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Review #1, by AzariaRoseCollision: All Good Things

23rd October 2012:
That was such a great story! Well done :) I love the twist at the end - it was a really clever way to end the story without making it too devastating!! Your writing style is really good and never gets boring like some fanfics can, your spelling and stuff was all pretty good except for prophecy! Spelt with a c not an s!! That was only one mistake and I'm being very hypocritical as my spelling is absolutely dismal! I didn't have a favourite chapter as they were all different and I loved them all!!! 10/10 I loved it!!!

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Review #2, by AzariaRoseLost In Magic: Chapter Thirty: Lost in Magic

19th October 2012:
Omg I almost cried and although I often feel really sad im pretty sure my tear glands don't work or something like that. So saying I almost cried is like saying I was bawling my eyes out!! I got so attatched to this story and then the end just... Wow! It truly was a beautiful fic - great ideas and amazing writing - i wish i could write a novel the way you do :)

Author's Response: Hey there AzariaRose!

I am exactly like that too. I read a story, it's sad, yet I don't cry and then I find a hidden tressure and I'm bawling.
Thanks so much for this lovely review! This story is my baby so it makes me overjoyed when others love it just as much.

And write a novel the way I do eh? Sweetie, don't doubt that you can't, I bet you 10 Galleons that you can and it would be even better :)

XOXO WildFlower!

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Review #3, by AzariaRoseBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Epilogue

27th August 2012:
Ok so I have read some really really brilliant fanfictions in the past since I got addicted to them last year. I was sorely tempted to sign up and review some of them but I never got around to thanking the authors for their masterpieces! After I read your story,however, I just had to review to tell you how much I loved it! It made me laugh so much i started getting complaints from my sister trying to sleep but it also make me sad and excited! It was so intense especially in the Todd/Katie bits! It never got boring and I never wanted to stop reading. Just at the end of the cliffhanger where Katie and Albus find out she is cursed, in the cupboard - my wifi broke and I had to wait a day until it was fixed! And that day was torture I wanted to read your story so much! Anyway, even if you don't see this, thanks so much for writing an amazing story! xx

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