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Review #51, by BBWotterUnexpected Parenthood: Chapter Sixteen

22nd May 2013:
NO NO NO NO I WANTED HER TO TELL HIM.but then it would've ruined his b-day so maybe not :) I love love luuurve this story and thanks for the update :) x

Author's Response: It might have ruined his birthday but who knows what his reaction would have been like.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!!


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Review #52, by BBWotterI Just Can't Help Myself...: I Just Don't Understand

21st May 2013:
I've missed this :') Thanks so much for the upload, this story is so perf...I can't even...omg xoxo

Author's Response: I'm glad you love it! :) Thanks for being such a loyal reader and're wonderful to me.

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Review #53, by BBWotterSecrets Can't Be Secrets Forever: Chapter Fourteen

14th May 2013:
AAASSSDDDFFFGGGHHHJJJKKKLLL WHY WHHY WHYYY??? I LOVE AND HATE THIS CHAPTER SO MUCH WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?? omg im THIS close to tears :'( Thanks for the amazing chappy and I reaally hope you update soon :D xx

Author's Response: NO BECAUSE LIKE YOU JUST MADE MY DAY TWICE IN THE SPACE OF TWO MINUTES. DUDE YOU ARE SO AWESOME. Thank you so much for this review! I'm so glad that you loved it and I'm so glad that you hated it too! ^_^ Dude you're the best. Thanks again! :) xx

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Review #54, by BBWotterSecrets Can't Be Secrets Forever: Chapter Thirteen

14th May 2013:

Author's Response: I bloody adore you to pieces, you seriously make my day every time, thank you so much! :) Please leave a review 'cause it just got validated and I'm not sure about it and your opinion is valuable to me! Thank you thank you thank you for this review! ^_^ xx

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Review #55, by BBWotterExceptional Circumstances: I Don't Even Like Onions

12th May 2013:
I actually can't believe I haven't read this before!! I've seen it before, true, but AI never paid it much attention (sorry!) and today, I decided to check it out, AND IT'S UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! It's amazing, and I can't wait for you to write more :D A story hasn't quite captured my attention like this in such a long time! xx

Author's Response: You can't believe the number of times that's happened with me to (like, seriously!) so I'm not going to blame you. I'm just very, very glad you decided to check this out and liked it and THANKS SO MUCH! Next chapter is currently being written, and I hope to post it sometime this month (fingers X'ed!)


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Review #56, by BBWotterSilent Confrontations: Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts

8th May 2013:
AWH!! YES YES YES YEEES!! *does a little- no MASSIVE- happy dance in the corner*

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the chapter!! Thanks for reading :)

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Review #57, by BBWotterThe Other Woman: X

4th May 2013:
Well crap... that's my basic reaction to that last word, I really can't say anything else except that I really like this story :) x

Author's Response: Hello BBWotter,

I'm so sorry, I can never resist my little cliffhangers. Glad you like it and I hope you stick around for what is to come! Thanks for reviewing,

Irish Myth.

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Review #58, by BBWotterBetter Than Any Joke: Better Than Any Joke

25th April 2013:
Aaawh! So cute! >.< I adore this okay? I have this small fetish for Fred II so this basically made my day :P xx

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I'm glad you liked it, I had a lot of fun writing it :)

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Review #59, by BBWotterThe Life of Anni Powells : The Life of Tyler Nott

20th April 2013:
I really adore this story, I can't help but want to learn more! Ugh, now you've put Tyler into the mix I can't help but be impatient! You're a really gifted writer, and you're plot is carried out very well! Tyler sound wonderful, and for all the other chapter.well I love them! I love this whole story...oh I've mentioned that before. anyway, keep on writing and don't be discouraged at all! Can't wait for the next chapter! The party's gonna happen then right? Please say yes! :D
I would really like it if you would check out my stories, it would be great to have such a really talented writer look at them, and give me an honest opinion.
Thanks a billion for this chapter, and I'll try to review more frequently! :D xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I loved hearing that you enjoy my story so much! I have to say I admire you, however, for your story 'Daughter of Earth'. I love it. I appreciate the comments and admiration you have for my story, and the party may or may not happen;D . You'll just have to wait and see! Thanks! ~ Janelle

