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Review #1, by newgenerationloverLike Clockwork: Antiquity

13th October 2014:
Hi there! Here for the review swap!

Ok, you have me totally engrossed in your story. How did she not get burned? How did she shot flames out her mouth? How is she going to be in Marauders era? I really want to keep reading so badly and you are killing me right now because there is only one chapter!! *cries*

Your writing is very polished. You perfectly articulated her feelings and the situation she is in. And just, "They cried out words of such disgust, such distaste, it had left a sour taste in my mouth." Ugh, that is just perfection right there. Legit perfection.

There were just a couple things I caught. "It was sort of what my young eleven year old imaged hell to appear as." Should it be "eleven year old self?" And then where is the "Happy Halloween" coming from? I would just cut it out as it is discombobulated to the rest and confusing about who said it and why.

But those are just little things. This chapter is so amazing I can already see a great story in the works. I am definitely going to come back and look for updates.

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi, Mary!

Thanks! And to answer your questions on the fire: Magic. ;D

I'll try to get another chapter up soon! And I may update it through November when I need a break from my NaNo (I'm that kind of writer who needs a distraction and mental break).

Thanks so much! I'm flattered.

I'll go through and change those grammatical errors soon! Thank you so much for pointing them out.

Thanks so much! This put a smile on my face :)


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Review #2, by newgenerationloverL'optimisme: Bulgaria

11th October 2014:
Ok, so first off let me congratulate you on your Dobby win!! *hugs* You deserve it, Aph. Your writing is truly amazing! Secondly, thank god for the BvB battle cause it made me visit your page, which, in turn, made me see that you had updated. Sque!!!

Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top teach a writing class. I need to know how to write so well!!! *cries* This whole chapter (read: everything you have ever written. ever.) is not only utterly eloquent in every fashion, but you so perfectly show your characters and all their thoughts, feelings and emotions. You are da bomb dot com. That is all.

Dear god. Is it bad that I want to hug him as well as run away in fear at the same time?? Goodness me, if he is going to kill hundreds at the tip of the hat, I don't know how close I would like to get to him no matter how much I want to fix his *cue baby voice* wittle hweart.

So who is this guy who they killed anyway?? Am I missing something or are you being all mysterious like and just keeping it a secret? Whomever (whoever? eh whatever) he killed must have been important. A friend? A mentor? A brother? A *wiggles eyebrows* lover?? Telll meee!!

Oooo the elder wand. Fancy. This part made me giggle: 'I was to be the sun, heralding the new age, bringing the light and the day and all the beauty and certainty it possessed.' He sure has the ego, doesn't he? :P He reminds me of Oedipus pre-finding out he killed his father and made babies with his mama.

Gosh, my heart broke when he said, "Some days, Albus, I think I hate you. Others, I know that I do." NOO! YOU DON'T HATE HIM!! YOU LOVE HIM! HE IS YOUR SOUL MATE! YOUR STAR CROSSED LOVER!! *falls into a heap and sobs* Why, Aph?? Why are you giving me the feels??

Ok well until next time!


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Review #3, by newgenerationloverLethargic: About October

9th October 2014:
You can't even understand how happy I am right now just because you updated! This is honestly my favorite story on this site at the moment and I can never get enough of it :P Loving the prank wars. Dom getting out all her pent up anger by pranking anyone who has done her the tinniest bit of a disservice is both terrifying, fitting and hilarious. Talking about hilarious, Brett's Hufflepuff tattoo. Litterally almost died XD Is it bad that I am totally shipping Brett and Carrie?? Yes, I know there is that whole thing with her and James going on but she is so great with Brett!! He accepts her for who she is, though it is only in private but with a little growing up to do, that could change. They also obviously have great chemistry together. I'm betting that something will happen between them at the parents' Halloween party. I'm hoping it is something good :P Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that the update made you happy. I'm also honored that this is your favorite story on the site right now.

Dom just seems like the type of person to take all of her frustration out at one time when she has a good excuse. I can't really blame her since her family is huge and constantly getting into trouble.

I'm glad that Brett's Hufflepuff tattoo made you laugh. It took me a while to figure out what would be a prank that would make Carrie burst out laughing.

A lot of people seem to be shipping Carrie and Brett right now. I also would say that you're judgement of Brett is slightly off right now. He does accept Carrie for who she is, but only in private.

