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Review #1, by Sleeping_DragonThe World As Victoria Sees It: Frank Possibly Be My Only Friend.

5th February 2013:
Well... A French guy? That frank is weird.but the story's cool

Author's Response: Yes, Frank is weird, but that's only because Vic is weird. It's her alter-ego in a way. Thanks for reading!!
Love Julie xx

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Review #2, by Sleeping_DragonThe Troubles of Teenagers: I Felt No Remorse.

5th February 2013:
PETUNIA! WHAT THE HELL? And Peter is an idiot. Don't get me wrong, I really like this. The marauders era is the best.

Author's Response: Thanks! I know, Petunia is evil ... But I love Peter. Thanks for reviewing! Love Julie xx

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Review #3, by Sleeping_DragonThe Power of Tea: Guinea pig of awesomeness.

5th February 2013:
Hey this is good very random! Winnie and her sis reminded me of petunia and lily at first, I reckon sis is jealous.
Anyway u are Irish? I'm Australian hehe

Author's Response: Thanks, I am Irish. Winnie and Nessa will get more to be like Petunia and Lily though, but not as hateful. Thanks for reviewing! Julie xx

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Review #4, by Sleeping_DragonA change of heart: A change of heart.

20th January 2013:
This is pretty good. I had never considered that Regulus ever meant to get out of there... Or that he became one of the Inferi- creepy thought! Please reply

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Review #5, by Sleeping_DragonThe Name of the Game: Here's Looking at You, Kid

29th November 2012:
They are talking about cheesy 90s teen shows but scuse me, the marauders and co were only at school in the seventies, so um... Yeah.
Other than that, I love it ant I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: The story has J.K.'s characters, but I have it set in present day (: thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Sleeping_DragonTwo Animagus in Azkaban: Escape - one way or another

15th November 2012:
about your title- it should be 'two ANIMAGI in azkaban"

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Review #7, by Sleeping_DragonGoodbye James, Hello Derek: 17: Normal, But Not Quite Normal

15th October 2012:
please update! I loveit!

Author's Response: I can only update as fast as I can write, so please be patient with me!

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Review #8, by Sleeping_DragonReturn to Hgwarts: "Well, why would you not go?"

29th September 2012:
Please coninue this! there are no other HP/Inheritance fanfics and i love both series- plus Murtagh is awesome

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Review #9, by Sleeping_DragonThe Pureblood and the Mudblood [Dramione] ♥: Chapter 5

18th September 2012:
i like it. you should include viktor some more, i like him

Author's Response: Oh, I will. (: Thanks!

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Review #10, by Sleeping_DragonThe Name of the Game: To Ella's House We Go

17th September 2012:
Aargh who is she dating alreday

Author's Response: I promise the next chapter should be up any hour now! ;)

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Review #11, by Sleeping_DragonDancing In The Moonlight: The Secrets in Life, Are Found in the Bacon

16th September 2012:

Author's Response: yes for sure! Left my fanfic book back at home so I shall be writing again in November. I went provinces away for school so I have to wait til I go home :P Thank you for the review! READ ON!

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