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Review #1, by newgenerationloverImpact: Retaliation

25th January 2015:
Oh my goodness gracious!! Wasn't this an eventful chapter! First of all freaking Silas! Who the heck does he think he is?? God, he is such a creep! I mean, I'm a little scared of him and I'm not even in the freaking story!! Thank goodness for Potter is all I'm going to say. And oh lord. Things went down in the 'Sticks! I can't believe Rose would do that! What a terrible thing to do to Scorp! They went out for so long and were so involved I can't believe she would be so mean to him only because things changed after sex.

Oh lordy! Is it bad that when Potter pretended Ceci was his girlfriend I wanted it to be true?? And Lucy and Scorp!! I died when Lucy just kind of shrugged and went along with it. Good for Albus to tell Rose that! She was acting like a right B and she has no right!

Favorite scene by far!! CECI FINDS ALBUS ATTRACTIVE (at least while drunk)!! THAT MEANS THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER, RIGHT??? James coming in and acting like that made me half want to die of embarrassment for Ceci and half want to hug him because it may make them realize that they at least ACT like a married couple already. I seriously can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon??

Love ya!
Mary xoxo

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Review #2, by newgenerationloverImpact: Expedition

25th January 2015:
OH MY LORD!! I apologize before hand if this review is short because that is a big cliff hanger and I NEED to read on!! Ok so where to start? I love that Cee-Cee is the guys fashion consultant and how sassy she was when Louis held up the two coats that OBVIOUSLY didn't go with his outfit. Like honestly, have they learned nothing of fashion??

Thank goodness Ceci got Scorp out of the castle instead of leaving him to cry in his bed over a piece of Rose's hair all day. Lord, talk about over attached. But I feel so bad for him. He really did get his heart broken. BUT WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO SAY THOSE HORRIBLE THINGS TO CECI?? Goodness me, what a jerk. Yes, I know he was just lashing out because he was upset but still!! Yes, I know that may have struck a chord with Cee-Cee but I do think she cares for them more than just needing them to feel needed. She obviously cares deeply for them, especially Rose and Scorp.

Lord Jesus Christ!! What is going to happen with Silas?? On to read and find out!!
Mary xoxo

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Review #3, by newgenerationloverImpact: Propitiation

25th January 2015:
Ah! Potter and Cee-Cee made up!! Totes adorbs!! Can they just kiss already please?? At least they both have the whole 'daddy issues' thing in common! And, as Cee-Cee so kindly pointed out, they do know each other pretty darn well. Please can they get together?? I am shipping them so hard right now!!

Ah, the allusive sex changes everything line. What? Was he THAT bad in bed or was it more of the whole mystery surrounding the act vanishing along with her interest thing? Im glad Cee-Cee and her made up, though. At least now she doesn't have to hide away in the library and talk with her ex because I feel like that is going to lead to some serious repercussions if it keeps going on like it is. Rose has a date?? Not just a date but a date with a seventh year?? Darn, she moves fast. And yay!! Louis and Alley are going out!! Love them!!

Upward and onward to the next wonderful chapter!!
Mary xoxo

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Review #4, by newgenerationloverImpact: Conversation

25th January 2015:
Oh my lord! I thought I had reviewed this AGES ago!! I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry! Please forgive me, Blair!!! *cries*

Anyway, LOVED this chapter. WHAT? HE IS NOT HER FATHER??? WELL THEN WHO THE F IS?? I loved how you showed just how on edge she was by her clenching her hands on the armrests of the chair. I can't believe her mother was such a b! I mean yes, I can sort of understand why she would want to raise her child on her own, even though her childhood may have been a lot better if Theo had been in the picture even if he wasn't her biological father, but to string Theo along for years, even when she was possibly in love with some other guy is just terrible! I feel so bad for Theo!