Thank you for leaving me a review! The next chapter should be out soon.

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Review #4, by newgenerationloverImpact: Information

4th October 2014:
Firstly, was it the War of the Roses? And secondly, OMG TWO NEW CHAPTERS!! I HONESTLY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF RIGHT NOW! Ok, so know we know, or should I say now Cee (yeah, just going to now call her by the nickname Lorcan calls her because it is shorter and really quite adorable :P) know that Nott is her father. At risk of sounding like a cilche, I can't even right now. And good lord, I can't tell if I am totally shipping Lorcan and Cee because he is so sweet even though I'm pretty sure it was revealed to us earlier that he was gay. though that may have been another story I was reading... Gosh, all the stories sometimes blend together, you know? And Albus and Cee! Squueee!! Ok, sorry for the short review but there is ANOTHER CHAPTER!!! Ok bye, boo :P

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Review #5, by newgenerationloverCynical: Chapter Three

29th September 2014:
What can I say, I just love this story :P Chie is a really interesting and unique character. You have done a good job making her such a cynical character while still showing how she actually does have all this hope for the future, just never really letting herself see it so she wouldn't get disappointed again. I hate how Chie is so mean to her mother. Cho is obviously trying so hard to make their relationship work but Chie just doesn't let her *cries* And oh god, James Potter is so adorable. I really hope they get together!! I love how Chie has noted that if it wasn't for her parents divorce and how it changed her, how she then probably would have been just in love with James as he is with her. I think he can teach her how to trust again and how to love again ^_^ They are just so adorable and I just want to hug them!! Haha! I can't wait to keep reading :P

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you really like Chie! She's definitely one of the most interesting (at least in my opinion) characters that I've written. I'm also glad that you like James! Truthfully, I really do love this story at the moment and I'm super excited that you do too!

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Review #6, by newgenerationloverA Matter of the Heart: Two

20th September 2014:
Ok so I absolutely love this story! Cordelia is insecure and fearful and that takes up most of the story, but you have presented it in a way that is very realistic and not at all mary sue-ish. I love the relationship and dynamics between Cordelia and her two friends. The conversations between them are not at all contrived and are things that actual seventeen year old friends would say and talk about. Ep! I love Cordelia and Albus! They are so adorable and they can break out of their little bubbles of insecurity together :P Albus is definitely right, Lily and Clara don't take responsibility and think that everything they want should just be handed to the on a silver platter. Even though I haven't seen much of them that just totally sums them up to me. The only conversation that seemed a little forced was when Cordelia and Albus voiced all their fears. It wasn't all that bad. It really wasn't. But if you went back and changed anything, that would be the part I would go back to. Well I'm really enjoying this and totally shipping Albus and Cordelia and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aww I'm so glad that you like this story! :) Originally, I had planned for this story to be a novella, but then I realized that I kind of wanted to keep it short and simple so it's a short story. I'll definitely re-read, and see if I can go back and make edits. Thanks for pointing that out. I wanted to make Cordelia's insecurity realistic so that she's relatable. I'm glad that you liked it! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by newgenerationloverImpact: Education

19th September 2014:
Wait... WHAT??? HER FATHER?? OMG! PLOT DEVELOPMENTS!! Sqeee!! Ok, so I am being such a horrible reader as I still haven't left a review for the last chapter but this one is up so I just had to read it and you just DROPPED THAT BOMB ON US AND OMG I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS INFORMATION. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS INFORMATION?? *cries* You can't just do things like this to your fragile, little readers! It breaks us mentally and most of us are already a little to crazy! (*cough cough* me *cough cough*) Ok, so did we know that she didn't know her father? Maybe we did and I just didn't remember... Being crazy affects your memory sometimes, if you didn't know that already *nods* Ok, so from the beginning! OMG I LOVE LOUIS SO MUCH. HE IS SO ADORABLE AND I LOVE THAT HE IS A CUDDLIER AND I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE WITH HIM AND GAH! Wow, I am really using the heck out of my caps lock key. Sorry. And Albus! I love him but he is such a prat isn't he?! Like dud, grow up! But they have so much sexual tension and I'm just sitting here like "JUST KISS ALREADY! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!" :P So what is she going to do about this information?? Is she going to faint or run away and hide or act casual like nothing happened or go up to him and slap him for being an absent father or is she going to question her mental sanity that everyone else figured out it was her father before she did or is she going to be weirded out that everyone knew she had an absent father who's name is Theo or what?? TELL MEEE!! Oh, and finally HOW DARE YOU UPDATE MY PET BEFORE MY BABY!! Sorry, just felt like I had to say that. But I'm not too mad because I know all the Hazel/James action just takes a bit more time to write and that's why 12 is taking so long, right? ;)

