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Review #1, by infinitesimalAnd Capers Ensue: Dead End

17th October 2012:
What the.. OK. Scorpius. is. NOT. dead.
I'm totally expecting some devious plot twist in the next chapter. No one dies in fanfics. Except in those really angsty ones and capers, well it's a happy-cupcakey fic. So.. no. Just NO.
Anyhow, great chapter. I quite like the two week update.

Author's Response: Can a fic have both cupcakes and a body count? :0 WE SHALL SEE!

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Review #2, by infinitesimalWeather for Ducks: Epilogue: Part One

10th October 2012:
Whoaaa whoaah, what just happened. NO SRSLY. WHAT JUST HAPPENED.
I'm going to reread this bit again..

OK. So.. that was unexpected. Never saw that coming. Like, at. all. And with so many fics ending/beginning with pregnancies and people getting knocked up, it sounds rather cliche if you don't mind me saying that. But but but, I'm positve this one is going to be so much better.
*le smile*

I'm just going to hurry up and finish reading the last chapter now. LAST CHAPPY. NOEES. D:

Author's Response: I didn't see it coming either. this was nothing like the ending I planned! (more like the ending I felt a lot of people wanted me to write, hhahaha). It is very cliche, yup. It's so cliche it kind of pained me to write it but...what's done is done.

hope you liked the last chapter (and thanks for reviewing! )

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Review #3, by infinitesimalWeather for Ducks: With Bells On

10th October 2012:
Aargh, so many feels! So many fan girl feels! I'm drowning in them! That confession. That was like the cutest thing ever, and I just wanted to bring them together and go: NOW KISS. But nooes, Lucy didn't apologize.. yet.

And asdfghjkl I dunno, i'm just going to read on. I knew the comics would come in somewhere.

Also, the authors note at the beginning got me worrying. I won't be surprised if this fic sad ending when it so deserves a happy happy mushy mushy one. After Quantum Physics, that is.

Author's Response: *chucks you a rubber ring*

I very, very nearly gave it a totally different ending...buuut.wait and see...

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