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Review #1, by truelove2oneGryffindorThere Will Come a Day: The Ugly Woman Who Screams like a Banshee

18th May 2005:
ok wow! that was amazing! the end was a shocker but yea. the whole day was written very well cant wait till the next one!

Author's Response: =D Thanks!! hehe, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by truelove2oneGryffindorTruth Is A Whisper: Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

8th May 2005:
that was really good! i cant wait till your other chapers come ou so we can find out about these new people...or chnaged bt the way your other stories are awesome too!

Author's Response: ^^ I'm glad you liked it! Yay, I'm so excited! lol. Thanks for reading all my other ones too! :) Thanks for the review! <33

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Review #3, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: The Prophecy

24th April 2005:
it was a great chapter! i loved it. i hope you do good on all your tests! but please update as soon as possible!

Author's Response: Thanks, i need all the luck i can get, but don't worry I'll update as soon as possible! =)

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Review #4, by truelove2oneGryffindorEchoing Thoughts: Echoing Thoughts

21st April 2005:
it was really good, though i think youve written better, there was somthing missing i just cant put my finger on it though....hum let me think about and ill get back to ya!

Author's Response: oh, i've definitely written better! i thought it'd be interesting to write a one-shot from Voldemort's POV then I realized I can't think like him so i can't really write well from his POV, ya know? just thought i'd still post it, but from now on i'm gonna stick to writing from Harry, Draco, Hermione, or my OC's point of view, it's much easier and turns out better.

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Review #5, by truelove2oneGryffindorA Deep, But Dazzling Darkness: A Deep, But Dazzling Darkness

18th April 2005:
Oh i loved it!im so proud of you! your writting has come so far over the course of your stories! im glad you had somthing different with harry/hermione....your dontusally see that! i loved it! it was sad and happy, i like stroies like that. keep up with the awesome writting! cant wait till your voldy fic! lol

Author's Response: Thanks so much; I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm very proud of this fic because, yes, it is so different. And I like different. I'm glad you think my writing's getting better, as that was my only goal when I joined this site.

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Review #6, by truelove2oneGryffindorEclipse of the Sky: Sins of the Past

18th April 2005:
oh my goodness, im having very very very very fimilar firefawn withdrawls! i read your quizilla story too and i loved it. i really like this one too. i liek the way she seemed more distant and alone in this one liek she should. but im really hoping shell warm up to the other people soon. i liek this version much better, i also loved the other one too! your such a good writer no matter what it is! i love reading your stories!

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Review #7, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Pettigrew's Second Chance

17th April 2005:
well thank the lord thats all cleared up...i knew you couldnt have dumbledore beign a coward thats just plain was good chapter i liked it! we it was nice to see a chnage of characters!

Author's Response: yup, Dumbledore is definitely not a coward, I just wanted to mess with everyone's heads...and it worked!!! hehe, i know i'm evil...MWAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm glad you liked the chapter! ^_^

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Review #8, by truelove2oneGryffindorThere Will Come a Day: Confrontations

16th April 2005:
Great chapter i loved it! james and lily ar eliek an old married couple it s so cute! keep updating!~britt

Author's Response: Thanks!! =D I'm glad you liked it.. hehe, they are aren't they!! :) I'll try!!

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Review #9, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: The Battle Begins

9th April 2005:
now now now, that was a very well written chapter. but i didnt like it at all! dumbledore would NEVER run from battle, unless he was going to battle some one else....who knows i just didnt like that chapter.

Author's Response: i knew u wouldn't but maybe it's not like it seems, maybe he is going to battle with someone else, huh? the fact that he was running was just what lupin thot!!!

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Review #10, by truelove2oneGryffindorThere Will Come a Day: The Letter

2nd April 2005:
omg! thats probally the sweetest thing ive ever read! its so swwet the end anyways! i love your wirting its awesome!

Author's Response: =D Thanks soo much!! I'm glad you liked it!! =)

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Review #11, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Could It Be?

2nd April 2005:
AHH...i loved it it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for the next one....but sadly i wont review until late b/c im going to panama for spring break and theres not computer! its so sad! well i will get a review up as so as possible!

Author's Response: i’m glad that you thought that this chapter was awesome i certainly had sooo much fun writing it! it’s okay that you won’t be reviewing for awhile cuz i’m really busy and the next one might not be posted for awhile! =) thx for the review tho!

