review as you read right? I think it gives a more descriptive and kind od true feedback to a story .

I'm so glad you enjoyed the whole thing! It was a bit hard to fit everything in just 500 words at the beginning and I also had to edit this quite a few times, but it was loads easier than I had thought it would be. :)

Thanks for stoping by! You really made my day.. :D


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Review #16, by Lady AsphodelOut Of the Ruins: Speculative Solitude

15th January 2014:
Omg, this chapter almost made me cry! :')

The overwhelming guilt from Harry was purely tangible in your writing, so kudos to you for that.

And the mystery of Hermione's parents continues. I look forward to what she'll find... if she does that is. ;)

I loved how you brought Ginny, Andromeda, and Ted into this. Especially how Harry feeling emotional turmoil over Ted's deceased parents. :)

And the ending of this chapter! Oh gosh! You just tug at my heartstrings. ♥

Oooh please update soon! I want to know what happens next. :D

- Asphodel

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Review #17, by Lady AsphodelMisconceptions: Afflictive

8th January 2014:
This was absolutely perfect! umph! :wub:

I so love your writing and your Severus... and your Harry!

I love the subtle change in Severus and his growing care for our Harry! Please do hurry and continue! I want to read more now! :D

- Asphodel

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Review #18, by Lady AsphodelEvasive Normality : Chapter 1

31st December 2013:
wow! This was heart-string-pulling - ly beautiful! ♥

I can seriously feel the pain... of these characters, and the frustration!

And... I never felt so sorry for Ron... like... wow, I just wanted to gobble him up in a hug and comfort him because he emotionally... slow - I guess I can say. But poor him! :'(

And poor Harry - what in the world can we do for him!

You see - this is how I exactly imagine how this should have happened after the Battle of Hogwarts - and you wrote it so well that I might not write my own no more. Nope. :(

But anyways, I love this! :D Cannot wait for the next update! Please post the next chapter soon!

- Asphodel


I would have responded sooner but I have been 'saving' it..

I'm so so pleased that you liked it and you defiantly need to write yours, I was looking forward to it :(

Thanks so much you have no idea how motivating this is!

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Review #19, by Lady AsphodelWhere The Dust Blows: The Knock On The Door

30th December 2013:
For one thing, I loved how you have the Imagine Dragons' song, Radioactive in your summary. It's very fitting for this chapter. :D

Secondly, this is so very weird to read about my Neville being the opposite of his true self. I guess it brings home the fact people don't stay the same when their world is turned up-side-down, and that's what I am assuming... ya know. =]

Anyways, this was wonderfully written. Your description of the surroundings was described very well that I feel like I am in the story. (I know it's the point) but, I felt like I was dreaming the scenario of your chapter... like that's great to me! =D

Keep up the great work my dear!

From the CR review thread,

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi there!

GAH, Radioactive was basically on loop while writing this haha! I'm terrible with challenge deadlines, so the song really pushed me to write.

That's a really cool way to put it! This whole challenge of making someone good turn bad was all about changing their character and making it AU, so that's what I tried to do.

I'm thrilled you liked the descriptions!

Thanks so much for your compliments, I'm very flattered! THANK YOU!

- Nadia

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Review #20, by Lady AsphodelPlagued By Ardor: Magical Mistletoe

30th December 2013:
What a really humorous one-shot you have here! I couldn't help but laugh at Fred and George's quirkiness, and their created diseases of Percyness and the Ginny-Around-Harry syndrome! :D Very creative and funny indeed. :P

I feel like though that with the one-liners were a bit of a throw-off... at least for me... :(

I couldn't tell who-was-who until I get to certain parts of you saying who said.

Maybe again it's just my slowness - I don't know. :/

But other than that, I enjoyed reading this!

From the review thread,

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Percyness was the base of the whole idea but Harry around Ginny syndrome all just flowed from the start :)

Yeah, I have been told that. I'll fix it and add in their names during the next edit :)

Thank you so much!


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Review #21, by Lady AsphodelAnd Then There Were Three: A New Beginning and a Promise

30th December 2013:
Hi! Alishya here from the review thread! :D

So I am planning to learn how to write long and proper reviews, because 1.) I need to anyway, and 2.) I am planning to open my own review thread soon. ;P

Therefore, you'll be my first practice lol! :P

Not that I haven't left long reviews before, but I know I at times I be leaving short and useless ones... for example the review I left on your one-shot with Hagrid and Harry... I cringed at how my comment... and I felt incredibly stupid for doing that...

I mean I really enjoyed that fic too! I just didn't express it right. :( So I hope you forgive me.

Sorry for the ramble! -^__^'-

Thus, I'm writing down each thought that pops into my head as I am reading down. n_n

Okay so reading the first few paragraphs, I loved how you built a mystery and then you broke the tension with Ron's Ron-like witty remarks and of course Mrs. Weasley's being a mother that she will always be. :P

It made me laugh reading Ron's confusion from the nurses/healers. *feeling nostalgic*

The part with Mr. Weasley telling Ron and Hermione that their life can most likely change and when Ron said about not needing to have a baby because everyone else was - and checked to see that he haven't offended Hermione - I am SO glad that you didn't make Hermione offended. I have read like A LOT of fics where Ron ALWAYS says the wrong thing and he and Hermione would end up in an argument and/or not talking to each other after that. I found it quite annoying and repetitive... Sorry falling off track, but I am seriously glad that you didn't make it that way! :D

I also love the endearing parent aura between Arthur and Molly... and haha, to me Ron and Hermione sort of act childish at that specific moment.

Ah... that was so incredibly adorable, describing the bundle! Plus, it was a great touch you did there, having the healer who helped birth Ginny with her own baby.

