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Review #1, by LadyOrobourusChains of Bronze: The Beginning

3rd February 2013:
First off I would like to say this story is interesting... :)

I noticed a few typo's, just a few misplaced words, and awkward phrasing. A beta could fix it up really quick.

Your flow is really well paced. It was a fun read, I didn't feel the need to skip lines.

The ending had just the right amount of " wait What?!" and I love that in a story.

I personally can't wait for the next chapter. Quite amazing. Until next Tag. Happy Reading~ Lady

Author's Response: hey! thank you!

i edited the wordings and stuff haha I hadn't pre read the story before putting it up :P

im glad you liked it! thank you so much =)

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Review #2, by LadyOrobourusChange: Getting to know

3rd February 2013:
Well first off I would like to say you are simply amazing! I love everything of yours that I have read.
Narcissa seems so genuine. and Lucas seems as self important as ever. IMO brilliant character capture.

I love that you give insight to the start of their relationship, while reading the books I always wondered. While shes not exactly nice I've always wondered why stay with a man like him. There must have been other pure-bloods to date.

I enjoy that your story draws you in and makes you feel a certain emotion. When I read the words "another woman" I had the typical Gasp! Hes a lying dirty cheater!. that. Man!!! then realized he has always been these things, I had simply pushed it aside with the present information. So amazing. :)

Its always such a pleasure to read your stories and I cant wait for another game of tag. Happy Reading~ Lady

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks a ton for reading and reviewing!

I am so flattered that you think I am amazing and like every work of mine, thank you!
I was a little concerned about my characterisations but your positive feedback has pleased me.

I am glad that you liked the way I portrayed their relationship too. I always wondered that too so I gave it my own spin =)

Its great to know that my story was emotional for you, and you could connect with it while reading.

Thank you so much once again! I look forward to more reviews from you via Tag =)

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Review #3, by LadyOrobourusFate's Path: Ronald Weasley

22nd January 2013:
Hi again,
Still great. Noticed a few typos. Over all Good story. I'm adding this to my to read list. Keep writing. Happy Reading ~ Lady

Author's Response: Thank you! The typos have been dealt with (I hope)! Thanks you for the lovely review and reading xo

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Review #4, by LadyOrobourusFate's Path: Welcome Back

22nd January 2013:
Interesting chapter, it works well with a dramione. I'm going to move onto next chapter to read. Happy Reading ~ Lady

Author's Response: Thanks and thank you for reviewing Lady! xo

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Review #5, by LadyOrobourusYou Can Write The Book: it's all in the details

21st January 2013:
:) You tell a very vivid tale, and actually managed to make Colin interesting. Congratulations I love it.
The flow is a bit off. Choppy but I think its meant to be?
Over all most sad. I started tearing up and barely kept it down. Happy reading ~ Lady

Author's Response: Hello there, Lady! Thank you for your lovely and unexpected review :) I really do appreciate random reviewers, so thanks for taking the time to read and review! I'll definitely look at the flow again and where the transitions between segments might not be too smooth. It's sort of a segmented story, with flashbacks and all, so perhaps that's the reason why you find the flow off? Thanks for letting me know :)

And thanks again!


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Review #6, by LadyOrobourusIn A Lifetime: I

15th January 2013:
This is such a sad story. You have succeeded on putting me into team Salazar. I love how you portrayed the founders. The love story side of it was oddly fascinating. I was able to see Salazar's love even through the callous ... man he was. Absolutely lovely, but now I need to go find a tissue. Keep up the excellent writing. ~ Lady

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

Yay! Team Salazar! As this was written for the villain redemption challenge, I take that as a very good thing indeed!


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Review #7, by LadyOrobourusBetrayal: The Letter

15th January 2013:
... Wow...
Let me start again. I started reading this going awe cute sister love, then I read the letter, and letters are never good , from the title of your story I seen it coming but all my mind could register is. Well that escalated quickly.
On to the more reviewy side of this review. As always excellent writing technique, the story flowed nicely and it was at no point boring. Dare I say it short heart enchantingly disastrous and end. Bravo! Loved it! ~ Lady

Author's Response: hey! thanks for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked this!

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Review #8, by LadyOrobourusMerry Christmas, Draco Malfoy: Draco & Luna

17th December 2012:
Love It! It was so sweet and Luna was written perfectly. Wonderful one shot. Happy Reading ~ Lady

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by LadyOrobourusIn the Broom Cupboard. : The 12 hours in the cupboard.

10th November 2012:

Nifty little Cutesy story, it was a fun read. There were a few things I noticed. :)

At first I thought it might have a bit more climax to it lol. It sort of reminded me of the way Ron and Harry were towards Hermione in the first book, they found her super annoying but once they found out they liked her it all got a little better.

It was sort of Cliche' and I found it lacking certain enthusiasm. Being locked in with the annoying little sister. I once had an annoying younger sister. In Albus' place, I would have been screaming and kicking at the door...

Your flow was great, but could have used a bit more dialogue.

Now back to the good parts, as I said there was the Awe moment of Albus standing up for his annoying little sister. Scorpious' irritable little prat personality was well written. Again cute story. :3

~ Lady

Author's Response: Thanks, I apprectiate the review.

Keep Reading!

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Review #10, by LadyOrobourusHis Pack of Four: Chapter 4

10th November 2012:
Herro! Trying a differnt review style this time. We will see how this goes. :3

Such a sad chapter, though the picture was painted well. Poor Remus :(

The wolfy bits seemed a bit peculiar this go about... I cant quite place my finger on it.

