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Review #1, by YouhadmeatHarryBeing Summer: The One where Summer Starts to Talk

1st August 2012:
I absolutely LOVE this story! I love the character developments, the relationship developments... Everything! There's a lot happening in the story, and you can easily see how the characters are changing and growing. It's great.

So, with that being said, please update soon? :)

Author's Response: ahaha, thank you! i really like to think that the story has improved since the beginning, development-wise, so that is always lovely to hear :D thank you so much for such a lovely review! and the next chapter has just come out :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #2, by YouhadmeatHarryTrying not to love you: Chapter seventeen - Outburst

1st August 2012:
This story is really sweet! I've been reading it for a while and I really like it.

I'm kind of hoping for Joshua to show a psyco side or something, because he just seems too damn perfect! And also, I'm hoping that Kat's pregancy turns out to be fake.

Anyways, I really like this story and the characters. I'm looking forward to read what happens :)

Author's Response: Thanks ^^

Haha, we'll see, we'll see d:

Thank you for reviewing (:

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Review #3, by YouhadmeatHarrySomething About James Potter: Simply Potter

1st August 2012:
I've recently discovered this story, and it's already become one of my absolute favorites! I'm usually not a big fan of James Potter Jr acting like James Potter Sr, but you manage to give Jr a personality of his own. In this story, he's not just a douche who torments a girl; he actually has a personality.

I'm not sure if I'm able to express what I want, but it's late and I'm tired. What I want you to know is that your story is awesome and that you should keep your good work up!

Author's Response: Squeee, thank you! I've tried really hard to give James II his own quirky personality - in fics, he always seems to be the arrogant womanizer or brooding angstmuffin, but I personally see him as a slightly awkward, sweeter version of James I, who maybe learns from his mistakes a bit more quickly. I love writing him. And I'm so glad that you like him! Ahhh, thank you so much. What I want you to know is that you're awesome! :D

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