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Review #1, by harrietmStarfall: Star-Crossed

17th January 2014:
I've just read the whole of Ignite and Starfall, too engrossed to stop and do chapter reviews! Haha
So in summary I just want to say I LOVE your writing, I love the characters, the detail, the depth, the action, the adventure, the romance, and the grief (even though it cuts me up inside).
You're fabulous, keep up the great work!!! :)

Author's Response: Very glad you've enjoyed the work so far! I have done my best to keep it sharp and honest and, yes, that does include making the grief cutting... but it would be disrespectful to the characters to make it any less raw than it should be, for poor Selena. Thank you for reviewing and reading!

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Review #2, by harrietmYou: Kiss

17th January 2014:
Ahhh the woes and angst of the friendzone :')
Awesome work, I'm loving reading. There's a few mistakes scattered throughout, you skip words sometimes haha But that's easy to do when you read something over and over, and it definitely doesn't stop this from being a great read. Can't wait for the update! That cliffy haha :)

Author's Response: Hahaha, oh goshhh how embarrassing! But I have definitely spent too much time looking at this story (it's been written/rewritten for about 5+ years). Thanks for giving me the heads up, someday I'll go back and do a reedit.
Next one is in queue, I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading, reviewing, and being so sweet!!

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Review #3, by harrietmIdiotic: Chapter Four

29th October 2013:
Very noice :)Annie is certainly a relatable character and I love Teddy already haha
I don't really have anything bad to say...except I did notice it says "You're godfather? " instead of "Your godfather? "
Overall though great writing and I look forward to the next update :)

Author's Response: Hello! I'm glad you find Annie relatable, and yes, Teddy is a little cutie, isn't he? Thank you for telling me about that, Ill go fix it straight away!

Thank you for the review!

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Review #4, by harrietmMarigold: Little Things

10th October 2013:
I wasn't going to leave a review because I'm lazy...but then I convinced myself too when I a) realised I opened this chapter twice, getting excited to read a new chapter, only to realise I'd read it before haha. If I'm that excited to read a new chapter, you deserve a review.
and b) realised I get happy when I get reviews and wanted to spread the happiness :P

I guess all I really want to say is you're doing a super job so far! The concept of this whole story is great, it's really original is so many ways... what with Mari being a squib, Draco and Hermione being separated (and together sort, maybe, please!), and Mari/James (and Mari/James better be a thing, or else I'll be annoyed haha).
You handle the emotions and the diaologue really well,so each character is distinct and special. And I haven't picked up any spelling errors or anything (so you and/or your beta are doing a swell job there too). Overall it's just a really great story so...keep it up and I'm looking forward to the next update! :)

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks. No, I don't have a beta, I just try to go over it many times. I'm surprised myself that there was no spelling or grammatical errors to be completely honest because there's usually something I miss. Thanks so much, harrietm, for leaving this review. I feel very happy that this story turned out the way I wanted it to! This review helped clear that up along with all of the others so thanks again and the next chapter will be up as soon as possible :D

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Review #5, by harrietmLucky One: Epilogue - Endless Waltz

6th October 2013:
Aw, the chapter dedication! Cyber hugs for you :')

This epilogue was short and sweet, and pretty much perfectly captured how I can imagine Draco would feel after losing Hermione, just as she said she would marry him. I also loved the way this tied in with the prologue. And the rose name. I was wondering if the title would come into play and the last line was the perfect place. It placed the emphasis on how privileged Draco felt for having had what he had with Hermione, even though it was cut short.
Overall, I'm just sad. You've left me sad, sad about Hermione, sad for Draco, and sad that the story's over. I hope that my sadness somehow makes you happy haha :P You deserve some happiness, for writing such a brilliant story, with so much emotion. I'm also proud you finished, because so many people start but can't make it to the end.
I nearly said I'm looking forward to the next update, but alas, no. I'm looking forward to reading anything new you write!
Thanks again.
Go forth and prosper :)

Author's Response: Well I told myself I would right at the beginning, and most of the people I dedicated it to were fairly regular reviewers anyways so it felt right... :D

Yeah originally this was going to be a one shot but I decided to split it in half and put the rest of it in the middle, which I am so happy I did.

