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Review #1, by BabyshoesBlackFor The First Time: The End

4th May 2014:
I LOVED IT! You are an amazing writer. Lise and James actually are the perfect couple and I wish that Fred and Naomi's relationship is explored more but I'm happy with what you provided to my addiction. BRILLIANT!

Author's Response: Awww I'm so glad you liked it :) thank you so much for your lovely words x

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Review #2, by BabyshoesBlackThe Covenant: The Christmas Charity Ball

23rd July 2013:
You were right. Song for Sienna has become my new favourite instramental song. I loved reading about the dance with the song humming in the background. You are truly a remarkable writer. ;)

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! And thanks for listening to the song; it's just so beautiful! When I planned out those chapters, I always intended to use a real song. I love listening to instrumental music in general, but nothing I came across captured the feel of love like Song for Sienna, in my opinion. I'm so happy you agree! :D

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Review #3, by BabyshoesBlackAll the Better to Kiss You With: Our Last Day

15th March 2013:
Great.! It made my heart swell ever bigger for Remus! I loved it!

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Review #4, by BabyshoesBlackAnother One Goes By: That's All

14th March 2013:
Wow! I actually cried! Wow! Brilliance beyond compare!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for reading all the way to the end. I'm glad that you enjoyed it -- even though it made you cry. I hope it was a good sort of cry. :)

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Review #5, by BabyshoesBlackAnother One Goes By: Prologue

13th March 2013:
Wow, I love the way you write. I'm not even finished with it and I can tell that I'm going to love it. You, my dear, are brilliant. Keep at it, love. xoxo

Author's Response: Aww, shucks. :) Thanks for making my day, and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

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Review #6, by BabyshoesBlackDiagnose Your Own Magical Maladies.: Epilogue

2nd January 2013:
I loved every minute of it... You're an amazing writer!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the sweet review. I really enjoyed writing that story, so I'm glad you liked reading it. Thank you!

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Review #7, by BabyshoesBlackMoon on Fire: Homecoming

13th December 2012:
Enjoyed it thouroughly. You've got a great writing technnique!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! (:

Thanks for reading!

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Review #8, by BabyshoesBlackAll they want for Christmas...: Wedding

11th December 2012:
I loved this story so much! You're great!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading!

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Review #9, by BabyshoesBlackOtherwise Engaged: Ever After

29th August 2012:
OMG! I loved his story so much! You truly have an amazing ability to make someone feel emotional over fictional characters!


Author's Response: That is so sweet of you to say -- thank you, really!

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)


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Review #10, by BabyshoesBlackThe Painting: In the End

13th July 2012:
Great story... Sad ending!!!

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Review #11, by BabyshoesBlackGet Back In My Life: The Conclusion

13th July 2012:
Pretty good prongslittleflower ... You even had me riled up half the time. I liked it a lot.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #12, by BabyshoesBlackSirius -ly in Love: A Broken Heart

6th July 2012:
Loved it through and through!!!

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