Mary :P

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Review #8, by newgenerationloverbloom.: bloom

7th September 2014:
Well thanks for making me cry *crosses arms and pouts* Goodness me, this was one of the best stories I have read in a while. Your writing is just impeccable and your character are so realistic and fascinating and just gah! You need to teach a class on creative writing. I think it should be called How To Make Your Readers Cry in a One-Shot 101 ;)

I looovvveeeddd Poppy! I don't think I've read any stories about her before but after this, I definitely want to. Your backstory for her is unlike anything I would have thought of. Her first being a girl who just wants to have fun, not caring about work; to being married at a young age, getting pregnant despite her wishes, and then having the baby, once she finally came to love her, get ripped from her arms, literally; to becoming determined and a healing prodigy. Her character just has so much life and I love it so much. You did such a wonderful job with this story, good luck with the STOM nomination :P


Author's Response: ahaha, i'm sorry to make you cry! but wow, thank you so much, i'm so glad you liked it :D ahhh, i could never teach a class on writing! i'm a STUDENT of creative writing! ahaha, i am nowhere near ready to be teaching other people how to follow my weird messy writing tips XD

i had never read a story about Poppy before I wrote this, so I'm so glad you liked her!! I really don't know where this backstory came from - I just kind of sat down and thought about what would be an interesting motivation to be a healer, and thought that losing a loved one and wanting to cure the disease they died from would be perfect for a person who was slightly obsessive. then i sat down to write, and it spiralled from there! but it all felt so natural that these things should happen to her, like it's the way it all should be and i wasn't making it up, just telling a story that already existed - so i'm so glad you liked how it all tied together.

oh my god, thanks so much for the SOTM nomination! another one of my stories was nominated too, ahaha, i can never believe that people would like my weird writing this much!! thank you x


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Review #9, by newgenerationloverDangereux: Prologue

7th September 2014:
Hi there, Sara! When you posted in the cabin that your prologue was up I immediately had to come over and check it out!

Oh goodness! Why did they go into that creepy place? Have they never seen a horror movie before?! That is honestly just Common Sense 101, you don't go into super scary places because you will die. Period. That is the end. No more. Gah!! Is Marietta the one screaming?? Oh gosh, what did he do to her?? You already have me so invested!!

Well you have already done a marvelous job on this story. I know you said you aren't good at prologues but this one is SUPER good! You already have me invested in the character (though they do stupid things like going into creepy cellars *narrows eyes*) and you have me asking so many questions like what is the story they are investigating? Who is the man? Who's blood is on the wall? I can't wait to keep reading, keep up the good work!


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Review #10, by newgenerationloverFanged Revolution: Chapter the First

6th September 2014:
Hi there! Here for the BvB battle!

So I really enjoyed this beginning! You took on a very clinical tone with your narration, just showing what happened and why, no real emotion showing and I found that very interesting. I really liked all of your descriptions. I could really see the scene myself with them so good job!

Oh no! He killed her! So was it just that he was so hungry that he could no longer stop himself from killing the innocent, a thing he expressed loathing of? It would be so horrible to be forced to do things that go against your moral code just because of your thirst.

Hope you don't mind a little CC! Try changing up sentence structure here and there, otherwise it will read monotonous. For instance in the first paragraph, instead of "The floor was covered in a carpet of brown dirt that produced clouds of dust whenever someone took a step." Try something like "Covered in a carpet of brown dirt, the floor produced clouds of dust whenever someone took a step." Also, try to get rid of some of the simple sentences and combine them like "Most of them were dodgy characters, as the clientele of a Knockturn Alley establishment was expected to be. The majority were crowded into tight-knit groups of four or five." into "Most were dodgy characters, as the clientele of a Knockturn Alley establishment was expected to be, who crowded into tight-knit groups of four or five."