Yeah, it says that out of the pair of them, she was lucky because she doesn't have to deal with the pain of being without him, but also that he was lucky enough to have gotten the time with her that he did. so it's a bit double edged which I thought was quite cool :D

Sorry I made you sad! Although that kinda was the intention... :P But I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it managaed to effect you emotionally, that is what makes me happy :D Thank you for being proud of me, I'm proud of me too... and I'll be proud of you at the end of yours and we'll share our pride in a glorious conglomeration of prideness... (or something like that)

Yeah, it gets to be a habit doesn't it, There should be the beginning of a short story in the next couple of wekks but that will go on hiatus till after NaNo... I'm writing a Roxanne Weasley Novel... O.o wish me luck... :D

Thank you for your continued support, you have no idea how much your reviews have made me smile and want to get you the next chapter as quickly as possible!


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Review #6, by harrietmUnpredictable: Chapter 2

30th September 2013:
Another good chapter! I'm definitely sticking this on my reading list to see what happens next...especially given that it already seems like this won't be a overly cliche story with only happiness and perfect love, those are boring haha
Only thing is I don't know about the word makes me think of old hunched over witches with warts haha!
Great job so far though, I'll be looking out for the next update :)

Author's Response: Haha, I have to disagree and say cackle is an great word! I enjoy using it BECAUSE it also reminds me of evil old witches.

...And also it sounds cool. Say it out loud, ten times fast. You'll see what I mean.

Thank you for reading and leaving a review! :) xx

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Review #7, by harrietmUnpredictable: Chapter 1

30th September 2013:
I like this so far! Good set up and character intros :) one typo I noticed: "I'm bloody witch" instead of I'm a bloody witch. But otherwise nice writing, I'm gonna read the next chapter now and probably leave another lovely review, get excited :P

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Review #8, by harrietmLucky One: Chapter Fourteen - Reflection of Anguish

29th September 2013:
No no no no no no right in the feels :'(
I can't even think of anything to say
That was depressingly beautiful.
And I loved the les mis tribute.
But man
So sad :'(
Why *blubs*

Author's Response: Depressingly beautiful... Exactly what I was aiming for... As for why... this has, honestly and truly, been coming since the beginning and even though I kinda hated myself for it I had to follow through...
the les Mis thing was a genius idea that was, for me, the most unexpected thing about the whole chapter, can you tell that i love it?

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Review #9, by harrietmThe Empath: Definitely NOT a Date

27th September 2013:
I love this story and I hang out for every update BUT I have tosayone thing...I feel like amongst the juicy plotline you kind of forget that Delta's an empath, which is like the premise of this story haha? I dunno. I could just be me getting muddled because I read too many fanfics for my own good! Either way this story's still definitely great to read! :)

Author's Response: This actually did occur to me shortly after I put 19 into the queue - that I've been a bit lazy when it comes to describing Delta's empathy. I guess that in my rush to fit everything into 19 I neglected it a bit (i think this also happened in 18, too, though). So I just wanted to say that I realize this has been happening and I'm going to work on it when writing chapter 20 (and every chapter after that). No worries - I'm not about to forget it completely! ;)

Anywho, I'm really really glad that you like it and I hope to hear from you again in the future! :D

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Review #10, by harrietmClash: Sink

27th September 2013:
This story...wowsers. So different from anything I've read on this site before! So dark and mysterious and interesting! I don't really know how you're managing to weave such a heavyhanded plot to be honest, I even struggle with writing fluff haha! It's really good :) The characterisation of Albus in particular has been amazing, but of course also Rose and Scorpious. One thing I would say is that sometimes the flick between past and present is a bit disconcerting, not because of how you're writing, just because of the formating on the page, I don't know, maybe it needs a '~~~' or something just to separate it better. Otherwise the flashback kind of style is another thing that's making this story really cool to read :) keep it up and I look forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Hey thanks! You're definitely right about the shift in scene. I've tried to insert horizontal lines but for some reason they don't work on this chapter... I will go back and fix that and all future chapter will have the page breaks.