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Review #12, by truelove2oneGryffindorThere Will Come a Day: Back To Hogwarts

29th March 2005:
Hey, Great story.....i read your one on quizilla, thats one awesome to! i like the strory line, its good! im gonan save this to my favorties! and if you get a chance could your read my one-shot! thanks ~brit

Author's Response: Thanks!!! :) Aawesome! You rock!! =D Sure, I'll go read it now and review!! Thanks again! :)

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Review #13, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: A Terrible, Yet Invaluable Discovery

26th March 2005:
Hey, awesome chapter! i loved it...but im not seeming to rememer what happened to Hedwig. humm....well Jeanie is having some trouble explaining her feelings doesnt she....i wonder why shes gettting this bad vibe form kingsley...oh and i like she story lots better then your others!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: really, you like this story better than my others? well, yes it is less sad and has a better plot, but i really think the writing is better in my others. but i totally love this story and i'm gonna keep writing, no worries. i can't tell you why she's getting a bad vibe from kingsley, you'll have to wait it out. sorry! oh, and i inferred in ch 8 that hedwig died in the fire that killed the dursleys, but i didn't show the actual death, so now i put it into the story that hedwig escaped the fire (harry just didn't see her escape) and she found her way back to hogwarts! just a random plot twist, but don't worry, it's not completely important for the overall story plot! =) please keep r/ring, the fact that you do so faithfully means a lot to me! thx!

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Review #14, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Luna Lovegood

18th March 2005:
Hey, thanks for reviewing my one-shot! oh i have to say this isnt one of my fav chaptors.. i mean its awesome writing as usal! but it was good! cant wait for the next one!

Author's Response: sorry it’s not your fave chapter, it’s my least fave actually! i know it’s bad but i have baaaaaddddd writer’s block when i wrote it, but i came up with something for the next chapter. past there, the thing is i know my ultimate objective in this story, but nothing in between...i don’t know what to do, so i think i’ll probably end this story up in like 15 or so more chapters and not add in the junk i’ve been adding in, it just makes my story horrible, at least i think, so don’t be afraid to say so. =) neway, next chapter might not be up for a couple of weeks, cuz I’m really busy, it might be up sooner if i’m lucky but i prob on reading your one-shot, i really liked the idea of it! =) keep r/ring, i know this chapter was terrible, but what r u gonna do? Cruel irony’s gonna turn out much better thank goodness cuz i actually planned out the entire plot line...

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Review #15, by truelove2oneGryffindorWritten from the Heart: Alot on her mind

16th March 2005:
haha...funny chapter! update soon! and if you have time could you read my one-shot just to see what you think

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Review #16, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Harry's Escapade

14th March 2005:
Hey, just wanted to let you know i wrote a one-shot and i just posted it so it will probaly be up sometime tomorrow, if you had time i would love if you had time you would read! thanks! p.s - think isabella's working for the dark side b/c of the bad vibe Jeanie got form her when she first met her, and the feeling she got when she was talking to Isabella in the common room a couple of chapters ago. lol

Author's Response: i think you're getting this story and nothing more by nomikkin confused cuz i don't have a character named isabella...sorry...unless i added her and forgot which is very unlikely! neway, i'll be sure to read your one shot when i have time, its 12:32 on monday moring and i should prob go to bed! lol, next chapter should be up later today! keep checking up! =)

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Review #17, by truelove2oneGryffindorCruel Irony: Beginning to Crack

10th March 2005:
good good good i think this will do well its got a good strong begging and great deatil....i like it! keep writing..

Author's Response: thanks!!!

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Review #18, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Harry's Escapade

10th March 2005:
AHH! one awesome chapter! its one of my favorites! i love the randomness of the DADA professer...i like kingsley and the randomness of his he was wanting something like this to happen so he wouldnt have to grade papers....but i wonder whats up w/ Jeanie...and i wonder if Hermione will get t out of her....and do you have any idea when Jeanie's gonna tell someone bout her "sercet".....Also (this has nothing to do w/ the chapter) i think isabella is a spy for the dark side...

Author's Response: LOL, i'm glad that you liked the randomness of kingsley and his lessons, that's how i was feeling the day i wrote this so that's how it was!!! Kingsley's like me, NO GRADING PAPERS!!! ONLY FUN!!!! at least in his teaching, lol....neway yeah, Hermione won't get out of Jeanine her secret, but someone else will *laughs manically*. neway, thankee for r/ring, the next chapter should be up soon, and yeah it would make sense if isabella was a spy for the dark side, huh??? lol, yeah and if you like draco fanfics, i posted the first chapter of the draco fanfic i'm starting now! It's called Cruel Irony, and it's gonna be great and make sense once all the chapters get up!!! hope to see your review there, and if not, no biggie, check back w/ this story, the next chapter should be up soon!!!

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Review #19, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Overrated

6th March 2005:
ok i just realized something.....could it be fred or george....but surely he would reconzine their voices right away, then heres maybe Bill or Charlie...humm...but they work fo rthe order, Lockheart mayb came back from the memomry charm, buti dont think dumbledore would hire him again....i wonder who it is! gosh i cant wait for the next one!

Author's Response: well, maybe it could be fred or george, someone else already mentioned that, but, as that had never even crossed my mind, it's not!!! sorry to say that all your guesses are incorrect!!! But that's okay, cuz no one's guessed it yet, and it's really surprising and kinda random so I don't think anyone will!!! =) But, I will tell you that it is a character that JK created, not one i made up!!! =) The next chapter should be up by Monday (aka tomorrow) or tuesday, so keep checking up!!