Oo! Aren't things heating up with Potter?! THAT'S RIGHT GIRL! TELL HIM HOW IT IS! *snaps fingers in 'z' formation* Wow, she sure does have some balls, doesn't she?! Aw! I can't believe she felt that way just because she didn't have a biological father!! I mean, I can believe it as in it is very understandable, I just can't believe she can say something like that and I can't reach into the story and give her a big hug!! Talking about big hugs, Scorp!! WHY DID ROSE BREAK UP WITH HIM!??! I can't believe it!! They are Scorose! They are meant to be together!!

Lovely chapter as always!!
Mary xoxo

P.S. I don't know if you have seen or not but I have replied to your PM on the forums :P

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Review #5, by newgenerationloverThe Rose Petal Beach: The Rose Petal Beach

22nd January 2015:
Hi there! Came across this story and though I would give it a try and I'm really glad I did! However, before I get into the review review, I'm a little confused. Who was he stalker? I thought it was Sean but then she said it was Scorpius in the hospital. But Scorpius was beating up Sean because Sean was stalking Rose, right? Were they just both stalking her? Or is Rose a little unstable in the mind and sometimes finds it hard to tell the two men apart? And which one did she actually love? Gosh, sorry for all the questions, especially if the readers aren't really supposed to know, but I need to know!!

I kind of really liked the switching of POVs and the combination of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person. I have never read anything like it before and I liked the change up! I think you did a great job just showing the emotions, especially the fear, that was shown in this story. I remember my heart beat a little faster when Rose was getting the call three minutes before four. Really fantastic job!

Ok, so what I got out of it, well until the ending when Rose was saying that Scorp was the one stalking her which totally threw me off, I saw Sean as the evil stalker her threatened her (maybe even more than threatened) her into getting back with him. So, if I am right about him and Scorp being the loving boyfriend (which I am not so sure I am correct about.) I absolutely hate Sean! He is so creepy and scary and I feel so sorry for Rose. And how did the petles on the beach thing come into it all? Whose child was it? Was it the child of the guy who met her on the beach or the other one? Goodness me, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!! Anyway, great story. Really enjoyed it!

Mary xoxo

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Review #6, by newgenerationloverWasting My Young Years: Worst Day

19th January 2015:
Oh my goodness! Again!? I am so totally intrigued I need you update this very minute!! Pretty pretty please with a cheery on top?? I am honestly freaking out right now! What happened to Albus? Where has he been all this time? Why is he at Sage's door again? Is she somehow connected to all of this? What is Circe's Riddle? Ughhh! I just want to know!! *falls into a heap and sobs*

Ok so for the rest of the story: Freaking hate whats his face. Oh right, Colin. What a terrible name, you know ;) God, how can he stay so calm whilst telling her that he has been cheating on her for a while with some other girl?! What a d-bag!! Good for her to stay strong throughout it all (well at least until the cab ride home) because I do not think I could have done that. I love that she has been searching this whole time for Albus, even after everyone else gave up. I really can't wait to see where this story is going, you have already done such a lovely job :P

xoxo Mary

Author's Response: Haha, YAY. I will try to update asap, promise. And I give you my assurance that these profound mysteries shall be revealed in due course!

Sigh. Colin. He's such a [insert barrage of awful words here]. And yes, Sage stayed stronger than I would've in that situation. She's less of a punch-in-the-face-breakdown type and more of a simmer-and-plot-revenge type. Dun dun.

Thanks so much for the kind words and for both reviews. Hope to have an update posted in the coming weeks!

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Review #7, by newgenerationloverWasting My Young Years: Possibly Dead

19th January 2015:
Gosh, this story is freaking amazing! When I first came to read this, I was not expecting this whatsoever. I had both low expectations and I was not expecting so much mystery and drama happening so quickly but I love it!! Sage is so cool, I love her voice and her way of seeing things already. She seems to be the calm in the storm around her with the more than slightly off Lysander and the super refined and graceful Aunt Andromeda who no one could match :P And Albus, oh goodness. I thought he was going to be like a love interest of Sage's or something despite the age difference but it is not looking that way right now. Ok, well I'm stopping the review here because I really want to keep reading XD I will definitely be looking at Kill Your Darlings after the next chapter :)
xoxo Mary

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Indeed, who could ever match Aunt Andromeda for grace? That woman. I mean, I'm kind of biased toward Andromeda, since she's one of my fave females in HP, but you know, refinement can get you pretty far. :) So happy to hear you like the rest of the character development this far, too. Thanks again for taking the time to read & review. I'll see you in Chapter 2!