And thanks for your compliments. I'm the plot is actually cohesive . Not gonna lie, I was worried it would be too heavy handed and not make sense at all. I'm glad you're enjoying the story and characterizations :) ALbus is my absolute favorite to write so I'm glad you're enjoying his development. I have a few surprises in store for him ;)

And thanks for taking the time to review! It means a lot :)

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Review #11, by harrietmShut Up and Kiss Me: Epilogue

16th September 2013:
It's over :'( So pumped to hear there's a sequel though!! :D
You did a very nice job of wrapping everything up until.Scorose! Arghhh I just wanted to slap Scorpius so he would understand haha But in hindsight it was probably good to not have EVERYONE getting a perfect happy ending.
At the end of the day I just want to thank you heaps for writing such a good story from start to finish, I've become quite emotionally attached to everyone and that speaks volumes about your writing. I'm gonna stop now before I gush too much. Consider my restraint a thank you present :P Looking forward to more brilliance,
harrietm :)

Author's Response: Hullo!

Wow, what a wonderful review! Hahaha, no need to show restraint, I love your comments. I couldn't do it, harrietm. I couldn't put Scorpius and Rose together just yet. It will happen! Well, probably.

Thanks for reading this thing all the way to the end. Your loyalty means a lot!

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Review #12, by harrietmWhispers: Chapter 3

15th September 2013:
Oooo this is a pretty interesting start to a story, love the concept, I'm intrigued! You've done pretty good job introducing everyone, and I like the banter. Is it too early to ship April and Al? If it is I don't care haha ;)
I think you just need to go back through and edit cos there's quite a few spelling mistakes here and there, such as shell instead of she'll. Also some of the dialogue could maybe benefit from some punctuation checks.
But overall good job, and I'll be looking out for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. :)
About the grammar and punctuation, I'm aware of that and I was thinking of editing it but school just started and its been busy, but then again they're just excuses ;).
And as for the April and Al shipping I'll just say... maybe... maybe not ;p
thanks again for reviewing! It's made my day. :D

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Review #13, by harrietmShut Up and Kiss Me: Shut Up and Kiss Me

6th September 2013:


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Review #14, by harrietmThe Heartache Squadron: SHE GOES OUT WITH A BANG

31st August 2013:
I liked this story! It was really original and interesting, and written really well too :3 Each character had their own feel, even though there was only seven chapters worth of characterisation. This meant I could tell really quickly who's viewpoint it was, so it wasn't disconcerting to read - that was really impressive. And of course, the happy ending was the cherry on top! James and Gloria forever haha :)

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Review #15, by harrietmThe Silver Lining: Crazy Wonderful

31st August 2013:
Eep! That was a good chapter :3 I don't know how you manage to make Sam so funny all the time, I wish I managed that when I met new people! No wonder they're all fighting for her affections! Great job, keep it up :) only one typo I noticed...

appararate - did James stutter? :P

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really like when people tell me I made them laugh. :D

And oops! No that was just a mistake. Thanks for catching it! :)

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Review #16, by harrietmChasing Madness: The Boy is an Idiot.

28th August 2013:
I do really like this story so far even though it's Scorose! (something I don't usually go out of my way to read, because, as you say, everyone does it)
I like the introductions of everyone and the already interesting scenes between Rose and Scorpius. Oh the sexual tension, you could cut it with a knife ;) And if "You look like a pumpkin" was in any way related to the movie No Strings Attached, then I doff my hat at you - either way it definitely made me laugh.
Brb. Reading more.

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^ I hope you liked the rest of it too!