Ok, sorry, that CC looks really long but its just because of the multiple copy and pasted sentences! I really did enjoy this beginning! Good job with the story so far!


Author's Response: Hi Mary!

It's always a compliment when someone tells you that they could visualize your scene. Thank you :)

Yes, the woman is dead. Nightstalker is not happy with himself about that. He's a very Lupin-esque character (at least in my mind.)

I'll try and vary my sentences, once I find my muse again - I've lost it :(.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review!


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Review #11, by newgenerationloverJust Go With It: Pain

4th September 2014:
Hi there! Here for the BvB battle!! Please don't hate me for choosing this story instead of the one you wanted me to review, my curiosity got the better of me when I got to your author page and this story immediately caught my eye!

Yay! Love me some Victor Krum stories!! I really liked how you started the story by James' POV, showing how he didn't really understand what was happening. He is so adorable!! ^.^ I also really liked your characterization of Victor. He feel for Hermione because she saw the person past the star, which, as he latter said in similar words, is what he had always wanted.

Gosh, I'm so torn between wanting to have been in a high pureblood family because you get to wear pretty dresses and go to balls but then you usually have to accept a life of not being loved by your parents, which I wouldn't really like all that much honestly ;) Victor has been looking his whole life for love, found it, but then had it torn away when Hermione fell for Ron. I can't wait for Victor to find his love interest so he can be happy!!

Great job on the story so far!

Author's Response: Hi!

It's totally fine that you reviewed JGWI... And I'm very very glad you enjoyed the opening chapter. :)

But unfortunately, I've suddenly lost my muse to continue with this story. I've tried to write the eighth chapter again and again but I'm not having any luck with it. There are too many plot holes in the storyline and it's getting harder and harder to complete this.

So this story is currently on hiatus and I'm not sure if I want to continue with it. I'm considering deleting it or abandoning it.

But I still appreciate and love this awesome review! Thanks a million, Mary! :D


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Review #12, by newgenerationloverThe Letters to No One: a girl can dream;

4th September 2014:
Oh gosh! I was not expecting that ending!! Wow! I don't even know what to say other than I am more than a little creeped out right now haha. Astoria is not fully right in the head, is she? I mean, I guess you could see if from the beginning with her obsession with Draco being a little less than healthy. Then again, I can't say Draco is any better than her. First of all sending random notes in the mail to see if anyone would reply and then keeping his dead wife locked away in some room! Why did he keep her there? Does he have some strange obsession with dead bodies? Does he have a cadavers fetish?? Ok, other than the fact that you wrote about some people that need some serious therapy, I really liked this story. You're writing is very good and your character are well rounded. I enjoyed reading this one shot (does that make me weird? ;)). Good job and I would say good luck with the challenge but as you are my competition I'd rather not ;)

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Review #13, by newgenerationloverMemoirs of an Object: Little Girl Lost

3rd September 2014:
Hello! Here for the BvB battle!

Wow, never really thought of Lily's life this way. I, being the hopeless romantic, believed without a second thought that when Lily said yes to James, she began her happily ever after... or as much as she could whilst a war raged around her. However, this seems like a very plausible outcome as well. We saw Lily as such a fiercely independent person and if you think about it you wouldn't really peg her for a 'marry right out of school' kind of person and be ready for a life at home.

I really enjoyed this story. Not only did I like seeing the different outlook but I thought you wrote this extremely well. Though you did stray off the normal path a bit, your Lily seems to be very canon-ish which I love. You perfectly captured the plight of a girl who is stuck in a place in her life where she doesn't see much going forward in. I also loved the ending, when it seemed like she was just going to be miserable forever, she sees the light in the fact that she will have a baby, a person that can have everything she couldn't. You did a wonderful job on this story :P


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Review #14, by newgenerationloverImpact: Embarkation

