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Review #1, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Twenty Two

27th January 2014:
Ahhh finally!!! Good chapter, as usual; I loved the love scenes. Particularly the emotional scene with James and Cass in the broom closet. The only somewhat complaint I might have about this story is Cassie: these two amazing(in completely different ways) boys are head over heels in love with her, but despite her sharp wit I'm not sure if you've really explained why. Like I said, James and Oreo are very different characters, and although it's not unrealistic for them to both like one girl it just kind of leaves it unexplained as to why she's BOTH of their types, y'know? But still, good chapter for a good story with two VERY good love interests! Keep writing, can't wait for the next update! x
p.s.- I think I've officially decided I'm Team James.

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Review #2, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Twenty One

17th September 2013:
Um, well, wow xD I have most definitely wanted some Oreo/Cassie action for some time now, although I must admit it behind a slight bit weird with the four of them all in the same room doing the same... stuff. Haha. At least you're somewhat providing me with the orgy I asked for :D lol, good chapter, why does the whole "sneaking around" dynamic make the snogging so much more interesting? It makes me feel like a bad person for enjoying reading those parts so much, but oh well, they're fun xD AWH, Mason + Dom = unbelievable cuteness. I like the fact that you added in her very short-lived eating disorder, because not only did it make Dom more human but it also showed off how their relationship is.
All in all, fabulous chapter as usual, keep writing! (:

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Review #3, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Twenty

10th September 2013:
Whyyy don't they just tell everyone the truth about it being Cass' baby?? D:
I mean I guess I slightly understand that it might take away some of the attention from Alvie, but does she really need all the attention she already gets? Idk, it just seems like Alvie can get away with anything and Cass can't do anything right in everyone's eyes. Idkkk. I liked the bit of Jassie in the beginning though (: this story is great, keep writing!

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Review #4, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Nineteen

3rd September 2013:
The drama :o
I'm so conflicted, because I was so pro-James from the start but as the characters develop I'm starting to really not like James which makes me sad ): it sounds sad but I think he and Cassie had a much more intriguing relationship when it was occasional reluctant-but-not-reluctant snogs that were quickly regretted. I don't know, maybe it's all just getting a bit too deep with all of the emotions with the baby and such :( I'm starting to really really hope that you have it planned somehow so that the condom didn't work and neither did the lozenge and the baby actually is Albus'
Idk I'm just trying to figure out how this is all going to a happy ending
Sorry, don't mean to rant x) I really love this story, but all I want is at least one moment of unconflicted happiness for Cassie that she doesn't end up feeling bad about D: oh well, good chapter as usual (obviously, since it made me do all this thinking) ^_^

Author's Response: I feel really bad for making you feel constantly conflicted but believe me I feel exactly the same! Especially when I started writing chapter 20 ;)
Yeah, I know what you mean! I liked writing like that, maybe I'll get there again sometime, maybe. I dunno. *shrug*
Hm, well we'll just have to see what comes of your theory ;)
Yeah, Cass does deserve a little happiness, doesn't she? Bless her, maybe she's got some coming her way? But hey, I'm wiring this, so it's unlikely really isn't it! :')
Thanks a million for reading and reviewing, it means a lot! Xo

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Review #5, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Eighteen

31st August 2013:
Good chapter, maybe a tiny bit slow but definitely necessary. Either way, it's left me very conflicted D:
The thing I love about this story is that the characters are so real. There's nothing sugar-coated about what's happening, and there are no Mary-Sues or Marty-Stus. Basically, everyone is messed up and they're all just trying to find their way along. That's brilliant for a story, and I hope you continue to shape and develop the characters even more (: Keep writing!

Author's Response: Aww! I'm so glad you feel that way!
Yeah, the chapter was a bit slow, regretfully, but never mind :') I've been all over with my writing, I forget my story lines and things I'd planned to do and just gah!
That's so nice to hear! I always worry my writing is just ridiculous :') But hearing that is lovely! And I'd love to tell you I know what a Mary-Sue or a Marty-Stu is but I'm totally lost :') Thanks a lot!! For reading and revising! Next chapter is in the queue! :D xo

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Review #6, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Seventeen

12th August 2013:
I agree that your writing style has changed, but in just the right amount so that it makes it seem more like Cassie herself is maturing throughout the story and it gives it a really great effect :D cute chapter, but at this point I feel like James is starting to become a bit of a shallow character when before it seemed like there was a lot more deepness in him that we hadn't reach yet. Idk, but either way the end with the baby doctor was super cute! (: Now the only thing I have to worry about is Cassie having told Oreo, Dom, and Albus that she slept with James, not to mention the fact that I'm wondering if Alvie overheard, and even if she didn't there's no way Albus would be able to keep that from her :o that would be bad, especially seeing as she and Cass just had this super cute best friend chapter. Oh well, keep it up! :D x

Author's Response: Yeah! Lets pretend that's what I was going for the whole time... ;)
I loved writing their friendship! It's so cute and they're just like aww :)
Thanks for reading and reviewing! xo

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Review #7, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Sixteen

6th August 2013:
I actually liked the Alvie POV a lot more than I thought I would (: it wasn't my favorite chapter, and I think Alvie should at least have some sort of romantic feelings for Albus, but all in all it was a good way to clear up the other side of the story.
But next chapter... GET BACK TO JASSIE. Sorry, I just need it x)
Great chapter, keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks! I'm so glad you didn't think that it sucked! I was so worried!
Thanks for the review, I'm glad you're enjoying :) xo

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Review #8, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Fifteen

