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Review #1, by onorusHopelessly Star-Crossed: A Dream and a Date

10th August 2013:
I'm your favorite reader? :-) I feel special now! Also, while not having to wait as long is great, it really wasn't a year, only 7 1/2 months, roughly. And your story is worth waiting (and checking for updates daily) for. You can't be expected to write for us to the exclusion of real life, after all. Anyway, I ramble too much, so...g'bye for now, and thank you again for the wonderful story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :3 you are the bestest, really!

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Review #2, by onorusHopelessly Star-Crossed: Diagon Alley

24th July 2013:
Of course I saw it! I never stopped checking for updates every day. I just stopped logging in every time, so I couldn't review until I remembered my password. As always, thank you for the new chapter, I enjoyed reading it, and look forward to more! :-)

Author's Response: Yay! My favorite reader! :) I gotta do another one soon and not, like, wait a year again lol

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Review #3, by onorusHopelessly Star-Crossed: The Missing Piece

15th April 2013:
I was beginning to worry that you'd forgotten us! (Would have done this as a review of chapter 5, but already reviewed it.) Still checking several times every day for your story to update! :-P I hope everything's going well for you. G'bye for now!

Author's Response: Omg I adore you so much! Chapter 7's up for validation right now, just so you know :) I write for you, honestly. I noticed you put this review up a while back so I started a new chapter. I really hope you'll like it when it's up :) Should be active July 20th (depending on your time zone) because the backlog is one day and I posted it at 4am, July 19th. So I'm hoping. Fingers crossed! Toodaloo!

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Review #4, by onorusCoping: Chapter 5

3rd November 2012:
Dunno about anyone else, but I'll keep reading as long as you're writing. I'm sorry for never having anything useful to say in these reviews, but as always, I'm enjoying the story! :)

Author's Response: Well thanks, i dont mind your reviews its nice to get them at least i know that someone is reading lol. :)


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Review #5, by onorusCoping: Chapter 4

1st November 2012:
Me again! :-P I'll stick with it, of course. I'm enjoying the story, and will be patiently waiting, (and checking for updates twice a day, as usual) for the next chapter! :-P Thank you for taking time to write to entertain the rest of us.

Author's Response: I will be posting the next chapter in a minute so it will probably be able for viewing tomorrow :). I hope you enjoy the next few chapters they took ages to write :)


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Review #6, by onorusHopelessly Star-Crossed: Love is Born

30th October 2012:
Of course I read (and liked!) the new chapter, I just hadn't seen your response to my other review, and still have a difficult time figuring out what to say here. I check for updates to your story at least twice a day, so chances are I'll have read any new chapter on the same day it posts. :-P Thanks for writing to entertain us all!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for being so devoted! :D This review legitimately made my day. THIS makes me want to write more and post it NOW! Haha thank you so much, you are amazing!

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Review #7, by onorusCoping: Chapter 3

30th October 2012:
I'm horrible at leaving reviews, I never know what to say. I just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying your story. :) And in answer to your chapter 2 A/N...they're your Weasleys in your story, so they can be as out of character as you want to write them to be. :-P I read almost entirely for Harry & Hermione anyway, heh.

Author's Response: Thank you, i don't mind what you say in a review, i love getting them. There will be more Weasley action later in the story. You are my first reviewer so here are some chocolate frogs :)


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Review #8, by onorusShe Will Be Loved: Chapter Two

10th October 2012:
I noticed that there weren't any other reviews yet, and while I normally don't review because I never know what to say, I wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying the story, and will be waiting for it to continue. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your very kind words, they are greatly appreciated! Hope you continue to enjoy, and apologies for the long delay xx.

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Review #9, by onorusLords of Time And Space: Yule Ball

7th October 2012:
Just wanted to remind you we're still patiently waiting for more story! Which in retrospect is a bit unfair, given that I'm also waiting on at least two other stories of yours to update, and you can only do so much. Regardless, I enjoy your writing, and thought I should let you know that.

Author's Response: I'll get on it as soon as I can. I'm truly sorry for the wait.

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Review #10, by onorusHopelessly Star-Crossed: The Emotional Explosion

17th September 2012:
Okay, I normally hate leaving reviews because I don't know what to say, and feel really stupid. However, given that if you explode, you can't finish the story, you managed to find a way to make me type a review anyway! :-P That said, I do enjoy your story, and am eagerly awaiting more of it. So no exploding! Other than characters in said story, at least. :-P

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this! :) I'm glad you like the story! Hopefully you read the new chapter, and it's not the best, but I thought it turned out okay. Anyways, I really appreciate the review!

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