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Review #1, by LoonaMoonlight: Captive

27th August 2012:
I have FINALLY caught up with this story. I have had so many sleepless nights thanks to this story. Thank you for it. Now when I re read the books, I know that I will be using this back story for Remus. I love it. From the school years, to the relationship with Tonks. I can even forgive you for the use of silver. Molly's words to him in this chapter made me cry.
I hope love when you switch forward to Ted. I rather like his story. But I don't want it to be purely his story that you are telling, because that means you would have had to write about the Lupins deaths. One of the saddest out of the whole war, and I am not looking forward to reading about their deaths when they are main characters. I will have a box of tissues at the ready, needless to say.

Thank you x

Author's Response: aw thank you! and let me just say that that scene where they will be SOOO hard to write, but i hope it will be worth the box of kleenex!

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Review #2, by LoonaHide and Seek: Epilogue

10th August 2012:
Reading this last review made me cry. I felt like a right tosser, I can tell you. Anyway, this story is amazing. It is one of the first I read, and it is still my favourite. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your life to finish it. I love Jane. I love how real she is. One of my favourite moments is when she Obliverates Lou and Amanda. It is so real, and so mature of her. It shows so much of her person. I usually hate Epilogues, but yours is perfect. Thank you so so much xx

Author's Response: Awww. You're not a tosser. Writing it made me cry. Stupidly, really.

I know some people didn't like the Epilogue, but in my opinion I've been working on this story for years and sharing it with so many of you that I thought you deserved to know what happened to everyone. From my mind to yours. I'm happy you enjoyed it and thank you for jumping on board and taking time to read it.

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Review #3, by LoonaFor The First Time: The End

9th August 2012:
I loved the ending! I found your story today, and have ignored everything else to read it. Usually, fan fictions are let down in the every last few sentences. THIS IS GOLDEN!! Like, perfect, true and utterly wonderful. Finish another story, please? I'm too impatient to read WIP stories sorry. Though for you, I am tempted to try.

Author's Response: Really? Thank you so much, that's very sweet of you :)

But golden? Seriously... wow. Perfect? Don't make me blush!

But seriously, that is lovely of you. And I do have another story finished, it's a Louis/OC and I wouldn't say it was my best work (it was a bit of a rushed job) but do have a look if you're interested :)

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #4, by LoonaAnastasia: In Which I Get Expelled (Sort of)

8th August 2012:
I absolutely love this story!! The characters are amazing, I can't wait to find out what Brendan was doing. And to read the epic revealment when everyone finds out Hufflepuff is using a girl!!! Please update this soon, xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the amazing reviwew! I'm glad you like it so much, I'll work on updating it soon!

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Review #5, by LoonaCrucio: Crucio

31st July 2012:
I love this!! It is so well thought out, and gives reason. I loved when you quoted how she herself had long given in to insanity. I always loved Bellatrix and this is the perfect explanation to her addiction of "Crucio".

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Review #6, by LoonaBreaking the Quidditch Code: You're a Quidditch Player

26th July 2012:
I am finally up to date. I NEED you to put the next one up. For 3 days this will be my life. The game sounded so intense! I wish I could have watched it. I loved that they played when injured, very right considering it was James last match. I'm hoping at the party that whatever Bink didn't want James to know comes out. I'm sure it will be good!

Author's Response: It really would have been intense if it were made into a movie, wouldn't it? You'll definitely find out about Bink. So many secrets. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #7, by LoonaBreaking the Quidditch Code: Negative Seven

26th July 2012:
Thank you so much for finally putting Lily on the team! I'm so happy that you're not going to waste that amazing personality you made up for her :)

Author's Response: Of course I'm not going to waste it :) I absolutely love Lily. She's a great influence for James. Thanks so much! Hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #8, by LoonaBreaking the Quidditch Code: Not just Broken (Shattered)

25th July 2012:
I love your writing so much! Sorry, I'm a lazy sod so I haven't written a review yet. Javery are perfect, an I'm so ha0py they are finally together. I'm hoping you have written more involving Lily. She is the best :) Thanks for your amazing story x

Author's Response: Look here, lazy sod! Just kidding. I'm really glad you had an opportunity to sign on and tell me what you think :) I appreciate it! There are lots more Lily parts coming up! Thanks for the review!

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