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Review #8, by newgenerationloverLethargic: I Think Curiosity

11th January 2015:
Loved the chapter so much!! Except: REALLY BRETT!! HE HAS BEEN WITH ANOTHER GIRL THE ENTIRE TIME?? HOW DARE HE!!! Ugh, is it bad I'm kinda mad that I can see her more with James now even though I am still totally against them together?? PLEASE UPDATE SOON LOVELY!!
xoxo Mary

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Review #9, by newgenerationloverLethargic: Make Me Insane

3rd January 2015:
Hiii!!! So I know I haven't reviewed in a while and all I can say is: I AM SO INCREDIBLY SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, OH FAVORITE WRITER! But seriously though, you are probably one of my favorite authors here, if not my favorite. Whenever I see this story pop up in the feed, I honest to god gasp, my heart skipping a beat, and then as quickly as I can, go to read the chapter. This is my FAVORITE story on the archives and I cannot stand when each new chapter ends... just to let you know :P Sorry I haven't reviewed the past couple chapters, but when I finish reading, I haven't been in a reviewing type of mood, telling myself I'll go back later and review it, then forget and never do. I'm so sorry! How about next chapter, if I'm not in a long, drawn out review mood, I'll just pop in and say a quick "Loved the chapter!" type of thing? Sound good XD

So this chapter: LOVED IT. I've loved learning more and more about her family these past two chapters and their relationships with Carrie. You know whose other relationship I love with Carrie?? BRETT! I kind of love them together. I know that Carrie is supposed to fall for James and all that, but I think if she gave Brett a really chance- and he gave her one as well- they could be good together! I am already getting the feeling that Brett may have some feelings for Carrie and I just feel like they have great chemistry! I semi hope they will get caught doing it and have to face everyone thinking they are together (including their parents- especially Carrie's mom thinking her daughter could now land Brett in a marriage) and see what would happen then. But then again, that could stop whatever they are doing together and I don't want that to happen!! I seriously love them together. Ok, well I hope this review makes you satisfied ;) Can't wait for the next chapter!!


Author's Response: It's all right! I was just wondering if I should be worried that there is a lack of interest in this story and that maybe people are clicking on it and clicking away. I'm happy that you enjoy the story so much and I'll do my best to keep writing something you can look forward to every time it appears. A quick review would be lovely. :)

I'm glad you loved the chapter and learning about Carrie's family. They're certainly an odd bunch. Brett and Carrie have an interesting relationship and I agree that maybe they could work out, but they don't really match up with core values. They can agree on smaller things, but agreeing on bigger things for them is almost impossible. There is no denying the connection between them. Carrie's mom just wants her to get married to a pureblood. You're going to find out something exciting about Brett next chapter. ;)

Thank you for the review! The next chapter should be out soon.

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Review #10, by newgenerationloverIn Operibus Suis: Anne Woodville

19th December 2014:
When I saw who you wrote about in this story's title page or whatever it is called, I immediately skipped all the others and came here. Let me tell you one thing: I LOVE ELIZABETH WOODVILLE! So I was very intrigued when I saw her family name and and am very happy that I came and read this chapter.

I was wondering this whole time as to what Anne's great accomplishment was going to be. As Anne is but a whisper in history as Elizabeth is such a known name, I had no idea what was going to make her so accomplished, but now, after what she did, I can definitely see where you took this.

I loved how Elizabeth was in Slytherin and Anne, the more curious one, went to Ravenclaw to find a place where she could be so much more than in the muggle world at that time. And her beind able to use her, at least temporary, love spell on Edward makes so much sense in the history of it all that I am now convinced that is exactly what happened. I even love how Elizabeth and Jacquatta (yes, I did have to look up how to spell her name) were charged, or at least thought to be witches and here they actually are. Nice touch :P

Really loved this story! You did a great job!