3rd September 2014:
Ahh! Eeee! Another chapter so soon!! This must be my lucky day!! I should see just how far my luck spans and by a lottery ticket... who knows, maybe in a few days your favorite reader will be a millionaire ;) Ok, let me just start by saying how much I love Rose in this story. I don't think I've ever read about a Slytherin Rose but she is feisty, loud, rude, and in touch with her sexuality (which is a thing not most fifteen years olds can say but I commend her for). And guess who else I like?? Louis!! Ok, we still haven't seen much of him but, I don't really know why, but the whole 'I don't understand the meaning of personal space' thing just made me laugh and immediately like him. And Ceci!! Gosh, I'm just going to say that I love all your characters as going through each one would take yearrrsss. Yay! She shares my very thought about parties. In theory, they are awesome, then you get there and you're like 'ew, people' Please please please please please update soon!! Love this so much but (I just feel like I have to add this in as its my baby) don't forget about Infamous!!
Gossip Girl
JK, its actually Mary ;)

Author's Response: Yay, I love your reviews! Rose is basically Ron's worst nightmare of a daughter (except for her Quidditch talent, duh), but he still loves her unconditionally of course since she does have a few redeeming qualities, haha. Like I said, there's more Louis in chapter 5 and I really hope he continues to grow on you! Ceci shares my opinion on parties as well - it's hard not to interject a bit of myself in her because she's a tad more realistic than some of my other characters. As you'll see in the A/N of the next chapter (which is now posted - AHEM), I am working diligently on your baby and promise that will be the very next thing I update!

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Review #15, by newgenerationloverOf Lycans and Nail Polish: James Potter howls in general, not just for attention (but don't take my word for it.)

3rd September 2014:
HI there! Well this story sure is unique! James Potter has, dare I say it, *whispers* lycanthropy?? *gasps* I really like this beginning. Girls are going wild, the news is in an uproar, and James is possibly in the hospital! What next?! You sure have thrown us into the thick of things but I think it really pulls the reader in right away. You have a very good voice, especially for humor. I'm liking it a lot :P I also noticed how you slipped in that Means Girls reference. You go Glen Coco ;) Can't wait for the next update, I will definitely be looking out for it!

Author's Response: I was actually thinking about how to respond for a long time, because you noticed the Mean Girls reference and I feel like lately Mean Girls hasn't been getting the love it fully deserves. Knowing Mean Girls quotes paints you a marvelous character in my book, so there you go - you're marvelous.
Yes, James Potter; the lycan. Scandalous! And what WILL Becky's mother think? So many questions, so little time.
Thanks for saying it's unique, though, because I've definitely not read anything like it yet and I've no idea how people'll respond. The beginning also isn't too classic, so we'll see.
Thanks for the review, lovely, you're so nice! x

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Review #16, by newgenerationloverHis What?!: Memories

2nd September 2014:
Hello there! Interesting start you got here! I've never read a story before about one of ol' Voldy's offspring but this one sure has sparked my interest. Just wanted to put it out there that I think you are a very good writer from what little I have seen from you. You change up sentence structure enough to not get the read monotonous and you seem to have created a pretty good bunch of character. The only little CC I have is to think a little deeper into Artemis' situation. First of all, living with the Dark Lord I doubt anyone would get away with wearing sweats, not only because they are so casual but because they are muggle clothing as well. Also, you have done a pretty good job at showing her father's coldness, especially at the end of this chapter, but there are moments where he seems a bit to fatherly for Voldy himself. For instance when she told him about Draco calling her his property, if you want to go with the pureblood old ways line like I think you are a bit, you could say something like: He raised his brow. "You are a girl, are you not?" Artemis nods. "Therefore you had no right to speak back to him." Artemis hangs her head, cheeks burning red, anger bubbling inside of her. "You are my daughter, which makes you above many, but it does not give you the right to talk back to a pureblood man, do you hear me girl?" he says, rising from his chair, anger palpitating off him. Artemis does all she can to not quake in fear. It is not an easy task to stand in front of an angry Dark Lord.

Ok, wow, sorry, I went really into that. Anyway, just think a little bit more about the situation she is in and go off that. Other than that, I think this story has a lot of promise and I will be looking out for an update, just try to get some longer chapters in here :P

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love reviews such as this! Have you ever thought about acting as a Beta, if so I call dibs.

