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Review #1, by NerdyTeddyRemember the Slytherins: Lego House

19th January 2013:
My mum just walked in on me rocking back and forth, crying. I don't know why, but at the end I just want Albus, Nick and Piper to die in some sort of great sacrifice. Then maybe they'll be remembered as hero's... if James and Al make up just casually (you know the deal, James pulls him out of class, they talk, Al starts to forgive him but then says it will "take him some time to forget") I'll shoot myself. As Albus dies James and Lily will cry beside his bruised and broken body, regreting all the evil they did to him. I've got it all set out in my head :D
Nick. Oh, Nick. I just want her to be happy. Will her suffering end soon?
I love this fanfic (it's probably my favourite of all HPF's)!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm not sure how to feel about you crying in a ball; part of me is humane and sad, but my sadistic writer inside is telling me this is the effect I want. So, I'm sorry you're crying, but I'm happy about it. :p

As for the sacrifice, that's not entirely out of the running. I can assure you, though, if/when there's any make up between Albus and James, it will be big. After everything that built up over the years, James pulling Albus out of class to 'talk' would result in a punch in the face from Albus. But remember this: Albus isn't completely innocent. None of the Slytherins are.

And, no, the suffering has just started. *cue evil cackle* Thank you so much for the lovely review, and I'm glad you like it!


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Review #2, by NerdyTeddyLemonade: On Fights, Flirtations, and the Art of Being Friendzoned (and James)

10th January 2013:
Basically one of the best stories I've read on HPFF... the writing reminds me of Those Meddling Kids by iPodapalooza on One Direction Fanfiction (don't judge me!!)
I have this picture in my head of Louis realising James is in love with Lemon; he tells her that he had seven children, and that they are all set for careers in quidditch. Then he'll storm up a staircase and tell James that he better appreciate Louis' generosity. I really want some sort of dramatic, angsty yet funny thing to happen... please update! I only started reading today but I'm hooked!

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Review #3, by NerdyTeddyHormones: A Little Competition

9th December 2012:
I have but one wish, and it is for the girls rooms to be disgusting.
Like, worse than the boys.

Author's Response: It won't be THAT, but it won't be what the boys were hoping for, that's for sure.


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Review #4, by NerdyTeddyWhat You Will: Wicked Witches

7th December 2012:
This is so bloody dramatic!
Seriously. Emotional rollercoaster in the house.
Please update soon? I only started reading today and am already addicted... I've never read a "girl goes to school as a guy" book that's been so well-written; they normally go like this:
I am just a simple, plain, supermodel gorgeous genius that wants to go to a smart person school. But the ONLY smart person school is like in another country with, like, only guys there like yeah? So I'm just going to dress up as a dude because that makes sense! But like there's this guy who I'm making into a confused puddle because like he like-likes me but thinks I'm a boy! OMG but no w-w-worries ma bestie, everybody will forgive me for crossdressing in the end, because when I take my man shirt off you can suddenly see my enormous jugs (that were somehow taped up, despite that being like tots uncomfy) and they're all like "yep. He's a she. Lets let her stay here, and while we're at it, hows about nobody sues us for allowing a female child to live with hoardes of testosterone fueled males? And screw all that paperwork; it was like totally her destiny to be here. Right?"
Aannnyyyway, I really really like this story. 10/10 :D

Author's Response: HAHAHA! I love your review! :P Especially the beginning: 'I am just a plain, simple, supermodel gorgeous genius'. That is soo the typical female protagonist. ;)
The next chapter is a bit less dramatic, more like a transition toward the Ball, and writingchapters like that always goes a bit slower than the action-packed chapters. :) I hope you'll like it.
Thank you!

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Review #5, by NerdyTeddyRemember the Slytherins: Mad World

19th November 2012:
(please read this in a James Bond voice)

Author's Response: That was a fabulous review. :) I thank you.

I know- I'm in the process of writing the next chapter. It won't disappoint, but maybe not in the way you wish. And because I'm feeling particularly evil, I will tell you this: it will end bittersweetly, but one of the two endings is a lot more heartbreaking ... and to be honest I'm leaning toward that one ...

Anyway, thank you for the amazing review!