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Review #11, by newgenerationloverMy Life In Gold: My Life In Gold

18th December 2014:
Hi there! So I saw your blog post on the forums and thought I would come check this out and I am really glad I did! This story is truly amazing and I am glad that there is at least one trans story on here. Honestly, if I am going to be frank here, I really don't know much about the transgender community. I live my life in a bubble (though I am still rather young so it is understandable) and the most interactions I've had with the trans community is knowing they exist and from watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. This makes me feel terrible for saying it, but I feel like I don't really understand them, never having felt that way before myself nor having ever met a trans person. However, I feel like this story has shown me at least a glance of what it is like for them and I really appreciate you for that. I will definitely be looking that up on google because I really do want to learn more, least I become closed off and prejudice. So I guess I just want to say thanks :P

Ok, now onto the actual review! I honestly love how you wouldn't have known there was anything different about Albus if he hadn't wanted to try on her mother's dress (it is right to call Albus 'her', right? I'm just guessing as you did that in the rest of the story.) You didn't go and make her shout it from the roof tops or be like "Hi, my names Albus and I'm transgender" like I could see at least a couple people on this site doing. You made her normal, which I guess is the right thing to do as trans people are and the way I am saying this sounds terrible so I am just going to reword it: You are a great author with a great hold on the subject. That makes sense right? Gosh, I feel like a madwoman rambling on here :P

I now really want Ginny's dress :P I love the details you added, focusing on the clothes just enough to show that she appreciated them without going on some long monologue about each dress and what every one is wearing and how beautiful everyone looks and just omg (by the way, that last part was supposed to be said in that kind of nasally middle schooler voice... gosh, I feel like I am coming off like a terrible person in this review! I'm a good person! I promise!! Or maybe I am a bad person. *existential crisis*)

I love how Albus has such strong support around him. It is most of the time terrible for trans people even in todays (at least semi) open world, as we can see from that horrible girl in the dorms, so I am so happy she has people around her she knows loves her and Scorpius and OMG FANGIRL MOMENT and just amazing. Love it so much!

This story really is wonderful! Good luck with getting it published!!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! *squee* This is kind of the dream review right here--thank you!

The fact that you're open-minded and WANT TO KNOW is what matters!

Ha, this story is almost a fanfiction of the movie Ma Vie en Rose too :p I saw it when I was little, and everyone was so MEAN to the little kid for wanting to wear dresses, and I was all like "OF COURSE DRESSES ARE PRETTY." So yeah, I really wanted to write something where people were SUPPORTIVE and there were GOOD EXAMPLES and POSITIVE ROLE MODELS.

A lot of that description of clothes and things came from the fact that I use NO pronouns during the first half, and then after the name "Ciara" comes up, I use ONLY pronouns--which is SUPER HARD to write around without seeming awkward.

Yee! Thank you so much for this review, it's like crazy encouraging in so many ways!


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Review #12, by newgenerationloverInfamous: I Feel the Earth Move

3rd December 2014:

Phew. Okay, I just took a deep breath and I think I am back to normal... or at least normal for me. JAMES AND HAZEL ARE LITERALLY THE CUTEST AND I CAN'T DEAL WITH ALL THAT RIGHT NOW. Him teasing her with the whole announcing his approach thing was too adobs and I have officially adding him onto the list of fictional characters I want to hug. AND HIM WITH HIS GPDA IS LEGIT THE BEST THIS EVER AND HE IS MY NEW FAVORITE PERSON AND HE AND HAZEL JUST NEED TO OFFICIALLY PROFESS THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER AND MAKE OUT. You see? This is what happens when you don't update my baby in forever! I get way to overly emotional!


Super duper excited for the polyjuice potion prank :P Is Albus gonna be mad when he realizes James is also a part of the prank? I hope he is because he needs to know that Hazel and James are together and in love and that he and Hazel are never gonna be together and he should just go along and go out with Gemma and that's all I really have to say on the subject. PLEASE UPDATE SOON AND DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING FOR 123456789000 YEARS AGAIN!!

