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Review #1, by shemadethesunsmileEverybody: The Triumph

4th February 2013:
Ohh, that was great. Can't wait for the next chapter! Update soon please?

Author's Response: Will do, thanks for reading :)

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Review #2, by shemadethesunsmileAmicus: Amicus

26th November 2012:
This was great. You never really got the answers to the most important questions: Did somebody torture him into madness? Did he just go crazy? Why did he kill the man?
And, of course, the most important one:
Thank you for writing this.

Author's Response: Thank you! While I know that I didn't answer the questions, I guess that was part of the ambiguity of it all. Which one of them is mad? Or maybe they're both just victims of some else that is evil. It all depends on how you read it.

Nice job picking up on those hidden questions though :)

And thank you for reading this!

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Review #3, by shemadethesunsmilePost Scriptum: Snape's Second-Worst Memory

11th October 2012:
Wow, this is great.
Not that that's a huge surprise, seeing as all your chapters are pretty amazing. But this was really, really good. I love your writing style, and the plot is so good... I really, really liked the way you portrayed everyone - especially Severus was great here, though Lily and James were really impressive. Even though I know Sirius is going to tell Snape, I feel so disappointed in him every time he does, in every Marauder's era fic I read centered around that time. (Other than that, I really love Sirius.) Anyways, thank you so much for writing this, it's amazing!

Author's Response: Hello, and thank you! I always love it when a faithful reader comes out of the woodwork to review, since it happens so rarely :)

It's great that you like my characterization. I think that's the part I've worked hardest on in this story. I've especially put work into Severus, since I have a tendency to write him as being a bit more decent than he probably deserves, and James, who I've always had a bit of a bias against. If they came across fairly, though, that's lovely! I have to agree with you about Sirius--I adore him, but only when he's not being awful to poor Severus. It was tough to write Snape just falling easily into Sirius's trap, too.

Thanks so much for your review, and I hope to hear from you again when this is updated!

-Amanda :)

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