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Review #60, by BBWotterI Just Can't Help Myself...: I Just Need To Explain

7th April 2013:
This gave me real insight into James and Dorothy's relationship, so thanks a lot for writing it :) To be honest with you, it didn't really make my opinion of James any better, I still adore him, but, ugh, I dunno... I liked the Leaky Cauldron scene though, it was cute :) It felt like three friends together joking around like it should be really. Right now, I'm just dying for some Fred Weasley *wink wink giggles girlishly*
The chapter is excellently written as usual ;) Can I ask for a favour? Could you possibly take a look at my three stories? It would be really great to get such an amazing author's opinion on them
Adore you forever more xoxo

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I was so sure that people were going to end up hating Dorothy or James or both.ugh. I don't know. And don't worry, Freddie will be back soon :) And yes, I will definitely check out your stuff! I'm flattered that you think so highly of my writing. :) Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #61, by BBWotterI Just Can't Help Myself...: I Just Love Hogsmeade

3rd April 2013:
FREDDIE I LOVE YOU, SUCH A GENTLEMAN INSISTING YOU PAY! *swoon* heheh I adore you, it is official, I don't know what I would do without this story to keep me going. xoxox

Author's Response: I love reading your reviews. You stroke my ego, and I appreciate that SOOO much. :D I adore you as well!!! Chapter 8 will be placed in the queue right after I finish typing this response.

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Review #62, by BBWotterHalf and Half: Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

3rd April 2013:
Awh! I missed this story ^.^ hehe Update soon? xoxo

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Review #63, by BBWotterThe Potter Problem: Flaming Lies

29th March 2013:
YES YES YES! I'm on Team Al here. Can't help it. He's amazing. I like James and all, but I prefer Al for her, especially after he treated her at Hogwarts, anyway, I approve of this turn of events, keep going!
;) 1000/1000 xx

Author's Response: Thank you. :) Yes, James isn't so bad himself, he had a lot on his mind back then, and Al and him are similar in a lot of ways, because, after all, they are brothers. But it's simple, really. James isn't suited for Tatum. But maybe Al is. ;)

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Review #64, by BBWotterI Just Can't Help Myself...: I Just Need A Girls Night

29th March 2013:
I love this story to bloody pieces. It's the best next Gen one that I've read in aaages! I actually bothered to review, so that's saying something ;)
This story is really well written, the plot's really interesting, I don't hate James, he annoys my but I still like him most of the time, BUT, I adore Fred to bits, he's just supermegafoxyawesomehot. Basically, thanks to you, I have developed a fetish for Fred Weasley. ;)
Keep on writing, I loved the girls night, and I wonder what's going on with Tabitha, can't wait for the next chappy!
1000/1000 xx

Author's Response: You have no idea how happy I am to hear that you don't hate James. Like seriously, I am so happy. One of my main goals was to make every "bad guy" likeable. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH. :D And the Fred Weasley fetish? Heh...anytime. ;) I'm so glad you liked it and bothered to review!

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Review #65, by BBWotterSquib: Fears

26th March 2013:
Well crap! James I will love you forever and ever but please listen to Vivian. And Vi, JUST TELL HIM!

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Review #66, by BBWotterThe Gift: The End

19th March 2013:
YOU'D BETTER UPDATE SOON! I MEAN IT! :)) This is sooo cool! I love it, it's absolutely heart-breaking it truly is :'(. I really need to read more so please update soon! :D xx

Author's Response: I'm thinking about uploading the second chapter right now! ;) right after answering these reviews. Thanks!