Mary xoxoxoxoxo

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Review #13, by newgenerationloverImpact: Confrontation

29th November 2014:
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE LIKE THAT!! THAT IS NOT FAIR!! NOT ON THAT BIG OF A CLIFF HANGER!! THE NEXT CHAPTER BETTER BE IN THE QUEUE RIGHT NOR OR ELSE I WILL GO ALL LIAM NEESON ON YOU AND I WILL FIND YOU, AND KILL YOU. Ok, well I probs won't kill you as that would make the next chapters of this and my baby be put on hold indefinitely but I WILL FIND YOU AND... do something. Yeah, Not really sure were I'm going with that one to be honest... Anyway, speaking about my baby, WHERE ON THIS GOOD EARTH IS IT'S UPDATE?? Yes, I appreciate all these update but HAVE YOU ABANDONED MY BABY LIKE PROFESSOR NOTT ABANDONED CEE-CEE?? (Good parallel, huh? ;)) I DEMAND YOU GO ON YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW, OPEN UP WHERE EVER YOU ARE WRITING MY BABY AND DON'T GET UP BEFORE THE NEXT CHAPTER IS DOWNLOADED TO THE ARCHIVES!!

Phew, glad that is out of my system. Ok, so to the chapter. Ah, gosh, that person your BF is also super close to. Aren't they just the worst? Totally reasonable that Cee-Cee was glad Rose got to see the other side of that relationship with Cee-Cee being friends with Lucy, I mean, I've certainly done that before. Ugh, and her just being so perfect makes it all the more worse for Cee-Cee you know? I just want to hug her and make it all right again *cries* Legit worst thing about life is that you can't go into books and occasionally just hug it out with a character.

Oh goodness, sugar-honey-iced-tea just went down. Cee-Cee and Al dueling... WHAT IS THIS? Why can't they just get all their pent up frustration out with a good ol' kiss (read: intense make out session). I loved how Cee-Cee felt so invigorated during the duel, that for once, she was actually doing something. Maybe that will lead to her taking more chances, especially with a certain Potter child *wink wink* OH GOD, I HONESTLY CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT CLIFF HANGER. YOU ARE SATAN RIGHT NOW. BLAIR REARRANGED SPELLS DEVIL.


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Review #14, by newgenerationloverImpact: Situation

29th November 2014:
Ok, first off, before I get into the nit and grit of the chapter... I THINK I AM GOING CRAZY. I saw your story updated like a couple days ago but it only had up to chapter 8 up and now there is 10?? Am I missing something? Did you become a trusted author and just put two chapter up at once? Did the site mess up? Am I just really going crazy and need to check into the loony hut??

Ok, now that that is done, ONWARD TO THE REVIEW! So not only does Al flirt with every breathing being with boobs, but he now also flirts with the ones that don't breathe? I feel like there is a weird fetish name for that ;) THANK YOU CEE-CEE FOR CALLING HIM OUT ON HIS D-BAGGERY!! I feel like she should be snapping her fingers in a z-formation a lot of the time. AH THEY ARE SO ADORABLE WHEN THEY ARE FLIRTING OVER WHAT CEE-CEE'S MIDDLE NAME IS! STAWP! MY HEART HURTS FROM ALL THE CUTENESS!!

OH MY GOD! LITERALLY DIED! (well not literally obviously :P) Scorpius asking for sex advice is too much. TOO MUCH. I shall embrace my inner white girl for a moment and say: I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW. Gosh, I hope to god I don't ever have to live through a conversation like that with like my brother or anything. "shudders" But she gave him some good advice and I think they are so adorable together because they are so close and look out for each other and I'm so glad you don't have him as the over-done super over protective brother and just YASSS. This story is just too perfect :P


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Review #15, by newgenerationloverImpact: Friction