28th July 2013:
So many conflicting emotions D: on one hand I understand how James feels about Cassie and it was really messed up of Oreo to do that but on the other hand James knew full well how much pain that would put Cass in and now he's going to sleep with her or something and I'm sure Oreo wouldn't have kissed Izzy if it weren't for a reason like maybe he thought she was Cassie but as far as I can tell that's pretty unrealistic and then now we're going to switch all the way over to Alvie's perspective and I'm so confused! But in a good way though, haha :D

Author's Response: OMG! SO CONFLICTED! (I've just realised we're deep in the throws of a love triangle here! Like what have I been writing and not realising! Omg. What am I?)
I'm going to update now! I hope you enjoy Alvie's POV! Thank you millions for reading and reviewing! It means so much and I've been hella busy and I'm getting round to this and good lord I'm a bad person! But thanks anyway! Xo

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Review #9, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Fourteen

19th July 2013:
WOW. Haha so I didn't get to review your last chapter, and since I read both at once my brain is slightly confused about which happened in which so this review will be for BOTH of them :D plot twist! haha

So first of all I'd just like to say, I LOVED James's POV and you should make it a semi-regular thing in the story, because you write him very well! But you still need those Cassie/Orion fluffy love scenes, because those are ESSENTIAL to the story. okay, maybe they're just essential to me, but I love some Oreo Action x) which is conflicting, because I was also just about to tell you that you need to write more Jassie love scenes. Wow, this is confusing, now I know how difficult it must be for Cass to pick :o either way, GREAT couple of chapters, and I'm glad you're starting to actually plan ahead xD keep writing like this! It's fantastic! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! James' POV was quite nice to write, something new! Maybe I'll do another in the future, we'll have to see!
Who doesn't love a little Oreo? He's certainly a cutie!
Thanks for reading and reviewing! (Omg this is so delayed hahah sorry!) xo

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Review #10, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Twelve

24th June 2013:
Fabulous chapter, as usually!
Gahh, can't get enough Jassie(James/Cassie?) scenes!! They're just so magnificent together. Although it WOULD be wildly confusing if she were to get pregnant with him, like would that make her baby and her Alvie baby twins or just very confused siblings or why is this making my head hurt so much??
Lol I can't decide which pairing I enjoy best, so you should really just write about a giant orgy with my favorite pairing, Cass/James/Oreo/Alvie/Albus/Dom/Mason, k? Make it happen xD
Another fantastic chapter, 10/10!

Author's Response: Oh, don't panic, it makes my head hurt too! You're right, that would be ruddy confusing, could we cope if it happened?! :O
As for the orgy, I shall do my best hahaha ;)
But right, sorry I've been totally MIA. I tried to write the next chapter like 4 times from various POV and I'm not feeling it but I don't want to delete it, SO MUCH INNER TURMOIL! But, I think I'm getting somewhere with it, FINALLY! Next chapter should be up soon :) Thanks for reading and thanks for the review! xo

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Review #11, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Eleven

5th June 2013:
Ahhh cliffhanger! Why you do this to us!!!
I'm intensely curious as to what's wrong with Alvie's mother, especially since Hermione and Pansy have somehow become best friends and I don't want her to be sad :( Unless there's nothing wrong with Pansy, and the letter was just from her and about some other sad occurrence? I NEED TO KNOW.
And despite the fact that James is still being a butt, I kind of really feel bad for him because I have a feeling he has secret feels for Cassie and he keeps walking in on her and Oreo, which I'm hoping is the only reason he's being so terrible :(
You keep messing with my heart! Everything is so jumbled, I need some kind of resolution for at least one of these problems D: Pleeeaaasse! And write it quickly :D

Author's Response: I know! I'm sorry!
Oh lordy, I know! Poor Jamiekins :(
Chapter has been written now, not sure about the resolutions in it though haha ;) Thanks for reading and reviewing! xo

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Review #12, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Ten

3rd June 2013:
Awwh, Oreo has a cute little sister :D haha I love him so much! I almost died at "If I told you, would you sit on it?", because just like who says awesome things like that??

I really just want James and Cassie to officially make up, and then snog it out, and then regret the snogging, and then snog some more :D

I REALLY need to know what is happening/going to happen with Albus and Alvie! I also REALLY hope she doesn't tell him it's James's and break his heart, even if it is technically the truth :(

Anyways, another fantastic chapter, UPDATE QUICKLY! x

Author's Response: Oreo's a pretty awesome guy to be fair!
Same!! Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't ;)
ERHMAHGERD I know. Alvus (the name I've dubbed them now) need to get their act together and be together foreevverrr. But who knows if they will or not!
Thanks for the review and thanks for reading! Next chapter is up now (I think)! Xo

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Review #13, by Peaches and KnivesAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Nine

22nd May 2013:
Wow, this is a really original and interesting story :D I like how, unlike the main characters in most stories, Cassie is admittedly flawed despite her usual coolness ^_^ It actually kind of reminds me of my story, although the character dynamics are a lot different.

My prediction is that Alvie will play it off like the baby belongs to Albus, to like protect Cassie and James? Idk, I might be wrong but I'm guessing I'm just looking for way for Alvie to bond with and fall in love with Albus since he's just so darn sweet xD

I like the love triangle between Cass, James, and Miller, because both of the boys are good for her in different ways. Sometimes I can't decide which one I want her to end up with, haha.

All in all, great story, keep writing!!

Author's Response: Aww! Thanks! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story!
Hm, we'll have to see ;) I think I officially decided how the story will end the other day, not that it's anywhere near finished!
I know! Poor Albus! He's a sweetheart, the sooner Alvie realises this the better, for everyone!
I started reading your story today and I love it! I haven't read all the current chapters but I plan to leave a review when I have :) Xo

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