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Review #1, by potterlover97How Freaking Wonderful: Gobstones Club Adventures

13th January 2013:
Wow!! I am seriously addicted to this story! You are a really good writer! :)
Please update soon !

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Review #2, by potterlover97How Freaking Wonderful: The (kind of faulty but might just work) Plan

28th November 2012:
Oh god, i luv this story soo much!! Bright pink James, haha! :D
Please update soon...!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much

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Review #3, by potterlover97Cry For You: Impressions;

23rd November 2012:
Wow. That's seriously the only word i can think of to describe this story (and Sirius Black :P)
I love your writing style and this story is really captivating. Please update soon! :D

Author's Response: hahah he's mesmerizing isn't he? ;) i'm glad you think it's captivating! i always feel like it's a bit boring :P but thank you!

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Review #4, by potterlover97Ten Things I Hate Most: Cheater Cheater

17th November 2012:
Awesome chapter! I really love ScoRose! ;)
Can't wait for the break up! I'm just as excited as Rose abt it! :P
Please update soon!

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Review #5, by potterlover97Karma: Chapter 7: Arguments, Quidditch (or lack of), letters and the truth

12th November 2012:
I think this was my fave chap so far! I loved how Willow finally opened up to Sirius...and yay, he's finally realising his feelings for her!! Please update soon! And i wud luv to read more in Sirius POV :)

Author's Response: Thank you again! (third review!) I'll update as soon as I can and there is more Sirius P.O.V :)

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Review #6, by potterlover97Me Versus Everyone: Malfoy Family Drama

12th November 2012:
This is absolutely amazing!! Rose is hilarious! :P
I love her and Scorpius soo much! And thank god Lily finally stopped being the She-Devil she had turned into! Please, please update soon! :D

Author's Response: Rose is my favorite~
yes yes the next chapter is almost done ;D

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Review #7, by potterlover97Waking Up In Vegas: Chapter 2

11th November 2012:
Awesome!!! I love Rose and Scorp- they are soo adorable! :)
Please please update soon! :D

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Review #8, by potterlover97Tug Of War: Liquid Courage and Clichés

11th November 2012:
Hey! This is as awesome story! I really love the way you have written all the characters and the plot is very interesting! Please update soon! :D

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Review #9, by potterlover97Ignorance Is Bliss: Well, This Is Awkward

4th November 2012:
Like it? I LOVE it!! :)
Read all these chaps in just one sitting!
Really, you r an amazing writer, so please please update soon! :D

Author's Response: you're so sweet! ill try to soon :)

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Review #10, by potterlover97How Freaking Wonderful: The Rest of the Cast

2nd November 2012:
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! God, I love Clara. And James. And this story. And your writing style. So ,please, please, update soon! :D

Author's Response: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The next chapter's in the queue, so hopefully it will be validated soon!

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Review #11, by potterlover97Ten Things I Hate Most: Outtake #1: My Imagination; or The Ferret

31st October 2012:
Hey! I seriously love this story!! You are an amazing writer! :) I loved Scorpius' point of view...hope to read more parts in his POV.
Annd, pleasee update soon! :D

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Review #12, by potterlover97My Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Dream

26th October 2012:
I. Absolutely. Love. This. Story. Seriously, this has to be one of my favorites!! I love Mellie and Sirius!! :D Gosh, they are so adorable! And James is, true to character, absolutely hilarious! Pleeassee update soon! Can't wait for the next chap! :)

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Review #13, by potterlover97Karma: Chapter 4: Begging for forgiveness, accepting stupid challenges and siblings

19th October 2012:
I rly lyked how u portrayed sirius n regulus's sirius feels guilty n all... n of course the bet :)
I m waiting desperately for sirius to realise his feelings for willow ( and vice versa)..
Nyways...another grt chap.pls update soon! :D

Author's Response: Thanks :) Sirius's feelings will definitely be realised before Willow, but that's all I'm saying ;)
Will update as soon as I can! :D

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Review #14, by potterlover97Karma: Chapter 3: A prank on Lily (again), running for our lives and an argument.

13th October 2012:
Hey! I really like this story! Would like more of interaction between Sirius and Willow, though. Can't wait for the flirting to start! ;)
Anyways, please update soon! :D

Author's Response: Haha, thanks :) Don't worry, there will be arguing, pranking and flirting between Sirius and Willow ;)

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Review #15, by potterlover97Life Studies: Chapter Five

11th October 2012:
Please post the next chap soon! :D

Author's Response: I'm working on it! :)

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Review #16, by potterlover97Baby Steps: Invitations.

2nd October 2012:
I really really love this story! The characters are all written amazingly and the story has a nice flow. Please update soon! :)

Author's Response: ah thanks a bunch i appreciate that a lot!! hopefully i can get another chapter pumped out soon...i just lost my inspiration for this story for a bit. thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by potterlover97Foul Play: Of Dungbombs and Butterbeer

2nd October 2012:
I LUV this story so so much!! James and Lola are soo adorable!! :D
Please update soon! Can't wait! :)

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Review #18, by potterlover97Actions Have Consequences: My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

28th September 2012:
HEY!! This has to be one of the BEST stories i hav ever read! Really enjoying it..! :)
Please post the next chapter soon!! :D

Author's Response: Wow, I'm glad you like it so much :)

Sorry for the wait, next chapter in the queue

Thanks for the review


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Review #19, by potterlover97Life Studies: Chapter Four

26th September 2012:
I am loving this story!! Please update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll try to get the chapter into the queue this weekend! :)

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Review #20, by potterlover97Bewitched: Trying

22nd September 2012:
Wow!! I love this story so much! Please update soon!! :)

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Review #21, by potterlover97The Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose: The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

12th September 2012:
I am totally loving this story! Please update soon! :)
And yay, she finally made the choice!

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Review #22, by potterlover97Three Times The Charm: Wasn't It Only One Drink?

9th September 2012:
I Luvvv this story soo much!! :D :D
Please post the next chappie soon..!

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Review #23, by potterlover97Swooning.: Non-existent music and eavesdropping.

9th September 2012:
Awwssumm story!! Totally luving it!! :D
Please post the next chapter soon..! :)

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Review #24, by potterlover97The Art of Being Bad: The Art of Eluding the Scooching Game

5th September 2012:
Hey! I am really enjoying this story! Please bring Scorpius into the story soon, though! :) and btw, i rly like your writing style!

Author's Response: Aww schmanks! I'm so happy you're liking it! :) I wasn't sure if the chapter was alright or not because I wasn't getting a lot of reviews, but knowing at least two people liked it makes me a feel a bit better. haha. :) And, yes, Scorpius will be in the next chapter. This time for real. Even if I have to make it a giant whopper of a chapter. haha. :)

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Review #25, by potterlover97Bella girls vs. Marauder boyz - Truth or Dare: Begin!

24th August 2012:
I am really liking this story! I love all the characters! Please update soon :)

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