29th November 2014:
HI IM HERE FOR THE REVIEW IM 50 YEARS LATE ON. Wow, sorry for all the shouting but it just seemed appropriate you know? Anyways, hello there Blair!! Long time no see right? Just to let you know, I know I haven't replied to your PM yet but I'm making myself finish the next chapter of HTBMOMAG first which I'm almost done with!! *cheers* Anyway, on to your wonderful story :P TIPPY IS SO ADORABLE AND I JUST WANT TO HUG HER!! She is so adorable and I love that Cee-Cee watches over her and ugh its just too much cuteness to handle. God! F-ing Silas!! Who is he? Why did he suddenly try to corner her?? I NEED TO KNOW MORE AND I ALSO NEED CEE-CEE TO KICK HIM WHERE IT HURTS!! Sorry but ew. He is grody and that's all I'm going to say about the matter. ALLLBBUUUSSS! Oh gosh, is it just me or is he getting more adorable every chapter? Yes, yes, he is still kind of a d-bag but I still ship it. THE SHIP HAS LEFT PORT. I REPEAT: THE SHIP HAS LEFT PORT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AND THERE IS NO WAY IT IS GOING BACK. Ok, now I really need to go and continue reading. Bye, lovely!!

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Review #16, by newgenerationloverA Few Shades of Nothing: Superiority

10th November 2014:
Really great story! Love this girls sarcasm (sorry, did I miss her name somewhere or just forget about it??) and her wit. Can't wait to keep reading :P

Author's Response: there was an incredibly brief moment in chapter two when peeves calls out her name (while he's entering), but that was all. ;)

i have something against introducing characters' names too soon in the story in case it gives the reader a 'first impression' before they get to know her, you know? ^__^

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by newgenerationloverLiar, Liar: Stalker

6th November 2014:
Oh my gosh. I don't exactly know what I was thinking I was going to get into when I started redwing this, but it wasn't this. This was smart, witty, and interesting. I already really like cat and how suave she can be when she really wants to. I think it would be interesting if we could also see her a little more calculating than just her running around gathering secrets, though with the hints dropped, I guess you have already planed to have some of that :P. James is pretty good as well. The only thing I didn't really like about him was the whole "what?! Not everyone wants to be popular??" Thing. He seems a little bit smarter than that... At least that is the impression I got from him. But other than that I really enjoyed this. I can't wait for the next chapter to see what happened to kidnapped James XD

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Don't worry, we actually get to see the calculating side of Cat next chapter... and you're right, James is actually smarter than that, it just might take him a little bit to figure it out - being popular means something different to him than it does to our trio of troublemakers. :)

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Review #18, by newgenerationloverNot all he's cracked up to be: A round of applause

5th November 2014:
Wow really interesting story! Jezebel (is it pronounced jes-a-bell or jeaz-a-bell?) is quite a character. She is very blunt, sarcastic, and witty and I really am enjoying her. You have done a good job setting up scenes and describing everything. I really liked how Jezebel got a pang of jealousy when Harry got the big round of applause instead of just cheering along like everyone else. She thinks about things differently and I am looking forward to seeing where she is headed. Great job so far and I will be looking for the next update :P

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Review #19, by newgenerationloverLike Clockwork: Antiquity

13th October 2014:
Hi there! Here for the review swap!

Ok, you have me totally engrossed in your story. How did she not get burned? How did she shot flames out her mouth? How is she going to be in Marauders era? I really want to keep reading so badly and you are killing me right now because there is only one chapter!! *cries*

Your writing is very polished. You perfectly articulated her feelings and the situation she is in. And just, "They cried out words of such disgust, such distaste, it had left a sour taste in my mouth." Ugh, that is just perfection right there. Legit perfection.

There were just a couple things I caught. "It was sort of what my young eleven year old imaged hell to appear as." Should it be "eleven year old self?" And then where is the "Happy Halloween" coming from? I would just cut it out as it is discombobulated to the rest and confusing about who said it and why.

But those are just little things. This chapter is so amazing I can already see a great story in the works. I am definitely going to come back and look for updates.

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi, Mary!

