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Review #1, by MoneyTangled Web: Chapter Twelve: Dinner At The Zabini's.

14th June 2013:
I always keep up with the reviews as well as the story.
When I last read. You had already given your chapter for
validation and that was Tuesday or Thursday and now
Saturday is about to start and I cannot wait any longer. I
hate the people who validate the chapters. *sob sob*
-* validation people, why you no update the the next
chapter for the desperate reAders *-

Author's Response: it's up!!! go check again! lol I know it took so long to validate this time around it was driving me crazy as well.

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Review #2, by MoneyA Wonderful Love: The Calm Before the Storm

2nd June 2013:
Update soon?
How about Hermione/ Draco?

Author's Response: Hmmm. I haven't really thought about it, but I definitely will add your vote in :) That'd be fun to write since I don't usually shipi it! Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by MoneyChasing Madness: Meet the Malfoys.

5th December 2012:
I think I am in love with this story :D
Update sooon!!!

Author's Response: It's been so long and I apologize! Don't give up on me xx

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Review #4, by MoneyRoses grow at Malfoy Manor: The Ghost of Gryffindor Tower

17th October 2012:
All right Merope. I made a page for your story. I'll add you as an admin when ever you get free. But I do not know how to contact you or give you the link to your page. So just put the name of your story on facebook search bar and you will find it :D

oh and PS: Please update soon

Author's Response: Oh wow, I don't know what to say. Thank you so much--I really appreciate you doing this. I'm sorry I didn't write in such a long time...I'm trying to get back on track with several things (including writing), but I promise you all that this story is not abandoned.

I don't know when I will get the chance to write...I have started the next chapter, now it's just a matter of sitting down and focusing on writing. I really appreciate you all being so patient!

Thanks a lot for everything,

Merope :)

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Review #5, by MoneyPrime Suspects: A New Beginning

12th October 2012:
dude your updates were pretty fast :P
what happened? :P
please please update
been so long :/

It feels like I am waiting for a train at a bus station :P

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