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Review #1, by weird_sistersBeing Summer: The Twenty-Ninth One

15th December 2012:
Finally! At last Summer realises! ahh! so excited for the next chapter. please please updated asap, amazing chapter by the way xo

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Review #2, by weird_sistersBeing Summer: The One with Some ScoRose

8th September 2012:
OMG. that was the best chapter again! they just get better and better! I knew her mum was pregnant! But not with jack's dad! :o bombshell much?! poor summer going through so much. but james and her! ah!! And james admitted he's in love with her :o loved connors pov it was so good. penny and dom are being so cute now to summer. how can you love kyle?! he's so annoying. James is so adorable in this chapter, ahhh i just love him. Finally some ScoRose action!
please please update soon. xo

Author's Response: ahaha, thank you so much! i like to think that my writing improves as i write more so it is always really lovely to hear something like that :D yeah, a lot of people have said the same thing; they knew about the pregnancy but they didn't guess who the father was. and yes, poor summer, but lucky james :) well, ish. ahaha, i don't even remember there being connor's pov... oh wait, yeah, there was :D i looove kyle. i think he's adorbs-buckets. thank you so much! and yes, some scorose. update will be mega-soon :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #3, by weird_sistersBeing Summer: The Twenty-Sixth One

20th August 2012:
That was the best chapter. My favourite by far! so much happened! Poor ConDom though! but it was Dom's fault she shouldn't have been so controlling. And James asking Summer out finally!! I think Summer should go with Dom, and tell James the truth, or do both, multi task you know. I don't think Penny should've gotten so angry! Plus she's obviously still in love with him. I love Scorpius, he's so cute, having a heart to heart with Summer. But poor summer has so much going on in her life.
Thank you for the quick update! update soon please!

Author's Response: aww, thank you so much! i'm really glad that you liked the chapter so much, that's always lovely to hear :D yeah, it was dom's fault, which is a shame because she really did love connor. and connor really loved dom, so it was sad that he had to break up with her. but yes, james finally asked summer out! well she could always tell james the truth, but she doesn't want to tell dom the truth, so it's all one big mess and summer can't be bothered to find a way out of it all. scorpius is adorable, even though he would knock you out for calling it a heart to heart :P poor summer does indeed :( she goes through so much more than most people do.
thank you so much! and sorry this response took so long, it was a lovely review!

ellie :) xx

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Review #4, by weird_sistersBeing Summer: The One at the Ice Skating Rink

14th August 2012:
I actually love you right now. You're by far the best author at updating and I love you for it! You're like an updating machine! The story just gets better and better. Only do a sequel if you want to but i think a lot of people would love it if you did :) great chapter as usual! guessing/hoping the update is soon considering your super abilities at updating ;)xox

Author's Response: aww, well then i love you too, my little chicklet. ahaha, i really don't think i'm the best, but i do try to get the chapters churned out as fast as i can. thank you ~ i'm still undecided on the whole sequel thing, but you never know. the next chapter for this story went in the queue yesterday, and will hopefully be out soon. thank you for the review!

ellie :) xx

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