Thanks! And to answer your questions on the fire: Magic. ;D

I'll try to get another chapter up soon! And I may update it through November when I need a break from my NaNo (I'm that kind of writer who needs a distraction and mental break).

Thanks so much! I'm flattered.

I'll go through and change those grammatical errors soon! Thank you so much for pointing them out.

Thanks so much! This put a smile on my face :)


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Review #20, by newgenerationloverL'optimisme: Bulgaria

11th October 2014:
Ok, so first off let me congratulate you on your Dobby win!! *hugs* You deserve it, Aph. Your writing is truly amazing! Secondly, thank god for the BvB battle cause it made me visit your page, which, in turn, made me see that you had updated. Sque!!!

Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top teach a writing class. I need to know how to write so well!!! *cries* This whole chapter (read: everything you have ever written. ever.) is not only utterly eloquent in every fashion, but you so perfectly show your characters and all their thoughts, feelings and emotions. You are da bomb dot com. That is all.

Dear god. Is it bad that I want to hug him as well as run away in fear at the same time?? Goodness me, if he is going to kill hundreds at the tip of the hat, I don't know how close I would like to get to him no matter how much I want to fix his *cue baby voice* wittle hweart.

So who is this guy who they killed anyway?? Am I missing something or are you being all mysterious like and just keeping it a secret? Whomever (whoever? eh whatever) he killed must have been important. A friend? A mentor? A brother? A *wiggles eyebrows* lover?? Telll meee!!

Oooo the elder wand. Fancy. This part made me giggle: 'I was to be the sun, heralding the new age, bringing the light and the day and all the beauty and certainty it possessed.' He sure has the ego, doesn't he? :P He reminds me of Oedipus pre-finding out he killed his father and made babies with his mama.

Gosh, my heart broke when he said, "Some days, Albus, I think I hate you. Others, I know that I do." NOO! YOU DON'T HATE HIM!! YOU LOVE HIM! HE IS YOUR SOUL MATE! YOUR STAR CROSSED LOVER!! *falls into a heap and sobs* Why, Aph?? Why are you giving me the feels??

Ok well until next time!


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Review #21, by newgenerationloverLethargic: About October

9th October 2014:
You can't even understand how happy I am right now just because you updated! This is honestly my favorite story on this site at the moment and I can never get enough of it :P Loving the prank wars. Dom getting out all her pent up anger by pranking anyone who has done her the tinniest bit of a disservice is both terrifying, fitting and hilarious. Talking about hilarious, Brett's Hufflepuff tattoo. Litterally almost died XD Is it bad that I am totally shipping Brett and Carrie?? Yes, I know there is that whole thing with her and James going on but she is so great with Brett!! He accepts her for who she is, though it is only in private but with a little growing up to do, that could change. They also obviously have great chemistry together. I'm betting that something will happen between them at the parents' Halloween party. I'm hoping it is something good :P Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that the update made you happy. I'm also honored that this is your favorite story on the site right now.

Dom just seems like the type of person to take all of her frustration out at one time when she has a good excuse. I can't really blame her since her family is huge and constantly getting into trouble.

I'm glad that Brett's Hufflepuff tattoo made you laugh. It took me a while to figure out what would be a prank that would make Carrie burst out laughing.

A lot of people seem to be shipping Carrie and Brett right now. I also would say that you're judgement of Brett is slightly off right now. He does accept Carrie for who she is, but only in private.

Thank you for leaving me a review! The next chapter should be out soon.

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Review #22, by newgenerationloverImpact: Information

4th October 2014:
Firstly, was it the War of the Roses? And secondly, OMG TWO NEW CHAPTERS!! I HONESTLY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF RIGHT NOW! Ok, so know we know, or should I say now Cee (yeah, just going to now call her by the nickname Lorcan calls her because it is shorter and really quite adorable :P) know that Nott is her father. At risk of sounding like a cilche, I can't even right now. And good lord, I can't tell if I am totally shipping Lorcan and Cee because he is so sweet even though I'm pretty sure it was revealed to us earlier that he was gay. though that may have been another story I was reading... Gosh, all the stories sometimes blend together, you know? And Albus and Cee! Squueee!! Ok, sorry for the short review but there is ANOTHER CHAPTER!!! Ok bye, boo :P