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Review #17, by newgenerationloverL'optimisme: Words

2nd September 2014:
Well I'm sure glad I finally fixed those few tweaks in my time machine, allowing me to now go and get my future first born, because i am sure it must have had some correlation to the fact that this finally updated :P ALL HAIL APH, THE MIGHTY WRITING GOD. I feel like that should be your new title, Aph, the mighty writing god. It has a sort of ring to it, don't you think? ;) Gah! Please stop making the rest of us, poor, lowly writers look bad in comparison to your freaking poetry! Ok, wait, just look at this one sentence (aka the one the stood out the most although there was much competition) "You and I, that summer, we lived by words. They flew through the air between us, thick and fast, until they filled it completely, nothing left to breathe, and we sat there, laughing and exhausted." There is just so much there in those two short sentences! Just... gahh!! If beautiful writing was sunlight and I was a vampire, I would currently be a pile of ashes right about now.

Oo he is an alchemist!! Interesting, I have always liked the idea of that going on a lot in the wizarding world though many tend to not go along with that fact... Kudos to you, I guess! :P This is going to make me cry, Aph!! He is using this to not only go along with a dream he has always had, a dream of making a name for himself, but he is doing it to keep his mind off his absent, past lover and the emotions so clearly still there. Why can't they just work out and have their happily ever after??? *cries* Patiently (read: impatiently) waiting for the next chapter.

Mary :P

P.S. I've got my fingers crossed that this story wins SOTM XD

Author's Response: Hey Mary - thanks so much for stopping by again! I do really honestly look forward to them each time, because they're so wonderful to receive! :)

Ooh, yay, first born child! :P Haha, definitely a correlation there! :) Wah, thank you so so much! I do like the idea of being a god, I have to admit! But nah, it's too sweet! :blush: I'm so so glad you liked the writing - it's something I do spend time looking at and something I do deliberately edit for when I edit this, because it's something which is so important to this story, given the whole premise, haha. But I'm always so nervous about it, because it is a bit pretentious (okay, more than a bit :P), and I'm never quite sure what people are going to make of it.

Yeah, I had to include Nicolas Flamel, given Dumbledore and him are friends - he was just too fascinating a character not to include. And Alchemy was awesome - adding that in was so much fun, though I couldn't do too much with it, because he doesn't do anything with the Philosopher's stone, so... *shrugs* Yeah, it is incredibly sad - he's trying to make the life he wants, but it's not really the life he wants... it's all very complicated, haha. Eh, they're both very stubborn? :P Yell at them, not me! (And it's only going to get worse, sorry... :P)

Gah, thank you so so much for this lovely, lovely review - next chapter is up atm, and I've already started the fifth, so hopefully another one will be coming soon! :D

Aph xx

p.s. Thank you so so much for nominating this for SOTM! I was so so happy to see it - I really didn't expect it, and it was so amazing, so thank you! :)

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Review #18, by newgenerationloverImpact: Recreation

1st September 2014:
HOW DARE YOU LEAVE INFAMOUS BEHIND TO START A NEW STORY! WAS IT NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? WAS IT NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH? Ah, jk ;) But seriously, when's chapter 12 coming? *narrows eyes* Ok, I guess I should stop being so mean *smirks* So this story is quite good as well (and so there is not any confusion as I don't know where you live, I mean 'quite' in the American sense, not the british :P). Cee-Cee is quite a character isn't she. I like her a lot. I think that so far she is just the right mixture of good and bad to make her believable and likable. Good job! *cheers* Ok, ok, yes, I know that I shouldn't be like the pompous Albus, but I do!! Is that bad?? I'm guessing not as there seems to already be some *whispers* sexual tension between them already ;) More of Louis please!! He is really the only character that we have met so far that I can't really get a read on. Has he even had any dialogue yet? No criticisms here, just suggestions :P Anyway, can't wait to keep reading this though I implore you not to forget about my baby, Infamous XD

Author's Response: Haha, my deepest apologies! This one got started because I'm having some writer's block when it comes to Infamous chapter 12...I have a huge chunk of the end of the story written but it's just a matter of connecting that with what's already happened. Don't worry I only have 5 chapters of Impact written and I promise I won't do any more until I update your favorite! I'm glad you like this one too, though :) Chapter 4 is in the queue and there's a tiny more Louis and even more in 5. Cee-Cee has a lot going on but yes she is quite the my head she's very different from Hazel and that will start to become more and more obvious (I hope!). I not-so-secretly like Albus as well and I'm happy to see you're not the only one who thinks there's a bit of sexual tension between the two :) Your reviews (and excellent suggestions) always make me unbelievably happy, thank you so much! PS I'm terrible about reviewing but I really enjoy your writing too - I'm sure you'll be hearing from me very soon :)