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Review #6, by NerdyTeddyAnother Summer: The clue is to mentally distance yourself

18th November 2012:
oh god this is brilliant! I haven't read anything quite like it, ever. Ginny hates James, and is such a lousy mother- genious! Well she doesn't hate him, but... you know? She kinda does :D
I think there should be a scene where all the kids get dropped off at Harrys work and he has to deal with them, and does Ginny have a job?
Awkward change between sugestion and question :S

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Review #7, by NerdyTeddyFairytaled: One

18th November 2012:
this sounds hilarious ;)
Add another chapter though. I'm hoping that they fall in love (and, lets face it, they totally will) :)

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Review #8, by NerdyTeddyWatching You: Chapter One

1st November 2012:
So, who is she? I actually love S.H.I.E.L.D so much! Ans she's still in Hogwarts?
You better continue this, and an evil guy MUST break into Hogwarts with a robot (so she can kill it)!
Also, Iron Man. He must be a continuous character, and you CANNOT let him have a mental breakdown or show emotion... Tony Stark's to cool for that.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm not sure about bringing in Iron Man or other Avengers yet. If I do, it'll be a little later in x

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Review #9, by NerdyTeddyGeorgina Ravenclaw and the Lost Diadem: The Hogwarts Express

31st October 2012:
I totally knew she was evil. I think Georgie (tehe) should punch her when she becomes popular, because Olive is mean. Yeah.
I used the word mean :)

Author's Response: I don't know if "Georgie" has it in her ... haha Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by NerdyTeddyTask One : The Dragon of his Heart: The Dragon of his Heart

21st October 2012:
I have no idea why, but this made me cry.
I'm sitting here, in my room, crying and wondering why I have no life :)
It's just, Neville never was as special or loved as Harry. He was a side-character, destined for greatness but not until it wouldnt be noticed. And his parents weren't dead, but hardly parents at all; he was both better and worse off than Harry.
My mum just walked in, and I had to explain why I'm crying. She gave me this look like, "how did I raise this disgrace to humanity", but I don't care. You should write more stories like this one, it's sooo good!

Author's Response: Awww thanks a lot love :') Yes you are absolutely right. True, Harry had live through Voldemort's mind witnessing his parents being murdered but that was just once and they did not suffer. Neville had to live the horror everyday and see how much they have suffered and all for a clumsy boy who everyone laughed at.

But at the end of the day, it's all Dumbledore's words. It is our choices that make us who we are. Harry was determined NOT to turn to the Dark side even though his head was full of it and Neville was determined to make his parents proud even though no one believed in him. Both of them fought their battles from the two sides and won in the end.

Yes I'm on it. haven't been writing in a while because of all my studies but I'm starting again tonight :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :)


PS : It's totally okay to cry. I cried all the while writing it ;)

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Review #11, by NerdyTeddyGeorgina Ravenclaw and the Lost Diadem: Diagon Alley

20th October 2012:
I reeeally like this :D
I haven't read too many stories about the Ravenclaw family that wasn't centered around Rowena or her first daughter. Seeing a distant, mysterious relative is different and interesting.
Good plot, excellent grammar. When are you updating next?

Author's Response: Thanks!! I've got the next chapter written ... just going over it now :)

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Review #12, by NerdyTeddyPotions and Plies: The Birthday Breakfast

19th October 2012:
This is reallly good :)
It would be interesting to have a chapter examining why she likes to dance, and who she is... How does she feel about her mums death, her family and school? You have skimmed the surface, so I think that will come in future chapters.
When are you going to update? It's really interesting despite the dullness of my review. Honestly I'm not this critical and boring most of the time...
The grammar and spelling was all really good, and I like the overall plot :D

Author's Response: Hello!
Sorry if i seem a little over excited, it's just you're my first review on my first fic and I'm a little bit happy right now!!
If I'm honest, I got bored with this story and started on another but I'm gonna make another go of it now.
Thanks for your kind words!
Rosie :)

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Review #13, by NerdyTeddySailing Ship: Sailing Ship

13th October 2012:
This... I just... It's sensational.
Please, write a novel about her!

Author's Response: Junebug's the fangirl who's living her dream xD I've had a few requests for an expansion, but I never planned on one. It would be utter crack, natch.

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Review #14, by NerdyTeddyConcupiscence: Concupiscence

13th October 2012:
Just as a general, I don't like parodys.
They're not Sirius enough (tehehe) and have no substance.
This, however, is an exception. Because of one amazing moment...
Draco's affair with himself. Made me fall of my chair and reread this three times. Hilarious!
You should do more parodys.

Author's Response: Bahaha, I'm glad Draco has pulled you in 8D Of all the hoopla over Draco's love interests, none will ever hold a candle to himself. Here's to narcissism!

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Review #15, by NerdyTeddyPlay: Six Months is the New Practically Forever

13th October 2012:
They're so serious, but in a cute six-month-relationship kind of way. And I completely agree with what you said in chapter one... fluff, fluff, more fluff :D
You haven't updated in sooo long!