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Review #67, by BBWotterUnplanned: Responsibility

18th March 2013:
OH MY GAWD!! HOLY CRAPPITY MERLIN!!!AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAAGHASDFGHJKLLDCXN oh my golly gosh oh my gosh, bloody hell, A FREAKIONG ENGAGEMENT RING!!! *hyperventilates then dies in a corner*

Author's Response: muahahahahahahaha :p

Glad you liked it! :D

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #68, by BBWotterMoonlit Meetings: Lion? Meet Snake

18th March 2013:
Missed this story :') I'm so glad you updated! I really enjoyed it, it was seriously intense! I wonder why Alexei was looking amused? hmmm... You're an amazing writer, keep it up! :D
1000/1000 xx

Author's Response: BBWotter,

1000/1000?? That's a lot! ;) Thanks so much, I'm glad you're still checking to make sure this story hasn't fallen into the abyss! :) Thanks so much for reading/reviewing, I'll try to get the next chapter up before I fall off the map during finals! ;D


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Review #69, by BBWotterThe Fluidity of a Stone: Once Upon a time

16th March 2013:
Oh my gosh that Albus part nearly killed me :'( but tbh I didn't really like the last James moments, I think it would've been nice if he just held her :) I think this story is brilliant though :D xx

Author's Response: Oh I know I know XD It just killed me to write the last part, but it had to be written! Chapter three will be up soon! And thank you for the review, they honestly mean the world to me!

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Review #70, by BBWotterSecrets Can't Be Secrets Forever: Chapter Twelve

16th March 2013:
oh my gawd I KNEW IT!! I did okay? I knew it would be a Wotter, and for some reason, James just popped into my mind and just tadah!! hehe Drama drama drama intense intense intense, love this story to little tiny minuscule bits! Oh and I love you for creating it! :D xx

Author's Response: And I love you for your enthusiasm and encouragement :D You are amazing :D I'm so glad you're enjoying it :) Thank you so much for the review and all the other ones because they all make me smile... a LOT ^_^ Thanks :) xx

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Review #71, by BBWotterLife Definitely Ain't Rosy: Two Days to Go...

6th March 2013:
Oh my golly goodness gracious merlin. That was amazing. Ha ha her dress in flames!!! Xx write soon! 100/100

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! It's all going a bit wrong for Lilith - but at the same time Victoire! I hope to post soon!

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Review #72, by BBWotterSecrets Can't Be Secrets Forever: Chapter Eleven

5th March 2013:
I love you too rain! :) This story is amazing, I'm serious okay! It has just the right smount of ufnny, teenage drama, family problems, angst and cliffhangers! Oh my merlin that cliffie! WHAT HAPPENED TO ALICE?? You'd better update soon young lady (wait are you a guy? somehow I doubt it, but I'm just checkin ;)) or there will be SERIOUS consequences. Love you! xx

Author's Response: This review is amazing, thank you so much! ^_^ I will try to update quickly this time and yes I am a girl (though my friends would try and tell you otherwise -_-). Thank you for the review! :) xx

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Review #73, by BBWotterThe year you stole my heart: Chapter 15

2nd March 2013:
Cute! Love this story to bits! :))
1000/1000 xx

Author's Response: Oh wow 1000/1000! Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you love this story, I love you! :D

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Review #74, by BBWotterChains of Bronze: 2 Year Later

28th February 2013:
Oh my merlin this is so sweet and sort of sad at the same time! I really can't wait for the next update!! :))

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing~~ it really means a lot!! =)

I'll update soon haha. Im glad you liked it!

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Review #75, by BBWotterSilent Confrontations: To Dance Again

20th February 2013:
OHMYMERLIN SHE SPOKE!!! That's basically my only reaction to this chapter other than how amazing this story is! Please carry on reading, I want to know how this plays out :))

Author's Response: Actually that was a mistake on my part. She was only supposed to be thinking that last line, not saying it out loud. I just forgot a couple words to make it look like that. I just edited it and the change should appear in a few days. Sorry for getting your hopes up!!

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