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Review #19, by newgenerationloverA Rose by Any Other Name: A Rose by Any Other Name

30th August 2014:
Wow, this was really wonderful except for the fact that I am now slightly depressed. This was, gosh, I don't even know what to say, I'm at a loss of words. I only figured out that it was Rose when he asked about her hair the second time and my heart about broke. This was truly wonderful and beautiful and a very enjoyable read. Congrats on getting first prize for the challenge, you deserve it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Am sorry for making you sad, though. (Well, a little sorry. Also a little happy.) I'm so happy you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #20, by newgenerationloverLethargic: Others Say I'm Shameless

25th August 2014:
Oh my goodness gracious, an update!! Ep!! Sooo happy right now. Loved this chapter so much you don't even understand! How could you stop there you meanie, you!! Gah, please don't leave us hanging too long, this is seriously my favorite story on this site and leaving me on a cliff hanger is just positively evil ;) And now onto the questions!! 1) This had a different format...? Whoops. So I guess my answer would be that it doesn't really matter :P 2) Well you know how much I love them both! XD However, James does kinda need to get the stick up his butt out, so there is that. But, Brett I still love. Is it bad that I like him so much despite being just a totally hormone driven teenage guy?? I hope not haha :P 3) She is annoying to James and rude to many, but that just adds to her color and makes me like her more. I mean, who's heard of a rude Hufflepuff?? 4) He would probably get all flustered at first for walking in on that, then he would get all angry and father-like (like how he was in the last chapter) because, you know, fornication and such ;) And then I feel like he would either judge her or get jealous and avoid her (as I have this theory that he secretly likes her :P) Seriously love this story though. Can't wait to keep reading!!

Author's Response: I've been told that I'm evil a few times. :) Sorry for leaving you hanging for so long. The different format was adding another space between paragraphs. Your love for Brett is shared by almost every other reviewer, so don't feel bad about it. I kind of like how straight laced James is. I'm glad that you like how rude Carrie is being right now, but it won't last forever. I like how you think James would react to Carrie and Brett.

Thank you for the review and I promise the next chapter will be coming out soon! :)

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Review #21, by newgenerationloverMy Brain and Black: Of Randomness, My Friends, and Feuding

23rd August 2014:
Hello! Well I'm liking the rewrite (well just the story as a whole since I never read the original haha). I think have done a good job with making the relationships and characters original and believable. I just have one suggestion as to choose either first person or third person and stick with it. It takes away from the story and makes things a little confusing. Ok, so I have this theory that is in the far left field but I'm going to say it anyway. As to why Sirius and Jessie hate each other so much is because they are in an arranged marriage with each other that neither of them want to be in. That is probably so wrong but you know how that is a reoccurring theme for pure-blood families in fanfiction and they have known each other from a young age and once didn't hate each other and yeah, that's about it... Haha, sorry for the guess that is probably totally wrong but whatever :P Can't wait to keep reading!! XD

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Review #22, by newgenerationloverLethargic: Some Say I'm Fearless

17th August 2014:
Noo! I want another chapter noowww!!! Ah, gosh, great chapter as always :P I love James so much!! He is so different from how I have ever read him before but I totally love it. I loved how he was all flustered and father-like when reprimanding Carrie for taking her shirt off. He just made me smile :P Ok, now on to the questions! Yes, definitely. I always imagined there would be a lot of Harry Potter *insert last name here*s around. I bet even a few parents would call their kids Harriet if they had a girl instead of a boy XD Gotta love that girl drama :P Can't handle it in real life but I love reading about it! Haha! Oh, that's a hard one... Probably either Aiden or Dom, but I love everyone else too! haha :P Carrie, carrie, carrie. I love her so much there aren't even words that encompass how much I adore her, does that answer the question?? ;) Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like the story so far. I'm especially happy that you like James so much. It seemed like everyone was portraying him as an over confident guy, but I just feel like being the first son to Harry Potter would take a more emotional toll on him.

I'm also glad that you like Carrie. She's really fun to write, but a bit of a challenge since her mind works in strange ways...