Author's Response: oh, and I have a Draco fanfic called Cruel Irony up now (well the first chapter at least) if you wanna read it!! But don't worry I'll still be writing this story!

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Review #20, by truelove2oneGryffindorAlone: Alone

3rd March 2005:
*Claps wildly*ENCORE!!! ENCORE!! that has to be one of the most well wirtten one-shot i have ever read! no i am not being over dramtic! it is! and i can see J.K. wiritting harry acting like that after the Final Battle...alone, depressed/ etc. that is one awesome one-shot!

Author's Response: OMG, thank you!!! You have no idea how much this review means to me cuz some people were saying, “JK wouldn’t write it like that, blah, blah, blah” you get my drift? And it was bugging me. I’m glad you liked it! I know it’s sad, but it’s very descriptive and such isn’t it? I feel that it’s much better written than my novel-length fic, although not as much plot or substance, but it’s not supposed to, lol! Keep r/ring my other story! Thx so much!

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Review #21, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Overrated

3rd March 2005:
I broke it a couple of mounths ago and now i have to get physical therypy so i can play more....not fun! lol....again another great chapter...i love how you talk about all the chacters thoughts most fanfics juts focas on Harry or their OC not Ron or Hermione...i like it! awesome writting once again! off to read your one shot!

Author's Response: Awww....I’m sorry about your foot! Get better! =) lol, I’m glad that you like the way I’m centering on Ron’s and Hermione’s feelings, I hate to leave people left out! Anyway, the next chapter should be up soon! Continue to r/r!

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Review #22, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: A Rather Unpleasant Experience

3rd March 2005:
AH! omg two wonderfully written chapters(17 and 18) im sorry i havent been able to review i havent been ont he computer much because ive got soccer pratice and games...but those chapters are awesome! i'll read 19 when i get home form phyiscal thearpy...cuz i borke my stupid me...!

Author's Response: OH NO!!!! You broke your ankle!!!! How?!?!?! Yeah, I just got off from physical therapy a couple of weeks ago cuz I sprained my knee dancing....not fun!!! I'm sorry, but, yeah, ch 19's not going anywhere, so r/r it whenever you want!!! Oh, and the next chapter should be up in a couple of days!!! If you want, go ahead and read the one-shot I posted, it's really, really, really, REALLY sad...but also very good, or so I've been told, with a lot of descriptive imagery!!! Ooooh, i luv soccer!!! hehe, not very good at it tho, I'm more of a dancer and gymnast and singer and actress and debator and...and...

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Review #23, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: The Sorting of a Lifetime

20th February 2005:
AHH...i dont weither to hate you for putting her there or love you because your being diffrent! i love he fact that your being diffrent....because you have a point everybody does put there OC in Gryffindor, but this is Slytherin! ahh confusing... well just dont make her a true slytherin! i dont think her heart is a true slytherin....but thats just what i think shes your charcter! well once again thanks for mentioning me in the authors note! Cant wait for the reactions in the next chapter!

Author's Response: You're welcome and I'm glad you don't completely hate me!!! Yeah, neway I was reading buches of ppls stories and all of their OCs went into Gryffindor so i thought what the heck, let's be different!! Yeah, she won't be completely slytherin tho, i promise!!!

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Review #24, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Answers

15th February 2005:
YaY! im review #100!!! yay! ya about peter's arm! its ok every one gets confused sometimes! Cant wait till the next chapter! Brittany

Author's Response: yeah, i'm glad you're not confused nemore!!! The next chapter should be up in a couple of days *hopefully*!!!

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Review #25, by truelove2oneGryffindorStranded in Darkness: Answers

14th February 2005:
Ah! i feel loved for being mentioned in the authors note! thanks so much! (now on to the reviewing part! lol)Polt-twistting chapter! we all know this isnt going to go over well with Harry that wormtail's back. or any one else with that matter....lets hope we can keep Jeanie out of Voldemorts had for the remainder of the school year lol! *~As if to prove his point, Pettigrew lifted his stump of an arm, newly healed, still red and inflamed. Jeanine gaped in horror at the sight that met her eyes, and asked, her voice barely a whisper, “Did Voldemort do that to you?”~* is that in mentionting to the dark mark or somthing else? "unquestionified " neat word where'd ya come up with that! i like it!! lol ~Brittany

Author's Response: YEAH!!!! Guess what, you're review number one hunderd!!! So, yeah you get a big smile from me and happiness! neway the stub is inflamed just cuz its newly cut off...not mention to the dark mark or anything...sorry if it confused you...yeah, isn't unquestionified an awesome word? lol, yeah neway thanks so much for the review!!! Please continue to r/r!!!

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