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Review #17, by harrietmLucky One: Chapter Ten - Ascension to Clarity

27th August 2013:
I kind of love you!! The descriptions of all the dresses was really nice, and this chapter was definitely full of emotion. Happy Ron's out the way now heehee But I like that all this happened for Hermione to change her mind, rather than her just immediately ditching Ron. That would've been very unlike her. Keep it up, I look forward to the next update :)

Author's Response: ahhh, the dresses, that was really difficult, i just ended up looking at dresses online and choosing one I thought she might wear. Then trying to describe them enough so that you get the gist but not so much that you can't create your own picture.

So yes EMOTION! Yep this all really had to happen, which is exactly what Draco said in the last chapter, I mean, come on I wasn't going to put you guys through all that just to have her marry Ron cause then there's the whole cheating debacle and messy divorce... wait... why didn't I do that?!!? Well damnit. :P

Glad you enjoyed the chapter, just waiting on some challenge chapters getting validated in time for deadlines then it'll be back to normal until the next deadline :D

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Review #18, by harrietmSunshine: Mind Blown

23rd August 2013:
I still love James and Amelie as much as I did when I read Raining :') Your writing is amazing!! I wish I could write like you, it just has natural flow and you manage to get the emotion of the dialogue so perfect. And I did like your Longwhistle Dating Theorem ;) I could see kinda where it was going but it was still executed really well and I still loved it! Especially the explosion, my mind was blown when Amelie's mind was blown and the building was blown haha

Just two little things. Somewhere in there I saw the word 'tink' instead of 'think'. Also this sentence below, I don't know, the first time I read it I thought Ewan needed the blanket to protect himself from the outside world and his inner turmoil :P

"Ewan rolled over again, his hand grasping for the blanket that was currently wrapped around me in some hope of protection from the outside world and from my inner turmoil"

Anyway that's my two cents...which is probably more like two dollars but oh well haha Keep up the brilliant work and I look forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hi name twin!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I enjoy writing this fic because it's so much easier to get into than my other heavier, angstier stories. And I'm glad you enjoyed the Longwhistle Dating Theorem! (A thought with another thought's hat on).

Ohhh, thank you! I'll go back and have a look at them. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by harrietmNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and the Bro Code

20th August 2013:
Another amazing chapter as always!!! :D I love the way you're writing this section on the Yule Ball, you've captured the feel of it all really well (as in, crazy hormones). I love the subtle references to how Harry felt as well, showing that champions pretty much feel the same faced with the daunting prospect of finding dates!
Elle and Fred = super cute. I had the biggest grin on my face after reading that, it was brilliant. If only Halle and James could be the same, wanted to leap into this story and throttle Halle for saying she had a date haha! But hopefully it will lead to some super awkward moments that are super awesome to read. I have faith in you :) Eagerly awaiting the next chapter, over and out! :D

Author's Response: AHAH YES THE MENTION OF THE 'why do they have to travel in packs?' i died when that happened in the film - absolutley loved it!
Im so glad you love elle and fred! im trying to continue ALL character development, not just halle and james, but damn its HARD. trust me harrietm, awkward moments will be abundant. ABUNDANT. i will get back into this story! thanks so much for the review :)

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Review #20, by harrietmLucky One: Chapter 9 - Hand Written Apology

7th August 2013:
I really like this story so far :) Well...until that last bit where Hermione left, but I have every hope she will return!

Your writing style's really good, especially your description of things, with not just describing what's being seen but also touch, smell etc. I also particularly like how you've portrayed Draco, as every bit the gentleman. It's a shame Ron has to be portrayed oppositely for the sake of the plot, but it is surprisingly believable that Ron would act that way, and I am more than ok with Draco being swoon-worthy ;)

Just one line I noticed and was like "What?" I think it needs a comma or something, to make it read better:
"I'm not going to make you have to decide I'm deciding for you"

Also I think your dialogue could possibly benefit from strategic pauses, just so it doesn't seem like the characters are rushing through some of the more intense conversations.

