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Review #1, by PennMischief Managed: First Year: Christmas

21st October 2012:
Hello! I always pictured James's dad giving him the cloak, but now that I think about it...James taking the cloak totoally fits his personality! I love Remus. Whats that I hear? Oh yeah chapter five is calling.

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you for reviewing (again)! Haha - In my head, it was always Charlus' plan to pass it on to his son at some point... But James is just too impatient for that! :P hope you enjoy it! Chapter 11 is in the queue now, so hopefully it'll be up soon! :)
Thanks again, Keira :)

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Review #2, by PennMischief Managed: First Year: Secrets and Punishments

21st October 2012:
I loved how Remus's thoughts became less and less coherent and human as he transformed. Well done as always! Chapter 4 here I come :)

Author's Response: Remus is so fun to write! Especially when he's nearing the full moon. :D I'm going over all my chapters at the moment (especially 4+) to improve on them and add extra details. Thanks for reviewing! It means a lot! Keira :)

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Review #3, by PennMischief Managed: First Year: Settling In

21st October 2012:
Great job! I hate liking little Peter when I know what he does, but I can't help it. Also I love the similarities between Lily and Hermione, just saying! And I'm off to read chapter 3

Author's Response: Haha - I used to hate Peter, but he's grown on me ;) I think Peter has one of the best story lines - give him a chance, you might find your opinion changing ;)

I've always imagined them as being very similar - possibly one of the reasons that Snape takes such a dislike to Hermione. Thanks for reviewing again!! :)

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Review #4, by PennMischief Managed: First Year: The Sorting

21st October 2012:
Wow. I clicked on your story because of the awesome banner...and I'm really glad I did! So far so good. I think you've done a great job at getting into all the character's minds and oh my gosh that is totoally something Dumbledore would say :) Gotta go, I need to read chapter two.

Author's Response: Hello Penn!

I'm sorry for the delay in responding, I've been extremely busy with essays etc! Hope you forgive me :D

Anyway, thank you for reviewing! I really hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the story. Chapter 12 has just got up! :)

Keira :)

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