So far your story has been most excellent. Its going on my favorites list and I will be checking back for new chapters. I'm so happy I took you up on this. :3 As always Happy Reading!

~ Lady

Author's Response: I'm glad that your thought this chapter was sad! That, as horrible as it sounds, was my goal. To make people cry, tear up, be full of emotions...

Hmm...I wonder what you mean about Wolf's part. I just wanted to show how a wolf deals with a loss of a pack member just like they do in real life.

However, I'm super glad you enjoyed this fic! I'll be updating hopefully by the end of the year or early next. :D

Thanks for the review and the swap!


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Review #11, by LadyOrobourusHis Pack of Four: Chapter 3

10th November 2012:
Hello again, I have a question about this chapter...

Why wouldn't McGonagall transform into a cat and touch the knob? I guess that it was the house-elf that brought the snack so she got to push the knobby?

Telling Lily point blank struck me as kinda odd... I guess I always seen Remus as more tactful than that.

I think you hit Sirius's personality almost perfectly. :)
This is such a great story, I cant wait to read more.

~ Lady

Author's Response: The reason why I don't have McGonagall transform into her cat form is because of the house-elf. She would usually do it but now that the house-elf is bringing food for Remus, per Remus' request, she doesn't feel the need to do it herself.

For me, Remus and Lily always had a different sort of friendship. Like he said (which is also a philosophy of mine) "One thing is to keep secrets, another is to lie outright when they're asking for the truth." Remus didn't want to lie to Lily due to his fear of losing his friendship. Lily had already figured out the what was the point of lying? That's why I think Remus told Lily point blank everything. Well...almost everything.

Sirius was fun to write. My beta thought he was a total non 12-word.but his personality felt right to me.

Anyway! Thanks for your lovely review!


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Review #12, by LadyOrobourusHis Pack of Four: Chapter 2

10th November 2012:
Still loving it. :) Definitely another interesting chapter. I love the way you have portrayed the friends, the playful banter. Still very nice flow and excellent dialogue. I cant wait to move onto the next chapter. Happy Readings ~ Lady

Author's Response: I'm glad that you're still loving it!

The friendship they have is always fun to write, to be honest. They're like brothers and I wanted to show that through their dialogue. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #13, by LadyOrobourusHis Pack of Four: Chapter 1

9th November 2012:
Ooo I definitely like it. Very nice flow. A question.

Why hadn't the wolf broken through the window in the first place?

A great start though . I cant wait to move onto the next chapter.

Happy Readings ~ Lady

Author's Response: Ugh, so sorry that I've taken forever to answer your review. Over a month! Ugh!

The reason why Wolf hadn't broken through the window in the first place is because Remus locks him in and the window in the room he's locked in is re-enforced for him not to escape. I'll go ahead and do a read through to see if can make it clearer.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #14, by LadyOrobourusMy favorite student: My Favorite Student

9th November 2012:
That was good... :) A few things to look out for though, the use of parenthesis in every sentence draws away from your tale, maybe use italics or a breakaway sentence? but overall excellent story. I think I will venture into your other stories for a read. ~ Lady :3

Author's Response: Thanks You!

Keep Reading!

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Review #15, by LadyOrobourusMy Sister-in-Law: horror feminae

5th November 2012:
Interesting take on Audrey. She is quite dreadful. With Percy any woman would need to be depressing and dreadful I think ( I never liked Percy). Well written. :3

Author's Response: I did have fun making Audrey the kind of person who would fit Percy (I never liked him either), so I'm glad you appreciate her. :)

Thank you for your review! :D

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Review #16, by LadyOrobourusA Mother's Tale (Task One challenge): A Mother's Tale

5th November 2012:
Oh wow, first off amazing detail. I didn't think your Narcissa canon was off, she has almost always put Draco first. I loved the story. :3 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked my story, and you I think I maintained canon Narcissa xD

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Review #17, by LadyOrobourusBubbles: Bath time

31st October 2012:
Magnificent! I absolutely love it! I might have to venture off to read some more of your stories. Thank you for linking it to me. :3

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! Your review made me so happy I smiled like a fool for ten whole minutes and now my brother thinks I have serious issues... Oh, well. Thank you very much for this wonderful review.


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Review #18, by LadyOrobourusDonít Leave Me Without Resolve: Donít Leave Me Without Resolve

23rd October 2012:
:O You had me in tears. What fantastic imagery. The story was so believable... just wow. I'm so happy I got to read it.

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Review #19, by LadyOrobourusPumped Up Kicks : ~Prologue:When the Sun Goes Down~

20th October 2012:
Interesting... :) I like the beginning. I look forward to reading your story. :3 ~ Lady

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it!

Please do read c:
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by LadyOrobourusI'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell: Epilogue

20th October 2012:
I absolutely love your story. I'm super sad to see it end.

Author's Response: Thanks, if you google my penname clumsydolphin you will find I have a lot more stories finished.

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Review #21, by LadyOrobourusA Day Gone Wrong: The Entrance of the Bride

19th October 2012:
Its interesting with potential. but I feel like its a bit rushed and lacking in detail. I would like to read more. :3

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Review #22, by LadyOrobourusOf Saints and Monsters: I

17th October 2012:
Absolutely lovely writing style... I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter should be up soon :)
Jasmine, xx

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Review #23, by LadyOrobourusGlorious: Turning

14th October 2012:
Ooo... Well I'm intrigued. Cant wait to see the next chapter. :)

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Review #24, by LadyOrobourusback from future: Surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th October 2012:
I like it. Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

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Review #25, by LadyOrobourusSimply Irresistible: Recruitment

23rd September 2012:
Love the story so far ! Can't wait for the new chapter

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