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Review #23, by newgenerationloverCynical: Chapter Three

29th September 2014:
What can I say, I just love this story :P Chie is a really interesting and unique character. You have done a good job making her such a cynical character while still showing how she actually does have all this hope for the future, just never really letting herself see it so she wouldn't get disappointed again. I hate how Chie is so mean to her mother. Cho is obviously trying so hard to make their relationship work but Chie just doesn't let her *cries* And oh god, James Potter is so adorable. I really hope they get together!! I love how Chie has noted that if it wasn't for her parents divorce and how it changed her, how she then probably would have been just in love with James as he is with her. I think he can teach her how to trust again and how to love again ^_^ They are just so adorable and I just want to hug them!! Haha! I can't wait to keep reading :P

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you really like Chie! She's definitely one of the most interesting (at least in my opinion) characters that I've written. I'm also glad that you like James! Truthfully, I really do love this story at the moment and I'm super excited that you do too!

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Review #24, by newgenerationloverA Matter of the Heart: Two

20th September 2014:
Ok so I absolutely love this story! Cordelia is insecure and fearful and that takes up most of the story, but you have presented it in a way that is very realistic and not at all mary sue-ish. I love the relationship and dynamics between Cordelia and her two friends. The conversations between them are not at all contrived and are things that actual seventeen year old friends would say and talk about. Ep! I love Cordelia and Albus! They are so adorable and they can break out of their little bubbles of insecurity together :P Albus is definitely right, Lily and Clara don't take responsibility and think that everything they want should just be handed to the on a silver platter. Even though I haven't seen much of them that just totally sums them up to me. The only conversation that seemed a little forced was when Cordelia and Albus voiced all their fears. It wasn't all that bad. It really wasn't. But if you went back and changed anything, that would be the part I would go back to. Well I'm really enjoying this and totally shipping Albus and Cordelia and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aww I'm so glad that you like this story! :) Originally, I had planned for this story to be a novella, but then I realized that I kind of wanted to keep it short and simple so it's a short story. I'll definitely re-read, and see if I can go back and make edits. Thanks for pointing that out. I wanted to make Cordelia's insecurity realistic so that she's relatable. I'm glad that you liked it! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #25, by newgenerationloverImpact: Education

19th September 2014:
Wait... WHAT??? HER FATHER?? OMG! PLOT DEVELOPMENTS!! Sqeee!! Ok, so I am being such a horrible reader as I still haven't left a review for the last chapter but this one is up so I just had to read it and you just DROPPED THAT BOMB ON US AND OMG I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS INFORMATION. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS INFORMATION?? *cries* You can't just do things like this to your fragile, little readers! It breaks us mentally and most of us are already a little to crazy! (*cough cough* me *cough cough*) Ok, so did we know that she didn't know her father? Maybe we did and I just didn't remember... Being crazy affects your memory sometimes, if you didn't know that already *nods* Ok, so from the beginning! OMG I LOVE LOUIS SO MUCH. HE IS SO ADORABLE AND I LOVE THAT HE IS A CUDDLIER AND I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE WITH HIM AND GAH! Wow, I am really using the heck out of my caps lock key. Sorry. And Albus! I love him but he is such a prat isn't he?! Like dud, grow up! But they have so much sexual tension and I'm just sitting here like "JUST KISS ALREADY! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!" :P So what is she going to do about this information?? Is she going to faint or run away and hide or act casual like nothing happened or go up to him and slap him for being an absent father or is she going to question her mental sanity that everyone else figured out it was her father before she did or is she going to be weirded out that everyone knew she had an absent father who's name is Theo or what?? TELL MEEE!! Oh, and finally HOW DARE YOU UPDATE MY PET BEFORE MY BABY!! Sorry, just felt like I had to say that. But I'm not too mad because I know all the Hazel/James action just takes a bit more time to write and that's why 12 is taking so long, right? ;)

Mary :P

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