OMG! I am squeeling from the adorableness between Ginny and Harry and how nervous they are now that they're parents! :D And you display their love for each other so brilliantly - it shines! ♥

It's been a long time since I've actually read a good canon fic! *those feels*

Omg! I... You my friend have shown me a side that I never really paid attention to... and what I mean is...

When I read about Harry and Ginny becoming parents... It's either A.) The writer(s) doesn't go too deep into it - like skip years or something or B.) The writer would make Harry & Ginny perfect little parents... but you gave me an insight as to how much parents actually worry for their young ones... and I guess the reason why when I never really paid any mind to parenting fics is because I am no parent at all. The only thing I can be close to is how my parents feel about me and my sister.

But thank you for that. I am seriously emotionally tied to this fic! :D

Ooh - oooh! XD So unbelievably cute as to how you have Harry speaking to James. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ginny was marvelously funny at how she told Harry to look after their son. Again while I am no mother, I can imagine the 'ladies' condition she's going through and I'm putting it mildly. :P

And then the moment between Harry, Ginny, and James. The ones who matter most... The feels I tell you. The feels.

This was absolutely amazing! Again. It's a good thing that I started writing out my thought process from the beginning because now I am utterly speechless.

You just don't know how much this fic here struck a cord to my heart. You've reminded me more of why I love HP so much... and just *shakes head*

Forgive me if my review was rubbish. I'll keep working on it.

Any who - Great job! Honestly speaking! And this fic will forever stick with me

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi, there! First off, let me say that your reviewing has improved noticeably. It makes me feel good to see how you and some of the people who joined HPFF around the same time are really turning into awesome members of the community.

I guess my biggest anxiety about this story has always been that the first section with Ron, Hermione, Arthur and Molly doesn't gel well enough with the second section. I'm glad that it worked for you. It was a lot of fun to write this scene where Arthur and Molly are completely in their element while Ron and Hermione were far outside of their comfort zone.

I drew a lot on my own experiences after my sons were born to write the scene in Ginny and Harry's hospital room. There is a lot of cuteness with newborn babies, but also a lot of fear and anxiety. Being a first-time parent can be terrifying because no matter now much you read and listen to other parents, nothing can really prepare you. Suddenly, there's this little person(s) who is(are) completely dependent on you for everything. Messing it up, even in some small way, feels like it would be the biggest failure in history.

Calling it a "ladies condition" is putting it quite mildly. Whenever I hear somebody gushing about how everything is wonderful as a new mother, I'm always tempted to believe that either a) they don't have kids or b) they were on such powerful painkillers that everything felt awesome. Because being a new mother is hard. Your body has just gone through this crucible and you're exhausted and emotional and scared... Crazy stuff.

Harry's conversation with James and then Ginny's addition to it felt pretty awesome to write. The things that Harry says are things that I always imagined him feeling deep down, but he's not the gushy sort. When would he ever get an opportunity to say these things in his normal life? It's not like he and Ron are known for sitting around, talking about their feelings. I felt like there was a unique opportunity here.

Your review was most certainly not rubbish! I really enjoyed finding out what things you reacted strongly to. That always helps me figure out how a story is playing in the reader's mind.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by Lady AsphodelOut Of the Ruins: Smouldering Dangers

26th December 2013:
Marvelous! Very marvelous! :D

I'm having a flash back feeling of when Harry witnessed Mr. Weasley getting attacked by Voldemort's snake. XP

Wonder how many DE's where behind it and which ones. :D

You made me fall more in love with this story that I can impossibly image. :P

Look forward to the next chapter! :D

- Asphodel

Author's Response: (Evil Laugh Noise) Read on my dear. (Twisting Evil Mustache)

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Review #23, by Lady AsphodelMisconceptions: Perceptive

11th December 2013:
WWOHHH hehe!!! Awesome! :D

Update soon!

- Lady Asphodel

Author's Response: Hee Hee!! I have some challenges to get to, but am working on this & "Out of The Ruins" when I get stuck on the challenges! :)

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Review #24, by Lady AsphodelA Moment of Fear: Lily

8th December 2013:
This would have been a great way to start a story - just for Lily and James and what was it like during the first war. :)

I don't know. I'm not really into other parts of genre fics besides hogwarts-era fics, but this one here would have gotten me to read a whole novel of the Marauder's fic if you had wrote it that way.

Any who. This was an excellent read for me. Reading parts where Petunia's wedding didn't go well - I can imagine it in my head without you really going in deep which is a great thing, and the true moment of all... knowing that any time where everything can end for Lily - you really nailed it to the core - I can feel it deeply.

So great job with this! Your story flew nicely and just I really enjoyed it. ^_^

From the review tag,

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hello!!

I felt like a few of these would have been interesting stand alone stories. I'm glad it got your attention - especially as you don't read a lot of Marauder era fics.

I almost went into a longer explanation of Petunia's wedding but it felt a bit off topic. ^_^ It's awesome that you were able to see a bit deeper than I wrote it and that you felt the gist of the story.

Thank you so much for an awesome review!!


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Review #25, by Lady AsphodelSomething Worth Fighting For: Chapter 1

2nd December 2013:
No need to be sorry! You're delivery for the first chapter was absolutely brilliant!

Let me tell you, I was writing chapter one of a post-hogwarts fic myself from the NaNo(through Harry's POV) though I'm starting to think that maybe I should leave the writing to professionals like you. :D

This was absolutely amazing! I... I... Even though it's the first chapter - I have to say it has become the number 1 top list of great post-battle fics ever!!! ^_^

I look forward to reading more! Update soon please! ♥

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Aww shucks, you're making me blush!
Thank you so much for the feedback, I am always way more excited than I should be to get a review! I am truly glad you like it :D Chapter 2 is on the way :)

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