But overall, loving it! Keep it up and I look forward to the next update! :)

Author's Response: Firstly, thank you for the wonderful review, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

You have every right to hope that she will return, I do too... :P

My description is something I've really been working on especially for the prologue. If he wasn't going to be mean like his dad, he had to be like him somehow and Lucius clearly prided himself on being a gentleman, I like to think that's one good thing he could have passed on to his son.

Ron, yes, he is a bit, but really I've just accentuated the idiocy from the books, he now loves food too much.

Thank you for pointing that sentence out, it really does need a comma. Dialogue is the next thing on my list that I need to work on, I'm too used to writing scripts where I don't have to do that, the actors and director decide that for me.

Next update will come soon! Keep reading!


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Review #21, by harrietmShut Up and Kiss Me: An Abundance of Chaos

29th July 2013:
Coulda sworn I'd reviewed this already but alas, no! Just me, having another crazy moment.
So here goes:
- I loved Leo's story so, so much :') I never would've dreamed cultery could be so cute haha!
- Scorp and swear words. Nuff said.
- James has to not be hurt too bad! Although I certainly didn't expect him to get trapped in a greenhouse, so points for the plot twist!
Please update asap :D But I'll totally understand if you don't. I've been a shocking updater in recent months, so I can't really talk!

Author's Response: Hahaha, I'm glad you are! Love your reviews.
Been a bit busy :P I've got to get this next chapter edited and up soon, I'm sure everyone is just appalled by how late the update is :/

Oh well, the story will be finished! Mark my words!

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Review #22, by harrietmThe Invisible Thief : Trouble equals Malfoy

29th July 2013:
I really like this story and where it's going, keep it up! I particularly like Brielle as the protagonist, she's so.sassy! Haha
Just a few typos I noticed: should be persistent not persistence, and Hogsmeade not Hogsemede. But otherwise great writing and I look forward to the next update :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Brielle is one sassy mama! She's a got a very sharp tongue. Thank you for correcting them! I am human so mistakes are bound to happen here and there. Hmph, I guess I've been spelling Hogsmeade wrong this whole time! That's embarrassing.

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Review #23, by harrietmAnd Capers Ensue: Epilogue

27th July 2013:
This story has been really freaking excellent the whole way through, I'm sad it's over but simultaneously cheering...he bought her a cupcake!!!
The humour and creativity of this fanfic ranks it super high in the list of top fanfics I've ever read, and it's so unique - I've never read anything like it, and that's what makes me love it so much.
So thanks for the ride!!! Your effort and brilliance is much appreciated :)
And I have kind of forgiven you for making me think Scorpius was going to die.
...Kind of.

Author's Response: He *baked her a cupcake ;D

Thank you so much! c: It means so much to me that you've enjoyed it (even if Scorpius nearly died, or maybe he can crack the joke like Albus did--Scorpius had died. Once.)

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Review #24, by harrietmThe Silver Lining: While the Muggles Are Away

27th July 2013:
I really really like this story so far! The humour's great (the cats, oh my lord, the cats) and you've also done a great job introducing everyone. The whole idea of a muggle protagonist has me hooked too, especially as Sam's not entirely happy with her muggle life :)
Did not see Albus as a player, but after that is chapter I kinda do haha! This should be interesting! I hope Sam puts him in his place, or someone else does. Or maybe James arrives on the scene...could be a good love triangle ;)
Just watch your use of "your" and "you're", but otherwise great writing and I look forward to the next update (and also the other story you're writing!) :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it (and yeah, the cats part was really fun. I was cracking up while I wrote it)!
And don't you worry! Sam will continue to smack Al into place. :D
Thanks for the comment!

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Review #25, by harrietmThis Time With Us: July, 2037 - Epilogue: You, Me and Time

24th July 2013:
Thank you thank you thank you for such a great read :) I could go into details but it would be really long so I'll just say it was fantastically heartfelt and humorous and human, I will miss reading it, but I will look forward to seeing any more of your writing in the future! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for sticking with me till the end! And 'human' was really what I was hoping to go for - a fairytale concept wasn't my thing this time around, so I'm so so happy that you thought so! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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