I actually procrastinated on a few things and got the next chapter done. It should be out within the next few days.

Thank you for reading and thank you for leaving a review! :D

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Review #23, by newgenerationloverDolohov: Thinking

13th August 2014:
Hey there, interesting start! I like how you have set up the world with all its prejudice. It is an interesting take on it and I wish more people would write about it. You have set up the dynamics well and I really enjoy your OC, Veronica. She is very entertaining and pretty realistic. My only little CC is to stay away from all the talk of the "burning eyes" and all that. All this talk of eyes just take away from a good story and honestly, whose eye glint like a thousand stars in real life? But other than that I am really enjoying this and I will look back for updates :P

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for reviewing! Thank you and yes, I am currently in the process of editing this chapter and plan to post a new version of it after queue closure. Thank you again!

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Review #24, by newgenerationloverL'optimisme: Wales

13th August 2014:
I feel like I would be repeating myself to again say how astounded I am at the skill of writing present here, but at the same time if I don't, I feel like this review would be rather useless, or at least, not as meaningful. Aph, again, you leave me speechless. Each word seems to flow perfectly into the next into a stream of prose that is incomparable to on this site at least. Ugh! I just want to be able to write like you!! Is that too much to ask?? *cries* Oh well, I guess some of us have to be destined to be mortals next to writing gods like you. *sighs*

Ooo, different POV. I like it. The emotions and actions here are so realistic and so plausible that I would just like to thank you a million bajillion times as I have been stuck in a rut of reading bad, super fake, mary sue stories on this site and this is honestly just like a breath of fresh air.

Ok, well I'm about to pass out right now as I am still a little behind on my sleep after my travels so I'm going to end this review here but just know, I could go on and on for pages about this and it is truly a wonderful story and I can't wait for chapter three :P


Author's Response: Hi again, Mary! It's so so great to see you back again and I'm honestly just so glad you're enjoying this story! It's kinda my baby, haha (ironic, all things considering...).

Thank you so much! You know, I don't really know how to respond to this other than by repeating thank you over and over again, haha. I take a long time to write this, haha - so it's not quite so impressive, I don't think. I'll take being a god, though - I always wanted to be immortal and powerful and all... :P

Thank you - I really loved writing Gellert and I really wanted to make him seem real and human, not just Voldemort 1.0 or something, because it feels to me like a bit of a cop-out to do that, you know? And no problem - I'm just so happy you like this!

Oh no, not good - don't worry about it at all, go sleep, go sleep, silly girl! Fainting's never good...

Gah, thank you so so much again for the wonderful, wonderful pair of reviews and all the fabulous compliments - I'm not sure I deserve them, but they're so so amazing to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #25, by newgenerationloverL'optimisme: Silence

13th August 2014:
I would give my first child to be able to write like you. Gosh, Aph, you have already completely blown me away from this beginning. Please tell me you poured over this chapter for hours, searching your mind each time for every perfectly placed word, please don't tell me this just flowed out of you because if it did, I might just have to give up any hope of writing like this. This is freaking prose right here!

Ok, so this story's opening pulled me right in and I don't think anybody but you could have pulled off an opening like this. I have never thought of silence as such a tangible thing before, but now, you may have just changed my mind. Albus and Gellert and their love is already so alive it is like I am a part of it and can feel every emotion that passes between them.

So, this hasn't been too long of a review but I really just want to keep reading. See you on the next chapter!


Author's Response: Mary! :) Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! It means so much!

Oh wow... erm, please don't? I don't know what I'd do with a child, haha - though, honestly, it's amazingly flattering, thank you so much! I have to be honest, it took a long time to get it started and I tend to spend a lot of time thinking while writing, haha, but it wasn't too hard, I think... should I hide somewhere? :P I'm so glad you like it, though - I was so worried about how it'd sound! :)

Gah, thank you so much! I loved writing the section about silence and the sort of little introduction-type section, it was so fun to sort of waffle my way through a thematic idea, haha. I adore Albus and Gellert, so I'm so glad you thought it worked well, and there was actual emotion in it - I want readers hooked and hoping for them, haha.

Gah, thank you so so much for this review! It's so so lovely and just so nice (if a little unfair on your first child, haha)! :)

Aph xx

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