Author's Response: Hee, there's really nothing /but/ fluff. Play's a bit on the backburner, since I've got other WIPs. I write more of it when I'm feeling fluffy. I will try to keep it slated in the future ^__^

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Review #16, by NerdyTeddyLooks Like Heaven Destined For Hell: Hogwarts

13th October 2012:
First of all, this is really good.
But you need to do some major editing. Though there are no spelling mistakes (that I've noticed) you tend to write longer sentences that don't make sense.
Also, the gaps between each paragraph are huge. The story is about 1/4 of the sidebar length, but you add heaps by unnecessary spacing. This annoys the Hades out of me.
Overall, however, the plot is interesting and the characters memorable. Has Aurora spoken to the boys since first year? I recall you saying that she was a social recluse...
It's good enough to make me read each new chapter, but edit so that you don't just ramble on about insignificant nonsense (an example of this would be in the first chapter when you explained the appearance of angels and gods. Too much detail, didn't really make sense).

Author's Response: Oh god I looked at the gaps in the paragraphs, that is horrible I am so sorry. I was writing in a different program and I copied it here and never checked to be sure it was in a proper format. I'm sorry about the hassle. I did a rough edit of the first chapter and I do see what you were talking about, sorry I was very young and this is the first story I've written. Thank you for the feedback, I hope I have made positive changes.

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Review #17, by NerdyTeddyMaturity and Maternity: Chapter Five

11th October 2012:
I looove this!
Audrey isn't a total bore for once, and that's encouraging.
I think Ginny is pregnant too. And at some point during her pregnancy, Audrey will leave Percy... but no worries their love will grow.
Why did they break up? Audrey clearly initiated the split, as Perce still loves her.
Update!!! I really want to know what the Wotter dinner will be like :)

Author's Response: I know, it's so clear to look through. Also Audrey broke up with him because she finds him boring (and looking back on how I wrote him, i don't blame her one bit).

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Review #18, by NerdyTeddyShe Hates Me: She Hates Me

10th October 2012:
I was laughing so hard... It shouldn't be funny, but it is.
And tantrum much? Then he's just so sad that Lilly hates him!!
You should write a short story where this scene happens, just a bit more drawn out.

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Review #19, by NerdyTeddyTear me in Two.: The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

10th October 2012:
Fred is so sweet! Although I question how many times he's "fallen in love"... can't he meet a nice, available dead girl and settle down?
Also, do the students know about him being a ghost? I don't think they should, because then there can be a huge reunion thing at the end where he talks to Fred the second and George.

Author's Response: He will meet a nice dead girl soon I promise :)
He just has some issues to contend with first :P
You will find out more in the second chapter which will hopefully be posted soonish.
Thank you so much for your lovely review :)

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Review #20, by NerdyTeddySquib: Chapter 2: In which my very Slytherin brother picks me up in a very green car and my crazy family becomes even more insane. Typical.

1st October 2012:
Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, I really like this story. Lilly and Albus Potter, the squib and the gay. Then James is just...grr... let's not talk about him.
I think the family should not accept Albus so he, Lilly and Scorpius run away and to muggle Lonbdon. Then, six months later, Lilly can be famous across the globe, and her family will regret isolating her but she'll be like "eff off you wizarding failures" and stalk out.
Scorpius and Al can get married. James will be involved in a terrible accident that either kills him, deforms his face or takes away his magic. Anything really, as long as it's PAINFUL.
Maybe Lilly can be a popstar or something? Carter should be magical, though probably not a wizard. Maybe he too is a squib?
So yeah. Basically, this is awesome and if you don't continue it I will throw a unilion through your bedroom window.

Author's Response: Wow. Hello. XD

Yes James is really mean. There's a point to this, and he has his reasons, but I'm not going to explain it yet.

As lovely and fluffy as that story is, I don't think it's going to be happening. A story is not a story without drama and some unsatisfying endings. However, I don't see any reason that somethings you've mentioned won't come true. (What I'm not going to tell you though, because I'm an evil tease.)

Thank you so much! I highly doubt this story will ever abandon me as the amount of character it leaves screaming inside my head would then be unwilling to ever be quiet, and I doubt I could live without writing it.

Thank you for the lovely review! :D

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Review #21, by NerdyTeddyIn Time: Place Your Bets!

29th September 2012:
This is hilarious :)
I'd write more but you've kept me up for ages! Why are you so darned talented?

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