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Review #1, by DudummeskindJade Lestrange: The Burden of a Last Name: Chapter 29

14th September 2013:
That's just cruel! First you start writing an addictive story and then you stop in the middle. Not fair. Not fair at all...

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Review #2, by Dudummeskind#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Turning the Tides of Change

18th August 2012:
My very first review ever (sorry, just had to).
Great story, love it! Your way of writing is catchy and very entertaining. I can't wait for more updates and the sequel.

BUT there are some minor flaws IMHO:
First of all - you made me hate Ginny. That's a NO-GO!

Second - sometimes the characters don't react or behave the way a normal person without substance abuse problem or psychosis would. On the other hand, who wouldn't need drugs with all the problems they have...

And finally - A Vampire? Puhleeze! There's enough of this bs out there. I mean the whole vampire/werewolf concept is all over the media! It's getting a little boring. Was this really necessary?

Just my two cents.
But hey - it's your story. I'm going to read it anyway.

Greetings from Munich/Germany.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you like the writing and can transcend the problems you see with the story to continue on reading.

As to Ginny, because of how things turned out in the real books, I sort of didn't like Ginny and so that was reflected when I started these stories. But honestly, now that she's with Draco in my stories, I kind of like her which is probably why I'm starting to write her a bit differently... so hopefully you'll like her again soon :)

As to the multitude of problems and drugs... yes, the characters are dealing with a lot, but other than the magical stuff, all the drama is pretty true what I've witnessed and observed of people in real life: the continual changing of attraction and emotions, dealing with loss of loved ones due to death, and fighting the anger we have with those who raised us. However, it's a lot for one person to take which is why now that they're older, I've started introducing scenes where they drink liquor, like Hermione's party... because after all they have been through, I'd think in reality some of them would turn to something that could alter their mood.

Vampires actually existed in the real HP world, but Rowlings didn't expand on them very much and therefore people tend to forget they were there or mentioned. In my case, it made sense that if werewolves were running around picking sides of the wizard war, then other dark creatures would as well... Vampires are only the beginning, I'll be adding more fantasy creatures in later on... this war will affect all magical and fantastical beings, so why wouldn't they join the fight? As for the vamps in my story, they aren't the nice, sparkly variety, they are dark and cunning and I sort of have an idea of just how vicious Tristan and his parents will be...

Hopefully that explained my thinking a little and helps you read on a little easier :)

Thanks for reading and for reviewing, I appreciate it.

Greetings back from Illinois, USA

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